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Days of Our Lives Transcript Monday 3/29/10 - Canada; Tuesday 3/30/10 - U.S.A.


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Rafe: Well, I'm on the first plane out of here as soon as that storm clears. Oh. [Chuckles] Well, if Nicole DiMera is in Santo Domingo, we'll find her. Yeah.

Brady: What am I gonna do with you?

Chloe: Daniel, hey, it's me. Uh, I just--I hope that things are going well with you and Melanie. I left you a message before, but I guess you didn't get it, so...

Victor: Or maybe he's avoiding you.

Melanie: Look... [Scoffs] I know you're pulling this whole defiant thing, acting determined and loaded for bear or whatever. But I'm here too! And as far as I'm concerned, I have one parent, and that's Daniel. You don't exist!

Daniel: Wait. Let me, uh--let me talk to her.


Daniel: Melanie...

Melanie: Huh?

Daniel: Look, listen--uhh!

Melanie: [Gasps] Daniel! Daniel! Wha...? Daniel? This isn't happening. Daniel, this--this isn't happening. Carly, do something, please. Daniel?

Rafe: Find out if her name's on any of the passenger manifests. She may have left the island before the storm hit. [Chuckles] I will. Thanks.

[Phone clatters]

Sami: You haven't called me back.

Rafe: Been busy.

Sami: I left you a bunch of messages.

Rafe: Yeah, I haven't checked my voice mail, sorry.

Sami: Sort of awkward, my dad having to tell me that you were here.

Rafe: Oh, yeah, I'm just... working with the Salem P.D., trying to find Anna and Nicole.

Sami: Anything so far?

Rafe: Not much.

EJ: Okay, then listen, I'll get a conflict-of-interest letter faxed over in the morning, all right? Charlie, I want this issue resolved as soon as possible. Thank you. Sorry. Any news?

[Cell phone ringing]

EJ: Will you--sorry, business. Bit of a crisis at the moment. Yes? What? Why? No, I already explained that to you. No, not tomorrow, today.

Rafe: I need to make some calls too, Sami.

Sami: Hey, stop it, okay? Please... don't shut me out. It's killing me.

Melanie: Yeah, we're right outside the Brady Pub. Um, he's unconscious. There's a lot of bleeding, though.

Carly: Pupils are sluggish. It could be an injury to the spine.

Melanie: I'm with a doctor. She says there's a possible spinal injury.

Carly: Possible skull fracture, concussion.

Melanie: Okay, I-I-It's bad. So just--just hurry, please. What can I do?

Carly: I need--I need, uh, fresh tablecloths from inside, okay? And a first-aid kit.

Melanie: Yeah, Caroline keeps some in the back.

Carly: Come on, Daniel, hang in there. Hold on, okay?

Arianna: Hey.

Brady: Hey.

Arianna: Flight attendant asked me to give that to you.

Brady: Really?

Arianna: Yeah. I hope it's not a mash note.

Brady: You never know.

Arianna: You never do.

Brady: It's, uh--it's from Captain Elster. It's from the pilot. Elster? He was a pilot for, uh, one of the corporate jets over at Titan.

Arianna: Oh.

Brady: He must have heard I was back here.

Arianna: Small world. Okay, what'd he say?

Brady: Just wants to talk.

Arianna: Well, go talk to him.

Brady: No, no. I'm not interested.

Arianna: He didn't, like, crash a jet, did he?

Brady: No, he didn't crash-- he was a good pilot. He was a very good pilot. We were sorry to lose him. I'm just not feeling very chatty. I don't want to go talk right now.

Arianna: [Laughs] You are such a liar.

Brady: What?

Arianna: You don't want to go talk to him, because you're afraid to leave me alone on this plane with that.

Sami: It is not fair. You cannot keep shutting me out like this.

Rafe: It's not fair? Really? Because... is it fair how you've treated me?

Sami: Rafe...

Rafe: Is it?

Sami: No, we could...

Rafe: I've got some work to do. Anyway, if I find out some new information, I will let... you and EJ know. Excuse me.

Victor: That's from Daniel, I take it.

Chloe: Yes. It's a gift. It's what people who love each other give each other, not that you would know that.

Victor: Now, you couldn't be more wrong. I have loved and lost more times than I care to remember.

Chloe: Shocker.

Victor: That's why I'd like to offer you some advice.

Chloe: You know what? I don't need it, and I don't want it. Daniel and I are doing just fine. Thank you.

Victor: You won't be doing just fine for very long... unless you listen to me and listen hard.

Chloe: Didn't you hear me? I said I don't want any of your damn advice.

Victor: Well, then don't blame me when you wake up one morning and find that the man that you love is gone... lost forever... to Carly Manning.

Carly: Okay, we need to keep him warm.

Melanie: Yeah, okay.

Carly: Okay, I'm gonna check for skull fractures.

Melanie: Anything?

Kinsey: Melanie, uh, did you take a bunch of tablecloths from... oh, my God. What happened?

Carly: He slipped on the ice. Please go back inside.

Kinsey: You don't have to be rude.

Carly: Go inside.

Kinsey: [Sighs]

Carly: Okay, no skull fractures, none that I can feel.

Melanie: [Sighs] Thank God. What?

Carly: It's just that, um...

Melanie: It's--it's what? He's gonna be okay, right?

Carly: I hope so.

Melanie: No, no. That's--that's--that's not good enough. Daniel, please, please don't leave me. You have to be okay, okay? Please, because I need you. [Crying]

Arianna: [Chuckles] I'm not stupid, you know.

Brady: I know you're not stupid. That's one of the things I'm very sure about.

Arianna: Okay, so what are you afraid of? You think that if you leave us alone together, we're gonna get in some kind of catfight or something?

Brady: A guy can dream.

Arianna: [Chuckles mockingly] Hey, give me a little credit here, okay? I can be perfectly civilized with her, and I'm sure she will respond in kind.

Brady: Civilized, yeah. I can really picture you...

Arianna: Go.

Brady: Being civilized.

Arianna: Just--just go. Go talk to the pilot, okay? Maybe you can get him to come back to work for you. He can fly that fancy-ass corporate jet of yours.

Brady: [Laughs]

Arianna: I don't need a babysitter, okay?

Brady: I'll go talk to the pilot.

Arianna: All right. Don't be too long. [Sighs] Rise and shine.

[Monitor beeping]

Dr. Williams: [Sighs] He's stabilized now.

Melanie: Oh, thank God.

Dr. Williams: He hit his head pretty good. As a precautionary measure, I'm gonna do an M.R.I. and check for internal injuries.

Carly: Right.

Melanie: Uh, I'm... [Clears throat] I'm gonna go clean up. [Sniffles]

Daniel: That was my mother's, your--your grandmother’s.

Melanie: It's so pretty. [Gasps] Is that her?

Daniel: Yeah. Oh, my mother... she'd always hoped that I had a daughter. And n-now I--now I do.

Roman: So... any news?

Rafe: Well, my office is still going through the manifests, but, uh... damn hurricane's slowing everything down.

Roman: Yeah, and there are those who say climate change is a myth. Hey, listen, I spoke with Carrie. She hasn't heard from Anna in a long time, and she was pretty shocked to find out her mom was involved in the kidnapping.

Rafe: Yeah. Well, also, just so you know, we've gone through, uh, all the properties that Anna owned with Tony, including some remote spot in Bora-Bora, but... nothing. It's like she's dropped off the radar completely.

Roman: Yeah.

Rafe: Yeah.

Sami: [Chuckles] Poor Grandma Caroline.

EJ: Mm. [Chuckles] Twins wearing her down, are they?

Sami: Yes, apparently it is the nine millionth round of ‘ring around the rosy.’

EJ: Yeah, those two can be quite a handful.

Sami: Not our sweet Sydney, not yet, anyway.

EJ: No, I just put her down. Yeah, give her a few months. She'll be there.

Sami: Hey, maybe she'll be the mellow one.

EJ: The mellow one? Oh, my goodness, wouldn't that be lovely?

Sami: [Chuckles]

EJ: It'd be so nice.

Sami: Yeah, well, you never know. I mean, everything that she's been through. I'll tell you this--a lot of babies would not have handled it as well as she is.

EJ: No. She's a special kid.

Sami: She is. You know, I keep trying to remind myself that she's okay. You know, for everything Anna did, she treated Sydney well.

EJ: Yeah. I still feel like a bloody idiot.

Sami: Yeah, me too.

EJ: What do you mean, you too? Samantha, you have absolutely nothing to be sorry for. When you had that conversation with Anna, she was very sympathetic. She absolutely reassured you.

Sami: I'm not talking about Anna.

EJ: What are you talking about?

Sami: Rafe.

EJ: Ah. What happened?

Sami: I, um... well, totally embarrassed myself. I told him that I didn't want him to shut me out, that it was killing me... you know, all needy and everything and with my heart on my sleeve.

EJ: And?

Sami: And he walked away... like... like he didn't care at all, like we never loved each other, like we never had planned a life together.

EJ: I'm so sorry.

Sami: Uh, yeah, so I guess I just now... have to deal with the fact that we're... not getting back together.

EJ: Well... maybe that's for the best.

Nicole: Where's Brady?

Arianna: He's talking to the pilot. Thought it would give us a little time to catch up, you know.

Nicole: You have no right to judge me.

Arianna: Who's doing that?

Nicole: I've gone a long time without drinking, okay? I'm going through a rough patch. And sometimes I let-- you know, why--why am I explaining anything to you? You're a convicted drug dealer.

Arianna: Oh, yes, I am. And Brady knows all about my past, and it changes nothing. Now, your past, however--lying about a pregnancy, stealing another woman's baby, then passing it off as your own, especially since that other person was Brady’s stepsister-- now, see, that makes your transgression a little more personal, slightly less forgivable.

Nicole: And to think I actually supported the two of you getting together.

Arianna: Oh, no. [Gasps] [Sarcastically] What are we gonna do without your support? How will we survive?

Nicole: I just wanted Brady to be happy, and I thought you would be good for him... in my absence.

Arianna: In your absence? What, was I just filling in for you? Is that how you see it?

Nicole: Yes, actually, it is.

Arianna: Wow. I've had enough.

Nicole: He doesn't love you.

Arianna: No? What? You think he's in love with you, a lying drunk... a screwed-up, selfish woman who tricked another man into marrying you? Do you think that he admires all that you've done? Do you think that he could ever have one iota of respect for you, much less love you?

Nicole: That's the proof. Don't you see?

Arianna: "The proof"? What are you talking about?

Nicole: Brady was there through it all, right by my side--passionate, empathetic, and he never betrayed my trust.

Arianna: Have a good flight. [Sighs]

Nicole: He was there for me, you know... every step of the way... in spite of every despicable thing I did. If that isn't love... what is?

Rafe: Oh, damn it, Roman, I had her. I'm telling you, I had her. I had Anna right in my hands. I let her go.

Roman: Well, I guess, uh, I should call Sami.

Rafe: No.

Roman: No?

Rafe: Ah, maybe you should wait.

Roman: For what?

Rafe: Till we find her, till we have Anna.

Roman: So you're worried about my daughter?

Rafe: Yeah, of course I am, especially now. Anna's gone missing, you know? What are you looking at me like that for? You got something to say, say it, man.

Roman: Okay, I will. I think you should apologize to Sami.

Rafe: Apologize? For what?

Roman: For kicking her when she's down, for making her feel worse than she already does.

Rafe: [Scoffs]

Sami: Okay, I get it. You don't want Rafe in my life. You don't want him in Sydney’s life. You don't want him in Johnny’s life. You can barely keep the sneer off your face when you talk about him.

EJ: Samantha, I'm sorry. I do not sneer.

Sami: I can see right through you. You are thrilled that we're splitting up.

EJ: Samantha--

Sami: And you know what? I want you to know that he makes me happy, okay? And I don't want to hear you undermine him to me.

EJ: Could I speak now? Please? Thank you. [Sighs] Okay. First of all... I'd just like to say that since we got Sydney back, I believe that you and I have got a lot closer. And I want you to know that I'm 100% in your corner... okay? Samantha, I think that you are... a wonderful, intelligent... passionate woman-- a remarkable woman. And I really only want what is best for you, and I don't want to see you get hurt.

Sami: Well, thank you, EJ. That is very kind and... [Chuckles] And flattering. But I'm already hurting. Being apart from Rafe is painful to me.

EJ: I understand that. However, I think--

Sami: However what? I mean, EJ...

EJ: Okay, let's just do this. Let's say that, um--that you and Rafe get back together, hypothetically, okay? And then he gets another big case. And he has to run off and save the world, and you're left here alone with the kids, worrying about him. Now, how is that gonna make you feel?

Sami: What are you saying? You think that I can't be by myself for a minute? Is that what it is? I can handle it.

EJ: I know you can handle it, but, um... what about if he was, uh, secretive or circumspect?

Sami: What are you talking about?

EJ: Samantha, what if Rafe felt that he wasn't able to let you into that world--his work-- because of a lingering lack of trust? How would that make you feel? Is that the life you want?

Chloe: You know what? You are not gonna shake my confidence. That's the only thing you ever tried to do since you first laid eyes on me. But you are not going to succeed, victor, because Daniel and I are forever.

Victor: You sure about that?

Chloe: Yeah, I know Daniel.

Victor: Good. I'm glad. That's very encouraging.

Chloe: Yeah, right.

Victor: Oh, listen. Of course I would rather have Carly out of my son Bo's life. But I'm not gonna sacrifice Daniel in order to make that happen.

Chloe: Sacrifice Daniel? I just told you that Daniel loves me.

Victor: Yes, he loves you more than life itself. I got that. And I assume that it's true. So the burden falls to you... to keep Carly Manning away from Daniel before she ruins his life the same way she ruined Bo's, the same way she ruins every human being she comes in contact with.

Chloe: Falls to...? Wait a minute. Are--are you actually rooting for me and Daniel? You want us together?

Victor: Ah, finally she gets the picture. Yes. Yes, I do. I would rather have you in my godson's life than a psychopathic murderess.

Carly: Let me help. Come here. Here. It's okay.

Arianna: Could you get in your seat and leave me the hell alone?

Nicole: I should get in my seat, when you're the one who sat next to me and woke me up?

Arianna: Ugh, clearly that was my mistake.

Nicole: You have it all figured out, don't you? Sitting pretty, on top of the world.

Arianna: Maybe a little Celia Cruz. Ohh.

Nicole: He still has feelings for me. And there is nothing you can do or say to change that.

Arianna: You're delusional. Brady feels sorry for you. He sees you as this lonely, sad sack, and he's too good of a person to tell you to take a hike.

Nicole: Actually, he's too in love with me to tell me to take a hike.

Arianna: You're wrong.

Nicole: Hmm.

Arianna: You lied to him. You forced him to lie for you, so what he is disgusted with you for wasting all that time trying to keep your pathetic life from falling apart.

Nicole: [Chuckles] Wow. You are more insecure than I thought.

Arianna: Me?

Nicole: [Chuckling] Yeah.

Arianna: And how does that make sense?

Nicole: If you were confident in Brady’s love, you wouldn't even bother with me. In fact, you would totally ignore me.

Arianna: Oh, well, see, I would love to ignore you, but how can I do that when you're right in my face? My fiancé and I were trying to get married, and you show up, preying on his kindness.

Nicole: Ex-fiancé... well, soon to be.

Arianna: Right. I've got a great idea. Why don't you go grab a bottle of vodka or whatever it was that you were guzzling and conk out again? Because it was really nice and peaceful around here before you came out of your drunken stupor.

Nicole: Oh, well... hey, look who's back. Ah... have a nice flight.

Rafe: I owe Sami an apology? I've done everything I can to help Sami. I've been on her side since day one in the safe house, Roman.

Roman: And now you are going south on her just when she needs you the most.

Rafe: She needs me the most? Really? Well, then, why did she lie to me? Why did she align herself with EJ? In fact, why did she withhold information from me--information that was vital, that I could have used to help find Sydney, not to mention Anna and whoever the hell her accomplice is.

Roman: Rafe! Sami's daughter was missing for weeks. She was in pain, so maybe she wasn't thinking straight. All she wanted was to get Sydney back.

Rafe: Yeah, and she didn't trust me enough to help her do that.

Roman: Is that why you're so upset? Or is it because she trusted EJ DiMera more?

Sami: No, obviously that is not the life I want with Rafe, but I only lied to him once... twice. He's not gonna hold it against me till the end of time.

EJ: Why would he treat you like this, when you've just been through such a terrible trauma?

Sami: I don't know. He obviously has his reasons, his side of things. And even with what's happened between me and Rafe and the rift and... and the hurting... it doesn't change my decision. I got Sydney back.

EJ: That's all that matters?

Sami: It's the most important thing... by a long shot.

EJ: See, I'm not--I'm not quite sure that Rafe understands that, Samantha... which means...

Sami: What?

EJ: It doesn't matter what it means. We'll talk about it later.

Sami: Oh, my God, don't do that. Don't patronize me. EJ, just tell me.

EJ: I think this is indicative of... the way Rafe feels about you. And, uh... I think that means, Samantha, that you already really have lost him.

Sami: I mean, I know you're right. You're right. It's probably over, and... and now I just have to figure out how to... move on without him, and I, um... and I just don't know how to... I don't know how to do it.

EJ: Okay. Why don't you start by concentrating on the things in your life that are important and that aren't going anywhere, like your kids... like me.

Chloe: Hey, what happened here? Somebody spill something?

Kinsey: Yep. Blood. Yuck.

Chloe: Blood? What are you talking about?

Kinsey: Mm, it's Dr. Jonas. He fell on his head, poor thing. It was really gross.

Carly: That's beautiful.

Melanie: Yeah, Daniel gave it to me. It was his mom’s.

Carly: You know, I know just knowing that you're in his life, his beautiful daughter--it's helping to keep him strong. And I know how overwhelmed you were when he fell. I-I hope you don't feel responsible for this. It was an accident. It wasn't your fault.

Melanie: Who said it was?

Chloe: Yes, this is Chloe Lane. My fiancé is-- he is? Oh, oh, my God. Thank God. Um, if he wakes up, will you please tell him I'm on my way? Thank you. I'm going to the hospital right now.

Kinsey: Wait, wait, wait. Don't you want to know what happened?

Chloe: No, I want to see him.

Kinsey: It'll only take a minute to fill you in, but...

Chloe: Okay, okay, what happened?

Kinsey: Okay, well, Dr. Jonas was with his long-lost daughter, when who should walk in but his long-lost daughter's homicidal mother.

Chloe: Will you get to the point?

Kinsey: God, you're rude. Well, anyway, okay, this nasty fight broke out between mother and daughter. So daughter stormed outside, and her father followed to try to calm her down, one would guess, and tragically, he slipped on the ice and hit his head.

Chloe: Oh, God. Oh, God.

Kinsey: If you ask me, it was Dr. Manning's fault-- the whole thing! She's the one who almost killed him! Ohh!

Carly: Melanie, I didn't mean anything by it.

Melanie: Yeah, but that's what you said, right? So why? Why do you think it's my fault that Daniel fell?

Carly: I don't think it's your fault.

Melanie: Do you think it's because he went after me when I left the pub?

Carly: No, no.

Melanie: Because I left the pub because you showed up, my--my stalker. I'm sorry, I'm sorry. My mother--my mother showed up, and you ruined everything, because Daniel and I were having a great time--with my father-- until you showed up and ruined everything. So if it's anybody's fault, it's yours!

Arianna: Okay, I know. You are--you're mad at me.

Brady: Ari...

Arianna: No, I know you keep telling me over and over that you're not, but, you know, I just... look, you barely said anything the whole ride over here from the airport.

Brady: I'm just thinking about stuff, that's all.

Arianna: You were thinking about how childish and stupid I was to get into it with Nicole.

Brady: Actually, no, I wasn't even thinking about Nicole at all. And if it's okay with you, I don't want to think about Nicole at all today. Here's what I want to think about. I want to think about and talk about how much I absolutely love you. But that should be pretty obvious to you, given how many times I've asked you to marry me in the last couple weeks. I want you to spend the rest of your life with me. That's what I want to talk about.

Arianna: Okay. That sounds good to me. [Laughs] And now that that's settled... how about we plan a wedding?

Brady: Yeah.

Nicole: Hi. Uh, can I get a latte and three shots of espresso? You know what, actually? Make that four.

Kinsey: Wait a minute. Aren't you Nicole Walker DiMera?

Nicole: Uh, shh.

Kinsey: Oh, my God. It is you. You're the baby switcher.

Sami: I can't help but be jealous of Anna.

EJ: That's understandable, I suppose.

Sami: I just resent every minute she got to spend with my daughter.

EJ: Well, do you know what Sydney would say... if she could talk, of course?

Sami: [Laughs]

EJ: I think she would say that she knows exactly who her real mother is and... that she loves her more than anybody else in the world. What? You don't believe that?

Sami: I would love to. But, um, let's be honest, EJ. Sydney hardly knows me.

EJ: Well, uh... I don't know about that. I'm pretty sure Sydney would disagree with you. I think she's always known who her real mother is in her heart. And she knows it's not her stupid Aunt Anna.

Sami: You can hardly call her stupid. Look what she got away with.

EJ: Okay, well, how about terrible Anna? Is that better?

Sami: [Chuckles] Yes, that's better.

EJ: Look, Samantha... this girl knows that you and I love her more than anything else in the world.

Sami: And you know what matters most? You're home now... home with your family. Yes, you are.

Nicole: Look, I don't want any trouble, okay? I just want a latte.

Kinsey: I can't believe this. You're, like--you're, like, famous! Can I take your picture?

Nicole: What? No. No, you can't take my picture. What--oh. Oh, my God.

Kinsey: [Laughing] This is amazing. Oh, I can't wait to tweet all my friends. I actually met the Salem baby snatcher... or switcher. Snatcher and switcher, actually, right? Okay, this is going on the internet right now.

Nicole: No, please--thank you.

Kinsey: Oh, wait, will you sign my arm? No, wait, will you sign my shirt? Sign my shirt, please.

Nicole: You leave me alone, okay? Just leave me alone.

Kinsey: Wow, what a diva.

Roman: Okay, nobody by her name booked a flight out of the U.S., so either Anna is still in the country, or she's traveling with a fake passport.

Rafe: Great. There's no word on Nicole either.

Roman: You still haven't answered my question.

Rafe: Well, now is not the time to talk about it, Roman.

Roman: Rafe, Sami loves you. You know that. But EJ is pretty damn good at getting what he wants.

Rafe: Well, this isn't about what EJ wants. It's about your daughter not trusting me.

Roman: Yeah, and if you can't let that go, your relationship is dead. Is that what you want?

Sami: Yeah, the rabbit comes out too. Why are you looking at us like that?

EJ: Nothing, I just, uh... I just realized something.

Sami: What did you realize?

EJ: I just realized how much I love, uh... Johnny and, uh, Sydney, that's all.

Sami: That's sweet. [Chuckles, sniffs]

EJ: Yeah, last thing I want is for you to see me, uh, you know...

Sami: See what? Human? A little vulnerable? What, you think you have that perfect stiff-upper-lip image going with me?

EJ: I've taken a long time to cultivate it.

Sami: [Laughs] You know what? I won't tell anybody. And Sydney promises not to tell anybody either. Your secret is safe with us.

EJ: Good.

Sami: I have to go to the market. I have, um, lots of things that I have to get. And I think Sydney would love to spend some time with her daddy.

EJ: [Whispering] Hi, sweetheart.

Sami: And you know what, Sydney? It is your job to help daddy, okay? 'Cause I think he needs you right now. Yeah. See you later.

[Monitor beeping]

Daniel: [Grunts] Uhh... Melanie?

Melanie: [Sobbing] Are you okay, Dad?

Carly: Dr. Williams, do you have the M.R.I. results?

Dr. Williams: I do. News isn't good.

Chloe: What happened? What did you do to Daniel?

Brady: Paula, hey, it's Brady. Just checking in with you. Yeah, uh, the meeting. Yes, it's Wednesday, right? Right, right. Yeah, we just got back from Santo Domingo. It was good. Uh, things didn't turn out exactly as I had planned, but, uh, we're all back safe and sound, so thank you for asking. All right, all right. I'll talk to you soon. Nicole... it's Brady. Call me. We have to talk.

Arianna: Hey!

Rafe: Well, hey.

Arianna: Hey, there's my handsome brother. Ohh!

Rafe: Hello, beautiful sister.

Arianna: I'm so glad to see you.

Rafe: Are you?

Arianna: Yeah, I am. So tell me, any news on Sydney’s kidnapper?

Rafe: We have a suspect.

Arianna: That's great. That's really good. You know what's not so good? Nicole. You heard she was pardoned from prison?

Rafe: Oh, yeah, I heard that. And last thing I heard, she was heading to Santo Domingo.

Arianna: Now she's here in Salem.

EJ: [Breathing shakily] No. Mm-mm, no. It's not supposed to happen. It's not supposed to be like this, no. No, no. Oh, my God, what have I done? Oh, my God, what have I done? What have I done? What have I done? I love her. I love your mother.

Sami: [Breathes deeply]

Nicole: Sami.

Sami: [Scoffs]

Melanie: Tell me the truth. Is my dad gonna be okay?

Rafe: She's back here now, right?

Arianna: Ready to wreck more lives.

Nicole: You blew it, Sami! You blew--

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