Days Transcript Friday 3/26/10

Days of Our Lives Transcript Friday 3/26/10 - Canada; Monday 3/29/10 - U.S.A.


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Gordon: Oh, there you are.

Arianna: Yes. Let's get married.

Gordon: Uh, that's what I was coming to tell you. There's been a shocking turn of events.

Arianna: Nicole, what have you done now?

Nicole: Nothing. I don't know what you're talking about.

Arianna: Liar!

Gordon: Um, unless this woman can control the weather, she's telling the truth.

Brady: I'm sorry, the weather?

Gordon: Yes. There's a hurricane headed straight for Santo Domingo. All tourists have been ordered to evacuate the island immediately.

Arianna: Wait, we're supposed to be getting married.

Gordon: Uh, not today you arenít.

Stephanie: Aunt Adrienne?

Adrienne: Stephanie. Oh, my God.

Stephanie: You didn't tell me that you were gonna be in town. How long have you been here?

Adrienne: Not long. I was gonna call you tonight. Oh, let me look at you. You are so beautiful!

Stephanie: And look at you, Miss Hot Mama!

Adrienne: Oh, stop.

Stephanie: What brings you to Salem?

Adrienne: Oh, um, well... I came to see your uncle Justin.

Stephanie: Oh. How'd that go?

Adrienne: Not well. It was a catastrophe.

Hope: Hey, hi. Ciara's spending the night at Sarahís. Okay, I'm just gonna drop her jammies and toothbrush off. I'll be back. I'm sorry. I am sorry. I am so sorry. I--I feel like a complete fool. I thought I was doing a good thing bringing Adrienne here.

Justin: Well, you thought wrong.

Hope: I know that now. I know that now, but that was-- I mean, my intentions were good.

Justin: What did you tell her after I left?

Hope: I told her the truth. That because you've been in such pain about the split-up, that you think you're in love with me. What?

Justin: Hope, that is the truth as you see it...okay? From my perspective, if you're even interested...

Hope: Of course I'm interested.

Justin: You tricked my ex-wife into flying halfway around the world so you could humiliate me!

Hope: No, I was not--

Justin: Stop! Really. I've heard enough. And the next time you get a brilliant idea involving Adrienne and my marriage, you run it by me, okay? Think you can do that?

[Door opens and closes]

Julie: You're still here.

Hope: Yes, I am still here.

Julie: I couldn't help but notice Justin sounded somewhat, uh...peeved? Do you want to tell me what happened?

Hope: I messed up. I really-- I messed up big time.

Daniel: What are you doing out here?

Melanie: Hi, um, meeting you for coffee, right?

Daniel: No, I mean, what are you doing out in the cold? You just got released from the hospital. You should be taking care of yourself.

Melanie: Yeah, yeah.

Daniel: Yeah, yeah...

Melanie: I just wanted some fresh air. It is cold, though. Let's go inside.

Daniel: Right. Come on, let's go inside.

Melanie: Oh!

Daniel: Oh, careful. It's icy out here.

Melanie: Thanks.

Daniel: You all right?

Melanie: Yeah, I'm okay.

Carly: [Gasps] Philip, what are you doing here?

Philip: You and I are gonna have a little talk.

Carly: Is it Melanie? Is something wrong?

Philip: Yeah. You.

Daniel: So do you like pie? A sandwich? Did you eat dinner? So what are you in the mood for?

Melanie: Um...pie.

Daniel: Pie?

Melanie: Yeah, pie.

Daniel: Like, cherry or blueberry or what?

Melanie: I like cherry. Or blueberry.

Chloe: Hey, guys.

Daniel: There's my sweetheart right there. How are you, baby?

Chloe: Hi. Good. I didn't know you two were meeting up.

Daniel: Well, sort of last minute here. My shift ended early. Want to join us?

Melanie: Yeah, we haven't ordered yet.

Chloe: You're so sweet. Thank you. I actually just came in to get some coffee. I have an appointment I need to get to in a little while.

Daniel: That's right, Dr. Gilbert.

Chloe: Yeah. But, Melanie, I hope that we can hang out sometime soon.

Melanie: Yeah, cool. I'd like that.

Chloe: Great. All right, I should go order my coffee, and I'll see you at home.

Daniel: Okay, baby.

Chloe: Bye.

Melanie: She's so pretty.

Daniel: Yeah.

Melanie: I mean, not that that's all that matters. I'm sure she's very smart and funny and kind. She has to be, since you love her so much.

Daniel: Oh, yeah. She's my everything. My family. And now so are you. You know, which is why I-- I wanted to give you this.

Melanie: Did you buy me something?

Daniel: No. No, no, no. I didn't buy you any-- just--just open it.

Melanie: Okay. Oh, wow.

Daniel: Yeah, that's-- that was my motherís. Your grandmotherís.

Melanie: It's so pretty. Is that her?

Daniel: Yeah. Yeah, she kind of looks like you. You think, with the-- you know, the eyes?

Melanie: Yeah. That's so cool.

Daniel: Yeah. Oh, my mother... she had always hoped that I'd have a daughter. And now I do.

Melanie: Um, thank you. Thank you so much.

Carly: Oh, great. So what, you came down here to, what, give me hell? Assert your husbandly authority?

Philip: Yeah, something like that. I want you to stay away from Melanie.

Carly: I want you to stay away from me. In case it slipped your mind, I work here. I have a job to do.

Philip: Listen, Melanie is my wife. We are trying to start a family together, and she does not need your drama.

Carly: My drama. All I have ever tried to do is be kind to her.

Philip: Handing her off to papa the pimp, that was kind. Man, you are something else. You know that? Listen to me, she hates you. Okay? She doesn't want you in her life, so stay out of it.

Carly: No. There is no way I can stay away from my own child, and I wonít.

Philip: Then we've got a big problem.

Arianna: A hurricane? Oh, God, when is it supposed to hit?

Gordon: Well, it's on its way now, apparently. I'm going to gather my wife and children and get out of here. I suggest you do the same.

Brady: Oh, my God. Oh, my God! All right, I'm gonna book us a flight out of here. We're getting out of here. I've gotta find a signal.

Arianna: Okay.

Nicole: Oh...tough break.

Arianna: I know you're thrilled.

Julie: Let me get this straight. You persuaded Adrienne to come all the way to Salem to--to what? To tell her her husband is in love with you?

Hope: No. No! Julie, of course not. You know me better than that.

Julie: I know you would never intentionally set out to hurt someone, but dear God! Hope, what possessed you to pick up that phone?

Hope: I was hoping that once Justin saw her in person, once they actually got to spend some quality time with each other, that-- I blew it. It was stupid, okay? I made a lame decision, and now I'm paying the price for it. I feel like a fool. I am a fool.

Julie: And now I assume both parties want to wring your neck.

Hope: Oh, you can count on that--of course they do. Especially becau--

Julie: Especially because of what?

Hope: I sort of lied to Adrienne to get her here. I told her that Justin was in trouble.

Julie: Oh...

Hope: I know.

Julie: Wonderful. Wonderful. A lame decision compounded with deception.

Hope: I know. I know. Completely pathetic. But I swear to God on my life I had good intentions. I was only trying to help.

Julie: Right. Hope, darling, did you think that if, perhaps, Adrienne and Justin could patch up their differences, it would give you hope, inspiration... that maybe you and Bo could do the same? Oh, I nailed it, didn't I?

Stephanie: So Aunt Hope told you that Uncle Justin was in trouble?

Adrienne: I guess she figured if she told me the truth, and that he was in love with her, and she just wanted to witness my humiliation upon hearing that very uplifting news, that I might not have come.

Stephanie: I'm so sorry.

Adrienne: It's just a plane ride. Besides, Salem is lovely this time of year, right?

Stephanie: Okay, the whole not-so-very-fun trip aside, do you still think there's a chance for you and Uncle Justin?

Adrienne: No, I donít. It's over.

Justin: Hey.

Stephanie: Hi, hi. I gotta go make a phone call. Good to see you.

Justin: Good to see you. Adrienne, I hope you know how sorry I am. Especially that Hope lied to you like that.

Adrienne: It's not your fault. You were obviously out of the loop. But you know, since I made the trip, and it feels good to be home, I realize I missed it. Missed Salem.

Justin: Well, then, why didn't you come back earlier? Why did it take a phone call from hope to bring you back here?

Nicole: The only thing I want is for Brady to be happy.

Arianna: Oh, well, then you have nothing to worry about. Because Brady is extremely happy with me. Excuse me, I'm gonna go pack.

Brady: Where's Ari?

Nicole: She went to the room to go pack.

Brady: Yeah, I better do the same.

Nicole: Right. What? Something you want to say?

Brady: Yeah, there is.

Adrienne: I needed a good reason to come back. And since you are the father of my children, and hope told me you were in trouble, I was concerned.

[Cell phone ringing]

Justin: Adrienne, I'm sorry, I have a meeting I have to get to. Well, uh, will I see you again before you leave?

Adrienne: I'm not sure what my plans are.

Justin: Okay. Well, if I don't see you again, take care.

Stephanie: Well, I think Aunt Hope was onto something.

Daniel: Well, she would have loved you.

Melanie: You think so?

Daniel: Oh, definitely. You've "got a lot of spunk," as she would say. And so did she. Ooh, yeah. I think you two would have hit it off.

Melanie: I want to hear more about her. And my whole family.

Daniel: Yeah, well, I'll see if I can dig up some old pictures.

Melanie: That would be cool.

Daniel: Yeah. You know, Melanie, I'm not your only family.

Melanie: Daniel, um, this has been so fun, let's not--

Daniel: I know you're upset. I get that.

Melanie: I thought you were upset too.

Daniel: I, uh--yeah. Look, I'm just trying to see things from her perspective. The Alamains are a ruthless family, and I think she did what she thought was best... to protect us.

Melanie: So you switched to team Carly?

Daniel: No, the only team I'm on is yours. Which is why I think you should-- you should get to know your mom.

Melanie: Why, so she can improve her aim? Don't refer to her as my mom.

Daniel: Okay, Melanie--

Melanie: No, don't defend her to me, okay? It was her fault. She kept me from having, like, a real dad. And if it were up to her, I still wouldn't know about you. And for that, I can't forgive her.

Carly: I am not the villain that your family makes me out to be. All I have ever wanted to do was to protect my little girl.

Philip: Yeah, well, you had your chance, Carly, and you blew it. Now it's my turn to protect her. And that means keeping you out of her life.

Carly: Hmm, I know, as a Kiriakis, you're used to getting your way, but not this time. I won't be intimidated by you or anyone else-- not when it comes to my child. I gave her up once before, and it was the biggest mistake of my life. I sure as hell won't do it again.

Chloe: Philip.

Philip: Hey.

Chloe: Whoa, what's with the mood?

Philip: I'd rather not talk about it. What's up? You working?

Chloe: Uh, nope. I have a shrink appointment.

Philip: Ah, you decided to go to the therapist.

Chloe: Well, not willingly. Daniel found out I wasn't actually going.

Philip: Well, it was bound to happen. Was he upset?

Chloe: I lied to him. He wasn't exactly happy about it.

Philip: So what, are you gonna go see the therapist now?

Chloe: Yeah. You know, I just think that I owe it to Daniel, at least to give it a chance.

Philip: Well, actually, maybe you owe it to yourself.

[Cell phone ringing]

Arianna: Yes, Gabi.

Gabi: What's your problem?

Arianna: Oh, Brady and I are supposed to get married, right? Well, it turns out it's not gonna happen.

Gabi: You didn't turn him down again, did you?

Arianna: No, of course not. I said yes. But fate has other ideas.

Brady: Nicole, I-- I know why you came down here.

Nicole: How could you not?

Brady: I'm sorry.

Nicole: Why? You're in love. You're--you're getting married. There's nothing to be sorry about. And my thoughts of you and I-- now that I'm free-- that we could... oh, it was just a thought. It was foolish, obviously.

Brady: Hey, hey, you didn't know. You didn't know that Arianna came down here to make a commitment.

Nicole: No. No, I didnít.

Brady: One other thing. Come here. If you're planning to go back to Salem, I think you should re-think it. There's really nothing left for you there.

Julie: Honey... does Bo know how you feel? Have you told him that you want him back?

Hope: Oh, I didn't say that I wanted him back.

Julie: Oh, no, not in so many words. But it's obvious you still love him. You want to be together. Yes? No?

Hope: It's just so not that simple.

Julie: That's because of Carly, I suppose.

Hope: No.

Julie: Darling, it's--

Hope: Don't try to placate me about her--don't do it, okay? It won't work, it can't happen. It will not. Julie, my god, here I am-- here I am complicating other people's lives. Me of all people should know better, shouldn't I?

Julie: Stop feeling guilty. You didn't set out to make things worse with Adrienne.

Hope: But that's the end result.

Julie: Well, just stop beating yourself up, and become proactive and fix it.

Hope: Yeah, in a cinch.

Julie: It's not impossible. Adrienne still in town?

Hope: Yeah, she is.

Julie: Good. Go find her and talk to her. And explain to her she's going to have to fight for the man she loves.

Nicole: What are you talking about? Salem is my home. Of course I'm going back to Salem. What? Say it.

Brady: I just think it'd be best for you to start fresh someplace else, that's all. A clean slate, Nicole. You know, new friends, new everything.

Nicole: I like my old friends, thank you very much. And I do have friends, Brady. I have--I have Chloe, I have you. You're not my friend anymore?

Brady: I'm starting a new life with Arianna.

Nicole: So what, you don't have time for me?

Fay: Nikki, honey, we've gotta get out of here now.

Brady: Yeah, we've gotta go. We gotta go. Um, I gotta check on Ari.

Nicole: And I need my drink.

Fay: Honey, listen to me. There is no time for that now. There is a freak hurricane coming, and it's on a collision course with this island. Come on!

Nicole: Oh, Mom, you have no idea.

Chloe: Great, so now you think I need my head shrunk too.

Philip: I didn't say that. Look, I'm just saying that it might be nice to talk to someone. You have a lot going on in your life.

Chloe: I'm fine with my fertility issues. I've come to terms with that.

Philip: Okay, but I'm sure that there are other things that you could talk about.

Chloe: Such as?

Philip: I don't know, starting with you have a whole new family and a fully grown stepdaughter.

Chloe: I don't have a problem with Melanie.

Philip: What about her mother?

Melanie: Look, thanks to Carly, I was raised by a monster.

Daniel: She tried to save you from another monster-- Lawrence Alamain.

Melanie: You could have protected me.

Daniel: Without a doubt. But I understand why Carly felt she couldn't take that risk.

Melanie: I canít. And if you want to forgive her, that's fine. But I don't plan on doing that ever.

Daniel: Okay, Melanie...

Melanie: What?

Daniel: Melanie...

Stephanie: I don't know, Aunt Adrienne. The way you guys were looking at each other, it sure seemed to me you're still--

Adrienne: Stop. No. Uh-uh. Don't want to talk about it.

Stephanie: All right, fine.

Adrienne: Thank you.

Stephanie: Definitely looked like he had a lot of love in his eyes. That's all I'm gonna say.

Adrienne: Of course there's a lot of love there. We--we-- we shared a life together... and kids. The marriage just stopped working, and we grew apart.

Stephanie: Just like that?

Adrienne: No, of course not. It was gradual and... complicated. It's hard to know exactly when it went wrong, but it just-- it did. It did.

Stephanie: I'm sorry if I was being insensitive.

Adrienne: No, honey, you care. You're trying to help. I understand. It's okay.

Stephanie: I'll go get us some more coffees.

Adrienne: Good idea.

[Stephanie chuckles]

Hope: Adrienne, hi. This is so ironic-- I was just about to call you. Listen, I just want you to--

Adrienne: Please, I don't want to hear it. Please.

Hope: But maybe you'll feel better if you know how foolish I feel.

Adrienne: You? Hope, I came all the way here to find out that my husband was in love with another woman.

Hope: He's not.

Adrienne: Fine. I'll just move to another table.

Hope: Just--

Adrienne: No. Uh-uh.

Gabi: I don't understand. What's stopping you from getting married?

Arianna: A hurricane. We have to evacuate.

Gabi: Oh, my gosh! You have to get out of there. Just get home safe.

Arianna: I'm gonna call you when I land, okay? All right, bye.

Brady: Okay, boarding passes are being printed downstairs. You ready?

Arianna: I--I'm almost ready.

Brady: Come here. I feel terrible about all this.

Arianna: About the hurricane or Nicole?

Brady: Both. I love you, I love you, I love you. I have every intention of finishing what we started here, okay?

Arianna: Me too. I will not let a hurricane or a crazy ex stop us from getting married.

Brady: Good girl.

Fay: Nicole, what are you doing? We need to get out of here now!

Nicole: I will leave when Brady leaves.

Fay: What? Nikki, we have been through this. He is marrying another woman.

Nicole: He still loves me, Mom.

[Fay sighs]

Nicole: I can tell. I can see it in his eyes. I can feel it. He needs me. His heart belongs to me, and it always will.

Fay: No, Nikki.

Nicole: Yes, Mom. Yes! If you don't believe me, then ask him.

Brady: Thanks. I'll be right down. Boarding passes are at the front desk.

Arianna: Okay, I will be right there.

Brady: Okay. Mwah.

Arianna: That silly woman was wrong. This wasn't a sign. This was a wake-up call to protect what's mine. And that's exactly what I'm gonna do. No way is anyone taking Brady away from me.

Brady: Oh, excuse me. Fay, sorry. I'm going to get my boarding passes. You've booked a flight out, right?

Fay: Yeah. We're fine. Brady, can I ask you something?

Brady: Uh, Fay, we should--

Fay: It's just a quick, quick yes/no question.

Brady: Okay, shoot.

Fay: Brady, do you-- do you still have feelings for my daughter?

Hope: Adrienne, wait, okay?

Adrienne: Hope, please.

Hope: Just, now, hear me out. Please, one minute, okay? [Sighs] You and Justin, I know you've had some serious problems. But you have so much history. You raised a family together.

Adrienne: Hope, why is it not painfully obvious to you that you're projecting your feelings about Bo onto Justin and me? Okay, look, we'll talk about the two of you right now, okay? If you can make it work with Bo, I think that's great. Go for it. I'm behind you 100%. But for right now, please just leave me the hell alone. Okay.

Brady: The feelings I have for your daughter are concern and worry, that's all. I mean, she's been through a lot, and I just want to see her happy. She--she deserves peace of mind.

Fay: You're a good man, Brady. And Nikki, she's lucky to have you looking out for her.

Arianna: Excuse me. Hi.

Brady: Hey.

Arianna: I'm ready to go.

Brady: Great, great, great. Take care, Fay.

Fay: Okay, you too. And it was really nice meeting you, Arianna.

Arianna: Nice meeting you too.

Fay: Bye.

Nicole: Was that Brady?

Fay: Yeah.

Nicole: Did you talk to him?

Fay: I did.

Nicole: And?

Fay: And you're right, Nikki. I could see it in his eyes. He still has feelings for you. I could see it when he was talking about you.

Nicole: I can see it too. And I feel it.

Fay: But, Nikki, he is still marrying another woman.

Nicole: And maybe not.

Fay: Nicole, what are you gonna do?

Nicole: Well, first I'm gonna get back to Salem, and then, well, I don't know. Use your imagination, Mom.

Chloe: Carly is not gonna be a problem, okay? Not for me. Besides, Daniel doesn't want anything to do with her.

Philip: He said that?

Chloe: Well, not in so many words.

Philip: Mm-hmm.

Chloe: But he's angry with her. He's never gonna forgive her for lying to him, and depriving him of his daughter all these years. What? What are you thinking?

Philip: Daniel and Carly... they share a child. You know, if Carly is so desperate to have a relationship with Melanie, itís...

Chloe: What? Say it.

Philip: She's gonna be around, Chloe.

Chloe: Around?

Philip: Yeah. If Carly can't get to Melanie directly, she'll lean on Daniel to help her.

Melanie: Eavesdropping?

Carly: Not intentionally.

Melanie: But you caught what I said, yeah?

Carly: Yeah. Nothing I haven't heard before.

Melanie: I'm sorry to be so repetitious. Um, there's a good seat in the back that you could sit at, probably.

Carly: Uh, I only wanted to say that, though I failed very badly in your eyes--

Melanie: Not just my eyes.

Carly: Please, let me finish. Though you see me as someone who's caused you terrible pain, who abandoned you, I'm still hoping that one day you can understand how much pain it caused me to give you up. How my entire life since your birth has revolved around finding you and making it up to you somehow.

Melanie: Nope, not gonna happen.

Carly: Maybe not. But I will never give up trying.

Hope: Adrienne--

Adrienne: My God, you just don't give up.

Hope: You're right. You're right. It was not my place to interfere. But that ship has sailed, hasn't it? So since you're here, why don't you at least try?

Adrienne: Try to do what, make Justin fall out of love with you?

Hope: Look, okay, whatever Justin thinks he feels for me, it's not about me. It's about you. It's about missing you. That's what I truly believe. Adrienne, I am sorry, okay, if what I did hurt you in any way. That wasn't my intention. I hope you know that.

Arianna: You know, I'm actually glad that we postponed the wedding.

Brady: Oh, boy, here comes your "let's look at the bright side" thing.

Arianna: You don't like that about me? I am trying to turn lemons into lemonade.

Brady: No, I know you are. And I do like that about you, and I like every single thing about you.

Arianna: Thank you.

Brady: So why is it a good thing that our wedding was postponed?

Arianna: Well, this way we can take our time, you know. We can have everything exactly the way that we want it.

Brady: That's a good point.

Arianna: Mm-hmm.

Nicole: Hey, kids.

Brady: Hi, Nicole.

Nicole: So I just spoke to one of the flight attendants, and she said with the hurricane coming, we better buckle up tight.

Chloe: I need to sit down.

Philip: Hey, look, I'm just throwing out scenarios here. I didn't mean to upset you.

Chloe: No, it's okay. I don't know how I didn't see this before. You're right. Carly is Melanieís mother, and if they work things out and become this happy family unit with Daniel, how can I possibly compete with that?

Kinsey: Stupid D.U.I. No one was hurt except me, and now it's like I'm some lowlife criminal or something.

Gabi: Hey, you got the job. Be happy, okay?

Kinsey: I am. And I am really grateful to you, Gabi.

Gabi: No big deal. I put in a good word for you, that's all.

Kinsey: Yeah, and at least now I have something positive to put on my college app next year. Though I doubt it'll offset my tragic grades. Oh, my God... isn't that the doctor who shot her own daughter? And isn't that the daughter she shot? Wow, it's weird to see them together, huh?

Gabi: Yeah, I guess. Look, I'm off shift now, but can you handle things down here?

Kinsey: Yeah. Sure.

Justin: Okay, Joey, I'll talk to you later. Give your brothers my love.

Hope: Hey, Justin.

Justin: Hope.

Hope: Hi.

Justin: It's all been said, so let's just-- I'm in a hurry, so if you don't mind--

Hope: No, just please, give me a minute. Okay? Please?

Justin: To do what? So you can play the victim some more?

Hope: Victim?

Justin: Yeah. You keep saying that you were only trying to help. That it was all so noble and selfless. And now, poor you. Everyone's mad at you.

Hope: I am not playing the victim. Look, I understand why you and Adrienne are angry with me. I do. I understand. But I meant to help. Yes. But okay, I went about it stupidly. I didn't think--

Justin: You know what really boggles my mind? That you kept telling me over and over-- telling me how you didn't have feelings for me. You know, in that way. Did you think I was in some sort of bizarre denial? That I'm some egotistical jerk? That I hadn't already gotten the message?

Hope: Justin, no.

Justin: So you decided you had to drag my ex-wife back to Salem so you could shoot me down big time and really pound it into my head?

Hope: No. No.

Justin: Well, guess what, I got the message... loud and clear. You want me out of your life, I am gone.

Hope: No, Justin, please, just wait. Wait, please!

Melanie: You'll never stop trying. Um, that would be heartbreaking if I gave a damn.

Daniel: Melanie...

Carly: That's okay. Daniel, it's okay. I'm used to Melanieís anger. In fact, it doesn't phase me in the least anymore.

Melanie: Oh, well, aren't you a tough cookie.

Carly: Like mother, like daughter.

Melanie: Don't do that! Don't--don't refer to yourself as my mom ever again. And--and just so we're clear, you can try until you're blue in the face to ingratiate yourself into my life, or persuade yourself that somehow we have some kind of beautiful, fabulous connection, but we donít. And the more you try, the more I'm gonna hate you.

Carly: Really? I thought you'd already maxed out on that.

Melanie: You're just-- you are so--you are just so-- stay out of my life! Stay out of my life and my father's too, and just leave me alone!

Hope: I've always been honest with you about my feelings.

Justin: That's not the issue. The issue is you brought my ex-wife into this.

Hope: I know. I swear, I was trying to help.

Justin: Exactly. It's all about you, isn't it?

Hope: No. What I meant was--

Justin: Just save it! Because I don't give a damn what you meant. You went behind my back and ended up making a fool of me. Friends don't do that.

Brady: So you're going back to Salem...for good?

Nicole: Home is where the heart is. [Thinking] I'm never giving up on you, Brady. Never.

Philip: Chloe, there is no competition. Come on, now, that man is crazy about you.

Chloe: Carly is the mother of his child... which I can never be.

Philip: Yeah, but you know, you'll be something more important. You'll be his wife. The woman he loves.

Chloe: You know what, you're right. Daniel does love me. And just because that woman got him drunk and lured him into bed with her over 20 years ago, that's all she'll ever be to him. A drunken one night stand.

Philip: That's the spirit.

Chloe: I won't let it happen. I will not allow that slutty bi-- I will not allow Carly Manning to worm her way into my man's life.

Carly: Fine, I'll-- I'll leave you alone. For now.

Melanie: Forever.

Carly: I can't do that.

Melanie: Look... I know you're pulling this whole defiant thing, acting determined and loaded for bear or whatever, but I'm here too. And as far as I'm concerned, I have one parent, and that's Daniel. You don't exist!

Daniel: Wait. Let me--let me talk to her. Melanie? Look, listen--unh!

Melanie: Daniel! Daniel!

Sami: You cannot keep shutting me out like this.

Chloe: Daniel and I are doing just fine.

Victor: Well, you won't be for long.

Melanie: Please-- please don't leave me.

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