Days Transcript Monday 3/22/10

Days of Our Lives Transcript Monday 3/22/10 - Canada; Tuesday 3/23/10 - U.S.A.


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[Phone rings]

Melanie: I slept so well, Phil. Who is--what, um--what's-- who's that?

Stephanie: Hey.

Nathan: Hey.

Stephanie: Nathan... look, if you're still upset with me because I didn't show you Melanie’s letter... did you talk to her... figure out what she wrote?

Nathan: Not yet, but I will.

Stephanie: I wish you wouldn’t.

Nathan: Why?

Stephanie: 'Cause you'll get hurt.

Hope: When the car drove off, did you notice anything unusual? Like a broken taillight-- anything like that? Okay, uh, if you remember anything, call me back? All righty. Bye-bye.

Justin: I bet you could use this.

Anna: Smile. Oh, that was just perfect, Jim. You are so photogenic. No wonder your voters love you. I bet you could be governor for a couple more decades with that sweet face.

Jim: Anna, what the hell is going on here?

Rafe: Okay... I'm here.

Nicole: Yeah, hi.

Rafe: Hi. This better be good.

Nicole: It's about Sydney. There's something you need to know.

Jim: Anna. Anna, what is going on here? What the hell has happened here?

Anna: Oh, Jimmy... you don't remember? Well, we had the most fun two people can have. See?

Jim: Oh. Oh, dear lord. Oh!

Anna: Oh, yeah. You got really creative after midnight. [Laughs] I bet your wife would love to play some of the games we played last night. Oh, I bet it would spice up your marriage.

Jim: Oh, for God's sake.

Anna: Although, you could just take these pictures home and teach her. What do you think?

Jim: I think you better give me the damn camera.

Anna: Oh, honey, I'd be glad to loan it to you. Or I could just email the photos to her.

Jim: What the hell are you talking about? Are you out of your mind? Anna. Anna, unlock these damn cuffs!

Anna: Oh, Jimmy. You know I can't do that... yet... not until you do me that little favor I asked you to do... for my good friend.

Jim: You...

Rafe: Okay, what about Sydney?

Nicole: All right, I need to give you some... how is she? Is--is she talking yet? I mean, she must be so overwhelmed. She barely knew Sami, and then she was kidnapped by that--

Rafe: What the hell is wrong with you? What, are you gonna start babbling about how she's your little girl again? Is that it?

Nicole: No.

Rafe: You have no place in Sydney’s life. You never will. Clear?

Nicole: Yes, Rafe, I-I...

Rafe: Man, you are some piece of work. You can't stand it that Sami is back with Sydney, can you? You just got to get right back in the middle of things.

Nicole: No, of course not.

Rafe: Is that why you called me? Is that my I'm down here?

Nicole: No.

Rafe: You think that I'm gonna be some sort of vehicle to get you closer to Sydney?

Nicole: No.

Rafe: Then why did you call me?

Nicole: I called you, Rafe, because there's something you need to know about what happened to Sydney.

Philip: Come sit with... hmm. Well, I'm glad you've had a good night's sleep. Uh, Sophie, this is my wife, Melanie.

Sophie: Hi.

Philip: Mel, this is Sophie. She is here to take care of you and Maggie when I can't be here.

Melanie: Philip, didn't we move in here so we could keep an eye on Maggie, but make her think that I'm the one that needs a place to recover?

Philip: Yeah, but, you know...

Melanie: So if we make a big fuss over her and treat her like she's the next thing to an invalid, she's gonna be upset. That's the last thing I want to do in the world, so let's see. Um, Sophie, it was such a pleasure meeting you. And, uh, believe me, I know how important nurses are, and I'm sure you're the best at what you do. Here you go. I'm just gonna help you there. But my husband's made a mistake.

Sophie: Mrs. Kiriakis, I think having a trained professional is--

Philip: Mel...

Melanie: Uh, he's gonna give you two weeks of severance, which is great, 'cause it's like vacation with pay, right?

Philip: Mel, come on.

Melanie: So I'm just gonna have you--the thing is, we got to get you out of here right now, because if we don't get you out of the house-- thank you so much, then.

Philip: What are you doing?

Melanie: I was too pushy. Was I too pushy? I didn't--look, I just-- if--if Maggie comes--

Maggie: Good morning.

Melanie: Morning.

Philip: Morning.

Maggie: Okay. What's going on?

Philip: Okay...

Maggie: I heard voices.

Philip: Well, what's going on is I've apparently made a bad mistake.

Melanie: You love me too much. There's nothing wrong with that.

Maggie: Okay. Not in my book, it isn't, anyway.

Philip: Yeah, well, that's good to know, especially since I need to leave. Let me get my stuff. Um, leave your phone on, in case I want to talk to you, okay?

Melanie: Okay.

Philip: Bye. Later, Maggie.

Maggie: Later. See ya.

Philip: Talk to you soon.

Maggie: Okay. Bye, Philip.

Philip: Bye.

Maggie: So you and Philip are doing great.

Melanie: Yeah.

Maggie: No second thoughts?

Melanie: Second thoughts about what?

Maggie: Nathan.

Nathan: I'm gonna get hurt by reading a letter. That's, uh--that's a new one.

Stephanie: I just meant that's the reason I didn't give it to you.

Nathan: I know the reasons and excuses why you didn't give me the letter, but there's one important detail that you're leaving out--that it wasn't your call.

Stephanie: I know. And I'm sorry. I should have given you the letter. I know that. And I know I've come up with a million reasons why I didn’t. I didn't want you and Melanie to make another mistake. I didn't want you to hurt each other. I didn't want Philip to be hurt.

Nathan: Those aren't any of the reasons, now, are they? Stephanie...

Stephanie: You're right. I was just being selfish. The reason I didn't give you Melanie’s letter was because I didn't want to get hurt.

Hope: Well, thank you. So what brings you down here?

Justin: I had to register some paperwork on Carly’s case with the judge's clerk. So I thought I'd come by and say hello.

Hope: Well, hey. Oh, I heard Melanie really came through for Carly.

Justin: Yes, she really did.

Hope: Hmm.

Justin: The judge dismissed all charges.

Hope: That's good. I'm glad.

Justin: Really?

Hope: I may wish that Carly disappeared off the face of the earth or at the very least out of my life, but that doesn't mean that I want to see her punished for something she didn't do. You know, I just--I don't want to spend any more time or energy on anger, okay?

Justin: So does that mean, uh, you're ready to move on?

Jim: You're blackmailing me.

Anna: Jim, I'm asking you for a favor. My friend Nicole needs to get out of jail.

Jim: You're blackmailing me because of those stupid pictures. Well, it's not gonna work. First of all, I never posed for those dumb things.

Anna: Well, then how did they get on my camera?

Jim: I'm telling you, Anna, you better unlock these cuffs if you know what's good for you.

Anna: Well, don't you think there's a little something you've got to do for me first?

Rafe: Okay, fine. There's something I need to know. Like what?

Nicole: I have information about the woman who wore those boots.

Rafe: Oh, my God. You're kidding me, right? We're gonna do this dance again? Are you serious? What is it you remember? Did she, uh... [Irish accent] Did the woman have a nice Irish lilt to her voice, perhaps? [Normal voice] Maybe she liked to wear the boots backwards. Was that it?

Nicole: Rafe, I'm not making this up to get attention. I have information.

Rafe: Well, then you should have given it to me over the phone. 'Cause guess what. I am sick of being jerked around by you, and so is Sami, and so are the police, for that matter. So whatever game you're playing, I'm not in.

Melanie: Maggie, second thoughts about Na-- no. I--Philip’s the best, and I love him.

Maggie: Mm-hmm. You didn't answer my question. What about Nathan?

Melanie: I can't talk to you about Nathan. He's your grandson.

Maggie: And you're like a daughter to me.

Melanie: Ugh. I know.

Maggie: So I need for you to be honest. Will you do that for me?

Melanie: Yeah.

Maggie: Do you still have feelings for Nathan?

Nathan: How could you get hurt by me reading Mel’s letter?

Stephanie: Think about it. You told me you cared for me, that you really cared, and you couldn't wait to go away with me.

Nathan: And we had a great time, Stephanie. This doesn't have anything to do with Melanie.

Stephanie: Can you hear yourself?

Nathan: What?

Stephanie: You're totally obsessed, Nathan. Every word out of your mouth is about Melanie and that stupid letter. Do you know how bad that makes me feel?

Nicole: Rafe, wait, please. Okay, believe me or not, I'm not--I'm not trying to use you or Sami. I-I can't tell you how glad I am that Sydney is safe... with Sami. And the idea of... Sydney being my little girl, well, that's done and over with, okay?

Rafe: Well, that's good thinking... [Clears throat] Finally.

Nicole: I mean, I still dream, you know? Who wouldn't, living in this hellhole? I wish things turned out differently and that I was living somewhere with Sydney. But things didn't work out for me.

Rafe: It's still all about you, isn't it? Some woman knocks you out, takes Sydney, holds her for ransom, but really it's all about how your plan got ruined.

Nicole: Oh, come on, Rafe. If you were locked up in here, wouldn't you try to make things different in your life?

Rafe: Did you ever stop to think about what happened to Sami? About what she went through? 'Cause I was with her for months while her damn world was falling apart. You know, for a while, we even thought that Sydney was dead. Obviously, your kidnapper's still out there somewhere, right?

Anna: Nicole, it's Anna. I couldn't get the pardon. I'm sorry. It's over.

Nicole: Rafe, I've been thinking about the kidnapper a lot lately. In fact, that's what I wanted to talk to you about. It's about time that woman who stole Sydney got what she deserved.

Melanie: Okay, um, I'm--I'm-- I'm new at this whole--the commitment, the marriage thing, and--and, yeah, sometimes I-I think about Nathan... a little bit. I'm-- you hate me, right?

Maggie: Of course not.

Melanie: It's just--when I was in the hospital and Nathan came to visit me, I could-- I could tell that he still maybe cared a little bit, and it just brought back some feelings.

Maggie: As if they'd never gone.

Melanie: Kind of, I guess. I don't--I don't know.

Maggie: Well, then that's something you're gonna have to get straightened out, if you want your marriage to work. No secret feelings and no secret longings and no stolen glances. It's either Philip or Nathan. It can't be both.

Melanie: I know. I know. I don't want to--I don't want to be screwing up people's lives or hurting them. That's exactly what my mother did--does. Maybe it's genetic, you know? I used to do that all the time.

Maggie: Yes, I know.

Melanie: I didn't really care who I hurt, as long as I got what I wanted.

Maggie: Yeah, but you changed.

Melanie: I hope so... 'cause the last thing in world I want is for someone to tell me I'm just like my mother.

Maggie: Suggestion...

Melanie: Okay.

Maggie: Okay. Let Carly worry about Carly. Your job is to talk to Nathan. Now.

Nathan: Stephanie... I had no idea that you were so hurt.

Stephanie: It's just the way you talk about it.

Nathan: And I'm sorry. I'm the reason. Look, if you would have told me what you just did about Melanie getting in the way... and giving me the letter, I mean, maybe I would have tossed it. All right-- there's no way of knowing now, is there?

Stephanie: Nathan, I'm sorry. I just really hope that you can forgive me and that we can move on from this.

Nathan: We need to take a break. I'm sorry.

Stephanie: [Sobs softly]

Hope: You have been the best friend I could have had with this whole mess with Bo. I'm really grateful. But... you do know--I mean, I hope you do. Of course you do. Nothing is ever gonna happen between you and me. You know that.

Justin: Of course I do. Why wouldn't I? You have made that abundantly clear.

Hope: You're the best. I'll see you later. Thanks for the coffee. Appreciate it.

Justin: Yeah.

Anna: Jim, honey, stop yanking like that. You'll hurt your wrists.

Jim: I am not going to give that Nicole DiMera a pardon because of these staged photographs. You may as well give it up, Anna.

Anna: Well, you know-- oh, did I forget to tell you? You know that fling we had all those years ago? I have photos of us then too.

Jim: What?

Anna: All these photos and all these texts--they're all going to the media in one hour, Jim, and you know how the media loves a good scandal during an election year.

Jim: You can't do that-- my career, my wife.

Anna: Well, you see, that's why this is such an important decision you're about to make. Do you pardon a kidnapper--a poor, deluded soul who made a... a big mistake. Or do you watch yourself make it on the internet?

Jim: Oh.

Anna: Do me a simple favor, or watch your career go up in flames. What's it gonna be, Jim? Hmm?

Rafe: Okay. Kidnapper deserves to be punished. Is that some sort of new revelation for you?

Nicole: You know, Rafe, if I have to live in here for the next 20 years, why shouldn't she? Okay, yes, I took Sydney, but I was calling Sami. I was bringing her back. The kidnapper was only in it for the money.

Rafe: Well, let's just hope whoever is responsible for this is brought to justice.

Nicole: She will be.

Rafe: Excuse me?

Nicole: You'll find her... today, 'cause I'm gonna tell you who she is.

Melanie: Okay. Nathan, do I call you?

[Door opens]

Melanie: Uh...

Philip: Hey, you tell Berman not to relax yet, okay? If the funds are in there by tomorrow, the deal's still on, so he needs to keep an eye on it. All right. I'll call you later. Whoa. Oh!

Stephanie: I am so sorry.

Philip: Is something wrong?

Stephanie: Uh... uh, I heard Melanie got out of the hospital. How's she doing?

Philip: Terrific.

Stephanie: Good. Uh, is, uh, Victor making an effort?

Philip: Well, um, actually, we're not gonna be living with Victor. We decided to move in with Maggie.

Stephanie: Really?

Philip: Yeah. Yeah, you know, uh, she didn't really feel comfortable living where she got shot, so... and this whole thing with Carly Manning has her torn up. And, um, I don't know--being with Maggie just felt like the right thing to do.

Stephanie: Well, as long as you guys are happy.

Philip: Yeah. But you're obviously not. What's wrong?

Stephanie: Well, you'll find out soon enough, anyway. Nathan dumped me... for your wife.

Maggie: Oh.

Hope: Hey, Maggie.

Maggie: I'm sorry. I'm sorry I'm late. Did I keep you waiting?

Hope: No, not at all. Everything okay?

Maggie: Yeah. Just a little crazy, though.

Hope: I guess so.

Maggie: Philip and Melanie moved in with me after she got out of the hospital.

Hope: They did?

Maggie: Yeah.

Hope: Oh, wow. Well, actually, you know what? Come to think of it, it really does make a lot of sense, doesn't it? All the drama she's been through, she wants to be with someone she loves and trusts.

Maggie: Yeah.

Hope: Philip okay with it?

Maggie: Yeah, he seems fine. I got to say, I've grown kind of fond of him.

Hope: There's a lot of good in Philip.

Maggie: Yeah. I hope everything works out with him and Melanie.

Hope: And why wouldn't it?

Maggie: Oh, it’s... it's, well... why can't love just be simple?

Justin: I won't be long, Henderson. I just need to get my uncle's signature on this.

Henderson: Very good, sir. I'll see that he gets them.

Justin: Good.

Henderson: Uh, you have a visitor.

Justin: I do?

Henderson: Yes, sir.

Justin: But I don't live... thank you, Henderson.

[Clears throat]

Adrienne: Hi.

Justin: Adrienne.

Rafe: [Laughs] Honest to God, you'll do anything!

Nicole: What?

Rafe: For attention. I mean, seriously, Nicole, how could you possibly know who it is now, who the kidnapper is? Wait. Let me guess. Little bird tell you? Or was it an inmate? You see, the trouble is, Nicole, the FBI has questioned anyone and everyone even remotely connected to this case, including inmates here. So guess what. [Clicks tongue] Game over.

Nicole: Rafe, wait. Would you please just let me explain?

Rafe: Explain what?

Nicole: This has to do with the boots I told you about and that voice.

Rafe: Oh, my God. The boots, the voice. Seriously, how long are you gonna milk that, Nicole?

Nicole: I told you I-I knew the voice. I just couldn't remember who it was.

Rafe: And now you do?

Nicole: Yes. It--it all just came to me one day. I heard the voice clear as day, and I literally saw her in my mind. She was in the DiMera mansion.

Rafe: You saw her? Who was she?

Nicole: Rafe, this is gonna blow your mind, but the woman who took Sydney, she--

Lois: Nicole, phone.

Nicole: For me?

Lois: Mm-hmm. The warden. He wants to talk to you.

Philip: Wait, why would Nathan dump-- are you saying that cocky little bastard's been daydreaming about my wife?

Stephanie: No. It's not that at all. It's something I did. Something I didn't do, actually. See, Melanie wrote a letter to Nathan on your wedding day and wanted me to give it to him, and I didn’t.

Philip: What, you didn't? What, deliberately?

Stephanie: Yeah. And when Nathan found out, let's just say he wasn't very forgiving.

Philip: What was in the note?

Stephanie: I don't know. I didn't--I didn't give it to him, remember?

Philip: And now he's pissed at you?

Stephanie: Yes. I would keep your eye on him, if I were you, because I think he still has a thing for Melanie.

Nathan: You look great.

Melanie: Thank you.

Nathan: Yeah. Got a lot of color in your face. Eyes are nice and clear. Off the pain meds, right?

Melanie: Right. Yeah, no, I'm... off the... pain meds. Um, I, uh-- oh, gosh. I saw this earlier, so I'm assuming this is why you're here.

Nathan: Yeah. I got a lot of surgical stuff to review before my next rotation. I assume you're here to visit Maggie. Is she, uh... upstairs?

Melanie: No, um, she's visiting Hope. I-I'm not visiting her. Uh, Philip and I moved in here.

Nathan: Really?

Melanie: Yeah. You know, I didn't want to live in a place where I was shot.

Nathan: No, I understand. I bet Maggie’s excited to have all the company. She always said that Mia was either away at school or at work.

Melanie: Yeah. Plus, I care about her.

Nathan: Oh, yeah. Speaking about caring about, there's something I wanted to ask you about.

Melanie: Um, uh, yeah. What?

Nathan: The letter you wrote me, the one I never got, what did it say?

Justin: [Chuckles] Um, Adrienne, I--

Adrienne: Uh, Hope called me. She told me you were in trouble. She--she wouldn't give me specifics, just that I needed to get here. So what's wrong?

Justin: [Sighs] Nothing. Nothing. I'm--I'm not in any trouble.

Adrienne: Well, I-I don't understand. Why would Hope tell me you were in trouble if you weren't?

Justin: Because she wants you and me back together again.

Nicole: Hello, warden. Yes. Yes. The governor? Uh, yes, yes. Of course. Please connect me.

Jim: Ms. DiMera, this is Governor Ford.

Nicole: Hello, Governor Ford.

Jim: I'm gonna come straight to the point. Recently your case came to my attention through a mutual... friend. I, uh, have reviewed your case very carefully and have decided that your punishment was too harsh.

Nicole: Really?

Jim: Yes, really. Anyway... I am going to grant you a full pardon effective immediately.

Nicole: What? Oh, my God.

Jim: Yes, I've already spoken to the warden. You're gonna be released today.

Nicole: Oh, Governor, thank you. Thank you.

Jim: Oh, don't thank me. Thank your f-friend. And, Ms. DiMera, God help me, don't ever give me cause to regret this decision.

Nicole: I-I won’t. I-I promise. You never will. Thank you. Thank you so much. The governor just pardoned me! [Laughs]

Rafe: What?

Nicole: I'm out of here! Whoo!

Lois: Whoo! Atta girl! Whoo!

Nicole: Uh-huh. Uh-huh. I'm out. You in. I'm out. You in. Mm-hmm. Mm-hmm. Whoo!

Rafe: Hold on a second here!

Nicole: What?

Rafe: Why would the governor pardon you?

Adrienne: Let me get this straight. Um, I just put everything on hold and flew halfway around the world because Hope thinks we're not happy?

Justin: Not happy apart.

Adrienne: What about you?

Justin: Me?

Adrienne: Are you with her on this?

[Door opens, door closes]

Hope: Adrienne. Oh, my gosh. I, um... I didn't expect you to get here so soon.

Adrienne: No? Why wouldn't I? You told me Justin was in trouble, and I got on the next flight.

Justin: Adrienne.

Adrienne: You lied to me, Hope.

Hope: No, it wasn't a l--

Adrienne: And you had no right, forcing me to fly thousands of miles just to make a fool out of myself.

Hope: No, it wasn't-- Adrienne, just let me explain.

Adrienne: No, don’t. Don't, don't, don't you ever play games with me again. Just stay out of my life.

Justin: I wish to hell you hadn't done this.

Melanie: Oh, that letter. Um... Stephanie said she never showed it to you because you didn't want to read it or talk about me or... think about me.

Nathan: It was a lie.

Melanie: What?

Nathan: It was a lie. If I had known there was a letter, Melanie, I definitely would have wanted to read it. What did it say? What did you want to tell me?

Jim: All right, I did what you wanted. That lunatic you call a friend has been loosed on society one more time. Now give me the damn camera.

Anna: Honey, you can keep all the pictures. Oh, and there's a short movie on there too that's kind of fun. And... there. All the sexting is gone too. I would, uh, suggest that you erase your own phone, though. And, Jim, this was a really nice thing for you to do. Thank you. I won't forget it.

Jim: What happened to you, Anna? The woman that I knew years ago would have never done something like this.

Anna: Well, people change.

Jim: Yeah, but you turned into someone...

Anna: Scary?

Jim: Tell me something. Those toys you used to stage the photographs... are they in that bag over there?

Anna: Yes.

Jim: You think maybe we could use them again? I would love to remember this time.

Anna: Oh, Jim. Oh, what the heck. It's been a long time. [Laughing]

Nicole: Well, I'm on my way. I'm--I'm going home. [Laughs] Can you believe it?

Rafe: [Chuckles] No. No, I can’t. What's going on?

Nicole: The governor said I served my time.

Lois: I'll get a box so they can load up your things. Congrats, babe.

Nicole: Thanks. Come on, Rafe. Can't you at least smile?

Rafe: I'm still waiting for you to name the kidnapper, remember?

Nicole: Um...

Rafe: Because you said that it came to you. So who was it?

Nicole: Well... it was Kate.

Rafe: Ah.

Nicole: I recognized her whispering voice. She doesn't like me, you know? She never has. And she's not a big fan of EJ's, either, so taking Sydney was her way of making both of us pay. That woman is a heartless loser. She didn't even care she was hurting her own husband.

Rafe: Wrong.

Nicole: Excuse me?

Rafe: We already checked out Kate. She doesn't have the boots, and she has an alibi when Sydney was taken. She's clean.

Nicole: She is?

Rafe: Yeah.

Nicole: Ooh, my bad. I'm sorry.

Rafe: Hmm.

Nicole: But at least I get to go home, huh? Whoo. Heading home.

Rafe: You know, funny thing about this--this pardon kind of came out of the blue, didn't it?

Nicole: I don't know. Just lucky, I guess.

Rafe: Well, something tells me luck didn't have a thing to do with it.

Nicole: Lois, I can't tell you. Letting me use your phone, being my friend, it meant the world to me.

Lois: Hmm. And I'm getting a little present, right?

Nicole: Oh, oh, a big, big present.

Lois: Great. Thanks. I'm actually gonna miss you around here. You gave this place a little, uh... zing.

Nicole: Yeah.

[Cell phone ringing]

Lois: This has got to be one of your girlfriends. Ain't mine.

Nicole: Hello, Anna. How are you doing?

Anna: Well, I'm fine now that I'm on my way out of the country. And I know you're fine, because I was there when Jim gave you the pardon.

Nicole: I'm so fine, it's downright criminal.

Anna: Nicole, a friendly little warning. If you ever get an idea that you'd like to turn me in to the cops, I taped all our phone conversations.

Nicole: Relax, Anna. I'm on my way out the prison doors. Since I'm free, so are you.

Anna: Well, then... have fun.

Nicole: You bet. Oh, my God, I love second chances. Speaking of which... Lois, I... I need to ask you one more favor.

Philip: Look, I'll be in the office later. I don't know. Tell him to wait. Hey, look. Um, you know, I'm sorry if Nathan got all bent out of shape about some good-bye letter that Melanie wrote, but... I-I don't know. You guys can work that out or not. But no way in hell am I worried about that guy.

Stephanie: Really?

Philip: Really. Melanie loves me. Nathan is the past. He's history. And that's the way it's gonna stay.

Melanie: It's kind of weird that Stephanie would have lied to you about something like that, don't you think?

Nathan: Well, you know, maybe we can be kind and say that she misinterpreted. I did tell her that I didn't want to talk about you. That was with her.

Melanie: 'Cause you were mad at me?

Nathan: You think?

Melanie: For getting married to Philip?

Nathan: I just wanted to get out of town.

Melanie: With Stephanie.

Nathan: Right. And it couldn't happen fast enough. But then I started thinking about you. And when I--

Melanie: Okay, you know what? No, um, you want to know what was in that letter?

Nathan: Yeah.

Melanie: Okay. I'll tell you.

Woman: Brady Black's office.

Nicole: Hello. This is Mr. Michaelson's secretary, department of homeland security. Mr. Michaelson would like to speak to Mr. Black, please.

Woman: I'm sorry. Mr. Black's in Santo Domingo on business.

Nicole: Santo... yes, that's fine. Just give me the hotel, and I'll call him there.

Woman: I'm not sure I should give out his--

Nicole: I'm sure Mr. Black would like to speak to my boss. After all, the department of homeland security hands out a lot of contracts.

Woman: Well, all right. He's at La Playa Blanca.

Nicole: Thank you very much. Bye. Looks like my second chance is away on business... which gives me the perfect opportunity to get him alone and start a whole new future.

[Knock on door]

Jim: Agent Hernandez.

Rafe: Yes, sir.

Jim: Come on in. My aide told me you wanted to see me A.S.A.P.

Rafe: Yes, I do.

Jim: Well, I'm your man. Whatever the FBI needs, just go ahead and ask away.

Rafe: Well, all right. Why did you pardon Nicole DiMera?

Anna: No more Nicole. No one can touch me now.

Rafe: I'll give you one chance to tell me the real reason why Nicole DiMera was set free.

Nicole: Will you give me another chance?

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