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Brady: Well, this doesn't make any sense at all.

Arianna: What?

Brady: It's from EJ. He wants to meet me down at the pier.

Arianna: He wants to meet you?

Brady: I mean, why not? I mean, we hate each other's guts. Let's hang out, right?

Arianna: Think it's about Sydney?

Brady: Yeah, I--I do think it's about Sydney. So I better go. See what this is about.

Arianna: Yeah, of course.

Brady: If you hear from Melanie, um, call me. Okay?

Arianna: Yes. Bye.

Rafe: You're sorry? I don't want to hear you're frickin' sorry, okay? Keep draggin' the river! No, we are talking about a baby girl here, not the frickin' budget!

Arianna: What's going on?

Rafe: I'm s--I'm sorry. I'm losing it, I'm losing it. I'm just, I'm, uh... I'm sorry, I'm yelling at people who are trying to help me.

Arianna: Oh, my God. Wh-what happened?

Rafe: Oh, just, um...

Arianna: Relax.

Rafe: I'm okay. They found pieces of, um, a dress floating in the river with blood on it.

Arianna: Oh, my God.

Rafe: Yeah, so... it's Sydney's blood.

Arianna: I'm so sorry.

Rafe: What do you mean, you're sorry? Ari, this doesn't--it doesn't prove anything. Think about it, it doesn't... it doesn't prove anything. She could still be alive.

[Cell phone ringing]

EJ: [Sighs] I don't have time for this.

Anna: Well, EJ, there must be some way I can get through to you.

EJ: Listen, you're not being paid to second guess me, Anna.

Anna: This is cruel. This is beyond cruel.

EJ: You are being paid to do what you're told.

Anna: This is so much more than I signed up for.

EJ: Well, then, you have two options. You can do what I tell you to do, or you can spend the rest of your life in jail.

Victor: What do you mean, Melanie's still in a coma?

Daniel: Well, I think that's a pretty clear statement.

Victor: Let me talk to Philip.

Daniel: I sent him home to get some sleep. He should be there by now.

Victor: Well, I'm not at home. I'm at the police station. My son, the all high and mighty police commissioner, called me in for questioning.

Daniel: So Bo's still there.

Victor: I don't know what he wants to talk to me about. Carly Manning’s locked up. Case closed.

Daniel: Well, not exactly.

Victor: I gotta go. Here comes the Gestapo. So...your girlfriend finally crashes and burns, and you compensate by throwing your weight around.

Bo: Have a seat.

Victor: Well, I'm scared. This is official police business, right?

Bo: To begin with, then we'll get to the personal business. We're gonna have a talk about

your girlfriend.

Philip: Vivian, get down here!

Vivian: Philip, you sound so upset. Is there news? Something about Melanie? What's the matter?

Philip: You'd like that, wouldn't you?

Vivian: What?

Philip: Bad news--you'd like that, wouldn't you?

Vivian: What?

Philip: What, are you gonna cry now? You gonna cry now, you gonna produce tears that make me think you care?

Vivian: I--what are you talking about? What happened?

Philip: What happened? What happened? That's what I want to talk to you about. At the wedding reception, just what exactly happened, Vivian?

Carly: Oh! Hey, baby. Baby, wake up. Wake up. [Crying] Look at you. Ohh.

Melanie: Where am I?

Carly: Thank God. Thank God, oh.

Melanie: Why am I here?

Carly: You're in the hospital, okay? You had an accident, but you're gonna be fine. You're gonna be just fine.

Melanie: What happened? There was an accident?

Carly: It's kind of hard to explain.

Melanie: Wait a minute. Philip and I got married.

Carly: That's right.

Melanie: And I was happy. Philip--where's Philip? Is he okay?

Carly: Yes. No, he's fine.

Melanie: Where is he? I need to talk to Philip, I-- Oww! Oww!

Carly: Listen to me. He went home to change his clothes. He went home to change his clothes. He's coming right back. Come on, he's gonna be so--

Melanie: I need to talk to Philip!

Carly: You need to stop. He was with you all night. He loves you so much.

Melanie: Okay, okay, but I need to talk to him--Aah! Oww! [Sobbing] What happened?

Carly: You just got out of surgery, okay? You're gonna be fine, but you have to be calm.

Melanie: I can't stay calm. I don't know what happened. Tell me what happened.

Carly: You were shot.

Vivian: Philip... well, uh... what are you doing with that?

Philip: Are you scared?

Vivian: I--I think you're a little overwrought, and that you should put it down.

Philip: I might need it. You see, I am very, very angry at my father.

Vivian: What?

Philip: Yeah. Seems like he knew a very big that involved Melanie, the woman that I really love. The woman...who is the love of my life. You see, she was in danger. Someone was plotting against her. Someone wanted to kill her.

Vivian: No.

Philip: Yes! My father chose not to tell anyone. See, it all ended up with... well, we don't even know if... Melanie's ever gonna wake up, ever!

Vivian: That's--that's because Carly shot her.

Philip: I don't think you should even say Carly's name. I don't think you should say Carly's name.

[Poker rattles against floor]

Philip: Anyway, I'm angry with my father. I want to punish him. I want him to pay.

Vivian: Well...what does that have to do with me?

Philip: Oh, he loves you, Vivian. He loves you. I kill you, and I get to see him suffer. Huh? I want revenge, Vivian. And that's what you do, you kill someone when you want revenge. Would you do that, Vivian?

Vivian: No.

Philip: Would you do that to someone you love? Would you do that to someone who was the love of your life, who was young and happy and kind? Would you do that, Vivian?

Vivian: No, I wouldn't. No, I wouldn't.

Philip: Well, I think we have a problem, Vivian, because I don't believe a word you say.

Victor: You realize, of course, you're keeping me from being with Philip.

Bo: Yeah, I have noticed how much you care about him. How much you always have his best interest at heart.

Victor: Wonderful. Maybe now that your girlfriend's doing 25 to life, you can patch things up with your wife.

Bo: She and I agree on one thing: Vivian Alamain's gonna pay for what she's done.

Victor: Is it really appropriate for the police commissioner to be so blatantly biased?

Bo: Don't worry. She'll have her day in court. And she'll be put away with solid, admissible evidence. 'Cause, you see, Hope not only remembers what happened in the basement, she remembers a conversation she had with you on the wedding day.

Victor: Where I told her that Vivian was planning a murder? All we talked about was the wedding and Greek tragedy. Nothing you can use.

Bo: Not so much about what you said, but what you left behind. A receipt for a second comb... to replace the poisoned comb Vivian was gonna use. You duplicated a murder weapon, Victor. As far as I see, uh, it won't be difficult to prove accessory after the fact. Maybe even conspiracy. Sad, really. The great and powerful Victor Kiriakis brought down because of a joke like Vivian.

Vivian: Philip, you don't want to do this.

Philip: Actually, I really, really do.

Vivian: Think of Melanie. Think of Melanie.

Philip: Oh, that's rich. That's rich. Uhh!

Vivian: She needs you. I know you're angry at someone. But you can't believe what-- Carly's accusations. They were insane.

Philip: Oh, they've been corroborated. Hope woke up.

Vivian: Hope is confused. She's just repeating what Carly said. Carly, who stabbed to death the finest man I've ever known.

Philip: Oh, so Carly deserves to die?

Vivian: Yes.

Philip: 'Cause she did something to the one you love?

Vivian: Yes!

Philip: I love Melanie! Looks like you just gave me permission to do to you what should have been done a long time ago.

Melanie: I was shot?

Carly: That's right.

Melanie: On my wedding day? Who would do that?

Carly: Don't move!

Melanie: No! You did it. [Crying] You shot me.

Anna: Come on, EJ. Haven't you hurt Sami enough already? To make her think her child is dead...

EJ: I can't talk now. [Hushed tones] Be a good girl and keep your mouth shut, will you? We don't want Carrie sitting ringside at your trial, do we?

Anna: [Scoffs] I can't get through to him. I can't get through to him when he's like this. When he's like... Stefano. Tony. What am I gonna do?

Arianna: Sorry, Rafe.

Rafe: Ari... I'm not giving up.

Arianna: Look--

Rafe: We don't have a body, Ari. Think about it. We're closing in on finding out whatever happened to Sydney, maybe whoever has her. Then we just happen to find some circumstantial evidence that she's dead. No, whoever has her, they know that we're getting close. So what do they do? They make it look like it's over. They want us to give up.

Arianna: Did you tell Sami what you're thinking?

Rafe: It's not a good idea.

Arianna: To give her hope?

Rafe: Ah, she's... mad at me right now.

Arianna: What happened?

Rafe: She and EJ think I'm... too F.B.I., that I panicked the kidnapper.

Arianna: Did she say that to you?

Rafe: She's... she's just... she thinks I'm dealing with this like it's just any normal case, that I'm not thinking about Sydney, and so she... she doesn't want me around. She--she pushed me out.

Brady: EJ...what do you want?

EJ: You, um... haven't spoken to Samantha or Rafe, I take it?

Brady: No...why? What, did something happen?

EJ: Yeah. You, uh, still talking to Nicole?

Brady: Not directly. Chloe talks to her, she talks to me. Wh-what--tell me. What is this about?

EJ: I need you to tell her something. Something's happened. It's not really fair to ask Samantha to do it, but I don't think I could stand to be in the same room as her, so... I suppose you'll have to do it, won't you?

Brady: I'm sorry, I'll have to do what?

EJ: Tell her Sydney's dead.

Arianna: You are the reason that she knows Sydney is her child.

Rafe: I can't give up on Sydney. I can't, not... but I'm telling you something. Something about this whole thing's just not right.

Arianna: Look, uh... I know that Sami is in hell. And I know that you are too. And I know you're not gonna give up. You know what I think?

Rafe: Hmm?

Arianna: I don't think you should say anything to her. Let her handle this her own way.

Rafe: Yeah, I guess.

Arianna: And you keep doing what you think is right.

Brady: Oh, my God. Sami knows?

EJ: Yeah. Rafe told us together.

Brady: You, uh, you want me to tell Nicole?

EJ: Look. I may not like Nicole very much...but I do know how much she loved that little girl. She should probably hear it from somebody who gives a damn.

Brady: Yeah. EJ, uh... I'm really, really sorry.

EJ: Yeah. I just hope she didn't suffer. I don't know how Samantha's gonna get through this.

Victor: Bo, you ain't got squat.

Bo: I've got you paying to have a duplicate made of a comb that Vivian was gonna use to poison Melanie.

Victor: No, you don't. I never did that.

Bo: Hope saw the receipt.

Victor: Well, was that before or after she went to the hospital with a head injury? Oh, wait, it really doesn't matter. Her testimony would be considered suspect at best. No, you haven't got anything. Unless, of course, you could find the artisan that did the work. Why don't you try and to that?

Bo: Don't tell me. He disappeared.

Victor: Can you imagine he and his wife have never seen Delphi? I like making people's dreams come true.

Bo: So you sent him off to Greece.

Victor: Who? Who are you talking about?

Bo: It's amazing. Your brand-new daughter-in-law. In a coma, may never wake up. And you think this is funny.

Victor: I think this is over. I've indulged you because you're my son. But pull this stunt again, and I'll have my lawyer file charges for harassment.

Bo: Here's the personal part. You went too damn far this time. Covering up for Vivian ended up with Melanie fighting for her life.

Victor: Melanie is fighting for her life because you're slut girlfriend shot her. Now, try as hard as you'd like, but Carly Manning is gonna pay for what Carly Manning did. Finally.

Abe: Looks like that went well.

Bo: Yeah. I knew the bluff wasn't gonna work, but...I got nothing else. Had to try.

Melanie: You shot me? You--help! Get out of here!

Carly: I was trying to--

Melanie: Philip, help me!

Daniel: What the hell?

Melanie: She's trying to kill me!

Daniel: Get out, get out now.

Melanie: Help!

Carly: Let me explain.

Daniel: Hey, hey. If you love her, you will get out now. Go. Shh, shh, shh. It's okay, hey, hey, hey.

Daniel: Why are you letting her go? She shot me!

Daniel: I know, I know.

Melanie: You know? I'll call myself. [Sobbing] Oww!

Daniel: It's okay. It's okay. Oh, my god, it's great to hear you yelling. But you need to relax, okay? Everything is gonna be fine.

Melanie: Why are you acting like it's okay that she shot me?

Daniel: You don't know the whole story. Okay, like you don't know that she donated blood for you. She has risked everything just to come see you. Shh.

Melanie: Why would she do that?

Daniel: Maybe you need to ask her.

Vivian: [Gasps] I can't believe they've turned you against me.

Philip: No, Vivian, you turned me against you! You! Uhh!

Vivian: Ohh!

[Poker clangs to the floor]

Vivian: You're not worth it. You're not worth anything.

Vivian: Philip! Philip. Please. When you--when you calm down, you'll realize this is all a pack of lies.

Philip: Oh, Hope doesn't lie. You do.

Vivian: Hope is confused. Think about it. Why would I do this? Why would I hurt Melanie?

Philip: Oh, that's easy. You wanted to hurt Carly, and what would hurt her more than killing her daughter? That's the truth, isn't it? You knew...that Melanie is Carly's daughter.

Carly: [Sighs, sniffles] Thank you. Thank you so much.

Daniel: Well, leave it to Melanie to recover voce fortissimo.

Carly: [Laughing]

Daniel: Her vitals are remarkable. I think she's gonna be okay.

Carly: Yeah. Well, you know, it doesn't matter that she never wants to see me again. It was worth it.

Daniel: Well, actually, she'd like to see you right now.

Carly: She's one tough cookie, isn't she?

Daniel: Yeah. I wonder where she gets that from.

Carly: Daniel... I'm scared.

Daniel: No, come here. Keep your chin up. [Sighs]

[Heart monitor beeping]

Carly: I'm glad you wanted to see me.

Melanie: I don't want to hear it. Why did you shoot me?

Abe: Well, alert the media: The commissioner has a personal vendetta against a citizen that hasn't been charged with anything.

Bo: Oh, so that's what matters, how this looks?

Abe: What matters is making a case. And that takes evidence that'll hold up in court, and so far, you don't have anything.

Bo: Yeah, I know what I have. Melanie is in a coma. And Victor's pleased as hell that he can keep us from making a case. He's playing this like it's a fricking game.

Abe: I get it. This not only has something to do with your mistress, but you have issues with your father too.

Bo: Just because this is personal doesn't mean I can't do my job.

Abe: Bo... as a friend... maybe you should think about slowing down. Think about what this could do to you... and your family.

Vivian: Yes. I knew that Carly was... Melanie's biological mother.

Philip: And that killing Melanie was the worst thing that could happen to Carly. When the comb didn't work, you took her up to the roof for plan "B."

Vivian: No. I took her up to the roof to explain about her mother, and that she was in danger. And I was right! I'm not the one who came up there with a gun. I'm not the one who shot her.

Philip: [Scoffs] I can see why you and my father get along. You both have a story for everything.

Vivian: God. You--you say that I was trying to hurt Carly by hurting Melanie. Well, Melanie was suffering all her life because her mother didn't give a damn about her. She was a--a horrible mother!

[Cell phone ringing]

Victor: Kiriakis.

Daniel: Hey, uh, it's Daniel. Got some good news. Melanie's awake.

Victor: Then she's all right?

Daniel: Well, looks like she's gonna be fine. Uh, is Philip there?

Victor: Yes, I'll--I'll tell him the news.

Daniel: No, I'd like to talk to him.

Victor: Uh...I'll have him call you. Thanks. So Carly... that Melanie's going to be awake and be able to testify against you. [Chuckles]

Carly: On the day of your wedding, do you remember why you were up on the roof?

Melanie: I was with Vivian.

Carly: And it was her idea to go up there, wasn't it?

Melanie: She just wanted to talk.

Carly: She didn't want to just talk, Melanie. She wanted to hurt you.

Melanie: No.

Carly: That's why I took the shot. I was trying to stop her from...

Melanie: From what?

Carly: She was gonna beat you...with a steel rod. So I shot at her. You--you were something. You saw that gun and you jumped right in front of her. You saved her life.

Melanie: No. That doesn't make any sense. She just wanted to talk.

Carly: No, she just pretended to be your friend to get close to you, that's all.

Melanie: No, she wouldn't do that. I don't mean anything to her.

Carly: It wasn't about you.

Melanie: She was trying to beat me in the head, and it wasn't about me?

Carly: No. It was about me.

Arianna: Brady. EJ. Rafe told me what happened. I'm sorry.

EJ: Did he? Is he...

Arianna: Is he what?

EJ: I shouldn't have said anything. I'm sorry. Forgive me.

Brady: What is--what is this all about?

Arianna: Isn't this, like, sad enough without assessing blame?

EJ: My daughter... is dead... because of your brother. You know what, Brady? You're right. If you'll excuse me.

Brady: What was that about?

Arianna: This is just horrible. You know, Rafe, he came to me, and he said that EJ and Sami are blaming him, that they did what he told them to do about the kidnapper, and when things didn't work, the kidnapper panicked.

Brady: Ari, they're sick with grief right now.

Arianna: Well, Rafe isn't exactly having the time of his life either.

Brady: I'm aware of that.

Arianna: He put his life on the line for Sami. She wouldn't even know that Sydney was really her child if it wasn't for him. He loved Grace, he loved Sydney. And she's acting like she's the only one who's in pain!

Brady: I--hey! I know. I know this.

Arianna: I'm--I'm just sorry, okay, I'm s--

Brady: Don't--don't--shh! Don't be sorry. It's okay.

Arianna: I just--I love my brother, you know?

Brady: I know, hey... I know you love your brother. He knows you love him too.

Arianna: And then... EJ, I mean, I can't even imagine what he must be going through, and... God, that is so weird. I mean, he finds out that his daughter is dead... and he thinks of you, and he comes to tell you in person? I mean, that's--

Brady: Well, there's-- there's more to it than that, Ari.

Arianna: Well, what is it?

Brady: He wants me to go tell Nicole so I can break it to her gently.

Arianna: Are you kidding?

Brady: No, I'm not.

Arianna: Sydney is dead because of her. And we're supposed to feel sorry for her when she hears the news? I hope it kills her!

Abe: Can I say just one thing?

Bo: Can I stop you?

Abe: Bo, I know I'm not gonna get you to drop this, but can you at least tell Carly that it's very important she keeps a low profile.

Bo: She knows she has to stay away from Melanie.

Abe: Good. And make sure she stays away from Vivian too.

Vivian: I--I know that your brother's been taken in by Carly. It took Lawrence years to figure out what she was about. But don't be fooled. Melanie's...Melanie's pain is because she had a mother who was totally self-absorbed!

Philip: Stop talking. It's a waste of time, and I don't believe a word that comes out of your mouth.

Vivian: Ohh!

Philip: Oh, look who it is. Your partner in arms.

Victor: I have some good news, Philip. Melanie's awake.

Philip: Thank God.

Vivian: Give her my love.

Philip: I see you clearly, Vivian. I see past the ghastly smile to the decay-ridden soul. I will never forgive you for what you have done, and I sure as hell won't give Melanie your love--it's toxic.

Victor: Hmm. You've got some bridge building to do.

Vivian: I've lost him.

Victor: Well, you deserve to.

Vivian: Don't say that. It's all Carly's fault!

Melanie: What the hell is that supposed to mean?

Carly: She wanted to hurt me. She was using you to get revenge on me. See, Vivian is, uh, very eye-for-an-eye, and she blamed me for my husband's death.

Melanie: Well, you did stab him. She kind of gets to do that.

Carly: And if she were coming after me, that would be different. But, see, she wanted me to feel the kind of pain that she felt, and she knew that it would kill me if anything ever happened to you.

Melanie: Why? Why would it kill you if something ever happened to me?

Rafe: Well, thanks, Tim. Once again, I owe you. Hey, listen, tell the team to back off Sami for a couple days. She's not in very good shape. Okay, thanks.

Anna: [Laughing]

[Cell phone rings]

Anna: Hello?

EJ: Hey, it's me. Listen, I just wanted to let you know you might not hear from me for a couple of hours, all right? Don't worry. Everything's on schedule.

Anna: Fine. Now I just want this over.

EJ: Well, good. Looks like you're going to get your wish.

Anna: [Sighs] It is so clear...what is actually going on. Why can't he just admit it, huh?


Bo: Uh, I hope you're getting some rest. me. We need to talk. Carly, um, I'm sure she's sleeping. She's exhausted after that night in the jail cell, and worrying about Melanie.

Abe: Bo... you do realize, since you posted Carly's bail, that whatever she does or doesn't do is your responsibility.

Bo: Not likely to forget with you around. You're like a broken record.

Abe: Just call me the voice of reason. Since you seem to have forgotten yours.

Bo: Thanks for the support. Come on, Carly. Tell me I didn't make a mistake.

Vivian: Well... there's a good idea. We'll have a toast to Melanie's health. Make mine a double.

Victor: I'm cutting you off.

Melanie: Excuse me?

Victor: You have to keep your wits about you. You're gonna be under very close scrutiny for the next few days. Weeks!

Vivian: Well, I think I can handle that.

Victor: Oh, really? The way you handled the last fiasco? Boy, that really ran like a Swiss watch, didn't it? All the planning, all the audio-visual aids? The three stooges on crack could have come up with a better plan.

Vivian: Well, I don't really appreciate that sort of comment, you know.

Victor: I don't appreciate direct disobedience. You know, you really don't want to know what was planned for you if Philip had to bury his new bride.

Vivian: know, Victor, all's well that ends well. Melanie and Philip can live happily ever after, and Carly can find new friends in prison, and Bo can do nothing about it.

Victor: For the moment.

Vivian: What's that supposed to mean?

Victor: Bo can do nothing as long as I maintain my silence. Keep the evidence stored. You disobey me one more time, and you're gonna spend your golden years in an orange jumpsuit.

Carly: You mean a very great deal to me.

Melanie: We just met, Carly.

Carly: That's not true. We met once before. Quite a long time ago.

Brady: I thought you just said we shouldn't assess blame.

Arianna: Okay, EJ was blaming Rafe. That is completely different than blaming Nicole. She's responsible for this entire mess.

Brady: Hey! Nicole did not...kill that baby.

Arianna: She set this entire thing in motion, Brady! Are you really standing there defending her to me again!

Brady: She's been paying for everything she--you know, I'm not gonna do this. I don't want to argue with you about this. Nicole's out of our lives. She's gone. Okay?

Arianna: Oh. Oh, I know she's in prison. But I still feel like she's standing right here between us.

Rafe: Sami? Sami, it's me. Open up. Hey.

Vivian: I'm not afraid of you.

Victor: Well, you should be.

Vivian: It's not that I don't respect you--I do. I've learned quite a bit from you.

Victor: You haven't learned squat. God, I've gotta stop saying that.

Vivian: You could put me away, but you won't because of what you'd miss.

Victor: Your delightful company?

Vivian: [Sighs] You know... if you put me away, you can't do that unless you exonerate Carly. And we both want to put her away. Because she's interfering with your family happiness. And that can't happen, can it?

Victor: Don't push it, Vivian. This isn't over yet.

Vivian: You're not kidding.

Bo: Come on, Carly, pick up. [Scoffs] Voicemail. Damn it. You didn't. You did not.

Philip: Daniel! She's awake?

Daniel: Yeah--well, for about a half an hour now.

Philip: I need to see her.

Daniel: Whoa, whoa, just a second, just a second. I, uh, I need to talk to you first.

Philip: Is something wrong?

Daniel: No. No, no. I just--I just--you know, there's some things I want to go over with you.

Philip: Well, then, why can't I see her if there's nothing wrong with her? Why are you stalling me?

Melanie: Trust me, if I had met you before, I would have known it.

Carly: You couldn't.

Melanie: This is weird. This is weird. What--what is going on?

Melanie: Oh, baby, this isn't the best time--

Melanie: Damn it, Carly! Tell me what you know!

Carly: The reason you don't remember... is that you were just a little baby.

Melanie: What?

Carly: I only held you for a moment. [Crying] But it was the most wonderful moment of my life.

Melanie: Why would holding some baby be the most wonderful moment of your life?

Melanie: Because it wasn't just some baby. I was holding my daughter. Melanie, I'm your mother.

EJ: What are you gonna do? Are you gonna bring Sydney back?

Bo: Carly's on the street, right now.

Melanie: Get out of here!

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