Days Transcript Monday 2/15/10

Days of Our Lives Transcript Monday 2/15/10 - Canada; Tuesday 2/16/10 - U.S.A.


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Sami: Don't do it. Don't you dare blame Rafe.

EJ: You blamed Rafe, okay, until he persuaded you again that he's some kind of savior.

Sami: He did no such thing. He gave me hope.

EJ: Samantha, you don't understand? He gives you hope because he doesn't actually have anything tangible to offer you.

Sami: Don't talk like that.

EJ: You do understand that he is the reason that we don't have our daughter.

Sami: He was doing what he thought was best.

EJ: No. He's the reason we never saw our daughter again, okay, Samantha? We were this close to getting her--this close. A-And that bastard turns up and he screws everything over for us. And now you--you take this guy? You bring him into your home, into your life, into your bed?

Sami: Shut up...all right? Just shut up! Rafe loves Sydney. He wants to get her back as much as we do. He loves her like a daughter.

EJ: Right. But she's not his she? He has no connection to her.

Sami: That's not true. He's connected to her because he loves me. He's connected to all of my children through me, and he always will be.

EJ: Frankly, Samantha, I think you should be ashamed of yourself... shacking up with the man who likely killed our daughter.

Sami: She's not dead, EJ. She's not.

EJ: You know, I don't want to say it. I really don't even want to think it. And it's taken just about all the courage that I have to face this horrible reality, but I think we have to do it. I do, and so do you.

Philip: Been married less than an hour...and I'm already the happiest guy on earth.

Brady: The happiest guy on earth? Because it's your wedding day, I'm not gonna tell you how sappy that sounds, Philip.

Philip: Hey...when are you gonna take the big leap...huh? Arianna's a great girl.

Brady: I'm giving it some thought.

Arianna: You know, we were getting a little worried about you when you missed your cue.

Melanie: Oh, yeah, I know. I was just--ooh, ha--kind of...

Arianna: Thanks.

Melanie: Freaking out.

Arianna: You're okay now, though, right?

Melanie: Yeah, I--yeah, I'm fine. Just the--the nerves, you know, they got a hold of me and I, um,, I'm fine.

Arianna: Okay. Were you having second thoughts?

Melanie: No. No. No, absolutely not. No, I just want everything to be perfect. And it is.

Arianna: All right.

Melanie: I want pictures with the bridesmaid. Have you seen Stephanie?

Arianna: Uh...she's not here. No. She's not here. you want me to get her? I can--let me get her.

Melanie: Oh, no, oh, no--

Arianna: I'm on it, I'm on--

Melanie: It's--it's--I- I'll get her.

Arianna: Okay.

Stephanie: Hey.

Nathan: Hey.

Stephanie: I got your text. What are you doing here?

Nathan: Uh...yeah, sorry to pull you out of the reception. I just, uh...I can't wait anymore.

Stephanie: Can't wait for what?

Nathan: You. Letís...leave for our vacation right now.

Stephanie: What? Nathan, I have bridesmaid obligations--

Nathan: I know. Do you really want to sit through all those boring toasts?

Stephanie: No, but...

Nathan: No. So let's go, let's get out of here, let's hit the slopes. Come on, I need as much alone time with you as possible.

Stephanie: Okay. All right. Uh...but first I want to tell you something.

Vivian: Melanie.

Melanie: Vivian. You made it.

Vivian: Oh, darling, I wouldn't miss this for the world.

Bo: Carly! Oh, my God! Hope!'re alive. Hang in there. [Grunts] Hang in there! [Grunting] Fancy Face. Fancy Face, come on.

Hope: [Groans]

Bo: You're okay. You're okay. You're gonna be okay. You're gonna be all right.

Lexie: Okay...the roof. I mean...why'd you bring me up here?

Abe: [Chuckles] Well, itís... just beautiful out here.

Lexie: Yeah, I know, it's-- it's beautiful, but, um, I mean the wedding reception's downstairs.

Abe: Well, I know. Here. Let me give you my jacket.

Lexie: Oh! It's not that bad, honey.

Abe: Well, it'll keep you a little warmer.

Lexie: Okay.

Abe: Here you go.

Lexie: All right.

Abe: I want to spend a moment alone with my lovely wife.

Lexie: I must say, you... did a wonderful job down there, Mr. Mayor.

Abe: [Chuckles] Well, you know...I like talking about marriage. "Till death do us part" and... maybe that's because... I have the most wonderful wife in the world.

Lexie: Oh, sweetheart.

Abe: I love you now...more than ever.

Lexie: I love you too.

Chloe: Hey.

Daniel: Hey. Starting to worry me. You didn't sound so good when I called.

Chloe: Yeah, I had to pull over a couple of times. Morning sickness. Except it's hitting me in the afternoon, obviously.

Daniel: Yeah, exactly. How are you feeling now, huh?

Chloe: Better.

Daniel: Yeah?

Chloe: Yeah.

Daniel: And how was the wedding? Or at least the part that you saw?

Chloe: Well...Philip and Melanie looked very happy.

Daniel: Yeah?

Chloe: I hope nothing ruins it.

Daniel: Well, why would you say that? What would ruin it?

Chloe: [Laughs] Never mind. So why'd you want me to meet you here? I thought your shift ended.

Daniel: It did. It did! Yes, and I have a, uh...I have a very special surprise for you.

Stephanie: After...hearing Philip and Melanie exchange vows just now, it just made me realize something.

Nathan: What's that?

Stephanie: I want what they have. I really wanna find true love and... I think I can find that with you. I just need to know if you feel the same way.

Nathan: I wouldn't be here if I didnít. You know, I want this trip to be a turning point for us, all right? I want...a new beginning.

Stephanie: Good answer.

Nathan: Good. 'Cause you were making me sweat there for a second.

Stephanie: Let's go.

Nathan: Okay.

Melanie: Where were you? Why did you miss the wedding?

Vivian: Well...I was just a little detained. Ha. But now that I'm here, I have a nice little gift I wanna give you.

Melanie: You don't have to give me any more gifts. You already gave me the necklace and the comb.

Vivian: Oh, no, no, no, that was nothing, it was just a little comb. I have a life-changing gift I want to bestow on you.

Melanie: Bestow?

Vivian: Yes, doesn't come in a box.

Melanie: [Laughs] Okay. What is it?

Vivian: Well, you know, I was doing a little research, and I found some startling information... about your mother.

Melanie: My mother?

Vivian: Mm-hmm.

Melanie: What about her?

Vivian: Well, we won't discuss this until we have some privacy, so... [Whispering] come with me. Come on.

Sami: I don't care what you say or how grim and pessimistic you are. I am never going to give up on finding my little girl.

EJ: Then you're heading for a crushing disappointment.

Sami: I don't believe you. How can you just give up on your daughter like this?

EJ: This is killing me. Can't you see that? I loved that little girl with all my heart--I knew her better than anybody!

Sami: Then don't do this. And stop talking about her like it's past tense!

EJ: Let me tell you something, Samantha. A little while ago... I had two beautiful children, and I had a wonderful wife... and for just a fleeting moment, I really felt that I knew what true happiness was. And I've been reminded every day since that I am missing something.

Sami: I get it...okay? I understand that you have been through... a nightmare this last year. But don't take it out on Rafe.

EJ: Rafe is the reason that I don't have my little girl.

Sami: She's not dead! He's gonna find her. He's gonna bring her back.

EJ: You know what, Samantha, to hell with you, to hell with Rafe!

Will: what do you think of Valentine's Day?

Mia: Uh...what do I think of it?

Will: I mean, um... cheesiness-wise?

Mia: Oh! Uh...well, let's see. On the cheesiness scale, it is above Snuggies... but then it's still a little below Celine Dion songs.

Will: [Laughs] Um... okay. So then it'd be totally lame if I gave you a Valentine's gift?

Mia: No. Not at all.

Will: Okay. Um, that's a necklace.

[Both laugh]

Mia: Oh, my--thank you! That's--it's beautiful and not cheesy at all. Uh...will you put it on for me?

Will: Yeah. Sure. Okay. Um... I-I know that we've been through some rough stuff lately... but...I'm really glad that we're together again.

Mia: Oh, Will, I'm so grateful to have you in my life.

Brady: You know, I got to admit... I never really got Philip and Melanie as a couple...never did. But he is happy.

Arianna: Mm-hmm. He is. The feeling is contagious, isn't it?

Brady: It's very contagious. In fact, I have... this feeling to like go down on one knee right now.

Arianna: Well, control it.

Brady: Wouldn't it be romantic, though, if I did it right here in front of all these people?

Arianna: No, it would be really embarrassing.

Brady: Oh, my God, here it goes--it's happening.

Arianna: Oh, my God, no.

Brady: [Whispering] Going down, going down.

Arianna: [Laughing] No, stop!

Brady: Here I go! My gosh!

Arianna: People are starting to stare--get up!

Brady: No. Let 'em stare. I want 'em to stare. They staring now?

Bo: I got you, fancy face. You hear that? The ambulance is on its way.

[Sirens approaching]

Bo: You're gonna be good. You're gonna be okay. Just hang in there!

Sami: I'm gonna do you a favor, EJ. I'm gonna forgive you for the things that you are saying, because you're not yourself. You're not thinking straight.

EJ: [Clicks tongue] Oh! I'm not thinking straight.

Sami: It's the grief and the fear... it makes you crazy. Believe me, nobody understands that better than I do.

EJ: Mm. Yeah, I'm sure you do.

Sami: EJ... we are in this together. You're not alone.

EJ: See, Samantha, that's kind of my point. You're in this with Rafe. I am alone.

Sami: I don't understand you. God, I mean, I thought we were getting along lately.

EJ: Yeah, well, that was before Rafe. You seem to be choosing to ignore the fact... that he is the reason that you don't get to hold your little girl in your arms at night. So why do you think about that the next time he holds you in his?

Sami: I am not arguing with you about this anymore. I believe that my daughter is still alive...because I feel it. You would too... if you weren't so busy being angry and bitter.

Chloe: Seriously? They can do the sonogram right now?

Daniel: Yeah, yeah. Dr. White had a cancellation.

Chloe: Oh, Daniel, that is the best surprise ever. Thank you. We get to see our baby for the first time.

Daniel: Yeah, and we can find out how much longer we get a full night's rest, right?

Chloe: Ah, yeah. You know, come to think of it, I might be further along than I thought. My pants are feeling really tight. Did you notice?

Daniel: Yeah. Yeah, now that you mention it... and I like it.

[Both laughing]

Chloe: This is so exciting! Let's go see the doctor right now.

Daniel: No, wait, wait, wait. We have a very important decision to make.

Chloe: What?

Daniel: Well, it's usually pretty hard to tell in the early stages of pregnancy, but sometimes that sonogram can be, uh...well, surprisingly revealing.

Chloe: Revealing?

Daniel: In terms of the... gender.

Chloe: Oh. Oh, oh! Yeah!

Daniel: Yes, yes, so we need to make a decision. Do we wanna know the sex of our child?

Mia: Mr. Horton. Look at what your son got me. It's my Valentine's day gift.

Lucas: That's nice. It's great. [Clears throat]

Mia: Yeah, he must have inherited his romantic side from you.

Lucas: Well, he must have inherited his knack for choosing women as well.

Will: Hey, Dad--

Philip: Uh, let's go somewhere else, huh?

Lucas: All right. Sorry, man. I just hate Valentine's Day.

Philip: Yeah, I wonder why.

Mia: Mm. Guess your dad still doesn't like me, even after his big apology.

Will: [Scoffs] Who cares what he thinks? Actually, I'm a little bit sick of all this family stuff. You, uh, wanna get out of here?

Mia: Yes.

Will: Okay, um... then we will sneak out the back.

Mia: Sounds good.

Victor: Maggie. You all right?

Maggie: Yes, Victor, I'm fine. I-I just needed a moment alone away from the crowd.

Victor: I was told today was your anniversary. Must have been very painful for you.

Maggie: I miss Mickey every day, but I have to admit... today was a bit harder.

Victor: Well, it was good of you to come. I can imagine what it must have meant to Melanie.

Maggie: I love her like a daughter.

Victor: She's lucky to have you.

Maggie: And now she's a part of your family.

Victor: We welcome her with open arms.

Maggie: Well, I'm going to be watching. Hope you know that.

Victor: [Laughs] Duly noted. Let's go back to the party. I'll get you some sparkling cider.

Maggie: Um...not just yet. I think I need a few more moments alone.

Victor: Take all the time you need.

Maggie: Uh, Victor. I'm gonna hold you to that, about welcoming Melanie into your family. I mean, I hope you find it in your heart to embrace her and be kind to her. She's a very special person.

Carly: Maggie, is Vivian here? Have you seen her?

Maggie: Not too long ago. I mean, she went upstairs with Melanie.

Carly: Alone?

Maggie: Yes. Why? Oh...

Vivian: Ooh!

Melanie: Why did we have to come out here?

Vivian: Well... obviously so we don't get interrupted and we have some privacy.

Melanie: Okay. Uh, all right, so tell me about my mother.

Vivian: Oh, first come over here and look at this view-- it's fabulous!

Melanie: [Groaning] Uh...

Vivian: Come on.

Melanie: The old vertigo's kicking in.

Vivian: Oh, dear, is it?

Melanie: Yeah. I'm terrified of heights.

Vivian: Well, but it's so beautiful up here! I mean, it's--it's sort of like being in heaven.

Rafe: So...Gabi saw the perfect sweater at Ballistix. The last one, mind you. Said if I didn't buy it for her, she would die on the spot.

Sami: [Laughing] Wow. That's bad.

Rafe: Yeah.

Sami: Did you, um, test her theory?

Rafe: No. I caved.

Sami: [Laughing]

Rafe: But we did have a long talk about what constitutes an emergency.

Sami: You are a softie.

Rafe: Hey. I had a strong tone. I did. So how'd it go with EJ?

Sami: You know... not good.

Rafe: Well...

Sami: He definitely got to me...I didn't want him to know, but he did.

Rafe: How so?

Sami: He kept saying that we're never gonna find Sydney and, um...that he thinks she's dead.

Rafe: Why would he say that? Seriously, what is wrong with that guy? You know...I'm gonna go have a talk with him.

Sami: No, no. No, Rafe, please donít. It's not gonna help. You know him.

Rafe: You know, I'm not gonna let him get away with talking to you like this, constantly upsetting you. It's ridiculous!

Sami: Then prove him wrong. Find Sydney and bring her home, okay?

Rafe: I will. Sami, I promise you that I will.

Sami: What are you doing?

Rafe: I am gonna go over every single detail, find every person's name who is even remotely connected to this case, and I'm gonna find Sydney.

[Door slams]

Anna: So Sami took Rafe back, huh?

EJ: It's ridiculous! I mean, any reasonable woman would have hated that man for what he did to her. And instead, she invites him back into her house.

Anna: Well, EJ, I think you're getting worked up over nothing. I mean, this doesn't really change anything.

EJ: It changes everything! You see that? Samantha is supposed to be alone! She's supposed to be miserable, and instead she's shacked up with some FBI hack. No, she's not missing her daughter at all--not at all.

Anna: Keep your voice down. You're gonna scare Sydney.

EJ: She is supposed to be suffering for what she did.

Anna: Don't you think she is?

EJ: Not enough.

Anna: You know, somehow I'm starting to think that this is all going too far.

EJ: No, it's not going far enough, not far enough at all. What Samantha deserves for what she did to me is complete and utter devastation.

Anna: But EJ--

EJ: No! But nothing...all right? I will not see her happy with any other man. You hear me? I will not stand for it.

Stefano: Eh, Tokyo just called. I'm gonna have to leave.

Kate: Um... we need to talk before you leave.

Stefano: What's the matter, Katarina?

Kate: Well, I've had a change of heart about Vivian.

Stefano: What? Change of heart? What change of heart?

Kate: About your possible plans for her. I'm--I'm just thinking that... if something did happen to her and it was traced back to us that Philip would hate me even more than he already does, so...

Stefano: Nothing for you to worry about because Vivian is no longer on my radar, hmm? I'll see you at home, darling. Ciao.

Philip: Hey, have you guys seen Melanie?

Justin: Um...not for a while.

Lucas: What do you mean? She's not around?

Philip: Nah, I've looked inside, outside. I wonder where she could be.

Melanie: Okay. Enough about the view.

Vivian: Oh. Oh, dear. You've gone pale.

Melanie: Yeah. Let's move over here...okay. Now, tell me about my mother.

Vivian: Well, all right, uh, I'll cut to the chase. It seems that we have a little history together.

Melanie: You knew her?

Vivian: Oh, yes, we go way back.

Melanie: Oh, that's amazing. I remember my dad refused to talk about her, and I've always been so curious. Tell me everything.

Vivian: Well... I'm afraid we don't really have time.

Melanie: Vivian, what are you--Vivian, I don't like heights! Vivian, what are you doing?

Carly: Get away from her! Get your hands off of her!

Anna: EJ... it's not like you can stop people from loving each other.

EJ: I'll find a way. I will. I'm not gonna be satisfied until she has nothing left.

Anna: Well, it's good to have goals.

EJ: Excuse me. I'm gonna get some air.

[Cell phone rings]

Anna: Hello?

Rafe: Anna. Hi. This is Rafe Hernandez. You have a moment?

Anna: Well, um... how can I help you?

Rafe: I'd like to meet with you right away. We need to talk.

Anna: Yes, I believe we do.

Daniel: Chloe, this is Dr. White. Dr. White, this is my beautiful fiancťe Chloe.

Dr. White: Nice to meet you, and congratulations on your pregnancy.

Chloe: Thank you, doctor.

Dr. White: Ready for your sonogram?

Chloe: I can't wait.

Dr. White: Now, if we do see anything this early regarding the sex of the baby--it's unlikely, but it happens-- have you two discussed whether or not you want to know?

Daniel: We did, and...

Both: Yes.

Dr. White: Ah! Okay, then! Let's get started.

Stephanie: Aw, look at this place! Isn't it cozy, or what?

Nathan: Yeah. So I take it you, uh, you're not upset that I pulled you way from that reception dinner.

Stephanie: Are you kidding me? I would much rather be here at the Alpine Valley lodge. It's exactly what I pictured.

Nathan: Me too. Only, uh... I had a different picture in mind.

Stephanie: Yeah? And what was that picture?

Nathan: Um... I pictured what we might be doing when we got here.

Stephanie: And...what was that?

Nathan: Shut up.

Stephanie: [Laughs]

Bo: Hey. How is she?

Doctor: She's still unconscious, but I expect she'll make a full recovery.

Bo: Good. Uh, may I see her?

Doctor: Go right ahead.

Bo: Okay, thanks. Hey, fancy face. Doctor said you're gonna be okay. But you gotta wake up for me. Come on. Wake up. Fancy face...wake up.

Hope: Bo...

Bo: I'm right here. I'm right here.

Brady: Philip.

Philip: Yeah?

Brady: Where is your beautiful bride?

Philip: I haven't seen her. Have you?

Arianna: Oh, you know what? She went to go find Stephanie a half hour ago or something.

Philip: Huh.

Justin: Well, maybe she just stepped out for some air.

Philip: Well, I-I already checked, but I will check again. Maggie.

Maggie: Yeah.

Philip: Have you seen Melanie?

Maggie: I mean, the last time I saw her, she was heading upstairs with Vivian. And then Carly went to go look for them.

Philip: Wait. Carly?

Carly: Step away from

Melanie: Dr. Manning, how did you know we were up here?

Vivian: You're too late, Carly.

Carly: Don't move!

Melanie: No!

Carly: No!

Maggie: What?

Brady: What the hell was that?

Philip: It was a gunshot.

Victor: What the hell?

Rafe: Well, I need to ask you more questions about the kidnapping. Say 30 minutes from now?

Anna: Yes. I... actually, I think that is something I should do.

Rafe: Good. Salem P.D.'s arranged for me to use a room at the station, so should be good for us. Nice and quiet.

Anna: Okay. I will... meet you at the police station in 30... minutes.

Rafe: Anna? Mrs. DiMera? Are you still there?

Chloe: So how's our baby looking? Can you tell if it's a boy or a girl yet? Or is it too early?

Dr. White: Oh...there's no easy way to say this. Um...

Chloe: What's wrong?

Dr. White: I can't find any evidence of a baby. I'm so sorry.

Nathan: What's wrong?

Stephanie: Nothing. Um... it's just...

Nathan: know what? Let's talk about it. You're still having doubts about Melanie, right? You shouldnít. Look, there's nothing between Melanie and me and... well, end of story.

Stephanie: I'm not so sure about that.

Bo: Fancy Face? Hey.

Hope: Hey.

Bo: Hey. Doctor said you're gonna be fine. You took a pretty good hit down there in that basement. Wanna tell me what happened?

Hope: Carly...

Bo: What? What about her? I was supposed to meet her in the basement. you know where she is? Hope. Shh, shh, shh, take it easy. Take it easy.

Carly: Melanie? Oh...oh, baby. Melanie, open your eyes. Open your eyes. You're gonna be okay. You're gonna be okay. Talk to me, please.

Vivian: Thank you, Carly. You've done my work for me.

[Thuds softly]

Carly: No! No! No! Talk to me.

Dr. White: I'm sorry, but... I don't see a fetus.

Chloe: Well, then, there's something wrong with your equipment. Because I'm definitely pregnant. I'm heading straight to the mall after this. It's getting embarrassing the way my clothes fit.

Rafe: Anna. Hello, hello.

Anna: Yes, I'm here.

Rafe: Something wrong?

Anna: No, we're fine. I will see you very soon. Bye.

EJ: So. Going to the Salem police station, are you?

Anna: Yes, well, there wasn't really much else I could do. He called out of the blue, and I didn't really have--

EJ: No, it's fine. It's fine. I mean, as long as you stick to the script that we rehearsed. You can do that.

Anna: Yes, of course I can. But...

EJ: But what?

Anna: EJ, I really need to know what you're going to do.

EJ: Why's that?

Anna: Because just a few minutes ago, you were in an absolute rage. And the idea that Sami and Rafe had gotten back together was-- well, you kept saying she doesn't deserve any happiness and that she's gonna pay for this and--

EJ: What exactly is your point, Anna?

Anna: Well, EJ... are you going to kill Sami?

Victor: Who fired a gun? Did anyone see anyone else go upstairs?

Maggie: Well, Vivian took Melanie upstairs.

Victor: That's impossible. Vivian's not even here.

Maggie: Well, she is now. And so is Carly.

Carly: Okay. Okay, come on. Melanie, open your eyes. Can't leave me, all right? Just stay with me. Stay with me, baby, come on.

Vivian: She's already gone to her reward, Carly... and you made it happen.

Philip: Mel! Mel. Mel, what happened? What happened?

Carly: [Crying] No, no, no.

Philip: What happened here?

Carly: I shot her! I shot my own daughter!

Daniel: Chloe, uh... Dr. White is right. There is no...image of a fetus.

Chloe: That's impossible. Let's just get another machine.

Daniel: No, it's not the machine, honey.

Chloe: Yes, it is--it has to be, because I'm pregnant. You saw the test results.

Daniel: No, I did see the test--it's true.

Chloe: Can you just explain to me what's going on, Dr. White? I don't understand. If you need me to, I'll take another pregnancy test right here--it's gonna be positive.

Dr. White: Yes, Chloe, I'm sure that's possible. However, in a situation like this, where we have the--

Daniel: Okay, Sheila... Sheila, Sheila, please. Let me... please.

Dr. White: Of course. I'll give you some time.

Chloe: Daniel? What's going on? Why couldn't she see our baby?

Daniel: There is no baby.

Stephanie: Nathan, feelings don't just switch off. I know you still have feelings--

Nathan: Stephanie, no. No, no, no, no, I'm not gonna let you do this. I and I are perfect together. Look at this place. It's beautiful, and it's just us, and we're about to have a fantastic night. Do you really want Melanie to ruin things for us?

Stephanie: But if she were to...

Nathan: She's gone. You know, odds are, Philip and she are in the air right now on their way to an extra-long European honeymoon, and you know, good for them. Who cares? I got something much, much better.

Stephanie: But if things had worked out differently, then--

Nathan: They didnít. What's wrong? Don't you trust me? Don't you trust that I have feelings for you?

Stephanie: Yes, I do trust you.

Nathan: Good. And you're okay with us being here?

Stephanie: Yes.

Nathan: [Quietly] Good.

[Knocking at door]

Nathan: Mmm... I don't believe this.

Stephanie: Go see what's up.

Nathan: Yeah. Yes?

Porter: Sir, you left your lights on.

Nathan: Oh. All right, good. Thank you. Um...I will be right back. Okay? Don't move.

Stephanie: I wonít.

Nathan: Okay.

Melanie: Can I ask you a favor?

Stephanie: Yeah. What is it?

Melanie: Will you give this to Nathan for me?

Bo: Hey, you just take it easy. You have plenty of time to figure out what happened, all right? Not exactly what you expected on your first day back at the job, huh?

Hope: Bo...

Bo: It's all right. Hope. Hope, just take it easy, all right? You know what, I'll get someone. Just lay down, all right? I need some help here. You said she was gonna be okay.

Doctor: We're gonna need to get her stabilized.

Hope: Bo...

Bo: It's okay, it's okay, Fancy Face. You just hang on. It's gonna be all right. It's gonna be all right.

Hope: Bo...

Bo: It's gonna be okay.

Victor: All right, everybody stay calm. It may be nothing. But I doubt it.

Maggie: Well, I'm coming too.

Arianna: Are we even sure that it was a gunshot?

Kate: No, I do think it was a gunshot. After all, Vivianís involved. She's a crazy woman.

Philip: You shot her?

Carly: I didn't mean to. I was trying--

Philip: You get the hell away from her!

Carly: No, stop it! I have to put pressure on the wound--get away!

Philip: Why would you do this?

Lexie: Oh, my God, what happened?

Brady: Lexie, she was shot.

Philip: Get away from her.

Carly: Stop it!

Philip: Get away!

Lexie: Carly, I'm right here. I'm right here, okay? Is this the only wound?

Vivian: Yes. There was only one shot.

Carly: Please, I'll do anything to help her, please--

Philip: Just get away--

Carly: No, stop it!

Philip: Get away from her!

Brady: Carly, Carly, come on! Let Lexie, Carly, let her go.

Carly: Stop it!

Lexie: Justin, Justin, um, get a bed sheet, any size.

Justin: All right.

Lexie: Abe? Abe, are you here? Have the EMTs come right up. Call the hospital, get Melanieís blood type. Have them have 3 units standing by.

Abe: All right.

Carly: Let me help her!

Philip: Why would you do this? Why?

Brady: Philip, take it easy.

Vivian: Didn't Carly just say...Melanie was her daughter?

Carly: [Sobbing] I'm her mother! I'm her mother, and I have to help her, please. Let me hold my child! Let me hold my child!

Brady: Stop!

Carly: Please...

Victor: If Melanie dies, it's going to go very badly for you.

Kate: If she hurt Philip, she's going to pay.

Philip: Is Melanie your daughter?

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