Days Transcript Thursday 1/14/10

Days of Our Lives Transcript Thursday 1/14/10 - Canada; Friday 1/15/10 - U.S.A.


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Carly: I mean, the way she reacted to me just now, the--the coldness in her eyes. It's like I make her angry just being here.

Bo: Carly, no.

Carly: Bo, my daughter hates me. Melanie hates me.

Victor: So you deduced that Carly's daughter is Mia McCormick?

Vivian: Nailed it.

Victor: The same little gal whose daughter Nicole adopted and switched with Sami's--

Vivian: Oh, who cares about all that bloody boring history? The fact is, I've made headway, and I zeroed in on it. Well, don't I get any applause for my ingenuity?

Victor: I need a drink.

Vivian: Well, you can see that they look alike.

Victor: Yes, of course... except for coloring, bone structure, body type.

Vivian: Okay, they don't bear a close resemblance. But that's not unusual. Maybe she looks like her mystery father, that home-wrecking swine.

Victor: Or maybe you were just dead wrong. Did you ever think of that possibility?

Vivian: Me? No, certainly not. No, but... well, I'm not certain that Carly's daughter is that little wimpy Mia person, but it seemed like an excellent guess.

Victor: Oh, no, no, no, no. You didn't present it as a guess. You said, and I quote, "I am 99 and 3/4% certain."

Vivian: Well, I was at the time. I'm retracting that. And before you go any further with your incessant pessimism... voila... a tracking device.

Victor: Risky business.

Vivian: Yes, but now that I know what I'm looking for, it's worth the risk.

Melanie: You know, I don't even think it's really hit Maggie what's happened yet. I mean, I wonder what's gonna happen when... her daughters go home and the phone stops ringing. Melissa and Sarah are really sweet, though, don't you think?

Mia: Yeah. Lucky too.

Melanie: To have a mom like Maggie. I mean, can you imagine? All that love and support. I mean, someone who really, truly supports you and raises your spirits just by being there.

Mia: What about your mom?

Melanie: Uh, what?

Mia: Oh, um, it's just I've never heard you say anything about her. What's she like?

Bo: I really think you're overreacting.

Carly: I'm not. I realize that.

Bo: Look, Melanie is a complicated girl. Yeah, she can be charming, but then there's this... defensive side of her.

Carly: Hmm.

Bo: What?

Carly: How well do you know her?

Bo: Uh, I've had a couple of dealings with her. But my point is, it's not just you. She can be... aggressive with most people.

Carly: Aggress--aggressive is a euphemism for rude and obnoxious.

Bo: Well, that's--that's--

Carly: And you know what? To top it off, she's wearing this--this--this rock.

Bo: Rock?

Carly: An engagement ring, and when I commented on it, she said she's marrying Philip Kiriakis.

Bo: What?

Carly: You didn't know she was marrying your brother?

Bo: Do you--if I had know-- what are those two thinking?

Carly: It makes it worse, doesn't it?

Bo: Yeah, a bit.

Sami: EJ, it's Sami. It has been over 24 hours, and I haven't heard from you. How come you haven't called me? I swear to God, I don't know how much longer I can take this! I mean, I'm starting to freak out here. We haven't heard back from the kidnappers. You're not answering your phone. Please call me when you get this and explain to me why you don't pick up your phone!


[Cell phone ringing]

EJ: Look, it's your mommy calling. She's called ten times. Ten, I know.

Anna: You're not gonna put her out of her misery?

EJ: Hang up. There we go. [Laughing] No, I think she can suffer for a bit longer.

Anna: [Sighs] EJ, what if she starts to wonder?

EJ: Would you like to read some nursery rhymes? Let's see if we can find your favorite. Okay.

Anna: I mean, seriously. If you have no contact with her, and you're supposed to be as concerned about this as she is--

EJ: What does a dog do? Woof, woof. Woof, woof.

Anna: EJ!

EJ: Anna, will you please stop badgering?

Anna: But you're not returning her calls. You're completely ignoring her. I mean, what if you do something that makes Sami or Rafe suspicious?

EJ: Oh, look.

Sami: Hi.

Rafe: Hi.

Sami: What? Is there some news?

Rafe: Uh, no. No, it's just, uh...

Sami: What?

Rafe: Every time that I tell you that I don't trust EJ, you know, it just seems like you argue with me and that you say, you know, "It's his daughter too," and that he wants her home as badly as you do, and I...

Sami: Okay, well, I-- it doesn't matter. Just tell me what your point is.

Rafe: Well, something's happened. And now I think for sure.

Sami: You think for sure what? Just tell me!

Rafe: That he is keeping something from us, that he is not with us.

EJ: Well, Samantha deceived me, so I shall return the favor.

Anna: But it makes me nervous, EJ.

EJ: What are you doing there, sweetheart? What are you doing?

Anna: EJ, the FBI is involved now.

EJ: You do have quite an ability to state the obvious, don't you? What?

Anna: But...from what you've told me, this agent Hernandez guy is very clever.

EJ: It's a reindeer.

Anna: I mean, it's even possible that he could have... he could have tripped you up already about the money and that conversation you had with Stefano.

EJ: No. No.

Sami: Why would you say that? Has something else happened?

Rafe: Because I overheard a conversation between EJ and Stefano, and Stefano was asking EJ why he was selling off his DiMera stock at bargain basement prices--taking a hit, in other words.

Sami: You're right, that doesn't sound like EJ. Why would he do that?

Rafe: I don't know. He said to me that he was divesting himself from everything DiMera, forging ahead with his own identity. And then, after EJ had left, Stefano cornered me, and, uh-- well, this is a direct quote-- he said, uh, "watch out for EJ. He can be quite duplicitous."

Sami: What? Stefano said that?

Rafe: Mm-hmm.

Sami: And you believe him? You're listening to something Stefano DiMera says about EJ or about anything, for that matter! Are you serious? Do you know what Stefano has done to my family? Do you know all the horrible things that he is capable of? And you choose to listen to him, of all people, about EJ, about my daughter, when her safety is at stake!

Rafe: Sami, calm down, okay? I did not say that I believed him. I said that I was concerned... concerned.

Sami: Stefano DiMera... that's who we're talking about. He has some nerve even talking to you at all, never mind telling you about EJ and what he's capable of. I mean, who cares what Stefano thinks anyway? It isn't even about him!

Rafe: Okay, I think you're overreacting here just a little.

Sami: I am not overreacting. This is my daughter's life we're talking about.

Rafe: I know that. Is there something else you want to tell me? 'Cause it seems like maybe something else is going on here.

Sharon: You've got company. I'll be in the kitchen.

Chad: Hey, Gabi.

Gabi: Hey.

Chad: I, uh--I didn't know you worked here.

Gabi: I don't. I'm just covering my sister-- just finishing the prep for the late opening today. Just some of it's a little bit more complicated than I thought.

[Electronic whirring]

Gabi: Oh, my God, the ice machine.

Chad: Uh, I'll get it.

Melanie: I don't talk about my mom. Can't.

Mia: I shouldn't have brought it up.

Melanie: No, no, it's fine. I don't talk about my mom, because I didn't know her. She died when I was a little girl.

Mia: Oh. Well, uh, y-you never told me that. I'm sorry.

Melanie: Yeah, um, my dad raised me... which is about as awful as it gets, because he was very angry and took it out on me. And now he's dead. But he was the only family I had till I met Max.

Mia: Now he's not around either.

Melanie: And I miss him, you know? It's funny--lately, I've been thinking about, um... [Tearful laugh]

Mia: What?

Melanie: About my mom... you know, how things would be different if she was around. But... there's no use thinking about what might have been, right?

Carly: So you didn't know that Philip and Melanie were involved?

Bo: Well, yeah, of course I knew, but I didn't-- Philip never said they were that serious... planning to get married.

Carly: My concern is Vivian.

Bo: Yeah, mine too.

Carly: They could end up living in the same house together, and if the truth came out, do you know how vulnerable that would make my daughter?

Bo: Well, maybe there's another way to look at this, you know? If she is Philip's wife, maybe Vivian will be more inclined--

Carly: That's not gonna matter to her. She's gonna want Melanie out of Philip's life. She'll stop at nothing to avenge Lawrence's death, you know that. She's ruthless.

Bo: Yeah.

Carly: You know what? I got to see her.

Bo: What?

Carly: Everything, every reason--the only reason I'm here--is for her, for Melanie. And I've spent, what, five minutes with her since I've been here? No, I have to go see her, now.

Sami: No! No, I don't have anything to tell you. Nothing is going on. I'm just upset. Stefano DiMera's name upsets me. It always has, and you know that.

Rafe: [Sighs] I do. It's just that you seem to be...

Sami: I seem to be what? Upset? Scared, nervous? Stressed out? My daughter's been kidnapped, and it's upsetting to me, because every day that goes by, I'm... every day that goes by, I'm... it's harder to be hopeful.

Rafe: I understand that. I do. I'm sorry. Okay?

Sami: Rafe... I'm just asking you not to... interrogate me. You know, just drop the questions about EJ.

Rafe: Well... I'm sorry. I can't do that.

EJ: All right. All right. Yeah. Let's pack it in. Shall we? I mean, Samantha and Rafe-- they're obviously very smart. They're not gonna be outfoxed by us. I mean, God, they're probably the second coming of Woodward and Bernstein.

Anna: Now, look, I was only trying to say--

EJ: Well, why don't you stop trying to say anything, okay? Do you think you could manage that?

Anna: Look, EJ, I'm involved in this too, and I have a right to know exac--

EJ: You don't have a right to insult my intelligence.

Anna: Well, I didn't mean to.

EJ: You listen to me, okay? I have orchestrated this entire plan... everything... seamlessly, all right? Perfectly... every move. And my next move--just as flawless.

Anna: Which is what, exactly?

EJ: Which is... Sydney!

Chad: All right, that should do it. Unh!

Gabi: Wow, you're like a technical wizard.

Chad: Yeah, well, they go haywire at Java sometimes too. So, uh, I'm experienced.

Gabi: Well, my sister would have been really mad if she had to fix it herself, so thank you.

Chad: You're forever in my debt now. You do realize that?

Gabi: [Scoffs] I'm in your debt, huh?

Chad: Uh... oh, look, Gabi... [Sighs] I know you you were thrown by the whole thing with Mia and me, and I don't blame you. What happened back then with the baby and me going off to boarding school... I'm not like that anymore. You know, that kind of mistake, it really makes you think. I'm not a total jerk, I swear... not anymore. I'm trying to be a better person.

Gabi: I never thought you were a total jerk.

Chad: So we can hang out... just as friends.

Gabi: Right... friends.

Chad: What? What did I say?

Gabi: It's not what you said. It's just... I can tell. You're still into Mia.

Mia: You got my text, huh?

Will: Yeah, why else would I be here? I mean, you made it sound like some sort of emergency. Hi, Melanie.

Melanie: William.

Mia: Can we, uh, go somewhere and talk?

Will: Why not here?

Mia: I need to get out. Um, all these pictures of Mickey and Maggie--it's just... it's too sad, you know?

Will: All right, fine. Let's go to Java.

Mia: Yeah, sounds good. Bye.

Melanie: Bye. To have a mom like Maggie. I mean, can you imagine? All that love and support. I mean, someone who really, truly supports you and raises your spirits just by being there. [Crying]

Bo: Carly, you should think this through.

Carly: No, I-I'm tired of waiting for the right time. I've done too much of that.

Bo: So you're going to Maggie's?

Carly: With a legitimate reason. I need to apologize for that scene, that very inappropriate conversation I had with Hope. I may not--never get another chance to do this. I mean, Melanie's not here at the hospital. I'm not gonna run into her. And if she and Philip get married and end up living at the Kiriakis mansion... I mean, God forbid. Now is the time.

Bo: Okay. If you feel that's what you got to do.

Carly: I do. Wish me luck.

Bo: You know I do.

EJ: Look, look at her. She's standing. She's... she's walking.

Anna: Her first steps.

EJ: Ohh.

Anna: Bless her heart.

EJ: My beautiful baby girl-- look, she's walking. She's standing. This is it, Anna. This is what makes it all worthwhile. This is the reason I do this... so I can be there for these firsts. I didn't get them with Johnny, you know? But with this child, with this child... my pleasure's not gonna be undermined by certain other people, you know?

Anna: Your father and Nicole and Sami.

EJ: All of them... they forfeited the right to participate in my daughter's life. I get these firsts this time. I get them. I get them. Come here, sweetheart. Come to Daddy. [Gasps] Ohh. Look at you. That's very clever. Did you figure out how to do that on your own, hmm? That's very clever.

Rafe: I just don't get it.

Sami: What?

Rafe: Every time I bring up EJ's name or his father, for that matter, you seem to... you get all defensive.

Sami: Because I just want to focus on Sydney... because the only thing that matters to me is getting her back.

Rafe: I want that too, you know. Hey, look at me. Sami. I need you to trust in me. Now, you do believe that we are in this together, don't you?

Sami: Yeah. Yeah, I do.

Rafe: Okay.

Victor: So you're simply going to attach this thing to her? "Carly, darling, you don't mind if I attach this tracking device to your bosom, do you?"

Vivian: Well, I'm sure that Carly is somehow tracking her long lost daughter, hoping to bond with her, and in so doing will eventually lead that child right into my arms.

Chad: Why would you say that or even think it, all right? Mia and I are over. She's with Will now.

Gabi: Because you asked her to the dance.

Chad: That... that was a mistake. Look, Gabi, the whole thing with Mia... I want what's best for her. Don't get me wrong. But I realize now that she's not even my type, you know? I mean, she's kind of down all the time, and it's--it's depressing. [Sighs] I like girls like you-- fun and funny too.

Gabi: You hardly know me.

Chad: Well, it doesn't take long to realize someone is funny.

Gabi: I have to get back to work.

Chad: Cool. Well, uh, let me help you.

Gabi: Oh, no, it's fine. You've helped enough. I'll see you at school.

Chad: Or we can meet sooner, just as friends. Come on, let's make a plan... right now.

Vivian: Wish me luck, Victor.

Bo: Ah, just the person I wanted to see.

Vivian: Uh, not now, Bo. I'm very busy, I'm sorry--

Bo: Yeah, well, this can't wait.

[Knock on door]

Melanie: Ah, Maggie's not here right now.

Carly: I came to see you.

Sami: Okay, look, I just want you to know that this whole time, I've been really confused about... about things. And it was just hard for me, because I wanted to--

[Cell phone ringing]

Rafe: Sorry.

Sami: No, no, it's okay.

Rafe: Hernandez. What? When? Oh, my g--yeah, of course. I'll be right there.

Sami: Is it about Sydney? What--what happened?

Rafe: It's Arianna.

Sami: What?

Rafe: There was an armed robbery at the pub.

Sami: Oh, my God. Is my grandma okay? What about Arianna?

Rafe: She's okay, physically. I'm gonna go down there and check things out, okay?

Sami: Okay. Yeah. Yeah.

Rafe: I'll call you.

Sami: Rafe...

[Cell phone ringing] EJ. Look, where have you been? I have been trying to call you. I have to tell you--I think we're doing the wrong thing, okay? We haven't heard from the kidnappers. I think we need to do this differently. I think we need--

EJ: We just did.

Sami: What?

EJ: Come here, quickly, alone. Let the games begin.

Melanie: Why did you come to see me?

Carly: I just wanted to say I'm sorry for the confrontation with Hope. I-I really just came here to offer my condolences. I didn't expect that.

Melanie: But you slept with her husband, so you couldn't have expected her to be all warm and fuzzy with you.

Carly: I really didn't think she would be here.

Melanie: Mickey was her uncle.

Carly: But at that point, I thought she would be someplace else. She wasn't due here until a little bit later.

Melanie: Okay, yeah, that totally justifies murdering your husband and sleeping with somebody else's. It's cool. Hope's gonna be here later.

Carly: Look, I really, really wish you wouldn't judge me until you know the circumstances.

Melanie: Why do I care about the circumstances?

Carly: Because I need you to understand!

Melanie: You need me to... look, why am I supposed to care why you do horrible things?

Mia: Will, I know I said some confusing things to Gabi about Chad. I hurt your feelings, and I hate myself for that. I guess what I'm trying to say is... I screwed up, and I've learned from it. But mostly what I've learned is that... you're the only person I want to be with... the only one. So can you give me another chance? Please?

Will: You know I will.

Chad: So what's the verdict? Yea, nay? The suspense is killing me.

Gabi: Okay, fine. We'll make a plan.

Chad: Great. All right. Well, actually, I'm supposed to meet some friends at Java in a little bit. So why don't you stop by when you can?

Gabi: Okay, sounds good.

Chad: See how easy that was.

Gabi: Pretty easy.

Chad: Okay, I'll see you soon.

Gabi: All right.

Gabi: He didn't know the place was closed. He just kind of showed up.

Rafe: Uh-huh. Where's Ari?

Gabi: Oh, I just talked to her. She's at the station, filling out a bunch of paperwork. But she's fine. Just a little rattled, that's all.

Rafe: Are you here alone?

Gabi: No, Sharon's here.

Rafe: Sharon. Okay. Well, why didn't you guys call me?

Gabi: Because she's fine, like I said. And we didn't want you worrying, since you have all that other stuff going on, like Sydney. Anything new?

Rafe: No.

Gabi: It's so sad... horrible. Only the most evil person would kidnap an innocent child... someone with no heart.

EJ: So I-I found that on the car windshield.

Sami: When?

EJ: I don't know. 20 minutes ago? I mean, thank God we got that money.

Sami: Oh, my God. I'm so glad you got that money, EJ. Okay, so--so now we're gonna be contacted, and--and then we have to go to the specific locale immediately?

EJ: Listen, we're--we're just gonna do exactly what they say, okay?

Sami: What if they don't bring Sydney. What if they--

EJ: Samantha, stop it, okay? Stop. Positive thinking, all right? Positive thinking, okay? We are gonna hope for the best, and we are going to get our daughter back.

Sami: Right. Okay, I'll do it. I just--I just think we should call Rafe.

EJ: What are you talking about, call Rafe? What?

Sami: I think he needs to know. I think he can help us!

EJ: Are you insane? Come on, this is our daughter's life we're talking about here. You really want to take that chance, really? We had a conversation, the two of us, and we agreed we were not involving Rafe.

Sami: I changed my mind. I want Rafe to know about the ransom notes. I want him to know everything. I mean, I was talking to him earlier, and--

EJ: You already told him?

Sami: No. No, I was gonna tell him when we got interrupted. But I plan to tell him. I think he can help us.

EJ: Just wait a second, all right? Why? Why would you tell him now, when we're so close to getting our daughter back? Why would you do it? Why the sudden change of heart?

Sami: Because I believe he can help us. I'm convinced of it.

EJ: You're convin--why?

[Cell phone ringing]

Sami: "Unknown caller." Hello?

Anna: Do you have the money?

Sami: Yes. Yeah, I-I have the money. We--we have the money.

Anna: [Distorted voice] Then listen carefully.

Will: I should probably go check in with my dad.

Mia: I'll walk you to your car.

Tad: Hey, guys.

Kinsey: Mm, haven't seen you in, like, forever. Mia, your eyes look weird and squinty.

Mia: Thanks.

Kinsey: Mm, it's just that they're all swollen, I guess. Been crying a lot, huh?

Mia: Kinsey, someone I love just passed away. Why wouldn't I be crying?

Kinsey: Good point... although you seem to cry when it's cloudy out.

Tad: Shut up, Kinsey, huh? Will's uncle died.

Kinsey: I know. It's awful. Keeled over, from what I heard.

Tad: Kinsey!

Kinsey: What did I say?

Tad: Just don't say anything at all, and then we'll be a lot better off that way.

Kinsey: Okay, but I only--

Tad: Mouth shut! Don't talk. Will, I'm sorry about your uncle, really. I met him once. He was a nice guy.

Will: Yeah, he was great.

Kinsey: Your great-uncle. Okay, that's what I thought. He seemed a little old to be your real uncle.

Tad: If there's anything we can do, please, let us know.

Will: Yeah.

Kinsey: So what happened with you guys anyway? I thought you two were finito.

Tad: Kinsey, I thought I told you to--

Kinsey: Okay, what are you, the sensitivity police? I'm asking Mia and Will if they're back together. It is a normal question.

Mia: Yeah, it is. And the answer is we are totally back together. So whatever you heard--

Kinsey: Chad. Hey, so have you heard the excellent news? Will and Mia are definitely together again. Isn't that heartwarming?

Chad: That's great. Congratulations.

Kinsey: Let's go sit. I'm famished.

Tad: As usual. Guys... later.

Kinsey: Bye-bye, adorable little couple. Oh, Mia, tea bags for swollen eyes--really helps.

Will: [Clears throat] We should go.

[Cell phone ringing]

Chad: No way. [Chuckles]

Melanie: Look, I know I was a little harsh with you yesterday. Calling you names, that's not really my style.

Carly: I understand, I get it.

Melanie: I was just sick to my stomach that anybody could think about anything other than Maggie and Mickey.

Carly: Like I said, I get it.

Melanie: And I've calmed down a little bit, so I'm gonna try not to lash out on you. But what you're doing with Bo is about as uncool as it gets.

Carly: Oh, Melanie.

Melanie: But I don't want to hear your excuses or your apologies or anything. If you want to apologize, you can go over to Maggie and say you're sorry for making some horrible day even worse.

Carly: I've apologized, but I'll do it again.

Melanie: Good idea.

Carly: On a lighter note, um, when's your wedding to Philip?

Melanie: February.

Carly: You're just so young.

Melanie: Thank you.

Carly: No, I meant that it's unusual for people your age to feel compelled to get married, you know? And from what I hear, you and Philip haven't been seeing each other for very long, so, really, what's the rush?

Melanie: Okay. Now you've crossed the line.

Vivian: A restraining order?

Bo: Carly, hospital elevator--is it coming back to you?

Vivian: That elevator broke down! I don't think it's even been inspected in a decade.

Bo: Save it.

Vivian: Why am I to blame for this? All you have to go on are the rantings of some insane, cold-blooded murderess.

Bo: Don't talk about Carly that way.

Vivian: What way? What way? That's the way she is. She stabbed her own husband.

Bo: You will stay the hell away from her. Come up with some other mission in your life besides trying to inflict pain on her. If anything happens to her, anything at all, whether it's your fault or not... what happened to your nephew will seem like child's play.

Vivian: Oh, my. Oh, my.

Bo: What?

Vivian: What impassioned defense of that woman. The flush in your cheeks, the fury in your eyes.

Bo: What the hell are you going on about?

Vivian: You're sleeping with her, aren't you?

Sami: Okay, so we bring the money to Pier 47, and then we will get our daughter back. Is that right?

Anna: [Distorted voice] Very good. And don't get cute. Just do as you're told, and everything will work out.

EJ: Okay. All right, Pier 47. That's a fairly public place, right? Okay, uh, we can take the secret passage out of the mansion, all right? We'll avoid detection that way. What?

Sami: I think we should call Rafe.

EJ: We don't have time.

Sami: You really think we're gonna get Sydney back, right?

EJ: Yes, I do, Samantha. Can we please go?

Sami: Okay. Okay, okay! Come on.

Rafe: There are a lot of disturbed people out there. That's just a hard fact of life. But we're gonna find the person that took Sydney, and we are gonna get her back.

Gabi: I know you will. So I'm fine. Ari's fine. Go work on finding that little girl.

Rafe: All right. I'm glad you're okay.

Gabi: Mm!

Rafe: Sharon...

Gabi: Talk to you later, okay?

Rafe: You keep an eye on her for me, will you?

Sharon: You got it.

Rafe: All right, see you.

Gabi: Rafe, um... quick question.

Rafe: Yeah, sure.

Gabi: You had the wrong impression of Sami when you first met her, right?

Rafe: Yes, definitely. In fact, I thought she was... a handful. I mean, she is, but in a-- in a good way.

Gabi: And now you two are great together.

Rafe: Yeah, we are. And it will be even better once we get Sydney back. See you.

Gabi: Maybe I was wrong about Chad.

Victor: How long have you and Carly--

Bo: Stay the hell away from her, both of you.

Victor: That whore, sleeping with my son, wrecking his marriage. And you keep saying you're gonna get her! Well, get her already! Do it!

Tad: Bro, are you kidding? How sick is that gonna be?

Chad: So you guys are in?

Kinsey: Absolutely.

Gabi: Hey, what's going on?

Chad: Ah, well, my parents finally came through, big-time. They're letting me invite three of my friends to go with us to the Vancouver condo for the February break. Oh, and get this. Tickets to the snowboarding finals at the winter Olympics.

Gabi: Wow.

Tad: You're serious, right? Like, this is for real?

Chad: What, you think I'm making it up?

Kinsey: I am totally hyperventilating here. I'm actually jealous of myself.

[Both chuckle]

Chad: So, uh--so what do you say, Gabi? You want to come too?

Carly: Melanie, I didn't mean to--

Melanie: You don't really seem to mean to do anything, and yet, somehow, you always do. I mean, you didn't mean to ruin the Hortons' wake for Mickey by showing up uninvited, and I'm sure you didn't mean to ruin Hope Brady's life by sleeping with her husband. But oops, that's what's happened. But by all means, please don't take any responsibility for it. You just keep telling yourself that you had the best of intentions.

Carly: You know, I'm really sorry you have such a low opinion of me.

Melanie: Why do you care what I think about you?

Melanie: I...don't. It's an expression.

Melanie: No, it's not. For some weird reason, you do care, and I want to know why.

Carly: This was a mistake.

Melanie: No.

Carly: Good-bye, Melanie.

Melanie: Great seeing you again.

Carly: I can't leave it like this. It's wrong. [Sighs]

Gabi: A condo in Vancouver. Um, sounds fun, but...

Chad: Hey, no worries. If you can't do it, you can't do it.

Kinsey: Oh, come on, Gabi. Do you realize how crazy fun this will be? Wait till Courtney hears. She will totally hate me.

Chad: It's the winter Olympics, Gabi. Something... you'll always remember, right?

Victor: Duplicitous bitch. And Bo--what was he thinking? Did he even consider his daughter? Hasn't Ciara been through enough in her short life? Does she have to suffer through this?

Vivian: Victor, will you please calm down?

Victor: And she will find out. The word's gonna leak out that Bo was cheating on hope, and then some cruel idiot is going to say something to that little girl. You know it as well as I do.

Vivian: Victor, this is not good for your stomach.

Victor: It's too late. It's churning already. And don't you be acting so innocent.

Vivian: What?

Victor: You're as much responsible for this as anyone.

Vivian: Me?

Victor: You made Bo be so protective of that harlot, she wormed her way into his bed!

Vivian: Victor!

Victor: If you know what's good for you, you won't waste another minute. You will find out for certain who that woman's daughter is, find her weakness, and destroy her! Do it now.

Bo: Carly. Hey.

Carly: Hi.

Bo: How'd it go? What happened?

Carly: Nothing good happened.

Bo: Oh, I'm sorry.

Carly: I just--I played this all wrong. I need to tell her the truth.

Melanie: I'm sorry, tell me the truth about what?

Anna: Let's just hope this all goes as planned, my little one, hmm? Mm, hmm, hmm, hmm, hmm. Hmm?

EJ: Okay... here's Pier 47.

Rafe: Hey. What are you two doing here?

EJ: Mm.

Melanie: Not only are you sleeping with her husband behind her back, but you're carrying his kid.

Hope: It's like they're keeping some deep, dark secret from me.

EJ: Just tell him the truth.

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