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Bo: What'd you get?

Officer: We got a call from Atlanta.

Bo: Yeah? Is this the report?

Officer: Yeah, and there's also surveillance tape in there, too, sir.

Bo: Of a woman with a baby matching Sydney's description.

Will: You found her? You found my little sister?

Mia: It's not a good time.

Carly: I'm not gonna stay. I heard about Mickey, and I wanted to see how you and Melanie were doing.

Hope: Maggie. Maggie-- you whore. You sleep with my husband, and then you have the nerve to come here? Get out. Get out. Get the hell out! Get out!

Maggie: [Crying]

Hope: Oh, my God, Maggie.

Maggie: Mia, uh, Melanie, let's go make another pot of tea. Everyone go on into the kitchen. I think it's a little calm-- cozy right there.

Hope: I'm sorry. Oh, my God, I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I feel terrible.

Maggie: No, no, it's okay. It's just simply too much to take on this horrible day.

Hope: I'm sorry. I'm sorry.

Doug: Do you want me to handle this?

Hope: No. I will handle this. You stay with Maggie, okay?

Carly: I...I honestly didn't think you would be here. Bo said you were going to Mickey's office.

Hope: You have to be careful about what Bo says.

Carly: I'm sorry. I'll go.

Hope: No. No. We started this little talk. I think we should finish it.

Chloe: Well, I hope you all liked it, but I do appreciate that at least you tried.

Arianna: Oh, well, it gave Brady a chance to take a nap.

Brady: Excuse me, Chloe knows--Chloe knows that I usually close my eyes during the opera, 'cause it makes me appreciate the music better.

Arianna: Oh, yes, that means you were appreciating all of act 2.

Brady: All right, honestly, the woman with the pitch problem on stage, couldn't handle her. You would have done so much better than she would have.

Chloe: Aw, well, thank you. And such an objective opinion.

Brady: I know what I'm talkin' about.

Daniel: Well, you know what? Who wants somethin' for dessert?

Chloe: Ooh, yeah.

Arianna: I'll take anything with chocolate.

Chloe: Oh, me, too.

Daniel: You got it. Here we go.

Brady: Let's go. And...oh, yeah. Thank you.

Daniel: Oh, jeez, I gotta find out--aw, damn it.

Chloe: Aw, how sweet. They waited two seconds before checking their sports scores.

Arianna: Um, actually, you know, what I wanted to tell you is I really like your relationship with Brady. 'Cause it's kind of hard for exes to manage to be civil, and you guys--you guys really get along.

Chloe: Well, yeah, you know what? Brady and I have grown up a lot since we were together, and we're friends now.

Arianna: Do you think that's how it is for him and Nicole? Do you think they're just friends?

Hope: You go from my husband's bed to my aunt's home. My life your new hunting ground?

Carly: No, I didn't know that you would be here honestly.

Hope: What, you just wanted to chat up my aunt, my newly widowed aunt, before I got here? You get some kind of cheap thrill out of that?

Carly: No.

Hope: What possible reason could you have for being here? Exactly! You don't have one! You-- you don't have one, except to inflict pain.

Carly: Why don't I just go?

Hope: Where you gonna go? Visit Ciara at day care?

Carly: Oh, come on, don't...

Hope: Don't?

Carly: Don't! I get that you're in shock. I get that, but think about these people and think about yourself. You don't want to be doing this with me right now.

Hope: Wow. Good, sound advice from the woman who's having sex with my husband.

Carly: Okay, I get it. You really like the high moral ground, don't you? So how many months has it been, Hope? What, months and months of pushing him away with both hands, and now you're the victim, right? This whole thing would have played a lot nicer if you were blameless. You know, if you were the constant wife, but we both know that that's not the case, don't we?

Daniel: And put a double shot of espresso in one of those.

Arianna: Look, um, I know you and Nicole are friends, so if you're not, you know, comfortable talking to me about her, I totally get it.

Chloe: No, it's okay, really, but I don't think we're talking about Nicole, are we? It's about Brady, isn't it?

Arianna: Yeah.

Chloe: Why would Brady do all these nice things for Nicole unless he was in love with her? I mean, he wouldn't have any other reason?

Arianna: You mean, like he's just this really great guy that likes to stand by his friends and just is trying to make up for his past mistakes?

Chloe: Something like that.

Arianna: Well, the opera we went to tonight, that was real simple compared to our lives. [Laughs]

Troy: Hey, Arianna. Fancy meeting you here.

Bo: Yeah, um, thank the officer for me. I appreciate his hard work. Later.

Will: They didn't find Sydney, did they?

Bo: A woman in Atlanta was arrested Christmas Eve for shoplifting. She had a baby with her matching Sydney's description, but it turned out to be her niece.

Officer: I'm sorry, Commissioner.

Bo: Yeah, it's okay. Thanks for huntin' me down.

Officer: Catch you later.

Bo: See, that's the problem with a victim Sydney's age. Lot of kids match her description. I try to sift through all the opportunities that come through so your family doesn't have to. Well, so your mom doesn't get her hopes up.

Will: Right. So you heard about Uncle Mickey, huh?

Bo: Yeah. I'm headed over there now. You want a lift?

Will: Nah, I gotta help Great-Grandma with something, so I'll catch you later.

Bo: Yeah. Sorry, man. Can this day get any worse? Hey, Carly, it's me, um... Hope knows.

Hope: I never said I was blameless.

Carly: You just act like you are. Look, I know what you're going through.

Hope: No, you don't! You don't know what I'm going through, or you wouldn't be here.

Carly: Well, I'm pretty sure I have an idea what you're gonna do. You're gonna take all that stuff inside of you that's making you so miserable, and you're gonna blame it on Bo.

Hope: You're hilarious.

Carly: Mm-hmm.

Hope: You sleep with my husband, it's my fault.

Carly: You made it clear you didn't want him as your husband, Hope. You moved into his father's house, and you took Ciara with you, and then you're acting like a victim!

Hope: Keep your voice down! There are people in this house!

Carly: You stop talking over me!

Hope: Well, thank God you were there to comfort him, huh? Just what the doctor ordered? Yeah. Nothin' like a roll in the hay to forget your troubles, right?

Carly: You know what? You ended this marriage, Hope.

Hope: I didn't end this marriage.

Carly: Where are ya now, hmm? You ended this marriage, and he moved on. I am sorry for your uncle. I am not sorry about Bo.

Troy: You're, uh, really classing up the joint tonight. All you need is a tiara.

Brady: Hey, somethin' I can help you with, man?

Troy: No. I, uh... I was just saying hi. You know what, you guys enjoy your evening.

Brady: Thanks, man.

Chloe: Who was that?

Brady: Oh, that would be, uh, one of Arianna's pub groupies. Yeah, no, she just serves coffee with that smile of hers, and they just fall for her like that.

Chloe: Really? He seemed a little hostile.

Brady: He was probably just jealous, that's all. Oh, she's got this guy that comes to her every day. He's in his 70s, and he flat out told me I don't deserve her.

Daniel: Well, that is true. You know, I didn't realize managing a restaurant was such an emotional work, there.

Arianna: Occupational hazard?

Daniel: Yeah.

Chloe: Yeah, well, I don't think this is funny, 'cause he's still lookin' at you.

Brady: No, it's like the guy in the opera, remember him? No, no, he's hot for the clown's wife, so she blows him off, and he tells her, or the clown that--

Daniel: Okay, really? Really?

Brady: I don't even remember--

Daniel: You need to be a music critic.

Brady: [Laughs]

Arianna: Thank you.

Chloe: All right, that was Tonio, and he really was dangerous.

Brady: Yeah, well, that guy isn't. He's just really some clown.

Daniel: Hmm.

Maggie: [Tearfully] They canceled Melissa's flight. She's booked another one for the morning, but the weather's still pretty bad.

Philip: Hi. Doug: Hey.

Philip: What's goin' on?

Lucas: Uh, they canceled Melissa's flight. They don't know if the weather's gonna clear by morning or not.

Philip: Well, let me see what I can do. Don't worry, Maggie. We'll make sure she gets here.

Maggie: What would I do without all of you?

Julie: Oh, vice versa, my darling. I'm gonna go check on Grandma.

Maggie: I'm gonna come with you.

Julie: Okay. And, you know, we should think about leaving pretty soon. She gets so tired. I don't think she's up to coming to the service. I know she wants to, but...

Lucas: How you doin'? You okay?

Doug: Oh, yeah, just great. [Chuckling] Never been better. Just this afternoon, I was telling Hope not to give up on Bo. Jerk.

Lucas: Don't worry about it. Carly's car is still here. You want to do something about it? Doug: Well, I want to, but Maggie's right. It's Hope's call.

Hope: Of course, you're not sorry about it. You came back to get him, didn't you?

Carly: No.

Hope: Well, this afternoon, that was mission accomplished, wasn't it? You came back to Salem to bed my husband, and once you finally did, you came here to gloat about it.

Carly: I came back to Salem because I needed help.

Hope: Oh, and, boy, do you ever know how to say thank you.

Carly: You know, I never expected to fall in love with him again.

Hope: Love? Are you serious? You think that was love?

Carly: On my part, Hope, yes.

Hope: You murdered your husband, but now you love mine.

Carly: All right, there's no point in this.

Hope: Oh, there's always a point, and I haven't finished. But then again, excuse me, I'm sorry. I...I guess I shouldn't expect you to feel any guilt, because you did stab Lawrence Alamain in cold blood and never turned a hair, did you?

Melanie: [Laughing] I'm sorry. You're a murderer, too?

Arianna: I had fun tonight. Thank you. With Chloe and Daniel.

Brady: Oh, you're welcome.

Arianna: Yeah, it was good times.

Brady: [Laughs] It's, um...

Arianna: Huh?

Brady: Daniel said the funniest thing to me. He, uh... he said you seemed uncomplicated.

Arianna: If he only knew.

Brady: I know. Well, I thought it was good, because it means that he didn't listen to anything my grandfather had to say about you.

Arianna: Right.

[Cell phone ringing]

Brady: Hmm... I look at you and I hear music. It's amazing.

Arianna: Could be your cell phone.

Brady: Yeah, I'm pretending it's not my cell phone. I just want to look at you. All right.

Arianna: Well, get it. I gotta call Gabi anyway.

Brady: Hmm. Philip wants me to call him right away.

Arianna: Oops.

Brady: What?

Arianna: Uh... I can't find my phone. Call him. I'll be right back.

Brady: See ya.

Daniel: You got some recordings of what we heard tonight?

Chloe: Mmm! I got two of 'em.

Daniel: I might like to hear that.

Chloe: There's a reason it's been around for over 100 years, you know?

Daniel: Yeah, that's true. You know, it's occurred to me, uh, while we were all out tonight, that you never told me what happened with you and Brady.

Chloe: What are you, jealous or something?

Daniel: [Laughs] No. I just, uh--you know, you guys get along so well, and most exes don't.

Chloe: Hmm. Arianna said the same thing. I don't know. I guess Brady and I just make better friends than we ever were husband and wife.

Daniel: You think it was the drugs?

Chloe: Well, sure, but I think the drugs were a result of...[Sighs] Well, when we moved to Europe, I was so anxious to get my career going, and I was really focused, and I think that Brady, he didn't know what he wanted, and somewhere along the way, he ended up feeling like a baggage handler or something.

Daniel: Well, he doesn't seem like the kind of guy who'd be like that.

Chloe: No. See, I think for him, the romance was actually in saving me. I was in trouble, and he took care of me. And once I didn't need to be saved anymore, then that's when the problems started.

Daniel: Mm. You don't think he's like that now, do you?

Chloe: I don't know. All the stuff that's goin' on with Nicole...

Daniel: Yeah, but he's with Arianna now. I'm sure she doesn't need to be saved.

Melanie: See, and I didn't like you when you spilled hot coffee on me, but now...

Carly: Melanie, listen to me.

Melanie: You're just a bad person, aren't you?

Carly: If you just let me explain.

Melanie: I don't think that you need to explain anything. Look, Maggie's a wreck, and Hope here is pretty upset, too, so I think you should just go.

Carly: Believe me, I've tried. I'm sorry.

Melanie: Well, I think you should try harder.

Carly: I don't want you to think that I'm--

Melanie: Think that you offed your husband? 'Cause that seems in character.

Carly: But you don't know the whole story.

Melanie: Is there more? Have you robbed a bank, too?

Hope: Melanie, Melanie. I'll handle this. You go back into the kitchen, okay? Please?

Melanie: Right. Okay, I'm sorry. I'm sorry.

Hope: That's okay.

Melanie: And you, can you just think about how sad everybody is, and how you're just making things worse?

Carly: Oh, God, she hates me.

Hope: Wow, how'd that happen?

Carly: All right, you listen to me. I didn't know that you were here. I didn't know that you knew what was going on with Bo and me, and I am sorry that you're hurt, but I did not make this public, okay? You just broadcast the most private parts of my life to someone that I care about.

Hope: You have sex with my husband. You sleep with my husband, how dare you? And you want me to respect your privacy?

Carly: You don't understand!

Hope: I understand! I understand that you dragged my husband into your sordid, ugly life, and then into your bed. How am I doin' so far? See? I understand perfectly.

Chloe: Mmm. The thing is, when Brady and I got married, I was such a mess, and I didn't see it at the time, but I think I was his project.

Daniel: And he wanted to save you.

Chloe: Yeah, and when I got it all together and when I could make it on my own, that's when it was over between us.

Daniel: It's been a while now. Doesn't mean he's still like that.

Chloe: Yeah, I thought-- well, I hoped that it was a phase or something, but it's been really weird going through all of this with Nicole and seeing everything that Brady did for her.

Daniel: Yeah?

Chloe: Yeah, I mean, Arianna asked me about it before, and I said it's because he's a great guy and a really loyal friend.

Daniel: But you don't think that's true?

Chloe: Well, I don't think it's the whole truth. I mean, Brady is a great guy and a good friend.

Daniel: But?

Chloe: Well, let's just say that if Arianna plans on keeping Brady, she'd better start acting like she needs to be saved.

Daniel: I don't know. He's pretty crazy about her, and no matter what Victor says, she seems to lead a straightforward, uncomplicated life.

Arianna: Ahem.

Chloe: Yeah, I mean--

Arianna: Sorry, guys.

Daniel: Hey.

Chloe: Hey, Arianna.

Arianna: Sorry, I... I'm back because, uh, you're not gonna believe what miss airhead did. She lost her phone.

Daniel: You did? You know what, you were sitting right here, so maybe it slipped out of your--there it is.

Arianna: Oh, thank you.

Daniel: Got it? Okay.

Arianna: Thank goodness. Hoo! Um, anyway, I'm sorry to interrupt.

Chloe: No, not at all.

Arianna: So, um, fun tonight. Let's do it again.

Daniel: Yeah.

Chloe: Absolutely.

Arianna: Good night.

Daniel: Good night. Hmm.

Chloe: Oh, my god. You don't think she heard me, do you?

Daniel: No, she didn't.

Chloe: But what if she was covering?

Daniel: She's not like that. Like I said, she's, uh... she's pretty straightforward.

Melanie: Great.

Nathan: Hey.

Melanie: Hi, have you seen Philip? I'm supposed to meet him here.

Nathan: Uh, no. Why are you guys meeting here? It's not on the way to the airport.

Melanie: What?

Nathan: Airport? Vegas? Getting married?

Melanie: Oh. We're not going, not right now anyways.

Nathan: Oh.

Melanie: Yeah, oh.

Nathan: Well, then, um, maybe it's good that I bumped into you. Uh, we could talk about what happened.

Melanie: Look, Philip and I, we're not not getting married because you and I kissed, okay? It's out of respect for your grandma. I don't even want to think about what happened in the kitchen right now.

Nathan: Fine.

Melanie: Yeah, fine. You're with Stephanie, and I'm with Philip. There's nothing to discuss. That kiss meant nothing to me. How loud did I just say that?

Nathan: Pretty loud.

Stephanie: Uh... why aren't you on a plane?

Melanie: Uh, we're not going to Vegas right now.

Philip: Hey.

Melanie: Hi.

Philip: You seem upset. Everything okay?

Melanie: Yeah. Everything's fine.

Philip: How come I don't buy that?

Hope: Well, look what the cat dragged in. Welcome to your worst nightmare.

Bo: Did you come here to talk to...

Carly: I came to offer my condolences to Maggie. I thought you'd still be at Mickey's office.

Hope: Sorry I interrupted your pillow talk. Must have been a real downer to hear from me.

Bo: Hope, don't.

Hope: What? I'm sorry. Am I out of line? You see, someone I really, really love is dead, and the woman who's sleeping with my husband shows up here to gloat about--sorry, not gloat. Offer condolences.

Bo: Why don't you leave?

Hope: And I'm acting up. Shame on me, right? Shame on me.

Carly: I should leave. So sorry.

Hope: You can go, too. What are you doing here? This is for family.

Bo: I'm not leaving till we clear a couple of things up.

Nathan: Come on, man, Melanie was just telling me you guys weren't getting married, then I... she felt guilty for being disappointed.

Philip: Oh.

Nathan: You know, we're all pretty emotional tonight. Did you want me to help you with those platters?

Stephanie: That'd be great.

Philip: So you're disappointed?

Melanie: Of course, I am.

Philip: Of course. But you don't look disappointed. You look like...well, like you did when I walked in on you and Nathan in that kitchen. What's going on with you two?

Maggie: Well, you don't have to stay with me if you don't want to. I'm not very good company.

Mia: [Tearfully] I want to.

Maggie: God only knows why.

Mia: Because I love you.

Maggie: My sweet girl. Oh, my goodness. Well...

Mia: Oh, um... Will's dad wanted me to tell you that he's picking up the programs for the memorial.

Maggie: Good, I was wondering about Will. So you found him. Oh, good.

Mia: Yeah. He actually came here with me, but right before we walked in, Rafe said his grandmother needed help, so they left together.

Maggie: Okay. I don't want Will to be alone.

Mia: No. No one should be alone tonight.

Maggie: No.

Lucas: Hey, hey. I've been lookin' for you.

Will: Dad. You okay?

Lucas: Yeah, yeah. I'm all right. How you holdin' up?

Will: It's hard, but... I'm more worried about Aunt Maggie right now. How's she doing?

Lucas: I don't know. The whole thing's kind of unreal, right?

Will: Yeah, tell me about it. I should probably get over there.

Lucas: Good. Good, 'cause the Hortons are hanging from the rafters, and Mia looked lost.

Will: Yeah. Well, she really leans on Maggie. Must be hard for her to see her this upset.

Lucas: Yeah, and plus there's this whole thing goin' on with Bo and Hope, so, uh...

Will: What?

Lucas: You know what? I'll let Mia tell you. I'm sure she'll be glad to see you.

Will: I don't know about that, Dad. I didn't tell you, but... Mia and I broke up.

Lucas: I'm sorry about that.

Will: Yeah, whatever. I'll see you later. Uh, Dad, she looked pretty bad, huh?

Lucas: Yeah. You know, just 'cause you broke up doesn't mean that you can't be there for her. I think she needs you now.

Hope: You really think we're gonna be able to clear things up now after what you've done?

Bo: Was anybody here? Melanie? Did anyone hear you guys talking?

Hope: Melanie. She came in. I didn't know she had walked in.

Bo: I'm not blaming you. I'm just wondering I'll go find her and ask her to keep this to herself.

Hope: Don't want your dirty little laundry to get out, huh?

Bo: Actually, I was thinking it'd be better for the family, for Maggie... to make it through the funeral if she didn't know the intimate and really sad details of our private lives.

Hope: Maggie knows. Everyone knows.

Bo: What?

Hope: I walked in here 15 minutes after I'd found out that you had slept with Carly, and she was standing here. She was standing right in Maggie's living room, my Uncle Mickey's home, and I lost it. I just... didn't register that it-- that anyone else was here.

Bo: Okay.

Hope: Just go, please. I can't take much more. Just...just go. Just go. Just go, please! Go. Just go. [Sobbing]

Daniel: Oof.

Chloe: Are you gonna finish that?

Daniel: All yours.

Chloe: Oh, how can you leave chocolate mousse cake on your plate? That's not human. What?

Daniel: I'll tell you what. We are sitting here eating cake, we are gonna go home together, and tomorrow, I get to wake up and hear you humming opera in the next room. The definition of happiness.

Chloe: Okay, I'm done.

Daniel: What are you talkin' about? You didn't even touch it. According to you, that's not human.

Chloe: You know what's not human? Is sitting here with a man like you, who just said the most beautiful thing in the world, and then we're hanging' out in a coffee shop. I think it's time to go home right now.

Daniel: Well, like I've said many times, I like the way you think.

Chloe: Mmm.

Daniel: Mmm! Mmm!

Chloe: Okay, let's go.

Daniel: We better get outta here. We're gonna get arrested.

Arianna: Hey, what's wrong?

Brady: [Sighs] Philip called me to tell me that, um, Mickey Horton died.

Arianna: Oh, my God.

Brady: Yeah.

Arianna: Poor Maggie.

Brady: Yeah, uh, Philip is busy making arrangements. He's trying to get the family into town, and the funeral's tomorrow.

Arianna: Oh, you know, that must be why Caroline left me a message saying to open the pub late tomorrow.

Brady: Exactly.

Arianna: Right. Um, you know, she asked me to look after things until she gets back, but if you need me to go to the funeral with you, I can just--

Brady: Oh, no, Ari, it's okay. It's okay, but, um, I do feel like I should go. I should go to Maggie's and see if she needs help or something.

Arianna: Yeah, of course. Yeah.

Brady: Um...sorry. I wanted to...

Arianna: No, it's fine. It's fine. It wouldn't be you if you didn't go.

Maggie: [Sighs] I suddenly feel so tired. I think I'll go upstairs and...

Mia: What?

Maggie: I was gonna say, "and wait for Mickey's call." [Crying] You know, when he went on business trips, he would always call and tell me good night. We'd talk and then I'd hang up and... and then I'd crawl in bed, and I'd sleep on his side, 'cause then...well, I'd feel closer to him.

Mia: Do you want to sleep in my room? I can sleep on the couch.

Maggie: No, sweetie. He's never gonna call again... so maybe if I sleep on his side, I'll feel safe... again.

[Cup shatters]

[Door closes]

Mia: [Sobbing]

Hope: [Crying] You came back.

Doug: Of course, I did. Oh, my.

Hope: Oh, Daddy. [Sobbing]

[Knock at door]

Bo: It's me.

Carly: You shouldn't be here.

Bo: Hey, hey... what are you doin'?

Carly: I'm leaving. What's it look like?

Bo: You can't leave.

Carly: Do you want me to wait for the Hortons to run me out of town on a rail?

Bo: What about your daughter?

Carly: She... she hates me, okay? You should have seen the look on her face. She despises me... and for good reason.

Bo: Carly, stop. Stop! Stop, would you? You can't go.

Brady: Look, I'll, uh... I'll come by the pub after the service, okay?

Arianna: Okay. It's gonna be closed, but I'll be there.

Brady: Okay. Good night.

Arianna: Good night.

Troy: Alaman, looks like we have a window of opportunity tomorrow. Miss Hernandez is gonna be all alone. Proverbial fish in a barrel.

Nathan: [Sighs] Looks like Maggie finally went to bed.

Stephanie: I hope she can sleep.

Stephanie: Yeah, it's such an awful day. Hey, watch your step.

Stephanie: Hmm, looks like someone dropped a teacup and left a piece behind.

Nathan: Yeah. And there's the rest of it.

Stephanie: Nathan, um, what was going on in here when Philip and I walked in earlier?

Nathan: What do you mean?

Stephanie: With you and Melanie? I mean, the vibes were really strong.

Nathan: Steph... you know how Hope went after Carly?

Stephanie: Yeah, how could I forget?

Nathan: Everyone is acting really crazy today, and Melanie and I... she's so connected to Maggie, and I lost my grandfather today.

Stephanie: I'm sorry. I shouldn't have said anything.

Nathan: No, it's fine. It's just... look, whatever vibe that you sense between me and Melanie, it doesn't mean anything, okay? It really--it really doesn't.

Stephanie: Okay.

Nathan: I'm... I'm just so glad that you're here. Thank you.

Philip: Thanks, Sandy. I owe you. Well, one way or another, Melissa will be back in town tomorrow.

Melanie: You are awesome.

Philip: Well, I don't know if it qualifies me as awesome. All I did was throw around my father's money.

Melanie: [Laughs] Still... you know how much that means to Maggie.

Philip: Yeah. And I know how much Maggie means to you.

Melanie: You know how I was blowing off the whole wedding thing?

Philip: Did you change your mind?

Melanie: No, but when we do get married, I kind of want it to be in Salem so Maggie can come.

Philip: Okay. When?

Melanie: I don't want to wait to long, so... next month?

Philip: Okay.

Melanie: Thank you. You know, you're a lot nicer than I used to think you were.

Philip: [Laughs] Well, that wouldn't be too hard. So you ready to go?

Melanie: Um... I think I should be with Maggie tonight just in case she needs something, you know?

Philip: Yeah. I think I can spare you for one night.

Melanie: Yeah?

Philip: After all, we're gonna be spending our whole lives together.

Maggie: [Sighs] [Sniffles] [Crying]

Hope: [Crying] Daddy, I'm sorry about what happened today.

Doug: Well, nobody's blaming you. Is it true? Is Bo with Carly?

Hope: It's like what I said this afternoon. Something happened that it can't get back from. I waited too long. Oh, Daddy, I lost him. I lost Bo.

Doug: Oh, oh!

Carly: Will you look at what I've done to your life? I've ruined it.

Bo: Hey. I don't know what's gonna happen tomorrow or the day after, but there are two things that I do know: One, you are not responsible for what happened to my marriage. Two... I don't want you to leave.

EJ: I just came to offer my condolences.

Brady: Send a card. You're not welcome here.

Vivian: I know who Carly's daughter is.

Hope: It feels like there's no going back now.

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