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[Knock on door]

Melanie: I'm coming, I'm coming. It's a little early for--

Vivian: Good morning, Melanie, darling. Don't we look...comfortable.

Melanie: Mrs. Alamain.

Vivian: Oh, call me Vivian.

Melanie: Ahem, Vivian.

Vivian: Oh, and soon you'll be calling me Mom, won't you?

Melanie: Mom?

Vivian: Yes.

Melanie: Can I do something for you?

Vivian: Au contraire, chérie. It's what I can do for you. Come, sit; let's plan a wedding. Come on, darling. Here you go.

Stephanie: Everyone was so impressed with you that you are now the official Christmas storyteller.

Nathan: [Chuckles] I actually, you know, really enjoyed it, and I was able to get into it once I got over my paralyzed stage fright.

Stephanie: Ah, well, you hid your nerves very well, doctor.

Nathan: Thank you.

Stephanie: The kids were mesmerized, as was I.

Nathan: [Chuckles] You stayed and watched the whole thing, huh?

Stephanie: Of course. And I looked for you afterward to give you my rave review, but you disappeared.

All: Sleep in heavenly peace…

Nathan: Yeah, there was a lot of chaos. I had to grab a breather after all that.

Vivian: And then we'll release white doves. Into the air, of course.

Melanie: Doves?

Vivian: Peace, prosperity, and fidelity. Too cliché?

[Knock on door]

Melanie: Please be someone with a strait jacket. Uh, Mrs. DiMera.

Kate: Melanie, I hope this is a good time. We have so many decisions to make. Pulling a wedding together is a real...bitch. What is she doing here?

Justin: Congratulations, Philip. I'm very happy for you.

Philip: Thank you. And so is my dad. He's always my biggest supporter.

Victor: I will be supportive stop giving diamond rings to unworthy, insubstantial women who ultimately end up making a fool of you.

Philip: Heartwarming, huh?

Justin: Come on. If Philip is in love with the girl--

Victor: Philip is in love with himself. Therefore, he's attracted to women who are after his money, and therefore will kiss his ass.

Hope: Morning. Hey, morning.

Victor: Good morning, Hope. How was your Christmas?

Hope: Oh, it was, um... Ciara seemed to have a really great time. Thank you.

Victor: And what about you and my son? Did you at least make an attempt to try and straighten things out?

Justin: Uncle Vic, don't you have a conference call in the next few minutes?

Victor: Oh, my goodness, that was so subtle, Justin. We'll catch up later, okay?

Hope: Of course.

Justin: So...Christmas. Didn't go so well, huh?

Hope: As I said, Ciara had a really wonderful time. And my dad and Julie, of course, they're always upbeat and so much fun, and Maggie too. So all in all, it was...

Justin: All in all, it was... what?

Hope: A disaster.

Bo: Carly...

Carly: You know what--

Bo: I've left you a couple of messages. What's going on?

Carly: I'm heading home, okay, I'll see you later.

Bo: No, no.

Carly: Would you mind? I'm in a rush.

Bo: You've been avoiding me.

Carly: I'm not.

Bo: And that's gonna stop.

Mia: So...

Chad: What?

Mia: How was your date with Gabi?

Chad: It was fun. I mean, she's--she's cool.

Mia: You seeing her again?

Chad: Ah, I don't know. She went home for Christmas, maybe for good. Actually, she was only visiting, so she probably--

Gabi: Hey, guys.

Chad: Gabi! W-we were just, uh... you're back.

Gabi: Yeah, as of about a half hour ago. I've got some great news. I'm staying.

Hope: You know what's really infuriating? People assuming, just because it's Christmas, everything should be warm and cheerful and ‘ho ho ho’ and ‘jingle all the way.’ So all you feel is even more guilty and depressed than you did before the holidays. Because, on top of being completely heartbroken myself, now I'm responsible for bringing everyone else down.

Justin: I'm sorry.

Hope: At least it wasn't too long. I mean, Bo and I being together.

Justin: What...did he leave early?

Hope: Yeah. He met up with Carly.

Justin: What?

Hope: Yeah, I saw them at Sydney's vigil.

Justin: Well, maybe he just happened to run into her over there. [Sighs] Still, I'm sure it was no fun...seeing them together.

Hope: You know what? I don't care. As far as I'm concerned, Carly Manning, she can go where she wants; she can do what she wants. Oh, and that fascinating little secret of hers that she and Bo guard with their life... she can take it to her grave with her. Oh, better yet, maybe Vivian can put her in it.

Carly: I'm not avoiding you, okay? I'm busy. I don't want to be alone with you...all right? And you're smart enough to understand why, and yet you leave me messages and texts and emails, and then you show up here at the hospital. Don't you think that's a little unfair?

Bo: All I'm trying to do--

Carly: I don't want to hear what you're trying to do. I want you to stay away.

Stephanie: Did Maggie tell you that she hired a live jazz band?

Nathan: Yeah, she did.

Stephanie: How cool is that? You know, I have to admit, New Year’s Eve really isn't really my favorite holiday, but... I think this year... Nathan?

Nathan: Yeah.

Stephanie: I'm sorry, I am rambling on like an idiot about how excited I am to hang out with you for New Year's at Chez Rouge, but... I am sensing a serious lack of enthusiasm from you, so...

Nathan: What? No, no. Look, I am completely looking forward to it.

Stephanie: No, you're not. And I know why.

Vivian: What does it look like I'm doing? I'm planning my future daughter-in-law's wedding.

Melanie: Huh.

Kate: Does Philip know about this?

Melanie: No, actually, he doesn't. She kind of just walked in and...

Kate: You will get out. Do you understand me? You are not part of this family. You are not. Philip doesn't care about you and Melanie doesn't care about you.

Vivian: Oh, well, Melanie and I have quite a rapport. We seem to adore each other, don't we, darling?

Melanie: Actually--

Kate: You are nothing to her. You are nothing to my son, Vivian--my son.

Vivian: She has a slight biology problem. I gave birth to Philip.

Kate: You stole him from me, Vivian.

Vivian: You see what I mean? Actually, I carried him for nine months. I have the stretch marks to prove it.

Kate: Oh, my God, you are absolutely crazy. And you are leaving.

Vivian: I am not going anywhere.

Kate: You are going--

[Both arguing]

Melanie: Oh, my gosh! Okay.

Bo: Okay, all right, you're angry with me; I get that.

Carly: I'm not angry with you, I'm angry with myself, okay? I told you how I feel, and-- and it was impulsive and--

Bo: And honest. And I didn't react the way you wanted me to. I didn't throw my arms around you and--

Carly: Shh, shh, shh. I don't want to hear what you didn't do. I don't want to hear what you think that I expected. I just want to forget the whole thing. I want to pretend it never happened, okay?

Bo: Yeah, well, it... it's too late for that.

Hope: I don't sound like myself. Have you noticed that?

Justin: Noticed what?

Hope: The way I'm talking. My attitude--I sound so cynical and bitter and... it's a whole other side of me.

Justin: I don't see you as cynical.

Hope: Come on, Justin. The old Hope would be trying desperately to fix things. To be lovable and adorable and... she'd feel awful about saying terrible things about Carly, even in jest. She'd be appalled... at any woman... who, after so many much history with me and felt... felt like...

Justin: What?

Hope: Giving up. I don't like this side of me. And I don't know what happened to the old Hope. The one who believed that, with love, anything was possible. Or if you loved someone, you could overcome any obstacle. I mean, all those lovely, hopeful...wonderful sentiments. You know what? I just, um... I don't believe in them anymore.

Justin: You will again.

Hope: No, no. Too much has happened. I mean, Bo, he--I-- I don't think he... I want out.

Justin: [Scoffs] Wait, wh-what are you saying?

Hope: I want to file separation papers.

Will: Gabi, I--I didn't know you were back.

Gabi: I just got into town.

Chad: And she's staying for good.

Will: Awesome, sweet.

Gabi: I was telling Mia and Chad, my grandma broke her hip.

Kinsey: You're kidding. My grandma did too. She slipped on the ice, and it was all over. She's never been the same.

Tad: Uh, Kinsey...

Gabi: Anyway, my mom had to move to Chicago to take care of her. She said it was okay for me to stay here in Salem.

Chad: So where are you gonna live?

Gabi: Above the pub, next door do my sister. And I'm going to Salem High once school starts up again.

Chad: Oh, well, that's great. I mean, I can't wait to show you around.

Kinsey: We should hit up the mall sometime. Oh, you are so much prettier than the clothes you wear.

Tad: Kinsey.

Kinsey: It was a compliment.

Gabi: Shopping sounds nice.

Chad: Now this is awesome. I'm so glad you're staying in Salem. You know, so we can...hang out. You know. All of us.

Nathan: [Sighs] You know, let me explain to you what's--

Stephanie: There's no need. I understand. Everyone from the hospital wants to hang here for New Year’s Eve. So maybe you'd rather do that. Instead of, you know, being so formal at Chez Rouge.

Nathan: Oh, well--

Stephanie: I don't mind changing plans, I really don't.

Nathan: No, look, I'm totally cool with Chez Rouge. And, hey, it was my Christmas present to you, so...

Stephanie: Well, we can go to Chez Rouge any time.

Nathan: We're gonna go to Chez Rouge on New Year's, all right?

Stephanie: Are you sure?

Nathan: I am positive. All right? You know, this--this is really nice. I actually, I gotta run, 'cause I'm meeting Maggie. I have to give her back the Christmas present, that she got me, this sweater.

Stephanie: Too big?

Nathan: Too bright. Thing was, like, neon green. Ugh. But I'm telling her it's too big, so don't say anything, please.

Stephanie: Well, what happens if she gets the same sweater in a smaller size?

Nathan: Yeah, that would be even worse, wouldn't it? I think I should just tell her the truth.

Stephanie: I think she can handle it.

Nathan: All right, thank you. See you later. Bye.

Philip: Stephanie, hi.

Stephanie: Hi, Philip. How are you? How was your Christmas?

Philip: Good. Eventful.

Stephanie: Oh, yeah?

Philip: I got engaged.

Stephanie: You what?

Philip: Proposed to Melanie, and she said yes.

Stephanie: Wow. That was fast. Well, if--if you feel that''s the right thing for you, then I say marry the girl.

Kate: So I booked the country club already and called them this morning.

Vivian: Oh, how unimaginative. What about a destination wedding? It's all the rage. We'll send everyone to Paris.

Melanie: Okay, look, I really appreciate what you guys are trying to do for--for--

[Cell phone ringing]

Vivian: Hold on. Excuse me one moment. Be right with you. Hello?

Gus: Madame, it's me.

Vivian: What do you want, Gus? I'm busy.

Gus: I've received new information on Carly Manning. I think you'll find it interesting.

Carly: You didn't respond to me... 'cause you don't feel the same way that I do, and that's fine. Shh. Shh. The worry in my life right now, I just can't deal with this, okay?

[Cell phone ringing]

Bo: Uh, sorry, this is-- gotta take this. This is Brady. Are you sure? Yeah, man, uh...thanks for looking into it for me.

Carly: Was that about Sami's baby?

Bo: was about you.

Carly: What do you mean it was about me?

Bo: Come on, we need to talk.

Vivian: I'll call you tomorrow.

Melanie: Oh, good.

Vivian: Humor her. Don't commit to anything unless you want your wedding to be the snooze fest of the millennium. Ciao, ladies.

Melanie: Well, that's--that's not how I planned waking up this morning.

Kate: Yeah, well... she is delusional and heartless.

Melanie: Oh, and she seemed so fond of you.

Kate: You know, Melanie, Victor invited her back into his life to punish me. But she will be gone by the wedding.

Melanie: Really? Kind of seems like she's a permanent fixture here. Like one of those, um, roach motels. You know, where they check in, but they don't check out.

Stephanie: I'm happy for you, and I hope it works out.

Philip: Because you thrive on people being happy.

Stephanie: Why would you say it like that? You don't think I do?

Philip: I think the real reason you're so supportive is that this is good for you.

Stephanie: Oh, you think I have my own interests at heart.

Philip: I think with Melanie out of the picture, you have a clear path to a certain doctor.

Stephanie: Wow, well, I am insulted, Philip. 'Cause you know what? You think I need Melanie out of the picture in order to have Nathan interested in me?

Philip: are things with Nathan?

Stephanie: [Scoffs] They're great. We're going out for New Year’s Eve.

Philip: That's a big deal.

Stephanie: Not as big as getting engaged.

Philip: True.

Stephanie: So give me the details. When are you and Ms. Layton tying the knot?

Philip: We have not set a date yet, but we're hoping it happens soon.

Stephanie: Soon? It's gonna take a while to plan a big wedding.

Philip: We're not having a big wedding. We're gonna keep it simple.

Kate: Wow, I could book a cruise. We could sail to one of Stefano's islands.

Melanie: No.

Kate: Who's your favorite performer? Because I'm going to book them for the entertainment.

Melanie: Oh, my God, Kate.

Kate: I know Philip is a big fan of Beyoncé.

Melanie: No! You're not listening to me--no! I don't want that. I don't want a cruise. I don't want Beyoncé. I don't care if the wedding happens in Maggie's backyard with the reception at--at the Cheating Heart.

Kate: Sweetie, you don't have to prove to me that you're not a gold digger. Signing the prenup is gonna do that.

Melanie: That's not what I'm doing, Kate. I just don't like your ideas. And I really don't like being pushed around with you and that crazy woman trying to make me do things I don't want to do! Okay? It's weird and it's creepy, and I know you both are doing it just because you have some--some sick competition with each other.

Kate: Wow...that was rude. And ungrateful.

Melanie: Your son disowned you, so why would I go cozying up to somebody who's married to a man who tried to kill my fiancé? So, in solidarity, with my future husband I...disown you as well.

Kate: Ohh, aren't you the loyal little fiancée. Wonder how long you're going to be able to keep that going.

Melanie: What is that supposed to mean?

Kate: Well, it means that we both know that you have a reputation for being flighty. Dishonest.

Melanie: I want you to leave now.

Kate: But I'm sure you also know that if you're ever untrue to Philip, there'll be a price to be paid.

Melanie: Are you threatening me?

Kate: Yeah. If he's hurt... if he's cuckolded by you.

Melanie: Cuckolded? What--how--I don't even know what that word means, Kate.

[Knock on door]

Hope: Will you help me?

Justin: Help you?

Hope: Be my lawyer. Draw up the separation papers.

Justin: I'm sorry, Hope. I can't do that.

Carly: Okay, so your source-- what did he say?

Bo: Someone was poking around your records at that Swiss hospital. Couldn't confirm just who it was.

Carly: Okay, I should have expected this. I did expect this. It's just that now that it's actually happening--

Bo: Hey, Carly, take it easy.

Carly: No. What do I do? What do I do? If Vivian finds out I have a daughter... she can't, Bo. We can't let that happen.

Vivian: Good work, Gus. Next time you go to your bank account, you may find a very handsome year-end bonus.

Gus: That's very generous, Madame.

Vivian: You may go now. Oh, my. Oh, my, indeed.

Kinsey: So I said to him, "If you were any more stupid, you'd have to be watered twice a week."

Tad: Hilarious.

Kinsey: Wait, wait, I'm not done. Okay, and then he says to me, "When your IQ reaches 50, you should sell." And I was like, I was totally insulted, but...I had to admit it was a really good comeback.

Mia: Excuse me. Hey, uh, Will, can I talk to you for a minute? I'm on break.

Will: Yeah, okay, sure. So what's going on?

Mia: Nothing. I just wanted to be alone with you for a minute.

Will: Christmas must have been pretty rough for you.

Mia: For you too. Worrying about Sydney.

Will: You know, I thought they would have found her by now. But I guess that's 'cause my mom kept saying all these optimistic things.

Gabi: Hey, uh, Kinsey just invited me to her New Year’s Eve party. You guys are going, right?

Will: Yeah, definitely.

Gabi: Cool.

Chad: Hey, Mia...Evan said I could take off work a little early, 'cause it's kind of slow. So you might have to cut your break short.

Mia: Thanks.

Chad: Sorry.

Tad: So I swear, this dude named his dog "dog."

Kinsey: You are making that up.

Tad: No, it's so lame. And when he was out to dinner with his parents, he ordered pork rinds with a side of scampi.

Kinsey: Oh, that is beyond gross.

Chad: Gross.

Hope: So you won't be my lawyer?

Justin: No.

Hope: Do you think it's a conflict of interest, because Bo's your cousin?

Justin: Yes, it is. And I also don't think you two should split up. Hope, you and Bo... I just don't see why you don't want to give it more time.

Hope: Wait...what's really going on here?

Justin: I'm just telling you what I think.

Hope: No, no, you're not. Because you're nervous and your hands are in your pocket and... it's like you're trying to cover something up. Are you angry with me? Or disappointed?

Justin: No, no. No. I just...don't think... I can be what you want me to be. I'm not objective. I'm, uh... I'm too involved. Because of the way I feel... about you.

Carly: How could Vivian have known about the hospital? I was so careful.

Bo: Well, she did suspect you had a secret. And we knew she'd pull out all the stops to find out what it is.

Carly: All right...all right. If she went through my records, she knows that I gave birth. She'll know that I have a daughter. And eventually, she'll figure out that she's right here in Salem. I can't let that happen. I can't.

Vivian: Thank you for coming so quickly, Victor.

Victor: I was in the middle of an important meeting. This better be worth it.

Vivian: Oh, it is. Believe me, it is. Feast your eyes.

Nathan: Uh, sorry. Don't mind me. I'm just here to drop something off.

Kate: Oh. Oh, don't worry about it. Hey, have you heard the good news? Melanie and Philip are engaged.

Nathan: Congratulations?

[Cell phone ringing]

Kate: Ooh! Oh, dear. Need to get to the office. Anyway, uh, Melanie, do remember what I told you.

Melanie: Right back at you, Mrs. DiMera.

Kate: Hmm. Good-bye, Nathan.

Nathan: Bye.

Melanie: I'm sorry.

Nathan: About what?

Melanie: I didn't want you to find out this way. I wanted to tell you myself.

Nathan: It's no big deal. It's just a little surprising, that's all. I mean, is there any reason why you two are in such a rush to get married?

Melanie: No! Whatever you're thinking, get that out of-- absolutely not, look--we're just--it just feels right, so why wait, you know?

Nathan: Yeah. Well, look, I'm happy as long as you're happy. Are you?

Stephanie: Well, I gotta get back to work, so, um... congratulations again.

Philip: Thank you. And I hope things work out with you and Nathan. You deserve the best. I mean that.

Kate: Yes, David, send a car to pick me up at Brady pub.

[Sighs] Uh--uh-- yes, a flat tire. That's right. Look, don't make everything into a crisis, okay? I will be there. Just get the car to me. Thank you. Hey, Philip.

Philip: Hey.

Kate: Well, I just came from your intended, and we got quite a bit of work done on the wedding.

Philip: What are you talking about? You're not involved in the wedding.

Kate: I know, but I want to be, I really do.

Philip: I don't want you involved in my wedding or my marriage, okay?

Kate: As you wish. Oh... well... I should probably tell you that, before I left...

Philip: Wh-what? Before you left where?

Kate: Well, before I left Maggie's--I was just there. Melanie's ex-boyfriend dropped by. Which, to me, was a little disconcerting until I--I realized that you and Melanie probably have decided that you're going to have... what do they call that? Oh! An open marriage.

Hope: Justin, I... I don't--how could I have missed this? I mean...after all of the time that we've spent together, I just... I had no idea.

Justin: Well, I mean, I just...realized it myself, actually. Just recently.

Hope: Well, you know, sometimes during the holidays, we feel especially lonely. And maybe since you and Adrienne aren't together, maybe that's-- maybe that's what you're feeling.

Justin: No. It's not just my marriage ending or...being alone. It's more than that.

Hope: I'm sorry, I can't tell you what you want to hear.

Justin: I'm sorry. Yeah, maybe this, your reaction...uh, well... it certainly makes it clear to me...that, um... despite your protestations... that you still love Bo and you still want this marriage to work out. Hope... does it make it clearer to you?

Bo: Listen to me. We will stop Vivian before she gets to your daughter.

Carly: How? How? If she knows that I have a little girl--you know her. You know how resourceful she is, how crafty she is. I mean, how long before she figures out who that little girl is?

Bo: If that happens, we'll stop her. Vivian will not lay a finger on your daughter.

Carly: Oh, you're damn right she won't. She won't. I killed Lawrence to protect my child. If I have to, I'll kill Vivian too!

Victor: Where'd you get this?

Vivian: From a private hospital in Switzerland. You can see that Carly was admitted as a patient. Not for a nip-tuck.

Victor: It's hard to read, especially the date.

Vivian: Well, the medical records were damaged in a flood before they were able to put them in a computer. But thankfully, Carly's, although a bit illegible, are useful. You can see she was admitted to the maternity ward.

Victor: Which means what? She had another child with Lawrence?

Will: Hey, I'm gonna take off. I'll call you later.

Mia: Sure. Let me know if you hear anything about Sydney.

Will: I will.

Gabi: Everyone's so nice.

Mia: Really? Kinsey's nice?

Gabi: I think she's kind of funny.

Mia: I think she's plain mean. So are a lot of other kids at Salem. Especially if you're new and, you know, they don't know you.

Gabi: Do you think I'm gonna have a hard time fitting in?

Mia: Depends. I mean, were you popular at your old school?

Gabi: Um...I'm not sure.

Mia: That means you weren't.

Gabi: Not exactly. I mean, I did okay, I guess.

Mia: Don't even worry about it, okay? I pretty much know everybody, you know, except for the wannabes and never-weres. But you don't even have to worry about being one of them.

Gabi: No?

Mia: No, just stick with me. I've got your back.

Vivian: Lawrence the father? I don't think so. My nephew and I had differences, but he would have told me if there were another child.

Victor: You're sure about that?

Vivian: Victor... do you remember when I found that letter--that unfinished letter that Lawrence wrote to Carly and never sent her?

Victor: Yes, he was livid about something she did.

Vivian: What would make him angrier than Carly having a love child with another man?

Victor: The ultimate betrayal.

Vivian: Indeed. And just before you came, I talked to my source, who viewed a record that listed the father of the child as unknown. So Lawrence couldn't have sired the child.

Victor: Then who did?

Bo: Carly...

Carly: No, Vivian is back for one reason and one reason only: To avenge her nephew's death. If she finds out that I have a child, a child that Lawrence hated and wanted dead--

Bo: Hey, slow down.

Carly: I need to protect my child--you tell me what I do! Tell me what I do, I'll do it!

[Crying] I'll do it! I'll do it.

Bo: Shh, shh.

Carly: I'll do it.

Bo: Take it easy. It's all right.

Carly: [Crying]

Bo: It's all right.

Hope: Uh, I have to go. I need to go to the house and pick up some things that Ciara left behind.

Justin: Okay.

Hope: I wish I believed in my marriage half as much as you do.

[Romantic music]

Woman: A crown of sunflowers /complete a halo /building a golden weave /I can't resist you /when you are playful with me /your kisses make me weep /without the moon /there's no sun shining /without you /there is no reason /to fall in love /forever /your smile keeps me /believing /all dreams are /worth dreaming /you're the one /I'm meant to be with /forever forever /mm-hmm /forever ….

Hope: I do believe in my marriage. I do believe.

Philip: So Melanie's with Nathan. Why?

Kate: I don't know. I mean, he did have some of flimsy excuse, but obviously he wasn't there to see her.

Philip: Hmm. Poor guy's still hung up on her, I guess. But I don't worry about it. Melanie knows what she wants, and that's me.

Kate: Ooh. I'm glad you have such faith in her when no one else does. I really admire your courage.

Melanie: Of course I'm happy. Why would you ask me that?

Nathan: I don't know, Melanie. You know, maybe I shouldn't have, but, like I said, it seemed sudden.

Melanie: It's not sudden at all--it happened organically, actually, if that's-- I don't know if that's the word for it.

Nathan: Uh, I don't know unless you tell me what happened.

Melanie: Okay, um, Philip and I were gonna go on a non-Christmas Eve vacation. And he rented a room here in town. And things went so swimmingly that he just popped the question. It was all romantic and really, really sweet and--and--

Nathan: You know what? Maybe this isn't my place at all, but it seems like you're overselling this, Mel. Maybe even trying to talk yourself into it.

Melanie: You know what, Nathan, you're right, this isn't your place.

Vivian: Yes, Victor, that is the million-dollar question: Who is the father of Carly's bastard love child?

Victor: And where is that child now?

Vivian: I'm going to find out the answer to both those questions.

Carly: [Crying] I'm sorry, I'm sorry.

Bo: No. No, don't be.

Carly: No, it's just all these horrible, panicky feelings that I had right before I-- they're coming back. It's just the same.

Bo: No, listen to me. It's not the same. You had to protect your daughter on your own. You had no one there to help you. Now it's different. You have me.

Anna: That's right, beautiful. Your auntie's going to be filthy rich.

Sami: EJ, how could you keep this from me?

Hope: Happy holidays.

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