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Days of Our Lives Transcript Thursday 12/24/09 - Canada; Friday 12/25/09 - U.S.A.


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Melanie: It's so beautiful.

Philip: Merry Christmas.

Melanie: Oh, no. Is this my Christmas present?

Philip: No.

Melanie: Oh. Okay, good, because what I got you would be pretty embarrassing next to this.

Philip: When you said yes last night, that was the best Christmas present ever.

Daniel: Are you sure you're up for this?

Chloe: Are you kidding? I am going to be the finest guest that Victor Kiriakis has ever welcomed into his home. Let's do it.

Daniel: All right.

Vivian: Christmas in Oslo's absolutely heaven. Daniel, Merry Christmas.

Daniel: Yes, to you too. Vivian, this is my fiancée, Chloe Lane. Chloe, this is Vivian Alamain, Victor’s...

Vivian: Significant other. Very extremely significant.

Chloe: Well, it's a pleasure...

Vivian: Victor, our guests are here.

Chloe: Hi, Brady.

Brady: Merry Christmas, you two. Hi. How are you?

Daniel: What's up? Good, man. Merry Christmas.

Brady: You too.

Vivian: Yes, Merry Christmas to everyone. Oh--oh. Darling, can I see that ring? Oh, it's gorgeous. Gorgeous. Can't even compare to the fiancé. Va-va-va-va-voom. Did I say that? Oh, Daniel, congratulations.

Daniel: Well, thank you very much. I got pretty lucky.

Vivian: Oh, yes. Chloe... Chloe. Oh. I remember now why-- no, nothing to do with you, darling. It was some uniquely untalented, young opera singer that gave my nephew an addiction.

Brady: Vivian. [Laughs] Vivian, please. Let me clarify something. Chloe never gave me an addiction, okay? That's me. I was responsible for that. That had nothing to do...

Vivian: Brady, Brady. There's no reason to defend the little slut. She was trash. It's over now. Good riddance. And has nothing to do with this lovely Chloe. Does it? Oh, lord. Oh, no. This cannot be the woman who screeched like an owl singing La Bohème at Prague on that night...

Daniel: All right, that's it. Let's go. Come on. We can go.

Chloe: Uh, no, it's okay, Daniel.

Daniel: No, it's not okay. Why the hell would we sit here for this crap?

Vivian: Oh, well, you shouldn't, you shouldn’t. I'm appalled at my gaffe. I mean, Victor will be shocked at my lack of tact.

Victor: Vivian, Vivian. Don't tell me you've put your foot in it again.

Vivian: Yes, I have, and I'm mortified. I'm so sorry. I apologize. Please, stay, stay. Please don't go.

Chloe: We won’t.

Daniel: No, Chloe, we're--

Chloe: Daniel, we are not leaving.

Vivian: Oh, thank heavens. Whew.

Chloe: We are not leaving.

Vivian: Oh, bless your forgiving heart, Chloe. You know, I do remember you on the stage. You were magnificent. And in life you are so...real.

Victor: Chloe's nothing if not real.

Vivian: And you know, did I use that word "untalented"? That awful word. Well, who am I to be the judge?

Stefano: Ah, Elvis. You know, I was beginning to think that maybe Giovanni was gonna sleep the whole day through. I mean, whatever happened to the days when little boys come running down the stairs before anybody is awake in the house?

EJ: Johnny... is at his mother’s.

Stefano: What? You let Giovanni spend Christmas morning someplace else? This is his home.

EJ: No, this is not his home. This won't be his home until you are gone.

Rafe: You okay?

Sami: Yeah. Yeah, I was just thinking about the candlelight vigil and how everyone's helping us, everyone's praying.

Rafe: Yeah.

Sami: My dad said that leads were coming in all night. Lots of calls.

Rafe: Yeah, I bet they were. Listen, Sami, you've got to be careful with these kinds of things, getting leads from the public. People, they get all emotional, they think they see things, and then--

[Cell phone rings]

Rafe: Sorry. It's my guy from the bureau. Yeah, Hernandez. Yeah, Tim, Merry Christmas. What do you got for me? Anything? What?

Anna: Oh, Tony. You know the last thing I ever wanted to do was cause little Sydney any pain, or to hurt her. Please tell me I did the right thing last night.

Rafe: All right, thanks a lot, Tim. Listen, keep me on speed dial.

Sami: So they found Sydney?

Rafe: Well, I don't know for sure. I don't like to say anything...

Sami: Oh, stop it, stop it. Don't be like that. It's Christmas. Come on, please. Please, just tell me.

Rafe: Okay. The FBI has someone in their sights, and it could work out.

Sami: Oh, my God.

Rafe: But we don't know yet, okay? These things, they can dry up, okay?

Sami: Yeah, but he wouldn't have called you on Christmas if he didn't have a really good lead, right?

Rafe: He wouldn't have. You're right. It is definitely hot, but we just have to wait and see, okay?

Sami: Okay. Okay. We'll just--we'll just wait.

Rafe: We'll just--okay.

Stephanie: Wow.

Nathan: That is the last of it.

Stephanie: Kids really made out this yeah, huh?

Nathan: Yeah.

Abe: Wow, this is really looking good.

Stephanie: Hey, Merry Christmas.

Abe: Merry Christmas, Stephanie. Merry Christmas. Good to see you, Nathan.

Nathan: Merry Christmas.

Lexie: Merry Christmas, Dr. Horton.

Nathan: Hey, Theo. How you doing? Still my man? Good. So much to do today.

Lexie: Hey, look at all the beautiful presents.

Stephanie: Yeah, aren't they nice?

Lexie: Are you ready to be Santa’s helper-- no, no, no, honey. We have to wait for the other children.

Stephanie: Why, thank you, Theo. This looks like a really nice present. Let's see who it's for.

Theo: Stephanie.

Stephanie: Wow. You read my tag, huh? This really is for me.

Lexie: Wow.

Nathan: Yeah, good job, buddy. Nice. Merry Christmas.

Melanie: Okay, okay.

Philip: What is it? What is it?

Melanie: My present. Open it.

Philip: All right. Whoa-ho! This Boy Scout is prepared.

Melanie: For any tropical island vacation I thought we'd be going on.

Philip: Which we will be going on, on our honeymoon. Thank you.

Melanie: You're welcome. Honeymoon. That's, um, that's a word I didn't think I'd hear for a long time.

Philip: Well, believe it. And when we go on our honeymoon, nothing but the finest of the fine.

Melanie: Oh, finest of the... um, I just--I wonder, 'cause I'm a nursing student, we don't really have a lot of time off. We just have classes, and...

Philip: Shh. I'm on the hospital board of directors. If you want to take a honeymoon, I think they'll make time.

Melanie: Even Dr. Krueger?

Philip: Putty in my hands, baby. You don't need to worry about a thing. Besides, you're gonna be Mrs. Philip Kiriakis. You don't need to get a license to empty bedpans. Come on, now.

Melanie: Well, hold on. I mean, that's not what nurses do. I mean, nurses are advocates for the patients. They make sure the patients can recover. They run the hospital. And I'm gonna be one of them.

Sami: So what is it that we're building again?

Johnny: A castle.

Sami: Oh, of course. A castle. How's this part?

Johnny: Good.

Sami: Good.

Johnny: Actually, this part...

Sami: Goes there?

Johnny: And this part goes...

Sami: Okay, you're in charge. Any word yet?

Rafe: We'll all hear it when it rings.

[Paper rustling]

Sami: No, no. Johnny, uh, no. Uh, I'm--I'm sorry. I--I didn't meant to yell at you, sweetheart. I'm sorry. It's just, um... uh, those presents are for your sister. They're for Sydney. And we're gonna wait and open them with her. And--and she may be home. You could help her open them when she gets home. Maybe today.

Johnny: Uh, how about we, uh, start--keep building the castle.

Sami: That's a good plan.

Stephanie: I feel bad. I didn't get you anything.

Nathan: Don't feel bad. Wait till you open it.

Stephanie: Oh. Let's see. A calendar. For 2009.

Nathan: No, I'm just kidding. There's more. Open it. "X" marks the spot.

Stephanie: An "X"? Where is there an "X"? Oh. December 31st.

Nathan: Yeah, I made a reservation for two at Chez Rouge. 9:00 P.M.

Stephanie: A New Year’s Eve date?

Nathan: Mm-hmm. Hey, since you feel bad for not getting me anything, saying yes could be your gift. I will take that as a yes. Thank you.

Melanie: I'm sorry I got all huffy about nurses. Just don't--don't say bad things like that about them, okay?

Philip: Yeah. Yeah, I got that.

Melanie: And a...another thing. It's just...when I'm at the hospital, I feel like I'm doing something good. Finally. You know, like I'm--I'm worthy. So maybe I'll finally be good enough to be Mrs. Philip Kiriakis.

Philip: Hey. You always were. And you always will be.

Victor: Well, merry Christmas, Chloe, Daniel.

Chloe: Merry Christmas, Victor.

Vivian: Oh, Victor. How could I be so dense to not realize that this is the same woman, the same Chloe that--oh, I'm so mortified. I'm so embarrassed.

Brady: Vivian, it's okay. Just drop it, okay?

Vivian: Yes, that's probably a very good idea. Chloe, Chloe. You know, I am actually very, very well versed and have great expertise in weddings. So I'd be very happy to help you plan your wedding. Do you have a date?

Chloe: Well, thank you. And, no, we're still in the process.

Victor: Up till now we've been waiting for Chloe’s annulment from Lucas Horton to come through. But now that that's come through, I have no idea what the delay is.

Daniel: Victor.

Brady: I love Christmas at the Kiriakis mansion.

Daniel: We're gonna need drinks. A lot of drinks.

Vivian: Oh, yes, how rude of us not to offer. Please, help yourself.

Victor: Well, Brady, I'm, uh... surprised that Arianna hasn't joined us. Will she be coming later?

Brady: No. She will not be coming today.

Victor: Oh. Trouble in paradise?

Brady: Hate to disappoint you, but no. Remember, whatever you feel about Arianna, at least she didn't bury someone alive.

Victor: Now, Brady, that any way to talk about family?

Arianna: Come on in.

Sami: Well, the tamales smell amazing.

Arianna: Oh, thanks.

Sami: And actually Allie and Johnny baked gingerbread cookies too.

Arianna: Oh, how cute.

Rafe: Yeah. They had a little help from their mom.

Sami: Oh, not really. Where's Brady?

Arianna: Uh, he's with his family.

Sami: Oh. He could have come, you know?

Arianna: Thank you, but I think, uh, you know, he feels a little uncomfortable after bailing Nicole out of jail, so...

Rafe: Yeah.

Sami: Well, certainly can understand that, but, um, you know, I understand that he didn't know. Certainly didn't know that she was gonna kidnap Sydney.

Arianna: Is there any news?

Sami: Actually, yeah. Um, we're waiting for a phone call from the FBI. They might have found a really good lead. They might find her.

Arianna: Really?

Rafe: We're gonna get Sydney back. You can count on that.

Stefano: Where the hell do you get your nerve?

EJ: You'll have to excuse me, but, um, I have things to do.

Stefano: No. No. No, no, no, no, no, no. Not until I'm finished. You insolent son of A... how dare you say that this is no longer Giovanni's home? I have loved and cared for this little boy from the day that he was born.

EJ: You gave up the rights to love and care for any of my children.

Stefano: I gave up nothing! And you now have proof that I had nothing to do with Sydney’s disappearance. You still keep coming to me with this abusive crap. You're my son, for God's sake.

EJ: Come on. Come on. Bring on the self pity.

Stefano: What pity? Whoa, pity? No, no, no, no, no. It's you I pity, Elvis. Letting Giovanni go on Christmas morning with that bitch, Samantha?

EJ: Oh, she's his mother, for God's sake.

Stefano: Even snakes have mothers. Think. Use your head for once. Samantha Brady has failed all her children.

EJ: Not as badly as you have.

Stefano: Everything I did was for your sake, you heartless ingrate. Oh, God I can't believe-- and you still--you still side with the Bradys. You know, perhaps you have forgotten that Nicole would never have brought Sydney into your life at all if it was not for that lowlife Samantha who lied to you in the first place.

EJ: Samantha lied to her ex-husband because she was afraid of his father, a father who lied to his son.

Stefano: Uh-huh. Well... if you cannot understand why I've done it...'s Christmas. A holy day. We have to let open our hearts. Especially with family. [Slams glass]

EJ: Oh, what's this?

Stefano: What does it look like? It's a gift.

EJ: How sweet. It's--it's from you to me.

Stefano: Yes. From me to you. What, are you offended that I give my son a Christmas gift? Should I be as cruel and ungenerous as you are?

EJ: No, I just... I thought you'd have been smarter, that's all.

Stefano: Smarter?

EJ: Saved your money.

Stefano: You are a raving fool.

[Cell phone rings]

Philip: Maybe it's Max from London.

Melanie: No, I talked to him yesterday. Oh, it's the hospital. I got to take this. Hello? Yeah. Okay, yeah. I'll be right there. Three aides are out sick. I got to go to work.

Philip: What, now?

Melanie: Yeah. I'm really sorry. Um, when I'm done, we'll celebrate. Or we'll just hop back in bed.

Philip: Whatever you want.

Melanie: You know, it's funny. We were so anti-Christmas, but it's kind of turned out to be the best Christmas ever.

Vivian: Daniel, I really need to talk to you. Victor tells me we have a mutual acquaintance.

Daniel: Oh?

Vivian: Carly Manning. The widow of my late nephew, Lawrence.

Daniel: Right, right. Sorry for your loss.

Vivian: He wasn't lost. He was murdered. I understand you were very helpful in getting her back on the staff at university hospital.

Daniel: I was. She's a terrific doctor.

Vivian: Yes, she is, and I wanted to thank you for helping her. From the bottom of my heart.

Abe: Atta boy, Theo.

Lexie: You're doing great, sweetheart.

Stephanie: He sure is. All right. Is this a good Christmas or what, guys?

All: Yeah!

Stephanie: Yeah!

Maggie: Hi there, honey.

Nathan: Hello.

Maggie: Got things going, I see.

Nathan: Yes, Merry Christmas.

Maggie: Well, Merry Christmas to you. Listen, um, I have a favor to ask.

Nathan: Okay.

Maggie: Okay. You know your great grandfather started this whole celebration with the kids way back when.

Nathan: Mm-hmm.

Maggie: And since you're the first Horton on the medical staff in a very long time, I was hoping that you would read the Christmas story in Tom's honor.

Nathan: No, no, no, no, no.

Kate: Time to go, my love.

Stefano: Go where?

Kate: Well, your new wife is going to give you a very special present for Christmas.

Stefano: Uh, what is that?

Kate: That is Hope.

Rafe: Merry Christmas.

Arianna: Merry Christmas.

Rafe: Yes.

EJ: Hi.

Arianna: Hi.

EJ: Hey.

Arianna: I was just leaving. Here, let me. Let me.

EJ: Oh, that's very kind of you. Thank you.

Arianna: Oops.

EJ: Merry Christmas. Sorry.

Arianna: You too. Yes. I assume these are all for your--your son?

EJ: And his sister. Just hoping to assuage some of the jealousy.

Arianna: Of course. That's good thinking. So, um, Rafe is actually on the phone right now. Could be some good news.

EJ: What do you mean, good news?

Sami: EJ, hey.

EJ: Samantha. So there's--there's some news about Sydney?

Sami: Yeah, well, actually, yeah, a buddy of Rafe’s at the FBI said that they're zeroing in on a lead. It may be a break in the case.

EJ: Whoa, what do you mean, zeroing in? Have they arrested somebody?

Sami: Not that I'm aware of, no.

EJ: Well, why do you say there's a break in the case, then?

Sami: Well, I don't know. Rafe got a call, and he told me that there was a lead. I don't know anything--

Rafe: Ah, damn it.

Sami: What?

Rafe: Nothing. Hey, EJ. I guess you heard that I got a call.

EJ: How dare you?

Rafe: Excuse me?

EJ: You get information about my daughter, and you don't think to tell me? What the hell is the matter with you?

[Knock at door]

Anna: Who's there?

Brady: Uh, listen, everybody. I'm--it's been really fun, but I have some other commitments across town, so, uh, merry Christmas to everyone.

Victor: We'll see you later, Brady.

Brady: Bye-bye.

Daniel: All right, take care.

Chloe: Bye, Brady. That was kind of sudden, don't you think?

Vivian: Uh, Chloe, could you help me with this thing? It seems to have a mind of its own.

Chloe: Absolutely.

Vivian: Excuse us.

Daniel: So what's going on with Brady?

Victor: Well, nothing unusual, really. He just, uh, can't stand to be around happy, well-adjusted people. The man is a recovering addict, and he's fallen in love with a drug dealer.

Daniel: Arianna?

Victor: People surprise you, don't they?

Daniel: Victor, are you sure you got the right information?

Philip: The right information? Whatever my father just said, take it to the bank. The man is never wrong.

Vivian: Philip, oh, darling.

Victor: What are you doing here, Philip? I understood you weren't going to bother with the family this Christmas.

Vivian: Well, I'm so glad you changed your mind. It makes my holiday complete.

Philip: Well, I'm not sure any of you will be glad to see me after you hear... what I've got to say.

Stephanie: This one's for you. Merry Christmas.

[Children speaking indistinctly]

Nathan: No, all right? No. No. Look, you already--you already talked me into taking his medical bag, and that's more than enough. I mean, these are shoes that I can't fill, all right?

Maggie: Oh, honey.

Nathan: Look, especially with something like this. You know, reading to the kids on Christmas like he used to. I mean, I'd feel presumptuous. I really would.

Stephanie: Don’t. Don't feel anything but proud. Proud of your grandfather, and proud of the fact that everyone here respects you so much. All right? Word's been going around for months that you were gonna do this, so I know it'll make the older staff happy, as well as the kids, so please?

Nathan: Oh, yeah, throw the kids at me. That's dirty. I guess it's not really an option is it? Okay. I'll give it a try. Thank you.

Rafe: I didn't tell you, EJ, because there's nothing to tell.

EJ: There's nothing to tell? You get a phone call from the FBI.

Rafe: A confidential call from a friend.

EJ: Is that somehow privileged information that Sydney’s father doesn't have a right to know?

Rafe: This isn't about you. This is about Sydney.

Sami: Look, don't do this.

Arianna: Please, it is Christmas.

Sami: EJ, come on. We were gonna tell you about the FBI thing the second you walked in here. We knew you were coming to see Johnny.

Rafe: I got a call from the bureau. They said that there was a person of interest, but maybe not too. They have procedures to follow, and since then, not a word.

EJ: All right. I overreacted.

Rafe: Hey, we're all on edge, right?

EJ: Please accept my apologies.

Rafe: No problem.

Anna: [Gasps] Oh. It came. Wonderful. Oh. Something I knew Sydney would love.

Philip: Melanie Layton and I are engaged.

Victor: Is the church that you booked to marry the Johnson girl still available? Maybe you can use the same day.

Philip: Oh, my god. You know, we're not gonna share the wedding details now with you.

Victor: Tell me, Philip. Have you and Melanie ever been on an official date that wasn't broadcast over the internet?

Daniel: Give it a rest, Victor.

Vivian: Engaged. Oh, darling. That's wonderful.

Chloe: Philip, I am really happy for you. I really am. And Melanie’s a very lucky girl. 'Cause I know your heart. And you wouldn't want to marry her unless you loved her completely, so congratulations.

Philip: Thank you, Chloe. Thank you. I just came by to see if the rest of my family would wish me well.

Daniel: Hey, you know what? If you say Melanie Layton is the one, I am behind you 100%, my man.

Philip: Thank you.

Daniel: Okay? Congratulations.

Philip: Thank you.

Daniel: All right?

Stefano: Sweetheart, can you explain to me why you think coming here of all places can help lift my Christmas spirit?

Kate: Well, first of all, when you find out what goes on in this house, you're going to see that things could be a lot worse at chez DiMera. And second of all, Philip asked me to meet him here. And I'm hoping that he's going to invite me back into his life. Which would give you a sense of hope about EJ.

Stefano: [Groans]

Kate: Ah. Smile.

Kate: We're here. Hello, everyone. Merry Christmas. Hello, darling.

Daniel: All right, that's it. We're definitely out of here now. All right, swell. Have a great Christmas. Bye-bye.

Stefano: Bye-bye.

Victor: Would you care to tell me what you two are doing here?

Kate: Well, Philip invited me.

Stefano: And naturally wherever my wife goes, I go too. Ah, ha ha. Vivian, Vivian, Vivian. How marvelous it is to see you again.

Vivian: Oh, Stefano, you haven't changed. That hideous, counterfeit smile, oozing smarminess from every pore.

Stefano: Vivian, you still have your little sneaky sense of humor, don't you?

Vivian: Yes!

Victor: All right, enough, for God's sakes. It's Christmas.

Kate: Yes. Please. And that's why I am especially happy that you reached out to me.

Philip: Well, I wanted to share the good news.

Kate: Yes?

Philip: Melanie Layton and I are engaged.

Arianna: [Sighs]

[Knock at door]

Brady: Merry Christmas. Thought I'd drop by and see how you-- oh. You okay?

Arianna: You got me a gift.

Brady: I didn't--I didn't get... oh, oh, that's right. I did get you a gift. Did you get it?

Arianna: You make me really happy.

EJ: Come on. How long can a conversation take?

Sami: Look who's here.

Johnny: Daddy!

Rafe: Hey, Johnny, all set for you to go.

EJ: Oh! How you doing? Oh. Have you had a good Christmas?

Johnny: Mm-hmm. Did you get lots of presents?

Johnny: Mm-hmm.

EJ: Guess what? I have lots more presents for you. Lots, lots more. You like that?

Johnny: Mm-hmm.

EJ: Mm-hmm?

Johnny: Mm-hmm.


Kate: Well, I, um... you know, this is so out of the blue. I--I really don't know what to say.

Vivian: Well, I do. Mazel tov. Bonne chance. I think Melanie’s charming. I think she's a delightful girl, and not hard on the eyes. I wish you a long and happy marriage, my darling son. Mwah.

Abe: Ho, ho, ho! Merry Christmas. Merry Christmas. And see? Yes. If you believe... believe that Santa’s here to help you all get well.

Stephanie: Yay!


Melanie: Merry Christmas, Maxine. Is this where you need me?

Maxine: Um, yes. Thank you so much for coming in.

Melanie: Anything I can do to help.

Maxine: Well, you certainly are a different girl than the one I first met.

Stephanie: Okay, is everybody ready to hear the Christmas story?

All: Yeah!

Maggie: Okay. Have a seat.

Stephanie: Okay, have a seat, and let's be nice and quiet so everyone can hear, okay?

Maggie: Scooch up close. I know you can do it. There you go.

Stephanie: Perfect.

Maggie: Okay. Boys and girls, this is Dr. Nathan Horton, who happens to be my grandson, I'm proud to say. Okay, take it away.

Nathan: Hey, guys.

Child: Hi.

Nathan: How we doing?

Child: Good.

Nathan: Good? Guys eating all your desserts?

Child: Yes.

Nathan: All right.

Stephanie: Yummy.

Nathan: Well, listen, I'm very blessed to be reading you this story, okay? My great granddad used to read it, and I know how much it meant to him, and I can only hope that I honor his name. All right? Here we go. "And it came to pass long ago that there went out a decree from Caesar Augustus that all the world should be registered. This census first took place while Quirinius was governing Syria."

Sami: Excuse me. Hey, uh...any word?

Rafe: Yeah, I just got a definite answer. The lead didn't pan out. Turns out the FBI was following a woman who's visiting her three kids for Christmas. Sorry.

Anna: Away in a manger/ no crib for a bed/ the little lord Jesus lay down his sweet head/ the stars in the...

Kate: Thank you.

Stefano: Katherine, since it is your son who is getting married, I would think it would be only right for you to say a few words, no?

Kate: Yes. Yes. Absolutely. Congratulations, my darling son. I wish you every happiness in the world. I always have. I always will.

Victor: To Philip, and yet another phase of his life.

Stefano: Bottoms up.

Vivian: What a wonderful Christmas present. Something a mother relishes and remembers for the rest of her life.

Stefano: How true. Katherine, darling, this is a moment that you should never forget. Hmm? I mean, your son, tonight, announced his engagement.

Brady: These are so good. Ridiculous. There are no words. So good.

Arianna: Aw, thank you. There's nothing like that at your grandfather's, or--?

Brady: Mm, no, no. Nothing at Grandfather's except anger and bitterness and resentment and all those things, but that's what made me realize that I just missed your smile.

Arianna: And my tamales.

Brady: And your tamales. Everything else that you do so well.

Nathan: "And it was there that Mary gave birth to her first born son and wrapped him in swaddling clothes and laid him in the manger, for there was no room at the inn."

Tom: "And while the shepherds were keeping their flock at night, an angel appeared to them and said, 'Be not afraid, for behold, I bring you good...'"

Nathan: "'...Tiding of great joy.' And suddenly there was with the angel a multitude of heavenly host, praising god and saying 'Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace, goodwill toward men.'" Thank you, guys.

Maggie: Silent night…

All: Holy night/ all is calm/ all is bright/ round yon virgin/ mother and child/ holy infant/ so tender and mild/ sleep in heavenly peace/ sleep in heavenly peace…

[Greensleeves plays]

Sami: I was so sure.

Rafe: Well, we lost the battle, but we're gonna win the war. We'll find Sydney. Count on it.

Sami: I just keep wishing Nicole could remember whose voice that was.

Rafe: Well, maybe we'll find her a different way.

Sami: There's been no contact. Nothing. We don't know who has Sydney. Or even why.

Anna: Any minute now, Sydney. Any minute now. And our little errand from last night will work its magic.

Kate: Philip doesn't care about you, and Melanie doesn't care about you.

Carly: I want you to stay away.

Hope: I want out.

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