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Bo: So instead of a living, breathing person, you found a dead body.

Carly: Yeah, lying in Mrs. Parker's bed, or so I thought. Mrs. Parker had been released.

Daniel: Hey, guys, uh...

Bo: Hey.

Daniel: I've got some news about last night's, uh, incident.

Carly: What'd you find out?

Daniel: Well, we know who put the body in the room and why.

Mia: Will, hey, uh, come on in. I thought you'd be setting up for the dance.

Will: Yeah. I finished early. So when should I pick you up? Around 7:00?

Mia: Yeah, that's, uh...

[Cell phone rings]

Mia: Hold on.

[Cell phone rings]

Mia: Hello?

Chad: Hey, Mia, I just wanted to see what time I should pick you up for the dance. Is, uh, 7:00 okay?

Arianna: Mmm! Okay, oh, my God. If you keep on doing that, we're never gonna get out of bed.

Brady: Mmm, that sounds good to me.

Arianna: No, I gotta get to work.

Brady: Mm, mm! Mm-mmm!

Arianna: And so do you.

Brady: What I need has nothin' to do with work.

Arianna: Oh, God, no, just-- you gotta take a shower first. Go.

Brady: I'll take a shower as long as you're comin' with me.

Arianna: Mm-mmm, then we'll never get out of here. No, I know. Go.

Brady: I'm takin' a cold shower I think.

Arianna: Yes.

Brady: Unbelievable. You know I never knew that arguing about EJ DiMera could lead to this kind of benefit, though. I like it.

Arianna: Yeah, you know what? I kind of like that makin' up part, too. Not too shabby. In the future, though, think we should skip the fighting part?

Brady: I think that's a great idea. Duly noted.

Arianna: Okay. You look good. [Laughing]

[Knock at door]

Arianna: I'm coming! EJ?

Nicole: I didn't expect to see you. There's, like, what? Two more shopping days till Christmas? You must be busy.

Chloe: You're my friend. I'm never too busy to see you. And I got you a gift. It's a book. A mystery, 'cause I know you like those.

Nicole: Yeah. Yeah, I love 'em, and I have plenty of time to read.

Chloe: Yeah. Well, it's being inspected by the guard right now.

Nicole: Thank you for trying to cheer me up.

Chloe: Not succeeding, am I?

Nicole: The only gift I want is that Sydney is safe and sound and back from whatever hell Stefano had taken her to.

Sami: Hey. How long have you been up?

Rafe: Uh, since 4:00.

Sami: What? You came to bed so late.

Rafe: After you went to bed, I went to see Stefano.

Sami: In jail? What-- what happened?

Rafe: Well, I finally got him to tell me the truth.

Sami: Did he tell you where Sydney is?

Rafe: Yeah, that's the thing, Sami. He doesn't have Sydney. Somebody else does.

Anna: You know what, my sweet Sydney? The more I'm around you, the more I adore you. Yes. Want a fish? And it's the more certain I am that I did the right thing. 'Cause you belong here with me, Sydney. Right here with me.

Arianna: This isn't a good time.

EJ: No, I need some answers, so whatever you're doing, it's just gonna have to wait, please.

Arianna: Okay.

EJ: Why were you in Cleveland? You didn't have to go to Cleveland. Why did you go to Cleveland? Hmm?

Arianna: What's this all about?

EJ: The same thing everything's about. I'm trying to find my daughter, okay? And I think--I think you know more than you're letting on.

Sami: You gave Stefano DiMera a truth serum?

Rafe: Yeah. Yeah, I did. Then when I knew it had kicked in, I asked him if he had anything to do with Sydney's disappearance. He said no...over and over, emphatically.

Sami: Did he say he knew anything about that woman, the woman that Nicole mentioned?

Rafe: No. Sorry.

Sami: You know what this means, right? It means that Sydney could be anywhere. I mean, she could be with a complete stranger. How could someone do this? How could someone do this to this little baby, take her away from her family? I just don't understand how someone could be so evil.

Anna: You know who would be crazy about you? Your Uncle Tony. Oh, how he would have doted on you. Yes. Yes. Can you get it?

Daniel: We did a little investigating, and it turns out a new orderly is responsible for the mix-up. He took the blame and, uh, he was reprimanded.

Bo: Reprimanded? Shouldn't he have been fired?

Daniel: Well, he was about to be, but he called this morning and just quit. Hospital wanted to ask him some questions, but, uh, he's nowhere to be found.

Bo: [Chuckles]

Carly: Well, okay, then it's over. Um, it's probably a silly little prank, right? We can move on to more important things.

Daniel: Yeah, I'm sorry you had such a bad experience last night.

Carly: Don't worry about it, Daniel. Uh, I have to sign out. Can you stick around for just a second? I want to talk to you.

Bo: Yeah, I'll be right here.

Carly: All right. I'll see you later.

Daniel: Not an auspicious way to begin your first day on the job.

Carly: Yeah, Carly seems to be unfazed.

Daniel: Well, she's tough.

Bo: Mm-hmm. Yep. She said that you guys have known each other a while.

Daniel: Yeah. Yeah, we haven't exactly kept in close contact, but we worked together for, uh, jeez, a couple of years. She introduced me to my late wife, Rebecca. You know, um... you know, at the time, I had no idea that Carly had been married to Victor.

Bo: Yeah. Neither one of them talk about it.

Daniel: Yeah, well, I can see the way Victor holds a grudge, so I'm not surprised that he's not her biggest fan. I'm just glad that you don't have your father's point of view.

Bo: No, I don't. Carly's a good friend.

Will: Who was that?

Mia: Uh...some kid I know from Salem West. Listen, Will, about tonight.

Will: What?

Mia: It's...

Will: Hey, look, if you don't want to go...

Mia: No, it's not that.

Will: You know, because I didn't want to go at first, either, you know? Because of Sydney, but, you know, my mom made me think it would be a good idea to be... distracted, you know?

Mia: Yeah, definitely.

Will: Well, I should probably go check in with Aunt Maggie.

Mia: Oh, uh, actually, she went to the market. She should be back soon, though.

Will: Oh. Well, maybe I'll go grab us some hot chocolate. You want to come with me?

Mia: Uh...I have to get some stuff done before the dance.

Will: Okay. Well, I'll be back.

Mia: [Sighs]

Chloe: I can't imagine how hard this is for you.

Nicole: If I were only free from this place, I could do something. I could--I could help in some way.

Chloe: Nicole, I think the police are doing everything possible to find Sydney.

Nicole: That's the problem. They're not. You know, and I remembered something from that night, the night that Sydney was taken, and... and they didn't believe me.

Chloe: So what else did you remember?

Nicole: [Sighs] Just I... I just remember these... these boots, you know? I vaguely recall seeing-- seeing them when she walked away, before I passed out.

Chloe: Okay. So does that mean that Stefano's not behind this?

Nicole: Uh-uh, no. I still believe he is. I think he hired that witch to take Sydney, and I think she's keeping her until everything cools down.

Chloe: And the police think you made all this up?

Nicole: Roman Brady does. But oddly enough... Rafe believes me. At least that's what he said.

Arianna: Are you saying that you suspect that I had something to do with Sydney's disappearance?

EJ: Nicole tells us that a woman takes my daughter, and now we know that my father's not involved, so I'm looking at the only lead I have.

Arianna: Oh, my God. You are accusing me of stealing your child?

EJ: You're damn right I am.

Arianna: You know what? Forget it! Forget that I have no motivation, but you don't have any proof for this accusation!

EJ: Why were you in Cleveland, huh? You didn't have to go to Cleveland. You had no business in Cleveland. Why were you in Cleveland? Why?

Arianna: I went to see Brady.

EJ: Oh, I'm sure you did. Maybe the two of you took my child.

Arianna: [Laughs] You're crazy, okay? That's unfair! That is paranoid!

EJ: Really? You think so? It's not paranoid at all. Look at him. He did everything for her. Aided and abetted her every single step of the way, and you, you'd do anything for him.

Arianna: Oh, you know what? Get out of here! You need to get out of here right now!

EJ: Not until you tell me the truth! I want to know exactly what you know about when the--

Brady: Hey! Back

Bo: Hey.

Carly: Hey.

Bo: Looks like we gotta pay Vivian a little visit.

Carly: What's the point?

Bo: Hey, she's not going to admit to this, but I think we should--

Carly: She's sending a very clear message. She's gonna avenge her nephew's death. Look, I think the best thing we can do is just to leave this alone. The more we make of it, the more likely it is to escalate.

Bo: Mm-hmm. So ignoring it? That's gonna keep it from escalating?

Carly: I have to keep a very low profile, and you know why.

Bo: Yes, I get that, but that doesn't mean we can't come up with some strategy here to try to undermine her.

Carly: Oh, well, that should be a snap.

Bo: We've got to try. So let's go over to my place, we can talk about this.

Carly: No.

Bo: Carly, we got to talk in private.

Carly: I said no. I don't think it's a good idea.

Bo: Would you stop arguing with me? Come on, let's go.

Brady: What the hell are you doin' here, DiMera?

EJ: What do you think I'm doing? I'm trying to find my daughter is what I'm doing.

Brady: How does that involve her?

EJ: Because we found out that my father had nothing to do with taking Sydney.

Brady: I'm sorry, so process of elimination, you're gonna blame her now, is that it?

EJ: It's a woman, you understand me? Nicole told us it's a woman who took Sydney, and you had no business being in Cleveland. Why were you there? It was very odd that you were there.

Brady: EJ! EJ! She was there to see me.

Arianna: Okay, you know what? Just stop, okay? I can defend myself. Listen to me, when Sami got that phone call and Nicole was knocked out, I was at the Java Cafe with Melanie Layton. You can talk to her about it. You can check the surveillance cameras if you need to, but I did not know that Sydney had disappeared until all of you were in Ohio, all right? And that is the truth.

EJ: I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I just... I can't sleep, I can't eat. I'm just trying to find my little girl, and I've... I've run out of leads. I'm sorry. Shouldn't have spoken to you like that.

Arianna: It's okay. It is. I understand.

Sami: Okay, so we know it's not Stefano. Maybe it is Nicole. You know, maybe you could give her truth serum and we could get her to admit that she did it!

Rafe: No. Sami, no. Honestly, I don't think that it was Nicole. I paid her a visit last night, too, and the woman's... she's a mess. She's as worried about Sydney as we are.

Sami: You understand that if it's not Nicole and if it's not Stefano then we're back at square one.

Rafe: Well, she did come up with something, but, uh...

Sami: What? No, just tell me, what?

Rafe: The woman who took Sydney... well, she remembers seeing her when she was walking away. She just saw her boots. But, apparently, these boots are very distinctive, so distinctive that they're actually looking for 'em in high-end stores right now.

Sami: Are you serious? Boots? That's what we have to go on? Boots?

Rafe: Sami, it's something, okay?

Sami: No, it's not something! We are running out of time! God, you know better than anyone that the more time goes by, the less chance we have of finding her. We just have to think. Who would want my child?

Anna: This is your Uncle Tony. Yeah. That's the best man I ever knew.

Sydney: [Babbles]

Anna: Intelligent, charming, and so very loving. Yes. But, you know, being a DiMera was very hard for him. He suffered with it his whole life, and in the end, it's what eventually destroyed him. Thank God you'll never have to suffer like that, hmm?

[Kisses] No. Tickle, tickle. Tickle, tickle.

Sydney: [Giggling]

Anna: Tickle, tickle.

Gabi: Hey.

Will: Gabi, hey. Last-minute Christmas shopping?

Gabi: Yeah. Almost done. What about you?

Will: Nah. I usually wait till Christmas Eve to do that.

Gabi: I'm sure it isn't easy getting in the holiday spirit this year.

Will: No.

Gabi: Are they any closer to finding your sister?

Will: Not really.

Gabi: I'm sorry.

Will: Thanks. But I'm trying not to think about it too much and stay positive, not obsess over it... at least for tonight.

Gabi: What's tonight?

Will: Salem High winter dance, of course.

Gabi: Right. I heard about that. You taking someone?

Will: Yeah, I got a date. You know, uh, Mia McCormick?

Gabi: Yeah, I...just met her.

Will: Yeah, well, that's her. And I got a feeling it's gonna be a pretty fun night.

Mia: Hey, T.

Tad: Hey. Um, I was gonna call, but the whole reason I came is because I can't call.

Mia: Huh?

Tad: I don't have a phone. I think I left it here last night, or at least I hope so anyways.

Mia: Yeah, you did. It's on the table.

Tad: Cool. And, hey, thanks for organizing that study group, although it kind of got weird at the end. I mean, I'm not trying to defend Kinsey or anything, but she's a little oblivious, you know? She doesn't think a whole lot before she says things, and that's why it kind of comes out mean. Or, I mean, maybe she is mean. You know, that's a possibility, too. So, anyways, I felt bad that she was trying to make you talk about stuff that you want to forget. I mean, not that you can forget about it anyways. Mia, you even listening to me?

Mia: Um, yeah. T, I did something really stupid and horrible, and I don't know how to fix it.

Chloe: [Sighs] Well, I have to get going, but if I hear anything about Sydney, I promise I'll let you know.

Nicole: Thank you. And thank you so much for coming to see me.

Chloe: Of course. I'm gonna try to visit you on Christmas day, but...

Nicole: Okay, no, no, no, please, Chloe, don't. Look, I'm sure that you and Daniel have a lot of plans, and you must be so excited that you're spending your first Christmas together.

Chloe: Yeah, kind of.

Nicole: Okay, um, please do not hold back. I mean, just, you know, things are going so well for you, and I'm stuck in here. It's okay. Don't--don't feel guilty.

Chloe: It's just... it's sad that you're here all alone.

Nicole: Please don't worry about me, Chloe. Please.

Chloe: Hey, you know what? I'm gonna talk to Brady again and try to change his mind about coming to visit you.

Nicole: No, no, no. He's made it very clear that he doesn't want to see me again, and I'm just gonna have to live with that.

EJ: I hope you can understand. Sorry, but I really... don't know what got into me, but when Samantha and I thought that my father had Sydney, obviously, it was terribly painful, but we still had hope that we'd get her back. Now that we don't know who has her, it's kind of hard to be hopeful. Anyway... ahem, that does not excuse my taking it out on you.

Arianna: Look, I--

EJ: Don't, please, no. Don't apologize.

Arianna: [Sighs]

EJ: It's what I deserve. It's what I get for rejecting my daughter. I just hope I have the chance to make it right.

Anna: Everyone must be suffering a great deal right now. Mmm. But soon, they'll be suffering much, much more. [Chuckles]

Carly: Would you leave it alone?

Bo: No, I'm not gonna let that piranha continue to terrorize you.

Carly: That's exactly what we're gonna do!

Bo: No, we're not!

Carly: Any kind of retaliation or confrontation is gonna provoke her even more. I need to keep my distance. From her. The less we engage with her, the less likely she is to find out why I'm here.

Bo: Yes, I understand that.

Carly: Oh, I don't think you understand. If you did, you'd know why we need to back off!

Bo: I am trying to tell you that if we go about this my way.

Carly: I don't need to do this!

Bo: Would you let me finish a sentence, please? [Frustrated sigh] Forgot what I was gonna say.

Carly: [Laughing] Well, there's a break.

Bo: Yeah--

Carly: [Laughing]

Bo: Why are you being so stubborn?

Carly: I am not being stubborn! I want you to see this from my perspective. This is about me. She's coming after me. Shouldn't I be the one to decide how to deal with this?

Bo: No.

Carly: No?

Bo: You can't be objective.

Carly: Oh, what, and you can? Mister calm and analytical. Mister never let's his feelings get in the way of anything, God forbid!

Bo: [Laughing]

Carly: What are you laughing at?

Bo: This is amazing.

Carly: What?

Bo: [Laughs] After all these years, you're still, uh... uh... impossible.

Carly: I better go.

Bo: What?

Carly: There was a picture here, a family picture-- you, Hope, and Ciara. What happened to it?

Bo: Uh...Hope took it.

Carly: Well, why? Why aren't you telling me?

Bo: I think it's over between the two of us.

Tad: So when Will asked you to the dance first, you said, "sure, great"?

Mia: Those weren't my exact words.

Tad: But that's the general idea?

Mia: Yes! Yes, it was the general idea.

Tad: Why are you gettin' mad at me?

Mia: I'm not! Ugh! I'm... mad at myself. I feel like a total idiot.

Tad: All right, let me get the facts here. When Chad asked you to the dance, you what? You forgot you said yes to Will first? I mean, do you have early dementia or something?

Mia: That's not funny.

Tad: I'm not trying to be. I'm just trying to figure this out, I mean... that is a little whack, don't you think?

Mia: Oh, great, now I'm whack on top of everything else? Thank you.

Tad: I'm just trying to be honest with you. I mean, what do you want me to say? You got two dates to the dance. Aren't you special?

Mia: I didn't expect you to approve, T. I just figured you would give me advice or something.

Tad: [Sighs] Advice. Let's see. I advise you call Chad and tell him that you can't go with him because you're goin' with Will.

Mia: Wow. What a great solution. You're really brilliant, you know that?

Tad: I mean, it's the only way to go as far as I can see. And just a little side note here. Chad is gonna be seriously offended, probably gonna throw one of his famous temper tantrums.

Mia: Dude, you're making this worse.

Tad: And then you're gonna have to come clean with Will and tell Will that you said yes to Chad, so there's another guy who's gonna be pissed at you. I'm just tryin' to be straight with you here. I mean, you did ask for my advice, right?

Mia: Yes. Yes, I did, and you're right, everything you said. And, T?

Tad: Yeah?

Mia: Let's just not tell Kinsey about this, 'Kay? 'Cause if she finds out what a jerk I was...

Tad: She's not gonna hear it from me, but I have a feeling she's gonna hear it from somebody.

Chad: You again.

Gabi: Hey, Chad. Um, shouldn't you be getting ready for the dance?

Chad: I still have time. You know, you should come, Gabi. You still have time. They're sellin' tickets at the door, and you can come hang out with Mia and me.

Gabi: You're going with Mia and Will Horton?

Chad: I'm sorry. Will? What does he have to do with anything?

Gabi: Isn't he taking Mia to the dance?

Sami: You know, when it was Stefano or Nicole that had Sydney, at least I could believe that she was gonna be safe and taken care of, but now? You know, any stranger? Who knows what they're gonna do to her? Do you know what people do to babies, what they could do to Sydney?

Rafe: All right, Sami. Sami, stop it, okay? Please. This is p-- see those presents under the tree? I want you to picture Sydney tearing into them, with her brothers and her sister and... when you start to lose faith, you just think of that, okay? You just hold onto that because it's gonna happen. It is going to happen. We're gonna get Sydney, okay? Believe me!

Sami: [Crying]

Rafe: Believe me.

Sami: Okay. I'll try.

Rafe: Okay.

[Cell phone rings]

Sami: What-- EJ, any news?

EJ: Samantha, listen, I need you and Rafe to come to the mansion as soon as possible. I have a plan.

Sami: [Sighs]

Bo: I shouldn't have said that. That's... and, uh, Hope would be upset that I, uh...

Carly: You confided in me?

Bo: Yeah, I... it--I wouldn't blame her. I mean, if I knew she was talkin' about our problems to somebody else, I would... it's just not right.

Carly: No, I understand. I do.

Bo: Yeah, well... wish I understood, you know, how this happened, how the two of us got to this point where... you know, I... keep goin' over it and over it in my head, and... how this got rolling, why it happened, and I just can't... come up with--

Carly: [Sniffles]

Bo: The thing is, Hope and I used to be able to just sit down and talk about stuff, and get to-- get to some resolve, but now it just--there's all this anger and resentment, and we just--

Carly: Yeah.

Bo: I'm sorry, it's-- here I go again. I'm not being fair to... to you and to, you know, burden you with this. It's not right.

Carly: I have to go.

Bo: Wait. What's wrong?

Carly: No, nothing. Nothing, I just have to--

Bo: What did I say that--

Carly: Nothing.

Bo: Why are you so upset?

Carly: [Crying] Because you're sitting there telling me that your marriage is over... and how much you regret saying it... and I regret how it makes me feel.

Bo: How does it make you feel?

Carly: Happy.

Chad: All right, look, uh, Mia's goin' to the dance with me, not Will. I don't even know where you got that from.

Gabi: [Laughs] You know, I... I must have misunderstood Will.

Chad: Mm.

Gabi: English is my second language, and you know boys. They always mumble. Anyway, I should go. Have fun tonight.

Chad: Uh...

Will: Hope they're still warm.

Mia: I'm sure it's fine.

Will: Is Aunt Maggie back?

Mia: Not yet.

Will: Well, maybe I should call her, see when she's gonna be home.

Mia: Um, Will, I have to tell you something.

Will: What?

Mia: [Sighs] I really hope you'll forgive me. Um, the weirdest thing happened.


Arianna: Oh, Gabi, hey.

Gabi: Hey.

Arianna: Oh, looks like you did some shoppin'. Anything in there for your big sis?

Gabi: Maybe.

Arianna: Mmm...hmm!

Gabi: You're in a good mood.

Arianna: It's Christmas time.

Gabi: You sure it's not Brady?

Arianna: Okay, a little of both.

Gabi: Did you get him a present yet?

Arianna: I have something in mind, actually, but it's not something that you can wrap.

Gabi: Why not? Too big?

Arianna: No. Something I want to do for him. But in order to pull it off, I'm gonna need your help.

Nicole: Brady, I didn't expect it. I thought I'd never see you again.

Brady: I know you were worried about Sydney.

Nicole: Have they found her?

Brady: No. An according to EJ, Stefano was not involved, either.

Nicole: But are they certain? I mean, Stefano did-- who else would take her?

Brady: I don't know. Nobody knows. The only lead they have is this woman that you mentioned, all right? But nobody knows anything about her, Nicole.

Nicole: I wish I could remember, Brady, because it's driving me crazy that my precious little-- that that little girl is out there with some stranger. I mean, that's all I see, day and night. That little angel, she's wondering where her mommy and daddy are, and I-- Brady, I know I have no right to ask you this... but I need you to promise me something.

Sami: Hey, sorry it took us so long, but we had to drop the twins off at the, uh, pub.

EJ: Actually, before I say what I want to say, Rafe, I'm sorry, can I say something to you? I, um... I leveled some rather inappropriate accusations at your sister this afternoon at the pub. The stress of this whole situation with Sydney, I think, is really getting to me. Anyway, we... we managed to sort it out, so, anyway, I'm sorry.

Rafe: Well, if Arianna forgave you, that's fine with me.

EJ: Thank you.

Sami: Anyway, let's talk about your plan. What is it?

EJ: I think that we need to-- I think that we need to have some kind of public announcement. We need to offer some cash. A large monetary reward if we can--

Rafe: Hold that thought.

[Cell phone rings]

Rafe: Sorry. Hello? Yeah. What? No, that's unbelievable.

Sami: What is it? What's going on?

Carly: I told you a hundred times, and I've told myself, I don't want to... come between you and Hope. I don't want to cause problems.

Bo: You don't have to say any more.

Carly: No, I do. Justin accused me of something the other day, and I reacted badly, and I realize now it's because he was right.

Bo: Princess, it's--

Carly: Bo, let me finish this. I have been stuffing these feelings down for so long, hoping they would just go away. And now you tell me that your marriage might be over, and I can't--I can't deny it. I'm falling in love with you... again. And now I really have to go.

Bo: No. No, you don't.

Will: Yeah, no. Uh-huh. No, the extra tickets should, uh... they should be under your table. Okay. Yeah, no problem. Bye. I'm sorry. That was dance committee stuff.

Mia: It's okay.

Will: So, uh, what was that weird thing that you needed to tell me?

Mia: Uh, well, it's hard to explain.

[Knock at door]

Mia: Hold on. Chad.

Chad: Will? I'm so glad that you're here. Uh, I think it's time we all have a little chat.

Will: About what?

Chad: Well, it seems to me that there is some confusion about what's goin' on tonight, so let's have Mia clear everything up for us. Mia? Who you takin' to the dance, me or Will?

Arianna: So, I was hoping that Mom and the rest of the family would come to Salem for Christmas, but since that's not gonna happen, I was thinking that I would make some homemade tamales. You know, keep up the family tradition.

Gabi: Yeah, okay. Cool.

Arianna: All right, and I was thinkin', you know, Rafe would appreciate a reminder of home, especially with what he and Sami are going through right now, so...

Gabi: And, of course, Brady is gonna really like that, too. [Laughs] Because as mom always said, the way to a man's heart...

Arianna: Is through his stomach, yeah. Ugh, I hate that expression. I just want him to experience some homemade tamales.

Gabi: [Speaking Spanish]

Arianna: Gracias. [Speaking Spanish]

Nicole: Brady, I need to know that... that you won't stop searching for her... even if everyone else gives up hope that you will not stop until you find her. Please. Please promise me.

Brady: I promise.

Sami: What did they say?

Rafe: They said that the description Nicole gave matches up with a very expensive pair of boots.

EJ: Come on, that's nothing we don't know already.

Rafe: No, no, no, no, but here's the thing. There was only a limited amount of them ever made. In fact, only one pair was ever sold in Salem... to a woman that both of you know very well.

Anna: Oh... I am sorry I've been so busy this morning, sweet Sydney. But as soon as I get finished with my Christmas greeting, I'll sing you some carols. Would you like that? Oh, darling, sweet Sydney, you and I are about to spend our first Christmas together, and Auntie Anna is going to make it very special for you. That's a promise.

Will: Who do you really want to go to the dance with, Mia?

Mia: [Scoffs]

Sami: Just tell me where she is!

Anna: Smile for me, yeah. Perfect.

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