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Bo: I don't understand Hope. I mean, it's... it's Christmas. [Sigh] I miss my family.

Carly: I know. [Chuckles] Hey, come on, you're hurting, but there's still a chance. There's always a chance when two people love each other the way you and Hope do. Hey. Come on, don't give up. Don't ever give up.

Justin: [Sighs] Why am I the one that has to tell him? [Sighs]

Hope: Hey. Justin, what's going on?

Justin: Oh...uh... I was, um--

Hope: Just standing out in the cold. Why?

Sami: EJ, where’s Rafe? Oh, my God, what is going on?

EJ: Police think Mama Fay here helped Nicole take Sydney.

Fay: I swear it is not true.

EJ: It's interesting you say that because they found all this evidence in your car that doesn't really support that statement. I mean, they found a bus ticket, and they found a wig, and they found children's toys.

Sami: Oh, my God!

EJ: Let me ask you something. Do you have any idea what it means to cross a DiMera? Do you know? Do you know what we do to people? Now you're gonna tell me everything that you know, and you're gonna tell me right now.

Fay: [Breathing shakily]

Rafe: Don't just stand there staring at me. Tell me where she is. Where is Sydney? You listen to me, you selfish bitch. You are gonna tell me where Sydney is if it's the last thing that you do. Do you hear me?

Brady: Rafe, Rafe, Rafe.

Rafe: Am I clear, huh?

Brady: Take it easy. She doesn't know anything, man.

Rafe: Like hell she doesn't.

Brady: Leave her alone. Don't hurt her, come on.

Arianna: Rafe.

Rafe: All right, why don't you two just stay out of this, okay? Let me do my job.

Nicole: Sydney's still out there...

Rafe: Yeah?

Nicole: And nobody has a clue where she is. And without--without Sydney-- I have nothing to live for.

Brady: Nicole? Nicole?

Fay: Look, all I wanted to do was to help Nicole get her baby out of the country. That's what the disguise and the bus tickets were for.

EJ: Yes, I think we worked that part out, thank you.

Fay: But Sydney disappearing was not part of the plan.

EJ: I don't understand why we should believe a word you say.

Fay: Why would I lie? Look...the police are gonna find Nikki, and she's gonna tell you. And she will explain to you that I never saw her or the baby after she left--

Sami: Wait, wait, stop! The police are gonna find her? What is that about?

EJ: Samantha, hold on.

Sami: What happened to Nicole? She’s not--

EJ: But it's fine. Rafe and half the police department are looking--

Sami: What, how can that happen?

EJ: They're going--she's not gonna get very far in her condition, sweetheart. Believe me, it's not a problem.

Sami: Oh, my God, Nicole is the only one who might know where Sydney is. What if something happens to her? What if we never find Sydney now?

Brady: Nicole, come on. Oh, God, no. Come on, Nicole. Nicole, wake up. Nicole?

Justin: Well, I just came by to pick up a case file. What are you two beautiful ladies doing?

Hope: Bo texted us and said the Christmas tree was ready to decorate! Huh? I know she's in her jammies, I know, I know. But she begged me, and you know Mommy, she caved in. Big surprise there, huh? Come on, we better go in. It's freezing out here!

Justin: Um...

Ciara: Daddy!

Bo: Well, hey sugarplum! I thought you'd be in bed by now sleeping. I wasn't quite expecting you.

Hope: You texted us. You said to come over.

Bo: Yeah.

Hope: I'm sorry, is this not a good time?

Bo: No, it's a great time 'cause the Christmas tree is here. So come on, let's go decorate.

Hope: Come on, sweetheart.

Bo: Hey, you got some new jammies, huh?

Ciara: Mommy, what’s she still doing here?

Will: Mia, uh...

Mia: Uh, I should've called first, but I was passing by. If you don't want me here, though, I can...

Will: Uh, no, I didn't say that.

Mia: I am so sorry that your little sister's missing. And, um...I was wondering if there was anything I could do to help.

Kate: [Sighs]

Stefano: [Sighs]

Kate: Any word? [Sighs] Stefano.

Stefano: Every minute lost is just that much harder to find her.

Kate: No. No, you can't think like that. I’m not going to let you think like that.

Stefano: [Sighs]

Kate: You have to be positive.

Stefano: Your support means everything to me, Katherine.

Nicole: [Faint sigh]

Brady: Nicole?

Rafe: Wake up, Nicole.

Brady: Come on, can you stand up?

Rafe: You can't just close your eyes and make this go away.

Brady: Come on, let's get up.

Rafe: Clock's ticking.

Rafe: You say you love Sydney, then help us find her, Nicole. Help us find her. You’re going to be going away to prison. You’re going away to prison for a long time and you’re never gonna see Sydney again.

Brady: Listen... Sydney's depending on you to take care of her, and I know you wanna do that. So you need to tell us if you know something. The time is now. Where's the baby? Where's Sydney?

Hope: Sweetie, that's impolite.

Carly: It's okay, she was just asking a question.

Hope: It's not her place. Honey, Daddy can have company if he wants.

Ciara: But, mommy--

Bo: Hey, little one. You always love hanging those icicles on the tree, so why don't we see if we can go find them, huh? Should be in one of these boxes. Justin, you here to help trim the tree too?

Justin: No, no. I just came by to pick up the case file. But I can do it later. In fact, I ran into Hope and Ciara outside the door. Carly, what do you say we give the family some time to themselves?

Carly: Absolutely.

Bo: That file is on the kitchen table.

Justin: Oh, thanks.

Bo: Hey. Let's get that scarf off and coat off so we can start trimming the tree, huh?

Ciara: Come on, Mommy.

Hope: Oh sweetheart, um…Mommy's not staying.

Mia: Mr. Horton, I didn't know you were home.

Lucas: Yeah. Yeah, I'm back. Will you do me a huge favor, will you check on the twins for me real quick? I thought I heard something.

Will: Okay.

Lucas: Thanks. Mia, it's really good to see you.

Mia: It's good to see you too. I'm glad you're doing well.

Lucas: Thanks. And in the spirit of my 12 step program, I have some amends to make, so...

Mia: Okay.

Lucas: I just would like to apologize to you. For judging you. Or misjudging you. You don't have to accept my apology. It's just, you know, something I needed to say.

Mia: Don't worry about it.

Lucas: Well, good. So now that that's out of the way, what’s up with you and Will?

Mia: What--what about us?

Lucas: Well, I know he--he feels really badly about what happened between you two. Don't worry, he didn't say anything to me. He doesn't talk like that to his dad. But I just--you know, I think you guys should get back together. You know, maybe give it another chance or something.

Will: Wha--Dad!

EJ: Samantha, do you really think this woman is being straight with us? This woman allowed her husband to abuse her daughter, who got some kind of income for her by offering her up as some pornographic star.

Sami: That is exactly my point! I mean, she didn't even the guts to call the cops on her own husband. She may have wanted to help Nicole, but she certainly doesn't have it in her.

Fay: Little bitch!

Sami: Excuse me?

Fay: How dare you judge me! Neither one of you know what really happened.

EJ: Samantha had nothing to do with this. Nothing. Nicole engineered this little catastrophe all by herself.

Sami: It's okay, EJ. It doesn't matter what--

EJ: Wait a second, Samantha. Let me tell you something. If there's one thing your daughter is very good at doing, it is bringing pain into other people's lives. So don't you dare blame anybody but Nicole for this. Least of all Samantha-- who, unlike you, is a wonderful, loving, and caring mother and had nothing, nothing to do with this whatsoever!

Nicole: [Sobbing] I don't know where she is! God, if I only did, I would...

Brady: Shh. [Whispering]

Nicole: [Crying]

Brady: Shh, stop. Listen. Hey, I had a long flight here to get the truth, and I'm getting the truth out of you, Nicole. Come on. Tell me.

Nicole: Brady... you're the only one who... who knows me, and the only one who cares. [Sniffs] I'm so sorry I got you involved in my horrible mess of a life. And yes...

Brady: Nicole.

Nicole: It's terribly unfair to you. And just wait... let me finish. I will regret it for the rest of my life if I ever hurt you. If I ever caused you any pain, Brady. Because I love you. And you're the best friend that I have ever had.

Brady: Can I have a--let me have a minute with her, okay? Alone? If that's true, and if you've ever really loved me, Nicole... then this is done. You tell me where my sister's baby is and let's end this nightmare now, okay?

Nicole: [Crying]

Bo: Hope, stay.

Ciara: Mommy, please.

Hope: Of course. Of course I'll stay, honey.

Will: Hey, leave her alone.

Lucas: Will, relax, alright?

Will: Hey no, I don't want you talking to her, okay? Understand? You have no right.

Lucas: I have a right. I happen to be your father. I think I have a right.

Mia: Will, just stop.

Will: No, I won't stop, okay? He has no business judging anyone.

Lucas: Okay.

Mia: He wasn't judging me. He was being really nice. He was actually apologizing.

Will: What?

Mia: Yeah. Your dad said he felt sorry for what I'd gone through. But he shouldn’t. Because I brought it on myself. And now, because of what I did, so many people are suffering. So I'm the one who's sorry. More sorry than you'll ever know.

Stefano: One must always stay several steps ahead. That is the key.

Kate: Oh, dear. Now you're going to take my knight, aren't you?

Stefano: And this time I don't know how the hell I lost control.

Kate: Stefano. I thought that playing chess was going to calm you down.

Stefano: Nothing is going to calm me down, all right? Not until my granddaughter is found. What are you looking at me for? Stare at the board, don't stare at me. Unless you want to lose your queen.

Kate: I don't want to lose you! [Sigh] This stress isn't good for you.

Stefano: My own son. Even if this girl is found, even if this child--when this child is found... he's going to try to keep her out of my life. [Scoffs]

Kate: Stefano, EJ is very, very upset. He's not in his right mind right now.

Stefano: Yeah, well, he damn well better get into his right mind real fast. Because I'm not going to be putting up with his--any of his selfish crap anymore. The arrogant bastard. [Sighs] Sydney DiMera is my grandchild. And no one is going to take her out of my life. And you just lost your queen.

Kate: Alright, give me your hand, please. Please, for me. Take one long, deep breath. Please.

Stefano: [Inhales] [Exhales] [Crying] I'm sorry, I just keep seeing her sweet smile. And... I know the way that she used to look in my eyes when I held her. Oh, God! Keep this beautiful child safe. [Heavy breath] Let me tell you something. When she is found... I am going to fight Elvis. I am going to fight Samantha. I will fight them all to keep her in my life… and I will win.

Kate: Of that...I have no doubt.

Sami: Hey, Dad, anything?

Roman: The Cleveland P.D. was able to trace Fay’s movements. According to the reports, she wasn't anywhere near the bus station at the time of Sydney’s disappearance.

EJ: This just gets better and better

Roman: There is encouraging news, though. Rafe tracked down Nicole.

Sami: Where?

Roman: At the bus station. And apparently, he is questioning her as we speak. Should be bringing Nicole back to us shortly.

Sami: Did he say anything? Did Nicole say anything about where Sydney--

Roman: That's all I know so far, sweetheart. And right now, I need to go deal with Fay.

Sami: EJ, I need you to promise me something.

EJ: Of course. What?

Sami: You have to promise me that you are not going to protect me from the truth about anything. Look, I'm... I'm Sydney’s mother. And I need to know everything.

EJ: Of course. We're in this together, right?

Nicole: Um...Brady... if I knew where Sydney was, and I didn't--and I didn't tell the police, that would make me a monster. Do you--do you think that I'm a monster?

Brady: No.

Nicole: Then you understand. I know you do. That in spite of all the horrible mistakes that I have made... that I still have a heart. Otherwise, I couldn't-- I couldn't love Sydney the way that I do. And I couldn't love you. And after I--after I spoke to you on the phone, after I had taken Sydney, you made me think twice about taking her to Canada. You made me think twice about everything.

Brady: I know. I heard it in your voice, I know.

Nicole: And that's why I had to call Sami, because you made me realize that what I was doing was insane. And it was wrong. And I was standing right in there using that pay phone.

Brady: I know. I was there when you made the call. I know you called Sami.

Nicole: So you see? I was trying. I was trying to do what you wanted me to, Brady. But before I could say a word, everything went black. And when I woke up in the hospital, nobody knew where my baby was. Sami--Sami’s baby. That was the most frightening moment of my life.

Brady: This is the last place you saw her, right? Yeah?

Nicole: I-I thought if I came down here, and I wracked my brain, that I could--

Brady: What? What? Nicole, do you remember something?

Nicole: For a second, I had a blurry image. But... I--I couldn't make it out. No, I can’t. I can't remember, Brady. I can’t... [Crying] Oh, my God! What have I done? All I wanted to do was to keep Sydney safe. And now I--

Brady: I know, I know. Come here. It’s ok. It’s over. It’s over.

Nicole: No, Brady.

Brady: I'm here.

Nicole: [Crying] If anything happens to Sydney because of what I've done, I'll never forgive...

Arianna: She's telling the truth, Rafe. She doesn't know where the baby is.

Nicole: [Crying]

Rafe: Let's go.

Nicole: [Crying]

Rafe: Come on.

Nicole: Where are we going?

Rafe: Well, there's no point in staying here if you're not gonna tell us anything, now is there?

Nicole: [Sniffling, crying]

Hope: Hey, sweetheart, you know what I think would be great? If you picked out some of your favorite Christmas carols and put a playlist together.

Bo: You know how to do that?

Hope: Are you kidding, she's an expert. I have it right here. Take that to your room and we'll play all the songs you picked later, okay?

Ciara: Okay.

Bo: Okay, see you in

Hope: Don't do that again.

Bo: What'd I do?

Hope: Put her on the spot. It's unfair to her.

Bo: Unfair-- Hope, I would like her to think her parents at least get along.

Hope: Yeah, well, she's a smart girl. She knows things aren't right.

Bo: [Stammers]

Justin: Well, we’re off. Have fun decorating.

Bo: Thanks, bye.

Justin: Hope, I'll see you over at Victor's.

Hope: Yeah. Oh, um, Justin, I need to talk to you about something. Later.

Justin: Sure. Merry merry.

Carly: Good night.

Hope: Merry merry.

Bo: Alone at last.

Will: [Sigh]: So, um how did the rest of the cross country season go?

Will: It was great. I mean, the last two races were personal bests for me, so...

Mia: That's great.

Will: And now I'm... on the planning committee for the winter dance.

Mia: [Giggles] You are?

Will: Yeah. Okay, I got roped into it. Don't laugh.

Mia: Right, but it'll look good on your transcripts. You know, when you apply to college. 'Cause they say the, you know, more you're into that stuff...

Will: Yeah, that's true. Good point.

Mia: Yeah. So when is the dance?

Will: I mean, I'm not sure about the exact date or anything, but... I'll probably not go anyway.

Mia: Will, you should go. Especially 'cause you're on the planning committee for it. Or are you worried that Sydney won't be home by then?

Will: No, it's not that. I mean, I'm sure she will be.

Mia: Me too.

Will: It's just...

Mia: It's just what?

Will: I mean, I wouldn't wanna go to the dance with anyone else but you.

Mia: Are you asking me to go?

Will: [Nervous chuckle] Yeah. I mean, but... no pressure. If you don’t want to—

Mia: No, no, no, no, no. Yes. I want to. I'll go with you.


Kate: Mm. So now you have access to my bishop and then my king. I guess I need to move my knight. Stefano?

Stefano: You see this? This is what my granddaughter has become to people who claim that they love her!

Kate: I was afraid we were coming back to that.

Stefano: She is not a pawn in a game, damn it! She's a little girl. Flesh and blood. And I am never going to allow her to be used like this again. Did you make a move?

Kate: Yes, I did. I moved my king.

Stefano: Alright. Checkmate. I won.

Kate: You always win.

EJ: Hey, I want you to know something. If--if my father had anything to do with this, I'm gonna make sure he pays.

Sami: I know you will. But... don't put yourself in any danger, okay, EJ? What? What's that look for?

EJ: No. Just...surprised that you cared, I guess.

Sami: I don't, not really. I just, um...

EJ: Okay.

Sami: Thinking about Johnny. You're his dad. And you're--you're Sydney’s dad. And they need you.

EJ: Yeah. Quite.

Brady: Hey.


Carly: So... going home for Christmas?

Justin: Actually... I was thinking of sticking around town. Adrienne and the kids are, um, doing a little traveling. How about you? Nicolas coming in?

Carly: No, no. He's not coming home, and I didn't really wanna push it. Especially after what happened with his father.

Justin: Oh, yeah. I understand.

Carly: Well, that's strange.

Justin: What's that?

Carly: I just called Salem his home.

Justin: Yeah, it's been a long time since Salem was home to either one of us.

Carly: Well, you know, at least you have family here. I really have no one.

Justin: Well, you have Bo.

Carly: Well, I was talking about family. Bo is a great friend.

Justin: Mm.

Carly: Mm, what are you thinking?

Justin: Well, it's just that you've been all over the world, and you've lived in many different cities and countries.

Carly: Uh-huh? What’s your point?

Justin: Well, just that when you had to leave Lawrence’s country, you chose to come back here to Salem.

Carly: Why is that so surprising?

Justin: Well, actually, it's not. Makes total sense. You came back here to see Bo.

Carly: Well, I told you, Bo is a friend.

Justin: No. It's more than that. You still love him, Carly. Admit it. You never stopped loving him.

Bo: There you go. That one's secure. I think that's the last one. Hey there, little one? Would you do me a huge favor? Run into the kitchen and get some of those Christmas cookies. And... take your time, will you? 'Cause your Mommy and I need to talk about a surprise gift for you.

Ciara: What is it?

Bo: Well, if I told you, it wouldn't be a surprise, now, would it? That's why your Mommy and I need a little time to talk, okay? Scoot.

Hope: [Sniffles] Thank you.

Bo: Yeah. They played this song at one of our weddings.

Hope: Yeah. Christmas Eve. That's when we renewed our wedding vows.

Bo: Christmas. Your birthday. Our anniversary. The anniversary of Zack's death. I don't wanna go through that alone.

Hope: You won’t. You're not alone.

Nicole: Mom! Why--why is she here?

Fay: Nikki. Why did you lie to me? You said that baby was yours. And now she's missing because I helped you.

Nicole: Mom, this is not your fault. I'm sorry, I was on--I was on the train--

Roman: Officer.

Nicole: Where are you taking me?

Officer: Doctors wanna check you out.

Sami: I just hope right now that wherever Sydney is, she knows--that she knows how much we love her, and we are doing everything we can to get her back.

Rafe: I know. She knows. She knows.

Ciara: I got the cookies.

Bo: Oh, great! Thanks, little one. Bring them on over.

Hope: Come here, sweetheart. Help Mommy go through this old ornament box. We'll pick out the best ones and put them on the tree, okay?

Ciara: What is that?

Hope: Oh, that's mistletoe.

Ciara: Can we hang it up, please?

Hope: Um, no. No, I don't think so, sweetheart.

Ciara: Why not?

Hope: Well, it's old, and dried up, and... it's lost its magic.

Carly: I called Bo and you, because you two were the only two people I trusted to help me.

Justin: But now that your problem is solved, what? You decided Salem is such an amazing, dynamic city that you just can't tear yourself away?

Carly: Well, you know, no money, no credit, no job. It's kind of hard for me to sign up for an around-the-world cruise at this point.

Justin: But you have friends all over the world-- Jennifer, your brother, Frankie.

Carly: I really hate the phrase "passive-aggressive," it's a little tired by now. But it's the only thing that keeps coming to my mind.

Justin: Passive-aggressive?

Carly: All the innocent, friendly questions, the sly, disingenuous grin on your face.

Justin: [Laughing]

Carly: Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh. Just say it. Just say it. If you think I should leave Salem, just say it to me. Be direct, okay? Don't smile, and joke, and be cute. Say it.

Justin: Okay, I will say it. I think if you really don't want to come between Bo and Hope—which of course, is what you're claiming--then I think you should get the hell out of Salem. Was that direct enough for you?

Bo: Okay, perfect!

Hope: Way to go, sweetheart. How'd you get it so straight?

Ciara: Daddy helped me.

Bo: Yeah, you give me too much credit. It was all you, baby.

Hope: Mm-mm. Someone's getting very sleepy. All right, sweetheart, come on, it’s time to go.

Ciara: Daddy?

Bo: Huh?

Ciara: Where is Santa going to come this year?

Bo: You mean where is he gonna leave your presents?

Hope: You know what sweetheart? Here, let me help you with your jacket. What's gonna happen is you're gonna come downstairs at Grandpa Victor's house, and there are gonna be presents there for you and then you know what else? There are gonna be presents here waiting for here for you, too. What do you think about that? A great idea? Okay, sweetheart, give your daddy a big kiss. Tell him you love him.

Ciara: I love you, Daddy.

Bo: I love you too, little one. More than anything in the world.

EJ: Now listen, okay? Don't do anything until I call. Hey. Hey. Don’t do anything until I call. Don’t breathe until I say so. You'll get your instructions when the time is right. Until then, you make sure you are available at all times. Is that clear? Good.

Brady: Roman... is she, um...?

Roman: Yeah, she's going to jail. This time no bail. This is it.

Nicole. Wait, Roman, please. I... I just want to tell you all something. Something important.

Hope: Come on, sweetheart. Let's go.

Bo: Uh, I’ll call you tomorrow. Sleep tight. Don’t let the bedbugs…bite.

Carly: You are way out of line.

Justin: You wanted me to be direct.

Carly: Accusing me of going after a married man when you have zero evidence that I'm doing anything of the sort.

Justin: I saw you two tonight, Carly. You and Bo through the door window. I was about ready to ring the bell.

Carly: You saw us? What did you see?

Justin: [Scoffs] You really want me to describe it?

Carly: Really, tell me what you saw.

Justin: All right, let's just drop it.

Carly: Oh, no, no, no. Let's not drop it.

Justin: You know, maybe-- okay, maybe you were just offering some comfort. I mean, Bo misses his wife and his daughter and, you know, maybe you were-- no. No, I don't believe that for a second. So in the interest of not being disingenuous or passive-aggressive, I will tell you that what I saw was a connection between you and Bo, which convinces me that you never stopped loving him and you want him back.

Carly: All right, well, since we're in the direct mode. Um, weren't you yourself only supposed to be in Salem for just a few weeks, Justin? And how is it that just as your marriage crashes and burns, you end up living in the same house as Hope?

Justin: [Chuckles] Oh, no, no, no, no. We are not making this about me.

Carly: Well, let's admit it. Come on. You're not interrogating me because you're concerned about Bo and Hope's marriage. You want to know if and when Hope is available because you want her for yourself.

Justin: [Chuckles]

Nicole: I just want to say that... I understand why you all think that-- there was a time when I would have done anything to keep Sydney away from you and EJ. And I thought the worst that would happen is she would be taken from me. And I realized-- I realize, Sami, that I'd rather Sydney be in your arms than wherever she is right now. And I want her to be with her Mommy and Daddy. I want that more than anything now, Sami. I am so sorry. I'm so sorry, Sami.

EJ: Get her out of here.

Roman: All right, you're done, Nicole. Let's go. Come on. Let’s go.

Arianna: You did everything that you could.

Brady: It wasn't enough.

Sami: I, um-- I have to call Will and, um, let him know that we haven't found her. So come on.

Rafe: No, no. Hey. Let's go home and tell Will in person.

Sami: What?

Rafe: There's nothing more we can do here anyway. Tell Will, the rest of the kids. You tell 'em Sydney’s coming home, okay? We'll have a great homecoming for her. It's what she deserves. It's what she's gonna get. Right?

Sami: Yeah. Let's go home.

Rafe: Come on.

Maggie: You are desperate to stay in Salem and I'd like to know why.

Sami: The more I think about it, the more I am convinced Stefano is behind this.

EJ: You tell me where she is, you sick bastard!

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