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Days of Our Lives Transcript Tuesday 12/8/09 - Canada; Wednesday 12/9/09 - U.S.A.


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Justin: Hope, hey.

Hope: Hey. I'm taking hot chocolate home for Ciara. One for me too.

Justin: Sounds good.

Hope: Though I doubt it's gonna be good for everything. Bo and I were supposed to help Ciara decorate the Christmas tree today, but it fell through.

Justin: Why, what happened?

Hope: Carly happened.

Justin: But I thought she moved out.

Hope: Oh, she did. She did move out. But my guess is she's moving right back in as we speak.

Carly: Well, you were right once again. I mean, you warned me not to rush trying to move into Maggie's.

Bo: Well, you wanted to be close to your daughter.

Carly: Yeah. Problem is, now I think she actually hates me.

Victor: So that's your plan? To make Carly suffer through a long, painful revenge?

Vivian: I can't do it alone, Victor. Would you like to help me?

Victor: Do you need to ask?

Vivian: I knew you'd be on board.

Victor: Well, I'll certainly enjoy watching, and helping if I can. But my question remains the same--how do you intend to make it happen?

Vivian: Let me show you something.

Rafe: Nicole. Nicole! Damn it. Hey. Did Nicole get taken down for tests or something? 'Cause she's not in there.

Officer: I don't think so.

EJ: What do you mean, she's not in there? The girl could barely focus. How could she go anywhere?

Rafe: She's gone.

EJ: How could she get past you?

Rafe: [Sighs] Oh, my God.

Nicole: Oh. I have to find Sydney. Oh.

Brady: It doesn't sound too promising, Commander. I mean, what, all the leads are going cold here?

Peter: I'm afraid so.

Brady: What about the stakeout at Nicole's mother's place? I mean, nothing?

Roman: You know what, Brady, I'm sure that Commander Hogan will keep us up to speed. When he hears something, so will we. Thanks for the update, Peter.

Peter: You bet. Do me a favor, keep your cell phones on.

Roman: We'll do that.

Brady: All right. Thanks, Commander.

Roman: Thanks again. [Sighs] I'm glad Sami wasn't around to hear that. It's been hard enough on her as it is.

Brady: How's she holding up?

Roman: Well, I got her a motel room close to the hospital. Hopefully she went there and got some rest.

Brady: Roman, how could I have been so stupid?

Roman: Oh, come on, Brady. You didn't know Nicole switched babies, and forget about bailing her out. Let's focus on what we can do right now, okay? Like, maybe you should talk to Nicole again.

Brady: Yeah, yeah, that's a good idea. Maybe the drugs have worn off and she's more coherent.

Roman: I don't know whether to believe she's hiding that baby or if she really is clueless.

Brady: And judging from the head injury and how upset she was, Roman, I gotta tell you, I think she's telling the truth. She can't be responsible for all this. She just can't be.

Rafe: See, this was open. Open.

EJ: Come on.

Officer: But it was locked.

Rafe: [Scoffs] Yes, it was locked, but it was a simple lock, and anyone could pick it. She knows where Sydney is. Lock this place down. No one gets out until we've searched every floor.

Nicole: I might need these.

Roman: Okay, where is that? All right, I'm on my way. Cleveland P.D. has another person of interest down at the train station. Probably another dead end, but I will check it out.

Brady: All right. All right, I'll--I'll be at the hospital.

Roman: Okay, remember what I said. Forget about what happened. Focus on what we do now. Okay?

Brady: Will do, Roman.

Roman: All right.

Brady: Ari, what in the hell are you doing here?

Arianna: Oh, I'm here, you know, to help Sami. I feel like everybody should be trying to find Sydney, so I thought that if I just... um... no, I'm sorry. That's not the real reason that I'm here. I mean, of course, yes, I want to help, but, um... the real reason I came is you.

Brady: Me? Um, Ari, Ari, I'm sorry. I thought you told me that you were out of my life or something like that.

Arianna: I guess I'm just trying to understand. Because you say that you love me, but, at the same time, you're saying things like you may never be able to get Nicole out of your heart, so I'm just-- what am I supposed to do with that? Because I can't live with it. I can't.

Rafe: Well, there's no sign of Nicole anywhere in the hospital.

EJ: Shocking.

Rafe: Doesn't mean she's not here, though.

EJ: Hey, Rafe, wait, wait. What are you looking at? Hmm? So this is the finest Cleveland has to offer, is it?

Officer: Sir, the door was locked when I checked. The other one has been closed the whole time.

EJ: Stop groveling. It's pathetic. If it makes you feel any better, you're not the first man she took advantage of, so... I wonder if she knows where my daughter is.

Rafe: Could be anyone's. Son of a... she did it. She got away.

Justin: So Carly's going to be checking into the Salem Inn?

Hope: That's what she said.

Justin: But you don't believe it.

Hope: Oh, I wouldn't trust Carly Manning for the time of day.

Justin: Oh, come on.

Carly: Everything's a big secret with her. Oh, speaking of secrets, she was trying to rent a room at my Aunt Maggie's house. Can you believe that? She never said a word to me. And she certainly had plenty of opportunity.

Justin: But why would she?

Hope: Because they're my family.

Justin: But it's not like you'd have veto power or anything.

Hope: Well, thank God someone did. I just spoke to Mia McCormick. She works here, and she's staying at my Aunt Maggie's. And from what I could gather, she didn't want her to stay there either.

Justin: Why not?

Hope: I don't know. She wasn't all that specific. But the bottom line, though, she said she didn't trust her. Girl has good instincts, doesn't she?

Justin: Well, Carly does come with a lot of baggage. Whereas you and I, we just have carry-on. What are you thinking?

Hope: That my gut reaction might have been right about why Carly came back to town. It's nothing to do with a big secret. She came back to take my husband.

Carly: I don't even know what I expected, you know, but for her to be so hostile like that.

Bo: I'm sorry. That must have hurt.

Carly: And the other girl was there. She didn't want me to move in either. I mean, talk about feeling welcome.

Bo: Hey, come on. If she had know that you're her mother, known what you've gone through to protect her.

Carly: She can't. She can never know. I told you Lawrence had become more and more obsessed with the fact that I betrayed him all those years ago. He just wanted my child dead. Believe me, he would have done anything to make it happen.

Bo: And you're absolutely sure he never said anything to Vivian about her?

Carly: Yeah. He was mortified by what I did to him, and he didn't want to talk to anybody about it, much less Vivian. So, you know, I think that if I can keep this locked up tight, Vivian will never know.

Vivian: This is the letter that Lawrence wrote before he died.

Victor: To whom was it written?

Vivian: I'll let you guess. "What you have done to me will never be forgiven, you whore. This shame you have brought upon me is unbearable, unending, and do not think you will escape the punishment you deserve. The proof of your sins will be destroyed. There will be blood."

Victor: That's it?

Vivian: No, he tried to write more, but he couldn't.

Victor: I assume the secret he was talking about was an affair.

Vivian: Well, I think it's rather obvious. The things that Carly did after the murder makes one wonder whether she didn't betray Lawrence with Bo.

Rafe: Nicole DiMera's I.D. bracelet. I found it in a storage room along with the discarded robes, so my guess is she's probably wearing someone else's clothes about now.

Officer: Commander, an employee just reported a stolen parka.

Peter: I guess we know who took it and what she is wearing.

EJ: Well, that's just great, isn't it?

Rafe: EJ, don't say a word about this to Sami yet, okay? I'll be in touch.

EJ: Commander. Okay, you need to set up a one-man--no, you need to set up a two-man perimeter around this building. You listen to me? Thank you. She's probably still on foot. And you're gonna find my daughter, you hear me?

[Coins jangling]

Nicole: Oh. Oh, Mama, I need your help.

Fay: Hi, this is Fay. Please leave a message, and I'll get back to you.

Nicole: [Gasps] Oh, my God. Oh, my God, this is where it happened. No. No, please, I have to find Sydney. [Weeps] I have to find her.

Justin: I think you're wrong, Hope. I believe there really is a secret, and I think it involves something very dangerous. Don't forget, when Carly arrived in this town, she was running from a murder charge.

Hope: That's all over. And she still won't say what's going on.

Justin: Okay, I can see that you're angry, so let's just try to be constructive, shall we? Do you have a plan? Some way to fix this?

Hope: I'm gonna crack the code. I'm gonna find out what Carly's secret is, and then I'm...

Justin: Then you're...what? Hope.

Carly: Bo, you don't know what it's like, knowing that my daughter is right there, she's so close, but never being able to share or know anything about her life.

Bo: You think being in the same house would have been enough?

Carly: It's all I can get.

Bo: Well, that I understand.

Carly: The thing is, I doubt that I'm ever gonna be able to tell her the truth, not with Vivian around. And God help us, if Vivian ever found out what Lawrence wanted to do, she would carry out his wishes in a heartbeat.

Bo: Yeah. So there's only one solution to this problem. We eliminate Vivian.

Vivian: Carly treated my nephew so viciously, he literally died of a broken heart. He was raging at her, like a wounded animal.

Victor: All right, so she betrayed him. Women betray men every day. But what that little slut did was more than just a roll in the Persian rug. It was important. It had consequences. She had to kill him to make sure he couldn't exact his revenge.

Vivian: I just want to know what drove my nephew over the edge like that.

Victor: No, that's what we have to find out. And if you're right and Bo was involved, then the sooner we get Carly out of the picture, the better.

Roman: EJ. We may get some answers now. EJ DiMera, Fay Walker.

EJ: So you're the one. I know you helped take my daughter. So where is she? Where is she?

Nicole: [Sighs] Come on, Mom, I can't keep calling forever. [Cries] [Gasps]

Carly: Bo, you're the police commissioner. You can't make decisions like that. Even if Vivian is pure evil...

Bo: Oh, whoa, whoa, no, no, that... I didn't mean we should bump her off. That is a thought, but I meant we should eliminate her as a threat.

Carly: Ah. Why didn't I think of that?

Bo: Yeah, we just got to come up with something we could use as leverage.

Carly: Like what?

Bo: I'm not sure yet, but I'm sure there's something we can use to pin her down so she won't hurt you and your daughter.

Carly: Bo, that is a wonderful dream, but where Vivian is concerned, dreams turn into nightmares.

Bo: Yeah, well, a woman like that has got plenty of skeletons in the closet. We just got to find something we can use.

Carly: Listen to me. I appreciate your optimism, I really do, but I'm a lot more cynical. I think it's gonna be a really, really long time before anyone can ever know about my daughter. If ever.

Victor: We need a plan. We need to set a trap, so that Carly walks into our arms without blinking an eye.

Vivian: Actually...

Victor: What?

Vivian: Kate may have given us the perfect set-up earlier today.

Victor: Kate?

Vivian: Oh, you know, she was pontificating and fulminating in her usual way, and suddenly she suggested that I was in Salem because I had an eye out for you.

Victor: An evil eye.

Vivian: Wouldn't that be a perfect way to fool Carly? Let it out that I'm in Salem not because of what happened to Lawrence, but because you and I are madly, passionately in love.

Brady: Ari, I'm just trying to be completely honest with you, that's all.

Arianna: I just--I just don't get it. You know, if Nicole was this, like, wonderful person... but she isn't. I mean, she's, like, totally screwed-up. And all she's ever done is get you involved with her lies and her schemes.

Brady: All right, look, hey, hey, look, I-I get it. I understand that Nicole has been a negative in my life lately.

Arianna: Did you get that she only wants to be around you when she needs money?

Brady: Wrong. There's been many things that she has needed me for besides money.

Arianna: Right, like I just said to you, to help her with her lies and her schemes. To help her, Brady, pass off Sami's baby as her own.

Brady: Look, I don't want to talk about that. I didn't know it was Sami's baby.

Arianna: I know. You said that. I know that. Okay? But you knew it was a lie. And now you do know the truth. You know the whole ugly truth. And yet you still want to help her. Why is that?

Brady: I don't--I don't know. Look, maybe it's because she's--

Arianna: What?

Brady: Alone, okay? She's desperate. She has had a tragic life. It's been tragic for her. And I just thought I could be--

Arianna: Oh, my God.

Brady: Oh, my God, what? What?

Arianna: You're, like, addicted to her. She's like a drug to you. That's why you can't stop helping her.

Brady: Oh, Ari, come on.

Fay: I swear, I don't know.

Roman: Fay, listen to me. Now is the time to come clean. As long as you put this off, the worse it's gonna be.

EJ: Do you think the police don't already know that you were in touch with her? You visited her in a motel.

Fay: I swear--I admit that, but I haven't seen her since.

Roman: Okay, the last time you did see Nicole, what was the plan?

Fay: She was gonna leave town and escape to Canada.

Roman: Except that never happened. Somebody knocked her cold, she was brought here to the hospital.

Fay: What? Oh, my God, Roman, where is she?

EJ: Oh, come on, Fay, please. You know full well she escaped from the hospital.

Fay: Escaped?

Roman: Nicole woke up, somehow got out of her room without anybody knowing. We're pretty sure she is not in this building anymore.

Fay: Oh, my God. Where's the baby? Where's little Sydney?

EJ: Yeah, that's a very good question, Fay. Where is little Sydney?

Fay: I don't know. Last I knew, Nicole said she was headed to Canada.

EJ: Fine, if she was gonna--

Roman: Okay, EJ, easy. Hang on a second. Fay, when the police stopped you at that blockade, they searched your car. They found a dark wig that looked very much like Nicole's new hairdo. They also found baby clothes and two bus tickets to Toronto. Also a very big doll that could pass for Sydney, at least from a little distance.

Fay: After everything that you've told me, the hell that you've been through with your husband, the hell that poor baby's been through, I'd do anything to help you be free of him.

EJ: Now if I want to know where my daughter is, I strongly suggest the next few words out of your mouth are the truth.

Rafe: No, no, no, no, no. You're not going anywhere. Where's Sydney?

Nicole: I-I don't know. That's why I left the hospital. Because I have to find her.

Rafe: Hey, hey. I'm right here, okay? Focus. Work with me. Where is she? Where is Sydney? Sydney?

Nicole: I-I-I don't know what happened. They hit me over the head, and I heard her crying, and I couldn't get up, Rafe. Oh, my God, what if--what if she's out there somewhere? What if they don't really care about her, and she's hungry, and she's crying, and she's calling--

Rafe: What are you talking about? What do you mean, she's hungry and crying? You don't know where she is? Oh, that's rich. She could be anywhere. She could be dead.

Nicole: Don't say that about her! Don't say that! Don't! Don't say that! [Weeps]

Bo: Okay. There she is. That was worth the wait.

Carly: She's beautiful.

Bo: Uh-huh.

Carly: So, know what, now you can call Hope and Ciara, and they can come over and decorate.

Bo: No, no, no, no. Stay put.

Carly: Why?

Bo: Well, I am texting them, but hope is probably putting Ciara to bed right about now, and, considering what happened earlier, I think they'll wait till tomorrow to come by.

Carly: What does that have to do with me?

Bo: Well, that means you could stay the night.

Carly: No, I can't. I can't stay. Besides, I think I've ruined your Christmas enough.

Bo: Oh, come on, you didn't ruin anything.

Carly: Oh, yeah, I did. I did. So, look, you can make up for it. You can insist that Hope and Ciara come over and help, even if she is getting her ready for bed, which I kind of doubt. I think you're just saying that to keep me here.

Bo: No, I didn't...

Carly: And Ciara would love, love, love to stay up late tonight and trim the tree with her Mommy and Daddy.

Bo: Yes. And I would love, love, love for them to do that, but... look, Christmas isn't for a couple of weeks, so...

Carly: What do you mean, a couple of weeks? What's the date? Oh.

Bo: What? Carly?

Carly: It's today.

Bo: What?

Carly: Today is the day that you and I were married.

Justin: I appreciate your confiding in me, Hope, I do. But you have to listen to me. This could be extremely dangerous.

Hope: I'm gonna find out what I need, and I'm not giving up until I do, Justin.

Justin: But how?

Hope: I'm a detective. I'll find a way.

Justin: Can you be a little more specific?

Hope: No. Ask me tomorrow. Look, all I know right now is I can't talk to Bo about this because he's protecting Carly's secret. And, God, would he kill me if he knew I was digging into things behind his back.

Justin: Fine. Then forget about the danger. Maybe going behind Bo's back is reason enough not to do this.

Hope: No, wait a minute. Listen, you're the one who keeps telling me that Bo and I should find a way to work things out. Well, you know what, we can't do that. Not until I figure out a way to get Carly Manning out of the picture. Which means I need to know what her secret is.

Justin: [Sighs]

Hope: This has gone cold. I need to heat it up. Excuse me.

Justin: [Sighs and chuckles]

Roman: You know what, EJ? I think something else is going on here. I think Nicole knew she was gonna get caught. And, yes, the wig was to make Fay look more like Nicole, but to ease the transition. Then Fay was gonna take Sydney somewhere else and raise her until Nicole got out of prison.

Fay: Prison?

Roman: Fay, Fay, listen to me. This is your last chance. Where are you hiding the baby?

Fay: Roman, I am not gonna say another word until you explain to me why would my daughter have to go to prison. What are you talking about?

Rafe: Nicole. Nicole.

Nicole: Never say that. She is not dead. She is not dead.

Rafe: But we don't know that, do we?

Nicole: Yes, we do. I do.

Rafe: No, no, thanks to you, the only thing that we do know is Sydney is not your child. Now if you really care about that little girl, you need to tell me where she is right now.

Nicole: How many times do I have to say it? And to how many people? I don't know where she is. I changed my mind, Rafe. I know that Sydney belongs to Sami. And I was calling her. I was calling her.

Rafe: Yeah, you were calling her on the phone, right. Yeah, yeah, yeah, and then someone hit you over the head. And the next thing you know, Sydney's disappeared. Do you have any idea how hard that is to believe? Forget it. You know what? I'm just gonna let the cops take care of you, okay? Come on.

Nicole: No, you stay away from me. Stay away.

Hope: Bad news?

Justin: [Sighs] No, no, no, just... Christmas letters from my family. Pictures included.

Hope: Christmas can be pretty rough when you're cut off from your family.

Justin: Yeah. Yes, indeed. And you know all about that, don't you? Except you're not trying to bring your family together. You're, what, rooting around for information on Carly Manning.

Hope: Wait a minute, what is this? Suddenly you're mad at me. Why?

Justin: Yeah, I'm mad. I'm frustrated. I'm mad, and I'm sad that you and Bo can't find some way to get back together. Especially now over the holidays.

Hope: Well, obviously, it doesn't make Bo all that sad, or he'd open up to his wife about what an old friend is doing back in Salem.

Justin: Come on, Hope.

Hope: No, you come on. Justin, please, come on. I need your support right now, and all I'm getting is criticism. Like I'm the one who's screwing everything up, and it's not me. Please, let's not forget that this is about Carly Manning having enough power over my husband to persuade him that I can't be trusted. Well, damn her! You know what, the hell with that. I'm gonna find out what her secret is, and I'm gonna throw it in her face.

Carly: I'm sorry.

Bo: No. Don't be.

Carly: No, I shouldn't bring up the past.

Bo: Why? It was--it was an important time. For both of us.

Carly: Is that why you forgot the date?

Bo: I--no. I didn't forget it. It's--I thought if I brought it up...

Carly: What?

Bo: I just thought better of it, that's all.

Carly: Well, you know what, it wasn't even a real wedding. It was just, you know, symbolic.

Bo: [Laughs] Hell of a ceremony.

Carly: I know now that the words of man can reach to the sky. I know now that the gods have heard as I prayed. I know now that the gifts I ask for have all been granted. I know now that the word of old we truly have heard. I know now that our future days will have no number. I know that only good will come, my love, to us. [Laughs]

Fay: For God's sakes, Roman, why would Nicole go to prison? There is her abuser, the man that terrified her into running for her life.

Roman: I know you want to make it up to Nicole for what happened when she was young, but now is not the time.

Fay: That is not what this is about, Roman! I am talking about EJ physically abusing her ever since their wedding day, making her life a constant terror. So she ran to escape. Which is what she should have done. And I am glad she made sure to take my granddaughter with her.

EJ: Your granddaughter? Your granddaughter?

Roman: Well, I'll be damned. EJ, she doesn't know.

Fay: Know what?

Roman: Fay, Sydney is not your granddaughter.

Fay: [Laughs] Of course she's my granddaughter, Roman.

EJ: No, she's not. Samantha Brady is Sydney's mother. Your daughter stole her and then passed her off as her own.

Brady: I'm addicted to Nic-- that's funny. That's ridiculous.

Arianna: Is it? Really? Can you walk away from Nicole at any moment? When you know it's the wrong thing to do, do you do it anyway? Does it make you upset to think that you may never have Nicole in your life ever again? When given a choice between--

Brady: All right, Ari, stop. Stop. I get it. I get your point.

[Cell phone rings]

Brady: It's the police. Commander, what--what's up? What happened? Okay, thank you. Thank you. Oh, my god.

Arianna: What?

Brady: Nicole escaped from the hospital.

Arianna: Well, how is that possible? I thought she was arrested.

Brady: Yeah, me too. I don't know.

Arianna: Well, does she know Cleveland? I mean, do you know where she would hide?

Brady: I have an idea.

Arianna: Well, Brady, wait.

Rafe: There. Now you just used up your last chance, lady. Now you're gonna tell me where Sydney is, or you are gonna end up in a world of hurt. You hear me?

Victor: I'll have Henderson bring the rest of your bags over in the morning.

Vivian: Excellent. I have to admit being back here with you just brings so many memories. It's wonderful.

Victor: Mm-hmm. Yes. Good ones and not so good ones.

Hope: Vivian? You're back?

Vivian: Oh, Hope, it's so nice to see you too.

Hope: Victor, what-- what's going on?

Victor: Vivian's going to be moving in. My special guest. I hope you don't have a problem with that.

Hope: Well, actually... no. No, actually, I think it's, um, no problem. I have no problem. I think it's a great idea.

Carly: I really do have to go.

Bo: No, I wish you wouldn't. You--you'll be safer here than at the inn.

Carly: I'll be fine. But here's what I wish. I wish that you and Hope and Ciara all get back together this Christmas.

Bo: Yeah.

Carly: What?

Bo: [Sighs] I don't know. I just-- I don't understand Hope, and, I mean, it's--it's Christmas. [Sighs] I miss my family.

Carly: I know. Hey, come on, you're hurting, but there's--there's still a chance. There's always a chance when two people love each other the way you and Hope do. Hey. Come on, don't give up. Don't ever give up.

Justin: Why am I the one who has to tell him?

EJ: Your daughter had a miscarriage. So she arranged to adopt a little girl called Grace from an unwed mother. And then she switched her with Samantha's child, Sydney. Grace, unfortunately, died of meningitis. And Samantha and I grieved horribly for the loss of that child while your daughter stood there and said nothing.

Fay: What?

Roman: And eventually the truth came out. Nicole was put in jail. She got out on bail. She then kidnapped Sydney from the DiMera household, somehow made it to Cleveland, and called you.

EJ: And so now Samantha and I find ourselves again grieving for the loss of a child that your daughter stole. So if you have any ounce of compassion left in you, you will tell us what you know about where my daughter is.

Roman: Fay, listen to me very closely, okay? You cannot make up for what happened to Nicole, but you can protect that baby. So do the right thing. Tell us where Sydney is.

Rafe: Tell me where she is, Nicole. Where is Sydney? Where is she? You better tell me right now, you selfish bitch, or it's gonna be the last thing that you ever do. You tell me! Tell me where she is!

Brady: Hey, hey, leave her alone. Hey, she doesn't know anything.

Rafe: Yeah, the hell she doesn't.

Brady: Don't hurt her!

Ciara: What's she still doing here?

Stefano: I will fight them all to keep her.

Sami: What if we never find Sydney now?

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