Days Transcript Friday 12/4/09

Days of Our Lives Transcript Friday 12/4/09 - Canada; Monday 12/7/09 - U.S.A.


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Hope: I think Daddy is going to absolutely love, love, love the Christmas present you got him. But...not as much as the paperweight you made for him at school. You're not talking very much. Is something wrong? Well, I need your help. I have a problem I need you to help me solve. We have to find a really good hiding place for daddy's present until Christmas, and I want you to come up with a really great place.

Ciara: Under my bed.

Hope: Why didn't I think of that? It's perfect.

Ciara: My real bed at my real home.

Hope: Sweetheart, I told you, um... someone else is staying there right now.

Bo: No there's not. Daddy's the only one at home.

Melanie: You're moving in here?

Carly: I guess Maggie didn't tell you.

Melanie: I guess Maggie's gonna have to up her homeowner's insurance.

Mia: Oh [Chuckles]. You're here.

Melanie: Yeah. Look, we have a new roommate. Watch out, she's dangerous.

Mia: Well, then I guess I'm just gonna go.

Carly: Wait, listen, listen. Maggie...she said this wouldn't be a problem. But you know, if you and um...

Melanie: "Burn victim Melanie" works.

Carly: If you don't want me here, I'll go.

Melanie: You know what, I think that's probably a good idea.

Carly: Okay, sorry. I'm sorry, Maggie thought that this wouldn't be a problem.

Melanie: Right, but Maggie also thinks she can smooth over the problems in the middle east with Horton donuts. Reality, unfortunately, isn't as forgiving.

Carly: Apparently neither are you.

Melanie: You asked, we answered. Now you know how we feel. So you should probably get going.

Arianna: Hey. I kinda need to talk to you.

Brady: Uh, sorry. Look, I can't. I'm--I'm in Cleveland. Nicole's here. We found her.

Arianna: Did I hear you right? You found Nicole and Sydney? Is she okay?

Brady: The thing is, Nicole is in the hospital here.

Arianna: What happened?

Brady: We don't know. She's unconscious.

Arianna: And Sydney?

Brady: She didn't have Sydney with her.

Rafe: Sami... Sami... now listen to me, I know that this is hard. The good news is, we know where and when Sydney was taken, okay? We have every cop in the city working on the case. You gotta hold on to that.

Sami: What choice do I have?

Rafe: Well...

Officer: We're gonna take their statements now. Do you wanna sit in?

Rafe: Yeah, I do, definitely. You gonna be okay?

Sami: Yeah. Yeah, I'll be fine, you go.

Mrs. Robinson: I am so sorry.

Sami: Look, I really appreciate your help. Thank you.

Mr. Robinson: We'll pray for you and your baby.

Rafe: Okay.

Sami: [Sighs] Yeah, well, I'm not praying. I'm gonna do something.

EJ: Nicole. Nicole. Where is my daughter? What have you done to my daughter?

Nicole: Nothing. I... I don't know.

EJ: What--what do you mean you don't know? What have you done with her? What happened to her?

Nicole: I don't know. I don't know! I don't know, EJ! I don't know! I don't know where my baby is. [Crying] I don't know. [Sobbing]

Nicole: I don't know. I don't--I don't know where she is.

EJ: This is all--this is all your fault.

Nicole: No, EJ. EJ, I never took my eyes off her. I was calling Sami, and...

EJ: Where is Sydney?

Nicole: She was there! She was there, I was looking right at her, and I... [Sniffing] God, why can't I remember?

EJ: No, no, no. I'm not falling for this. This is another one of your performances, another little pantomime of yours. Look at me when I'm talking to you. You know where she is, I know. And you're gonna tell me right now!

Sami: Hey, EJ, stop it! Hey, leave her alone, okay?

EJ: No, she's lying.

Sami: Threatening her is not gonna help!

EJ: She is lying, okay? I know you know, okay? And you're not gonna get away with this, you hear me?

Sami: Get away-- EJ, she's not "getting away" with anything, are you serious? Look at her. She was knocked unconscious, okay? She didn't do that to herself.

EJ: That's not--it's a performance, the whole thing's a performance. Somebody's helping her, and she's just doing whatever she can do to keep my daughter away from me, okay?

Sami: EJ, just calm down.

EJ: I am going to kill you, you understand?

Sami: EJ!

EJ: You understand me?

Sami: EJ, it's not gonna get through to her, stop it, okay?

Nurse: What is going on in here?

Sami: Look, EJ, cut it out, all right? You have to just calm down.

Nurse: Get him out of here, or I'll call security.

Sami: You heard her, okay?

EJ: No, absolutely not, no.

Sami: EJ, pull yourself together, this is not helping.

EJ: Hey.

Nicole: [Sobbing]

EJ: Thank you.

Nicole: [Sobbing]

Bo: Oh, I got it. It's a watermelon, right?

Ciara: [Giggling]

Bo: Oh, you fooled me again. I can't guess what it is. Hey, would you do me a huge favor? See that man over there in the red suit with the white beard? Um...what's his name again?

Ciara: Santa.

Bo: Oh, yeah, Santa, Santa. Will you do me a huge favor? Run over there, and put this money in his kettle, okay?

Hope: No, I--

Bo: Run straight over and straight back, so Mommy and I can see you the whole time, okay? Go, go, go.

[Bell ringing]

Hope: She's really happy to see you.

Bo: Vice versa. I should've asked if it was okay for her to see Santa.

Hope: I--I...I know that I can be a little too protective at times.

Bo: Oh, no, no, no. I'm sitting here with one hand on my gun.

Hope: [Laughing] So Carly's gone? I mean, I know she said she was leaving your--our house, but I didn't know if she really-- really meant it.

Ciara: Now can we go home?

Hope: Sure. Sure, we can go home, why not?

Mia: Melanie.

Melanie: What?

Mia: [Scoffs] I--I am sorry, it is not that I don't like you or anything.

Carly: You're afraid you hurt my feelings, aren't you?

Mia: If you wanna move in here, I really don't think it's up to the two of us to tell you "no."

Carly: Maybe not. But I asked you, okay? I wanna know how you feel about it.

Mia: Well, it's like I told you before when I was at work.

Carly: You're uncomfortable that you opened up to me that day.

Mia: Yeah. I mean, I don't even know you and you know everything about me.

Carly: And my moving in here would be hard for you. Okay... I get that. Look, she's right, I'm tough. You can't hurt my feelings that easily. But can I just say one thing to you?

Melanie: Has anyone ever stopped you?

Carly: Nothing that you shared with me is anything to be ashamed of or embarrassed by. And you know, I can't change the way you feel, but I wish you didn't feel bad about sharing your feelings with people, especially someone who likes you.

Melanie: Lay it on really thick. I think she really wants this room.

Carly: I just wanted to say that to Mia before I left.

Melanie: Great. Do you need help with your bag?

Maggie: Oh, that was very nice of you, Melanie. I was gonna put Carly in the room next to yours, facing the backyard.

Carly: Actually Maggie, Melanie was talking about taking my bags out to my car. Looks like I'm not staying here after all. Right, Melanie?

Brady: The four of us were together, that's when Nicole called Sami, just like I said she would. Ari, I think she was ready to come home.

Arianna: What'd she say?

Brady: [Sigh] Well, that's just it, nothing. Because that jerk EJ grabbed the phone. He started screaming at her. But Sami could hear the baby in the background, but Nicole never said anything. It was like--like she was ready to come home, she was on the phone, and then nothing. I mean, we were so close. Someone snuck up on her or something.

Arianna: Sorry, Brady.

Brady: [Sighs] Yeah, I thought this whole damn thing was gonna be over.

Officer: Mr. Black, can I talk to you for a second?

Arianna: I need to tell you something.

Brady: Yeah, what's up?

Arianna: I was--I was wrong about so many things. [Sighs] I care so much about you. And being with you, it's--it's, like, the best thing that's ever happened to me. I just hope I haven't screwed up everything so we can't fix this.

Brady: Tell her I'll be right there.

Arianna: You know, now would be a great time to say something, Brady.

Nurse: This will help you to sleep.

EJ: Whoa, whoa, whoa. No, no, no, you can't put her to sleep. She has to tell us what happened.

Nurse: I'm getting the doctor.

Sami: EJ.

[Door shuts]

Sami: EJ.

EJ: Last chance, you tell me where Sydney is right now, you understand me? Nicole? You tell me where my daughter is.

Nicole: I don't know. I don't know, EJ. You have to find her.

Maggie: Would someone mind telling me what's going on here?

Melanie: Well, the three of us had a little confab. We decided that we're not really compatible, so the good doctor here is going to move somewhere else. Preferably where she's not so much older than the rest of the roommates.

Maggie: And you decided this, Melanie, because I don't think Mia could be as cold as that.

Carly: For somewhat private reasons, Mia agrees with Melanie.

Mia: I'm sorry.

Melanie: No. No, don't back down, McCormick. We won. And now I'm late, thank you. Trust me, you'll be happy somewhere else, okay? Sorry, Maggie.

Maggie: I'm sorry. She has issues, and she's not nearly as tough as she thinks she is.

Carly: Good.

Maggie: And she doesn't make the rules here. You are more than welcome to stay.

Carly: You know what, I'm gonna agree with Melanie. I just--I don't think it would work out.

Mia: I'm sorry. I have a headache. I'm gonna go upstairs. Bye.

Maggie: Okay, it's just the two of us. What just happened here?

Arianna: Brady? Could you say something, please?

Brady: Hey, sorry, I gotta go.

Arianna: [Stutters] Okay, fine. Okay.

Brady: All right. Hey, thanks for calling.

Arianna: So much for the direct approach.

Sami: Oh, EJ, stop it, okay? We need her to be calm so she can think.

EJ: Why? So she can be more convincing when she lies?

Nicole: I'm not lying.

EJ: Nicole... that's all you do.

Sami: EJ. All right, Nicole, stop crying! Okay? Calm down.

Nicole: [Sniffing] Okay. I don't... I don't know what happened, Sami. I swear, I swear. I was calling you.

Sami: I know you were.

Nicole: I was gonna tell you that I made a mistake and that I was sorry.

Sami: And I believe that that is why you called me. So just tell me what happened.

Nicole: [Sniffles] I was on the pay phone. And I was calling you. But I'm not sure that when...

Sami: Nicole, focus, okay? Focus on the details. Just tell me every detail that you can remember.

Nicole: [Sobbing breath] I--I had this sense that something... that someone was behind me. And I... I thought... I thought I saw something out of the corner of my eye, but before I could turn to see what it was... there was this--this blast of pain and then there was nothing.

EJ: Oh, come on! Lies! Lies!

Nicole: Oh. [Crying]

Rafe: What the hell are you doing here?

Stefano: I would think, even to you, that it's obvious. I'm here to help find my granddaughter.

Rafe: You ever think about anyone besides yourself?

Stefano: Oh, dear.

Rafe: You know, Sami and EJ are going through living hell. The last thing that they need to see is the person that lied to them for Nicole's sake.

Stefano: [Sighs] What I did then and what I am doing now is for the sake of my family. Hmm? My granddaughter is missing. And I am going nowhere until I know that she is safe and sound.

Rafe: take any responsibility at all for what's happened?

Stefano: What I do not do is answer to satisfied boors like you.

Rafe: Right, you only try and kill them. Still one thing I don't get about that... is to why you backed up Nicole instead of your own son.

Stefano: [Chuckles] Why don't you strut along somewhere else, and do your make believe, huh?

Rafe: [Scoffs] Yeah. To think that I wondered where EJ got his charm.

Stefano: Oh, as a matter of fact, where is Elvis? You know, just a suggestion. I would not allow Elvis to be alone with Nicole. [Chuckles] He's got a bit of a temper.

Nicole: [Sighs] I'm not lying. And you are wasting your time yelling at me, because someone has her. Someone has my baby.

EJ: She's--she's our baby.

[Door opening]

Doctor: That's it. Get out of this room now.

Sami: All right.

EJ: Fine.

Sami: He's right.

Nicole: [Crying]

[Door closes]

EJ: She is lying, okay--

Sami: Okay, but we don't know that.

EJ: The whole thing is staged, don't you understand that? Okay, she has somebody who she's working with. She's not gonna get away with this, not this time.

Sami: [Sighs]

Ciara: Where's the Christmas tree?

Bo: Oh... it'll be here this afternoon.

Hope: Hey, sweetie... remember what we have to do-- what you have to do? You have to hide Daddy's present, okay? Somewhere really safe. Hide it under your jacket so he doesn't see. Okay, go ahead.

Bo: This is tough. All she wants is a tree, presents.

Hope: And us. Just like it used to be.

Bo: Mm-hmm. That's all she wants for Christmas.

Carly: So I just happened to be there when she felt really, really alone.

Maggie: Mm. So she opened up to you.

Carly: Yeah, now she can't stand to be around me. I mean, it's like Mia sees me and she's embarrassed. What did I do wrong? I mean, I listened, you know? It's not a secret that she had a baby.

Maggie: Well, I think she's embarrassed as you said, but not just about the baby. But the fact that... she felt close to you. Trust is very scary to that girl.

Carly: Well, she's shy, I can tell.

Maggie: Mm.

Carly: Melanie, not so much.

Maggie: [Laughing] Oh, sometimes I'd like to take Mia and Melanie and just shuffle them, you know? Mia--she takes everything so seriously, and she feels everything so intensely.

Carly: She hasn't had an easy time of it.

Maggie: Mm. Well, neither has Melanie. But with very different results. Yeah, she... Mia wouldn't say "boo" to a goose. But Melanie, ah... she shoots first and asks questions later.

Carly: Well, she had no problem dealing with me.

Maggie: Oh, Carly. I am sorry. But you know what, she just doesn't see boundaries.

Carly: Mm. Well you know what, I know she's mad at me for spilling the coffee on her. But saying she didn't want me to move in, I think... I think she was sticking up for Mia. I kinda like that about her.

Maggie: Mm. Well, there's a lot I like about her. It doesn't mean I wouldn't like to throttle her sometimes.

Carly: Listen, maybe I can't move in, but I'm glad to know Mia has somebody sticking up for her.

Rafe: EJ does have a temper like you said. He's really...he's on edge right now. He's barely able to contain his anger with Nicole.

Stefano: You're surprised by that?

Rafe: No. I'm not surprised at all. But I am a bit concerned. You see, I don't know if you know this, but Sami was actually on the phone with Nicole when Nicole was attacked. And it seems as though Nicole was ready to come back.

Stefano: It seemed... [Clears throat] That if she were pregnant, it seemed... that she gave birth to Sydney.

Rafe: Well, the point is... EJ grabbed the phone out of Sami's hands. Wouldn't let Nicole talk. Now we need Nicole to talk. We need her to trust us. And he won't let that happen. So if you really wanna help, muzzle your son. Don't let him act like a DiMera.

EJ: Feel like I could've killed her.

Sami: I know.

EJ: Do you know what it's like to love somebody that much? I look into her eyes and just see her lying, lying to you.

Sami: We gotta be careful, EJ. What if she's not lying?

EJ: Of course she's lying. Samantha, she's working with somebody. She knows exactly who has Sydney.

Sami: Because it's too scary to think that Sydney might be with a stranger.

EJ: Because this whole situation's planned. Don't you understand that? It's planned, she knows exactly what she's doing.

Sami: What if-- okay, fine. What if you're right? You screaming at her's not gonna help, you know. She's just gonna keep crying and saying she doesn't know anything. We have to get her to calm down and start talking. And then maybe she'll let something slip.

EJ: [Sighs] You're right.

Sami: EJ, I am right. I think the best thing we can do now is you could go in to her. You know, tell her you believe her, tell her you forgive her.

EJ: Samantha, she's not gonna believe that, not after what I just did.

Sami: You certainly were believable enough when you said you were gonna kill her. Okay, it's up to me, I'll do it.

EJ: That's--that's not gonna work either. She's not gonna let her guard down against you.

Sami: Well, we're not gonna give up. We have to figure out something.

EJ: I know, we gotta-- wait a second, I got an idea. [Sighs]

Melanie: So your sister's cute.

Arianna: Yeah, she's adorable.

Melanie: I see you're still in a bad mood.

Arianna: [Sighs] I talked to Brady. They found Nicole.

Melanie: That's great.

Arianna: Yeah, it's great. They don't know where Sydney is though. No idea.

Melanie: That's not great.

Arianna: No, it's not.

Melanie: Okay, look, I know this sounds shallow, but at least Brady called.

Arianna: I called him.

Melanie: At least he answered.

Arianna: I'm just worried about him. That bitch took another woman's baby and ran. And now they don't know where that baby is. And Brady...

Melanie: And Brady?

Arianna: He is talking like she's the victim. Like she was gonna give back the baby, and that this is actually EJ's fault because he was yelling at her.

Melanie: Because he was yelling-- Nicole's lucky EJ didn't go after her with a tire iron.

Arianna: Exactly. Right? You know, I just don't understand why he can't see her for who she really is. This pain, this misery--it's all because of her.

Melanie: Well, I mean, now maybe--maybe he will see her for who she really is.

Arianna: I'm beginning to think that he never will.

Brady: Anything new? What's going on?

Sami: Uh, no, nothing new. Nicole still says she doesn't know what happened.

EJ: In other words, she's still lying.

Brady: She would never do anything to endanger that baby.

Sami: Maybe she thinks she's protecting her.

Brady: Sami, that doesn't make sense, I mean, come on. Sydney was gone, she was unconscious, how the hell's that protecting her?

Sami: Well, we are sort of wondering if maybe she doesn't have someone working with her.

Brady: We--no, no. He is saying that she got someone to help her, right?

Sami: Look, Brady, if you don't wanna work with EJ, then you have to leave. Okay, because Sydney is his child too. Nicole has put him through hell. She is--

Brady: I understand--Sami...

Sami: No, it's--mm!

Brady: Look, I get it. I get it. Look, hey...I'm sorry. I'm sorry, you're right. You're right, you're right. I just--I don't think that's what happened, okay? But I understand how you might feel that that's the way it did.

Sami: Either way, we need to know the truth, Brady. And I need your help.

Brady: That's why I'm here. That's why I'm here.

Stefano: Well, thank you very much for your insight, Rafael. Unfortunately... and this is none of your business, but I don't think my son is ready to take any advice from me at this time.

Rafe: No, I get that. I can't ever see him trusting you again.

Stefano: Eh, I hope he will. Time heals everything.

Rafe: Keep thinking that.

Stefano: Do you really think that you can afford to be so cynical about reconciliation?

Rafe: Excuse me?

Stefano: After all the tears and the acrimony... look how close Samantha and Elvis are now.

Rafe: They're working together to get their daughter back.

Stefano: Oh. Have you given it any thought as to what will happen if they get their daughter back?

Rafe: When they get their daughter back.

Stefano: You're so selfless, huh? All this work to help my son find his child.

Rafe: I'm doing it for Sami.

Stefano: And what do you think is gonna happen when they get their little girl back, huh? Don't you think that they're gonna try and make a family for her? And uh...little Johnny. [Chuckles] I can see the Christmas cards now. Just the four of them.

Rafe: You know, you're right. One could make the argument that their children will bring Sami and EJ back together.

Stefano: Hmm. I'm sorry to hear that we might have something in common.

Rafe: I hardly think that's gonna happen because he's almost as big of a jerk as you are. You know, I've been spending some time with him these last couple of days. He just can't help it.

Stefano: You truly are obnoxious.

Rafe: I'll go tell him you're here. I love to spread good news. And stay away from Sami.

Stefano: Poor fool.

Brady: Okay. I'm gonna go talk to her and see what I can find out.

Sami: Thank you.

Brady: Wish me luck.

Sami: [Scoffs] Good luck. [Sighs]

EJ: You do remember, don't you, that Nicole has had him wrapped around her little finger for the better part of a year?

Sami: I know. EJ, we're not gonna think about that right now.

EJ: Quite.

Rafe: EJ... someone's waiting for you in the waiting area.

EJ: Who?

Rafe: I'd better not spoil the surprise. Hey.

Sami: [Sighs]

Rafe: How are you holding up? You okay?

Sami: [Sigh] Well, Brady is talking to Nicole right now, and maybe he can get her to admit something--I don't know.

Rafe: Well, here's hoping, right?

Sami: Where did EJ go?

Rafe: Trust me, you don't want to know.

EJ: What are you doing here?

Stefano: I've come to help.

EJ: If you'd like to help... leave.

Nicole: You.

Brady: Hey. How you doing?

Nicole: Not good. No one knows where Sydney is.

Brady: I know.

Nicole: Why are you here? You hate me, everyone hates me.

Brady: Eh, Nicole, I figured you needed somebody on your side. That would be me.

Nicole: [Chuckles] Why would you be on my side after everything I've done?

Brady: You made mistakes. Me too.

Nicole: They gave me something that makes me sleepy, and... every time I close my eyes, I hear her crying.

Brady: Hey. It's gonna be okay. It's okay.

Nicole: No, it's not gonna be okay. [Crying] She's probably so scared.

Brady: She probably is. But that's why everybody is trying their best to figure out what is going on. That's why you need to help, Nicole.

Nicole: What do you mean?

Brady: You need to tell me everything. I mean everything.

Nicole: You think I did this, don't you? Just like EJ. God, do you really think that I'm hiding Sydney? [Crying]

Bo: She's playing with her dollhouse. Wants to know if she can hang out a little longer.

Hope: Sure.

Bo: Can I get you something? A cup of tea, maybe?

Hope: This is crazy. I feel like a guest.

Bo: Move back in, I'll never offer you tea again.

Hope: This isn't easy. I know...I know it looks like I'm the bad guy.

Bo: Hey, I never said that.

Hope: Well, yeah, you kind of did. You didn't disagree with me.

Bo: Wh...

Hope: Who's keeping her daughter from her father? Who's breaking her heart?

Bo: Hey, I don't look at it that way. What's going on here, it's about the two of us.

Hope: It started out about the two of us. It's more complicated now.

Bo: You're talking about Carly, and she's gone now.

Hope: I know. Just...the memories, they linger.

Bo: Well, they don't have to linger. Look, her being gone, that's not gonna solve anything, no. But... we can look at it as a step in the right direction.

Hope: You know what I think would be a fantastic step in the right direction?

Bo: Hmm?

Hope: Is if you told me the truth and told me what was really going on with her.

Maggie: Carly, I'm sorry about all this.

Carly: Please don't be. Really. I--I need to get going. And I'm sorry for all the drama, really. And you know something? These girls are really lucky to have you.

Maggie: Thanks. Here, let me help.

Carly: Okay.

Maggie: [Laughing] Okay.

Carly: Thank you.

Maggie: Sure. [Sigh] [Clears throat]

Mia: Is she gone? [Sigh] You hate me, don't you?

Maggie: No, I don't.

Mia: I know I'm not being fair. I mean, she tries to be nice.

Maggie: Mm. She is nice.

Mia: I don't know why, I just... I'm sorry, I can't deal with her.

Maggie: It's okay, Mia.

Stefano: This is a terrible time for you, I know. You should be surrounded with family.

EJ: You don't qualify as family anymore.

Stefano: I can help.

EJ: [Scoff] Three most dangerous words in the English language, don't they say? Now leave.

Melanie: Brady could've gone to Cleveland just to try and help.

Arianna: Yeah. That's what he thinks that he's doing. All right, I'm just afraid that Nicole's gonna use him again, and he's not even gonna see it.

Melanie: Ari, I know you're worried about Brady, but it's not like this is a long term thing. I mean, that baby-stealing nutcase is gonna go to jail for a long time. And then Brady will be all yours.

Arianna: Honey, I'm not jealous of Nicole. That's not what I'm talking about here.

Melanie: Honey, all you do is talk.

Arianna: Excuse me?

Melanie: Look, I'm sorry. All right, I'm just gonna-- I'm gonna lay it all out on the line here for you.

Arianna: Mm-hmm.

Melanie: You have brooded and you have talked about this dude for long enough. And now it's time you do something about it. You gotta fight for him. You ready to do that?

Brady: Nicole, I don't know what happened at the bus station.

Nicole: Neither do I. I swear I--I swear on my life, and on Sydney's life, that I'm not hiding her. I'm not!

Bo: We have been over this. The reason Carly is here... why can't you accept that there's something I can't tell you?

Hope: Because why should I accept it? That's not us. We're partners. We've always shared everything, Brady.

Bo: Mm-hmm.

Hope: Let's not stop.

Bo: Well, partner, you're the one that moved out of this house.

Hope: It always comes back to that, doesn't it?

[Doorbell rings]

Hope: Well, I'll get that. And at least I can pretend this is still my house too.

Bo: You're the one that walked out.

Arianna: Yeah. I'll fight.

Melanie: Glad to hear it. My work here is done. So go get 'em, girl.

Arianna: Whoa, whoa. You're making this sound a little too easy.

Melanie: Look, I think that he who hesitates is lost. And you don't want to lose Brady, because he's way too cute.

Arianna: I think Melanie is right. Yes, can I have the number for Salem air, please?

Nicole: [Sighs] Brady, please. Please help me. You said you loved me. Help me.

Brady: All right, I will. I promise you I will.

Nicole: [Sigh] Oh... my baby. [Crying] My baby needs to be safe. [Quiet sobs]

Brady: She's asleep. They gave her a sedative.

Sami: Did she say anything else?

Brady: [Sigh] Look, I know everyone thinks that Nicole can put some things past me.

EJ: Really?

Brady: But... Sami, I don't believe she knows anything. About Sydney or anything. She's just grief-stricken.

Sami: Oh, god.

Brady: [Sigh] I gotta make some calls. I'm sorry...I'm sorry I couldn't help more.

Sami: Then who is it? Who has Sydney?

EJ: I know. It's you. Isn't it? You have our daughter.

Sami: [Sigh]

Hope: Just one more secret you don't want to share?

Kate: Vivian, go to hell.

Sami: Do you know where Sydney is?

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