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Hope: There are plenty of empty tables.

Carly: Look, I-I actually wanted to talk to you. I tracked you down. Maggie.

Hope: Ah.

Carly: Listen, I have been going over and over and over this, and I think the only way this is gonna work is if we come to some kind of... real honesty between us.

Hope: So... you going to admit you came back to Salem to steal my husband? Is that it?

Roman: Listen to me. I don't care how much overtime is involved. Stop whinin' and cut the damn checks.

Bo: Gotta love a bean counter.

Roman: It's lucky I wasn't in the same room with him.

Bo: Yeah, yeah. Any new information on Nicole and Sydney?

Roman: Not yet. Nope.

Bo: Well, I'm just headed to this government task force meeting. I can drop it, help you out. Please, say the word.

Roman: You know what, little brother? The only thing I want you to drop is this obsession you've got with Carly Manning.

Vivian: Oh! An American goldfinch! Well, it's late in the season for it to be so far north, don't you think?

Victor: If you say so.

Vivian: Oh, my! Oh, I'm so sorry. I'm just going on forever about birds, and you have so much to think about. I must be boring you to death.

Victor: Yes, well, to me they're just flying rodents.

Vivian: Well, I know, but you do have so many things on your mind like...Kate, for instance.

Victor: Please. I try not to think of her at all anymore.

Vivian: Oh, but you still do, don't you? After she married Stefano. I mean, that's such a slap in the face. But I promise you something, Victor. You are having the last laugh. Guaranteed!

[Whistles, coos]


Philip: You know you want to, Melanie. So let's meet. We'll talk...see what happens, huh?

[Door thuds]

Philip: I gotta go. Call me.

Kate: Wait till you hear this. You are not going to believe it.



EJ: Yes? Who is this?

Nicole: EJ...

EJ: Nicole. Where are you?

Nicole: That's not important now.

EJ: I think it is important. Where's my daughter?

Nicole: With me. Safe. She's with the one person who's always loved her for who she really is.

EJ: So what exactly is it that you want?

Nicole: I'm sorry... that things ended badly for us. We could have had it all once.

EJ: Yeah. Look, I know you're upset about the way things ended, but...Nicole, the fact of the matter is--

Nicole: The fact is... all through our marriage, you were nothing but abusive and selfish.

EJ: Well...maybe we could discuss that.

Nicole: And all along, all I was trying to do--all I was trying to do, EJ, was protect you and Sydney from the one thing that I knew that Sami would do. But you didn't care about that. All you cared about was yourself, so you know what? Fine. Fine, EJ, I am out of your life, and so is Sydney. This is a good-bye call.

EJ: Wait, Nicole, just--just listen to me, okay? Do you understand what is going to happen to you? I mean, are you out of your bloody mind?

Nicole: See? There you go again--attack, destroy. Attack, destroy.

EJ: I can't believe that you're doing this. Nicole, you have to know how this is going to end. You can't just get out of jail and kidnap somebody's child and things are just gonna end okay.

Nicole: It wasn't supposed to happen.

EJ: 'Scuse me?

Nicole: When I came there, all I wanted to do was say good-bye and tell you how sorry I was for lying. But then I saw Sydney all by herself, and I heard you and Sami yelling in the foyer, and I realized, EJ, that that's gonna be her entire childhood. I had to protect her from you and from Sami.

EJ: But she's my child with Samantha, Nicole. She's not yours.

Nicole: She is my daughter. She always was, and she always will be. You and Sami will never see her again.

Bo: This is my personal life you're digging into here.

Roman: Bo...Abe's catching a lot of heat over the way you just jumped into Carly's case.

Bo: There is no case. She was exonerated. Her extradition was dropped.

Roman: I am talking about politics here, Bo. The D.A. hates your guts.

Bo: Well, the feeling's mutual.

Roman: Yeah, and if he starts talking about how you can't be objective, it comes right back at Abe. He's the mayor. He doesn't live in a vacuum.

Bo: Abe is gonna do what the mayor's gotta do.

Roman: Okay. So that's what it is--the hell with everything? Your career, your marriage? Your little girl's happiness? Use your head, Bo. Break it off with Carly.

Bo: You gotta step back, relax. She's moving out.

Carly: Do you think I'm that big of a fool that I would come all the way back to Salem to try to steal your husband, knowing how much he loves you and always has? Hope, I'm sorry. I'm really, really sorry if I made things worse for you and Bo. That was never my intention.

Hope: Well, the thing is... I have a hard time figuring out just what your intentions are. Since you said we should be honest with each other, why don't you enlighten me?

Carly: It--it's complicated.

Hope: Oh, I'll say. I have the time. You arrive in this mysterious cloud, accused of murdering your husband, and lo and behold... someone else confesses to the murder. And you're free as a bird. And, let's see, all this time, you're living in my house-- my house. With my husband.

Carly: I told Bo that was a bad idea.

Hope: But Bo's so protective of his women...he doesn't let you leave. Oh, and let's not forget Vivian. Let's not forget Vivian... who would slice and dice anyone who looked at her nephew cross-eyed. Oh, but guess what. She says she's not back for revenge. Let me see if I can get this straight. First she accuses you of murder, and then she has this miraculous change of heart.

Carly: How 'bout that?

Hope: How 'bout that? See why I'm having trouble following things, Carly? Why I'm just...slightly confused.

Carly: [Softly] Yeah.

Gabi: Hey, I'm sorry, okay? But the way I heard it, this woman's been fooling everybody in town for like a year now. So why am I the bad guy?

Will: Because my little sister's missing...and it's your fault.

Arianna: Um, that's not true, all right? My sister had no idea that Nicole had kidnapped Sydney. Or that she was trying to escape.

Gabi: You know what? Forget it, Ari. There's no point in talking to this guy. He's a total jerk. And I don't need you sticking up for me either. Just stay out of it, okay?

EJ: Nicole, don't do this.

Nicole: You're missing the point, EJ. It's already done.

EJ: Look, running away is going to make the situation a hundred times worse, okay? And you're putting Sydney in danger.

Nicole: No, I'm not. I would never do that. I love her. And I will protect my little girl with my life. And that includes making sure that her childhood is not turned into some living hell because you and Sami won't stop fighting over her.

EJ: Nicole, you keep saying that she's your little girl, but she's not your little girl, okay? She's mine.

Nicole: Oh, really? 'Cause that's not what you said a couple of weeks ago when you threw her out.

EJ: Because I thought that she was someone else's child.

Nicole: But you still loved her, didn't you?

EJ: Yes, a-actually, I did.

Nicole: Then what difference does it make, EJ, if you're the real father or not? You just tossed her away like she was yesterday's trash. You know, you can say anything you want...but actions speak louder than words. You threw away any claim you had to her. So this is good-bye, EJ.

Arianna: She didn't do it on purpose.

Will: Look, my mom is freaking out, okay?

Arianna: I know she is. Who wouldn't be? But you know what? You cannot blame my sister... because she didn't know who Nicole was...and you know what? Gabi would never hurt anyone. I have to go.

Gabi: Should have known. I should just go back home. Maybe head for the...bus station right now.

Arianna: Gabi. I know I...probably shouldn't have said anything back there. I just...I hated Will blaming you for something--

Gabi: Do I look like I need you to protect me?

Arianna: No, you don't. All right? But... sometimes I can't help myself. I'm your big sister. It's my job.

Gabi: Don't give me that big sister stuff, okay? You just didn't want me talking to that guy. You're scared I might tell him about how you're doing drugs again. Blow that good girl image... and all the lies you've got going.

Vivian: I don't-- I don't think that was an eastern kingbird. It didn't have any white on the tail.

Victor: Whatever it is... why don't you just finish your thought?

Vivian: Oh. Oh, you mean about having the last laugh. Well, I know how much it hurt you when Kate married Stefano. But now that I'm back in town...

Victor: You think Kate's going to be jealous of you, Vivian?

Vivian: Oh, yes, she already is. I mean, when she saw us together, she almost had a coronary in that tacky little cafe. Oh! Oh... an indigo bunting! I never would have believed it! Ah!

Philip: I couldn't care less why you're all worked up, Kate. If you're not here to tell me you're about to annul your marriage to Stefano, don't let the doorknob hit you on the way out.

Kate: I wouldn't be here if it wasn't important, and it concerns you.

Philip: Fine. Get it over with.

Kate: Vivian Alamain is back.

Philip: What?

Kate: Yeah. She's here in Salem.

Philip: After all these years? Why?

Kate: I'm not sure...but she has managed to attach herself to your daddy.

Philip: Really? Or maybe he sought her out. He has been kind of lonely lately. Could be he's looking to get married again.

Kate: Dear God. Not to that old hag!

Carly: Okay, look, I would really love to explain what's going on with me. Everything's just been a blur since Lawrence's death. But the one thing I'm very clear on--I want you to know--is that I'm moving out of the house... your house.

Hope: What brought this on?

Carly: Couple of things. The biggest one being I don't want to cause any problems for you and Bo. I'm gonna rebuild my life. And you should too. With Bo.

Bo: Look, Carly's life, the situation with her is a little more complicated than you know.

Roman: Uh-huh.

Bo: There's a couple of issues I have to help her iron out. So if you can help keep a lid on it with Abe and the D.A., I would really appreciate that.

Roman: Oh, I will do my best. But that's not gonna mean squat when it comes to Hope.

Bo: And this I realize.

Roman: Bo, listen to me. You can help Carly out. That is just fine. But you better get your marriage back on Unless you do wanna be alone. Because that's exactly what's gonna happen.

Bo: Nice having this little conversation with you. I'm outta here.

Roman: Glad I could help.

Bo: Yeah.

Kate: What would make you think something like that? Has your father... talked about wanting to contact her again or be involved with her or--

Philip: Relax. I was just pulling your chain.

Kate: You sure about that?

Philip: Why would I lie?

Kate: Oh, gee, I don't know. Maybe you just didn't wanna... warn me.

Philip: Look at you. You're already jealous.

Kate: Pff! Jealous? Of Vivian? I don't think so. But she is a hateful, destructive woman, and I didn't want to see her come back to town ever. Did you?

Philip: Actually, I don't care all that much. But you--you're worried she's gonna take your place... with Dad. With me.

Kate: I know that I almost lost you when I married Stefano. And...I wouldn't want to think that Vivian could come into town and drive a wedge between us.

Philip: You have got a nice way of rewriting history, Mom. You did lose me when you married that clown. Why don't you just get outta here, huh?

Vivian: Oh, my God! It's him! Philip! My son! My baby!

EJ: Nicole, you listen to me very carefully. Now, you might think in your head that you're gonna live this wonderful fantasy of a life on the run and escape to some new environment or a new place and have a new life. It's not gonna work that way. You will be caught.

Nicole: I'm sure you think that, EJ. Let's face it--you've been wrong before.

EJ: Nobody hides forever. You understand that? If you're near here, the police will find you. If you've gone away somewhere, my men will find you. Maybe it takes a day, a week, a month--it doesn't matter. They will find you, Nicole. And they will punish you.

[Sydney cooing]

EJ: What's that? Is that Sydney? Is she all right?

Nicole: Yeah, she's fine. Mommy's here, sweetheart.

EJ: You're not her mother... okay? You're just some woman... who kidnapped her and is about to go to prison.

Nicole: Oh, shove it, EJ! My God, I can't believe how long I put up with this temper of yours--constant bullying, walking on eggshells and scared to death that you were gonna be angry about something--anything.

EJ: Nicole...this is about Sydney and her welfare.

Nicole: We are not talking about anything, you son of a bitch. We are done.

EJ: Nicole? Nicole! Did you get the trace? What do you mean, what satellite? What--


Stefano: Where is she?

EJ: I don't know. They lost the trace. They got it, and then she hung up, and then they lost it.

Stefano: All right, I'll call my men--they know what to do.

EJ: No, no, no, no, no.

Stefano: They'll have Sydney home before you know it.

EJ: Father, I'm going by the book on this one. I'm going with Roman.

Stefano: A DiMera running to the police? I mean, there's a first for you.

EJ: Why don't you just go to hell, okay?

Arianna: Look, I wasn't worried that you were gonna tell Will about...the drug thing. What I was worried about is--

Gabi: That maybe I'd tell the cops?

Arianna: I wasn't worried that you were gonna tell the cops either. Sometimes things aren't always what they seem.

Gabi: What's that supposed to mean? The drugs aren't yours?

Arianna: They're mine. But I am not dealing, and I am not using again.

Gabi: Then why would you have a pile of drugs like that?

Arianna: Because--look, it is complicated, all right? I cannot tell you everything right now. All I can say is that you need to trust me when I tell you I will not let you or Rafe or mom down ever again. I promise. But you cannot say anything about those drugs, do you hear me?

Gabi: I just don't get it, Ari.

Arianna: Look at me. I will tell you when I can. Okay? But please... do not say a word. Please.

Gabi: I don't know. I don't know anything anymore.


Roman: Yeah. Brady.

Arianna: Hi,'s me. Look, I know that you're really busy right now trying to find Sydney, but, um... I need a sit-down.

[Knock at door]

Fay: Honey, I came as fast as I could. What's going on? Why haven't you left?

Nicole: I-I realized that I can't.

Fay: Why? Have you changed your mind?

Nicole: No, no, Mom, of course not. It's just that the money you gave me--it's not enough.

Fay: Honey, I'm so sorry, but that is all that I have.

Nicole: I know, I...I need fake passports.

Fay: Fake passport-- honey, I-I don't know anything about that kind of thing.

Nicole: Well, I can't leave town without them, Mom. I need help. Think of something--anything!

Fay: Well... there's some guy at the diner. He--he might know some things about how to get things like that. He's a little on the sketchy side.

Nicole: Okay, fine. Can we call him?

Fay: Okay, okay, I'll try to call him.

Nicole: Can we do it now, please, Mom? I-I have to leave the country before he finds me. Do you understand that? He will kill me. I swear. And my God, who knows what he would do to my little girl? Please.

Fay: Nicki, listen to me. You have to stay strong now, okay? You have to do it for your daughter. She needs you more than ever.

Nicole: I know that, Mom. I am trying to stay strong for her--I am! But if we're gonna get away, we have to leave tonight.

Fay: Okay.

Stefano: Elvis, wait. Hold it a moment, please. Think about what you are doing. If you involve Roman Brady in this, he's going to bungle it up like he does everything, all right? Let me call my men. They will get somebody inside the telephone company, and they'll find out where Nicole was calling form.

EJ: [Laughs] Do you think that I haven't thought about that? No, Father, the only way I'm gonna get that information is when the police go in there with a court order.

Stefano: You are making a terrible mistake.

EJ: Roman will find her. Roman will arrest her. Roman will put her in prison, and I will be reunited with my daughter.

Stefano: And a few weeks later, your life is going to be hell.

EJ: You will respect my decision. Understand me? And if you don't, if you try and go after this with your men or whatever it is you want to do, there will be consequences. And the first consequence will be that you will not see your grandchildren ever again. We clear? Good.

Hope: So you're handing my husband back to me.

Carly: I...I never had him, Hope, in any sense of the word. And I'm hoping...that by getting myself out of the picture, it will help you. Both of you. What?

Hope: I don't quite know what to make of you, Carly. There's a whole lot you're not saying.

Carly: Look, I would think that by me moving out--

Hope: No, no, don't get me wrong. I'm relieved you won't be sleeping in the same house with Bo. Oh. That would be... my house. But since you're being truthful, let's face it. Just because you won't be under the same roof with Bo doesn't mean he's gonna walk away from you.

Bo: That's right. I'm not gonna walk away.

Vivian: Oh! Look at you. That face... gorgeous! Oh...sorry. Sorry. It--it's just that when a mother hasn't seen her son in so long, it's just... it's a beautiful feeling.

Victor: She's overwhelmed.

Vivian: Yes, I am. And, darling, I don't want to be a pest, but I want you to tell me everything that's been happening with you.

Philip: Over the last ten years? That might take a while.

Vivian: I have all the time in the world for my darling son.

Victor: Well, we should give mother and son a little alone time, don't you think?

Kate: This amuses you, doesn't it?

Victor: Well, it's just... let's just say it's uplifting. I find Vivian a breath of fresh air. She has a joie de vivre that's been remarkably absent around here lately.

Kate: [Laughs] Joie. She brought nothing but misery into our lives, Victor.

Victor: Philip seemed pleased to see her.

Kate: Philip could care less about Vivian or anything she has to offer. Unlike you, obviously.

Victor: You know, your friends can make you fat.

Kate: [Laughs] What the hell are you talking about?

Victor: They can also make you know, upbeat. I read an article about it. The people you surround yourself with can affect your mood, your habits. That's why it's good for me to have Vivian around--happiness being contagious and all that.

Kate: What on earth is going on between the two of you? Is she luring you into one of her little schemes, Victor?

Victor: We're having a family reunion. You're not welcome. Out.

Arianna: Hey.

Roman: Hey. What's goin' on?

Arianna: Um...I've got a new boss.

Roman: What?

Arianna: Yeah. Apparently, whoever was running the operation sold out to somebody else or was eliminated. Whatever. The point is... I'm back to square one.

Roman: Well, that's just terrific.

Arianna: Yeah. And you know what, I'm feeling a lot of pressure, you know, to step up the sales so... I'm gonna need you to get me that money and fast so it looks like I'm moving the product, okay?

Roman: Okay, no problem. I'll get the cash, we'll make the switch.

Arianna: All right. Look, I am gonna find this guy-- I will. And when I do, I will hand him to you on a platter. What?

Roman: Don't get me wrong here. I mean, I'm glad you wanna bring this guy down, but... where is all this enthusiasm coming from all of a sudden? Something going on here? Something happen?

Vivian: My guess... is that you're already a great success at Titan, and you've mapped out your future to the day you run for president.

Philip: Actually, I'm more of a "let's see what happens" kind of guy.

Vivian: Oh! Just like me! I bet we have a lot more things in common! [Lowers voice] Tell me something. Is there a girl? Someone very special?

Philip: Well... there is...someone.

Vivian: Ah!

Philip: Not everyone thinks she's perfect, but...anyway, jury's still out.

Vivian: Oh, I know it'll work out fine, because someone as handsome as you can have any lady you want anytime. And if you ever have a problem, you just call me.

Stefano: Have you contacted the illustrious Commander Brady?

EJ: Yes. I'm on my way to see him now.

Stefano: Oh ho, what a turnaround. You trust the Bradys more than your own family.

EJ: Let me make something really clear to you. I don't trust the Bradys, and I don't trust you. If I've learned anything over the last few days it's the only person I can me.

Will: Hey. Wait, listen, I-- I'm sorry, I-I don't remember your name.

Gabi: Hasn't stopped you for blaming me for everything. Gabi.

Will: I'm will.

Gabi: Got that.

Will: Look, can I just say I'm sorry for earlier? I was just... I was angry. And I'm scared about my little sister.

Gabi: Been there. One time, well, my sister Ari... we thought we'd lost her. But it worked out. So...I kinda know what you're going through. And I hope it works out.

Will: Thanks.

Roman: I get it, I get it, Arianna. You don't want to go back to jail, and this operation is a hell of an opportunity for you, but...uh-uh. Now something else is goin' on here. Something lit a fire under you. What's going on here?

Arianna: I want my life back. I want my family to be proud of me... not hanging their heads every time my name comes up. What happened to me in college, what I did, it was so stupid, and I just wanna get past that and fast.

Roman: All right, then go do it, but listen to me very, very closely. I want you to do this job, but I don't want anything bad happening to you, so watch your back. Be very, very careful because you know damn well...this guy's dangerous.

Stefano: How can you be so disrespectful to your father?

EJ: You drove another son away. You remember that? You never let him make decisions for his own life. You made them for him, decisions that suited you.

Stefano: How dare you talk about Anthony like that to me. I loved him with all my heart. I think about him every minute of every day.

EJ: As do I. Well, I'm emulating my brother, and I'm breaking away from you. I'm setting up my own operations, my own life.

Stefano: All right, fine. Okay. I understand...I do, I do, I do! But... anyway, let me have... the last gesture of love. Let me bring Nicole and Sydney home to you.

EJ: One final warning, okay? Stay away.

Kate: I take it you didn't get through to him.

Stefano: My son... is making a terrible mistake. Of all things, he is aligning himself up with the Bradys. I don't know. The way things are going... I could... I could lose my son, my grandchildren, oh... God only knows.

Kate: I'm sorry. Believe me, I know what you're going through.

Stefano: Meaning?

Kate: Brace yourself... because I have some news.

[Knock at door]

Nicole: Oh! That was quick.

Fay: I know, everything happened much faster than I thought. Okay, I spoke to my friend...

Nicole: Okay. Can he get the passports?

Fay: No. But he knew someone that could.

Nicole: Okay, great.

Fay: But, honey, here's the bad news.

Nicole: What?

Fay: It's gonna cost. You can't afford to pay for them. It's gonna cost almost exactly what I gave to you.

Nicole: Okay, you know what, fine. Fine. Mom...whatever it takes to make him happy, please--

Fay: Nicki, no! Listen to me. How are you and Sydney gonna live?

Nicole: I'll worry about that tomorrow, Mom. But I need the fake passports. We have to get out of the country before EJ finds us.

Carly: Uh, you two need your space, so I'll see you later.

Bo: Okay.

Bo: I assume she told you that...movin' out.

Hope: Yeah. Not that that matters.

Bo: Why do you say that?

Hope: Because you're gonna keep helping Carly do whatever she came back to Salem to do.

Bo: And that's a bad thing?

Hope: Not a bad thing for her, obviously. But for you and me... you're gonna keep pretending your involvement with her doesn't affect us?

Bo: I'm not pretending anything, Fancy Face, I ju-- she's moved out. That's the important thing, right?

Hope: Why?

Bo: Isn't that obvious?

Hope: What? She moves out, so I move back in?

Bo: That's not a possibility?

Hope: The way things are now, no. She may have moved out... but you're still attached to her. The more things change, the more they stay the same. I better go.

Bo: Fancy face... I love you.

Stefano: Is this news about my granddaughter?

Kate: No! No, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to get your hopes up. It's something I was gonna tell you before, but then all this happened.

Stefano: All right, fine. Just tell me whatever it is.

Kate: Your ex-wife is back in town. Vivian!

Stefano: Ah... Lawrence is dead... and Carly is back in town. [Chuckles] I should have predicted it. Did she say anything about me?

Kate: [Scoffs] No!

Stefano: Anything about her plans?

Kate: Well, certainly not to me. Although she's trying to make nice and cozy with your old pal Victor.

Stefano: Poor bastard.

Vivian: I can't... stop staring.

Philip: Yeah. I've noticed.

Vivian: I'm sorry... for--for staring and... gushing and embarrassing you. But it's not every day a mother gets to see a son she hasn't seen in so long.

Philip: Dad, can Vivian and I have a few moments alone?

Victor: Of course.

Philip: Okay. Lose the smile. You and I are gonna get a few things straight right now.

Arianna: I am aware there's danger. There isn't a second that goes by that I don't worry that I've dropped the wrong hint to the wrong person or something. I've made it this far... and I will get this job done.

Roman: Okay. I just wanna remind you... getting caught is not an option.

Arianna: I know. I have been in this business long enough to know that these dirtbags would just assume drop you as say hello. But I will find out who's running this operation, and when I do... he's goin' down.

[Knock at door]

Fay: The guy says that the passport'll be ready real soon.

Nicole: Real soon? What is that?

Fay: Now! Whenever they're ready, okay? Now, listen, listen to me. He'll meet you at the bus station near a--near a walkway or an alley or something. He says that you'll find it, no problem. And...I gave him the money. This is all that's left.

Nicole: Thanks, Mom. I can't tell you what this means to me, the way... the way you've come through for me like this.

Fay: After everything that you've told me, the hell that you've been through with your husband, the hell that poor baby's been through... I'd do anything to help you be free of him. Anything to help you escape.

Sami: Daddy, what is it?

Roman: I just spoke with EJ. I think we have a lead.

Philip: Get out of my life and stay out.

Nicole: I'm telling the truth!

Woman: Yeah, like hell you are!

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