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Days of Our Lives Transcript Monday 11/23/09 - Canada; Tuesday 11/24/09 - U.S.A.


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Vivian: Victor, is this seat taken?

Victor: Good God. Just when I thought things couldn't get worse.

Bo: What are you looking at?

Carly: Do you need to ask?

Bo: Carly...

Carly: No, I made up my mind. Today's the day I make contact with my future. And my past.

Hope: Abe, thank you so much for fitting me into your busy schedule.

Abe: Oh, I always have time for my friends.

Hope: Good, because this friend has a big favor to ask.

Abe: Oh, sure. What's it about?

Hope: My future.

EJ: Arianna... nice to see you.

Arianna: Look, I'm--I'm in a hurry, so if you're gonna--

EJ: No. No, I was just thinking, though, about, uh... that conversation we had last time I saw you. On the pier.

Arianna: What about it?

EJ: I asked you if you'd seen your brother. You said no. But you knew he was in town, didn't you? I knew he was trying to prove that Sydney was my daughter.

Arianna: I did, yes. But I couldn't say anything. I'm sure you understand that.

EJ: You're good at keeping secrets, are you?

Arianna: Look, for what it's worth, I'm sorry that your wife turned out to be a psychopath.

EJ: [Snickers]

Arianna: What is so funny?

EJ: Ah, you. You're funny. That statement is funny.

Arianna: Well, I didn't mean to sound cavalier.

EJ: That's all right. It's all right. Anyway, she's where she needs to be--behind bars.

Arianna: You don't know, obviously.

EJ: I don't know what?

Arianna: She's been released on bail.

Sami: Shh. [Sighs] Look how beautiful she is.

Rafe: Just like her mother.

Sami: You're the best.

Rafe: Mm-hmm.

Sami: I should probably call my grandma and check on her. See how she's doing with the twins. Hey, you have a message.

Rafe: It's Arianna.

Sami: I got one from Brady. Nicole has been released on...

Rafe: On bail. That's great.

Sami: [Sighs]

Nicole: Brady, please, I can explain everything--

Brady: There is nothing left to explain, Nicole. You stole Sami's baby.

Nicole: All right, well, I--

Brady: You know what's worse? That you conned me into helping you. By covering up your lies, I hurt my own stepsister. Who are you? I don't even know who you are.

EJ: Who gave her the money? How did she make bail?

Arianna: I don't know. I just heard she was out.

EJ: Excuse me.

Sami: I mean, this is unbelievable. How could this happen? Don't people--don't people understand what Nicole is capable of? Who would play around with--

Rafael: I don't want you worrying, okay? There is no way that Nicole is getting anywhere near that baby. Okay?

[Cell phone ringing]

Sami: Great, it's EJ. Hello.

EJ: Samantha, it's EJ. Look, I have some, uh, rather unsettling news about Nicole.

Sami: She's out on bail. I know. God, so what are we gonna do?

EJ: Well, look, the first thing that we can do is keep an eye on Sydney, okay? Then I'm gonna see if I can file some more charges, and we can get her put back in prison.

Sami: Okay. Okay, well, anyway, thanks for calling. Talk to you later.

EJ: W-wait, Samantha, wait. Look, um, I think we need to discuss the custody issue, don't we?

Sami: We have to do that now?

EJ: Well, it's a matter of some importance. I don't see why we'd put it off.

Sami: I just put Sydney down for her nap. Look, all right, fine. I'll be there in a little bit.

EJ: Okay, bring Sydney, please.

Sami: EJ, I just told you she's down for her nap.

EJ: Samantha, just bring Sydney, please.

Sami: Yeah, okay, fine. I'll wake her up, she'll come over there, and she'll totally be fussy all night. But, yeah, fine, whatever.

EJ: Look, I hope you do understand--that'd be quite shocking if you don't, given that we already have one child. I mean, you're hardly unfamiliar with my passion and devotion to my family.

Sami: Right, I'm hardly unfamiliar. What is your point?

EJ: My point, Samantha... is that, when it comes to my daughter, I don't just roll over and play dead. I fight for what is mine.

Nicole: Brady, look, when I dragged you into this, I-- I honestly intended to keep baby Grace, but...when I found out that Sami was pregnant with EJ's baby--

Brady: You naturally decided to switch Grace with Sydney. Right?

Nicole: Yeah...I did. Look, Sami wasn't gonna tell EJ about his own child. I had to make things right!

Brady: You made it right. You did. Is that what you feel you did? You made it right? You're a big hero in all this, aren't you?

Nicole: I wanted what was best for EJ.

Brady: And look where that has got you, huh? You got no EJ, you got no baby, and you got no friends in the world.

Nicole: What are you saying, Brady? Are you saying that I've lost you too?

Brady: Yep. Yeah, that's exactly what I'm saying to you.

Chad: These are all the store had left.

Mia: My poor baby.

Chad: We'll get through this...together.

Mia: [Sniffles] Will.

Will: I didn't mean to interrupt.

Mia: That's okay.

Will: I've been looking for you. I heard the news. Grace...was your baby. Yours and Chad's. I just wanted to say... I'm sorry. I never should have judged you.

Hope: Well, as you know, you know, I decided to take some time off after Ciara's kidnapping. But now I am so ready to get back to work.

Abe: So what's that got to do with me?

Hope: Oh, uh... I thought it would be very obvious.

Abe: Obvious? I--

Hope: Abe, I want a job.

Abe: You already have a job.

Hope: No, I want a new job. You see, the old one comes with a lot of baggage.

Abe: So are things that bad between you and Bo, you can't work together?

Hope: We're still dealing with issues from the kidnapping. Carly came back into town, and... I'm sure you can figure out the rest.

Abe: You and Ciara are living with Doug and Julie. Carly's over at your place.

Hope: Well, no. Uh, we're not staying with my dad and Julie. They're on a cruise. We are actually staying... with Victor.

Abe: Victor? Look, um... I'm gonna have to, uh, make something perfectly clear. While you're staying at the Kiriakis mansion... we're not hiring.

Vivian: Victor... I'm very hurt. I thought you'd be delighted to see me.

Victor: And what led you to believe that? Perhaps the fact that I haven't tried to contact you once in the last decade?

Vivian: Well, I just chalked it up to your extremely busy schedule.

Victor: And what about your schedule? How come you have the spare time to come winging all the way to Salem?

Vivian: I'm here on business.

Victor: So it has nothing to do with the fact that your arch enemy also happens to be in town?

Vivian: Arch enemy?

Victor: Carly Manning. Remember her? She's the one that killed your nephew.

Vivian: Oh, Victor. Carly is a doctor. She saves lives. She doesn't snuff them out.

Bo: Are you sure you're ready to do this?

Carly: The only way I'm gonna get my life back is to take action, right? Just wish me luck.

Bo: You know I do. Oh. All right. Be careful out there.

Carly: Mm-hmm.

Mia: Chad, um... do you mind if Will and I talk alone for a minute?

Chad: Sure.

Will: Mia, I'm sorry... for being so mean to you. The things I said... I feel really bad.

Mia: I lied to you, Will. But it was because I thought... I was protecting my baby. You know, I was trying to help Nicole keep Sydney, when... it turns out... Sydney wasn't mine. Grace was.

Will: I'm so sorry.

Mia: And because I kept lying...I lost my reputation. I lost my self-respect. And most of all... I lost you.

Will: It's not...too late. For us, I mean.

Mia: No, Will. You're wrong.

[Knock on door]

Arianna: Uh...yeah. One second! Hi. What's up?

Gabriela: Mrs. Brady just finished setting up my room. She's very sweet. Mom would like her a lot.

Arianna: Well, good. You should tell Mom that, you know? Maybe she would worry about us less.

Gabriela: You know Mom. She loves to worry. So...Rafe tells me you have a boyfriend.

Arianna: Oh...yeah. Glad he shared that with you.

Gabriela: What's he like?

Arianna: Um...well, he's funny. He's handsome. He's smart. And he's in love with somebody else.

Rafe: Sami... we don't have to go over there tonight. You know, I'll just call EJ and we'll tell him that we'll show up tomorrow.

Sami: No, it's all right. You'll help me control my temper. And, anyway, I think if we play nice with him now, it might help us down the line, right?

Rafe: I don't know.

Sami: Besides, I don't blame him for wanting to spend time with this beautiful little angel.

Rafe: Right. Well, listen, just so you know, I got your back. If EJ pushes, you just push back a little harder.

Sami: [Giggles]

Nicole: Brady, I... I'm not a bad person. You know that. But if you turn your back on me, I will have nothing left, and I don't know what I'll do.

Brady: What is wrong with you? What's wrong with you? What's wrong with me? That I could love someone like you.

Gabriela: Are you serious? He's your boyfriend, but he's in love with some other girl?

Arianna: Look, he's not gonna admit it, but I know it's true.

Gabriela: Then you should break up with him, Ari.

Arianna: Honey, you're still in high school, okay? You don't know what it's like to be in love.

Gabriela: Hello, I've read Twilight.

Arianna: All right, this conversation's officially over.

Gabriela: Come on, Ari, I was just trying to help.

Arianna: I just want to be alone.

Gabriela: Fine. I'm sorry if I said the wrong thing.

Arianna: Hey, you didn't, okay? Don't worry.

Gabriela: See you in the morning.

Arianna: All right. I've got to speak to him.

Gabriela: Ari, could I borrow... guess I'll help myself.

[Bag crinkling]

Gabriela: Oh, my God.

Nicole: You love me?

Brady: Loved. Past tense.

Nicole: No. You just can't stop loving someone, Brady. I know that better than anyone.

Brady: What are you, some expert on love? Is that what you are?

Nicole: My daughter, my... little Sydney taught me that. Love never dies, no matter what.

EJ: There you are. Hello, sweetheart. Daddy's missed you very much.


Sami: She's, uh, been a little bit fussy on the way over here. I'm gonna lay her down, if you don't mind, see if she'll go back to sleep.

Rafe: Sami.

Sami: Oh, thanks.

EJ: Good luck with that. She, uh... looks wide awake to me. So, have you, um, have you heard from Nicole?

Rafe: No, no sign of her. But I figure she'll keep her distance. Doesn't want to jeopardize her freedom.

EJ: Quite. So...why don't we get to the matter at hand, eh?

Sami: Little angel. She fell right back asleep.

EJ: I'm sure. She, uh, she probably feels comfortable in my presence.

Sami: I have a feeling, but I'm gonna ask anyway. Where is that comment going?

EJ: Well, Samantha, I've given this a great deal of thought. And I think that it is best if Sydney lives with me.

Will: Look, if you want to talk...about anything, just call me whenever you're ready.

Mia: Thanks.

Chad: Everything okay?

Mia: Yeah, um... um, I'm ready to go home now. Do you mind dropping me off?

Chad: No problem.

Mia: Bye, Grace.

Hope: Abe, please. Whatever you think of Victor, to my daughter, he is family. She's with her grandpa, and that means a lot to her right now, and to me.

Abe: Hope... you said Bo doesn't want you and Ciara to move home. But I heard Carly was exonerated.

Hope: Good news, isn't it?

Abe: That means she doesn't have to live with Bo anymore. So why is she still there?

Hope: That's a good question.

Victor: So you're saying--

Vivian: Darling, don't you keep up with the news? Someone has confessed to murdering Lawrence. Carly's completely innocent.

Victor: Innocent? Lady Macbeth had less blood on her hands.

Vivian: Oh...don't be so unkind.

Victor: This from the woman who buried her alive.

Vivian: Well, yes, but I'm willing to start anew. I'll never be Carly's biggest fan, but I'm willing to let bygones be bygones.

Victor: I get it. You don't want Carly behind bars. You want her out in the open so you can exercise your own creative torture.

Vivian: [Scoffs] There you go, being all cynical again. I don't know how you get through each day being like that.

Victor: Well, whatever you're going to do, you'd better do it soon.

Vivian: What's the hurry?

Victor: You're not getting any younger. You don't want to wait until you don't have the stamina.

Vivian: it that you want to get that black widow out of your son's house before your daughter-in-law gives her the heave-ho? You don't have to answer that.

Victor: And I won't.

Vivian: I think you probably talked to Bo, and he was just so stubborn about protecting Carly that you just threw up your hands in disgust. Yes? No? Oh, I got it, didn't I? Well, you know something, if your own son Bo won't listen to you, I think you're going to have to take a different approach.

[Knock on door]

Maggie: Uh, coming. [Gasps]

Carly: Hi.

Maggie: Oh, Carly! Oh, honey, oh, my goodness. It's wonderful to see you. It's been so long.

Carly: It's good to see you too.

Maggie: I heard that you were exonerated in Lawrence's murder. So...that's--it's wonderful news.

Carly: Well, needless to say, I'm relieved.

Maggie: So what are you plans? How long are you staying in town?

Carly: Actually, I've decided to stay in Salem indefinitely. But in order to do that, I'm gonna need your help.

Chad: Hey, Will.

Will: How's Mia?

Chad: Uh, well, she was still upset when I dropped her off. Didn't feel like talking much.

Will: Well, I guess it's gonna take some time.

Chad: Yeah. You know, I was hoping I could talk with you.

Will: Why?

Chad: To thank you. You know, if not for you... well, at least Mia got to know Grace. And you made that happen.

Will: I'm sorry you didn't get to know her.

Chad: That's the other thing that I wanted to talk to you about. I was hoping maybe you could... tell me more about her. I mean, I would ask Mia, but I think it might be too hard for her. Maybe it would be too hard for you too.

Will: No, no, I mean-- yeah, it is hard. 'Cause I miss her. But I'll tell you about Grace, sure. You deserve to know.

Sami: You are unbelievable. I can't believe you want Sydney to live in this house of horrors. I mean, with everything that your father has done? I can't stand the fact that Johnny has to come here and be near him.

EJ: Samantha...Samantha...

Sami: The man is a murderer. He wanted to kill Rafe, and he's good with kids, so you don't have a--

[Cell phone ringing]

Rafael: Sorry.

Sami: No, it's--

Rafael: Ah, uh, I gotta take this.

Sami: Okay.

Rafael: Excuse me.

EJ: Sure.

Sami: I mean, EJ, how do you stand it, how can you...

Rafael: Gabi, hey, what's up?

Gabriela: Rafe, hey. I need to see you right away. It's an emergency.

Rafael: Are you all right?

Gabriela: Yeah, I'm fine. But I'm worried about Arianna.

Rafael: Uh, why? Did something happen to her?

Gabriela: I'll explain everything when you get here. I'm at the pub.

Rafael: Okay, I'll see you soon.

Sami: Lecturing me on my behavior as if I'm the one--

EJ: I'm not lecturing, Samantha.

Sami: Excuse me! What is it?

Rafael: I gotta go.

Sami: What? What happened?

Rafael: Ah, it's just my sister. I gotta check on her and...

Sami: Oh...okay.

Rafael: You gonna be okay here?

Sami: Yeah, of course. I can handle him.

Rafael: [Chuckles] Okay, I'll call you later. EJ.

EJ: Rafe.

Sami: Okay, so what is it that you want to tell me?

EJ: I'm moving out.

Sami: What? You're--

EJ: I should have done it a long time ago.

Sami: [Scoffs] Well, yeah. But...

EJ: I don't want to live under his roof anymore.

Sami: Is this because of the past or...him trying to kill Rafe or is there something--

Rafael: He knew. He knew. He knew about the baby switch. He knew about Nicole. He didn't say anything.

Sami: Yeah, I kind of figured.

EJ: Samantha, I'm not going to be like my father. You understand that? I'm not going to be like him. So I'm moving out. And, as far as Johnny and Sydney go, that's it. I do not want them to see Stefano DiMera ever again.

Nicole: Brady, I... [Sighs] I know that you're terribly disappointed in me, and I get that. But once you calm down, you'll understand that I--

Brady: No, I'm never gonna-- I'm not gonna understand this. Ever...ever. I suggest you take the next hour and you try to make amends with all the friends and people that you've hurt.

Nicole: The next hour?

Brady: Before you go back to jail, Nicole.

Nicole: What? Brady, you can't!

Brady: I can't what? Revoke your bail? Yeah, I can. I can. And I'll tell them that you misled me--that's what I'll say.

Nicole: Please, Brady, please, don't do this to me. Don't abandon me. You are all I have.

Brady: Sorry!

Nicole: Brady, please!

Brady: No! Nicole... do the right thing. For once, just do the right thing. Please?

Nicole: Okay. I will. I'll do the right thing.

Chad: You don't have a picture of her, do you?

Will: Yeah. Yeah. Here. You can keep that.

Chad: So...this is Grace.

Will: I you more pictures. If you want, when I get home.

Chad: Yeah. Yeah, if you don't mind. Anyway, I should--I should go. But, uh... but thanks.

Will: No problem. See you around.

Brady: Well, see what you can do. Revoked immediately. Yes, if possible. Thanks. Hi, Ari.

Arianna: Sounds like you're fixing the Nicole situation.

Brady: Trying to.

Arianna: And you're still furious with me?

Brady: You kept the truth from me.

Arianna: You know... maybe if you had come to me first and asked me what was going on before you went rushing off to her rescue... but you couldn't do that, could you? And why is that? Why? You had to run off to help her. Because you loved her. Right? I can live with that. But you know what I can't live with? Is knowing that you are still in love with her. Aren't you, Brady?

Victor: Thank you. Well, since you obviously got a degree in family counseling since our paths last crossed, tell me, Vivian... how do I get through to my son?

Vivian: Well, I think it's kind of obvious. But your perception of the situation is distorted with emotion, so I guess I'll have to spell it out.

Victor: I'm all a-tingle.

Vivian: Well, you're very biased against Carly, and Bo needs to hear the facts from someone who doesn't loathe her.

Victor: And who would that someone be, pray tell?

Vivian: Well, I would think somebody from your family could intercede.

Victor: No, no one comes to mind.

Vivian: How about the lovely Kate?

Victor: Lovely? [Scoffs] A more appropriate adjective would be traitorous.

Vivian: What happened?

Victor: Wedding bells.

Vivian: No! Who would marry that woman?

Victor: Stefano DiMera.

Vivian: Oh... how sad for you.

Victor: Well, on the contrary, I found it very comical. Laughed my ass off the first time I heard it.

Vivian: Yes, well, that would be your defense. But I'm sure it probably makes you feel very lonely.

Victor: Up until now. But now that you're here, I have you to lighten my life.

Vivian: Oh...I know you're being sardonic, Victor. We've had our hills and valleys, but we do understand each other, and I'm on your side. Always.

Maggie: Well, done and done.

Carly: Really?

Maggie: I have such clout at the hospital. No, of course I'll recommend you.

Maggie: Oh, that'd be such a big help.

Maggie: Carly, they would be so lucky to have you on staff. You're a wonderful doctor.

Carly: Thank you.

[Cell phone ringing]

Maggie: Ugh. Ah, it's work. Gotta take this. Sorry.

Carly: That's okay.

Maggie: Javier, yes, what's going on?

Carly: Hi.

Mia: Hi. You're the woman from the pier.

Carly: I am. Good to see you again.

Mia: Do you know Mrs. Horton?

Carly: We're old friends. We were just catching up.

Mia: I see.

Carly: Everything okay? How have things been going for you?

Mia: Well, I didn't think it was possible, but, uh... it's worse. Everything's worse.

Carly: Why? What happened?

Mia: It turns out... the woman who adopted my baby wasn't raising her after all. She switched my little girl with someone else's.

Carly: That's terrible. Why would she do that?

Mia: It's complicated.

Carly: And your child, do you know where she is?

Mia: She's dead.

Carly: I'm so sorry. Ohh, I'm so sorry.

Bo: Why don't you run upstairs, pick out a book, and I'll be right up, okay? I want to talk to your mommy first...okay.

Hope: I'll see you in a little while, okay, honey?

Bo: Thanks for bringing her by.

Hope: Sure, of course. I hate that Carly's schedule dictates when Ciara can come here.

Bo: Can we not start with that?

Hope: I'll pick her up in a couple hours, okay?

Bo: You can't stay for a couple of minutes?

Hope: I have some errands to run.

Ciara: Daddy, hurry up.

Bo: I better go.

Hope: Me too. [Hope flashes back to the past] Help me to understand. What is she hiding?

Bo: I wish I could explain it to you, but it's not my place.

Hope: Don't you think I have a right to know? It's your obligation to her that's keeping us apart.

Victor: [Chuckles]

Vivian: Oh, so it's humorous to you that we had all those wonderful times and memories.

Victor: Lest you have some fantasy that there is anything remotely substantial for us to build on, let me disabuse you immediately. There is nothing, zero, zip, zilch.

Vivian: Well, what about our mutual hatred for Carly Manning?

Victor: Hmm, well, that's about it.

Vivian: Well, that's a good place to start.

Carly: I wish--I wish there was someone who could help you through this. You--when we met, you said that you and your mom don't speak.

Mia: No. We don't. Luckily, though, I have Maggie. She's really great to me.

Carly: She's great lady.

Mia: Yeah, she is. I've never actually met someone so kind. Although you've been really nice too.

Carly: Yeah.

Mia: Anyway, um... I'm gonna head back upstairs. Okay? It was good to see you again. What was your name?

Carly: Carly. And you're Mia.

Mia: Right. Well, I hope to see you soon, Carly. Thanks again.

Carly: You're welcome.

Maggie: Sorry that took so long. Now, where were we?

Carly: The recommendation.

Maggie: Oh, yes, yes. Of course, I'll do it tomorrow.

Carly: Thank you so much. I don't mean to bother you with anything else, but I do have one more favor I'd like to ask.

Maggie: Well, ask away.

Carly: I was just wondering, would you happen to have an extra room here that I could rent?

Hope: I can't do this. I can't invade her privacy. On the other hand... she invaded my house. And if her little secret is preventing me and Ciara from moving back home, I--

Bo: What are you doing?

Rafael: Gabi, hey. So what's going on? Arianna's in trouble or...

Gabriela: You could say that.

Rafael: Okay.

Gabriela: Looks like our sister's dealing again.

Arianna: Answer me, Brady. Do you still love Nicole?

Brady: Yes, I do. I know I should hate her. And a part of me hates her. But there's just another part of me...

Arianna: Well... thank you for being honest.

Nicole: [Sighs] EJ, I'm--I'm so sorry, I-- oh, my God, I am--I'm so... sorry, EJ. I wish that I could have...

EJ: Why would I tell you this if it wasn't true?

Sami: I don't know. Because you tell me a lot of things that aren't true.

EJ: For heaven's sake, come on, please.

Sami: Well, I'm just trying to find-- look, I hope you do manage to distance yourself from your father, but until you do, I'm keeping Sydney.

EJ: Right, like you were planning on keeping her from me before. Samantha, I wouldn't even know that I had a daughter if it hadn't have been for Nicole.

Sami: We had gotten past that.

EJ: Okay. Look, she's--she's used to me. Okay? She just lost her mother, or the only person she knew as being a mother, and it makes sense that she stays with somebody that she's used to.

Sami: She'll get used to m-- she is used to me, EJ. She is used to me.

EJ: All right, enough of this. Can we take this conversation outside? You're gonna wake her up. Thank you.

Sami: All right, let's be sensible, then. Let's talk in a rational voice, EJ.

Vivian: I'm going to be living here from now on.

Rafael: Why don't you tell us what you're doing with this.

Sami: How can you live with yourself?

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