Days Transcript Thursday 11/19/09

Days of Our Lives Transcript Thursday 11/19/09 - Canada; Friday 11/20/09 - U.S.A.


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EJ: Father, one more message, you did that, didn't you?

Arianna: Hey. You know what? I was just gonna call you.

Rafe: Uh-huh.

Arianna: Did you find Sami?

Rafe: Yeah. Sydney too. She's back with her real mom the way she was always supposed to be.

Arianna: Oh, my God.

Rafe: Yeah.

Arianna: You did it. Oh, yeah! This is great. This is great.

Rafe: Ah, thank you.

Arianna: Ooh, I'm so proud of you. God. Okay. Now tell me about Nicole.

Rafe: Nicole's under arrest. She's in jail.

Arianna: Oh, my God. This is amazing. I've been keeping a lid on it with Brady, you know? And now I can talk to him.

Rafe: Yeah, well, speaking of Brady, I think he's gonna be a little bit surprised at his old pal Nicole.

Arianna: Yeah. Well, you know what? Sydney is back where she belongs.

Rafe: Yeah, she is. She is. Nicole is too -- behind bars, where she will be for a long time.

Nicole: You're here to help me?

Brady: Chloe sent me a text, said you'd been arrested.

Nicole: I'm surprised she bothered. She's not exactly happy with me right now.

Brady: Well, you kind of lied to her for over a year.

Nicole: [Sighs] Yeah. And you -- I mean, you -- you can't be happy with me, either.

Brady: I'm here, though, aren't I?

Nicole: But I mean, after what I did, Brady, I-I don't understand. How could you forgive me?

Nathan: That too tight?

Stephanie: It's perfect.

Nathan: Sorry that this had to happen to you.

Stephanie: No, it's fine. No big deal. It's just a dumb shoe.

Nathan: Yeah, well, if you weren't trying to get away from me so fast -- were you upset with me?

Stephanie: No. Why would I be? [Chuckles] I think the world of you, Nathan. I -- I always have. I think you're a really terrific guy.

Nathan: Oh. [Chuckles] Um, I didn't know you felt that way about me. I mean, maybe if I had --

Stephanie: Maybe if you had -- what?

Nathan: Uh, well, maybe things would be different.

Stephanie: Different how?

Nathan: Um, like this. Did you hear what I said?

Stephanie: What?

Nathan: [Chuckles] I said ice this when you get back to the office for at least 20 minutes, all right? Keep it elevated when you're seated.

Stephanie: Right.

Nathan: Well, you're good. Feeling all right?

Stephanie: Yes.

Nathan: All right.

Stephanie: No. Nathan, I think you're making a huge mistake.

Nathan: What are you talking about?

Mark: You are going to give me what I want, Melanie.

Melanie: Yeah. No, sure. And can I just say I'm super duper flattered that you came all the way to visit me from -- from Milan? Or Versailles? Where did we have so much fun together?

Mark: Berlin.

Melanie: Berlin.

Mark: Except you left me in the night.

Melanie: Yeah, but I mean, you passed out, and I had a train to catch.

Mark: [Laughs] You're not getting away from me this time, Melanie, not until I get what I came here for.

Melanie: Okay. Okay.

Brady: Nicole, I should have stopped you a long time ago, but I -- I saw the pain you were in. I -- I saw how much you wanted to hold on to EJ and -- and to Sydney.

Nicole: Brady. You're the only one. You're the only one who understands.

Brady: It's okay.

Nicole: No, it's not okay. It will never be okay. I mean, everyone knows the truth. EJ won't even look at me. Everyone hates me.

Brady: Not everyone. Nicole, look at me.

Brady: We're gonna get through this. It's gonna be okay.

Nicole: Oh, my God. Why couldn't I have tried to build a life with you?

EJ: You back for good?

Stefano: I am.

EJ: You hear the message I was leaving?

Stefano: Yes, I did.

EJ: Is that why you're back? Because the police decided that you weren't responsible for the hit on Rafe Hernandez and I was?

Stefano: I've been informed of that development.

EJ: So to free yourself, you decided you'd set up your own son to take the fall for a crime that you committed. That's noble.

Nathan: Well, what -- what do you mean I made a huge mistake?

Stephanie: Uh, the -- the way you wrapped my ankle, I think it's too tight.

Nathan: Okay. I'll rewrap it.

Stephanie: Thanks.

Nathan: You're welcome. And then you'll have more than enough time to tell me what's really on your mind.

Melanie: Okay, Mark, stop. You don't have to be so rough with me.

Mark: You took my money and left me in the night.

Melanie: I know, okay? Yeah.

Mark: But now I found you.

Melanie: That's fine. So I'll just run to an ATM, and I'll get your money for you.

Mark: [Laughing] You think you'll ever leave my sight again?

Melanie: Look, Mark, I'll pay you back. I promise.

Mark: Yes, you will. You will pay me back -- dollar by dollar -- by dollar.

Philip: Hey, Mel. What's going on?

Rafe: Caroline and Roman are with Sami and Sydney right now. I thought I'd give them a little space.

Arianna: Wow. They must be walking on air, huh?

Rafe: Mm-hmm.

Arianna: Hey, I'm not gonna let anyone forget that you are the hero in all of this.

Rafe: Oh, please, would you stop?

Arianna: Hey, don't do the modesty thing with me, okay?

Rafe: No, I'm serious.

Arianna: I am too.

Rafe: I'm serious. Let's not forget that EJ saved me, you know? That hit man was about to blow my head off.

Arianna: Yeah. That's kind of a weird thing for him to do, wasn't it?

Rafe: Yeah, no kidding.

Arianna: Not that I'm complaining.

Rafe: Oh, me neither. But you're right. There is something going on there. I mean, uh, you know, here I am, I'm proving that EJ is the father. I'm bring Sydney back into the DiMera family. What the hell do they want to kill me for?

Stefano: [Sighs] So you think I set you up, Elvis?

EJ: I know you set me up. You were desperate.

Stefano: I was?

EJ: Yeah. I stopped the hit on Rafe Hernandez. Matteo named you as the one who hired him, and you needed to get the police off your back.

Stefano: So I accused my own son?

EJ: Matteo didn't name you on his own, Father.

Stefano: Ah, Matteo. [Chuckling] He's so wishy-washy, huh? You watch. Tomorrow he'll go ahead, and he'll, uh, name someone else. Then the day after that -- [Laughs] He'll name somebody else.

EJ: No, thank you. So that's your game, is it? That's your strategy -- to make sure neither one of us is charged?

Stefano: Matteo will do as he's told. And you will be exonerated by tomorrow at least -- nothing to worry about. Salute.

Stephanie: Hey. Did you turn in that communicable-disease report?

Nathan: Hey, how's that ankle?

Stephanie: Fine. Your report?

Nathan: Emailed it. You know, we never did get to talk about that big mistake I made.

Stephanie: I told you. You just wrapped my ankle too tightly.

Nathan: Right. And that's why you were so quick to get away from me, um, when I asked again.

Stephanie: It's just one of those days for me, so let's just drop it.

Nathan: Steph, hold on. Listen -- I like you, and I don't want anything to screw that up.

Stephanie: Nothing's screwed up. We're fine.

Nathan: We're fine? That's why there's this distance between us?

Mark: My friend, use your head. Turn around and walk away. Nobody gets hurt, okay?

Philip: Oh, boy. What'd you do this time, Melanie?

Mark: Hey, maybe you got a problem with your ears. You did not hear me. It's time for you to go. Melanie and I have business.

Philip: Who is this dude?

Melanie: Mark, Philip. Philip, Mark.

Philip: Huh. Designer boots, an accent -- my guess is he's one of your old friends from back in the day. Right, Mel? What, France? Italy?

Mark: My friend, when people don't do what they're supposed to do, they get hurt. Please -- don't make me tell you again.

Philip: Now, this could be one of your old friends from back in the day, but my guess is, since he was about to drag you through that door, you owe him money. And since you don't have two dimes to rub together, it's gonna be a really long night.

Mark: [Chuckling]

EJ: Nothing to worry about. Nothing to worry about. You seem to be forgetting that Samantha can use these charges against me when it comes to Sydney's custody hearing.

Stefano: Please. We'll buy a judge. Everything will be fine.

EJ: Oh. Maybe. But things haven't exactly been going fine lately, have they?

Stefano: Sorry?

EJ: Why'd you want Rafe gone?

Stefano: Insects annoy me.

EJ: Father? I think it's time you and I got to the truth, don't you? See, I have a theory as to why you put that hit on Hernandez. Anyway, before we get to that, I'd like to know, is his life still in danger?

Rafe: All right. Well, I'm gonna run a few errands, then I'm gonna head back over to Sami's, okay?

Arianna: Okay. I left Brady upstairs, so, hey, call me?

Rafe: Why not?

Arianna: All right.

Rafe: Okay. What's going on there?

Arianna: Gabriella?

Rafe: Gabi, what the hell are you doing?

Gabriella: Mom told me to come. She was worried about you guys.

Brady: Look, no matter what might have been, Nicole -- everything you did, you did for love. And I saw how hard you tried to build a life with EJ and Sydney. I saw it.

Nicole: I still can't believe they took Sydney away. I just -- I-I miss her so much.

Brady: I know. I know you do. But, Nicole, there's nothing you can do about that. I mean, once Chad's paternity tests showed that he was the father, the -- but a legal adoption, it's -- it's not so black and white in a courtroom. I mean, I think a jury's gonna be able to understand what you did and why you did it.

Nicole: I'm -- why -- I mean, why I did it, I -- Brady, is that why you think I was arrested?

Brady: What do you mean? They're supposed to spell it out for you when you're charged. They didn't state the charge "illegal adoption"? Nicole? Nicole, excuse me. Is there -- is there -- is there another reason why you were arrested?

Arianna: Mom sent you to Salem?

Gabriella: Didn't I just say that?

Rafe: Okay. Yeah, what's with the ‘eye-spy’ routine, hiding behind the newspaper?

Gabriella: I was seeing if I could figure out what you two were up to, that's all.

Arianna: Why?

Gabriella: Because nobody ever hears from you. You haven't called home in, like, 100 years.

Arianna: Yeah, but Mom sent you here to check up on us?

Rafe: Yeah, aren't you supposed to be in school?

Arianna: Yeah, she's a little young, right?

Rafe: Yeah, definitely.

Gabriella: It's called winter break.

Rafe: Ah, okay. Well, Mom's had some bad ideas, but, uh, hmm.

Gabriella: Yeah, well, I got to tell her something.

Rafe: Okay, well, fine. I'll give her a call.

Gabriella: There. Was that so hard?

Rafe: I've been busy.

Gabriella: Yeah, right. And what's your excuse?

Brady: I don't get it. What other reason would they have to arrest you for if it wasn't illegal adoption?

Nicole: Um, what did Chloe say?

Brady: Chloe told me you were arrested. She sent me a text.

Nicole: Well, the cops, I mean, did they say anything to you when you asked to see me?

Brady: No. No, why? There's something you're not telling me. Nicole, what the hell is going on here?

Stefano: Elvis, would you please stop fretting about Rafael Hernandez, all right? He's free to go on annoying people until the cows come in. Goodness sake. You are gonna be exonerated. There's nothing else to discuss.

EJ: Well, Father, I-I run the family business now, you see? I mean, I can't really do my job properly unless I know what's going on. If there's a threat to this family, you need to let me know.

Stefano: Rafael Hernandez is not a threat.

EJ: That wasn't always the case, was it?

Stefano: Sorry?

EJ: You know, when you bungled that hit on him -- he had some papers in his hand. You know what they were? It was DNA evidence.

Stefano: What is he doing with DNA evidence? Is he back with the FBI?

EJ: Are you gonna make me drag this out of you? I know you know.

Stefano: Know what?

EJ: The DNA evidence -- showed that Samantha is Sydney's mother -- and I am Sydney's father.

Stefano: [Mumbles in Italian]

EJ: Nicole switched babies. Mia gave birth to Grace, and Samantha gave birth to Sydney.

Stefano: Oh. Ho-ho. Well, God, I mean, that -- [Exhales sharply] Ooh, ho-ho. That's, uh, unbelievable. I, uh -- I mean, Nicole, I -- she should -- she should be in prison, no? I mean, how -- how -- how did she think that she was going to get away with something so outrageous?

EJ: Oh, she's been arrested.

Stefano: Good.

EJ: Look at me. You're telling me you had nothing to do with this? Nothing? You knew nothing of it?

Stefano: How could I? I was in seclusion.

EJ: You managed to get in contact with Matteo. You got him to change what he was saying. And yet, somehow -- inexplicably -- you have no knowledge of Sydney's dual role in our family?

Stefano: What -- [Sighs] Why the hell -- ? I mean, is it important now about what I knew, what I didn't know? The important thing is -- Nicole is in jail, and we will have our beautiful little girl back in la famiglia.

EJ: I'm gonna tell you what I think. I think -- if that hit on Rafe had been a success -- nobody would ever have known about this baby switch. Nicole's secret would have been completely safe. But you know that, don't you? Because that is why you ordered the hit, isn't it? That means you knew her secret -- and you knew from day one.

[Pager beeping]

Nathan: We are going to talk, all right? First thing tomorrow?

Elise: How many people were hurt? Okay, I'll get right on it.

Stephanie: What happened?

Elise: Bus accident. They're coming in right away. We're gonna have to send a doc down to help out in the E.R. It's gonna be an all-nighter for some poor soul. Oh, shoot. I'm gonna have to call someone in.

Stephanie: Actually, uh, Dr. Horton's still here.

Elise: Great. And he's an intern. He can't say no. Hey, it's Elise. Yeah, could you page dr. Horton for me, please?

Melanie: Well, thank you very much for the support, Philip.

Philip: Oh, my pleasure. Just out of curiosity, how much do you owe?

Mark: $10,000.

Philip: Ouch. You don't scam small, do you, Mel?

Melanie: Shut up, Philip.

Philip: Tell you what, though. I'll bet your friend Mark would take this instead.

Mark: It's nice, but it's not worth $10,000.

Philip: No, more like 5,000. Tell me something. You ever hear of the Kiriakis family where you come from?

Mark: Kiriakis.

Philip: Uh-huh.

Mark: Sure. Everybody in Europe knows who they are. Everybody knows those they must respect, or they don't live very long, no?

Philip: My name is Philip Kiriakis.

Melanie: Oops. You really stepped in it this time, didn't you, mark?

Mark: Uh -- [Chuckles] My friend, it's nice to meet you. Your watch.

Philip: No, no, keep it. 50 cents on the dollar ain't bad in a recession. But if you ever bother Miss Layton again --

Mark: Not to worry, my friend. I was just, uh, saying hello.

Melanie: Mm-hmm.

Mark: Mwah, baby. Mwah. Nice to, uh, see you again. My friend. Pleasure to meet you.

Philip: Yes.

Mark: Uh, grazie.

Philip: Take care.

Mark: Bonsoir.

[Door closes]

Melanie: Uh -- thank you. I owe you.

Philip: Yeah. I guess you do. And I know exactly how you can repay me.

Arianna: Well, you haven't changed very much -- still acting like everything Rafe and I do is wrong.

Gabriella: Hey, at least I didn't break Mom's heart. Doing drugs and going to prison?

Rafe: Hey, keep your voice down, okay? Lose the attitude. She's your sister. She loves you. And whether or not you know it, you love her too.

Gabriella: Sorry.

Arianna: Look -- I know I let everyone down.

Gabriella: Hey -- at least you got out of jail early. Everyone was really happy about that, right, Rafe?

Rafe: Right.

Gabriella: But then you just dropped out of sight, Ari.

Arianna: I'll -- I can -- I can see Mom, you know? I just -- I've been --

Gabriella: Busy. Right.

Rafe: Hey, hey. Remember we're gonna lose the attitude, not -- hey, how about we both call Mom tomorrow morning. Would that be good? And then we'll both go see her, I don't know --

Arianna: Next week.

Rafe: See? Next week some time. How's that?

Gabriella: Good.

Rafe: Okay.

Arianna: All right, great.

Rafe: So your work here is done. Did you take the bus or -- ?

Gabriella: Yeah. But -- I'm not going home tonight. In fact, mom said I should stay here a few days and look after you two.

Arianna: No way.

Nicole: [Scoffs] What else could be going on, Brady? I-I don't know. I'm -- I'm -- I'm paranoid. I'm feeling sorry for myself. And why wouldn't I? I mean -- those cops were saying nasty things to me when I -- when I was being fingerprinted and having my picture taken. I mean, at least they could have a little compassion. I just lost my daughter.

Brady: Don't -- don't even focus on that right now. Listen, I came here to help you -- and I intend to do that, so tell me what I can do for you right now.

Nicole: Well, actually -- I mean, there is something you can do.

Stefano: Elvis, goodness sake. I'm as shocked as anybody about Nicole. I mean, I -- I had no idea that Hernandez was investigating you. I thought that he was investigating our family.

EJ: People investigate us all the time. Don't they? We don't put hits on them. Be honest with me, please. Why are you so protective of Nicole? You've always been so protective of her.

Stefano: Well, why not? She's your wife. I thought you loved her.

EJ: I did love her. That was until she faked her pregnancy, and then she got some other girl's baby. Remember when I told you about that? Do you remember? You were in hospital. Think about it.

Stefano: [Sighs]

EJ: Okay, you were in hospital. I told you about it. You told me you wanted to talk to me about something. But then you changed your mind right after you had a little conversation with Samantha.

Stefano: Look, who can remember? That woman should not be allowed to come anywhere near me.

EJ: You got so angry with her that you decided she would have no part in my life ever again.

Stefano: Nonsense.

EJ: No. See, you have all these ingredients out here. You bring them all together, what do you have? You have your hatred for Samantha. Then you seem to couple that with this -- this incredible loyalty you seem to have for Nicole. Then you have this fear of Rafe, 'cause he might find out about this -- this baby-switch situation. So you take out a hit on him, because you knew from day one.

Melanie: Let me guess. I can repay you by kneeling down and kissing your ring and telling you that I absolutely cannot live without you. And, um, then I just take you right on upstairs to the bedroom. Is that how that works?

Philip: Yeah. You could do that. Actually, I'd like some answers, starting with how the hell you conned that guy out of 10,000 bucks.

Melanie: Mark? He was kind of easy. I mean, the guy's totally loaded -- [Grunts] Despite how he dresses. And I told him I could get him an Arabian horse for ten grand.

Philip: Wow. And he believed you? He deserves to be scammed.

Melanie: Like I said, easy.

Philip: I've got to wonder, though.

Melanie: What?

Philip: How many more Marks are out there waiting to get even?

Nicole: Brady, this -- this -- this doesn't have to happen right away, but --

Brady: But what?

Nicole: Do you think you can post bail for me? Look, it's not like I'll be heading off to Timbuktu or anything. I mean, the courts have my passport, and I certainly can't afford to travel anyway. Look, Brady, I mean, this place, I -- haven't I been punished enough? I lost my daughter -- the most important person in my life. She is my life.

Brady: Nicole, Nicole. You are going to have to learn to accept the fact that Sydney is not yours anymore.

Nicole: All I want to do is crawl in a hole and try to remember her sweet, little smile and her -- her laugh and how happy we used to be.

Brady: Hey, take -- take it easy. I'll do it. I'll post your bail, okay?

Stefano: I did not know about the baby switch.

EJ: Why do you lie to me? Why? You almost told me in the hospital about the baby switch. You don't remember that?

Stefano: No, no, no, no. You're mistaken.

EJ: Yes. If Samantha hadn't pissed you off so much -- to allow you to decide that you didn't want her to be a part of my life anymore -- so you side with Nicole. You always side with Nicole.

Stefano: Listen, I am not the villain here.

EJ: Oh, you let me be the judge of that.

Stefano: You know, you're my son. I love you. I would never do anything to hurt you.

EJ: You know who just said that to me? Nicole. Yeah. See, unfortunately for you, Rafe Hernandez, the good boy scout, he decided he was gonna find out the truth about this baby switch, so you decided that you would have to have him killed.

Stefano: Elvis, in God's name -- think! Samantha would never have told you that Sydney was your daughter, all right? Never! So because of the switch, Nicole made it possible for you to raise your own daughter. I mean, is that so terrible?

Nathan: [Sighs] The life of the intern, huh? Guess who's been chosen to stay late and work in E.R. All night?

Stephanie: You.

Nathan: Yay.

Stephanie: I'm so sorry.

Nathan: Yeah. Apparently there's a bus accident over on Brewster. Nobody died, luckily, but it's gonna be a busload of broken bones and stitches. Ugh, long night.

Stephanie: What about your date with Melanie?

Nathan: Gonna have to cancel, obviously. Actually, I should call her right now. Time to face the music.

Stephanie: Oh, I hated doing that. I really did. But Melanie just doesn't deserve Nathan.

[Telephone ringing]

Philip: Your phone's ringing.

Melanie: Oh.

Philip: Yeah.

Melanie: Hey, uh, Nathan. Did you finish early? Should I go get ready?

Nathan: No, actually. I'm not getting off at all, apparently. Um, there's a bus accident, and I'm stuck in E.R. All night.

Melanie: Oh. Uh, yeah, okay.

Nathan: I'm really sorry, babe.

Melanie: No, I mean, I should get used to it, dating a doctor and all, right?

Nathan: Yeah, unfortunately. Uh, well, thank you for understanding. Uh, I got to go.

Melanie: Yeah. I'll see you tomorrow.

Philip: Let me guess. Nathan Horton chose duty over pleasure, and you're out of luck?

Melanie: I'm not out of luck. He is a doctor. There was an accident, and he is saving lives.

Philip: Ah, yes, noble fellow -- selfless, benevolent. [Laughs]

Melanie: What?

Philip: I'm just wondering what the good doctor would think about all these scams you pulled in Europe.

Gabriella: Whoa. What's wrong with me staying for a couple of days?

Arianna: Uh, you should be with Mom.

Gabriella: Mom went to see Grandma for Thanksgiving. She said to come here.

Arianna: Well, she didn't even call, so --

Rafe: You know what? Hang on a sec. You stay right here, okay? What's going on? Huh? What's the problem? So what if she comes and stays with us for a couple days? She's kind of fun to be around.

Arianna: Where is she gonna stay? 'Cause she's not gonna stay with me. My room's too small, and she's not gonna stay with you and Sami and Sydney, so just forget it. I'll just tell her it's a no-go, okay?

Rafe: Wait. She said that Mom was gonna go to Grandma's for a week. Now, if that's the case, I do not want her staying home alone. What about Caroline? Doesn't she have a place that's down the hall from you? Isn't that vacant?

Arianna: Ye -- [Sighs] No, no. It's -- it's not gonna work. I'm sorry.

Rafe: Why? What's going on?

Arianna: [Sighs] Okay. Yes, there is a room, and it is vacant.

Rafe: All right, great. I'll call Caroline myself. I'll talk to her. I'm sure it's not gonna be a problem if Gabi stays there.

Gabriella: Great. I won't be a problem.

Rafe: Yeah.

Brady: Okay. All set.

Nicole: So I'm getting out of here?

Brady: You'll have to do a little bit of paperwork, but they're gonna bring your things out in a couple minutes.

Nicole: Brady, I-I can't tell you how much this means to me.

Brady: It's all right. Listen, um, I actually have to get going, but do you have cash?

Nicole: Um, yeah, a little. I'll -- I'll be okay.

Brady: Okay. Listen, I'm gonna set you up in a motel out in Graymore, okay? It's very discreet. But you'll be fine there. Don't worry about money, 'cause I'm gonna take care of you, okay?

Nicole: I don't -- I don't know how I deserve someone like you for a friend, Brady. And when you --

Brady: When what?

Nicole: When everything comes out and everyone does hate me -- I hope you still understand that anything I did, anything I did, I did because I loved EJ, and I loved that baby girl.

Brady: I know. I know. I am your friend. Nothing will change that.

Nicole: You want to bet?

Nathan: What are you, a glutton for punishment? I thought you'd be out of here by now.

Stephanie: No, I decided to stay, just in case I can help out. You know, I hear the E.R. Is really getting packed, so if you need anything, just let me know.

Nathan: Ooh, great. Um, how are you with stitching an open wound?

Stephanie: Uh --

Nathan: Kidding. But don't be surprised if I call you if things are starting to get hectic, all right?

Stephanie: What?

Nathan: What you're doing, Stephanie, is a really nice thing. Thanks.

Melanie: I guess what I'm asking is, uh --

Philip: Don't tell Nathan you were a scam artist in Europe?

Melanie: I wasn't a scam artist. I was just --

Philip: Scamming guys out of their money -- and doing it very, very well, hence the name scam artiste.

Melanie: You are just so funny, Philip.

Philip: And what do you care what anyone thinks, including Nathan Horton?

Melanie: I care about Nathan.

Philip: You want to keep telling yourself that, go ahead. But things would be working out a lot better for you -- if you'd just be honest with yourself.

Rafe: It's good to see you. Really, it is.

Gabriella: It's good to see you too.

Rafe: And I am glad that you're gonna be here for Thanksgiving. That's great.

Gabriella: Arianna didn't -- didn't seem too thrilled about that.

Rafe: Yeah, you know why? Because she's got this new boyfriend, and she just -- you know, she probably wants some privacy upstairs.

Gabriella: Does this new boyfriend know she's a jailbird?

Rafe: No. No one here knows that, okay? And my guess is he'd probably be okay with it, but -- he's a nice guy.

Gabriella: Hope so. I don't want to see her get hurt again.

Rafe: Yeah. You and me both.

Brady: Hey, you.

Arianna: Hey. How are you? Ooh, took me a little while to bring up that coffee, didn't it?

Brady: No, I haven't been upstairs. Um, you didn't get my note, did you?

Arianna: No, no. Things got a little crazy down here. You left me a note?

Brady: Yeah, I did. Um, I had to take off, 'cause I got a text from Chloe. Uh, Nicole has been arrested. I went down to the station and posted her bail.

Arianna: You what?

Brady: Nicole was in jail, so I paid her bail.

Arianna: After everything she did? Are you out of your mind?

Officer: You're out of here. Word is, though, you'll be back.

Nicole: Don't you worry about me. I'm gonna find my baby and do what has to be done.

EJ: You were the one person that I could always count on, the one person I was always supposed to be able to trust, Father, always.

Stefano: You can. You can. I love you. You're my son. I would do anything for you.

EJ: But you lied to me. You -- you lied to me. You lied to me. You got Nicole to lie to me. You had me mourn the death of a child that isn't even mine.

Stefano: Listen to me, please. Listen. Listen, all right? Because if you knew the truth, you would have went running to that low-life Brady bitch, because you are in love with her. You still love her. You know that.

EJ: It's my life, Father! It's my life. You just can't just do this.

Stefano: I know, but I -- I just wanted to help. That's all.

EJ: I love you. But you can't do this.

[Both grunting]

Stefano: No. No, no, no. No, Elvis -- Elvis.

EJ: Aah!

Stefano: Elvis. Elvis. [Choking]

Sami: Come on. EJ didn't have anything to do with trying to kill Rafe.

Roman: I wouldn't be so sure about that.

Mia: Why are you here? Why are you out of jail?

Brady: Oh, my God. What have I done?

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