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Days of Our Lives Transcript Tuesday 11/17/09 - Canada; Wednesday 11/18/09 - U.S.A.


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Vivian: Carly, if you don't let differences come between us now.

Carly: Past differences?

Vivian: We've both lost Lawrence. We have to get through this together.

Carly: You need to get the hell away from here before I call Bo.

Vivian: But this has been such a... a terrible tragedy. Especially for you, being his wife. I don't know how you get through each day.

Hope: I -- I really don't blame Carly for my problems with Bo.

Justin: She's certainly not helping the situation.

Hope: He's protecting her. He's in that mode. She's the damsel in distress, and me...

Justin: You okay?

Hope: No. [Sighs]

Justin: You're not alone. I'm here. You have me, and you always will.

Bo: Well, that's good to know, huh, Hope? That no matter what, you'll always have your boy Justin there?

Mia: No. No, she's lying. Why -- why would she say something so awful?

Maggie: Honey.

Mia: No. No, that's a horrible thing to say. And it -- it can't be. Nobody would switch babies.

Maggie: Switch them?

Mia: Sydney is my baby. She's mine.

Maggie: Well, of course she is. Tell her. Oh, my God.

Mia: No. No. No, no, no, no. Grace can't be my baby. She can't be.

Maggie: Oh.

Mia: She's dead. My baby is dead. No. No.

Officer: The right to remain silent.

Nicole: EJ.

Officer: You have the right to an attorney.

Nicole: EJ, please. Please, I did this because I love you.

EJ: You really should remain silent, Nicole.

Officer: If you cannot afford one, one will be appointed for you.

EJ: If I hear you say one more lie, I'm going to strangle you myself.

Nicole: Sydney. Sydney. Sydney!

EJ: Hey, you keep her away from this baby, all right? Keep her away.

Rafe: I'll give you guys a sec. Alone.

EJ: That's my daughter. That's my daughter.

Sami: She's our daughter.

EJ: I should have known.

Sami: How could you have?

EJ: I kicked my own daughter out of my house. I -- I loved her and I hold her and then I... I throw her out. You tried telling me it was wrong.

Sami: I didn't know, EJ. You have to know, I -- I didn't know then.

EJ: I know. You didn't know... the facts, but... you knew the truth. I'm so sorry. I should have known.

Sami: She understands, EJ. There's no way you could have known...through all the lies.

EJ: I know, but I threw my own daughter out of my house because of her. She's gonna pay for this.

Sami: Take a look, EJ. Nicole is already paying.

Bo: Keeping this guy on retainer or something?

Hope: It's good to see you too, Bo. See, we have a mole hill here, and I know you're just the guy to turn it into a mountain.

Bo: Oh, so I'm overreacting? Imagine me getting jealous when my cousin here is offering sympathy to my wife. Every time I turn around.

Justin: Okay, I think I'm gonna go be someplace else. But before I go, I just want to just say this one thing, as someone who cares about both of you.

Bo: Oh, yeah. This ought to be good.

Justin: You're acting like a complete jerk. Good to see you again.

Bo: Yeah, my best to Adrienne.

Hope: He's right. A complete jerk.

Bo: Yeah. Well, sometimes guys act like jerks when old friends are comforting their wives on a daily basis, and bleeding how they'll always be there for 'em.

Hope: Why don't you say it a little louder? Then maybe our daughter could hear us argue a little bit more.

Bo: And that -- look, I came here to tell you some news. Some news that I thought was good. It turns out that --

Hope: That Carly's been exonerated. Yeah. I know. Justin told me.

Bo: Of course.

Carly: You're hurting me.

Vivian: Am I? Oh, I'm so sorry. It must be this ring bracelet.

Carly: Ring, bracelet thingy, is it poisoned?

Vivian: I am so happy to hear that you have not lost your sense of humor.

Carly: You know whose house this is, right? So you either leave on your own, or I'm gonna have Bo throw you out.

Vivian: Well, he would if he were here, but he's not. Are you looking for the guard? Because he's on a break. Which is wonderful for us, because we have so much to say to each other. We'll remember Lawrence, and then we'll laugh, and we'll cry. And then we'll talk about how he died.

Maggie: No, listen. You take a deep breath, okay? Calm down, and I want you to take a deep breath.

Mia: I knew she was mine. When I held her in my arms, she looked up at me. No. No.

Maggie: Honey, now, please. You got to calm down, okay?

Mia: She's dead.

Maggie: Now, Mia, we don't know if this is even true. Exactly what did you say?

Chloe: I didn't even know until today. Nicole took Mia's baby.

Mia: She said she would be her mother. She lied to me.

Chloe: And she switched her with Sami's baby.

Maggie: And we believe everything Nicole says. Okay, Mia, listen to me, okay? We are not gonna overreact, okay? I'm gonna call Roman. I'm gonna get to the truth. I'm gonna go somewhere where it's quiet, and I'll be right back. You take it easy.

Chloe: Listen, I am so sorry. When I was on the phone, I didn't even see you there.

Mia: I never understood.

Chloe: Understood what?

Mia: When Grace was dying, Nicole made sure I held her. She made sure I said goodbye. And now it all makes sense. Her conscience was bothering her, and she wanted to make herself feel better.

Chloe: Well, maybe, in some weird way, she was trying to do the right thing.

Mia: Don't even think about defending her. No. Oh, my God. All those weird things, they all make sense now. Except...

Chloe: Except what?

Mia: Why? Why would she do it? Why would she switch my baby with Sami's baby?

EJ: She really is my daughter.

Sami: You keep saying that.

EJ: I know, it's just... it's hard to understand. That's all. I mean, I kicked her out of my house. I mean, she knew that, and she let me do it.

Sami: Nicole was in too deep, and she didn't want you to know that -- that Sydney was mine.

EJ: You have something in common. Both like to keep my children away from me.

Sami: Is really now the time for that conversation?

EJ: No. I think now's the time to go home.

Sami: EJ... not yet. Not yet, okay? Excuse me. You guys, before she goes, um, there's something I have to do.

Mia: Why did she do it? Did she look at my baby and say she wasn't good enough?

Chloe: Mia.

Mia: Did she know she was sick?

Chloe: No, no. Listen. There's something that you don't know... the reason why Nicole did what she did.

Mia: What?

Chloe: Sydney is Sami's baby... with EJ. EJ is her biological father.

Mia: No. This can't -- this can't be happening. This is unbelievable. It's true. All of it.

Maggie: I just talked to Roman. Yes.

Mia: Mr. DiMera is Sydney's father, and that's why Nicole did it.

Maggie: Yeah, I know.

Mia: I trusted her. I gave her my baby because I thought I could trust her. I've lost everything, and it is all my own stupid fault.

Maggie: Oh, honey.

Sami: Thanks, Joe. This won't take long. EJ... this is a pivotal moment.

EJ: What are you talking about?

Sami: We hate Nicole, and we hate what she has done, but... Sydney loves her, and we have to respect that.

EJ: Respect? Respect? Nine months of lies I got from her. Respect?

Sami: I know. I know. But Sydney loves her, and she deserves this.

EJ: No.

Sami: EJ, please, just --

EJ: No, no. Absolutely not.

Sami: Stop thinking like a DiMera, and be her daddy.

EJ: You do it.

Sami: Okay, sweetheart. Yeah, there you go, pumpkin. EJ. Can you uncuff her? Please.

Officer: Hmm. Sure.

Nicole: Thank you.

Sami: Don't. Don't you talk to me. Sydney, you want...

Nicole: Hi. I love you so much. Yeah. Oh. You know she's, uh... she's getting another tooth. You know she -- she gets fussy.

Sami: I'll handle it.

Nicole: I just wanted you to be with your daddy. I didn't want anyone to get hurt.

Sami: Well, Nicole, they kind of did.

Officer: We got to get going.

Nicole: No.

Sami: Come here.

Nicole: Oh, God. Oh.

Sami: Yeah, a lot of people. A lot of sad people, Sydney. It's okay. You'll be okay.

Nicole: Sydney, honey, I love you so much. Mommy loves you. She always will, Sydney. I'm so sorry. [Crying] I'm so sorry!

Sami: Shh. Shh. It's okay.

Rafe: Well, that was, uh... you okay?

Sami: Yeah. Yeah, I think we're gonna be okay. I just want to take her home.

Rafe: Yeah.

Sami: Come on. Let's go.

EJ: Her home is with me.

Bo: So Justin already told you?

Hope: Yeah. He did.

Bo: Fine. On a certain level, it's -- it's good news.

Hope: Carly must be very relieved.

Bo: Well, it'll make her life a little less complicated, and give us a chance to work things out. I'm thinking Justin didn't put it to you that way.

Hope: Okay, now what did he do wrong?

Bo: Well, I just find it interesting that he was able to give you this news in a way that you wound up crying, and he had to comfort you.

Hope: My goodness. Here we go again.

Bo: Well, I'm just wondering... would he be so attentive and sympathetic weren't drop-dead gorgeous and so much fun to be around.

Hope: That was very smooth. I think.

Bo: Well, I dug myself a hole, so don't make fun of me when I'm trying to work my way out.

Hope: Right. And I guess I'm supposed to, um, not notice that you're trying to play me as well.

Bo: What?

Hope: It is. It's very good news that Carly's been exonerated -- the happy ending we've all been hoping for. But come on, Brady. We both know that when it comes to Carly, when it comes to the Alamains, things aren't always what they seem to be. This could be a setup. Carly's gonna need you. Now more than ever. Right?

Vivian: My God. Look at this decor. Reminds one of how little we pay our public servants. Wait a minute. Hope has money. This is intentional, isn't it?

Carly: Oh, you haven't changed a bit. Getting really, really old hasn't mellowed you in the least.

Vivian: Grief makes you lash out.

Carly: It is -- it is my grief. And the fact that I can't stand you.

Vivian: Um, have we gotten off on the wrong foot? I think we should start over. I think I need to apologize to you.

Carly: No, no, no, no. What's a little premature burial amongst friends?

Vivian: Well, I just want to say I am so, so sorry for trying to have you killed. I could just shoot myself.

Carly: Oh, please, let me.

Vivian: I said to myself, "Self, you need to get a hold of that poor girl and make things right, and get rid off all this animosity between us."

Carly: I really wouldn't hold your breath on that one.

Vivian: Well, even so, I do know I'll find a way to bury the hatchet.

Carly: With me holding it, right?

Officer: I'll let you know when you can make your call.

Nicole: Oh, Sydney.

Sami: Great. That's just what we need right now, another DiMera pronouncement.

EJ: Samantha, I'm just stating that she's used to living with me.

Sami: Right, well, then you kicked her out, so now she's used to living with me.

EJ: Look...

Rafe: Okay, okay. What you just did now with Nicole, that was for Sydney's sake, right?

Sami: Right.

Rafe: Right. So I think we just need to do a little bit more of that. Listen, I don't want to butt in here. I know that you two have got a lot to talk about, and most importantly figure out where she is going to go, but I just don't think that this is the place to do that.

Hope: Can I just ask you one question? Now that Carly's been exonerated, can you tell me the secret? The big secret you two share?

Bo: No.

Hope: No. I didn't think so. Which makes me suspect that things really haven't changed. You just want me to believe that they have.

Bo: It is not my secret to tell.

Hope: It's just my secret to live with.

Bo: Hope, as soon as Carly has a chance to deal with what she has to deal with, you will know.

Hope: I can't wait.

Bo: Let me point out something here that... you're the one who took our daughter and moved out of our house before Carly even showed up in town.

Hope: Point taken. Everything's my fault. All of it.

Bo: That's not what I meant. That's not what I said. What I meant is Carly is not the problem here.

Hope: And you know what the problem is?

Bo: Yeah, well, I'm beginning to see that you don't want me to be me anymore.

Hope: I can't even respond to that. What?

Bo: It's true, Hope. You know who I am. I'm not that hard to read. And I haven't changed. I do not coddle kidnappers, and I don't like it when my cousin has his arms wrapped around you all the time. I get -- I get mad, and I say the wrong thing. Yeah. You know what? And -- and I do love my wife and I love my child more than life itself, and if that doesn't work out for you, I'm sorry.

Justin: That didn't look like detente.

Hope: No.

Justin: Hope, I'm so sorry. You know what? Let me go talk to him. I shouldn't have said what I said.

Hope: No, no, no. No. It's not your problem.

Justin: What?

Hope: You know what I love? How strong and assertive I am. How I stand right up to him. How I make my point.

Justin: Good.

Hope: Why do I feel so sick every time he walks out that door then?

Justin: Just off the top of my head, because you love him.

Hope: Which complicates everything. Okay. Carly. What the hell is going on with her?

Justin: I don't know.

Hope: You know we were just talking about the big secret. Why would Carly say she killed Lawrence if she didn't?

Justin: To protect someone.

Hope: No. No, no, no. I don't think so, because I think she really killed him. And that means whoever took the fall for the murder is working for someone who's trying to set her up. So who's that?

Vivian: So you and Bo and Hope. Ménage à trois. Do you darn his socks together? Plan his special meals?

Carly: Well, not that this is any of your business, but Hope isn't living here at the moment. She's at Victor's.

Vivian: How convenient.

Carly: Yeah. Oh, have you been in touch with Victor, because I think he might like to bury the hatchet too. Right in your forehead.

Vivian: Oh. Ouch.

Officer: So your public defender negotiated bail for a sole count of baby trafficking.

Nicole: Baby trafficking?

Officer: If I were you, I'd move fast and make bail before the other charges start piling up.

Nicole: What other charges?

Officer: Word is you've been a very bad girl.

Nicole: Chloe. My one and only friend in the world.

[Phone rings]

Chloe: Salem police department? Hello?

Nicole: Chloe, it's Nicole.

Chloe: You're at the police station?

Nicole: I'm in jail, and I need you to come bail me out. I have to go get Sydney.

Chloe: No.

Nicole: What -- I'll pay you back. I'll find the money. I'll get it to you.

Chloe: I have the money, but I'm not gonna help you. How could you do it, Nicole? How could you?

Sami: She's asleep.

EJ: Uh, look, um... uh, can I -- can I get you anything? Anyone want a drink?

Sami: No, thank you. I just want to get this settled. Look, let me be clear, EJ. Just because she's here now doesn't mean that I'm gonna bring up the idea that she --

EJ: Samantha, please. Samantha, please. If I can just say something.

Sami: Why do you get to dictate the agenda?

EJ: Please, Samantha.

Sami: Fine. Fine.

EJ: I -- I have a daughter. I will forever be grateful to you for that. Thank you.

Rafe: Well, seeing as though I'm still alive thanks to you, I guess we can call it square.

Sami: Guess no one knows quite what to say when we're getting along.

EJ: Yeah.

Rafe: Well, this is really between the two of you, so, uh, I'll just be going, okay?

Sami: What?

Rafe: Yeah.

Sami: No. No, no, no. No, I don't want you to go. Please. Rafe, he -- EJ, he is a part of my life, okay? And that means he's gonna be a part of my children's lives.

EJ: I understand.

Sami: Really?

EJ: Samantha, I really don't think I'm in the position to judge anybody's choice of life partner, do you?

Rafe: Yeah.

Sami: Guess not. Uh, well, then I guess I want to say something. Um... look, this has all happened, and we just have to deal with it. And I think we can use this as a chance to have a new beginning. We have Johnny and now we have Sydney. We're gonna have to find a way to work it out, and... and I think we can work it out together, right? What do you say?

Mia: She knew all along. She made me lie. Lie about myself.

Maggie: Mia, when I talked to Roman earlier, he said that they had already arrested Nicole, and she is gonna pay for what she did to you.

Mia: I did everything for her... because I thought she loved my baby. But it wasn't my baby.

Maggie: Mia.

Mia: She knew the whole time. Thank you. You've been very nice.

Maggie: Honey, are you sure you're gonna be all right alone?

Mia: I won't be alone. There's something that I have to do.

Nicole: Chloe, please. You're my best friend. My -- my only friend.

Chloe: And you've been playing me all these months. I'm not your friend, Nicole, I'm your patsy.

Nicole: Chloe, please, look. We can talk about this later, but I'm in jail. I need you to get me out of here.

Chloe: Why? You're exactly where you belong.

Nicole: Chloe.

Chloe: With lots of time to think about everything that you've done and all the people that you've hurt.

Nicole: I didn't hurt her. I just made sure that EJ had his own child. I --


Nicole: I just made sure EJ had his own child.

EJ: You know, um, the other day, I actually, uh... I overheard Johnny -- Mary was looking after him, and she -- she said that he had to mind her. And he said, "Aren't you supposed to be minding me?" I could have closed my eyes and heard your voice.

Sami: Hey.

EJ: It's a good thing. It's a good thing.

Sami: EJ, I know you don't really think that.

EJ: I do. I'm really glad that my children have your genes... fighting against his. I suppose that's just a roundabout way of saying that, um... I want the same thing that you want, Samantha. I want for us both to come together to raise Sydney and Johnny.

Sami: I'm glad.

EJ: It's not gonna be easy, Samantha. You know that. I mean, I'm not gonna be a father who just gets to see his daughter every other weekend. I really want to be involved in her life.

Sami: I want that too. She needs that. Look, we just have to understand that whenever we disagree, it's not a fight, it's that we both want what's best for Sydney.

EJ: Of course.

[Sydney murmuring]

EJ: I know that sound.

Sami: What do you mean? What is it?

EJ: She wants her mother.

Sydney: Mama...

Sami: [Sighs]

Carly: What?

Vivian: I was just thinking that the neighbors might find you a bit of a home wrecker.

Carly: Oh, no, no. I mean, again, it's none of your business, but Hope had already moved out by the time I got here.

Vivian: Really?

Carly: The only reason I contacted Bo was because people were trying to kill me thanks to you. I'm not here to rekindle some old flame. Vivian, you have to remember. I'm in mourning. My heart is now like a block of ice.

Vivian: Aw. Well, I'm sure Bo has a blowtorch around here somewhere.

Carly: All righty. Time for you to go.

Vivian: You know, you're right. You do look piqued, exhausted, run down, worn out, sallow.

Carly: Yeah. Let's go.

Vivian: You know, now that you've been exonerated, maybe you could go some place and unwind and get the roses back in your cheeks.

Carly: Oh, heavens no. I'm staying right here in Salem.

Vivian: You are? That's wonderful, darling. Let's have lunch.

Carly: Hey, look who's here. We got a guest.

Bo: How the hell did you get in here?

Vivian: Well, I've always been able to open doors with my smile, Bo. I'm so sorry. I have to dash. But it's been such a long time. We have to find time to chat. And you stay strong, darling. Tomorrow is another day.

Bo: What an unpleasant surprise.

Carly: Jeez. Tell me about it.

Bo: Think she's here to get a little revenge?

Carly: No, no. A lot of it.

[Doorbell rings]

Man: Yeah, that's you, all right.

Justin: What are you talking about?

Man: Justin Kiriakis, you've just been served.

Sami: It's gonna be so worth it. You're growing all those teeth. And Mommy's gonna cook for you. Well, learn to cook first, and then I'll cook for you, right?

EJ: You're wonderful with her.

Sami: Oh, well, we just got to know each other when -- when they were staying with me.

EJ: It's more than that, Samantha. I mean, the moment you picked her up, she just -- she just quieted right down.

Sami: Well, sometimes they want to be with their mommies. And sometimes they want to be with their dads.

EJ: Look, um... maybe she should stay with you tonight.

Sami: All right.

EJ: I'm not setting a precedent. I mean, you understand I'm not setting a precedent. Can you tell Daddy's a lawyer?

Sami: I know it's not a precedent, but it is a good start. Thanks, EJ.

EJ: Any time. Any time.

[Doorbell rings]

EJ: Oh. Let me go get that. Just give me a second.

Sami: No problem. Can you believe that?

Rafe: No.

Sami: I think this is gonna work.

Rafe: Sure seems to be trying hard.

Joe: Hey.

EJ: Yes. What can I do for you?

Joe: You can come on down to the station with me, Mr. DiMera. We need to have a little chat.

Hope: Doesn't look like good news.

Justin: Adrienne has served me with divorce papers.

Hope: Did you know they were coming?

Justin: I knew that our problems were serious, but I thought she would at least wait till we could talk about it face to face.

Hope: Justin, I'm sorry. I'm truly sorry.

Justin: Well, at least I know where I stand. I can get myself a lawyer, and... oh. I'm not ready to go into lawyer mode. And I really -- I can't really pretend that this doesn't really hurt.

Hope: Then don't. You don't need to pretend with old friends. Just don't.

Bo: How long was the dragon lady here? And, uh, remind me to fire that guard. Make sure he never works again.

Carly: No, no, don't take it out on him. No force of nature would stop Vivian from delivering her message in person.

Bo: Yeah. And you do remember that she follows through on her threats, right?

Carly: Yeah, I do.

Bo: Well, then you should take this opportunity to get the hell out of dodge.

Carly: No. I'm not leaving Salem. Not now, not ever. And you know why.

Vivian: [Gulps] Oh. God. Maybe I should make her drink this swill. Talk about revenge. Ugh. Maybe this'll help. Oh, there you are, darling. Thank you so much for distracting that guard. What did you do? Show him something shiny and lure him away?

Gus: You talk to her?

Vivian: Mm-hmm. It's going to be a little more difficult than I thought. She has managed to rewrap Bo Brady around her finger.

Gus: You're not worried she's going to leave town?

Vivian: No, no I'm not.

Gus: Why not?

Vivian: Because I don't think she's got what she's come for yet.

Sami: What is it? What is going on, EJ?

EJ: You want to talk to me?

Joe: Well, we need to have a little chat about that attempt on Mr. Hernandez's life.

EJ: The attempt on Mr. H -- I foiled the attempt on Mr. Hernandez's life.

Joe: Well, I'm sorry about that, Mr. DiMera. I have my orders.

EJ: Oh, you have your orders, do you?

Joe: Mm-hmm.

EJ: Here's your daddy's orders, darling.

Sami: What?

EJ: All that talking in there, all of that linking arms, that Kumbaya, just a stall tactic, isn't it? Till your daddy's boys get down here.

Sami: Oh, come on. I had nothing to do with this.

EJ: It's not gonna work. She stays.

Joe: Don't make any more trouble for yourself. Sami, why don't you get going?

EJ: This is ridiculous.

Sami: Come on. EJ, I swear. I didn't --

[Sydney coughs]

Sami: It's okay.

EJ: It is not okay. Get your hand off me. I'm not gonna tell you twice.

Rafe: Sami, let's let the policemen do their job. Sydney's been through enough.

Sami: Oh, come on, Rafe.

Rafe: We'll call EJ in the morning, just like you promised. She does not need to go through this.

Officer: You've got a visitor.

Nicole: Oh, yes. She changed her mind. Oh, Chloe, thank God. Chloe, honey, I'm here. Chloe—

Melanie: I want you out of my life, 'cause I'm with Nathan now.

Roman: He says Stefano didn't hire him. You did.

Mia: My baby is dead because of you!

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