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Days of Our Lives Transcript Tuesday 10/27/09 - Canada; Wednesday 10/28/09 - U.S.A.


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Carly: Only took all night and into the morning, but now you know everything. So...was I wrong to come to you? Was I wrong to ask you for help?

Bo: No. No, you weren't.

Hope: Hey, good morning.

Justin: Morning. You want some coffee?

Hope: Yeah, I'd love some. Cream and sugar?

Justin: Uh, sure.

Hope: Thanks.

Philip: Hope... what are you doing here so early?

Hope: Philip, uh, good morning. Well, Ciara and I are actually staying here for a little while. Your father didn't tell you, did he?

Philip: No, he didn't mention it.

Justin: I guess you didn't hear all the commotion last night. Or see the "welcome, Ciara" banner?

Philip: No, I was out late. So you and Bo...

Hope: We' know, just, um, taking a little break.

Philip: I'm sorry to hear that. Well, you've come to the right place. The mansion's become sort of like a singles-only crash pad. [Chuckles]

Nathan: Nurse Layton.

Melanie: Good morning, Dr. Horton.

Stephanie: What's up with those two? They in a fight or something?

Nurse Maxine: A fight?

Stephanie: Yeah, I mean, they're acting like they barely know each other when actually they've been...

Nurse Maxine: When actually they been what? Dating?

Stephanie: Well...oops.

Nurse Maxine: Is it true?

Nathan: What?

Nurse Maxine: You two are actually an item.

[Telephone rings]

EJ: Yes, Father?

Stefano: Elvis, I want to see you at once before another nurse shoots me up with some concoction that renders me totally useless.

EJ: I was just leaving. I'll see you in a minute.

Chad: Where is she? Where's my daughter?

Nicole: This is it, sweetheart. Your Grandpa Stefano is going to tell Sami that she's your real-- he's gonna tell her that Sami is the one who gave birth to you. But we both know that I am your real mommy, huh? Yeah. And I always will be. I love you so much, honey. From the bottom of my heart. And I am so sorry that I couldn't make this work. I fought as hard as I could, but I can't fight anymore. It's time to let go.

Sami: Nicole...

Nicole: Surprise.

Sami: What are you doing here? I thought you'd be halfway around the world by now. Why did you come back?

Will: Oh, there you are.

Mia: Have you seen Chad? Is he here?

Will: No, the last time I saw him he was with you. Why, what's he done now?

Mia: I have to find him, will, before he takes Sydney from Nicole. I--I have to find him.

EJ: I have no idea where your baby is. She certainly isn't here.

Chad: Hey, Nicole. You got a visitor, you crazy bitch!

EJ: [Clears throat] You don't talk like that in my house! All right? Now get out!

Chad: Look, I've got a lawyer that says I have no problem getting my baby back from Nicole. Especially after all the lies she's told.

EJ: Go ahead. You knock yourself out.

Chad: What, are you gonna fight me on this? Or are you gonna back off and let me have what's rightfully mine?

Nicole: You, uh-- you didn't get my message last night?

Sami: I did, yeah. You said you had to talk to me about something important.

Nicole: Yeah, that's right.

Sami: I thought you meant on the phone. I mean, I had no idea you meant you had to actually see me in person.

Nicole: Uh, no one's talked to you yet?

Sami: Okay, Nicole, you are starting to freak me out. What is it? What do you need to tell me? What's going on?

Nicole: I just thought that, um-- you know, if you were gonna hear it from someone, you-- you should hear it from me. I should be the one. I need to sit down.

Sami: Okay, let me just take--

Nicole: No, no. No.

Sami: No?

Nicole: Yes. Take my baby. I, uh... I have no choice.

Sami: Hi, Sydney. Hi, sweetheart.

Hope: Singles only, huh?

Philip: That was tactless. Worse than tactless, it was stupid. I'm sorry.

Hope: It's okay. Don't worry about it.

Philip: Hope, look, I know you and my brother are still very much a married couple. It's just you're working through some stuff, right?

Hope: Yeah. Yeah, that's it. That's what we're doing. Well, listen, I better get a move on here. I need to get Ciara to school, stop by the house, pick something else up. I'll see you single guys later.

Philip: Really put my foot in it, didn't I?

Justin: It's hard to know what to say.

Philip: Man, Bo and Hope... if those two start having problems, is there any hope for the rest of us?


Justin: Life moves fast. You don't move with it, it'll pass you by. Or so I read in a fortune cookie.

Philip: No, no, that's good. Wherever it came from. Matter of fact, you just inspired me. I gotta take off. I'm gonna get going. Gotta move fast, right? Keep it up.

[Door shuts]

Carly: So our patient slept well? Good. I'll be there soon. Stop fretting, Omar, I'm fine. Bye.

Bo: You'll be where soon?

Carly: I have to go back to the boat.

Bo: Oh, no.

Carly: Bo, I have to go--

Bo: You're not going anywhere. You're staying right here. Sit down.

Carly: I'm fine, really.

Bo: Yeah, right. You're shaking.

Carly: Cold.

Bo: Here.

Carly: Bo?

Bo: What?

Carly: Where'd you go just now?

Bo: I...I was just thinking.

Carly: About Hope?

Bo: Let's stay focused on you. It's--it's too dangerous for you to go back to the boat.

Carly: I'm telling you, it's not gonna be a problem.

Bo: Well, it was already a problem. One of Alamain's goons found you there.

Carly: They're not gonna find me here? Even with Hope moved out, she's gonna bring your daughter back here, right? What about your family and friends? I mean, come on, you can't be that unpopular.

[Knock on door]

Melanie: Wow, an "item." I hate that expression.

Nurse Maxine: Answer the question, Melanie.

Melanie: Oh, the question you've asked me, like, 100 times, and I've said no to? Well, the answer is still no. And just so we're all clear, Nathan and I are not an item. We are the opposite of an item. We are two very distinct individuals.

Nathan: It's gossip.

Melanie: Right.

Nathan: I'm gonna get back to work.

Nurse Maxine: Not so fast, Dr. Horton. I need your signature on some release forms. If you'd be so kind as to follow me.

Nathan: Of course.

Melanie: What did you say to her?

Stephanie: Nothing much. You guys were acting so formal, I just happened to comment on it. Sorry if I said something I shouldn't have.

Melanie: Are you?

Stephanie: Why wouldn't I be?

Melanie: Because you think I'm not good enough for Nathan.

Stephanie: What?

Melanie: You know it's true.

Stephanie: Melanie, I don't think that. Look, if you guys get along and have fun together, so be it.

Melanie: That's it. As long as it's just fun, right? But if you ever found out that Nathan was, like, serious about me, you'd go and tell him he was out of his mind.

Stephanie: Well, Nathan wouldn't even ask me for my advice, so...

Melanie: Yeah, but if he did, that's what you'd say.

Stephanie: No--

Melanie: Because you think he can do better.

Stephanie: That is not what I think. Okay, I don't-- first of all, I don't presume to tell people who they should be involved with.

Melanie: [Chuckles]

Stephanie: Well, not normally all right? And second of all, I think you and Nathan are a nice couple. Look, what's going on? Does someone else have a problem with you and Nathan being together or something?

Melanie: Yeah, Maggie does.

Stephanie: Did she tell you that?

Melanie: Um, no. I mean, not in so many words. But that's what she thinks. Can't really blame her after the tape of Philip and me got on the internet.

Stephanie: Look, Melanie, everyone is over that, including Nathan. Okay, so the question is are you?

Sami: Hey, she totally went out. She loves Allie's big-girl bed. It was so per-- oh...oh, Nicole. It's gonna be okay. I'm so sorry for what you are going through.

Nicole: Oh, This is the money you let me borrow for the getaway.

Sami: Nicole, I want you to keep this.

Nicole: No, Sami. No.

Sami: You need it.

Nicole: No.

Sami: You need it. You are gonna have to hire a lawyer. You can't just let Chad keep your baby. You can't give up.

Nicole: I don't want to lose Sydney. She's my precious baby, my sweet little girl. And that is never gonna change.

Sami: No, it's not. Anyone who sees the two of you together sees the love that you have for your daughter. You're her mommy, and she needs you. Nicole, you belong with your daughter. You can't stop fighting for her. Please don't stop fighting for her.

Nicole: I want to fight. I want to, but I can't.

Sami: Why?

Nicole: Because it's not up to me, Sami. I--I have no choice,

Sami: No choice? That is the second time you have said that to me. What does that mean? How could you not have a choice? What happened?

Nicole: Stefano happened.

Nurse Maxine: Pulse is racing, Mr. DiMera. You got a crush on me or something? Ooh, another bad sign.

Stefano: What?

Nurse Maxine: You've lost that wicked sense of humor. Between and and the tachycardia, you don't chill out, Mr. DiMera, you're gonna be a regular fixture around here.

Stefano: How am I supposed to chill out, huh, if you keep coming in here every five minutes, right, poking and prodding and just chattering away? A man can never have a moment to himself in this ridiculous institution.

Nurse Maxine: I'm going, I'm going.

Stefano: I know how to be left alone, you know. All I have to do is use my call button. See, because every time I actually--I need a nurse-- no one ever shows up. It's the only way that I get any peace around here. Oh, here, see? See? Look. Ha ha ha. See, now this will guarantee that I will be ignored for the rest of the day.

Stefano: Elvis, you think that your daughter died. But she did not. She has been with you all along.

EJ: Father, I don't understand.

Stefano: Okay, Nicole stole Samantha's baby and switched with Mia's. It was Mia's child that died. Poor soul.

EJ: It's a miracle. Father, how did you know this?

Nicole: He has known the whole time.

EJ: What?

Nicole: Stefano and I were in this together. We conspired to deceive you.

Stefano: Another lie. I just found out about Sydney. You must believe me.

EJ: Of course I believe-- I'm not gonna believe this little bitch. I don't believe anything she says.

Stefano: Yes, take her away. Put her in jail and throw away the key.

Nicole: No, no! Stefano, you are a liar. You have known all along. You've known all along! [Yelling]

Stefano: Finally we got rid of her once and for all and forever, that horrible woman.

EJ: What a relief.

Stefano: We can breathe again, Elvis.

EJ: That's my baby.

Stefano: No one will ever take her away from you again, Elvis.

Sami: What do you mean "Stefano happened"? What did he do?

Nicole: He dragged me back.

Sami: What? Nicole, he's in the hospital. He's in a coma.

Nicole: No. He recovered.

Sami: Oh, my god.

Nicole: Sami, we-- we were on the plane. We had left the gate already, and we were minutes from takeoff and...

Sami: And what?

Nicole: Stefano had the plane turn around, and I was dragged off and escorted back to Salem.

Sami: Why? Why would he do that to-- the only way he could know is if EJ told him what happened. I can't believe that he would do this to you. I am gonna go down there and I am gonna tell him right now--

Nicole: No, no, no, Sami, you don't understand. Please.

[Sydney fussing]

Sami: You know what, Nicole, go. Just go take care of Sydney. I'll deal with this.

Nicole: All right, but wait here, all right? Promise me. Promise me you will not go anywhere.

Sami: Okay. Okay.

[Sydney crying]

Mia: When I gave Sydney up, it was supposed to be forever.

Will: It's okay.

Mia: A mother is supposed to be forever, through thick and thin. And I know Nicole's not perfect, but she loves my baby. No one could love her more.

Will: Absolutely.

Mia: Well, I learned the hard way what kind of damage losing your mom can do, and I can't let that happen to my little girl.

Will: I've got an idea.

Mia: What?

Will: A way we can get Chad to back off. For good. Come with me.

Bo: Into the dining room. Hey, Maggie.

Maggie: Bad time?

Bo: Uh, no, I was--

Maggie: I meant to call, but I forgot to charge my cell phone. So I was looking for your wife. Actually, I mean, because I was hoping to talk to her about the scholarship fund that she's helping me set up. So is Hope around?

Bo: No, she's not.

Maggie: Oh. I thought I saw her through the window.

Bo: What?

Maggie: When I came up to the door.

Bo: Oh, yeah, uh, no. I have a friend here visiting from out of town. If you want to reach hope you should try her cell. It's the best way.

Maggie: Right, okay. I'll do that. Well, I won't take up any more of your time. And I'm sorry to have bothered you.

Bo: No, no, not a problem.

Melanie: Okay, take care, Bo.

Bo: Yeah, you too.

Maggie: Okay. Bye.

Carly: Who was that?

Bo: Maggie Horton.

Carly: Yeah, okay, this isn't gonna work. I'm getting out of here.

Bo: No. No. No, you're not.

Nicole: Well, I finally got her to sleep, but-- Sami? Sami? Oh, my God. Oh, my God, she's gone to Stefano. That's it, it's-- it's over. It's all over. I tried to keep-- I tried to keep the truth from coming out, but it's-- it's too late. It's too late, I can't stop it.

Sami: You! You are a sick son of a bitch!

Stefano: Oh...Samantha. To what do I owe this pleasure?

Sami: I have something I want to say to you.

Stefano: I have a few things I want to say to you too, Samantha Brady.

Maggie: There you are.

Hope: Hey, Maggie.

Maggie: Hi. How are you?

Hope: How are you? Good. How are you?

Maggie: I'm good. I stopped by your house earlier. I was hoping to grab a few minutes with you to discuss that scholarship fund.

Hope: You were at my house?

Maggie: Yeah. Bo was there, and your house guest.

Hope: House guest?

Maggie: Well, I didn't get to meet her. I just saw her through the window as I was walking up to the door and...I don't know. Is she staying for a while?

Hope: I don't know. I haven't met her myself?

Maggie: Oh.

Hope: I moved out.

Maggie: What? When?

Hope: Last night. Took Ciara with me. Moved into victor's for a little while.

Maggie: I--I don't know what to say. I'm so sorry.

Hope: This woman that you saw through the window... look familiar?

Maggie: Um...

Hope: Did you get a good look at her?

Maggie: No, no. I saw her from the back, actually. She had a-- wrapped in a blanket. I thought it was you. Oh, I'm sorry. I've upset you.

Hope: I should go. We'll talk about the scholarship fund some other time, okay?

Maggie: Of course.

Hope: Bye.

Maggie: Bye.

Stephanie: Nathan, hey.

Nathan: Hey, Stephanie. What's up?

Stephanie: You have a second?

Nathan: Uh, yeah. Ooh, actually, I'm on break.

Stephanie: Great. I just wanted to talk to you about what happened earlier.

Nathan: It's really...

Philip: Sorry to interrupt. Here. For you. Don't worry, it's a good thing. As a member of the hospital board, it's a citation to reward you and Melanie for helping save Chloe's life.

Nathan: Thank you, Philip. I'm--I'm honored.

Stephanie: Yeah. Sounds like you and Melanie are completely vindicated.

Philip: Where is Melanie? Have you guys seen her?

Nathan: She's, uh-- I think she has a test to study for. She's probably at Maggie's.

Philip: Oh, well, will you deliver this to her?

Nathan: Actually, um... you know, I don't live there anymore. I moved out.

Philip: Really? Why?

Nathan: No one reason in particular. Just some tension, that's all.

Philip: Hmm. Well, I guess I'll take this to her myself. Deliver it in person.

Nathan: You do that.

Stephanie: You know what he thinks, don't you?

Nathan: Yeah, he thinks that the tension is between Melanie and me.

Stephanie: Then why didn't you tell him that it wasn't?

Nathan: I'll let Melanie deal with him. Let her straighten him out.

Chad: So what's it gonna be? You gonna fight me for custody of Sydney?

EJ: Chad, I don't have anything to fight you with. She's not my daughter. Okay, she's never going to be my daughter. And as for Nicole and Sydney, frankly, I don't know where they are and I really don't care.

Chad: Oh, well, that's just great. I mean, why should you? After all, it's only your wife and the kid you raised since birth. I mean, big deal.

EJ: I think you need to leave.

Chad: You know what, no, no. I mean, at least now I know that my daughter's not gonna be raised by some lying mother and some father who doesn't care.

EJ: I can't care. Because if I do care, I'll want her back. I'll want to watch her grow up to be the woman that I dreamt she would be.

[Doorbell rings]

EJ: Is that what you'd prefer, Chad?

[Doorbell rings]

EJ: Harold, would you get that door? Is that what you'd prefer? Would you prefer me to want to strangle you with my bare hands every time you come to this door and you tell me that you want to see your daughter? Is that what you'd prefer, Chad?

Mia: I knew he'd be here. Please, Mr. DiMera, you can't let him take Sydney. Please.

Sami: You know what, you can forget it. I don't want to hear what you have to say.

Stefano: You are as constant as the tides, my dear. Rude as ever.

Sami: I was just talking to Nicole. She told me what you did. Stefano, there is no excuse for what you have done. None!

Stefano: Whatever Nicole has told you is a lie, all right? I knew nothing about her diabolical plots.

Sami: Well, you didn't have anything to do with it because you've been lying in this bed with one foot in the grave. But you sure know how to get revenge quick, don't you?

Stefano: What, exactly, did Nicole say to you?

Sami: She told me what you did. She told me how you made her stay here in Salem. How you called the plane back when it was on the runway, about to take off. Why? Why would you do that? Just to punish her? Is that what this is about? Hasn't she suffered enough?

Stefano: No, no, no, no, no. She will never suffer enough. But not only because of what she has done to Elvis and the DiMera family, but also what she has done to you as well.

Nicole: [Crying]

Carly: Maggie's little visit is case in point. Okay, she could have seen me. And if word gets out that I'm back in town--

Bo: It's not gonna get out. Look, as long as you're under my roof--

[Car door shuts]

Bo: Someone just drove up. Go, go, go. Hey.

Hope: Hey.

Bo: What are you doing here?

Hope: Um, Ciara left her Halloween activity book when we were...we were out.

Bo: Okay, well, I'll look for it, and once I find it I'll-- it'll be a good excuse to come and see my daughter.

Hope: Found it.

Bo: Okay, good.

Hope: Yeah.

Bo: Is there something else you wanted?

Hope: Yes. Yes. Hear we have a house guest. Where is she?

Mia: Please, don't turn your back on Sydney. You're the only dad she knows. I've seen how wonderful you are with her, how much she adores you. Please help us.

Chad: Look, Mia, you're the reason he lost everything. Why would you want to remind him of that?

EJ: I don't need to be reminded of anything, thank you. Not a moment goes by when I don't feel that Sydney is missing from my life.

Mia: Does that mean you want to keep her?

Nicole: Stefano is gonna tell her how I got you. This would have been so different coming from me. Sami would have been a little more compassionate... with me giving you back to her. And now she's gonna hate me. She's gonna have me thrown in prison. What am I gonna do? If I can never see you again... what will I do? How will I go on? Oh, God. Oh, God.

Sami: You think I'm not onto you? You think I don't know what you're trying to do? You think you're gonna be able to turn me against Nicole? Here's a news flash for you, Stefano, I'm the one that helped her escape. I gave her the money so she could get out of here. Because her disgusting family made her an outcast. All of the DiMeras turned their backs on her, kicked her out with her daughter.

Stefano: Will you ever let me speak?

Sami: You are unbelievable. She's not even a real DiMera to you, is she? Or Sydney. You don't count them as real family because they're not blood, right?

Stefano: Oh, will this rant ever go over?

Sami: That is the only thing that matters to you-- bloodlines and legacy. I know how you think.

Stefano: You know, maybe I ought to call the nurse and she can increase my morphine, you know?

Sami: You know what, Sydney is better off without you. If the DiMeras are gonna be like this, then she doesn't need a family like you.

Stefano: Oh, Samantha, Samantha, if you only could keep that mouth shut, you see, I could tell you the truth. If you only knew.

Bo: Who told you that I had a house guest?

Hope: Maggie told me. I ran into her.

Bo: I should have known.

Hope: So you're saying... she misunderstood?

Bo: Apparently, yeah. This person was visiting. Now she's gone.

Hope: "This person."

Bo: An old friend from out of town.

Hope: An old friend. Anybody I know?

Bo: Don't you think I'd tell you if you did?

Hope: What, she just happened to be hanging around wrapped in my blanket?

Bo: Hope, listen...

Hope: I need to go.

[Door slams]

Carly: So things aren't difficult enough. I'm sorry. I'm making everything so complicated. You are just so lost without her, aren't you?

Philip: Hello?

Melanie: [Humming]

Philip: Melanie. Melanie. Hey.

Melanie: Oh, my gosh. Philip, hi.

Philip: I'm sorry. I didn't mean to scare you.

Melanie: No, no, that's okay. Come in.

Philip: I have something for you. Figured I'd deliver it in person.

Melanie: What is in this?

Philip: It's a citation of heroism, courtesy of Salem university hospital board. For what you and Nathan did for Chloe.

Melanie: Cool. My very own citation of heroism.

Philip: Well, that's not technically what it's called. I kinda came up with that.

Melanie: Hey, no, look, I'll take it. Whatever. Cool. Um, you want to stay for a sec?

Philip: Yeah. Sure. So I heard you and Nathan... he moved out. Something happen?

Melanie: No, I mean, we're doing okay. Doing good.

Philip: Oh.

Melanie: That's actually-- that's kind of why he moved out. Out of respect for Maggie. She didn't really feel comfortable with us staying under the same roof, you know.

Philip: Right. Well, good. I'm glad things are working out. I should probably hit the road, but there you go. Hey, Melanie... hey, look, I know I've said it before, and I meant it. I really want you to be happy.

Melanie: That means a lot to me. Thank you very much. What? Are you gonna amend it now?

Philip: Actually, yeah, I will amend it. I think you'd be happier with me.

EJ: Look, Mia, I'm sorry that you're so distressed. I am. But I'm not gonna stand in the way of a father uniting with his child.

Chad: Good man.

EJ: But I'm warning you, Chad... I'm gonna be keeping an eye on you. And you better take damn good care of that girl. I mean involving your parents, and most importantly of all I mean loving her.

Chad: I already do. All I want is what's best for her. Thanks, Mr. DiMera.

[Door shuts]

Will: How could you do that? How could you just give away your daughter like that?

EJ: Maybe you should ask your mother.

Will: My mother?

EJ: The mother, will, is the reason that I'm giving up Sydney. It's all on her.

Sami: Okay, tell me what I need to know. Let's hear.

Stefano: Sydney is more a part of my family than you realize.

Sami: Well, isn't that touching? I just wish you could get your son to see that too. I mean, EJ is being a grade-a bastard about this entire thing. You know, I can understand him dumping Nicole. I mean, I get that. But to not fight for Sydney? It's like he's taking Chad's side in this because that kid is the father. He is an irresponsible, untrustworthy teenager. He doesn't know what he's doing. And no matter what, a child deserves to be with its mother.

Stefano: I could not agree with you more.

Carly: I can't stay here. You know it, I know it. We've had two close calls, and it's only morning.

Bo: That being said...

Carly: That being true.

Bo: You are not leaving. I'm gonna keep you hidden until you're out of danger.

Carly: We don't know how long that'll be, Bo, if ever.

Bo: I don't care. I'm gonna protect you for as long as it takes.

Nicole: Your grandfather is having us followed. And I don't know if we'll be together much longer, but I'm gonna cherish every minute. I miss you so much already. And I know you'll miss me too. I don't know exactly when they'll take you away from me.


Chad: Now.

Nicole: What? Now?

Chad: It's happening now, her being taken from you. Nicole DiMera, you've been served.

EJ: Well, to put it very simply, I sympathize with Chad because of what your mother did to me when she kept me from Grace. I feel a certain kinship with Chad, you could say.

Mia: Even if he's gonna be a terrible father?

EJ: Mia, I'm very sorry. I truly am. But I can't help you. Now, if you'll excuse me, I have work to do.

Will: Come on, let's go.

Mia: I won't let it happen. I'll do anything to keep Chad from taking Sydney. Anything.

EJ: Lexie, hey, sorry. It's your brother. How's he doing? Good, okay, I'm going to come over and see him. All right, bye. See what you wanted to tell me that was so important, Father.

Sami: Okay, great. I'm so glad to hear you say that you agree with me. But if you really believe that a child should be with its mother, then why are you trying to keep Sydney from hers?

Stefano: That is the point. I am not. I have been trying to say this to you ever since you come storming in that door and not being able to shut that mouth of yours. Sydney should be with her mother. Her real mother.

Bo: What the hell do you think you're doing?

Philip: We're perfect for each other.

Nicole: My baby will never forget about me. Never!

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