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Chad: You know, maybe you're right. Maybe I am looking at this all wrong. You know, Samantha, you're the first person in this whole thing that makes any sense.

Sami: [Scoffs] Maybe it's because I've been through what you're going through.

Chad: Yeah, I mean, you know, having a kid when you're so young. It's got to be hard to do the right thing.

Sami: It is. It's hard to know what the right thing is.

Chad: Right. I hear you.

Sami: So you really think you're gonna give up on trying to get Sydney away from Nicole? That you'll let Nicole raise her?

Rafe: [Whimpers] Sami. Gotta know... Sydney's your baby... not Nicole's.

Brady: Did I just hear what I think I just heard?

Nicole: Yes.

Brady: You want to run away with me? Us together?

Nicole: Brady, I was wrong. I made a mistake marrying EJ. You were the one... you're the one who was always there for me, who always helped me when I was in trouble and cared for me--

Brady: Nicole, Nicole, I don't know if you're thinking straight right now, but--

Nicole: Well, what's there to think about? I know you love me. You even told me right before my wedding, remember?

Brady: I knew--yes, I do remember that.

Nicole: And I finally realized that your love comes with no strings. It's pure and real.

Brady: Nicole... you love EJ. You married EJ. You went to great lengths to hold on to EJ.

Nicole: That's in the past.

Brady: How can it just be in the past? Can't turn your feelings off like that.

Nicole: Brady, look, I... loving EJ...was the biggest mistake of my life. And believe me, it is over. But it's a good thing because... now I can be with the one man in the world who really loves me... who's perfect for me.

EJ: So we got that electronic company. You know, the one in Hong Kong that you liked. So that should be a nice little earner once the economy turns around. And there was, you know, the company in France that... business. Why do we talk about business? Your life hangs in the balance. Mine's falling to pieces. Yeah. You get better, old man. You rest. Be grateful that you can close your eyes...stay away from all this madness. 'Cause it's with a heavy heart that mine are open.

Carly: It's nice to see nothing's changed.

Maxine: Bo, excuse me. Did you ever get that information you wanted on the GSW from last night?

Bo: Uh, no. You have something for me?

Maxine: Yeah.

Chad: Look, I don't know. I'll need some time to think it through.

Sami: What's there to think about? Chad, Sydney spent nine months with Nicole. They have bonded. You don't want to mess with that.

Chad: Look, I'm not just gonna give up my kid to some total strangers.

Sami: But they're not strangers to Sydney. To Sydney, they're her mom and dad, and she loves them more than anyone in the world.

Chad: So you said your son-- the one you had when you were a teenager--you said he's insecure now. Doesn't believe in himself.

Sami: He's had a rough time.

Chad: So, what, he's, like, really screwed up or something?

Sami: Well, I mean, now he's worked through it and... it's been hard for him, though, and I blame myself. I could have given him a way better start in life. I just think you need to do what's best for Sydney. You're gonna let Sydney stay with Nicole, right?

Chad: We'll see. But I got to get back to work.

Maggie: Hi, Sami.

Sami: Hey, Maggie.

Maggie: I just spoke to Will. That son of yours is something else, isn't he? I mean, what a wonderful young man he has turned out to be.

Brady: Let's keep this real here for a second. If EJ hadn't caught on to all of your lies and kicked you out, you wouldn't be here right now.

Nicole: No. I'd still be there trying to work it out. Because I'm weak.

Brady: No, Nicole, because you love him.

Nicole: No. Because I realize that I can't chase a dream with someone who doesn't love me. Who's nothing but a cold, cynical bastard.

Brady: That pretty much sums him up, yeah.

Nicole: Yes, yes, I need-- I need to be with the one person who knows me, who cares about me...

Brady: Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, we're not... you're not just talking about being with me, Nicole. You're talking about running away, right?

Nicole: Yes. With you.

Brady: It's still running away.

Nicole: Okay, but don't think of it like that. It would be a new beginning for us.

Brady: Somewhere else.

Nicole: And I would finally get it right. You've known the truth all along, and you still love me. And you don't care that I can't have your child. You just love me. And Brady, I... I love you.

Brady: Nicole, come on.

Nicole: I know you love me. What's wrong? Has something changed? Don't you still love me?

Brady: No, I do. Probably always will.

Bo: There you go.

Maxine: Thanks.

Bo: Whoa, hey, there! There's my man. How ya doing, big guy?

Theo: Good.

Bo: Good.

Lexie: Theo just got out of his after school daycare. He was mainstreamed, you know. He's at Kennedy elementary now.

Bo: Yeah, yeah, I heard about that. Congratulations.

Lexie: I couldn't let him go home without a big hug from his favorite guy.

Bo: No, well, thanks so much for the hug. I appreciate it.

Lexie: He's so happy now that Ciara's back in town.

Bo: Yeah, I'm sure you are. I missed her like crazy too. How's your father doing?

Lexie: He's stable. Still not responding the way he should.

Bo: Oh, I'm sorry. That must be difficult.

Lexie: Yeah.

EJ: So take my strength, okay? You take my love. You get better. Everybody's rooting for you. We all love you. Me, Lexie, and Theo. Johnny...and, uh... [Clears throat] And Nicole. And Sydney. You get better. Okay? I'll take care of the family, all right?

Arianna: Mr. Kiriakis.

Victor: Hello, Arianna.

Arianna: What can I get you?

Victor: How about some cocaine? Just a little joke.

Arianna: Well, don't quit your day job.

Victor: Speaking of jobs, are you still managing to juggle the two you have?

Arianna: Well, I hope you haven't said anything.

Victor: About your drug dealing? Not to worry. I'm a man who keeps his word.

Arianna: Thank you.

Victor: What about you, Arianna? You keep your word?

Brady: There's no point in even trying to deny it. I've loved you too long for that.

Nicole: Oh, Brady.

Brady: You know, it seems like forever I've waited to hear you tell me that you loved me as well, Nicole, but...

Nicole: But--what? What's the matter?

Brady: [Sighs] You're asking a lot here. You know, not that that's a shocker to me at all.

Nicole: Well, I know, but that's part of the reason I love you. I could ask anything, and you'll do whatever it takes.

Brady: Yeah, that's been my pattern.

Nicole: So? Does that mean you'll do it? You'll go away with me? And Sydney?

Maggie: So I walked into the children's section, and there's Will. He's reading stories to the preschoolers. Oh, is that sweet or what?

Sami: So sweet. I'm so proud of him. But, you know what, I actually have to get going.

Maggie: Oh, I do too. I mean, I just came here to get coffee.

Sami: Oh, okay.

Maggie: Take care.

Sami: Yeah, you too. Thanks.

Maggie: Hi, Chad. How are you?

Chad: Hi, Mrs. Horton.

Sami: Uh, Maggie?

Maggie: You know what? I know Chad through Mia. I mean, they're all friends. Now they go to Salem High together.

Sami: Oh, well...

Chad: Wait a minute. You know Mia?

Maggie: Well, of course she does. Mia and her son are good friends. Will.

Arianna: Here you go.

Victor: Keep the change. You know, you never did answer my question.

Arianna: I'm sorry?

Victor: I've kept my word. Have you?

Arianna: Yes.

Victor: You've kept your distance from my grandson, have you?

Arianna: I don't want Brady to know what I do out of work. It would hurt him. And I don't want that.

Victor: Well, seeing that Brady doesn't get hurt is something we have in common. Have a good night.

Arianna: Good night.

[Door shuts]

Victor: It's Victor. We need to talk. Your place or mine?

Brady: You want us to go away and take Sydney with us?

Nicole: Well, I can't leave her here. And EJ doesn't want anything to do with her, and that kid Chad wants to start some custody battle, and I'm certainly not gonna let that spoiled brat raise my baby girl.

Brady: Nicole, but you can't...

Nicole: It's a power trip for him, Brady. He thinks it's a game. And trust me, he's not gonna want to play anymore the first time she spits up on his shirt.

Brady: Yeah, I understand the problem...

Nicole: I have to get her out of here. And yes, I mean, Mia wants me to keep Sydney, but... the adoption wasn't exactly legal.

Brady: Exactly--it's not even vaguely legal. Which is precisely my point. If you take Sydney out of the-- out of the country, you're not...

Nicole: Oh, I'm gonna take her. And you and I will get on a plane with Sydney, and we can go to some country that doesn't have an extradition treaty with the U.S., like--like Mali or Brunei or Morocco. And then we can buy a house. And we can start a wonderful life together.

Brady: Nicole, that is not gonna happen.

Rafe: Sami... not Nicole's baby.

Maggie: Thank you, Chad. Okay, um, well, then I'm on my way. I'll see you soon, Sami.

Sami: Bye, Maggie.

Chad: Have a good one.

Sami: Look, I know what you're thinking, but everything I told you was true. I just--I just didn't tell you that Will was my son.

Chad: Yeah, yeah, that poor, little baby you had when you were way too young. Weird how you left out his name.

Sami: But everything I said was true. The facts were true. The regrets were true.

Chad: You know what, you are some piece of work, lady. You really had me going.

Sami: Well, if I told you that Will was my son, you would have shut down on me.

Chad: You're damn right I would have. Just like I'm doing now. You felt like, "Ooh, I've got him so hooked. And he's gonna let Sydney stay with Nicole." Well, think again.

Bo: No, I won't be here that much longer, so have someone look into it and get back to me. All right, thanks.

Lexie: Theo's on his way home with his daddy.

Bo: Yeah, I got to get over to Ma's and pick up Ciara. You know what? It's--she wasn't gone that long, but she came back just like a different little girl. She's like a foot taller, and she doesn't talk like a little girl anymore.

Lexie: Yeah, well, kids. It all happens in a flash, huh?

Bo: Tell me about it. She was just cute, and now she's, I don't know, beautiful.

Lexie: Oh. Yes, she is. You know what, pretty soon the boys are gonna start coming around.

Bo: Whoa, no, no, no, no, no. She's not gonna be allowed to date until she's, like, I don't know, 31, 32, minimum.

Lexie: Goodness, Bo. Well, you know, being the commissioner of police, you could arrest any boy who disobeys that order.

Bo: You got that right.

Lexie: Mm-hmm.

Carly: Police commissioner. Yikes.

EJ: Good evening, Victor.

Victor: Oh, thank you for seeing me.

EJ: I'll be blunt. If you're here to gloat, you can stay outside.

Victor: Ah. Nicole. Yes, I can see you're sensitive about that. No, I'm not here to gloat. But I did warn you.

EJ: Yes, you did.

Victor: Be thankful for small favors, EJ. At least, she didn't try and murder you.

EJ: I'm not in the mood.

Victor: Of course you're not. Having to deal with not only the fallout from Nicole but from your father's illness. Which is why I'm here, why we need to talk.

EJ: About my father?

Victor: Exactly. But it's not personal. Strictly business.

EJ: Sure.

Sami: Chad, please. Please listen to me. The fact that I am Will's mother does not change anything, okay?

Chad: No, it changes everything.

Sami: It doesn't. Come on. Just give me a chance to talk to you some more.

Chad: Why the hell should I, huh? You're a total hypocrite. "Chad, you're way too young to raise a baby." What did you do? You had Will. So why should I give up my baby when you didn't?

Sami: Because I don't want you to make the same mistakes that I did.

Nicole: Don't try to talk me out of it, Brady. Look, I can't live with... I won't live without Sydney, and I just thought that... if you love me enough, you'd want to be with me, stay with me, build a life, and be happy.

Brady: Look, I know you're in a bind right now, and I know you love Sydney.

Nicole: And you.

Brady: I think you're scared. And I think your emotions are running away with you. And Nicole, I have to ask you something.

Nicole: Anything.

Brady: Do you--do you want to run away with me because you want to be with me, or is it because you need my money?

Man: Oh, I'm sorry. I thought you were Dr. Nelson.

Carly: Oh, don't worry about it.

EJ: Frankly, Victor, I'm not quite sure how much business we have to discuss, but I'm happy to listen.

Victor: Well, you'll be glad you did. You recall when our families settled our truce we decided certain businesses would be split evenly.

EJ: Yes.

Victor: I'd like to sell our half of one of those operations.

EJ: I see. This is a lucrative operation?

Victor: Extremely.

EJ: On the books?

Victor: Reliable shipments arrive weekly. The dealers are all set to accept delivery. No books.

EJ: No books. Understood.

Victor: I'm talking about our side of the river. All of it.

EJ: Right. What's the catch?

Sami: Listen, Chad, how I grew up...well, it wasn't exactly normal, okay? And when I found out I was pregnant, all I wanted was to be able to give my child a normal life, a normal family. But I didn't know what the hell I was doing. I made horrible mistakes. You have no idea how hard this is gonna be.

Chad: I've got work to do.

Sami: Don't, okay? Just don't walk away from me. Just give me a chance. Just one more chance. I'm just trying to prepare you for what you're gonna go through 'cause I think it's gonna be similar to what I faced. Will's father and I... we couldn't make things work. We didn't last. Because we fought all the time because we were kids and stupid, and we had no idea how to raise a kid ourselves. We didn't know about discipline. We didn't know how to put our son's needs first. All we did was fight, and Will ended up hating us for it. He moved to Europe to get away from us.

Chad: So? He came back, didn't he? Now he lives with you.

Sami: [Exhales] Do you realize how many years I lost with him because of that? He hated his parents. Is that what you want?

Chad: Sorry. What am I supposed to say?

Sami: You're supposed to learn from my mistakes. You're supposed to see that this could happen to you... and that you could be doing this to Sydney if you take Sydney away from Nicole.

Chad: Man, you've got it all figured out, don't you? Well, check this out. I'm not you.

Sami: Listen, Chad, what about Sydney? All right, do you really think you're prepared to give her a good family structure?

Chad: Buzz off.

Sami: What about Mia? You think Mia's gonna help you? She doesn't want this responsibility. She doesn't want to be with you. So if you do this, you are doing this alone. You're raising Sydney alone. Every mistake you make... you want Sydney to grow up screwed-up and hating you? Is that what you want?

Nicole: Wow, Brady, that really hurt.

Brady: Nicole, come on. I love you. I do. I love you, but this is not just about love.

Nicole: [Sighs] Well, no. Of course not. But love will make it work.

Brady: You're talking about cutting everybody out of your life here.

Nicole: Look, I don't have any family in Salem. Nobody cares about me. Only you.

Brady: That is not true. Chloe cares about you. Even Sami cares about you. Will--I just heard him the other day talking about how, "She's changed. I kind of like her." Mia, obviously, thinks--

Nicole: Okay, all right. So a few people do. But it's not like I have this fantastic social network. I only have you, Brady. You're my rock. You're the one I always turn to. And I want to make that permanent. I want us to be together from now on.

Brady: What if I didn't have any money, hmm?

Nicole: It's not about the money, Brady. It's about the life I know we can have.

Brady: Wow, you sure know how to make a case, I'll tell you that. But you really need to think about this. Do you really want to live a life on the run? Alone, isolated, hunted down, Nicole?

Nicole: Okay, no one's gonna care if I leave. Maybe at first, but not in the long run. And I won't be isolated. I'll have you and Sydney.

Brady: The last thing I want to do in this world is hurt you. But no...I can't go with you.

Victor: There's no catch. Philip has decided he no longer is interested in working that side of the business. Can't get Brady to go anywhere near it. So when I retire, who am I gonna pass it on to?

EJ: [Laughs] Come on, Victor. You're not seriously considering retirement.

Victor: No, but with what happened to Stefano, it does give one pause.

EJ: Well, we're all hoping he makes a full recovery.

Victor: Yes, so am I. But we are still mortal.

EJ: Yeah. Indeed.

Victor: So, naturally when I decided to sell, the first person I thought of was you. Your family not only has the know-how, but the resources. And besides, I figured, with everything that's going on in your life, you could probably use the distraction.

Chad: You act like you know everything that's gonna happen in my life, but you don't have a clue.

Sami: I have a lot of experience--

Chad: Sydney is not gonna hate me, okay? For one thing, I'm not gonna lie to her. And it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out why Will's so screwed up. You probably started lying to him in the cradle.

Sami: Okay, attacking Will is not gonna help you make the right decision.

Chad: Who's attacking Will? I'm attacking you, lady. You and his useless alcoholic father. If any kid should have been given up at birth, it was him.

Sami: Stop it, Chad. Don't--

Chad: Trust me. Okay? I will never make the same mistakes you did when I'm raising my kid.

Nicole: Brady, please. Please. Don't abandon me. I need you.

Brady: No, no, no, no, I won't abandon you. Nicole, I want to stand by you. I'm gonna help you out. Anyway, you can't--

Nicole: Don't you see? I have to get out of here. I have to get out of Salem with Sydney now. Otherwise, they will take her away from me, and I will wind up in prison.

Brady: You are not gonna go to prison. Not while I'm around. But I can't just whisk you away to some fantasy world and live happily ever after, Nicole.

Nicole: Then you don't really love me.

Brady: You know I do. You know I do. And the truth is, I shouldn't have even have said anything anyway, Nicole, because, to be honest with you... I'm involved with somebody else.

Nicole: Oh, my God.

Brady: Nicole, even if I wasn't, running away is not the answer. I want to help you. Look, if you need a lawyer-- criminal, civil, whatever you need, I'll get it. If you need help with counseling or something like that because of losing the baby.

Nicole: No, no, I don't want your help. I don't need your help. Do you understand? Until you have a child of your own and then lose that child, you will never, ever understand what I'm feeling. My life is over, and it is all your fault!

Brady: Nicole, come on!

Arianna: Does the head of the operation ever show up to make sure that things are going okay? To make sure no one's cutting themselves their own piece of the pie? Really? All right, well, never mind then. Just tell me when the shipment comes in, all right? Okay. Thanks, Troy. How am I supposed to meet this guy so this nightmare can finally be over? Damn it.

[Door opens and shuts]

Arianna: Thought we agreed to keep this private.

Brady: [Clears throat] No, thanks, ma'am. Just coffee to go. That'd be great.

Arianna; you got it.

Brady: Thank you.

Arianna: Um... if you take this down to the pier in a couple of minutes, I will be on break.

Brady: I'll be there.

Arianna: Oh, thank you.

Lexie: I understand, but the next time you get a face-to-face with Hope, just ask her, okay? Counseling can be a godsend, Bo.

Bo: Yeah, I know. It's worth a shot.

Maggie: Excuse me. Hey, Bo.

Bo: Oh, hi, Maggie.

Maggie: Lexie, what other female doctor is working on this floor tonight?

Lexie: I'm it. All the rest are male.

Maggie: Ah. I just saw this woman. I mean, it's so strange. She got on the elevator, and she was a doctor.

Lexie: She probably works on another floor.

Maggie: Hmm, she just seemed so familiar. I know that I know her from somewhere.

Carly: Sorry if I made you wait at the pier.

Omar: No, you didn't. We just tied up when you came aboard.

Carly: Good, how's our patient?

Omar: Well, he's still delirious. He keeps talking about a baby.

Carly: His baby?

Omar: Don't know. It's never clear.

Carly: Well, at least we know how he got those contusions on his head. Someone tried to kill him.

Omar: Well, that is what he said. Is that medicine gonna make him better?

Carly: Well, that's the plan. It better work. We're out of options. All right, fella, let's get this fever down. And then you can tell me who you are and why you're so upset about a baby.

Nicole: Oh, Mary. Finally. I thought EJ had decided that-- you know what, never mind. Hi, pumpkin. Hi. Hey.

Mary: Mrs. DiMera, are you all right?

Nicole: Yeah, Mary, I'm-- I'm fine. Hi, sugar.

Mary: I feel so bad about what happened. Poor little Sydney caught in the middle.

Nicole: Don't worry about it, Mary. Everything's gonna work out fine. Thank you--thank you so much for bringing her to me.

Mary: My pleasure. Bye, Sydney.

Nicole: Okay, say, "Bye, Mary." Oh. Mommy's here, sweetheart. Mommy will always be here. I'm never gonna let anyone take you away from me, and I will do everything I can to make sure we're together, okay? Always.

Sami: You talk big about being a dad, but that's all it is--it's talk.

Chad: Yeah, and I'm tired of talking. Especially to you.

Sami: Look, I thank God every day that Will turned out as great as he did, but his father and I really screwed up.

Chad: Fine. Whatever.

Sami: Okay, so you may make different mistakes than us, but the results will be the same. Will hated us for years.

Chad: I'm busy, okay? I've got a job.

Sami: Don't do this. Please don't take Sydney away from her mother.

Chad: Hey, listen up. No more lectures. No more lies. I will get custody of my daughter. End of story.

Both: Hey. Hi.

Arianna: I'm sorry. I know it's kind of a pain to keep things secret like this.

Brady: It's all right. It's okay. It's actually low-maintenance compared to what I had to deal with earlier today anyway.

Arianna: Really? What?

Brady: It--never mind. I really can't talk about it anyway.

Arianna: Wow. Kind of got to you, though, huh, whatever it was?

Brady: Yeah. Yeah, it did. But I don't want to talk about that. I want to be completely concerned about you.

Arianna: Oh, well, thank you, but I am fine.

Brady: No, you're not fine. When I came to see you in the pub, you did not look fine. So what's going on? You all right?

Arianna: You know what? Can we just make this all about us right now? And nothing else, no outside world? Can we do that?

Brady: I think so. Sounds good.

Arianna: Oh, good. Yes.

Brady: And you look really good tonight.

Arianna: [Giggles] Thanks. I'm really glad I'm back in your life.

Victor: I'm a man of my word, EJ. I think you know that. And I assure you the business is doing very well.

EJ: Oh, I don't doubt it. I will, however, do a little bit of research just to make sure there are no unpleasant surprises.

Victor: Well, you do what you have to do. As I said, the only reason I'm selling is because I feel it's time to step back and concentrate on other things.

EJ: I'll let you know.

Victor: Good. I'll look forward to hearing from you. Your father'd be very proud.

Lexie: You can't leave us now. Understood? You can't let this disease take you down, father. Okay?


Lexie: Father? Hey...Father, Father!

[Beeping continues]

Maggie: There are a lot of folks in Salem who would love to help the police department.

Bo: Yeah, we could tap into a community watch program.

Maggie: Yeah.

Maxine: Excuse me... but have either of you seen Dr. Carver?

Maggie: Um...she's checking on her father.

Bo: What's up, Maxine? Something wrong?

Maxine: Very wrong. I was just at the medicine cabinet. There are drugs missing.

Maggie: Oh, boy.

Bo: Any chance a doctor took 'em?

Maxine: No. The lock's been broken. I'm glad you're here, Commissioner. Maybe you could start an investigation right away?

Maggie: That is so strange.

Bo: Do you know what kind of drugs were taken?

Maxine: Yes, and that's just one more surprise. They were antibiotics.

D.A. Charles Woods: There he is. Hardest working kid in Salem.

Chad: What can I do for you, Dad?

Charles: Not a thing. Just happened to be in the neighborhood, thought I'd pop in.

Chad: Yeah, well, let me guess--Mom sent you over here, right?

Charles: Hot off the presses. Your mother is worried about you.

Chad: Look, everything's fine. I'm good, solid.

Charles: Right. I'm the district attorney, remember? It's my job to read people.

Chad: Look, I'm not on the witness stand, Dad.

Charles: No. No, you're not. But I can see you're hurting.

Chad: I can deal with it.

Charles: Come on, Chad. Your mother and I are trying to help you get through this.

Chad: There's a baby's life at stake baby. And there's no way I'm just gonna "get through it."

Charles: You know how I feel.

Chad: Look, I know how everyone feels. People are all over me, telling me what to do--

Charles: Your mother and I haven't told you.

Chad: But I know what you want. I mean, you think I should just give up the baby.

Charles: It would be easier.

Chad: Yeah, well, maybe for you.

Charles: Look...that's not fair, Chad.

Chad: You want this whole thing to end... and I can understand that. But this isn't about you. It's about me and Mia and our little girl.

Charles: Are you saying... you're going to fight for her?

Chad: I haven't made up my mind yet.

Charles: Well... son...if that's what you decide, you're gonna need a good attorney. Personally, I'm not very fond of this guy, but he's one of the best. Thorough, discreet.

Chad: Thanks.

Charles: But before you make that call... I'd give it a lot more thought.

Omar: So how long before the medicine takes effect?

Carly: We should get results pretty quickly, maybe an hour or two. I just wish his pulse were stronger.

Omar: So everything went smoothly at the hospital?

Carly: Well enough.

Omar: Did anyone recognize you?

Carly: Hope not. Although...

Omar: What? You ran into someone you knew?

Carly: Yeah. But never mind. I'll handle that once I can get this man to safety. Assuming he survives.

Nicole: Hey Chloe, it's Nicole. Listen, can you please... please call me back as soon as you get this. Look, that... idiot teenager is gonna sue for custody of Sydney, and I know that I will never win, and I just--I really need your help, okay? And I know--I know that you probably can' me, but I just...

[Sydney babbling]

Nicole: Oh, God, no one can help me.

Sami: Nicole, it's gonna be okay. I'll help you.

[Nicole sobbing]

Daniel. About having a baby. There could be a problem.

Kate: You and Philip belong together.

Nicole: You are the last person in the world who should be helping me!

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