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Days of Our Lives Transcript Thursday 10/15/09 - Canada; Friday 10/16/09 - U.S.A.


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Brady: Arianna.

Arianna: Hi. Is this a bad time?

Brady: No, no, no.

Arianna: I should have called, right?

Brady: It's okay. It's okay. I just--I wasn't expecting you. But, please come in.

Arianna: Thanks. I, um-- I came to ask your forgiveness, because I've done something terrible.

Mia: What have you done, Chad?

Chad: What do you think I've done? I went to see my little girl.

Mia: Oh, my God.

Chad: What, you shocked? I finally find out who my baby is and you'd expect me to just hang back in the shadows and wait for you to tell me what to do?

Mia: So you saw Sydney?

Chad: Yeah. Yeah, I saw my baby. Our baby.

Sami: What is going on? You said you'd die before you let someone take your baby? Okay. If you don't want to give me any details, fine. Listen to me, Nicole. No matter what happens, you can't let anyone take your daughter from you. I know you love her more than anything in the world. And it doesn't matter that she is adopted. She is yours. Don't you dare let anyone take her from you. You hear me? No one.

Chloe: Okay.

Daniel: I thought I heard the door.

Arianna: Melanie told me about what happened.

Brady: Well, a lot has happened. Can you be specific?

Arianna: Yeah. Um, about Nicole's secret coming out about her baby, about her husband not wanting anything to do with her ever again, and just, uh-- I just kind of feel awful about it.

Brady: Surprised you cared that much.

Arianna: Why wouldn't I?

Brady: Well, I mean, you and Nicole? Come on, you're not exactly friends.

Arianna: Well, it's not Nicole I care about.

Mia: Where did you see her?

Chad: At her house. Well, let me--yeah. Let me rephrase that. At her mansion.

Mia: I don't get it! How did this happen? The DiMera's nanny just let you in?

Chad: No, there wasn't any nanny. It was the father. Well, at least the guy who thought he was the dad. Should you-- you know who I'm talking about?

Mia: You told EJ that you're Sydney's father?

Chad: Man has the right to know the truth just like I did.

Mia: Chad, you don't understand. See, it's all over now. You ruined everything. Now Nicole's never gonna be able to keep Sydney.

EJ: Samantha, this is between Nicole and me.

Sami: Nicole, don't let them take your little girl from you. I don't know what his part is in all of this, but don't let him do it.

EJ: Okay, Samantha, just go. Please just go. Thank you.

[Door closes]

Sami: What is that all about? Nicole looked terrified. I have to do something. I have to help her.

Chloe: I'm such a klutz.

Daniel: You seem kind of distracted.

Chloe: Yeah, kind of.

Daniel: Here, let me.

Chloe: No, it's okay. I can do it my... self.

Chad: Aww. So Nicole's not gonna be able to keep the baby?

Mia: You think this is funny?

Chad: No, I think you're delusional. That's what. Well, I got a news flash for you, Mia. Nicole DiMera isn't keeping the baby, because the baby isn't hers. She's yours and mine.

Mia: Chad, you don't understand.

Chad: You hid her from me, Mia. You made up stories. Lied through your teeth, but this isn't gonna happen anymore, because I'm gonna get my daughter back.

Sami: [Sniffling] [Sighs]

Maggie: Sami?

Sami: [Gasps]

Maggie: Oh.

Sami: Oh, Maggie.

Maggie: I'm sorry. I didn't mean to startle you.

Sami: No, it's okay. I'm just a little edgy. Are you here to see someone special?

Maggie: No, no. I was on my way to work and I saw you as I was driving by and I-- I just wanted to-- I wanted to give you a hug.

Sami: Thank you. I needed that.

Maggie: You know, sometimes it must be very difficult for you not having your mom around.

Sami: I miss her a lot. Especially-- especially times like these.

Maggie: It's still very painful, isn't it?

Sami: Yeah, you know... it is. Sometimes I feel like I'm getting stronger and I'll be okay and then something happens and-- and the grief, it just-- it just...comes back.

Maggie: Well, what is it that happened? I mean, or is it none of my business?

Sami: No. It's-- it's a friend of mine. She may lose her baby. And it's not that the baby's sick or anything. It's that someone may take the baby away from my friend and-- and it's breaking my heart. Because-- because I know what it's like to lose your child and-- and I will do anything to keep another mother from having to go through that kind of pain.

EJ: You know, I think it's about time you learned to face reality, lady. Truth be told, I was rethinking a lot of this before Chad turned up with his paternity news.

Nicole: Rethinking? Meaning you realize how much you love Sydney and how much you need her in your life?

EJ: Of course I love her. I love her with all my heart.

Nicole: Oh, I knew it. EJ, I knew you couldn't be angry for long. What's wrong? I thought you said--

EJ: No, I want her back in my life. I don't want you back in my life.

Chloe: Here.

Daniel: Ah, yeah, thanks.

Chloe: Just cover up and go get dressed.

Daniel: Well, you know, actually I was gonna just hop in the shower, so.

Chloe: Uh, okay. Well, then go get clean.

Daniel: Yeah. Um... you know, let me at least try and help you here before--

Chloe: No, it's okay. I got it.

Arianna: It's not that I have anything against Nicole. It's just not why I'm here.

Brady: Okay.

Arianna: I'm worried about you.

Brady: No.

Arianna: No?

Brady: No, no. That's not why you're here either.

Arianna: What are you talking about?

Brady: I think you're here to get a free pass, Ari.

Arianna: What?

Brady: On the guilt trip that you've caused yourself. You know what? I don't blame you. You know, it's a natural reaction.

Arianna: No, that's not--

Brady: You are off the hook. You're off the hook. I completely absolve you of any guilt, so clear conscience. It's fine. What?

Arianna: Come on, Brady!

Brady: "Come on, Brady." What does "come on, Brady," mean? I don't know what that means.

Arianna: Just tell me what's wrong, okay? 'Cause you're not acting like yourself. You're acting strange.

Brady: [Chuckles] Why do you care?

Arianna: Because you're the best person I know. Because I'd hate it if something I did caused you to--

Brady: Caused me to what? Start using drugs again? Is that what you're worried about?

Sami: I know, Maggie. Probably gonna tell me to stay out of it. It's none of my business, but I can't. I can't do that. Not after losing Grace.

Maggie: I understand.

Sami: I just have to find a way to help my friend so that she doesn't have to go through that same kind of unbearable loss.

Maggie: So what do you think you can do?

Sami: I don't know that yet.

Maggie: Oh.

Sami: Once I find out exactly what is going on and who is threatening her, I'll know what to do.

Maggie: Well, you've obviously made up your mind. And knowing you as well as I do, a determined young woman that you are...

Sami: [Chuckles]

Maggie: [Chuckles] I suppose the only advice I have to offer is that you make sure you take care of Sami too. You be safe.

Sami: I will. I will, Maggie. Thank you.

Maggie: You're welcome.

Nicole: EJ... I know I hurt you. But what I did I did--

EJ: Oh, you did it for love, didn't you? Or you did it for me or you did it for Sydney. I've heard all of your justifications and I've heard all of your pleas and I've heard all of your begs for mercy. You did not do that for love. What you did was cruel and it was selfish! I'm not going to be a party to this any longer. I'm not keeping a father from his child.

Nicole: But you can't let Chad have Sydney. That's insane.

EJ: It's insane? You're the arbiter of what is sane or insane, are you?

Nicole: EJ, even Mia didn't think that Chad would make a good father. Why do you think she didn't tell him about the baby? Because he's a spoiled kid who's still in high school, for God's sake.

EJ: That doesn't preclude him from being a father, Nicole.

Nicole: Well, he's known her for about five minutes. So then what? When he actually has to take care of her, that'll last five seconds and then he'll be out partying with his friends.

EJ: Being a father, having a child changes you. You should know that better than anybody.

Nicole: EJ--

EJ: No! All right, I see his point of view, because I've been in his position twice before with mothers who want to keep me in the dark! No more. It is disgusting and it's selfish!

Chloe: Oh. We can't.

Daniel: Ooh, no, no. Right. We can't.

Chloe: It won't be much longer, I promise.

Daniel: Well, I sure as hell hope not, 'cause I'm about to lose my mind.

Chloe: We just have to stay positive, okay? We're a team, right?

Daniel: We are a team. Right.

Chloe: Yeah.

[Phone rings]

Chloe: Yeah, I should probably get that.

Daniel: You should get that.

Chloe: And you take that shower. Make it a cold one. Father Matt.

Daniel: Father Matt.

Chloe: Hi, Father Matt. No, this is a fine time to talk. I assume you're calling about the annulment. Oh, I see.

Brady: Don't.

Arianna: What?

Brady: Worry. I'm fine.

Arianna: Well, I can tell that you're hurting. So you can just deny it all you want, but I'm not buying it.

Brady: All right, I am. I am hurting. You're right. Actually, I'm a mess, but it doesn't mean I'm using. After all the work that I've done to get sober, Arianna, I'm not about to let anybody drag me down in that destructive hell again. Not you, not anybody.

Arianna: Not even Nicole?

Brady: Why do you always bring her up?

Arianna: I just can't help but wonder what's going on between you two now that her secret's come out.

Brady: It really has nothing--nothing to do with you.

Arianna: But it does.

Brady: Really? How's that?

Mia: Please, Chad, you can't. You can't take Sydney.

Chad: Why not? Because you told me you'd be my girlfriend again if I didn't? Come on. I'm not an idiot here, Mia. I know now that you were just playing me the whole time. All cozy here with Will, about to go at it before I walked in.

Will: Hey, what the hell is your problem, man?

Chad: You know what? I actually bought your crap. Telling me you dumped this jerk. What a sucker I was thinking we'd really connected again.

Mia: I had to protect my baby.

Chad: Our baby.

Mia: Right. Your baby too, which is why you should understand why I did what I did.

Chad: What I understand is that you were willing to give yourself to me to get what you wanted. And you know what that makes you? A whore.

Will: Damn you.

Chad: Get your hands off me.

Mia: Okay, both of you, stop!

Nicole: You're doing it again, EJ. You're trying to distance yourself from Sydney.

EJ: She's not mine. She's not mine, all right? And she's not yours. Can you not just-- just get that through your delusional head? You do understand the legal situation? I mean, if her parents want her back, her biological parents, they will get her.

Nicole: But they don't want her back.

EJ: He was just here!

Nicole: He's a kid. He doesn't know what he wants. I mean, Chad is not capable of giving our little girl a good life.

EJ: [Sighs] For Pete's sake.

Nicole: Look, EJ, we can prove that.

EJ: We can, can we? Can we?

Nicole: Yes.

EJ: Can we?

Nicole: Yes. Yes, if we stick together as husband and wife, mother and father to Sydney. If we fight as a team, we have a chance not just to keep Sydney, but to keep this marriage alive.

EJ: And why in God's name would you think that I want to do that?

Nicole: Because you still love me. I know you do. As much as you love Sydney. As much as I love you. We are stronger. We can do anything. Don't throw that away! It's too precious! It's too powerful!

EJ: Go.

Nicole: No, but, EJ, please.

EJ: Go. Get out of my life. Get out of my house and take that with you.

Nicole: But I thought you wanted us here.

EJ: Get out. You thought wrong.

Nicole: Oh. Sami, what are you doing back here?

Sami: What happened?

Nicole: I don't want to talk about it.

Sami: Maybe there's something I can do to help you.

Nicole: No. There's nothing you can do, Sami. There's nothing anyone can do.

EJ: I thought I told you--

Sami: You bastard!

Chloe: Thanks again, Father Matt. Yes, I will. You too. Bye-bye.

Daniel: Everything all right?

Chloe: I was on the phone that whole time with Father Matt.

Daniel: Oh, was there some kind of problem with the annulment? Lucas changed his mind?

Chloe: No. It went through. The annulment is final.

Daniel: Okay. Why are you so unhappy?

Mia: Okay, that's enough. Will, please. [Sighs] Chad's right. What I did was wrong and dishonest. I did whore myself out.

Chad: Well, at least she's being honest now.

Mia: But doesn't that tell you something? That I love my baby so much-- our baby--that I would do absolutely anything for her?

Chad: Yeah, well, so will I.

Mia: Chad, stop! Don't! Please don't leave. Would you mind giving us a minute?

Will: Are you sure?

Mia: Yeah.

Will: I'll be right outside if you need me.

Chad: Well, you have him well trained.

Mia: Don't even start on Will.

Chad: Look, you expect me to have respect for the guy? I'm surprised he's even defending you considering all the lies you've told him.

Mia: He understands why I did it.

Chad: So what's next, hmm? What are you gonna do now to keep me from getting my daughter back?

Mia: I'm going to apologize. I was wrong and I'm sorry. I never meant to hurt you.

Sami: How can you do this to Nicole? It is cruel.

EJ: You have no idea what you're talking about.

Sami: I know what I saw.

EJ: You know what you think you saw.

Sami: I saw Nicole crying carrying Sydney. You threw them both out, didn't you?

EJ: Oh, and I'm about to do the same thing to you.

Sami: No, I know you are angry at me for what happened with Grace.

EJ: Oh, good. You got that, did you?

Sami: And I know you're angry at Nicole for what she has done, but you don't get to take that out on an innocent baby. What the hell is the matter with you?

EJ: I'll tell you. I'll tell you what the matter with me is. I just met Sydney's father. Her real father. That help you?

Sami: Sydney's father?

EJ: Right here. He was in awe. Couldn't get over how-- how perfect his little girl was.

Sami: Oh, my. So that's why you and Nicole were fighting?

EJ: By George, I think she got it.

Sami: Sydney's father?

EJ: In the flesh. Very assertive young chap, actually. Parents are lawyers. Probably where he got it from. He wants his daughter back.

Sami: How did he even know how to find you? I mean, it was a closed adoption.

EJ: [Chuckles] Ah, yeah. Another one of Nicole's lies, I'm afraid. It was neither closed nor legal. Nice chap. Chad Peterson woods is his name.

Sami: Chad? Like Mia's ex-boyfriend Chad?

EJ: Like Mia's ex-boyfriend Chad.

Sami: And he's the father, which means that--

EJ: She's the mother.

Sami: Oh, my God.

EJ: Welcome to my world.

Sami: I mean, I knew Mia had had a baby, but... I didn't realize it was--

EJ: Sydney.

Sami: [Sighs]

EJ: You're not so quick to defend Nicole now, are you?

Brady: Answer me. Why are you always bringing up Nicole? You feel threatened by her in some way?

Arianna: Of course not. I mean, why would I feel threatened?

Brady: You tell me.

Arianna: I'm gonna go, okay?

Brady: Why are you always so anxious to get away from me?

Chloe: Daniel, this has nothing to do with you, okay? I want to be with you. I want to be your wife. I've never been so sure of anything my whole life. I swear. I just wish it didn't have to be at Lucas' expense.

Daniel: Well, that is because you are a compassionate, sensitive person.

Chloe: I've just been thinking. This whole time he's been so dependent on me. Now it's--it's all over.

Daniel: And even though it wasn't right from the beginning, it's--it's sad to end it. Bittersweet. But trust me. I get it.

Chloe: That is because you're the most patient, understanding person ever. I've waited my whole life for you.

Daniel: Well, there is no more waiting.

Chad: Words. They don't mean that much.

Mia: What?

Chad: Not anymore. Not after all the lies.

Mia: But I'm not lying now, Chad. Since the first moment I saw you, I knew you were really smart. Way smarter than me.

Chad: Where you going with this, Mia?

Mia: I'm trying to tell you that I think you're a really good person with a great future ahead of you... and I care about you. I do. Just not the way you want me to care.

Chad: Oh. Right. You mean you care for me as a friend, you mean?

Mia: Please don't be mad.

Chad: Well, hey, I'm just-- I'm just glad you're being honest finally... after you made a complete idiot out of me.

Mia: Chad, this isn't about you. This is about our little girl and what's best for her.

Chad: So you've said about a million times. But here's the thing. I know what's best for her too, Mia, and it's not her lying mother or that crazy bitch Nicole.

Mia: Chad, please listen to me.

Chad: That's what I've been doing. Listening to you, believing you, and look what that's gotten me.

Mia: If you ever cared about me--

Chad: I did care, Mia. I did care. More than you'll ever know. Not anymore. Now I hate you.

[Heart monitor beeping]

Nicole: Stefano... I came so close. EJ was...reconsidering. He was gonna take Sydney back and he was almost ready to forgive me and then Chad-- I mean, this kid who thinks he's Sydney's father, I mean, he screwed everything up. He wants Sydney. I mean, he's even talking about pressing for custody. And, yes, you know what? Yes, of course I can fight him. He's a kid. He's still in high school. I mean, he wants a paternity test. Fine. Won't match. But that's-- that's gonna make things worse, because then it will beg for more questions and-- I mean, it'll only be a matter of time before people start wondering who the real mother and father are. And EJ will have his people searching for answers. He'll be all over it and it'll only be a matter of time before the whole world knows that Sydney is EJ and Sami's. They'll take her away from me, Stefano. Then I'll go to prison and I will never see my baby girl again. [Sobbing] I have depended on your advice through all of this and you have taken care of everything. But you can't now, can you? Oh, God. It's over. It's over. It's finally over for me.

EJ: Speechless, huh? Imagine that.

Sami: Are you sure about this?

EJ: She admitted it.

Sami: She admitted what exactly?

EJ: [Sighs] She had a miscarriage. [Sighs] She lost the baby. And, uh... she pretended that she hadn't. Then she found Mia... who I guess was about the same way along in the pregnancy. Somehow she got her to agree to this--this monstrous plan.

Sami: Oh, God, EJ.

EJ: [Scoffs] Don't tell me you have a problem with this, Samantha. I mean, this is basically the same thing you did to me with Grace. Can't really judge Nicole when you did the exactly the same thing now, can you?

Sami: You're right. The same decision I made about Grace. Tell you one thing though, EJ. If I had to do it all over again, I'd do exactly the same--

EJ: Stop! Don't.

Arianna: Look. It's not that I'm trying to get away from you. Okay? It's just I hurt you and you don't deserve that because you're a great guy.

Brady: In a boring sort of way.

Arianna: I never should have said that to you.

Brady: Well, you said it. It's too late.

Arianna: Well, what I was trying to say was--

Brady: Was, "You're dull."

Arianna: No.

Brady: "You're no fun. You're snooze-inducing."

Arianna: Brady, please.

Brady: What? Then what are you trying to tell me, 'cause I don't know what it is.

Arianna: I was just, you know-- I was confused at the time. And what I would like to say now is that... you're amazing. And you're smart. And you're strong. And everybody loves you. And--

Brady: And what?

Daniel: I love you.

Chloe: You make me so happy.

Mia: You hate me?

Chad: How am I supposed to feel about you, Mia? You have no respect for me. Why should I have any for you?

Mia: I did what I thought was right.

Chad: Broken record, Mia.

Mia: Okay, you know what? Fine. You don't care about me. Whatever. Please, please, Chad. Think about Sydney.

Chad: I am. I'm gonna get custody of my daughter and nobody's gonna stop me.

Mia: Chad, just hear me out.

Chad: No. I'm not listening to another word out of your lying mouth. She's all yours.

EJ: Oh, somebody's showing their true colors now, aren't they? In spite of all of your contrition, you never minded keeping my daughter from me, did you?

Sami: Every chance you get you prove me right. Here you are in this house surrounded by violence and hatred. I can't protect Johnny from you, but I sure as hell am gonna do everything I can to protect my other children from you and this.

EJ: Even if it means breaking the law, right?

Sami: I'll do anything for my kids. And don't you ever think otherwise.

Brady: Well, please finish what you were gonna say.

Arianna: Well, what I was trying to say is--

Brady: Forget it. Forget it. Forget it. [Sighs] I think I've figured it out.

Arianna: You've figured out what?

Brady: This.

Will: You okay? What did he say to you?

Mia: It doesn't matter. As long as I have you I'll be okay.

Will: Well, I'm here. Okay, I'm right here. I love you, Mia.

Mia: I love you too.

Will: We're gonna find a way to get through this. Okay, look at me. We're gonna find a way to get through it, okay?

Mia: He can't take Sydney. There has to be some way to stop him or somebody who can help us.

Nicole: What am I thinking? But I can't give up. I can't let you go, Sydney.

[Baby coos]

Nicole: No, I can't. But you can't help me, Stefano, so I-- I have to help myself. [Sighs] Think, Nicole. Think. Now what-- what would Stefano do? He'd probably make the kid disappear. Maybe I should do that. No. God, no. God, you're not Stefano. [Sighs] God, but you have to do something, Nicole. I mean, I don't have enough money to pay the kid off, but-- but what? I mean, blackmail? Then you'd have to find something on him. Well, wait a minute. That might work.

EJ: Is that supposed to impress me, hmm? Is that supposed to scare me... that you'll do anything for your children?

Sami: Just stating a fact, EJ.

EJ: Yeah. Or stating the bloody obvious. Most parents will do anything for their children, so don't think you're special.

Sami: Do you fall into that category of most parents, EJ? You'd do anything for your kids?

EJ: What's your point?

Sami: That you love your little girl. I can see it in your eyes. You love her with your heart and your soul, which means that you will do anything for her and that means keeping her with the only mother she has ever known. EJ, you love her. So help Nicole keep her baby.

Chad: Hello?

Nicole: Chad, it's Nicole.

Chad: Sorry. Can't talk right now. I'm in a bad enough mood as it is.

Nicole: Wait!

Chad: And don't call me again.

Nicole: Don't hang up. It's important. It's about your daughter.

Chad: What about her?

Nicole: Not on the phone, okay? Let's meet somewhere.

Chad: What the hell do you want, Nicole? I don't have time for games.

Nicole: No games. Just tying up some loose ends. Look, Chad, we both want what's best for Sydney. I'm sure we could work something out.

Arianna: I know I can trust you. You can't trust me.

Sami: What about how you met Nicole? Was that fate?

Chad: Where's my kid?

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