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Sami: Don't you worry, princess. We're gonna figure this out. We're gonna find your mommy and daddy. Yes, EJ, it's Sami. I really wish your phone were now, because here I am at your place, and you're not. He's asleep upstairs, and I am pretty sure that you won't like hearing that I'm looking after Sydney right now, 'cause your nanny called in sick, so if you want to come home and handle it, that would be awesome. Don't worry. We're gonna find your mommy and daddy, and they're gonna be back soon to put you to bed, okay?

Lexie: So Nicole had a miscarriage, and then she...

EJ: She, um... she... she, uh, she faked the rest of the pregnancy.

Lexie: Oh, my god. I mean, how on earth did she pull that off?

EJ: I don't know. Evidently, she has quite a talent for deception.

Lexie: And Sydney?

EJ: She's not mine.

Lexie: EJ, I am so sorry. I mean, I...ooh! I can't imagine how painful this must be.

EJ: It's kind of funny really, in a way. Just a few hours ago, I... thought I was a happily married man with a wonderful wife and two beautiful children.

Lexie: Well, listen, I know that this is, um... cold comfort, but, um, you will recover. I mean, this will all work itself out in time.

EJ: I'm not so sure about that, actually. See, I, uh... I think I brought some of this on myself.

Lexie: What?

EJ: I think that I'm drawn to women who... who lie and who are deceitful. I don't know. I know, maybe it's a way of punishing myself for something.

[Heart monitor beeping]

Nicole: How's he doing?

Daniel: He's hanging in.

Nicole: Is he gonna make it?

Daniel: It's hard to say.

Nicole: Daniel, would you mind? I'd like a few minutes with him.

Daniel: Yeah. Yeah.

Nicole: Wow, I, uh... I got used to leaning on you when things were bad... but now, I, uh... I have to make a choice-- tell EJ that Sydney is his baby and Sami's, or just let him keep thinking that I adopted her. But it doesn't matter. He'll hate me anyway. But this is about Sydney, isn't it? I have to do what's right for my little girl.

Nathan: Stephanie.

Stephanie: Hey.

Nathan: Hey. Oh, come in.

Stephanie: Thank you.

Nathan: Sorry. You're, uh--you're looking for, uh...

Stephanie: Maggie, yes. I came by to get some information on Chez Rouge for that hospital fundraiser I'm organizing.

Nathan: Oh, right, yeah. She, uh...she said she left something for you. I...I think this is it.

Stephanie: What is that smell? Smells like something's burning.

Nathan: Oh, uh, that was dinner.

Stephanie: Don't quit your day job.

Nathan: Oh, so you think that my master plan to dump the medical career and apply to culinary school is...

Stephanie: Yeah, I would rethink that.

Nathan: Thanks. No, it wasn't my dinner. It was Mel's. She, uh--she burned it. It was, uh, meatloaf?

Stephanie: Oh. [Laughs]

Nathan: Uh, tell me more about this fundraiser.

Stephanie: Uh...oh, well, we are raising money for pediatric aids. It's a tradition that my mother started, actually.

Nathan: Oh, and you're continuing the legacy.

Stephanie: Exactly.

Nathan: That is great. No, I'm really impressed.

Stephanie: Thank you.

Nathan: You're welcome.

Stephanie: So, uh, where--where is Melanie? Is she here?

Philip: What? Now I have to sell someone to you? Do you think I'm that desperate for your approval? You know what? Don't answer that. I'll tell you why I like Melanie. Because she likes me... for who I am. The first woman I've known who doesn't want to change me.

Victor: Yeah, that is refreshing.

Philip: I also like her 'cause she's tough as nails. Things go bad in her life, she doesn't sit around feeling sorry for herself. She...she turns it around, turns lemons into lemonade, or whatever that expression is. That win you over? Did I sell you?

Victor: I'll take two.

Philip: Ha.

[Cell phone ringing]

Victor: Hello. Say again? Well, that is really very newsworthy. Thanks for the information. [Laughs]

Philip: What are you all smiles about?

Victor: Stefano DiMera just had a heart attack. [Laughs] He's in the hospital, apparently at death's door.

Philip: Mom.

Daniel: Probably just your transmission again. At least you were close to a repair shop. You know, I'd come and help you myself if I wasn't in the middle of my shift here. Everything okay? You seem a little upset. All right. Well, then just tell me when you get here. Well, Stefano's condition's unchanged. Um, I'm gonna run a few more tests, and then we'll take it from there. Uh, no, I will. I love you, too.

Melanie: What's wrong with Stefano?

Daniel: A heart attack, diabetes related.

Melanie: Is it serious?

Daniel: A heart attack is always serious.

Melanie: Right. I'm sorry. Uh, well, I'm not worried. With you as his doctor, he's in good hands.

Daniel: Well, thank you very much. And now it's time for me to get back to work.

Melanie: Cool. Well, I'm off to the Cheatin' Heart, so...

Daniel: I'm jealous.

Melanie: Have fun. [Laughs]

Daniel: You, too.

Kate: Well, well, well... you sure do get around, don't you?

Melanie: Hi.

Kate: Well, now I know why you so altruistically helped Daniel help Chloe.

Melanie: I'm sorry, what?

Kate: So you could seduce him, the same way you seduced my son, Philip.

Melanie: [Laughing]

Sami: Sweetheart, I really think you should be asleep right now. I'm sorry, I don't know what your sleep schedule is, but I think that that's what should happen. You want to try to go down again? You want to try? Oh, here's an idea. Maybe this would help. It smells just like your mommy, yeah. Maybe that'll help you go to sleep. What do you think? You want to hold onto that? Yeah, you can curl up next to your mommy? [Sighs] Sweetheart, I know you miss her, and I know you love your mommy so much, and she loves you, too, and she misses you... just like I miss my little girl every day.

Lexie: EJ, I don't think it's about you punishing yourself.

EJ: I seem to be attracted to women who lie... steal... turn my life into a living hell.

Lexie: Can I be honest?

EJ: Sure.

Lexie: Okay, maybe... maybe it's because these women that you're attracted to--and I assume you're talking about Sami and Nicole-- maybe it's--it's that they know how driven you are, how ruthless.

EJ: I don't get it. Tell me.

Lexie: You're intimidating, and those two women, I mean, hell, most women would be afraid to piss you off.

EJ: You're not suggesting that I drive these women to do what they do, because I'm a mean son of a bitch, are you?

Lexie: No, no. No, that's not what I'm saying. I just-- I don't know why. Maybe Nicole loves you so much that she's... she just couldn't stand the thought of disappointing you.

EJ: I mean, what? She couldn't just tell me that she had a miscarriage? Did she think that I was-- that I couldn't be sensitive, that I couldn't be caring?

Lexie: Well, would you have stuck with her? Would you have still married her?

EJ: I would like to think that I would have done that, yes. But she never gave me the opportunity to be human. She just assumed that I was gonna be an uncaring brute.

Lexie: EJ...

EJ: No. I gave her everything. Everything, and she played me for a fool.

Lexie: So what now?

EJ: I, um... I told Nicole and Sydney they had to get out of my life and out of the house.

Lexie: What?!

EJ: I want them out by tonight.

Lexie: No! No, no. No, look, I understand you wanting to push Nicole away. I understand you wanting her out of your life, but Sydney? That little girl's completely innocent, EJ. Come on, you're the only father she's ever known, and I've seen you look at her. I've seen the love in your eyes.

EJ: I know how much I love Sydney. That's why this is all the more devastating.

Sami: [Laughing] Wow, yeah. You like your mommy's sweater, don't you? That made a big difference.

Sydney: [Babbling]

Sami: You know what, Sydney? I had a little girl, too, and she was just your age. Her name was Grace, and you know what? She was your half-sister. I think you two would have had so much fun playing together. You would have loved her, but, um, she's not here anymore. But I think about her. Every minute of the day, I think about her.

Sydney: [Babbling]

Sami: Your mommy is a very lucky woman. You know what? I think that Grace's daddy, I think Rafe is having a really hard time, because he misses his little girl so much. Yeah. But, um, I think he's gonna get through it, and I think he's gonna be okay. He just needs time, and he wants to be alone, and I get that. I hate it, but... but I get it.

Nathan: Uh, Melanie is, um, at the hospital, getting her schedule.

Stephanie: I'm sorry. It's none of my business. I don't even know why I asked.

Nathan: No, no, it's not a big deal. Uh, you got--you got everything you need.

Stephanie: I think this will do.

Nathan: Great. So I'll see you around?

Stephanie: Yeah, for sure. Oh, my goodness.

Nathan: What?

Stephanie: Hot air balloon rides. Ever since I saw the Wizard of Oz when I was a little kid, I've always wanted to do one of these. You know, when the wizard takes off at the end and leaves Dorothy--

Nathan: And leaves Dorothy behind? Oh, my God, I have not seen that movie in so long.

Stephanie: It's always been an obsession of mine. Have you ever been?

Nathan: No. I was supposed to go in college, and it was too windy, and ever since then, I've been wanting to go so bad.

Stephanie: Do you want to make a reservation? Is that what you do? Make a reservation?

Nathan: Probably, um...

Stephanie: Do you want to go? Let's go tonight. You want to go up in a hot air balloon together?

Melanie: What are you accusing me of, lady?

Kate: "Lady"? I'm Mrs. DiMera to you, you little tart.

Melanie: Okay, correction. To me, you're the crazy woman that tried to poison her daughter-in-law and, not that I owe you an explanation, but I was just here, talking to Dr. Jonas about the condition of your new husband, and, um... what did you call me, a tart?

Kate: You used Philip. You seduced him in a seedy motel room, and then you put the humiliating sex tape on the internet.

Philip: Hey, that's enough. You two calm down.

Kate: So how much money did you get for that, Melanie? Or did you just do it for bragging rights, hmm?

Melanie: What?

Kate: Well, you know, so you could tell everyone that you bagged Philip Kiriakis.

Philip: Shut up. Shut--I am sorry. Look, you will never speak to her that way again. Do you understand me? You leave her alone.

[Heart monitor beeping]

Nicole: I knew this day would come. I knew it. Sydney and I are EJ's world.

Stefano: But it's all a big, fat lie.

Nicole: [Sighs] And you're so devoted to the truth? Well, here's a little truth for you. I did this for EJ. I don't give a damn about you and your money. I love EJ, and he loves his children, and thanks to me, he is raising his own daughter.

Stefano: But not yours.

Nicole: It doesn't matter. Sydney and I are EJ's family. I knew I would have to make this choice... tell EJ that Sydney is his flesh and blood daughter... or to let him keep thinking that I adopted her and take her and leave Salem and never come back. But I love him, Stefano. I love him so much...

[Crying] What would I do without him?

EJ: Lexie, you don't understand. I didn't... sign any adoption papers. She's not legally... she's not legally mine. There's nothing I can do to stop somebody just taking her away.

Lexie: EJ, fight for custody. You've got the resources.

EJ: Lexie, if I don't let her go now, it's just gonna get harder. You know that.

Lexie: Okay, so you're saying that you are pushing your daughter away now so you won't get hurt worse down the line? God, for a smart guy, you are a total idiot!

Sydney: [Crying]

[Bell ringing]

Harold: Excuse me, former Mrs. DiMera, that bell is only to be used between the hours of 7:00 A.M. And 9:00 P.M. I'm actually off duty.

Sami: Yeah, well I am on duty. I don't know exactly how it happened, but it did, and I am looking after Mr. DiMera's little girl, and she's hungry. I don't feel comfortable rummaging around in the present Mrs. DiMera's kitchen. I'm afraid I might find Stefano's bran flakes, and that'd turn my stomach for good. So if you wouldn't mind helping me out and making her a bottle, getting her some carrots or something, that would be really helpful. I'll calm her down.

Harold: That's more Mary's job than mine, and she's--

Sami: Not here. I know, so I need your help. Are you really telling me that you're not willing to do something to help me? Should I tell EJ that you didn't want to help his daughter when she's upset? You know he loves that little girl more than anything in the world. And if he knew you were just standing here, willing to let her starve, while she's crying her eyes out, why, I believe he would boot you out of this house so fast, you wouldn't have time to pack that bell.

Harold: Yes, ma'am.

Sydney: [Crying]

Sami: Don't worry, Sydney. We're gonna get you something to eat for dinner. Did you hear what I said? Yeah, your daddy loves you so much. I wasn't exaggerating. For all his faults, EJ loves his kids.

Stephanie: I'm sorry. I'm being really pushy. I I said, I've always wanted to go on one of these hot air balloon rides, but it doesn't mean that you have to come with me, so I will see you at work, okay?

Nathan: Hey, Steph, um, look, it's not that I don't want to do the balloon thing. It's just that tonight's a bad night.

Stephanie: Oh, you're busy.

Nathan: Yeah. Um, I'm actually having dinner with Melanie.

Stephanie: Oh. I...I didn't realize you guys were... I thought after the whole Melanie and Philip thing...

Nathan: Yeah, well, she has nothing to do with him anymore, so...

Stephanie: You're right. Cool. Well, have a great time. I will...I will see you around.

Nathan: Yeah.

Stephanie: [Sighs]

Philip: I'm sorry.

Kate: Don't talk like that to me again, Philip.

Philip: I'd rather not to be speaking to you at all, okay?

Kate: All right. Well, before I leave you with your new girlfriend, let me just remind you that you're rich, she's not. Just a little something to remember.

Melanie: [Mouthing words] She has a charming way of looking at things, doesn't she?

Philip: She's out of her mind. Don't take anything she says to heart.

[Heart monitor beeping]

Nicole: I know that she would never let me take EJ's daughter out of your house, but I also know that you would never want Sami to know that she was Sydney's mother. And you would convince EJ to keep Sydney and me as his wife and daughter. I know you would. You don't want to lose Sydney, anymore than I do.

Stefano: That's right, and if Samantha takes that baby, there will be hell to pay, and who gets that bill?

Nicole: But that's moot, isn't it? Because you can't help me now, maybe ever. So I really do have no choice.

Lexie: Sydney isn't the one who betrayed you. What Nicole did was wrong. It was unforgivable, but why should that little girl have to suffer?

EJ: Because if I don't sever my ties to her... you should know this better than anybody, Lexie. I mean, I look at this girl every day... and I fall more in love with her. I look into her eyes, and I see myself... just staring back, and that feeling is so... it's so powerful, it's so compelling that she seems like she's a part of me. And I cannot imagine... living my life without her. That is why I have to do this.

Sydney: [Crying]

Sami: Oh, Sydney, I'm so sorry. I know that-- stop staring at me.

Harold: But we, um... we broke the baby. Mr. DiMera's gonna be so upset.

Sami: We did not break her. She's okay. She's just missing her mommy and her daddy. She needs to go to sleep. Do you know what her night time routine is? Any lullaby's they sing her?

Harold: I did hear a song. Uh...something about a tree or muffins... or horsies. Oh, dear, I don't remember.

Sami: I got this covered. You can just go back to bed. Thank you. Okay, Sydney, we're gonna work this out, okay? I'm gonna get everything cleaned up, and then I'm gonna figure out some way to make you happy.

Melanie: Thanks, Philip. Philip?

Philip: Uh, what?

Melanie: Thank you for defending my honor and standing up to your mom like that.

Philip: Well, it's the least I could do. And, actually, there was something I wanted to talk to you about.

[Cell phone ringing]

Melanie: What?

Philip: Hold on a second. I gotta take this. Hold on one second.

Melanie: No, that's--I'm--

Philip: Yeah, what's up? Well, if that's what the market is saying. Hey, look, I'm no-- I am not an analyst. I pay you to make decisions. Make them. Just let me know when the information comes in, okay? Call me, text me, middle of the night, whatever, okay? Thanks. Great. Daniel? Hey, man.

Daniel: Hey, Philip.

Philip: How's Stefano?

Daniel: Critical, but stable.

Philip: Uh, I was just talking to Melanie, and she disappeared. Did you see where she went?

Daniel: Uh, you know what? I don't know. She came here to pick up her schedule, and then said something about going to the Cheatin' Heart.

Philip: Cheatin' Heart. Thanks.

Daniel: All right.

Sami: Grandma, thank you so much. I totally appreciate it. I know, I know. I was looking forward to it, too, but, um, you know. I'll work it out. Yeah, all right, I'll have Johnny packed up and over there in no time. Give Allie a big kiss for me. Thanks. All right, Sydney, we are gonna get ready to go, and we are gonna go find your mommy and your daddy, okay? That is the plan.

Nicole: If I tell EJ that Sami gave birth to Sydney, then I risk losing both of them, my husband and my daughter. But if I... continue to let him think I adopted her... I get to keep my baby, and maybe I won't have to leave town. And maybe-- maybe if I stay, EJ will have a chance to adjust to the truth, and he'll remember how much he loves us and forgive me... and he'll take us both back. I'm not gonna give up, Stefano. I'm gonna stay in Salem, and I am gonna fight for my family.

[Heart monitor beeping]

EJ: I mean, it's just... it's all over. The connection I felt to that little girl, all the feelings. Now the only thing that I feel is just pathetic. I let myself be lied to for day after day, month after month, just layer upon layer.

Lexie: Hey, it's okay. It's okay. It's okay. You were tricked by Nicole, because you love her. You trusted her. Don't fault yourself for that, EJ. Don't. Don't.

Stephanie: Hey, Daniel.

Daniel: Hey, Stephanie. Kind of late for you to be working, no?

Stephanie: Oh, I'm not working. I just came by to pick up some information on that hospital fundraiser I'm organizing.

Daniel: Ah, that's right. You know what? By the way, thank you.

Stephanie: Oh, yeah, I'm happy to do it. Anyway, it's good to see you back at work.

Daniel: Well, it's good to be back. Is everything okay?

Stephanie: Yeah, fine. Why do you ask?

Daniel: I don't know. You just, uh... you seem a little subdued.

Stephanie: Not my usual bubbly self.

Daniel: Yeah, something like that. Philip.

Stephanie: No.

Daniel: No?

Stephanie: No, um... that is totally over.

Daniel: Right. Well, I'm sure there's somebody else.

Stephanie: Not exactly.

Daniel: What does that mean exactly?

Stephanie: Uh, well, it means I thought there was someone else, but he's not interested, so...

Daniel: Hmm. Well, then he's a moron.

Stephanie: [Laughs] Actually, he's, uh... he's pretty bright.

Daniel: Hmm.

Stephanie: He's a doctor.

Daniel: Wait a minute. Nathan Horton.

Stephanie: How did you guess?

Daniel: I don't know. I saw you work kind of working. I thought maybe something was going on.

Stephanie: Yeah, well, I thought so, too, um... fool I was, because he is dating Melanie, so, um... that's all she wrote.

Daniel: I'm sorry.

Stephanie: Oh, don't be. I'm fine with it. Nathan seems happy, and, uh, I owe Melanie my life, so if they want to be together, I wish them well. Onward and upward, right?

Daniel: Onward and upward.

[Honky-tonk music]

Philip: Hey, there you are.

Melanie: Philip? Uh...

Philip: Why'd you disappear on me like that?

Melanie: I...I just, um...

Philip: I didn't get a chance to finish our conversation. I had something I wanted to ask you.

Melanie: Do you, uh...

Nathan: Brewski for me and a virgin margarita for the lovely lady.

Melanie: Thank you.

Nathan: Hey, Philip.

Philip: Hey. You guys on a date?

[Doorbell chimes]

Kate: Harold!

[Doorbell chimes] Harold! That man certainly earns his wage.

Victor: Hello, Kate.

Kate: Wonderful.

Victor: You just can't seem to get the dosage right, can you? First you screw up with Chloe, now Stefano. Oy.

Kate: [Sighs] God, now... now is not a good time, Victor.

Victor: You know, one good thing with Stefano being indisposed, you have the run of the house, huh? That is, unless EJ kicks you out.

Kate: You know, actually, you're right about that, because is Stefano is unable to navigate the ship, that means I'm going to be his proxy at DiMera enterprises, and not only will EJ not be able to kick me out, if anything goes on between Titan and DiMera, business-wise, you're going to have to deal with me.

[Heart monitor beeping]

Nicole: We could be a family again--EJ and Sydney and I. And then you'll recover, Stefano, and you'll come back home, and everything will be all right again. I will never give up on my baby. Never. They'll have to kill me first.

EJ: What are you doing here? I thought I told you to leave.

Sami: EJ, thank God. What is going on?

Nicole: Sami, what are you doing here, and why do you have Sydney?

Sami: I brought Johnny to your place, as we had discussed, but you weren't there, and Chloe answered the door, she babbled something about the hospital, shoved your daughter at me, and took off, so... what's going on?

Stephanie: So we could do the usual publicity--print ads, mailers--but I also thought that we could advertise on the web. We can do an online auction.

Maggie: Hmm, I love it, and we can raise a lot of money.

Stephanie: Yes.

Maggie: Yes.

Stephanie: And I spoke with my mom and got a bunch of other great ideas.

Maggie: Oh, I know how close to her heart pediatric aids is. And you know who else? Nathan. He volunteered at a clinic during med school.

Stephanie: I didn't know that.

Maggie: Yes, he started, um-- let me get this right-- game lounges for older children. He collected all kind of used videos from all over the community. Oh, it was such a big hit, I can't tell you.

Stephanie: He's such an incredible guy.

Maggie: I think so. But then I guess I'm a little biased.

Stephanie: [Laughs]

Maggie: So you need to talk to him about the fundraiser.

Stephanie: I already did. I mean, he knows about it.

Maggie: Mm-hmm. So what's the problem?

Stephanie: No, there is no problem.

Maggie: I've known you since you were a baby, Stephanie. You never were able to hide your feelings, so let's have it. What happened between you and my grandson?

Philip: So what is this? You guys on a date?

Melanie: Yeah. Why?

Philip: I just didn't know.

Melanie: Oh, okay, um... uh, what did you want to talk to me about?

Philip: It's kind of...

Melanie: You know what? Hold that thought. I gotta go talk to Brady for a sec.

Brady: Nicole, it's me... again. I want to know what happened when I left, so call me.

Brady: As Nicole told you, I was... I was high at the time, EJ. Okay, had a little problem with drugs in the past, as you know, and I'm ashamed to admit I'm back on it. Started using again, and that was a secret I didn't want to come out. I knew that she knew, and I was worried that someone else knew.

EJ: Go away, Brady.

Brady: EJ, I'm just--

EJ: Go home. Go on, go to a little, uh... a meeting or whatever it is you do. Get out.

Melanie: You should try the hospital.

Brady: What?

Melanie: If you're looking for Nicole, that's where you'll find her.

Brady: What the hell did EJ do to her?

Melanie: [Laughs] Wh-- nothing. Her father-in-law, Stefano DiMera, had a heart attack. Well, what did you think I was talking about?

Sami: Nicole? EJ? Is one of you gonna tell me what's going on, or are you gonna make me guess?

EJ: Sure. Um, my father had a heart attack. He's in a critical condition.

Sami: Is he gonna make it?

EJ: We don't know.

Sami: You want to hold your daughter?

Sydney: [Fussing]

Maggie: Stephanie, what's going on with you and Nathan? And don't tell me nothing.

Stephanie: It is nothing. That's the point.

Maggie: Well, Stephanie, has Nathan done something to upset you?

Stephanie: Oh, no. No. He would never do that. He's too nice of a guy.

Maggie: That's the problem.

Stephanie: What is?

Maggie: [Sighs] That he's nice. It's easier to be mad at someone who's a jerk.

Stephanie: No, Maggie, I'm not mad at Nathan at all, trust me.

Maggie: But you are interested in him, aren't you?

Stephanie: Well, I was until he told me he was going out with Melanie.

Maggie: Huh.

Philip: Well, Nathaniel, I'm impressed. You really went all out on your first big date. Nothing but the best for Melanie, huh?

Nathan: It's what she wanted.

Philip: [Laughs] What girl wouldn't want burger and fries over lobster and caviar?

Nathan: You know, maybe that's not what she's into, Philip.

Philip: You don't know her very well, do you?

Nathan: You know, I know her well enough, and if you don't mind, I'm here trying to get to know her a lot better.

Philip: Really?

Nathan: Please.

Philip: You're that serious about her, huh?

Melanie: Well, I was there at the hospital. Uh, it was weird. They thought he was gonna die any second or something.

Brady: Yeah, but was-- was Nicole there?

Melanie: Well, no, she wasn't there, but I'm sure she's there now, but... Brady, why would you think EJ did something to her?

EJ: Ahem...uh, you know, under the circumstances, I think the best thing is for Sydney to be with her, uh... to be with Nicole.

Nicole: I have to make a choice: Tell EJ that Sydney is his baby and Sami's... or just let him keep thinking that I adopted her. But this is about Sydney, isn't it? I have to do what's right for my little girl.

Sydney: [Fussing]

Sami: What? Why are you looking at me like that?

Philip: I don't think we can be friends, Stephanie.

Nicole: Admit it! Admit that you wanted this to happen!

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