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Nicole: This is what I never wanted to happen.

E.J.: It was Dr. Baker, wasn't it? That's why he was such an unpleasant part of our lives for so many months. You know, I thought he was... just incredibly disorganized, but I was so wrong. He handled all the details, didn't he? He was able to take care of things like the ID bracelet, the medical records... he was like a full-service agency for you, wasn't he?

Nicole: Are you enjoying yourself?

E.J.: Am I--am I what? Am I enjoy--no, I am not enjoying myself! I don't know why my wife wouldn't nurse, how she got her figure back so quickly! Why she was back in the sack just two days after giving birth. Except it's not really giving birth, is it? It's more like purchasing a baby, 'cause that's what you did, isn't it? And my guess is--it's just my opinion--is that Dr. Baker's services, they don't come cheap.

Nicole: E.J.... we have a beautiful, healthy, loving little girl.

E.J.: She's not ours.

Nicole: Yes, she is. Yes, she is! You wanted a child more than anything. We have one and we love her and she loves us, and the only thing that will ruin this dream is you!

E.J.: That's not true. Answer me this. What are you gonna do when somebody knocks on that door... and they say, "excuse me, I'd like my daughter back"?

Nicole: That is not going to happen. That baby is Sydney Anne DiMera, and there is nothing that will ever change that!

Man: Congratulations.

Kate: Thank you.

Man: It's nice to meet you.

Sami: Maggie, have you seen my--oh. Philip.

Philip: Hi.

Sami: Hi. Oh, having trouble with the family bonding with your new step-daddy? Not ready for jokes?

Philip: Not quite, no.

Sami: Sorry. Oh! Maggie found my sunglasses. That's--I'll see ya.

Philip: I'll tell her. Uh, Sami... Maggie told me that you had a big part of getting Lucas into treatment.

Sami: Well, I just reminded him of what's most important to him--his kids.

Philip: Yeah, Maggie said you reminded him pretty forcefully.

Sami: Some might even call it blackmail. But it wouldn't have worked if he didn't really want to get better.

Philip: Yeah. Well, no matter what, thank you. He needed it. He needed to go.

Sami: He'd been doing great for so long too. And then with... everything that happened with me with Grace, he was there for me. He's been a really good friend to me.

Philip: Yeah. He's had a tough couple of months.

Sami: You think? What with his mom poisoning his cheating wife? She is really unbelievable, isn't she? Nothing she does has consequences.

Philip: Oh, there'll be consequences. There will.

Bo: You know, this just doesn't make any sense. I've been in love with Hope since she was 17. And this is how we end up?

Justin: Bo, you two have been through so much before, and you two always worked it out. Right?

Bo: Yeah. Maybe, uh, we just pushed it too far... after Zack died.

Lawrence: What the hell do you think you're doing?

Carly: What do you think?

Lawrence: Never! You will never leave me! Do you understand? I own you!

Carly: Stay away from me. You stay away! I didn't realize then that I'd married such a total monster!

Lawrence: And I married such a total bitch.


Carly: Stop it! [Grunts]

Carly: Bo can help me. I know he can. He has to.

Bo: [Sighs] Let's change the subject, uh... must be difficult for you to leave Salem with all the fun and games going on here. When you headed back to Dubai?

Justin: Well, actually, I'm not sure I'm going back.

Bo: What, Adrienne gonna pull up stakes and move back to Salem?

Justin: [Sighs] Well, the truth is... she and I are going through a bit of a hard time ourselves.

Bo: Oh. That must have made my tirade that much more fun.

Justin: Well... just made me realize that, uh... we are not unique.

Bo: Yeah. Sorry. Uh... you guys are good together. Isn't it weird... how you love somebody and... know them or think you know them... and still they can take you completely by surprise.

Lawrence: Are you sure about this?

Carly: I want to be with you, Lawrence. I love you. And my home is right here with you and Nicky.

[Lawrence groans]

Kate: Now Philip is looking at me the way he used to look at you.

Stefano: Well, you know what they say, Katherine. Time heals everything. He'll get over it.

Kate: The way you got over... losing Tony? Philip thinks that you married me to get payback.

Stefano: What a vile idea. [Sighs] What kind of a man does he think I am?

Woman: You look like you might like some sleep.

Carly: Yeah, I could use some sleep, thanks. Thanks.

Lawrence: It's gonna be all right.

Carly: It's gonna be better than all right. We're gonna have a great life. I can hardly wait.

Lawrence: Well, you don't have to wait, because it's already started.

E.J.: So he took care of everything, right? No problems on the horizon? You did get Dr. Baker's word on it, didn't you?

Nicole: E.J., he was the last chance. Hell, he was the only chance at giving us a baby. [Exhales] Do you think I wanted this to happen? I didn't want it! I didn't want to lose my baby. I didn't want to live in constant fear that you would find out.

E.J.: Why didn't you just come to me? Hmm? Was I such a...pig... such an idiot that, uh... you didn't think that I would help you, you didn't think that I'd understand?

Nicole: Well, maybe I would have... if I knew you loved me.

E.J.: So this my fault.

Nicole: No. No. [Sighs] It wasn't you. It was me. And I was--I was sure no one could ever really love me. And I was convinced that you loved the baby. Not me, the baby.

E.J.: I guess now we'll never know.

Nicole: No, we do know. We do know, because even you said to me on the plane... that "For the first time in my life, I know someone loves me." E.J., it all started with the baby, and look what happened. Look how happy we were.

E.J.: Look how stupid I was.

Nicole: No. Think about it, E.J. Think about it--I did the right thing!

Bo: Get your hands off her, Alamain.


Carly: Hi. I need a phone number in Salem.

Kate: Oh, my God, it's just like the wedding. He just sits there and looks at me.

Stefano: I'll call him over.

Kate: No!

Stefano: He's acting like a spoiled child.

Kate: No, he's acting like a child who's been badly hurt. God.

Stefano: Here. Don't let him see you cry. He may enjoy it.

Kate: Can we please just go?

Stefano: Too late. The little snake, he saw how vulnerable you are.

Philip: You having second thoughts, Mrs. DiMera?

Stefano: Hello, Philip. Nice to see you.

Philip: [Chuckling] Is it beginning to sink in... that you're married to this man?

Kate: Philip, don't.

Philip: He can put you on public display any time he feels like it.

Kate: Not here.

Philip: This is only the beginning, you know. This isn't gonna stop. You think this was an accident? You think he didn't know that I was gonna be here? Larry told me about your call this morning. We were gonna have lunch here. He told you that.

Stefano: [Chuckling] realize how absurd that sounds?

Philip: You know, it's like that song they play at the weddings-- it's only just begun. This is your life.

Stefano: Aren't you ashamed to talk to your mother like that?

Philip: Well, maybe I should be, but this woman crossed the line, and I don't think I can forgive her. This is your life.

Chloe: Hey.

Philip: Hey.

Daniel: Must have been something he ate.

Chloe: Look.

E.J.: Oh, you've got to be kidding.

Nicole: We have everything now. No one's gonna take the baby from us. And she hasn't changed one iota from the baby that you loved so much.

E.J.: I see. So the truth, I mean, that's simply irrelevant, is it? None of these lies...they don't matter to you.

Nicole: Oh, my God. Would you listen to yourself? You put an innocent girl in a morgue drawer, and I'm in trouble for lying? I gave you everything you wanted.

E.J.: I wanted my own child.

Nicole: You have your own child. My god, E.J., could you be any more self-absorbed? I had one shot--one shot at having a baby... and I lost that baby. And I was shattered and crazy. And I couldn't bear--I just, I couldn't bear to see you hurting the way that I hurt, so I lied, okay? I lied to you! But the worst thing that happened in that lie is that you were the happiest that you've ever been.

E.J.: Oh, I see, so you did this all for me.

Nicole: No, you listen. I turned myself inside out for you. And all you can see is that she is not your biological daughter!

E.J.: I see. Well, thank you for doing all of this for me.

Nicole: Well, it is the truth. And the question is, E.J.... are you man enough to face it?

Maggie: Right this way.

Kate: My God. Did you know they were going to be here as well?

Stefano: Philip was trying to upset you. I didn't know he was going to be here any more than I know that they were going to be here.

Kate: So now...can we go?

Stefano: And miss the soufflé? Where are your priorities? Listen to me. Do not give her the satisfaction of watching you run.

Daniel: You know what we'll have? A bottle of your best champagne.

Maggie: Doctor, I hope you're not doing surgery this afternoon.

Daniel: Nope. Nope, I am devoting the rest of my day to this woman right here.

Chloe: She's staring at us, isn't she?

Daniel: I have no idea what you're talking about. None at all. But you know what? I have something for you.

Chloe: What?

Daniel: I do.

Chloe: Come on.

Daniel: I do.


Chloe: Daniel... you need to stop buying me jewelry, okay? This ring is more than enough.

Daniel: Hey, hey, hey, don't jump to conclusions. Just open it.

Chloe: All right. Aw. To your apartment, I presume?

Daniel: Yes.

Chloe: But I thought we were gonna wait till the annulment came through.

Daniel: No. No, no. We have spent way--way too much time apart. And I know you wanted to wait till you're married before we... you know. But, Let's wait together.

Chloe: Well, it's not gonna be any easier.

Daniel: Oh, it'll be sheer torture. But I am gonna love every... minute of it.

Kate: Okay, that's it. I-I-I've really had it. It's actually making me ill. So I'm going with or without you.

Stefano: [Coughing] Can't--can't--

Kate: I'll meet you in the car.

Stefano: Can't--[Coughs] [Wheezing] Aah!

Diners: Oh!

Sami: So guess what. Johnny and Allie are coming home today. I'm so excited to see them. And I know you would be too. Oh... Grace, I'm so sorry about your flowers. It's fall, so it's gonna be harder... to keep things the way that they should be. Every day, I think about... trying to be... the mom that you would want me to be. And I am trying... to be strong for you. But grace... there's a part of me that's... that's missing. And no matter how hard I try, I just... I'm so afraid that I am never gonna be whole again. [Sniffles]

E.J.: Well, you certainly don't lack for nerve, do you?

Nicole: E.J., I fought tooth and nail to make the three of us a family. I mean, you have to-

E.J.: I don't have to accept anything.

[Sydney crying]

Nicole: [Softer] Yes, you do. You have to be that little girl-- your little girl's daddy. You have to love her and be happy. Is that so wrong? Is that too much to ask? [Sighs] E.J.... the way I love you... the way we both... love our little girl--that is not a lie. And she may not be our biological daughter, but she is ours. Yours and mine. You have to believe that. You have to!

Man: Mr. Alamain? Oh, my God! He's dead.

[Cell phone rings]

Bo: Who the heck is... yeah?

Carly: Bo?

Carly: Bo?

Bo: Hello? Hello. Who is this?

Daniel: Stefano? Hey! Stefano! Stefano! Hey. All right, all right, call 911.

Maggie: Okay, I'll do it!

Daniel: Need an ambulance here right away.

Kate: Excuse me.

Daniel: Stefano! Hey! All right, people, can we just clear the area, please?

Kate: Is he gonna be all right?

Daniel: That depends on what you did to him.

Sami: You know, I try so hard... to be the mother that you would have wanted me to be. I try to be strong for you. But there's this giant hole in my heart, and... and I know it's never gonna be filled. [Sighs] [Whispers] I miss you so much, Grace.

[Footsteps, rustling]

Sami: Oh. Oh, Will.

Will: I'm sorry. I didn't mean to scare you, I--

Sami: No, it's okay. I'm glad you're here.

Will: I try to come about once a week.

Sami: I didn't know that.

Will: It makes me feel close to her.

Sami: I know how much you miss her. You know, every time I feel like...I feel like I'm moving forward, and then all of a sudden, it hits me all over again. Even in my dreams.

Will: I have dreams about her too. All the time.

Sami: Last night, I dreamt that, uh... that she was in a swing and... she was loving it. Laughing...

Will: That funny little laugh.

Sami: That sweet little laugh. But then she stopped laughing. And she started crying and, um... and I swept her into my arms. I pulled her out of that swing and I wrapped her up so tight. Felt so good to hold her again. Even if it was just a dream. [Sniffles]

Nicole: Oh, you're okay now, sweetheart.

[Toy squeaks]

Nicole: Yes, you are. Yes, you are. You just wanted to be with Mommy and Daddy, huh? That's why you were crying. Huh? But you're okay now. E.J., you wanna...hold her? She was crying for you too.

E.J.: She's fine.

Nicole: Yes. You know what? Yes, she is fine. Because she's with us now, huh, sweetheart? Yes, she has her favorite giraffe. Yes. [Squeaking] Yeah. E.J.... it wasn't all a lie. Far from it. And my love for Sydney and... and my love for you, it's all very real.

[Sydney fussing]

Nicole: Yeah. All very, very real. From the moment we brought her home. She's been in our hearts and... the center of our lives. And she may not be our child biologically, but... she is ours... in every way that matters most.

[Sydney fussing]

Nicole: Yeah. In our hearts and in our souls, and you have to believe that. You do, don't you?

E.J.: She's not my daughter. And she never will be.

Carly: Are you there? Hello?

[Rattling, thudding]

Carly: Oh, God.

Bo: Hello? Hello. Disconnected.

Justin: Who was it?

[Passengers crying out]

[Overlapping murmuring]

Daniel: Come on. Come on, Stefano. Ah, we got a heartbeat.

Maggie: Right here, right here!

Kate: Oh, my God.

Daniel: Stay away from him.

Chloe: Is he gonna make it?

Daniel: I don't know. Why don't you contact the family? I'm gonna go with them to the hospital, okay?

Chloe: Okay. Well, call me if you need anything.

Daniel: All right, I will. All right, let's go, let's go. Get him ready, come on. It's dr. Jonas. I got a patient on the way. Heart attack. Yes. I want you to get a room ready.

Kate: Huh. Well, what are you two staring at? My husband just had a heart attack. Maybe you could offer a few words of comfort.

Maggie: Comforting words. Let's see... Kate, don't be sad. Just because Stefano didn't actually drop dead doesn't mean you didn't do a whole lot of damage.

Chloe: Yeah. I'm sure you took at least a few years off his life. Don't worry.

Kate: I don't need this.

Maggie: Oh, Kate, keep up the good work. The next heart attack could do him in...once and for all.

Kate: You go to hell! Both of you.

Maggie: [Huffs] Ugh.

Nicole: She never can be yours, but E.J., she is yours. She's your daughter and you're her daddy. The only daddy she's ever known. Look, I know you're angry with me and horribly disappointed, and that's fine, but please, I mean, Sydney is innocent in here and... please just don't take it out on her. Don't punish her. She needs you. E.J., you're her daddy. Hey, you want your daddy to hold you, huh? You wanna give him a huggy?

E.J.: Don't.

Nicole: Aw... please, E.J....

E.J.: Nicole.

Nicole: Oh, E.J. Look at us. Look at us...

[Sydney fussing]

Nicole: And tell me that she is not your daughter.

[Sydney fussing]

Sami: Will, I'm sorry.

Will: Well, for what?

Sami: I'm sorry for, uh... going to pieces like that. Not that you're not used to it.

Will: No, don't apologize. I get the same way about Grace sometimes. I just can't help it.

Sami: But I'm a mom. I should be taking care of you.

Will: We can take turns.

Sami: [Laughs] Yeah. You're going through a lot right now, though, Will.

Will: I'll be okay.

Sami: I know you will. But you know... you're dealing with your dad and all of his issues and... and now with Mia... you know, um... she came by this morning.

Will: She did? Why?

Sami: Well, she said she, uh, left her chemistry book at the townhouse.

Will: I don't remember seeing that.

Sami: Neither do I. I think she was just there as an excuse. I think she was really upset.

Will: So? Why should I care? I mean, she dumped me, and now she's with Chad. End of story.

Sami: Somehow, I don't think so.

Will: So let's talk about you, Mom. Any word from Rafe?

Sami: [Exhales] Not since the email. Do me a favor, Will, and promise me you will never dump a girl in an email.

Will: [Laughs] Okay. I-I still don't get it. I mean...that's so weird for him, I mean, not to at least call.

Sami: I don't know. Maybe he just didn't want to talk to me, didn't want to have to answer my questions or hear me give him a hard time.

Will: Yeah, but still, I can't believe he just...left out of the blue like that.

Sami: Well, it wasn't really outta the blue, was it? I mean, we had some great times together, but the truth is there were definitely problems, and, uh...I don't know, let's face it. He's probably better off without me.

Will: No, that's crazy. You guys were... you were great together.

Sami: Well, coming from you, that means a lot, Will, 'cause I think you... I think you're a good judge of character.

Will: Not always.

Sami: Are you kidding me? For your age, you are very smart, incredibly insightful.

Will: Well, I know you still love Rafe... a lot.

Sami: But he's gone... just like, uh... just like grace is gone, and they're out of my life. Those are the facts, and I just have to deal with it.

E.J.: She's perfect. She's the most perfect little girl in the world. But I can't do this.

Nicole: Can't do...

E.J.: Stop. I can't. I just can't--I, uh... I can't do this anymore.

Nicole: Oh, E.J.

E.J.: I'm sorry. Love you.

Nicole: What... what are you doing?

E.J.: I'm... I'm kissing her for the last time.

Justin: So what happened, Bo? Who was it?

Bo: I don't know. The phone said it was-- call came from an airplane, but, uh...

Justin: But what?

Bo: Well, I didn't get a good read on the voice, but I'm pretty sure I know her.

Justin: It couldn't have been Hope?

Bo: Why would she be calling from a plane?

Justin: Well, it's possible, isn't it? She and Ciara went away for a couple of days, and... and now they're coming home, coming back to you.

Carly: Hi, uh, is the plane still in one piece?

Woman: Hit a patch of bad weather, but everything's fine now.

Carly: Great. I don't know how you guys do it. I get freaked out when the landing gear goes down.

Woman: Nervous flyer?

Carly: Not always. Stressful day.

Lawrence: [Gasps]'ll... never... find...

Carly: Thank you. I'll try my call again.

Sami: I, um... I have to go.

Will: I'll come with you.

Sami: I have to pick up the twins. They're gonna be back in like an hour, and, uh, I know how excited they are to be home. They're so excited to see their big brother, too. I mean, they keep asking about you. Every time I talked to them on the phone, they were asking, "Where's will? Where's will? What's he doing? Can we talk to him?"

Will: Yeah, I've missed those guys. What?

Sami: I am so blessed. I have my beautiful, sweet, sensitive Allie, my funny, fearless, outgoing Johnny, and then there's you. And you are smart... strong... and you have... you have a good heart.

Will: I don't know about that.

Sami: I do. And, now more than ever, I am so lucky to have you wonderful children to keep me going. You keep me strong. Oh, Grace... if you had been an only child, I... I don't know how I could have gone on. I can't even imagine.

Sydney: [Laughs]

Nicole: Kissing her for the last time? But...but, E.J., she... she needs you. I mean, Sydney's an innocent in all this.

E.J.: I know.

Nicole: Then why? Why are you talking like this? I mean, you're blaming her for my mistakes.

E.J.: I'm not blaming her.

Nicole: Well, even thinking about abandoning her, it's like you're punishing her, too.

E.J.: I'm just having to come to terms with a... new reality.

Nicole: The reality is we're a family.

E.J.: You told me that Sydney was my flesh and blood daughter, and you went to incredible lengths to protect that lie. You came up with a pregnancy pillow and a birth! You even forged a DNA test, and I know you did that.

Nicole: But why is that important now?

E.J.: It is important because in doing so, you compromised your daughter's safety.

Nicole: No. No, I didn't.

E.J.: Yes, you did. All of it just to protect a lie.

Nicole: But, E.J.... it's not a lie. Sydney means the world to me. mean the world to me. I love you with all my heart. You're my life.

E.J.: Answer me this. What would have happened if Sydney got sick? I'd have gone down to the hospital, and I would have given blood, bone marrow, my liver, anything! But it would all be for nothing, because I've no connection to that child.

Nicole: No, E.J., you do. You are Sydney's real father.

Melanie: Our first official date.

Nathan: Yes.

Melanie: Better make it memorable.

Victor: Good god. It's Melanie Layton, isn't it?

E.J.: I can't believe how foolish I was I didn't see through you.

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