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Episode # 11176

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E.J.: Well, that was very good of Dr. Merriman to see us. Such short notice anyway.

Nicole: [Sighs] Yes, well, the DiMera name carries a lot of clout. Well, are you coming in or are you gonna go find Brady? [Scoffs] Don't tell me you haven't been thinking about it since we got off the plane.

E.J.: I've thought of very little else since we left Paris.

Nicole: Well, then by all means, E.J., drive over to the Kiriakis estate and see if Brady's home.

E.J.: Hi. Okay.

Nicole: Why don't you think a drug addict can have a relapse, E.J.? Why else would Brady call me in Paris and tell me that he jig is up or whatever it is he said?

E.J.: He said the secret is out. I left my phone in the car. Would you just look after her for a second?

Nicole: Oh, my God. I have to get a hold of Brady and Stefano. I need help quick.

Kate: [Humming]

Nicole: Kate? What in God's name are you doing here?

Kate: Well, darling, haven't you heard? I live here now. We're roomies.

Arianna: Meredith? What are you doing back in town?

Meredith: I really don't see how that's any of your business, Arianna.

Arianna: Oh.

Meredith: Damn. No. No. I got it.

Arianna: Mort-- what are you doing buying mortar?

Rafe: [Groans] Sami. [Sighs]

Sami: I can't believe you would just send me one email and just like that, you were out of my life forever. [Scoffs]

Will: Hey.

Sami: Hey, Will.

Will: Hey, I'm sorry I ran out on you before. I was-- what's wrong?

Sami: Um... I just got an email from Rafe... saying that he's gone and he-- and he probably won't be coming back...ever.

Rafe: Somebody took Grace from you the night she was born?

Sami: Well, yeah, I thought I told you that.

Rafe: So what happened?

Sami: Dr. Baker took her into another room to work on her. You know, I hadn't even gotten to look at her or hold her or anything.

Rafe: Sami's baby's still alive. Sydney is Sami's baby. I got to-- I got to get out of here. Got to find Sami.

Will: I'm sorry, Mom.

Sami: Oh, it's okay. It's my fault anyway, right? Uh, so what happened with Mia? Is everything okay?

Will: No. Things just keep getting worse.

Sami: How so?

Will: You know the baby she gave away?

Sami: Yeah.

Will: The dad found out about it.

Sami: You mean he didn't know that she was pregnant?

Will: No. He was at boarding school and now he's back.

Sami: So that means he's her age, your age?

Will: Yeah.

Sami: And how did he react?

Will: Well, obviously he was mad. And, you know, now he's decided all of a sudden that Mia had no right to give the baby away.

Sami: So what's gonna happen? What's he gonna do?

Will: Probably make Mia's life miserable.

Sami: Will.

Will: Mom, I've got to find some way to help her.

Chad: So what are you saying? You want to get back together again? It's a simple question.

Mia: I'm not gonna have anything to do with you if you if you keep trying to find out where our baby is.

Chad: Oh, that's sweet. Blackmail.

Mia: I'm serious, Chad. I'd do just about anything to make sure my baby stays with the family who adopted her.

Chad: Anything, huh? No deal. All right? I'm not gonna give up my baby just so I can get my old girlfriend back. Now where is my daughter?

Nicole: Don't forget to put on the ointment for the rash, Mary. Thank you. Okay. [Scoffs] Let's back up a little here. So... you're telling me you live here now?

Kate: I do.

Nicole: [Chuckles] Okay, let's cut this bad joke short, shall we? Why in the world would Stefano rent a room out to you of all people?

Stefano: [Chuckles] You think that I rented her a room? Huh? [Chuckles] No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. Katherine is the new mistress of the house.

Nicole: [Scoffs] Mistress of--

Stefano: Yes. My wife. My spouse. My, uh, better half. Whatever you want to call it. Huh? Mwah.

Kate: Mmm.

Stefano: I married her.

Nicole: You did what?

Stefano: So give your new mother-in-law a great big hug. Come on.

Will: So anyway, the minute Chad hears what happened, he starts saying he wants his baby back.

Sami: Poor Mia.

Will: Yeah, the jerk doesn't even care that the baby's already been adopted by some nice family. Says he's getting a lawyer. Going after Mia and his baby.

Sami: Oh, great.

Will: Uncle Mickey says the laws are really clear though for babies, you know, to make sure they stay protected.

Sami: Well, then everything's gonna be okay.

Will: I hope so. In the meantime though, Chad's gonna drive Mia crazy. You know, talking about how he wants his baby back and he's gonna do anything to find her. I just hope I can find a way to get Mia through this.

Mia: You know how you're acting? Like my baby is something you did. Your latest accomplishment and now you can own her.

Chad: It's not like that.

Mia: Yeah, right.

Chad: Look, you know how I feel.

Mia: No. No, I know what you say. You know, and then I tell you maybe we could get back together if you give up this stupid idea and the answer's no.

Chad: Look, I want my kid, okay? Look, I just-- I just want to see her. I just want to see if she looks like me or like you. I just want to hold her and take care of her and let her know that I'm her dad. I mean, what's wrong with that?

Mia: [Sighs] Look... I understand that you feel like you were left out of this very big decision. But I need you to understand that I did what was best for my baby. I made sure that she was in a good home where she was loved. Happy. Safe. And now... that part of my life is over. I've moved on. And if you want to be with me, you've got to move on too.

Nicole: Are you out of your mind? Have you checked your blood sugar today?

Stefano: Oh, great. Good. You know, I am really sick and tired of people asking me this all the time. I am in perfect health.

E.J.: A-ha!

Nicole: E.J., can you believe this? Your father and Kate--

E.J.: Kate, congratulations. Mwah. Father.

Stefano: Ahh. [Chuckles] Thank you, thank you.

Kate: E.J., that is so kind of you.

Stefano: Very good. Come this way.

Kate: Okay.

Nicole: You knew about this?

E.J.: You're not the only one who can keep a secret, my dear. Sometimes secrets they, um-- they get out.

Meredith: Mortar is for fixing cracks in a wall.

Arianna: No, I know. I know.

Meredith: Look, if you're so curious, I'm back... fixing up my parent's house to get it ready to rent.

Arianna: That's-- that's really great, you know? Well, I'm glad you're back in town.

Meredith: Right. Happy I'm not pining over my dead sister anymore?

Arianna: Hey. I know it's been hard for you and I'm sorry. But you know what? I'm glad that you're back here, you know, reconnecting with your past. Can I buy you a drink?

Meredith: Why?

Arianna: No reason. It's just, you know, an excuse to talk. You know what? It's okay. Forget it. It's okay.

Meredith: No, you know what? That'd be great. Yeah.

Rafe: [Grunts]

Arianna: Cool. I hated the way we left things last time we talked.

Meredith: Yeah, we... both said some things we probably shouldn't have.

Arianna: You were grieving.

Meredith: You know, I shouldn't have lashed out at you. What happened to Emily wasn't your fault.

Arianna: Wasn't anyone's fault, right? You still blame my brother, don't you?

Meredith: I don't think that's really worth discussing anymore, is it?

Arianna: Hey, come on, Meredith.

Meredith: What? What did I say?

Arianna: Rafe loved your sister. And when she died, it broke his heart. Hasn't he suffered enough?

Meredith: No. Not remotely.

Chad: Mia, when you talk about how the baby went to a good home--

Mia: She did.

Chad: Yeah, but it's like you know where the home is and you know who the parents are and--

Mia: No, I don't. I told you only what I read in those reports.

Chad: Yeah, but legal documents, stuff like that, they're all just words. I mean, how can you be so sure?

Mia: I'm not! I'm not sure! Okay? But I'm trying to be! I am trying to believe that the parents are good people and that my baby-- why are you doing this?

Chad: When I heard you on the phone, all right, it was like a bomb went off. My whole life changed. And the only thing I can think of was "where's my baby?" I want to see my baby.

Mia: She's not yours... or mine. Not anymore.

Chad: Would have all been different if I'd been there. If I'd have known... it would have been different.

E.J.: I didn't tell you why my father called, because I knew that you would act exactly the way you're acting right now.

Nicole: As opposed to what, hmm? Jumping for joy that a rattlesnake now lives in this house where Sydney sleeps?

E.J.: No, I was dedicated to having a wonderful time on our honeymoon until you came along and spoiled it.

Stefano: My goodness. What is this?

Kate: [Chuckles] Well, I had the chef whip up one of your favorite desserts to celebrate our first day as man and wife.

Stefano: Oh, my. That's--that's so nice. But I don't think-- I mean, I can't. You know, this diabetes business.

Kate: Oh, my God. I am-- I am so sorry. I totally forgot. I feel so foolish. I'll have Harold-- I'll have Harold take it right away.

Stefano: No, no, no, no, no. Leave. Yeah. I like to look, you know?

Kate: [Chuckles]

Stefano: It's certainly very nice.

Nicole: Oh, so I'm the one who spoiled it, did I? So it was me who insisted that we check out of our Paris hotel room a week early and get on the plane and come back to Salem? So it was me who was mean and nasty and killed what should have been the most romantic time of our lives? [Scoffs]

E.J.: Nicole, the reason that we are right here is that you lied to me.

Nicole: I don't believe this. I don't believe this. My husband doesn't trust me. My father-in-law married a woman that I despise and now I don't feel that Sydney is safe in this house. So guess what. We're moving out.

E.J.: You're not going anywhere and you're not taking my daughter either.

Chad: Mia, I care a lot, okay? And not just about the baby, but about you.

Mia: It doesn't matter now. Don't you get it? I can't go back and live it again and neither can you.

Chad: We can't go back in time, no, but we can still be together, can't we?

Mia: There's only one way that can work.

Chad: What, I just give up on finding my baby? Is that what it is?

Mia: Yeah.

Chad: But why? Why are you so down on the idea that we can't give her a good life?

Mia: Yeah, right. Two high school dropouts. What century are you living in?

Chad: So the deal is I give up trying to find my baby and I lose you... or we get back together, but I lose my baby?

Mia: Or you can fight for the baby and trust me, you will lose. And then you'll lose me too. But you need to decide, Chad. Now.

Chad: And what about Will?

Mia: What about him?

Chad: Look, you and I get back together, I want him out of your life for good. Not even as a friend and that's the deal, okay? You push will Horton out of your life... then we'll talk.

Nicole: E.J., you're hurting me.

E.J.: Neither you or Sydney is going anywhere until we've sorted this out. Am I making myself clear?

Nicole: Yes.

E.J.: Good. Now we're gonna compose ourselves, put smiles on our faces, and go congratulate my father, okay?

Kate: So the chef told me that he soaks the lady fingers in espresso, but then he soaks them in brandy as well.

Stefano: Oh, that is all very good. You know, I should have a little piece. Maybe two pieces, you know?

Kate: I think so.

Nicole: Stefano!

Stefano: What?

Nicole: What in the world are you doing?

Stefano: I am having a piece of cake that my new bride made just for me.

Nicole: With enough sugar in it that could kill you.

Stefano: Oh, come on. I had an insulin shot.

Nicole: Oh, you've had an insulin shot, really?

Stefano: Yes.

Nicole: Well, now that Kate's around, I would keep my insulin in a double-lock safe and hire a food taster.

Stefano: All right, that's it. Enough. Excuse me. I have to talk to Nicole alone.

E.J.: Oh, good idea. Um, Kate, let me show you our wonderful daughter.

Kate: Oh, yes. I'm very anxious to see her.

Stefano: What the hell is the matter with you, huh? How dare you!

Nicole: I-- I am looking out for your welfare.

Stefano: I want you to treat her with the utmost respect that she deserves.

Nicole: None, you mean.

Stefano: All right, that's enough. Get out of my sight, will you, please?

Nicole: [Sighs] Stefano, why did you marry her? I mean, is it to cover something up or to stick it to victor?

Stefano: Because we are soul mates. Eh?

Nicole: Yeah. Well, I would be very careful where I put my soul when she's around.

E.J.: Apparently she's already asleep, so you'll have to see her in the morning.

Kate: Oh, well, I cannot wait to see her. Stefano just goes on and on about what a little angel she is.

E.J.: Father is just so devoted to Sydney.

Kate: Well, he loves his children. He loves his grandchildren. He really is a family man, isn't he?

E.J.: Can I ask you something?

Kate: Well, of course you can, love.

E.J.: We both know that the only reason you married my father is for security. So I'm curious as to what has happened that you need Stefano DiMera's help so desperately?

Arianna: Do you really think that you're honoring your sister's memory by holding on to all of this anger?

Meredith: I think Emily would feel exactly as I do.

Arianna: I disagree.

Meredith: Really? Because you knew my sister so well you know her better than I do.

Arianna: No, of course not. I--

Meredith: I'm sure that's enough.

Arianna: No, stop. Please wait. Wait a minute. Just stop for a second. I'm sorry, okay? I didn't mean to suggest that I knew how she would feel.

Meredith: My sister who can no longer feel, who can no longer breathe, who is no longer anything but a painful memory?

Arianna: Meredith, it's so sad. It is. But my brother--

Meredith: Your brother killed my sister, Arianna. And he snuffed out my life too.

Stefano: I want you to show my wife respect.

Nicole: Stefano, are you even aware of--

Stefano: I'm aware of all the accusations made against her. Yes, all right. Has she been arrested, huh? Has she been charged? No.

Nicole: So her crimes don't count if she doesn't get caught?

Stefano: Oh, boy. If there's anybody in the world who knows how that works, it's you. [Chuckles] Hey, listen. By the way, will you tell me what the hell happened that your honeymoon only lasted for one day?

Nicole: It-- it was a disaster.

Stefano: A disaster? Dio mío. Don't tell me Elvis found out something he shouldn't. I mean, is that the reason why you came back?

Kate: E.J., your father and I married because we had each been alone for a long time and we wanted the companionship.

E.J.: Really?

Kate: Mm-hmm.

E.J.: So it had nothing to do with the Daniel Jonas-- the Chloe Horton thing, you know? The poisoning?

Kate: My God! Why does everyone keep going there?

E.J.: Mmm. See, here's what I think. I think my father pulled your feet out of the flames in the nick of time for a price. Marriage.

Kate: Oh, E.J. Your father and I have been friends for a long, long time. I admire him. He adores me. Now what's the downside of that?

E.J.: So how's Victor doing with all this? Philip?

Kate: Well, Philip-- Philip was a bit disconcerted.

E.J.: Disconcerted?

Kate: Mmm. But Victor, bless his heart, he gave me away at the wedding, so... you shouldn't be so cynical. Who knows? I may very well be the one who brings the DiMera and Kiriakis families together.

E.J.: [Laughs] Oh, stranger things have happened, especially when it involves you.

Kate: Exactly.

E.J.: Well, you just know that if you hurt my father in any way, there will be no warning, Kate. There will be no forgiveness.

Arianna: Meredith. I know how close you and your sister were. But to say that Rafe ended your life--

Meredith: I was being dramatic. I'm just saying that this has been tough on me.

Arianna: You know, um... every morning Rafe wakes up and he thinks about what happened. How he lost Emily.

Meredith: Good. I'm touched to know that Emily's still on Rafe's mind. I hope he never forgets her. I hope he takes Emily as a part of his heart.

Arianna: I'm sure he will. Hope you can find some peace too. I really do.

Meredith: You know, I think I will soon. Undeniably. If you talk to Rafe, give him my best.

Arianna: Sure. If only I knew where he was.

[Chair scraping across floor]

[Cell phone rings]

Will: Hello? Oh, hey! What's up? Hold on a second, Uncle Mickey. Hey. Um, I'm on the phone with my uncle right now. I think he might have some information, so just sit here. I'll be right back.

Sami: Hi.

Mia: Hey.

Sami: Oh. Look, Mia, I want you to know... I think you're a very brave girl and I really admire you telling Will the truth. I mean--

Mia: Wait, wait, wait. What are you talking about?

Sami: Your baby.

Mia: You know?

Sami: Yeah. Uh, Will told me.

Mia: [Scoffs]

Sami: Is that not okay?

Mia: No, it is okay. I guess I just didn't realize Will told you.

Sami: Oh, well, I'm sure he just told me because, you know, he wanted to see if maybe I could help or something.

Mia: Right.

Will: Hey, good news, I think. Uncle Mickey says that there might be enough--

Mia: Will, can I talk to you?

Will: Hmm?

Mia: Alone.

Sami: Yes, of course. No problem. I will just get out of here. Um, sorry, Will. Bye.

Will: Well, what's up?

Mia: You told your mother? How could you do that?

Will: What?

Mia: It wasn't your call, Will. I trusted you.

Will: Look, Mia, I'm sorry. I just--I thought because she was my mom--

Mia: You thought wrong. I never, ever should have told you.

Will: Mia, look, I mean, we can just--

Mia: No. Will Horton, I mean this. It's over. We're over. I don't ever want to see you again. [Sighs]

Will: [Sighs]

Arianna: Hi. It's Arianna. I'm not good. Um, I need to see you right now.

[Door opens]

Kate: E.J., if there's one thing that you should remember about me aside from the fun times, it's that I'm not easily intimidated.

E.J.: A simple warning, Kate. I just want the best for my father.

Kate: And I want to share in that with him. And I don't think that he would have married me if he thought I was a liability or if I was dangerous.

E.J.: I suppose that's probably true.

Kate: Can't say the same for you though.

E.J.: Beg your pardon?

Kate: Well, E.J., you're extremely bright, you're tasteful, and you're discriminating and you make few mistakes from what I can see. But marrying Nicole was a whopper.

Stefano: Why would Brady warn you like that, hmm? I mean, after all-- I mean, did somebody else find out?

Nicole: I don't know. I don't know, but something about Mia's baby must be about to break.

Stefano: Well, how about the other baby--

Nicole: No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. Only you and I are the only ones who know that I switched Sami and Mia's baby at birth. Stefano? E.J. might decide to do something tonight. I need your help.

Stefano: All right. You'll just have to wait. That's all. I'm not gonna help you now. Not yet.

Nicole: Stefano, what do you mean, "not yet"? It can't wait. I need your help now.

Stefano: Nicole, have I ever let you down?

Nicole: No, but--

Stefano: All right, then trust me, okay? I will take care of this. But for now you have to stop obsessing about your secret. Help me celebrate my marriage.

Nicole: [Sighs] Fine. I will stonewall E.J., I hope. Okay, but you have to promise that you'll help me.

Stefano: You have my word, all right? Enough.

E.J.: Kate, my marriage is none of your business and I-- I think it's best if you steer clear of it, don't you?

Kate: Well, normally I would say that was true, but now since I'm your stepmother--

E.J.: Right. Well, I'm a big boy...Mommy. I can take care of myself.

Kate: You know, when Nicole was married to Lucas, I saw firsthand the damage that she can do. She's nothing if not complicated.

E.J.: She is no more complicated than you.

Mia: Chad, it's me. I need to see you.

Will: [Sighs]

Sami: What happened with Mia?

Will: I totally screwed up.

Sami: How?

Will: Mia told me never to tell anyone about that baby.

Sami: And you told me.

Will: Well, she trusted me and I blew it.

Sami: Will, I am so sorry. I had no idea it was a secret. I would never have said anything to hurt--

Will: No, Mom, Mom, Mom. It's not your fault, okay? I'm the one who made her a promise and then broke it. I just--I don't know how I'm ever gonna get her to listen to me again. She says she doesn't want anything to do with me.

Sami: Will.

Will: Mom, I really need your help. I really do.

Meredith: You didn't like my chair? You feel more comfortable on the floor?

Rafe: [Scoffs]

Meredith: [Grunts] You shouldn't have made me do that. This was your fault.

Arianna: Thank you for meeting me.

Roman: [Sniffs] This about the case?

Arianna: No. I need you to run a name for me.

Roman: Okay. Who?

Arianna: Meredith Hudson.

Meredith: Now you won't ever get away.

Kate: Well, we're both complicated, aren't we? I mean, in so many ways. Maybe too complicated. We weren't very good business partners in the end, were we?

E.J.: No. But we had our, uh-- we had our areas.

Kate: I, uh-- I think the less they're there, the better.

E.J.: I-- I think you're probably right.

Kate: Mmm. About Nicole--

E.J.: You know, I think the less said there, the better.

[Door opens]

Stefano: Oh, good. You are both here. Harold put a lovely bottle of champagne in the bucket, so I think it's time for a little toast.

E.J.: Oh.

Kate: I want a toast my new family.

Stefano: And I want to toast my lovely new wife.

E.J.: Oh, here, here.

Stefano: All right.

Nicole: Hey.

E.J.: Sweetheart?

Nicole: Oh, hi. Will you pour me a glass? I'm just gonna go upstairs and check on Sydney. I'll be there in a few minutes.

E.J.: All right, okay, sure.

Nicole: Oh, Brady! For God's sake, we have to meet now.

[Knock on door]

Mia: [Sighs]

Chad: Hey.

Mia: Hey.

Chad: So did you talk to Will?

Mia: Yes.

Chad: And?

Mia: And I told him it was over.

Chad: So what'd he say?

Mia: Nothing.

Chad: What? No argument? No--no fight to keep you?

Mia: What does it matter? I did what you said. Will and I are over... for good.

Will: Mia doesn't trust me anymore. I have no idea how I'm gonna fix it. What should I do?

Sami: [Scoffs] Well, when you lose someone's trust and you try to get it back-- I don't know, Will. That's the one thing I never got right.

[Mortar scraping]

Roman: This woman, Meredith Hudson, she's obviously not somebody people trust a whole lot.

Arianna: Really? Did, uh, someone ask you to run a check on her?

Roman: Yeah. Sami, a while back.

Arianna: What'd you find out?

Roman: How about you tell me what's going on first?

Arianna: I wish I knew. Whatever it is, it's not good.

Meredith: You are finally going to pay the way Emily had to pay.

Maggie: I overheard you asking Melanie out on a date and that would be a huge mistake.

E.J.: Whatever it was that he made disappear, I can make reappear.

Brady: I don't see any way out of this.

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