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Episode # 11172

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Melanie: Call me back A.S.A.P., I'm thinking that we could -- well, I -- well, we could take on the Salem P.D. Oh, and about your voicemail recording, if you could get somebody else to do that, it kind of sounds like you have a cold. Uh, call me back. Phillip, quick question... how much do you have to pay the lawyer if you sue somebody?

Phillip: You're suing the Salem police?

Melanie: Yeah. I mean, I risked my life to save somebody, and they treated me like a terrorist.

Phillip: [Sighs] I've gotta go.

Melanie: Wait, Phillip... you're not still mad about the whole thing with Brady, are you? Sorry. He didn't mean to --

Phillip: It's not Brady.

Melanie: Is it your mom? Did they arrest her?

Phillip: Worse. She's gonna marry Stefano DiMera.

Melanie: What?

Maggie: Kate. Don't you look radiant.

Kate: Hello, Maggie.

Maggie: And the boys, are they gonna be here tonight? Did you patch things up with Lucas? Forgive and forget? See, pity there wasn't time for Phillip to throw a bachelor party for Stefano. They're so close.

Kate: I know you're angry.

Maggie: [Gasps] Why would I be angry? That you used me to frame Daniel? That you clearly don't give a damn about either Lucas or Phillip? Or anyone? Except yourself.

Stefano: Maggie...dear. I think it'd be wise for you to remember that you are the help. And not a guest.

Maggie: [Giggles] Isn't it bad luck to see the bride before the ceremony? I know how you two are so very, very letter of the law.

Stefano: [Sighs] Oh, dear, dear, dear. [Clears throat] Don't pay attention to her, she's just jealous.

Kate: Of what?

Stefano: Oh, you'd be surprised.

[Quiet talking]

Kate: What are those people doing here?

Stefano: Why would you ask that? I mean, they're here to help us celebrate.

Kate: Couldn't we have just gone to a justice of the peace? Did you really need to humiliate me in public?

Victor: Kate, my dear... do you know what this is all about?

[Kate sighs]

Victor: What's the point of buying a trophy if you can't show it off?

Will: Look, can we just get out of here?

Mia: Will, I think he's really sick.

Will: No, what he is is passed out. Which is what happens when you drink oceans of liquor. Now can we get the hell out of here?

Chad: No. I don't think we can leave him alone.

Arianna: Mm-hmm, I get it, Troy. The big boss doesn't wanna meet me. Okay, so why don't you tell him that I've got other offers? Okay, you can tell him that he's about to lose his best dealer. Troy... if you lost me, what would it do to your profits? Right. Good. I thought you'd see it my way. So why don't you get back to me, okay? And soon. [Gasps]

[Keys jingling]

Sami: Where the hell are my keys?

Kate: You just had to come, didn't you? You just had to make things worse?

Victor: Have a nice talk with Phillip, did you? Is he outside parking the car and going to be in any second? I know he certainly wouldn't wanna miss this.

Stefano: Victor... remember you're a guest, huh? And try to be at your best behavior, if that's possible.

Kate: [Scoffs] You invited him?

Victor: Well, not exactly, I sort of crashed. But Stefano was very gracious about it. Listen, I've got a wonderful idea. Why don't I give you away?

Kate: What?

Victor: Really, Kate. There's nothing I'd rather do than hand you over to him. [Chuckles]

Maggie: Lexie, are you okay?

Lexie: Oh, Maggie, this is harder than I thought it would be. After everything we did to save Chloe... you know, I was there when her father had to leave town not knowing if his daughter would ever wake up again. I saw firsthand what Kate put Daniel through. And to see her here... free!

Abe: But she's not free.

Lexie: I don't care about some metaphorical measurement. Kate should be in jail. Oh, dear! Did my voice carry?

Stefano: [Groans] Perhaps I should not have invited them.

Victor: They do seem to be a bit hostile.

Stefano: Mm.

Kate: I think I need a drink.

Victor: I'll get you one... I'll make it a double.

Kate: Hm. Can we please, please get this over with?

Stefano: Not yet. There's one thing that I want to do. All right?

[Phone ringing]

Sami: Hello? Oh, hey, sister Claire, hi. I just got home. No, I haven't talked to Rafe yet. I am gonna call him, I promise. No, no, I think I really worked through some things, yeah. I'm ready to move forward with my life. Well, if you're praying for us, then he doesn't stand a chance. [Chuckles] Thanks for calling.

Sami: [Sighs] Okay, Rafe, sister Claire's orders were to call you as soon as I get home. So I'll do it right now. [Sighs]

Arianna: Oh, God, don't sneak up on me like that, please.

Brady: I guess Copernicus was wrong, huh?

Arianna: What?

Brady: The earth doesn't revolve around the sun, it revolves around you.

Arianna: Oh, no -- [Stuttering] You startled me.

Brady: F.Y.I., I wasn't sneaking up on you, I wasn't listening on what you're talking about, I have no idea, I don't care, all right? I was just walking from my car, going to the pub, getting some coffee -- great running into you. As always.

Arianna: I'm sorry. I'm sorry. Okay, really, I just -- you know, you just -- you know, you surprised me --

Brady: It's not a problem. It's not a problem.

Arianna: May I get you something?

Brady: Look, just so you know, I'm here to meet one of my grandfather's clients, okay? I know you would think I'm here because you work here, and I wanted to see you or something. Not the case, all right?

Arianna: You know what, you don't have to explain anything to me. Okay, and you know what? You don't even have to stay away from here just because I work here.

Brady: Thank you. Well, look at us, we're all grown up, and mature, and stuff, now, aren't we?

Arianna: I guess, yeah.

Brady: [Sighs] And you know what, I hate it.

Melanie: [Laughs]

Phillip: It's not funny.

Melanie: No, of course it's not funny, I just...

Phillip: What?

Melanie: Um...[Laughing]

Phillip: What?

Melanie: [Laughs] I just -- I keep picturing the Christmas morning at the DiMera house, with you guys all sitting around opening up presents in your body armor, and your hired muscle standing behind you watching out --

Phillip: The man tried to kill me, okay? And now he's making my mother marry him.

Melanie: I know, Phillip. You're looking at it like it's not a little bit funny?

Phillip: It's how I look at it.

[Melanie sighs] Okay. All right, okay. So, you're saying that Stefano is making your mom marry him. How is he doing that?

Phillip: He... cleaned up after her.

Melanie: What?

Phillip: [Sighs] Lucas thinks that she did what Daniel says she did. And that DiMera probably destroyed the evidence.

Melanie: Phillip...

Phillip: I talked to her. I told her I'd do anything to help her. And I said if she married him, I'd no longer be her son.

Melanie: And did you get through to her?

Phillip: For a second I thought I had. But in the end, she chose him over me.

Melanie: No, Phillip, no. It's not the end yet.

Lexie: You have got to be kidding.

Stefano: I am asking for both you and your husband to stand up for us, and you are acting like I'm asking for the whole world.

Abe: No, just my political career. Hey, there you go.

Theo: Mommy, Daddy, are you and grandpa fighting?

Lexie: Oh, no, sweetheart.

Stefano: No, no, no, no, sweetheart. I just want your mommy to walk down the aisle and she doesn't want to.

Theo: Can you, Mommy? Please, please, please, please?

Lexie: Okay. Okay, okay, sweetheart. If that's what you want. [Sighs] Trust me, I will never forget this moment.

Stefano: I know, it's interesting isn't it? And guess what. Sweetheart, I have a very important job for you too. And I wouldn't trust this job to anyone but special police officer Theo Carver. Come with me, come on. Come on. I show you now, come on.

Lexie: He'll do anything to get what he wants. I mean anything. Well, what are you thinking?

Abe: About the future Mr. And Mrs. DiMera... and how much I'd like to bring them both down.

Lexie: [Scoffs]

Victor: So are you going to keep your name? Just in case I want to get you something monogrammed.

Kate: You know, I'm so glad that someone is enjoying this this evening.

Victor: So how did it go with Phillip?

Kate: I don't want to talk about it.

Victor: That good, huh? Kate, think. Do you really wanna choose that family over your own?

Kate: Nothing about this is a choice.

Victor: You can always make a break for it. Life on the run might be exciting.

Stefano: Ah, the judge is here, my dear. It's time.

Victor: And so begins the life sentence you so richly deserve.

Stefano: [Chuckles] How clever.

Brady: Thank you.

Arianna: It's on the house.

Brady: Oh, trying to get back into my good graces, or what?

Arianna: I guess I kind of feel bad about snapping at you like that.

Brady: Well, good for you, my good graces come very cheap. Of course, maybe that's part of the reason why I'm so... what is that word you used? Oh, yeah, boring.

Arianna: Look, I'm really sorry that I said that.

Brady: I'm sure you're dying for that exciting, un-boring, interesting ex of yours to come back into town so that he can get you out of your Brady-induced coma that I've put you in. Is he around, by the way? Is he here yet? I mean, is he -- is that him over there with the fishing magazine, that guy?

Arianna: He's not coming.

Brady: Or is that him over there with the oxygen tank? Like a breathing problem --

Arianna: He's not coming to Salem, okay?

Brady: Really?

Arianna: Really.

Brady: Shocker. I mean, most imaginary boyfriends tend to be very fickle anyway.

Arianna: This guy wasn't imaginary, okay?

Brady: Come on, you didn't even give me a good reason why you dumped me, you know?

Arianna: Maybe I didn't want to hurt you, okay?

Brady: [Chuckles] So you came up with some flattering comment, like "Brady, you just kind of boring, sorry." If you would just be truthful with me and just level with me, there's a chance we could work this whole thing out, you know?

Arianna: You know what, why are you acting like I'm the only one who has secrets? Because the whole subject of your ex is completely off-limits.

Brady: Nicole is hardly an ex of mine.

Arianna: Well, of course! [Scoffs] She's ongoing, right?

Brady: She is a friend. And I don't know why you can't accept it, I don't.

Arianna: Oh, I can accept that. What I can't accept is why you won't tell me what it is that you're covering up for her.

Rafe: Hey, it's Rafe. Leave me a message.

Sami: Hey, Rafe, it's Sami. I just was hoping to talk to you. So give me a call. All right...


Sami: And I hope to talk to you soon. Okay, bye.

Mia: Will... Will, I'm scared. I think we should call 911.

Will: No, I'll call Aunt Maggie, she'll know what to do. Where did I leave my phone?

Lucas: Will! Will! Where'd you go? Where the hell did you go?

Will: I'm right here, Dad.

Phillip: Look, I know you're only trying to help.

Melanie: I'm no -- I'm not really trying to do anything. I'm just -- I'm saying you're not really acting a lot like your parents right now.

Phillip: Do you know how hard I worked not to be like my parents?

Melanie: Yeah, of course. But neither your mom nor your dad in this situation would roll over and play dead, and mope around the pier feeling sorry for themselves. Like, take your mom, talk about determination. Do you have any idea how many times she must've tried to poison Chloe?

Phillip: Melanie --

Melanie: And then make it look like Dr. Daniel had done it all?

Phillip: Can we just change the subject?

Melanie: I mean, she never would've thrown in the towel. In fact, if it hadn't been for Dr. Daniel, and Nathan, and of course myself, Chloe would be super dead right now. I mean, your mom's like that bunny with the batteries. She keeps going and going.

Phillip: [Laughs] You're the only person who would give me a pep talk about the diligence of my mom trying to murder somebody.

Melanie: [Laughs] Hey, she hasn't married him yet.

Phillip: I tried, Melanie. There's nothing left to say.

Melanie: Now we gotta do something.

Stefano: Okay.

[Wedding music plays]

Victor: She's all yours, Stefano. You're getting one in a million.

Judge: Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today in the presence of these witnesses to join Katherine and Stefano in matrimony. Which is commended to be honorable among all men. And therefore is not by any to be entered into unadvisedly or likely.

Stefano: Don't worry, we know exactly what we're doing.

Brady: You know what, we've been over this.

Arianna: And you're still wrong.

Brady: Nicole is a friend. She's a friend. There's no reason for you to be jealous.

Arianna: I'm not jealous, okay? I'm worried about you. What if she's using you?

Brady: You don't know anything about her.

Rafe: I overheard Brady and Nicole, and they were talking. Nicole says to Brady, her exact words... "E.J. can never know about my miscarriage."

Arianna: Well...I know...

Brady: You know what?

Arianna: Nothing.

[Phone ringing]

Arianna: I -- I gotta take this.

Brady: Sure, go ahead, answer it. We're broken up, so you don't need to explain anything. Vice versa too.

Arianna: Oh, thank you. Yeah? Can you give me a second, I can't talk right this second.

Brady: If your boyfriend's imaginary, who keeps calling you, Ari?

Sami: All right, well... you tried. Come on, Sami, you could do better than that. Maybe Ari knows where he is. Can't hurt to ask.

[Door closes]

Lucas: Whoa. Well, that first step's a doozy, wouldn't you say?

Chad: Let's help him up, huh?

Tad: Yeah, yeah, yeah. Can we give you a hand, sir?

Lucas: Oh, yes, sure. "Can we give you a hand, sir?" I like the sound of that. No, no, no, we don't stand on ceremony here, didn't you tell them that, son?

Will: Why don't you guys go now?

Lucas: Hey, you know what? Speaking of ceremony, we got a lot to celebrate. Your grandma, she's getting married.

Will: What?

Lucas: A reason to celebrate, don't you think?

Mia: I can wait until your aunt gets here.

Lucas: What was that? What was that whispering? What you whispering about? What are you guys partying without me?

Will: No, Dad, we were studying, okay? Why don't you go lie down?

Lucas: Studying? She doesn't study, she's a party girl. She likes to drink, and she likes to smoke. Isn't that right, Miya?

Will: Mia! Her name is Mia, Dad. And you're the only one who's been drinking.

Mia: Will, it's okay.

Lucas: Well, I did warn you about her.

Will: Dad, just shut the hell up. Okay, I don't wanna hear it.

Lucas: All right, all right, shutting up. And changing the subject, how about that? How about we toast? Let's all have a toast, it'll be nice. We'll toast. I know Aunt Maggie's got some stash that she keeps in here somewhere.

Will: No, Dad, there's nothing to drink, okay, and you know that.

Lucas: It might be, you never know with her. All right, I'll go to the convenience store. I saw a convenience store when I drove here, and I'll get us all some good --

Will: Dad, no, you're not driving. You're not going anywhere but bed.

Lucas: Just who the hell you think you're talking to, son?

Chad: All right, Mr. Horton, I think you better sit down now.

Lucas: Really?

Mia: Will, go ahead and call your aunt.

Chad: Yeah, go ahead, we'll be fine. Won't we, Mr. Horton?

Lucas: Sure. I'm fine now.

Pastor: The act of marriage is to be entered reverently, advisedly, and solemnly. Into this estate these two persons present now come to be joined. If any person can show just cause why they may not be joined together, let them speak now or forever hold their peace.

Sami: Hey! Brady.

Brady: Hey, you.

Sami: Hi.

Brady: Hey, I haven't seen you in a while.

Sami: Yeah, yeah, it's good to see you, I was on a retreat. Anyway, is Arianna here?

Brady: Ari, no, she just left. Why, are you looking for her?

Sami: Well, not her. I just thought she might know where Rafe is.

Brady: You look real worried. What -- something wrong?

Sami: No, I guess not. I just really wanna talk to him. Yeah. Okay, yes, something's wrong. I know it sounds stupid, but I have a really bad feeling. [Sighs]

Meredith: Welcome to your new home.

Lucas: Well, you know, I got a question for you guys. Who the hell are you?

Chad: I'm a friend of Will's.

Tad: Yeah, we both are.

Lucas: Really? Friends, huh? Well, you know what? You're not in charge here. You got that? I am. I'm in charge, you self-righteous little... all right, where are my keys? Where are my damn car keys?

Chad: Sir, I really don't think you should be driving right now.

Lucas: Oh, really? You don't think I should be driving right now? I want my keys, and I want them now.

Will: For God's sake, Dad! Oh, Aunt Maggie, hey, it's Will. Dad's here and he's been drinking.

Mia: Oh, my God.

Tad: Grab his arm, grab his arm!

Chad: Will, forget about your aunt, I think you should call 911, all right?

Will: Dad!

Pastor: Do you have the rings?

Stefano: Oh, of course. Theo, it's time. Ah, Phillip, it's nice to see you. Won't you sit down?

Phillip: No, I just came to watch.

Stefano: Well, that makes sense.

Phillip: Please, don't let me stop you.

Stefano: Not to worry. Theo, you remember what we talked about? Hm? Ah, that's very good, Theo. You did a very, very good job. Good for you. I hope you don't mind, I took the liberty of choosing the rings, because I knew that you were pressed for time.

[Sighs] Eyes front.

Pastor: Katherine, please place the ring on Stefano's finger, and repeat after me. I, Katherine, take thee, Stefano, to be my wedded husband for better, for worse, for richer, or for poorer, in sickness and in health, till death do us part.

Kate: I, Katherine, take thee, Stefano, as my wedded husband, for better or for worse, for richer or for poorer, in sickness and in health. [Sobbing] Till death do us part.

Pastor: Stefano...

Stefano: I, Stefano, take thee, Katherine, to be my wedded wife, for better or for worse, for richer, or for poorer, in sickness and in health, till death do us part.

Pastor: And by the power vested in me by the state, I now pronounce you man and wife. You may kiss the bride.

Pastor: I present to you Mr. And Mrs. Stefano DiMera.

Victor: [Clapping]

Stefano: Thank you.

[Indistinct chatter]

Stefano: Actually, Abraham, I'm glad that you are here.

Victor: It's a pity that Phillip couldn't stay for the party.

Kate: Don't! Just don't!

Victor: I almost feel sorry for you, Kate. Almost.

Stefano: Well, now that everybody has champagne...

Theo: I don't, I don't!

Lexie: Oh, honey!

Stefano: Oh.

Lexie: Honey, remember, I told you you're too young, okay?

Theo: I want it. I want bubbles.

Lexie: No, sweetie, honey, we have your juice over there.

Theo: No, I want champagne.

Kate: Ah!

Lexie: Sweetheart, come on. Come here, come here. Come here, it's okay. It's okay, it's okay.

Maggie: Oh, honey, I'm so sorry, how is he?

Will: They said he'll be okay, but he has to stay overnight, and they had to pump his stomach.

Maggie: Mm. I am so proud of you for taking care of him.

Will: Yeah, well, it was kind of scary. He was, like, twitching and everything.

Maggie: That's alcohol poisoning.

Will: My friends were there.

Maggie: Mm.

Will: And Mia. God, Dad was such a jerk.

Maggie: I know you don't want to hear me defend him, and I'm not gonna do that. But he has been through so much.

Will: Okay, a lot of people go through things. Grace died and Mom didn't crawl into a bottle.

Maggie: He has a disease.

Will: I don't wanna hear it. I'll be all Ala-teen and politically correct in the morning, but... right now I'm just too mad.

Maggie: Okay, I know. I know.

Brady: So a retreat, huh?

Sami: Yeah, well, with the twins away with my mom, I went to a convent.

Brady: What are you soul-searching?

Sami: As it turns out, I suck at it.

Brady: Funny, I suck at it too. I hate it. Are you and Rafe trying to patch things up?

Sami: Well, it's sort of hard to patch things up with someone who doesn't even want you to know where he is.

Brady: I don't get it, you guys seem so solid. Especially during the funeral, Sami, you two were helping each other through the whole thing.

Sami: I don't know about that, Brady. I think maybe it was too much for us.

Brady: Maybe you just need some time.

Sami: Well, that's what I'm hoping. Well, it's certainly easier to think that than the fact that he never wants to see me again.

Meredith: Not very many messages. No one's worried about you. And nobody but you knows that I'm back.

Kate: It's okay, honey, you didn't mean it.

Lexie: Sorry, Kate.

Kate: Don't be, it was just an accident. You know -- you know, sometimes I get angry too when people have something that I can't have.

Theo: Sorry.

Kate: Oh! That's all right. You know, things like this don't really matter between friends, now do they? And I would really, really, really like to be friends with you, if that's okay with you.

Theo: Okay.

Kate: Okay, sounds good. So tell me something, are you hungry? 'Cause I'm starving, and I'd like to go get something to eat. And I'm really getting tired of listening to everyone just stand around and talk, what about you?

Theo: Me too.

Kate: Okay. Let's go then, what do you say?

Stefano: You see, one big happy family.

Lexie: Oh, yeah, smooth sailing from here on in.

Brady: You know, the way I've lived my life --

Brady: And the great decisions that I've made, and how well everything has turned out for me --

Sami: [Laughs]

Brady: Compels me to give you some advice.

Sami: Really?

Brady: Don't decide what Rafe is thinking until you've talked to him, Sami.

Sami: I did talk to him at the convent, and it didn't go well.

Brady: And what, then he just went and dropped off the face of the earth? You didn't hear from him again, or what?

Sami: Well, not exactly.

Brady: Well, what exactly?

Sami: Okay, exactly, he did call back. And he spoke to one of the sisters at the convent, and he told her to tell me that he really need to talk to me -- that it was important.

Brady: Well, hey, that is a bad sign. You know, when the guy says that he really needs to talk to you, that's a clear indication that things are done.

Sami: No, the clear indication is that he hasn't called me since then. I called him back and he didn't pick up, he hasn't called me back.

Brady: I got it, maybe his feelings for you are so complicated, so involved, that every time he goes to reach for the phone, he just can't do it. Just can't get there.

Sami: Really, you think that's what it is?

Brady: Sami, I can't even begin to imagine what you two went through together, I --

Sami: It's okay, Brady.

Brady: I had a friend that went through a miscarriage very recently. And I had never seen pain like that before in my life, until I saw you and Rafe. Sami, you just need to cut him some slack. You know, these aren't normal times. These are crazy times, and for what it's worth... I think that guy loves you more than anything in the entire world, I don't care whether he calls you or not. That's how I feel about it.

Sami: I came looking for Arianna, but I'm really glad I found you.

Brady: Don't you give up. Call him again.

Sami: Okay.

Meredith: My sister loved you. She thought you loved her. But you didn't. You don't kill someone you love.

[Phone ringing]

Meredith: It's her again. Sami. But she is never going to talk to you again.

[Phone continues ringing]

Mia: Thanks. You really didn't have to help.

Chad: Oh, yeah, it was no big deal.

Mia: I wonder if I should go down to the hospital.

Chad: I mean, it's up to you, but --

Mia: Yeah?

Chad: Well, I think it was hard for Will to have us see his dad like that. And to see him talk to you like that.

Mia: I told will it didn't matter. He'd been drinking, didn't know what he was saying.

Chad: Oh, yeah, and you know all about that, right? From when you were abusing?

Mia: I guess.

Chad: Liar. Maybe someday you'll trust me. And then you'll tell me what really happened.

[Heart rate monitor beeping]

Kate: How lovely.

Stefano: I'm glad that you are pleased.

Kate: You really know how to get all the details right, don't you? [Giggles] Can you imagine how nice this would be for a young couple who was really in love?

Stefano: Oh, it'd be wasted on them. Shaw was right about the young.

Kate: Thank you.

Stefano: For what?

Kate: For not making this be anything more than just a deal.

Stefano: Well... just nothing but a deal -- a contract. I mean, we have negotiated a very profitable...situation.

Kate: And now it's time for me to live up to my end of the bargain. 'Cause I think you better put another bottle on ice.

Stefano: [Laughing] Ah, clever as always. But you know something? Katherine, you should look back at your life. What is it, the kids they say today? It's, um....yes! A hot mess.

Kate: Do you regret taking me on, Stefano?

Stefano: No, no, no, no, no, no. Not at all. We are going to be a glorious couple. Hm? Now, you are strong, for sure. But you're also lonely. And there's a little girl in there who's very sad. Katherine, don't be sad anymore. Be happy. It's your time.

[Glasses clink]

Sami: I got his voicemail for the millionth time.

Brady: Well, you should leave a message. Leave a message.

Sami: Are you kidding? I don't wanna seem like a stalker. Besides, there's a part of the story that I didn't tell you. When Rafe and I first broke up, he told me that he was gonna leave town. Maybe that's just what he's done.

Sami: Yeah, you don't know that he did that.

Sami: You know what, maybe Rafe is just moving on with his life. Maybe I should do the same thing.

Meredith: I'm sorry, Sami. Mr. Hernandez is no longer taking calls. No one can help you. Not now. Not ever.

Brady: Arianna, tell me.

Arianna: I found out Nicole had a miscarriage.

Sami: I will make sure that you never see your daughter again.

Phillip: Thanks to all your schemes, your son tried to kill himself last night.

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