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Days of Our Lives Transcript Friday 9/18/09 - Canada; Monday 9/21/09 - U.S.A.


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Chloe: Please, you're a good man. I know you are. But do the right thing.

Lucas: Yeah, good old Lucas.

Chloe: Oh, Lucas, I know that I hurt you, and I know that you're angry, but, please. Your mom tried to kill me. And now she's gonna go after Daniel. So if you're not gonna help me find him, then, please, just at least stop her before she really does kill someone.

Kate: He could be in Chloeís hospital room by now. He could be on his way to the police station. It could be too late to help me.

Stefano: All right, come on, come on, come on. He cannot get far, not in the condition he's in, all right? I will take care of your Dr. Jonas for you. [Sighs] Calm down. Please, all right? Trust me. My reach is long. He's not going to get away.

Philip: Are they saying when Chloe gets out of the hospital? Yeah, right. Hey, listen, Brady, I got to... go. I'll talk to you later, okay? What's up?

Roman: Looking for Kate. She here?

Philip: No, she's not. Why?

Roman: Chloe just gave us a statement that, uh, pretty much clears Daniel in the poisoning.

Philip: That's great. Why are you looking for my mom?

Roman: She is now a... person of interest.

Maggie: Okay, good news. I just got off the phone with Mickey. The drug that you gave Chloe, it not only worked... she's completely recovered.

Melanie: Are you serious?

Maggie: I'm serious.

Nathan: Oh, my God!

Melanie: Oh, my gosh!

Maggie: And, and, and the word that people are speaking instead of criminal... is hero.

Melanie: Hero.

Nathan: Thank you.

Melanie: Hero! So we can go now. We can get going.

Maggie: Uh, uh, well...

Bo: Yeah, I got it. We'll put out an APB. A guy like Jonas doesn't just disappear. All right, later. Ah ha ha ha, how you doing, little one? How was your counseling session, hmm?

Hope: Hey, sweetheart, um, why don't you run upstairs and pick out some of your favorite toys, okay? And mommy will be up in just a second to help you pack.

Bo: Pack? Pack for what?

Hope: We're leaving.

Maggie: Um... no, Mickey doesn't know how long it's gonna take for them to decide whether bail needs to be set. But he's working on it.

Melanie: Um, why do we need bail if we're heroes?

[Cell phone ringing]

Maggie: Um... honey, it's all gonna work out. Although, Nathan, I'm a little concerned about the hospital board.

Nathan: Yeah, I'm--I'm sure that they're less than happy. Uh, you know what? I know my position's on the line, but...

Officer Morgan: Dr. Horton?

Nathan: Yeah.

Officer Morgan: You're free to go.

Maggie: [Gasps] Oh.

Melanie: Okay.

Nathan: Oh, great.

Maggie: Okay, well, I told you it wasn't gonna take long.

Nathan: Now we can celebrate.

Melanie: Yeah.

Officer Morgan: Not you. You have to stay.

Maggie: Oh.

Melanie: Oh.

Chloe: She will kill him, okay? I have to warn him.

Lucas: No, you donít. What are you doing? Chloe, stop it. I need help! I need help in here right now! Stop it, you can't get up, okay? You have an I.V. in your arm, Chloe, stop.

Chloe: Lucas, stop it.

Nurse: Chloe, you can't get out of bed.

Chloe: No.

Nurse: Dr. Carver said that this might happen. She left instructions.

Lucas: She's out of her mind.

Nurse: Hold her, hold her.

Chloe: No. Daniel. He doesn't know what's going on. Lucas, please. Please, okay? He needs my help. Lucas, plea--please. Why won't an--anyone lis--

Lucas: Relax, relax.

Chloe: Why won't anyone listen to me, Luc--Lucas?

Nurse: It's gonna be okay, Chloe.

Chloe: Lucas.

Nurse: Relax.

Chloe: Daniel needs me. And...

Lucas: Daniel's gonna have to get somebody else to help him.

Daniel: [Breathing heavily] Oh, damn. Oh. Oh.

Bo: Packed? Where are we going?

Hope: Dr. Hancock said that, um, being here in this house is having a detrimental effect on Ciara right now. She thinks it's best if she has, uh, a new environment.

Bo: Just like that?

Hope: She saw Justin get shot right over there. She thought he was dead. And the man who kidnapped her stood right here in this house, where she's supposed to feel safe, pointing a gun at her, ready to kill both of us at any second.

Bo: Okay, I get that, I-- I know that she was traumatized, but--

Hope: Dad and Julie said... we could stay at their vacation house as long as we needed to.

Bo: All right, okay. If that's what's best for her, we'll do that. I'll just call the station and make some arrangements. I got two weeks coming to me, and if it takes longer than that, roman said he'd cover for me.

Hope: No. No, don't call.

Bo: Why not?

Hope: You're not coming with us.

Stefano: Call me the minute you make contact. [Sighs] All right, if Dr. Jonas is in Salem, he will be found within the next 15 minutes.

Kate: How can you be so sure?

Stefano: You said he was in love with your son's wife, hmm? She is in the hospital. Where do think he's gonna go?

Kate: At--to the hospital.

Stefano: Right. Where he will be intercepted and eliminated as a threat.

Kate: What do you mean by "eliminated"?

Stefano: [Chuckles] Katherine, my dear, dear woman, hmm? You should know by now. When I say I'm going to do something, it will happen, and don't ever, ever ask for details.

[Knock at door]

Stefano: Ah.

Kate: Oh, my God.

Woman: Housekeeping.

Kate: At this hour?

Stefano: Yes, but the room has to be cleaned, all right? Come in, please. The entire room.

Woman: Yes, sir.

Stefano: All right. I took the liberty of calling a cleaning service, and this very efficient woman is going to see to it that there is not a trace of human activity in this entire room... including DNA and fingerprints.

Kate: Well... obviously, I turned to the right man for help.

Stefano: Hmm. Victor could have done the same thing for you, only he refused. Believe me, Katherine... I will not make the same mistake.

Daniel: [Groans] Chloe. Oh! Come on. Get up.

[Cell phone ringing]

Kate: Lucas. Hey. Hey, baby, I'm sorry I didn't get back to you. Is Chloe okay?

Lucas: Compared to what? They just knocked her out with a tranquilizer. And would you like to hear some of the things she's been babbling?

Kate: All right.

Lucas: I already told you that she said she's in love with Daniel and that he's innocent.

Kate: Yes. Yes, you did. You told me that.

Lucas: She also said that you were the one who poisoned her, Mom.

Kate: She--she said what?

Lucas: Imagine that. I mean, I know I thought you did. I accused you of that when I first found out. But I wasn't thinking straight, was I? I mean, come on, you wouldn't do that, would you, Mom? You wouldn't try to kill somebody... especially when that somebody happens to be my wife. You wouldn't do that, right? Right, Mom?

Kate: [Sighs]

Hope: Dr. Hancock said that... Ciara's picking up on the tension between us... which, of course, is making her anxiety even worse. She needs to get away from this house, Bo.

Bo: No, what she needs is stability--two parents, her own home, her family and friends around her.

Hope: Dr. Hancock made it very clear--

Bo: I don't give a damn what Doc-- you know what? Let her give away her kids. Ciara is my daughter.

Hope: You wouldn't be able to be a father to her if she were dead.

Bo: What?

Hope: You gambled with our daughter's life.

Maggie: Roman?

Roman: Well, okay. The D.A. has decided, Nathan, since you're a doctor without a criminal record, you should be released on your own recognizance. But, Melanie--

Melanie: I don't have a criminal record either.

Roman: Not in the United States.

Melanie: Ooh. Look, that stuff in France, those charges were dropped.

Roman: Yeah, I know they were, but...

Maggie: Roman. That is so unfair.

Melanie: So I have to spend the night in jail?

Roman: Unfortunately, you do, unless you can post a guaranteed bond of $10,000, which I assume you canít.

Melanie: Well...

Nathan: I-I'll get the money. I'll get the money. Can she stay here and not go into a cell?

Roman: For a while, absolutely, sure.

Nathan: All right. Listen, sit tight. I'll be back.

Melanie: Yeah, I'm not going anywhere, so...

Nathan: Come on.

Maggie: It's gonna be all right, Melanie.

Roman: Okay. Melanie, if you need anything, anything at all, just ask Officer Morgan, okay?

Melanie: Does he have any lip gloss?

Roman: I would kind of doubt that.

Melanie: [Laughs] God.

Philip: Hey, Mel.

Lucas: So Chloeís just talking garbage right now, is that what you're telling me? She has no idea what she's saying?

Kate: You want me to confirm it? You know, because the last time you accused me, it really hurt me, Lucas. But the truth is, I felt that Chloe and Daniel were acting like a couple of teenagers, I did, but to suggest that I would kill her...

Lucas: All right, I'm sorry. I'm sorry I brought it up.

Kate: I'm sorry too. Look, if, um--if Daniel comes to the hospital, will you give me a call? Because I really want to talk to that snake.

Daniel: Chloe. Oh. Come on.

Man: He's here.

Stefano: Excellent. You know what to do.

Man: Dr. Jonas... you're not supposed to be here.

Daniel: Oh, good. Good, they still got a police officer here, 'cause I want to report a crime. But first, I just--I need--

Man: I need you to come with me.

Bo: You did not just say that! That I gambled with our daughter's life! You know, if that's what you think, you're the one that needs therapy.

Hope: Oh, thank you. Very nice. You know, if you're gonna be cruel, I'm--

Bo: I'm being cruel? You just accused me of being reckless with our daughter's life. Instead of being happy that we have our daughter home, you want to put me through hell, as if having our daughter being kidnapped wasn't hell enough!

Hope: Would you keep your voice down?

Bo: [Scoffs] The only person... to blame here... is that son of a bitch Dean. You're not to blame, and I'm not to blame. So can we have this-- look at me, would you? Can we--can we have this discussion about our daughter...

Hope: Be quiet!

Bo: And where she lives without blaming each other?

Hope: Ciara and I will be staying at the vacation house.

Bo: Like hell you will.

Hope: Stop. Stop. Stop. Even now, she can hear you. This is what Dr. Hancock is talking about, which is exactly why she and I have to leave.

Bo: No, no, you just found a reason to leave... same way you did when Zack died. You know what? We almost lost our marriage then. You do this to us again, what are we gonna have left?

Maggie: What in the world? What is all that for?

Nathan: Um, there's a pawn shop up on Main Street open late. I'm gonna go hock this stuff--

Maggie: Honey, ah-- I said I would write a check for Melanieís bond right now.

Nathan: Yes, and--and thank you, but I said that I'm gonna do this my way, okay? Melanie and I got into this together, and I'm gonna bail her out. Will you open the door?

Maggie: Nathan. Are you doing this because you want to be Melanieís savior?

Philip: I'm here to pay your bail. Get ready to walk.

Melanie: Really?

Philip: Why didn't you call me when you got arrested?

Melanie: I figured you wouldn't want to talk to me.

Philip: Why? I told you how I feel about us. And besides, I owe you even more now. Chloe was my high-school sweetheart.

Melanie: Oh. Well, for a little while there, we thought it wasn't gonna work. It was pretty scary.

Philip: Hmm. It's kind of amazing when you think about it. Nathan Horton, an intern... risks everything to try this experimental treatment to save some woman's life. You got to admire the guy.

Melanie: Uh, it wasn't really Nathanís idea. It was Danielís.

Philip: He wanted to save Chloe?

Melanie: Look, Danielís innocent. He didn't try and kill Chloe.

Philip: Well, the D.A. doesn't think so.

Melanie: Why would Daniel save Chloeís life, then?

Philip: You talk to him?

Melanie: Yes.

Philip: He still saying that my mom's the one who poisoned Chloe?

Melanie: [Sighs] He thinks so, yeah.

Philip: And you believe him?

Daniel: Now, listen, listen, I'm not the bad guy here, okay?

Man: I just need to get your statement.

Daniel: No. We'll do that later, okay? Right now I need to see--

Lucas: I knew it, I knew it. As soon as you heard she came to, you'd show up here. What, are you trying to shut her up, is that it?

Daniel: Lucas, I am so--

Lucas: You know what? Let me take care of this bastard.

Man: I just need to get this man's statement, then I'll get yours.

Lucas: You want my statement? There. There, there's my statement. You got it. You happy now?

Stefano: [Sighs] For you, Katherine. And to your continued... freedom.

Kate: Yes! Yes, I can't tell you how much I appreciated your help.

Stefano: Ah, you're very welcome. Mm. Of course, I did mention that there is a price.

Kate: Of course. Whatever I have to pay. [Scoffs]

Hope: I did not... run away when Zack died. You pushed me away.

Bo: I never wanted you to leave.

Hope: You lied to me about everything, repeatedly. And then you let Billie lie to me, Chelsea lie to me.

Bo: I made some bad choices in trying to protect you, and I admitted that. Hope. [Sighs] Look... we worked very hard to bring life back into our marriage to make it strong again. Stronger than ever.

Hope: Maybe in your eyes.

Bo: And not in yours.

Hope: Trust can disappear. Without it, we have nothing.

Bo: We disagreed on how to save our daughter. And because of that, you don't trust me that I can take care of her? Even though she is home... safe and living with us.

Hope: Bo, please.

Bo: Your answer is to take off, forget how I fee--

[Knock at door]

Bo: Forget how I feel... forget that Ciara won't have her father, forget how she'll feel if she wakes up in the middle of the night in a nightmare and her father won't be there for her. What?

Justin: Oh... sorry.

Hope: No, it's--it's fine. We're done. Justin, come on in.

Bo: Yeah, come in. We're done. Uh, Hope is, um, taking our daughter and leaving. But then you knew that, didn't you? That's why you're here. You're leaving with her, aren't you?

Justin: Bo, I'm sorry. I-I didn't know Ciara and Hope were going anywhere. You're not going with them?

Bo: [Chuckles] You do a bad job of covering.

Hope: Bo. He's family. Please, could you show him a little respect?

Bo: What do you want?

Justin: Well, actually, I need to speak to Hope.

Bo: [Chuckles] And you can't wait till you leave? This is my house.

Hope: Bo, Bo, Bo, please. Stop... for Ciara.

[Cell phone ringing]

Bo: [Scoffs] Brady. Okay, good, follow it. I want Jonas found, so-- listen, you're a detective. Be a detective. Don't--I don't need to hold your hand the whole time, do I?

Justin: Hope. Don't wait. Go after him.

Hope: No. This is something I have to do.

Justin: Go after him, now. If you lose him, it'll be the biggest mistake of your life.

Philip: It's a simple question, Mel. Do you believe my mom's the one who poisoned Chloe?

Melanie: I don't really know your mom, Philip.

Philip: Well, I do know her, and she's innocent. Okay? She's a good person with a good heart.

Melanie: Okay, I'm sorry. I believe you.

Philip: All she's ever wanted to do was make her kids happy.

Melanie: Right. No, absolutely. Um... okay, so then if she goes to jail because I helped prove Danielís innocent... maybe you shouldn't bail me out after all.

Stefano: You don't seem pleased, Katherine.

Kate: I didn't expect that.

Stefano: Well, you certainly can turn me down, of course. But naturally... [Chuckles] if you walk away, uh... I'm afraid I need your answer now.

Kate: All right! All right, you win. You win.

Stefano: You... listen to me. You will watch your temper. And you will treat me... with respect. And you will thank me for what I'm about to do for you.

Kate: Thank you, my love.

Stefano: Ah...

[Chuckling] Why are you so reluctant Katherine, huh? Are you worried that your family is going to react because you are in bed with the so-called enemy?

Kate: Well, we've always had a very complicated relationship. My family knows that, and, um... they're going to have to understand.

Stefano: Yes... they will.

Kate: [Inhales deeply] [Sighs]

Justin: You can't make a mistake like this. Okay, there's got to be some way to work things out.

Hope: Ciara's therapist said it's not good for her to be here. Too much has happened, I mean, my God, right here in this room--too many bad memories.

Justin: Okay, so... this isn't about you leaving Bo.

Hope: No.

Justin: You sure about that?

Hope: I think... that time away will help all of us.

Justin: You may think so... but take it from somebody who knows. It wonít. That's all I can say. Take care.

[Door closes]

Stefano: [Sighs] You made me a happy man today, Katherine.

[Cell phone ringing]

Stefano: All right. Yes. What? You idiot. I don't want to hear excuses, all right? Just stay on the scene and keep me informed.

Kate: What's wrong?

Stefano: [Sighs] There's been a slight problem.

Philip: Of course I'm still gonna bail you out. You think I'm gonna let you go to jail?

Melanie: Did you talk to your dad about this?

Philip: Why would I do that?

Melanie: Well, I know he kind of likes to make it miserable for you if he doesn't like who you're hanging out with.

Philip: He doesn't run my life.

Melanie: And I hear your mom is not really a fan of Lucas' wife, and since I'm mixed up in that whole saving her thing, she's probably not too happy with me.

Philip: You know what? She doesn't run my life either, okay?

Melanie: Look, I'm just saying that probably the best thing for you to do would be to walk away, because everybody knows all I do is bring trouble.

Maggie: Sweetheart, I like Melanie. I like her more every day. But I have to honest here, okay? From the moment that girl stepped foot in Salem, she has been totally infatuated with Philip Kiriakis.

Nathan: Okay, yeah.

Maggie: And now he's broken off the engagement with Stephanie.

Nathan: I-I get it, all right? I get it. You're worried that she's gonna run off with Philip, and I-I'm gonna be crushed, okay? But guess what? It's not gonna happen, because I'm not even--I'm not even thinking about her in that way.

Maggie: Fine.

Nathan: I mean it. And regardless, I can take care of myself.

Maggie: Of course you can. I'm sorry for presuming... and intruding and--

Nathan: No, it's okay. I know it's because you care. Just... look, there's nothing to worry about.

Maggie: Right. Okay, so go take care of Melanie.

Nathan: Yeah. [Clears throat] That's what I'm gonna do.

Nurse: Lucas Horton may have punched you, but before that, somebody hit you but good.

[Monitor beeping]

Kate: What kind of problem? Is it about Daniel? Did your people find him or not?

Stefano: Do you have your phone?

Kate: Why?

Stefano: It is about to ring. Did you bring it in with you?

[Cell phone ringing]

Kate: [Sighs] Lucas, what is it?

Lucas: Well, not much. Nothing but great news tonight, Mom. I just got arrested for punching Daniel.

Kate: Daniel, where is he?

Lucas: That's not the point. Why would you ask that? Who cares?

Kate: Lucas, um, look, is Daniel at the hospital? Is that where you hit him?

Lucas: He came looking for Chloe, and I knocked him out, yes.

Kate: Good. I mean, honey, it--it's good for you. I mean, but it's bad that it brought you more trouble. Um, are you at the police station right now?

Lucas: No, but I will be soon.

Kate: Okay, look, I'll meet you there. You stay strong, darling, okay? Bye. Daniel's at the hospital, but I need to get to the police station.

Stefano: Not without me, darling.

Philip: I am not gonna walk away from you, Mel... not now or ever. You hang tight. I'll be right back.

Melanie: "Not now or ever." [Chuckles]

Nathan: Hey. You okay?

Melanie: Hi, yeah.

Nathan: I'm sorry it took so long, but guess what? I got it. I got the money. Uh, you ready to do this damn thing?

Melanie: Oh, um, Philip came by. He's gonna take care of it. You don't have to worry about it.

[Cell phone ringing]

Kate: Oh, one second.

Stefano: Hmm.

Kate: Hey, Philip. I'm just on my way out. What's up, honey?

Philip: Hey, I'll make it quick. Roman came by. He's looking for you.

Kate: Oh, wonderful.

Philip: Yeah. He says you're a person of interest in Chloeís poisoning.

Kate: That bastard.

Philip: You know Chloeís awake now, right?

Kate: Yes, yes, I do know that.

Philip: It's a wild story. Nathan Horton and Melanie Layton gave her a drug that brought her out of the coma.

Kate: Well, I guess that means they believe the ridiculous story that Danielís been spreading that I was behind the poisoning.

Philip: It doesn't matter what they think.

Kate: No, it doesn't, as long as you don't believe it.

Philip: Of course not.

Kate: Look, don't you worry, okay? Everything's gonna be just fine.

Philip: Okay.

Kate: Bye. I, um--I think there may be a loose end or two that I, uh-- I missed.

Stefano: Nothing to worry about. I know all about that. Come.

Roman: Okay. Melanie, you are good to go. Officer Morgan has your things. You just need to sign right here at the bottom.

Philip: I can't thank you enough for what you did for Chloe, man.

Nathan: Yeah, well, don't thank me. You can thank Dr. Jonas.

Roman: Now... do I really have to say this? Oh, yeah, I think I do.

Melanie: [Chuckles]

Roman: You two stay out of trouble, please.

Melanie: Okay.

Philip: You know, there's no need for you to stick around, I'll be driving Melanie home.

Nathan: Oh, we live together, man. I think it only makes sense that I drive her.

Philip: Yeah, well, I was thinking we could, uh, grab a drink or something.

Nathan: She's underage.

Philip: Okay. Ice cream sundae, then--how's that?

Nathan: I know what you're trying to do, and I'm not gonna sit still for it, all right? If you mess with her head one more time, you're gonna answer to me.

Philip: Wow.

Nathan: Are we clear?

Philip: Wow, are you her new guard dog or something?

Nathan: No, it's a simple warning, my friend. If you're not really interested in her, back off.

Philip: Why? Why, because you are interested in her?

Nathan: Yes... I am.

Bo: [Laughs] Oh, no. You won again. That makes two times, and you know what happens now, right? I have this very difficult job to do, and you know what that job is, right? Oh, I have to count Ciara Bradyís ribs. One...

Ciara: No.

Bo: Yeah, it's a job. I have to do it. You know I do, unless... unless I get a kiss right here, and then the job can wait till tomorrow, okay? Ah, thank you.

Hope: Hey, okay, sweetheart, we're all set to go. Oh... I forgot Tommy bear on your bed. Would you get it for mommy, honey? All right, sweetheart. Thank you, sweetheart.

Bo: So what was Justinís advice? Get out of here so you can spend your first night together?

Hope: You didn't just say that.

Bo: What, is he waiting for you in the car?

Hope: I don't know where he is. What I do know is he told me flat out not to do this. He said to stay with Bo. But after that very hurtful comment you just made, that's one more reason why I know I have to go.

Bo: Come here, you. Gonna miss you, little one. I'll call you every day... 5 or 20 times. You be good, all right? Do what your mommy says. And remember... that I love you, okay?

Ciara: I love you too, Daddy.

Bo: Okay.

Hope: Okay, let's go, sweetheart, okay?

Ciara: Aren't you gonna hug Daddy good-bye?

Hope: Bye. Okay. Okay, let's go, sweetheart. Open the door for mommy.

Nurse: Chloe, you're not supposed to be out of bed like this.

Chloe: I've got to find Daniel, please. Help me get out of the hospital so I can find him.

Nurse: You don't have to leave the hospital. I'll take you to him. Come on. One step at a time. Don't worry about feeling weak like this. Your strength will come back soon. That's it, that's it. You're gonna be okay, honey. Hang onto the bed. He wakes up now and then. We're watching to make sure he's gonna be okay.

[Door closes]

Daniel: Chloe? Please... tell me this isn't a dream.

Chloe: I'm hoping the same thing. I love you.

Daniel: [Sighs] I missed you so much.

Roman: All right, Lucas. I know you're going through a hard time, but you can't just haul off and punch somebody out just 'cause you're pissed off.

Lucas: Well, I just did, didn't I?

Roman: Yeah, you did. Now I'm saying it wasn't very smart.

Kate: Lucas.

Roman: Kate. Okay, I need to talk to you later, all right? Got to go check something out for Lucas right now, but you stay put.

Kate: Hey, baby.

Lucas: Hey.

Kate: Are you all right?

Lucas: I don't know, Mom. Define all right.

[Door opens]

Kate: I know it's been really difficult for you today. I know that.

Lucas: What's he doing here?

Kate: Stefano's here to support us. In fact... I have some wonderful news.

Lucas: Yeah, what's that?

Kate: Stefano and I are getting married.

Brady: I think this is something that I need to settle with Philip on my own.

Melanie: You're upset because you think I sided against your mom.

Lucas: How could you marry a man who tried to kill your own son?

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