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Days of Our Lives Transcript Thursday 9/17/09 - Canada; Friday 9/18/09 - U.S.A.


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Nicole: EJ, I just -- I wanna go away from here. You, me, and Sydney -- I wanna go away and never come back.

EJ: I mean, that sounds, uh, that sounds like a lovely dream.

Nicole: Okay. Doesn't it? Then let's make it happen. Tonight.

EJ: I'm sorry, sweetheart. We can't do that.

Sami: I don't think there are any miracles left for me.

Sister Claire: Oh, sweetheart. With God...all things are possible.

Sami: Well, yeah, but...

Sister Claire: We may not always know when a miracle is taking place. But believe me... there are many angels walking among us. Your life could be about to change right this very minute.

Rafe: Sami's baby's still alive. Sydney. [Whispering] Sami's baby is Sydney. [Thinking] Ease off, man, ease off. For God's sakes, it's just a theory. Logical theory. Very logical. Every piece fits -- Dr. Baker helped Nicole switch Sami’s baby with Grace at the clinic. What if I'm wrong? Oh, my God, what if I'm right? What if I'm right?

Lucas: How the hell would I know where Daniel is? And why would you want him around you anyway? Why would you want him? You know he's just gonna try to kill you again.

Chloe: Daniel would never do that.

Lucas: You wanna bet?

Chloe: [Sighs] Lucas... Roman said that he was gonna go and try to find Daniel as soon as he could, and when he does find him and he knows that I'm awake, then the real truth can come out.

Lucas: Oh, yeah? What truth's that?

Chloe: Daniel didn't do anything to hurt me. He loves me. And I love him and... nothing can change that.

Daniel: [Groaning] [Whispers] Kate... first I'm gonna find Chloe... then I'm gonna make you pay. [Shouting] Anybody there? Somebody! [Quietly] Help me.

Kate: I need your help. I mean it. You're my only hope.

Nicole: You won't even consider leaving Salem. I mean, for me.

EJ: Sweetheart... I mean, come on, I think you know why we can't just leave.

Nicole: No. Actually, I don’t.

EJ: My father is here. My son is here. I can't just abandon them.

Nicole: You won't have to. Look, Grandpa Stefano could fly Johnny over, and they could stay weeks at a time.

EJ: Okay, look, I... I understand that the idea of just...escaping to some European country is very romantic, but Salem is our home. Listen...hey. How 'bout we do this? Why don't we, um... why don't we go on that honeymoon?

Nicole: Really?

EJ: Really. Anything to keep you smiling.

Sami: Well, I wish I had your optimism.

Sister Claire: Perhaps if you went to the chapel. Meditation can be very healing.

Sami: Okay. Yeah, I-I'll try anything. Thank you.

Sister Claire: Okay. We'll talk soon, okay?

Sami: Okay. Oh...ah!

Rafe: [Thinking] I'm right. I know it. Nicole switched Grace with Sydney so she could have E.J.'s baby. Ah...unless I can prove it, there's no way I can do anything or say anything. Damn it. Baker's dead. Nicole's got a restraining order against me. Which means I need a different approach.

[Phone dialing]

Rafe: Hey, man, it's Rafe Hernandez. How you doing? Yeah. It's been a long time. You're right about that. Listen, I need a huge favor. I'm kind of in a bind right now. All right, you know where the Brady pub is? I'll see you then. Thanks, man. I'm gonna prove it. I'm gonna prove it.

Chloe: Lucas, I never meant to hurt you.

Lucas: [Snickers]

Chloe: Please know that, all right? The affair happened before you and I got married. But Daniel and I broke it off, and ever since then, we have not been together. I promise, not once.

Lucas: Well, forgive me for feeling a little cynical about your promises. And why'd you break it off with me in the first place? I mean, why bother doing that? And don't give me that garbage about me falling off the wagon, either.

Chloe: Actually, that was part of it. But the main reason was... I made a promise to God.

Stefano: In my humble opinion, Katherine, you need something to soothe your nerves. Perhaps a...scotch.

Kate: Yes, fine. A double. Neat.

Stefano: Excellent. You know, there's something else that, uh, helps me to relax. And that is playing a nice game of chess, huh? As a matter of fact, I just reset the table.

Kate: Stefano, no, I'm not in the mood.

Stefano: Oh, whoa, whoa, whoa, buh, buh, buh. Come, come, come. Now, Katherine, you asked me for my help, right? Okay, so come and join me. Ah. Ah, good. Sit.

Kate: Fine. Whatever.

Stefano: All right. Now...[Exhales] [Chuckles] Ah... now. Tell me everything.

Kate: I've done... I've done something and, um, if I don't get help, my life is gonna turn into one long nightmare.

Stefano: Hmm. Because you...poisoned your son's wife and framed Dr. Jonas for it.

[Sighs] Your move. Eh, eh. [Clicks tongue] I would, uh, protect my knight if I were you. You know, I have to admit -- I thought you were gonna get away with it. What happened?

Kate: I think I got a little over-confident. And now, Daniel is a loose end that can't stay tied up forever.

Daniel: [Grunting] [Breathing hard] Oh... [Whispers] Yes... yes. Come on. Yes, come on. Come on.

Lucas: You made a promise to God.

Chloe: Lucas, I honestly did.

Lucas: Yeah, I know, I know, I already heard the God story from Daniel. What -- what was it -- you were struck with divine intervention? That's it? That's a crock, Chloe.

Chloe: No, it's true. The night that you started drinking again, you'd found out from Maggie that I'd had an affair with Daniel and you went to his apartment to confront him.

Lucas: And that's when there was the big gas explosion, right? What was that, the booming voice of God? Is that what you're telling me?

Chloe: Listen to me, okay? After that explosion, when I went out into the hallway, I found you dead, okay? You weren't breathing. You had no pulse.

Lucas: Right, so you know this because, what, you're a doctor now, Chloe, is that it?

Chloe: You can make fun of me all you want...but I did the only thing I could. I knelt down and I prayed for you. I made a solemn promise. I asked God that if He spared your life that I would do the right thing and I'd give up Daniel and I'd marry you. And as I was praying, all of a sudden there you were in the doorway, speaking to me.

Lucas: Yeah, a walking, talking miracle -- that's me.

Chloe: Yes. And I kept my word to God. I have never been unfaithful. I swear.

Lucas: Yeah. You know what? Daniel said the same damn thing. I believe him as much as I believe you!

[Daniel groaning]

Daniel: Ah! Ah...damn it. Oh...[Panting] Now. Now... [Shouts] Now! Oh...[Breathing heavily] Oh... ah... no. No. Chloe. No, I got -- ohh.

Chloe: I wish you weren't so angry, but... I know how much I've hurt you.

Lucas: Do you? I mean, do you, really? Why don't you try doubling it a few hundred times, and maybe, just maybe, you'll come close. But you know what really burns me. It's the fact that you're totally delusional about your lover boy, about your boyfriend! Chloe, he put you in this coma. That man wants you dead.

Chloe: No, he doesn’t.

Lucas: He tried to poison you -- the cops can prove it.

Chloe: It wasn't Daniel, okay?

Lucas: It wasn't? Then who was it? Who was it? Have you figured that out yet? Just tell me.

Kate: It's not a sin, you know. Go ahead, take a bite.

Chloe: Hey, what's wrong? What happened?

Lucas: Uh, welcome! Welcome to crazy town. The mayor of crazy town is washing off the eggs. She just doused me.

Daniel: Kate, what is the problem?

Lucas: I don't know what her problem is. I just wanted one little egg. That's it. What, are they poisoned or something?

Chloe: It was your mother.

Lucas: My what? Excuse me?

Chloe: Yeah, it was Kate, all right? It's the only logical explanation.

Lucas: Don't lie to me. Don't tell me that! I don't wanna hear that, all right? My mother would never do anything like that.

Stefano: You overpowered Dr. Jonas, you tied him up, and you left him in a motel room?

Kate: And I just took your bishop.

Stefano: [Chuckling] Katherine, I'm impressed. Bravo.

Kate: What did you expect me to do? I wasn't gonna let him call the police and play my taped confession.

Stefano: Of course not. Trust me. The authorities are never very understanding of things like that.

Kate: That's why I've come to you.

Stefano: You have destroyed the incriminating evidence, of course.

Kate: Well, of course I have. But there's still Daniel, and... there might be other evidence. I was extremely careful, but you never know.

Stefano: Hmm. One never knows. You know, even accomplished players sometimes make small... mental mistakes.

Kate: Ouch. I didn't see that.

Stefano: [Chuckling] Your move.

Kate: And then Chloe comes out of her coma, and I was really counting on that girl dying.

Stefano: Well, now that she's awake, I mean, she can say things that you certainly do not want to be heard.

Kate: Things are very difficult for me right now.

Stefano: So you've come to your old friend... and admirer.

Kate: Yes.

Stefano: Not Victor?

Kate: [Sighs] No, because Victor is Daniel’s godfather, and he thinks the sun rises and sets on Daniel.

Stefano: Well, surely, he is not gonna turn in Philip’s mother to the police.

Kate: No. But he's not gonna lift a finger to help me either.

Stefano: Stupid fool. But you know... he is not so stupid as to not know what you have done.

Kate: Yes. He knows. But the truth is, I wouldn't be here if I didn't need your help. There's nothing else to talk about. Will me?

Stefano: Check.

Nicole: Ooh! First stop...Paris. Mm! The Seine, the Louvre and...oh! We can't forget our evening walks along the Champs-Élysées and show off our little Sydney, huh? [Giggling]

EJ: Absolutely.

Nicole: What else? Uh, the, uh, oh -- I'm gonna -- how do you say this -- the co-de-zur. Cote-de-zur.

EJ: Côte d'Azur.

Nicole: [Laughs] Côte d'Azur.

EJ: I think it's gonna be a little hot there this time of year.

Nicole: Okay. So we can go to the Champagne region.

[Cell phone rings]

EJ: Okay. I'm sorry, I have to take this.

Nicole: Oh.

EJ: This gentleman is gonna be very upset to learn that I'm going away for a few weeks. Gimme a kiss.

Nicole: Too bad.

EJ: Mr. Carlisle. Good. Absolutely. No, they'll be there on Tuesday, I think. Something I have to talk to you about.

Nicole: We are going to France, sweetie, huh? Isn't it exciting? Yes, it is! [Chuckles]

Rafe: Hey, thanks for coming down. You look good, as always.

Agent: You too, bro.

Rafe: Right.

Agent: Leaving the bureau hasn't slowed you down any. What's new these days? Did you go private?

Rafe: Uh, yeah, sorta. Anyway, this case I'm working on right now, it's way on the d-l, okay?

Agent: Got it.

Rafe: High-profile family, lots of private protection, one hell of a rep. Not to mention there's a restraining order out against me.

Agent: [Chuckles] Nice challenge.

Rafe: Yeah. Anyway...what I need to do is find out who a child's parents are.

Agent: DNA samples are the only real way, man.

Rafe: Mm-hmm.

Agent: But you need to do it under the radar, right?

Rafe: Mm-hmm. Yeah, they're definitely not gonna subject themselves to any cotton swabs or anything like that. So what are my options?

Agent: Uh, there's quite a few, actually. If you can find a hairbrush, for example, the follicles will be useable, and...saliva can be gotten a lot of different ways. Do any of them smoke?

Rafe: No. I don't think so.

Agent: Okay, but saliva off a glass they drank out of could work. Licking an envelope. One case we had recently involved going through the suspect's garbage and...

Lucas: You know what, Chloe? I think they need to run some more tests on you. I think your brain has finally turned to mush. You're talking to God, and now my mom is poisoning you too?

Chloe: She knew about the affair.

Lucas: It doesn't matter! It doesn't make her a killer.

Chloe: Lucas, every time I got sick, Kate was there. She is the one who gave me the apple, the only thing that I'd eaten that day, and I got sick. Remember? She's the one who provided all the food for the show that we were using, and every time I ate something, I got sick!

Lucas: Daniel sent those apples -- he's the one who gave them to you.

Chloe: Anything I ate, any food, it came from trays provided by Kate. Don't you see?

Chloe: Has it hit you yet that the police have a ton of evidence against Daniel? He wrote out the prescription. The damn drug was found in his apartment!

Chloe: Oh, and your mother is not smart enough, not devious enough to plant evidence?

Lucas: She wouldn't go that far -- she wouldn't do that.

Chloe: Come on, it makes a hell of a lot more sense than Daniel trying to kill me. He loves me, and I love him, all right? We were planning -- oh, my God.

Lucas: What?

Chloe: I've been awake for a while now. Why isn't Daniel here?

Lucas: I don't know! Who cares? Who cares where he is? Maybe he left town because he knows for a fact he's gotta stand trial tomorrow.

Chloe: No, what if Kate got to him too?

Stefano: You know, Katherine, I'm not only flattered that you came to me for help, but in a strange sort of way, I'm... deeply moved. Because the last time we talked, whoo! You were so terribly angry at me.

Kate: Yeah. Just because you ordered my son to be murdered? How petty of me.

Stefano: Mm. You know that my dealings with the Kiriakis family is not something that I can discuss. And surely, you must realize that having lived with Victor.

Kate: What about your dealings with me?

Stefano: None of Victor's business.

Kate: Good.

Stefano: You know... [Drumming on table] Look at this here. We have a very interesting setup on this table.

Kate: Yes, I know, I know. But time is running out for me, and frankly, things could get a lot worse very quickly. Are you going to help me or are you not?

Stefano: Of course. I should think that goes without saying. But you must realize that there's going to be a price, naturally.

Kate: Price?

Stefano: A non-negotiable price. Are you willing to agree to those terms? Hmm? Ho ho ho ho. [Laughing] Will you look at that? [Laughs]

Kate: What?

Stefano: The queen. I captured her.

Lucas: So not only did my mom try to kill you, but she's going after your boyfriend too. Wow, Chloe, that's amazing!

Chloe: I'm just afraid that something's happened to him.

Lucas: You know what, I'm sick of talking about this. I don't wanna discuss this with you anymore! You and your dumb fantasies about this. You want me to tell you how it's gonna play out? I'll tell you -- when the police --

Chloe: Lucas --

Lucas: And not if...but when the police arrest Daniel -- and they will arrest him, again -- he's gonna go to jail for attempted murder.

Chloe: But he's innocent!

Lucas: Really, is he? And you know what? The D.A.'s gonna stick to their guns. You know why? Because they have all the evidence they need -- the prescription he wrote, the drugs in his apartment, and the phone call you made to Maggie.

Chloe: What phone call?

Lucas: You called Maggie. You called Maggie before you were drugged, before the taping of the show, and you asked for help. You said that Daniel was threatening you.

Chloe: That never happened!

Lucas: Oh, really, so now you're calling Maggie a liar too.

Chloe: No, Lucas, I'm just saying whatever she thought she heard, it -- it -- that's crazy, all right? I wasn't afraid. In fact, I was absolutely mean to Daniel that day when we were gonna tape the show because I was trying to hide how I truly felt. And I was trying to focus on you and just you and trying to make things work for us.

Lucas: Well, that paid off, didn't it? That turned out great.

Chloe: Oh, Lucas... I can't tell you how truly sorry I am, all right? But in the end, I... I gave in to my true feelings.

Lucas: Well, you know what? I'm gonna follow my true feelings too. I mean, I know we don't have a future together. I know there's no chance of that. But I'm gonna make sure you and Daniel don't either. He's gonna spend the rest of his life in prison.

Chloe: No, you can't do that! Daniel didn't do anything wrong!

Kate: Losing my queen makes me feel...very vulnerable.

Stefano: My terms?

Kate: Agreed.

Stefano: Excellent. [Clears throat]

Kate: [Exhales] At least I know that you'll do whatever needs to be done.

Stefano: Katherine, my help for you is, uh, something that comes from the heart, hmm? You have known... how I feel about you for quite a while. We understand each other on an intimate level. Well...intellectually speaking, of course.

Kate: Of course. And that's why I've felt that we could put our differences aside, and I could come to you.

Stefano: [Drumming on table] Your move.

Kate: I know. I know. It's just that, uh... well, Daniel can only stay tied up so long.

Stefano: True.

Kate: And if the -- the police do show up, I want to make sure things are cleaned up.

Stefano: Checkmate, my dear. Now... what do you say we go take care of your little problem? Shall we?

Nicole: Want a cookie? No? Mommy'll eat it. Mm! Oh! Hey.

EJ: Hey.

Nicole: That took a while.

EJ: Uh, I spent most of the time on the phone with the DiMera travel coordinator. Everything's done.

Nicole: For our honeymoon?

EJ: The whole thing.

Nicole: Really?

EJ: Mm-hmm. We're ready to go, the family jet is gonna be ready to take us this evening. The pilot is just doing whatever he does with the charts, and he's loading the plane with fuel.

Nicole: Yes! Paris. Here we come!

EJ: We're staying at the Georges Cinq and then... from there, we can do whatever it is we want to do and go wherever it is...we want to go.

Nicole: EJ... thank you so much. We are gonna have the best time in the whole world.

EJ: Yes, we are.

Nicole: Yes, we are.

EJ: Nothing is gonna spoil our happiness.

Nicole: Mm-mm.

Rafe: Believe me, somehow, some way, I'm gonna nail this one.

Agent: [Laughs] If memory serves, you always did.

Rafe: Ha.

Agent: Once you've gotten DNA this guy. I'll give him a heads-up and make sure you go to the front of the line for testing.

Rafe: Thanks a lot, man.

Agent: Okay, good luck.

Rafe: Well, I'll see you around, huh?

Agent: You bet.

Rafe: Right. Hmph. First Sami... and somehow Nicole and Sydney.

Sami: I wish you could have been there when she was born.

Rafe: I would have liked that.

Sami: I would have loved knowing that you were the first person to hold her. I know she would have loved that too.

Rafe: Yeah. If I'd have been there, none of this would have ever happened.


Sister Claire: Oh, dear. It's Rafe.


Sister Claire: Hello, this is Sister Claire. Um, Sami’s not here right now.

Rafe: Oh, hi. Thanks for picking up. Is it okay if I leave her a message?

Sister Claire: Well, right now, she's in seclusion. I-I'm not sure she wants to be disturbed.

Rafe: Okay, I understand. Will you just tell her that Rafe called and it's very important?

Sister Claire: Oh, um... all right, yes, uh... I'll do that.

Rafe: Thank you.

Sami: Oh, sister Claire, you know, you were right. I prayed a little bit, and I think it helped clear my head.

Sister Claire: Good for you.

Sami: Oh, was there a call?

Sister Claire: Oh, yes, um, it was Rafe, and, uh, I told him that you were in seclusion. But he wanted me to give you a message that he called and that it was very important. Now, normally, I wouldn't say this, but... I think he really needs to speak with you.

Sami: He didn't tell you what it was about? He just said it was important?

Saint Claire: Well, I warned him that you were here in seclusion. He'll understand if you don't call back.

Sami: But you think I should.

Sister Claire: Sami. This must be your decision.

Rafe: [Sighs] My God. Gave this to Grace the day that she... I'll get this tested too.

[Door thuds shut]

[Footsteps approach]

Rafe: Meredith. What the hell are you doing here?

Meredith: I came here to apologize.

Rafe: [Scoffs]

Chloe: Lucas, don't you see? Daniel loves me the way that you did, totally and completely. He would never hurt me.

Lucas: And my mother would?

Chloe: It's the only thing that makes sense. I mean, come on, Lucas, we both know that she would do anything for you -- anything to help you. And if she thought that I was wrong for you, that I had betrayed you, that you were throwing away your life on me --

Lucas: Oh, yeah, you're right, murder -- that's the very first thing she'd do.

Chloe: And if she could do that to me, then she could very well be out there trying to hurt Daniel right now. Oh, my God, I have to -- I have to go, I have to go find him.

Lucas: Don't take that off. You're not going anywhere. Stay in bed. Don't be ridiculous about this.

Nicole: Honey, I understand, okay? You called, and Mary and Harold were already packing our bags. But Mary has no idea what I want to take to Europe.

EJ: Something tells me that you're gonna point her in exactly the right direction.

Nicole: Yes, I am.

EJ: Okay. All right, I'm gonna find my father, give him an update, let him know what we're doing. I hope he hasn't gone to bed early.

Nicole: What? Early? Stefano?

EJ: Well, you know...

Nicole: What?

EJ: I'm worried about him. I mean, he's gonna be here on his own.

Nicole: Sweetheart, your father's been telling us to take our honeymoon now for weeks.

EJ: Okay. I suppose you're right. You know, Lexie can look after him and she can keep an eye on his medication? Of course she can, of course she can.

Nicole: Yes. But you're still worried...because that's you, and that's another reason why Sydney and I love you.

EJ: You're right. He'll be happy for us. Maybe he'll enjoy the peace and quiet.

[Both laughing] I'm sure he's gonna miss her more than he misses either of us, and we're not gonna be very long, are we? We'll be back before he knows it. All right, I'll go and find him. I'll meet you out here in a minute?

Nicole: Yes. Ah! Well, hey, my little honey! Ha ha ha hi! Let's get you out of here. Come on, up, up, up. Ooh, yeah.

[Sydney yells]

Nicole: Oh, yes, you're wild! Well, you know what? Daddy and I are gonna take you on a little trip. Yes, we are. You like those? Ohh...'cause Mia's all ready to shoot her mouth off, and Rafe’s driving me crazy. And what your daddy doesn't know is...

[Sydney babbles]

Nicole: Mm-hmm, that's right. We're never coming back.

[Sydney babbling]

Nicole: I'm glad you agree.

Sami: Sister Claire’s right. I can't keep running forever. And what am I doing hiding in a convent? [Exhales] But Rafe’s not the problem. Okay, fine, he didn't tell me things. And, um, you know... obviously, something was happening with Emily. But he was there for me when I needed him. I shouldn't have talked to him like that. I mean, I called him and... I should have just thanked him for looking after me and taking care of me and always being there. Maybe Sister Claire’s right. Maybe there's an angel walking beside me.

Rafe: Apologize for what?

Meredith: For what I did to break up you and Sami. Y-you two would still be together if I hadn't written that letter.

Rafe: All right, look, Meredith, you don't have to do this, okay?

Meredith: No, no, I told Sami that you were responsible for Emily’s death...that you'd killed her, and that was so cruel.

Rafe: Okay, well, you know what? Stuff happens, okay? You don't have to do this, though. This is totally not necessary.

Meredith: Well, you guys must have had plans. Marriage, maybe children someday? Now, because of me --

Rafe: All right, Meredith, stop, okay? It's okay. Sami and I, we had issues. Yes, some of them had to do with Emily, how she died, the way I handled it, but... there was other stuff too. The baby died, there was pressure from her ex.

Meredith: Then my letter just made everything worse. I am a terrible person!

Rafe: Well, Meredith -- what -- Meredith, would you just listen to me, okay? The best thing that you can do, that we can all do, is just try and forget about what happened and move on with our lives.

Meredith: No, Rafe. I can't do that.

Kate: What? [Panting] No! No... no, this isn't possible! Oh, dear God. He's gone. [Screams] He's gone! [Breathing heavily] Oh, my God.

Lucas: Wait a minute. What the hell do you think you're doing--stay here.

Chloe: I have to find Daniel.

Lucas: You've been laying in bed, your muscles are way too weak. Now, just stop it, all right?

Chloe: Well then please help me, all right? I have to warn him. We have to find him.

Lucas: Help you? Help you find your boyfriend? I'm your husband, damn it, remember? I'm the one you betrayed!

Chloe: Lucas, your mother's going to kill him!

Kate: I should have injected him while I had the chance.

Stefano: No, no, no, no. That is not who you are, darling.

Kate: He could be in Chloe’s hospital room by now. He could be on the way to the police. It could be too late to help me.

Stefano: Well, don't be too sure, all right? He can't get very far, not in the shape that he's in, right? All right. I will take care of your Dr. Jonas for you.

EJ: Wow, you've...certainly packed a lot of things.

Nicole: Ha. Is that called an understatement?

EJ: Darling, I packed one bag. One.

Nicole: Yeah, well, so? I mean, if we go south from Paris, I'm gonna want summer clothes, and if we go north, I'm gonna want winter, and I just want to be prepared.

EJ: Okay, fine. Um...I couldn't get hold of Father, so I left a message. I'll call him from the plane. You ready?

Nicole: Yes, all set.

EJ: Okay. I'm gonna have Mary put Sydney in the car, and I'll have Harold deal with all this.

Nicole: Okay. I'll be right there.

EJ: Okay.

Nicole: [Sigh] Well... I sure am gonna miss this old mansion. But it can't be helped. This is the last time I'll say good-bye. Yes!

Rafe: Look, Meredith, if you want to talk about everything that happened, maybe we can do it a little later, okay?

Meredith: I'm here now. I want to

Rafe: Yeah, well, the thing is right now I'm in the middle of something that can't wait. So how about this? You just let me know where you're staying, and then I'll call you a little later, okay?

Meredith: You know how people are always saying that they need closure? Well, I need that. And I can't leave until I get it.

Rafe: Yeah, well, like I said, I've got stuff to do. So...

Meredith: You did kill Emily, Rafe. We need to deal with that.

Rafe: Okay, you know what? Actually, I didn't kill Emily. It was an accident. But like I said, if you wanna talk about it later, we can do that. Right now, I've--

[Cell phone ringing]

Meredith: Don't answer that, Rafe--we need to talk.

Rafe: You know, I just-- it's Sami, okay? I'm gonna talk to her.

Meredith: I don't care.

Rafe: Well, it's important, and I'm very sorry.


Rafe: [Grunts]

Sami: Ah...come on, Rafe, pick up the phone. I need you.


Bo: Instead of being happy that we have our daughter home, you want to put me through hell.

Kate: What if Daniel shows up?

Stefano: He will be taken care of.

Chloe: She will kill him.

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