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Days of Our Lives Transcript Thursday 9/10/09 - Canada; Friday 9/11/09 - U.S.A.


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Hope: Run, Ciara!

Ciara: Mommy!

Hope: Aah!

Philip: Of all the friends I've ever had, you understand me the most. You and I are so much alike.

Melanie: Mm. Both charming and ridiculously attractive.

Philip: I'm serious. You're a great friend. And I've taken you for granted. But not anymore.

[Door clicks open]

Brady: Oh, I'm sorry, am I interrupting something?

Melanie: [Laughs] No.

Arianna: Just please call me as soon as you get this. We need to talk. Something's happened.

Victor: You seem upset. Something wrong?

Arianna: Oh, you know what's wrong.

Victor: Oh, yes. I heard you broke up with Brady. Believe made a wise decision.

Mia: Chad won't stop asking why my feelings for him changed. I'm so scared that he'll keep pushing until he figures out about the baby. Funny thing is, my feelings for Chad haven't changed that much. I mean, I really like Will, but sometimes when I see Chad... all those memories... I don't know what to do.

Roman: Well, you got a beautiful family there, buddy.

Bo: Mm-hmm.

Roman: I'll tell you what. I still will never be able to figure out how such a doofus like you wound up with two such gorgeous women in his life.

Bo: Just lucky, I guess.

Roman: How's Ciara doing?

Bo: You know...considering... pretty good. She's tough, like her mom.

Roman: All right. Uh, did Bennett call you about that witness?

Bo: Oh, yeah, very unreliable, know what? Maybe Brenda and Kyle did pull this off on their own.

Roman: Good. That means you get your daughter back safe and sound, and the people responsible for the kidnapping...can't ever hurt her again. Case closed, so... you and Hope can put this whole nightmare behind you.

Bo: Right.

Roman: Not a whole lot of conviction there. What's up?

Bo: [Exhales] We were able to save Ciara. Saving the marriage... that's a different matter.

Ciara: Mommy!

Justin: You son of a--

[Muffled gunshot]

Hope: Oh, God. Oh, God! Baby, you okay?


Hope: Justin... oh, God.

Roman: Bo, that was a very tough decision.

Bo: Yeah. And the wrong one, according to my wife.

Roman: Look, giving into the kidnappers' demands, handing the ransom over to them... that was just as risky. You had to go with your instincts.

Bo: Yeah. But still, I... should have played it more as a team. My wife feels like I, um... was acting like my opinion was the only one that mattered.

Roman: Well, I would think she should be used to that by now. [Chuckles] I'm just trying to lighten things up here, little brother.

Bo: Yeah, I know, I know.

Roman: Look...maybe you'll have one of your visions... telling you that Hope is gonna let everything go and forgive you.

Bo: Don't think so. When we rescued Ciara, I got hit on the head. Haven't had a vision since. Don't think they're gonna come back.

Roman: Well, I don't need a vision or whatever to know that you and Hope are gonna work this out. You always have, you always will. Despite your many, many, many flaws... the woman still loves you very much.

Bo: Yeah, well... I wish I was as confident as you are. The situation is just... rather complicated. And to make matters worse, Justin has inserted himself in the picture.

Dean: Don't you move!

Hope: I have to see if he's all right.

Dean: Doesn't look like he's all right.

Hope: Justin? Justin, wake up!

Dean: Hope, you can't wake the dead.

Hope: You bastard, you killed him. You killed an innocent man!

Dean: No, I didn't, you did.

Melanie: Brady! Hey, uh... were you looking for Maggie?

Brady: Yeah. Yeah, I was. She told me to pick up some, uh, 12-step brochures for the meeting tonight. She told me to let myself in.

Melanie: Sure, yeah, uh... Philip was just, um... he just came by to apologize for thinking that I'm the one that put the video online.

Brady: Oh...okay.

Philip: Yeah, by the way, thanks for getting that off the internet. I appreciate it.

Brady: I'm sure you do appreciate it. I'm just sorry that I couldn't get it off before Stephanie saw it, but...hey, seems to be working out pretty good for you.

Philip: What are you talking about?

Brady: Well, I-I assume Stephanie, you know, broke up with you in disgust when she saw it and... you're not even missing a beat, man--you're right on to your next conquest.

Philip: Conquest?

Brady: I got two questions for you. What the hell is your problem, and what are you thinking?

Victor: Hanky?

Arianna: Go to hell.

Victor: Oh. Well, there's no reason to be hostile. After all, I did agree not to turn you in.

Arianna: Oh, what a guy.

Victor: And I did give you options, did I not?

Arianna: [Laughs] Options? I mean, really? You said that I could either end things with your grandson or tell him that I'm a drug dealer. How will I ever repay you?

Victor: You know, you and I are a lot alike, Arianna. We know what we want, and we go after it, and we don't let sentiment get in the way. You really should go home now. Lot of unsavory people in the park at night.

Mia: Chad and I share a bond, and even if he doesn't know about it... it can never be broken. Oh! Crap. Great. napkins.

Chad: Oh, jeez, uh... ladies first.

Maggie: Thank you. You're Mia's friend, aren't you? The one who broke into my house.

Chad: All right, uh, look... I told you. She gave me her keys, wanted me to wait for her inside.

Maggie: Hmm. Mia backed up your story.

Chad: Right. So... I'll see you later.

Maggie: Ah-ah, ah-ah-ah. The problem is, Chad... it is Chad, right? The problem is I know that Mia lied for you. And since you literally brought trouble into my home... I think we need to have a little chat...don't you?

Roman: You're mad...that he took Hope's side--is that it?

Bo: It's none of his damn business! And he won't let it go. He tells me that I was reckless, I put my kid's life at risk. And you can bet he's telling Hope the same thing.

Roman: Oh, Bo, come on. You don't know that.

Bo: I do know that he's interfering in our lives. You know, I wish he wouldn't have come to Salem in the first place. Just...stay the hell away from us!

Hope: I'm not the one who pulled the trigger.

Dean: You may as well have. Allowing your husband to ignore the ransom--that is a colossal mistake! Everything would have been just fine if you'd just done what we asked, but now three people are dead.

Hope: You're right. We screwed up. But let's not make things any worse. You heard Justin. The money's been wired into your account. You can walk out of here a very rich man. Please ju--just let us go.

Dean: Please! The rest of the force'll be on me so fast! If I get caught... cops don't last long in prison. There is only one solution.

Hope: Bo! Run, Ciara, run! Run, Ciara! Run, honey!

Melanie: Brady, uh, Philip just knows I feel really bad about the whole video thing, and he was trying to make me feel better.

Brady: He was using you. Don't you see that?

Philip: Oh, get off it, man. You don't know what you're talking about.

Brady: It's bad enough that you slept with the girl, Philip.

Melanie: Whoa, whoa, Brady, stop it.

Brady: He was on the rebound, and he took advantage of you is what he did. And to make matters worse, you ended up on a sleazy video on the internet. By the way, were you too cheap to actually pay for a decent hotel?

Melanie: It--the hotel wasn't that bad. You know, it was, um... uh, cozy.

Brady: Cozy?

Melanie: Yeah.

Brady: Was it cozy when the pervert was videotaping you through the peephole?

Philip: How were we supposed to know that was gonna happen? How were we supposed to know that the manager was a degenerate?

Brady: It doesn't matter, Philip. Come on! You broke Stephanie's heart, and now you're making the moves on her. I don't even know if you care about these two women. All it seems that you care about is getting--

Melanie: Now--nuh--uh--just don't-- don't say that. And don't--please don't be mad at Philip, all right? I know what I'm doing. I know what I'm getting into. I'm not getting taken advantage of.

Philip: It's okay, Melanie. I know I messed up, Brady, okay? I hurt two women that I care about deeply, but for the record... I was not using Melanie. I care a great deal about her. And that night we spent together... I don't regret it. Not in the least.

Melanie: Thank you. Um... but you should probably go now.

Philip: I'm not gonna leave and let Brady talk trash about me.

Melanie: [Sighs] Brady won't. I promise.

Philip: All right. I'll talk to you later.

Melanie: Yeah.

Brady: I didn't mean to make you upset, all right?

Melanie: Well, you did, so now I don't want to talk to you anymore. I'm gonna try and find your pamphlets, and you can get going, okay?

Brady: Hold on, hold on. You still in love with Philip or what?

Mia: Will, what...are you doing?

Will: Nothing, I mean, I just saw you spill water on your computer--

Mia: Were you reading my journal?

Will: No, I-- I mean, yeah, but not on purpose.

Mia: Will, you know my writing is private. How much did you read?

Will: Look, not that much, okay? I just...I saw Chad's name and--

Mia: And what?

Will: Look, what's going on between you two? You have a bond that cannot be broken? What...what does that mean?

Maggie: I adore Mia. I love having her stay in my house. But I will ask her to leave if I think she's protecting someone who's dangerous.

Chad: I'm not...dangerous.

Maggie: Well, then what were you doing breaking into my house without Mia's permission or knowledge? What were you hoping to find?

Chad: Mia has a secret... and I need to find out what it is.

Roman: Listen... I have a suggestion, okay? Why don't you and Hope... get away? Take Ciara, go away, spend some quality time together.

Bo: That'd be great. I'm not sure she'd agree to it.

Roman: Of course she'll agree to it. You rent a boat, go sailing. Remind her of the good times.

Bo: Right. Good times.

Roman: Exactly. I'll take care of your work. For as long as you need. But again, listen to me, okay? What I want you to do--clear your mind of everything, all right? Just focus on your family. Will you do that?

Bo: Yeah. I'd love to do that. I just hope it's not too late.

Hope: Run, Ciara, run!

Dean: Stop right there! Get in this house.

Hope: Get your filthy hands off my daughter! Baby.

Dean: You try a stupid move like that again, you are dead.

Hope: You better pray to God you kill me. You touch one hair of my daughter's head, and I'll kill you myself.

Melanie: Uh, hey, Brady, just really fast. Uh, just because I sleep with somebody doesn't mean I'm in love with them. That makes me sound slutty, doesn't it?

Brady: Uh...I know you're not slutty, so that's why I'm worried about you.

Melanie: Yeah, well...don't be. Philip and I are just friends, okay?

Brady: You okay with that?

Melanie: Totally.

Brady: You're not by chance hoping that he'll fall in love with you now that he and Stephanie are over?

Melanie: No! Absolutely--why, do you think that might happen? Not that I'm even interested anyways. Why--why do you care so much?

Brady: [Sighs] Because I'm your friend. And because I told you I would look after you, and I don't wanna see you get hurt.

Melanie: Well, Brady...I appreciate it, um... but cut it out, because you're driving me crazy! Don't you have your own love life to be worried about? Like, uh--like Arianna, who, by the way, is probably... wondering where you are right now. What? Why do you--why do you look like that?

Brady: N-nothing, nothing. Nothing.

Melanie: [Laughs] No. No. Mm. Mm-mm. This friendship thing... it goes both ways.

Brady: All right, I suppose... you're not gonna let up on me unless I tell you anyway, so... Arianna broke things off.

Melanie: What? Why?

[Knocking on door]

Arianna: Hello? Is anyone home?

Melanie: Oh, no.

Mia: You shouldn't have read my journal.

Will: Look, I told you it was an accident, okay?

Mia: There's nothing going on between me and Chad.

Will: Yeah, well, that's not what you wrote in your journal.

Mia: Okay, yes...I wrote about how we...still have a bond. But that's because he was my first... everything, and you know that. But it's over now.

Will: Do you still care about him?

Mia: No. We're not even really friends anymore. Will, you've got this all wrong.

Will: I wish I could believe that. But I can't.

Maggie: You think Mia has a secret. By your own admission, you say you're no longer friends. So this concerns you how?

Chad: Well, I still care about her. And I thought...if I could find some clue as to what her secret is... I can figure out why she's being so cold.

Maggie: But if Mia doesn't want you to know, you have to respect that. And breaking into her home and invading her privacy... is not going to win you any favors with her... or me.

Chad: I'm sorry. I really am. But I'm going crazy... trying to figure out what happened. I can tell she's keeping something from me... and I'm just trying to figure out what it is.

Dean: We need to get moving. Where do you keep the rope and the duct tape?

Hope: The garage. What are you gonna do to us?

Dean: Well, first I'm gonna tie you up, and then we're gonna go for a little ride. I suppose we throw him in the trunk. Which reminds me--where do you keep the bleach? I need to make sure nobody sees the blood.

Hope: And then what?

Dean: Oh, come on, hope, don't you like to be surprised?

Hope: All right, I'll bring you to the garage... show you where everything is.

Dean: Wait. I know what you're up to.

Hope: What are you talking about?

Dean: Well, if we go out to the garage the neighbors will see us. Forget it. We'll find something around here to tie you up with.

Hope: Look... I'll do whatever you want, go wherever you want, but please... leave Ciara here. She's already been through so much. Can't you see how scared she is? Please.


Bo: [Scoffs] Great. Last person I wanna hear from.


Arianna: I-I'm sorry, I--

Melanie: No, no, no! Don't--don't be sorry. Come on in...really.

Arianna: Well, you know, um...I j-- I just came by to make sure you were okay after that whole video thing, so I--[Whispers] I'm gonna get going.

Brady: No, listen, listen, listen, it's fine, it's fine. I'm gonna go get those pamphlets and I'm gonna get out of here.

Arianna: You know, you really--you don't need to leave.

Brady: Why would I want to stay?

Melanie: Um... just--is it true? Did you break up with him?

Arianna: Yes.

Melanie: Have you lost your mind?

Philip: Hey.

Victor: Well, Philip, surprised to see you here.

Philip: Yeah, I just came by to pick up the rest of my things.

Victor: I take it you're not moving in with Stephanie.

Philip: I guess you heard about the video.

Victor: Indeed.

Philip: All right. [Paper slaps down] Give it to me. Let's hear what A...screw-up I am, how I've tarnished the Kiriakis name.

Victor: Oh, on the contrary. All I have to say is bravo. [Chuckles]

Philip: Hmm.

Mia: Don't...say that. You can believe me. There's nothing going on between me and Chad.

Will: Really. Well, what about the dance at the Cheatin' Heart? Hmm?

Mia: What about it?

Will: When I walked in, you and Chad were staring at each other didn't even notice anyone else in the room.

Mia: You...were... imagining things. Besides, I asked you to dance, remember?

Will: Well, because you wanted to dance with me... or because you were afraid I would be suspicious? Which is it...hmm?

Mia: Because I wanted to dance with you. You're the only guy I want to dance with.

Will: Yeah, well, that's not what it says in your journal.

Mia: Okay, yes, I wrote about mine and Chadís bond, but I also wrote you great you are and how much I like you. I thought you knew that.

Will: Yeah, but at the same time, you're keeping all sorts of stuff from me. Like how you went out with Chad. How you were in rehab? I had to find out all that stuff from Chad and Kinsey.

Mia: I explained all of that.

Will: Yeah, well, I'm tired of you having to explain. I feel like I can't even trust you anymore.

Bo: All right, man, what do you want? Hello?

Hope: Dean, listen to me. You can do whatever you want to me, but you leave my daughter alone.

Dean: Sorry, Hope. The plan remains the same. No child left behind.

Hope: Dean, listen to me. Ciara will slow us down. It's better to leave her here.

Dean: Not gonna happen. I've already made up my mind.

Hope: Why did you kidnap her?

Dean: I wanted to cause you as much pain as possible.

Hope: Why?

Dean: How stupid are you? You really don't know?

Hope: No. I don't.

Dean: You stole my job, Detective. I was up for that promotion, but because you were married to Bo, you got it instead. I put in the hours, the effort, and you just swooped in and took what was mine.

Hope: No. I took nothing of yours.

Dean: You whored your way up the ranks...and left me with nothing. You made a fool of me, you stole my job, and now you say that you don't even realize it? What, was I completely invisible to you?

Hope: You're right. You're right, this is my fault. But Dean, please... I'm begging you, please. Ciara has nothing to do with this. Please, I beg you. Leave her here.

Dean: No. We need to get moving. Stop stalling.

Hope: Where are you taking us?

Dean: Come on, Hope, I told you it's a surprise. Now show me where you keep those supplies. Now.

Melanie: I thought things were going so well with Brady.

Arianna: Well, you know... we just started dating, so it's--it wasn't that serious.

Melanie: But you guys... you seemed perfect together. I know how much you really liked him.

Arianna: I did. I mean, I do. He's know? But that's why I-I ended things with him. What are you doing?

Melanie: Well, there's no fever, so you're not delirious.

Arianna: No, I'm... I am perfectly lucid, okay? I just--I did what I had to do.

Melanie: You're talking about how great he is, and then you let him go. You're not making sense, Ari.

Arianna: He deserves someone better than me, okay? I just--I don't think--you know what? I know that I am not good enough for him.

Philip: So let me get this straight. After years of seeking your approval, this is what makes you proud, having a sleazy sex tape at the internet for all the world to see, including the woman I love?

Victor: Well, I thought it was a very poetic way of showing her who's the boss.

Philip: What? It broke her heart.

Victor: But now she doesn't have all the power. She pressured you into leaving your family, your business, your home.

Philip: She did not. I made that decision on my own.

Victor: Oh, please, Philip. You're not that naive.

Philip: Okay. You know what? You obviously don't get it, so let's just drop it, okay? I'm gonna go pack my things.

Victor: Philip, wait. Don't move out.

Mia: Well, I don't...know what to say to make you trust me.

Will: Any other secrets you want to tell me? Something else I should know? Another lie.

Mia: I'm sorry.

Will: Is it about Chad? You know what, never mind. It doesn't matter, because whatever it's over.

Mia: What?

Will: For us. We're done.

Mia: No, Will, wait, okay? Don't--don't say that. We can work things out.

Will: Can you tell me the secret you're keeping? I didn't think so.

Chad: I know Mia's been saying she's been in rehab. But just for the record... I don't believe that's true at all.

Maggie: But it's Mia's business... and no one else's.

Chad: I know. And I just don't want you to think badly about her. She would never abuse drugs or alcohol... you know, which makes me wonder why did she have to lie about it?

Maggie: Chad, my advice to you... is to drop it. Mia's dating my nephew will. [Laughs] You have to get over her.

Chad: You know what? Everybody thinks I'm a player, but I'm not. Yeah, I dated a lot of girls. But once I met Mia...I didn't want anybody else. She was it. So don't tell me to get over her. Because I can't.

Dean: All right, I want you to take those scarves, and I want her tied up, and I want her gagged.

Hope: Dean, please.

Dean: Hope, stop your bitching and do what I say.

Justin: [Groans]

Dean: Oh... well, looks like we got a live one. Not for long.

[Thud, clatter]

Bo: No!

Brady: Sorry to interrupt. Um...Melanie, I can't find those 12-step brochures anywhere. I checked the office. I can't find them.

Melanie: I'll help you in a second. Can I finish talking to Ari?

Arianna: Actually, you know what? I-I gotta get out of here. But I'm gonna talk to you really soon, okay? Um... look, uh... Brady... uh, this is, like, a small town, so I'm sure we're gonna run into each other from time to time. If you can do me a favor, and if you see me, can you just... just pretend that you didn't, and I'll do the same, okay?

Brady: Yeah, that works for me.

Arianna: That's good.

Philip: Stay here? No. No, I can't do that. Not anymore.

Victor: But...what if we changed the rules?

Philip: Changed them? What, you're not gonna try to suck me back into the business?

Victor: Well, you've made it abundantly clear that you want nothing to do with it.

Philip: And what, you've accepted that now?

Victor: You can come back on your own terms, Philip. You can bus tables at the Brady pub, for all I care.

Philip: How many scotches have you had, Dad?

Victor: You think I have to be drunk to know what's in my heart?

Philip: No. I'm sorry.

Victor: It's just... the older I get, the more I realize that I want my family around me. Close by. It's as simple as that. I worry about you, Philip. And I worry slightly less if you're under my roof.

Philip: You just want to keep tabs on me...hmm?

Victor: I just want you around, like I said. I love you very much... and I want you to have a good life. That's more important to me than anything.

Philip: I love you too.

Victor:'ll consider changing your mind and staying?

Philip: Well...considering I'm jobless and broke...[Laughs] And the accommodations aren't too shabby, I guess I'll give it a try.

Victor: I know I have a tendency to hover, and I'm gonna work on controlling that.

Philip: And I will...try to control my temper.

[Both chuckling]

Victor: I'll believe that when I see it.

Philip: Uh, Dad... thank you for wanting me here... even though I won't be working at Titan. It means a lot to me.

Victor: Good night, Philip.

Chad: Hey, Mia. Why do you, uh... look so upset?

Mia: Will broke up with me.

Chad: Uh...really. What a jerk.

Mia: He's not a jerk.

Chad: Fine, fine, whatever. But maybe it's a good thing.

Mia: How?

Chad: Well... maybe now you and I can...

Mia: You and I...w-what? We can get back together?

Chad: No, I only meant--

Mia: You are such an idiot! Even if will wasn't around, there's no chance for us. Don't you get it? Not after what happened.

Arianna: Troy, did you get the meeting? With the big boss. Who else would I mean? It--okay, fine, you know what? To hell with him, then, okay? I'm gonna take my business elsewhere. [Whispers] Bastard.

[Wailing siren approaches]

Bo: You mess with my daughter, my wife? You come into my home, you son of a bitch! I will kill you!

Hope: Bo!

Bo: I will kill you, you son of a bitch!

Officer: Commander, commander!

Bo: I'll kill you! You're dead!

Officer: No--hey! Okay, cuff him. Cuff him.

Ciara: Daddy!

Bo: It's okay. It's okay, honey.

Hope: Justin. Justin, wake up. We need an ambulance. [Shouting] We need an ambulance!

Bo: Call for an ambulance.

Maggie: Will Horton, as I live and breathe!

Will: Hey.

Maggie: Hey? No smile, no... what's going down, aunt Maggie?

Will: I'm sorry, I'm... I'm not in a great mood.

Maggie: Gee...I'd have never guessed.

Will: I broke up with Mia.

Maggie: [Gasps] Oh. Honey, what happened?

Will: She wasn't being honest with me.

Maggie: About...

Will: I don't know. But I think it has something to do with Chad.

Maggie: Oh. Honey.

Chad: Why are you holding a grudge against me? Is it the way I left?

Mia: No, it's not that.

Chad: Then is it about us sleeping together?

Mia: Shh!

Chad: We were in love, right? I mean... was it not what you expected?

Mia: Nothing turned out the way I expected, Chad. Nothing!

Chad: Hold on, hold on, hold on. Why...would you say that? What do you mean?

Mia: Because you ruined everything! Just...stay away from me, okay? Just leave me alone!

Brady: Thank you for helping me find these.

Melanie: No problem.

Brady: I will see you later.

Melanie: Brady. [Pops lips] There's something you should know about Ari.

Brady: You gonna offer me some brilliant insight into that girl or what?

Melanie: [Chuckles] Gut feeling.

Brady: Go on.

Melanie: Okay. I know she probably had a million reasons for why she can't see you anymore, okay? But, um... if she said it's cause she doesn't love you... she's lying.

Arianna: Thank you for meeting me. I know that this is risky... [Exhales] I can't do this anymore. You know, I had to walk away from someone I really care about. Please don't make me do this.

[Footsteps approach]

Hope: The ambulance will be here any minute. How's my baby?

Bo: She's fine. Right, little one? Good. Nothing to be afraid of. No bad guys to be scared of. Daddy's not gonna let anyone hurt you ever again.

Dean: Always gotta play the hero, huh, Commissioner? Huh? I saved your daughter's life, remember?

Bo: I know what you did to Brenda and Kyle. You were about to do the same thing to my wife and daughter.

Dean: Yeah, well, that's because you screwed up. If you just paid the ransom money, none of this would have happened. And now...two people are dead. Three, once your cousin croaks. And the nightmares that your daughter's gonna have for the rest of her life...boy...

Bo: Get him out of here--now! Get him out. Go!

Dean: Still feel like a hero, Commissioner, huh? Huh, Commish? Was it worth it? Was it worth it?

Rafe: All right, Nicole... we'll find out what you did one way or another.

Sami: You will not turn me against matter what you say.

Daniel: If we don't move, Chloe will die.

Arianna: I'm not afraid of getting hurt, but Brady cannot find out about my past.

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