Days Transcript Wednesday 9/9/09

Days of Our Lives Transcript Wednesday 9/9/09 - Canada; Thursday 9/10/09 - U.S.A.


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Rafe: All right, so you refuse to come with me to the convent. That's fine. I'll just call Sami and E.J.

Nicole: [Laughs] And tell them what? That I'm running around, posing as someone named Mary with Sister Theresa, who's probably a figment of your imagination? Okay.

Rafe: Mm-hmm. All right. Well, who should we call first? Sami? No, let's call E.J.

Nicole: No, don't.

Sami: Hey.

E.J.: Hey.

Sami: Hey there, Sydney. Going for a walk with your daddy? Such a sweetheart.

E.J.: Yeah, she is.

Sami: Did you, um, get the email I sent you, the photos of Johnny my mom took in Switzerland?

E.J.: I did. Thank you.

[Sydney crying]

Sami: Oh. Sweetheart, what's wrong?

E.J.: Nothing. Just keep your hands off my daughter.

Victor: Now a little over ten minutes ago, Brady texted me. He should be walking through that door any second. You will greet him for the last time. Is that clear?

Victor: Brady, how would you like to join me for lunch at the pub?

Brady: [Laughs] Uh, no, thank you. The pub is the last place I want to be at right now.

Victor: Oh, something wrong?

Brady: Arianna and I broke up. She decided to end it.

Victor: Well, I'm sorry to hear that.

Brady: No, you're not.

Philip: May I come in?

Melanie: I'd kind of rather be alone right now.

Philip: No, please, hey. You need to hear what I have to say.

Melanie: Philip, I know what you have to say. Stephanie seeing the video is my fault. It's my fault that you lost her. I'm nothing but bad news. Maybe that you want me to stay the hell away from you?

Philip: No, no, I wasn't thinking that at all. I came by to say... [Sighs] I'm sorry.


Ciara: Mommy!

Hope: What is it, sweetheart? What is it, my love?

[Clicking continues]

Rafe: Oh, you don't want me to call E.J.?

Nicole: Of course I don't. The last thing he needs is to be bothered by you and your crazy theories. It's the last thing anyone needs. But to get you off my back, I will go with you to see that lunatic nun, okay?

Rafe: Sister Theresa? She's as sane as they come.

Nicole: Yeah, that's 'cause you brainwashed her. But I will set that woman straight about who I am and who I am not.

Rafe: Great. Thanks for humoring me.

Nicole: Give me a minute to get my purse.

Rafe: Take your time.

Nicole: Hey, give me that back!

Rafe: Yeah, sure I will. As soon as we see Sister Theresa and she IDs you.

Nicole: [Laughs] IDs me as what, huh? Some bizarre, paranoid fantasy that you've drummed up in that addled brain of yours?

Rafe: No, as the woman who led Sami to Baker's clinic to give birth the very same night you did.

Nicole: I don't know a Sister Theresa. I already told you.

Rafe: Come on, let's go.

Nicole: Oh!

Rafe: Come on.

Nicole: What is this gonna prove anyway, huh?

Rafe: What's it gonna prove? Well, I am not sure yet, but I'm sure as soon as we start talking to sister Theresa, it'll all become clear. After you... Mary.

E.J.: There you go, sweetheart. She was just a bit hungry.

Sami: Why did you push me away from her?

E.J.: [Sighs] Samantha, I don't want you to have anything to do with my daughter.

Sami: Really? Well, it's too late for that.

E.J.: I'm sorry?

Sami: Yeah. Sydney and I, we've--we've gotten close. Right, Syd?

E.J.: Sydney and you have become very close? Since when have you and Sydney become close?

Sami: Since I babysat her.

Bo: They're questioning him now? Same hotel and, uh, saw the late Brenda in a lip lock with our person of interest? No, no, no, that's good. Just keep me posted. Well, two of the lowlifes who kidnapped Ciara will never hurt anyone again. The third son of a bitch... I'll make sure he gets what he deserves.

Hope: Sweetheart, this is Officer Dean, remember? He's the man who saved you. Huh? Dean: Remember?

Ciara: No.

Hope: I'm so sorry.

Dean: It's okay. She's been through a lot. It's gonna take her some time.

Hope: Hey, sweetheart, come here, my beautiful girl. Oh, I love you so much. Sweetheart, tell Mommy what's upsetting you.


Ciara: [Whispers] It's him.

Melanie: You're sorry?

Philip: Yeah, you don't believe me?

Melanie: Actually, I kind of do. I'm just trying to figure out what you're sorry for. That I'm humiliated? Or that Stephanie and--and Nathan think I'm disgusting? Or that my reputation at the hospital is destroyed? Or maybe that you just lost Stephanie?

Philip: None of the above. I'm sorry because I doubted you.

Victor: Of course I'm sorry you broke up with Arianna. She seemed to make you happy.

Brady: You have no idea how happy she made me.

Victor: Well, then why would I have a problem with that?

Brady: I don't know. You tell me.

Victor: Listen, I know I was harsh with her in the past, but I apologized for that. I was looking forward to taking you out to dinner later in the week. Is that off now?

Brady: Grandfather, I just told you that we broke up. Why the hell would we go out and share a nice little meal together?

Victor: I'm sorry, I wasn't thinking.

Brady: It's all right. Look, I gotta go. I've got work to do.

Victor: Brady, wait.

Brady: [Sighs]

Victor: Listen, I know it hurts now, but maybe it's for the best. I mean, obviously she has poor judgment. She proved that by letting you get away. So it's probably for the best all the way around.

Arianna: Hi, Rafe, it's Ari. Can you call me when you get this? Because I really need my big brother right now.

E.J.: You babysat Sydney? When did you babysit Sydney?

Sami: All right, well, it wasn't technically babysitting, but Nicole came over to my place. She was exhausted, so I offered to take Sydney out for a little bit so she could catch a nap.

E.J.: Really? So she could just catch a nap? So whenever she's tired, does she come over to your place just to put her head down in your little sanctuary? Was she awake when you got back?

Sami: Actually, Rafe was there.

E.J.: Rafe? Wonderful. I thought you and him were through?

Sami: We were. We are. He was getting mail, and anyway, uh, Nicole and Rafe weren't--weren't getting along.

E.J.: Shocking.

Sami: Does she ever talk to you about Rafe?

E.J.: Why would she talk to me about Rafe?

Sami: I don't know. It's just--it seemed weird. Rafe was hostile towards her, and Nicole was giving Rafe hell.


Dean: What are you looking at, detective?

Hope: I was, um, thinking about your reward. I don't want you to have to wait any longer. I want you to have it right away. We'll have to go to the bank, though.

Dean: I thought you said you were gonna wire transfer it straight into my account?

Hope: Well, yeah. I mean, yeah. Of course, it can be done that way, but it--you know, it's such a large amount, and it takes longer, and--well, it's quicker if we're actually there.

Dean: Really? I-I didn't know that.

Hope: So, um, what do you say I drop Ciara off at her grandmother's and you and I, we'll meet at the bank and take care of all this? What do you say?

[Phone rings]

Hope: Wait. Let's let the machine get it. I mean, we really need to get a move on.


Bo: Hey, Fancy Face, uh, I may be home a little late. I'm waiting to hear on the questioning of that witness, the one who saw the possible third kidnapping suspect. We're hoping to get an I.D. on the guy soon, so just, you know, call me if you need me.

Hope: Okay, let's go. Come on, sweetheart.

Dean: Wait. What's your hurry?

E.J.: Why would Nicole be giving Rafe hell?

Sami: I don't know. Um, that's the thing. I guess they just can't stand each other.

E.J.: Well, I understand why Nicole can't stand him. I mean, this guy comes into our house and he spies on our family and--resents him for that. And I know why he resents her. He doesn't like the fact that she sees him for exactly who he is.

Sami: Who he is? He's a wonderful, kind, strong, supportive guy. He...he's the best man I know.

E.J.: If he's the best man that you've ever known, Samantha, then why aren't you with him?

Rafe: Excuse me.

Nicole: Here I am, sister Theresa. Do you recognize me?

Rafe: Nicole.

Sister Claire: No, I don't.

Nicole: Oh, I knew I was right. You are crazy.

Rafe: Nicole, listen, you know damn w-- darn well that this is not sister Theresa.

Nicole: Oh, sorry.

Rafe: Sister Claire, could you please tell sister Theresa that Rafe and Mary are here to see her?

Sister Claire: Of course.

Rafe: Thank you.

Sister Claire: Excuse me.

Nicole: This is ridiculous.

Rafe: Actually, Nicole, this is about as serious as it gets.

Nicole: Five minutes. That's what I'm giving you, and then I'm out of here.

Rafe: Oh, is that right? You know what? If you're in such a rush, why don't we just save sister Theresa's time, and you can just tell me exactly why you pressured Sami into going to that clinic to have the baby? Maybe you can also tell me why you went to the convent to visit grace so many times, huh, Nicole? Or is it Mary?

Bo: Hey.

Justin: Hey, Bo.

Bo: Avoiding me?

Justin: [Laughs] No, I actually didn't see you over there.

Bo: Yeah, right.

Justin: Come on, man.

Bo: So did you get it done? Get that money transferred from my wife's account into Dean's?

Justin: I took care of it for her.

Bo: Yeah, I'm sure you did.

Justin: It's what she wanted, Bo.

Bo: Mm-hmm, and you're accommodating as hell. Forget the fact that her husband didn't want you to do it. You're at Hope's beck and call, complying with her every wish.

Justin: You know damn well that's not true.

Bo: Why, Justin? Why the hell can't you just leave it alone?

Justin: Fine. You want to know why?

Bo: Yeah.

Justin: Because Hope needed support, and I wasn't about to deny her that just because it was gonna piss you off. Not when she's been through hell. Not when she thought she was doing what was best for her daughter.

Bo: This is my daughter we're talking about too here, my flesh and blood, whose life and safety is more important to me than anything in this world. But you and my wife think I'm being reckless, I'm some selfish fool with my own agenda here.

Justin: No, I don't think that.

Bo: Right.

Justin: But whatever your rationale was or is, I'm sorry, the fact is, you screwed up.

Bo: Where the hell do you come up with that?

Justin: Thank God there was a happy ending, but Bo, you can't rewrite history.

Bo: There's nothing to rewrite. My daughter's home.

Justin: You took a huge risk when you went rogue with that ransom money, ignoring everyone's advice and going with your gut, like no one's opinion was worth a damn. Bo, listen to me. Your daughter could have been killed!

Bo: Let me clear something up for you, counselor. Department policy is, we don't pay ransom, 'cause you know why? You pay a ransom, a kid dies, a kid disappears. That's why we don't pay it!

Victor: Hey, what's all the yelling?

Justin: I'll let the commissioner answer that.

Hope: In a hurry? Yeah. Yeah, of course I am. I want you to get that reward money.

Dean: I'm calling the shots now, Detective.

Hope: Please. She's already so scared. Please.

Dean: Oh, poor baby. Well, if you don't do exactly what I say, she's gonna be more than scared. She's gonna be dead.

E.J: Come on, Samantha, if you think that Rafe is just this wonderful human being, then why are you with him?

Sami: I don't owe you any answers.

E.J: Well, maybe you don't, but you just gave me one. You're not as impressed with Rafe's, uh, moral character as you'd like us to believe, are you?

Sami: Rafe and I broke up because we have issues.

E.J: Oh, issues. You finally realize what the rest of us have been understanding for a long time. He is a jackass, Samantha.

Sami: Don't talk about him like that.

E.J: And to think you were actually gonna let this man be a father to my daughter.

Sami: You are not honoring Grace's memory by carrying on with all this bitterness.

E.J: No? Do I honor her memory by just forgetting that I ever cared about her? That I ever cared that I didn't get to hold her? That I didn't get to tell her how much I loved her? Hmm?

Sami: I'm not talking about your grief. I'm talking about your anger. I mean, you can't let it consume you.

E.J: Why don't you try, just for once, to understand things from my perspective, okay? Samantha, you imagine that you had a child and that child is taken away from you so that you will never know her. Now just imagine exactly how that would feel.

Rafe: Come on, out with it.

Nicole: Go to hell.

Rafe: No, no, no, no, I don't think so. You are not going anywhere, young lady. Not until you tell me what you may or may not have done to Sami's baby.

Hope: Of course I'll do what you want. Just tell me whatever you want.

Dean: I wanted the money, but that's all shot to hell now, thanks to your husband!

Ciara: Mommy?

Hope: It's okay, baby. Shh, it's all right.

Dean: It could have been so clean and simple, but no, Bo Brady had to go on TV and play God, forcing me to kill my girlfriend and her brother.

Ciara: Mommy?

Hope: It's okay, baby.

Dean: Talk about putting a crimp in your day.

Hope: Dean, listen to me. I swear to you, I swear to God, I won't turn you in. Just go as far away as you possibly can. Start a new life for yourself. We'll pretend this never happened. Ciara and I, we'll just keep it between us, I promise, forever.

Dean: Bravo. That was really good. You put your heart into that. That was a great performance.

Hope: Dean, please. Please.

[Knock on door]

Justin: Hope! Are you there? It's Justin.

Philip: You know, I'll admit, at first, I did think it was you who posted the video online.

Melanie: Well, what changed?

Philip: My brother. Bo set me straight. He told me that the guy responsible said you had nothing to do with it.

Melanie: You had to be set straight, though.

Philip: That's why I came by to apologize, Melanie. I'm mad at myself for even suspecting you would do something like that. [Sighs] Look, after that night we spent together... you were so sweet. I should have known that you'd never do something like that. Hey, will you forgive me?

Melanie: Yeah. Yeah, I will. I do, I do.

Philip: Thank you. Thank you for...being the one person I can trust.

Sister Claire: [Clears throat]

Rafe: Sister Claire.

Sister Claire: I'm sorry. Apparently, sister Theresa was called away unexpectedly.

Rafe: Oh, well, when will she be back?

Sister Claire: Well, all I know is that there was some sort of emergency at another convent.

Rafe: Which one?

Sister Claire: I'm sorry. Uh, the person that I spoke with didn't have that information.

Rafe: Oh.

Nicole: That's a shame. Guess I'll be heading home now. Rafe, take care of yourself. Oh, and, uh, Sister, um, he hasn't been himself lately. I'm a bit concerned.

Sister Claire: Oh, I see.

Nicole: I mean, he just says these bizarre, paranoid things all the time, just right out of left field, and I--oh. I'll be, um, taking my cell phone back now. Thank you. Feel better, Rafe.

Rafe: Mm-hmm.

Nicole: And remember, there's no shame in taking antidepressants. In fact, who doesn't nowadays? I mean, it's better than drinking yourself into a stupor day and night, right, sis?

Sister Claire: Oh, I don't really--

Nicole: Okay, so adios, amigos. I'll see you later. Ciao.

[Door closes]

E.J.: What would you do if you suddenly found out that you had a child that you just never knew existed?

Sami: Well, it's different for the woman, isn't it?

E.J.: Okay, well, I'll adjust my analogy for you a little bit so you can understand. Imagine that you had a child, all right? And that little child was stolen from you, was ripped out of your arms as soon as you gave birth to it so that you would never get to know it. Tell me, how would that feel, Samantha? Do you think that you would just get over that?

Sami: I can't even think about it.

E.J.: 'Cause it hurts like hell, and I have to go through that every single day!

Brady: Hey, what's going on here?

E.J.: Nothing.

Brady: [Sighs] Are you all right?

Sami: Yeah. Yeah, I'm fine. I'm just glad you came when you did.

Brady: Hey, what are big brothers for, right?

Victor: [Clears throat] Arguing about Hope, I assume?

Bo: I don't want to talk about it.

Victor: Well, your cousin should stay out of it.

Bo: Did you not hear what I said?

Victor: Listen, Bo, I'm on your side. Justin should stay out it. Hey, it's your marriage, your daughter.

Bo: My daughter, who I almost got killed.

Victor: Oh, don't say that.

Bo: Well, that's what everybody else is saying.

Victor: What do you care what everybody else says?

Bo: True.

Victor: You wanted to save your child. You did what you thought was best.

Bo: No, I did what I know is right, and I thought by now Hope would have some perspective from a cop's point of view, not a desperate mother's, now that Ciara is home, but no, she's bitter as hell, angrier than ever.

Victor: She's been through quite a trauma, Bo.

Bo: Yeah, well, she wasn't the only one who was a bit stressed.

Victor: That's right, but Hope is still--well, she's not herself.

Bo: Well, bottom line, she decided unilaterally that Officer Hartman deserved a big financial reward, even though it's against police policy.

Victor: She felt the need to show the man her gratitude.

Bo: Oh, great. Now forget the fact that her husband is a police commissioner and can get fired for this. What am I supposed to do? Just forget police policy and hope I don't get fired?

Victor: Yes, if that's what it takes to save your marriage.

Justin: Hope, you there?

Dean: You get rid of him right now, or she's dead.

Hope: It's okay. It's gonna be all right. I love you. [Mouths words]

Dean: [Whispers] Go ahead.

Hope: Hey.

Justin: Hey.

Hope: What's up?

Justin: Well, I just got word the reward money has been transferred from your account into Dean's.

Hope: That's great. Okay, I'll see you around.

Justin: Uh, wow. Are you in that big a hurry to get rid of me?

Hope: Well, you know how much I love to cook, and I have something on the stove, and I'm trying to get out of here.

Sami: No, no way is her ex back in the picture.

Brady: Oh, yeah, he is heading back to Salem as we speak, and she wants to be available to him, so I'm out the door.

Sami: What? That just sounds weird.

Brady: It is weird, especially since she's only ever referred to him as a loser drug addict who, uh, just can't stay clean.

Sami: Huh! Wow, how appealing. How could you resist?

Brady: I don't know. It is weird, isn't it? You know, the more I think about it, it doesn't add up, and I think there's more to it.

Rafe: Hey.

Arianna: Oh. I'm so glad you're here.

Rafe: Yeah, so...

Arianna: I think I called you, like, 100 times.

Rafe: Yeah, well, sorry I was unreachable for a while. What's going on?

Arianna: I just kind of felt lonely. That's all.

Rafe: Lonely? Ari.

Arianna: I don't think I want to talk about it right now, but, um, you know what? Can we just talk about you? Can you distract me? Tell me--tell me what's going on with you and Nicole and Dr. Baker. Any progress?

Rafe: Yeah. I mean, there was, but then, uh--

Arianna: What?

Rafe: Nah, just--I don't know. I don't know if Nicole is that good or if it's just dumb luck, but she just, uh, managed to slip through my fingers again.

Nicole: [Sighs]

Nicole: What's this gonna prove, anyway?

Rafe: Well, you know, I'm not sure yet, but by the time we're done talking to sister Theresa, it'll all be clear. After you, Mary.

Stefano: [Scoffs]

Nicole: Mmm. Ooh, I've missed you.

E.J.: I'm sure you have. It's been at least, what, three hours since you saw me earlier?

Nicole: [Laughs] Yeah. Well, three hours is a long time when you're as madly in love as I am. Hmm. [Sighs]

E.J.: You seem rattled.

Nicole: Me?

E.J.: Yeah.

Nicole: No. Guess I'm just feeling a little wanderlust, that's all. E.J., honey, don't you ever just want to get away from it all? I-I don't mean to push, but is our honeymoon to Paris ever gonna happen?

E.J.: Why'd you bring that up?

Nicole: What do you mean? I bring it up all the time. It's long overdue.

E.J.: Of course, maybe you want to get away from something. Or someone.

Nicole: What?

E.J.: Like Rafe Hernandez. Maybe.

Justin: I can see this is a bad time.

Hope: Yeah, it is. I told you, I have something on the stove, and I'm trying to get out of here.

Justin: Okay, well, I'll call you later.

Hope: Great. Nice to see you.

Justin: You see a little stressed.

Hope: I have something on the stove. Take care, I'll talk to you soon.

Justin: Okay, good-bye.

Ciara: Mommy!

Dean: Shut up!

Hope: Come here, baby, it's okay. It's all right, my love.

Dean: Now, we're gonna wait for our favorite cousin to be gone, and then you're gonna make a choice.

Hope: What choice?

Dean: You and the kid are gonna go for a ride with me, or I'm gonna kill you both right here, right now. Now what's it gonna be?

Justin: Aah!

[Both grunting and groaning]

Nicole: Honey, why would you bring up Rafe Hernandez?

E.J.: I ran into Samantha at the park. She said you had a little bit of a run-in with Rafe.

Nicole: A bit of a gossip, that one, huh?

E.J.: It's not a very nice way to talk about your new best friend, is it?

Nicole: What?

E.J.: She also told me, Nicole, that you let her take Sydney whilst you had a rest.

Nicole: Well, yes, that--that's true. Just, I didn't get a lot of sleep the night before.

E.J.: You know how I feel about her. That you'd befriend Samantha!

Nicole: Okay, fine, fine. Look, honey, if you don't approve, then I will end it. I really don't enjoy her company anyway, so that's it, no more, the end. Is Sydney up in her nursery? I'm gonna go see her.

E.J.: Just wait a second. You didn't answer my question.

Nicole: I don't remember what it was.

E.J.: I'd like to know what you and Rafe were fighting about.

Arianna: So sister Theresa was gone?

Rafe: Mm-hmm.

Arianna: She had left the convent?

Rafe: Right. Which meant she couldn't I.D. Nicole as Mary, which meant Nicole could just go free.

Arianna: Uhh! Rafe.

Rafe: It's not over, though. Sister Theresa will be back to the convent eventually. In fact, I'm gonna give her a call in a little while.

Arianna: And you're still thinking Nicole did something to Grace, right?

Rafe: I don't know. I mean, look, it's kind of farfetched, I admit that. But what other reason would Nicole have for urging sister Theresa to take Sami to the clinic to have her baby? And why else would she go to the convent to visit Grace? What else could it be?

Bo: That's a great idea, Victor. I'll just throw out the book and head straight to the unemployment line.

Victor: Well, it's better than throwing out your marriage.

Bo: Why do I have to throw out anything? Why am I the bad guy here?

Victor: Bo, your wife is unhappy with you. You have to change that.

Bo: She's being unreasonable.

Victor: Well, then, talk to her. Listen to her. Instead of venting with me and screaming at Justin, go home and talk to your wife, work it out. Save your marriage.

[Both grunting and groaning]

Hope: Get upstairs, honey. Get upstairs now! Run, Ciara! Aah!

Ciara: Mommy!

Melanie: Me? I'm the one person you can trust?

Philip: It's because you and I are kindred spirits, don't you think?

Melanie: We do get each other, I suppose.

Philip: That counts for a lot. I've never known anyone who can see inside my soul the way you do.

Melanie: Oh, no, Philip, you did not just say that.

Philip: I know it sounds corny, but I mean it. And I see into yours too.

Melanie: Uh-oh.

Philip: And it scares you a little bit, doesn't it?

Melanie: A little bit. Good scary.

Philip: Yeah, well, you're a really great friend. It just took me a while to realize it.

Arianna: Look, you said, um, that you wanted to protect her, that you want Sami to have peace.

Rafe: Mm-hmm.

Arianna: What if she can help you figure this whole thing out?

Rafe: I can't tell her yet, Ari. Not till I've got proof.

Arianna: What if you can't find proof?

Rafe: [Sighs]

Arianna: You know, earlier you said you were gonna back off this whole thing, so what changed your mind?

Rafe: Because I realize that this is too important to Sami. I don't know why, but I've got this feeling whatever I find out, it's gonna help her, it's gonna help her be able to get over her grief and move on with her life, and that's why I'm not giving up. That's why I'm gonna do whatever it takes to find out what Nicole has to do with this and what she did to Grace, so help me God.

Nicole: I was fighting with Rafe because he's a world-class jerk, and he was in this house, spying on us.

[Cell phone ringing]

Nicole: I don't like the way he treated Sami or is treating her now.


E.J.: Sorry. Teleconference.

Nicole: Okay, I guess we'll talk about this later.


E.J.: We will talk about this later, all right?


E.J.: Yes? Of course.

Nicole: [Sighs]

Stefano: Uh-uh, you don't need that.

Nicole: Easy for you to say. You don't know the kind of day I had.

Stefano: Oh, but I do. [Chuckles] And I thought it was a rather good day, all things considered.

Nicole: Good?

Stefano: Yeah. Sister Theresa was called away before she could open her trap about you, yes?

Nicole: Wait a minute. You set that up? [Laughs] Oh, my God, you didn't--

Stefano: Dio mío. A nun? Bite your tongue, woman.

Nicole: Well, what did you do to her? Where is she?

Stefano: Away.

Nicole: When is she coming back?

Stefano: Well, she isn't. Not in the foreseeable future. So, it seems that you, uh, have peace of mind now, yeah? Huh, Nicole? See? Baker is dead, Mia is handled.

And Sister Theresa is out of the picture too. [Chuckles] La vita é bella. Right, eh, Nicole? Life is beautiful. Now only you and I know your secret.

Sami: So you really think there's something more to it than just Arianna's ex coming back into the picture?

Brady: I don't know, I don't know. I don't even want to speculate on it. Enough about me. I don't want to talk about me. [Laughs] You've been having a rough time lately, huh?

Sami: Well, it's getting better. A little.

Brady: I'm sure breaking up with Rafe didn't help.

Sami: No, but you know what? He was there for me in the hardest time of my life. He helped me be strong.

Brady: I'm sorry. Really. I wish there was something I could do to help.

Bo: Aw, hell. No, no, that's okay. Just go ahead. Uh, thanks for letting me know.

Victor: Trouble?

Bo: Yeah, that witness in Chicago didn't pan out. His story was all over the place.

Victor: Oh. Well, that's good news, isn't it? I mean, one last kidnapper on the streets?

Bo: Yeah, yeah, I guess.

Victor: Listen, I gotta go. You should go too. Go talk to Hope. And listen, I know you think what you did was right, but my advice? Be contrite as hell. Fall on your sword.

Bo: [Scoffs]

Ciara: Mommy!

Justin: You son of a-- [Grunting]

[Silenced gunshot]

Hope: Oh, God. Oh, God.

Arianna: You said that I could either end things with your grandson or tell him that I'm a drug dealer.

Brady: I've just got two questions for you. What the hell is your problem and what are you thinking?

Chad: Mia has a secret, and I need to find out what it is.

Mia: You know my writing is private. How much did you read?

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