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Days of Our Lives Transcript Monday 9/7/09 - Canada; Tuesday 9/8/09 - U.S.A.


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Philip: Hmm. I'll take those. Yeah.

Flower Peddler: My most delicate arrangement. For your wife? Girlfriend?

Philip: Girlfriend. For now.

Flower Peddler: Lucky woman.

Philip: I'm the one who's lucky. Here. Here you go. You know what? Keep it. Take care.

Brady: All right, listen up, sleaze.

Hotel Manager: Hey, take it easy, man.

Brady: You're gonna take that video down, all right?

Hotel Manager: Take it d--are you kidding me? It's up there now. It's in the ether. Any way you cut it, the fiancÚ's gonna find out.

Arianna: Yes, but there's a difference between hearing it and actually seeing it with your own eyes.

Brady: Absolutely. So unless you want your world to blow up in your face, you're gonna find a way to make that video disappear, and I'm talking now! Before it's too late.

Nathan: Oh, what? Nobody invited us to the party?

Stephanie: Apparently not.

Sami: Hey, sweet Sydney. You ready to go back to your mommy? I bet she misses you. Yeah, I bet she does. Who wouldn't miss a perfect little girl like you? Ready? Okay, let's go. All right.

Woman: Such a beautiful little girl.

Sami: Aw, thanks. I think so too.

Woman: She looks just like you.

Nicole: "Mia McCormick. Biological mom of Grace Brady. Samantha Brady's baby being raised is Sydney DiMera. After delivering the child, was implored by Mrs. DiMera to switch infants. In an effort to protect all parties involved..."

[Knock at door]

Rafe: Nicole.

Nicole: Oh, you.

Rafe: Sami here?

Nicole: No. She's out.

Rafe: Out? Then what are you doing here?

Stephanie: You are the most disgusting and revolting little slut--

Melanie: No, Stephanie--Stephanie, that's-- I mean, you don't believe--wait.

Nathan: Let's get back to work, okay?

Girl: That's my laptop.

Nathan: We'll get it later, okay?

Melanie: N--wait. Nathan. Nathan, wait. Stop. Please, you have to hear this.

Chad: Now...if I were Mia's diary, where would I be? Miss Mia McCormick from William Hynes, Esquire. A lawyer? Now why would a lawyer want to talk to Mia?

Maggie: Excuse me?

Chad: Uh...oh. Hi.

Maggie: Who are you?

Chad: D--Chad.

Maggie: Well, I'm fairly certain I don't know you, Chad, and yet you're standing in my kitchen?

Chad: I--I can explain that. I--I'm sorry. What are you--what are you doing?

Maggie: I'm phoning the police.

Rafe: So Sami knows you're here, or are you planning a one-woman surprise party?

Nicole: [Laughs] Funny. But to answer your question, yes, Sami knows that I'm here. I came over to visit. And I was exhausted. So, bless her heart, she suggested that I take a nap, and she and Sydney went out to get us some lattes.

Rafe: Oh, really? That's--that's a good story, but for some reason, I'm finding it impossible to believe.

Nicole: Rafe, Rafe, Rafe. And here I thought you were supportive of Sami's and my connection. I mean, didn't you just say the other day how happy you were that Sami had me to count on? That she needed a friend? Especially right now?

Rafe: Yeah. Yeah, I did say that.

Nicole: Oh, no. Don't tell me you were being disingenuous. Not you.

Rafe: No. Wasn't being disingenuous in the least. I meant it.

Nicole: So what were you thinking? Hmm? Sami's gone, and I just broke in? Just like you did? Glass houses, FBI man. Glass houses.

Rafe: Well, I still have the key. Sami knows it.

Nicole: Oh, Sami knows?

Rafe: Mm-hmm.

Nicole: Uh-huh. Sami also knows that you two aren't together anymore, which means you broke in. But the question is why? What the hell are you up to?

Melanie: You guys, come on. This isn't--this isn't real. This is--this is a fake. This is--

Nathan: Melanie.

Stephanie: Why don't you just own up to what happened, huh?

Nathan: I got to get back to work.

Melanie: Nathan. Nathan, I'm sorry.

Stephanie: [Sniffs] I am such a fool.

Melanie: You're--you're not a fool.

Stephanie: I thought you were my friend, Melanie. I thought you changed.

Melanie: I have changed. You are my friend. This is--this is just a big misunderstanding.

Stephanie: How soon after Philip and I broke up did you have sex with him? Had we even broken up?

Melanie: Of course you had broken up.

Stephanie: I want the truth, Melanie, okay? How long has this been going on?

Melanie: Nothing's been going on. It just happened one time. I promise.

Stephanie: Right. And preserved forever for everyone to see.

Melanie: I know, I know, I know. But please try and remember that I was trying to get you two back together, and you kept rejecting him.

Stephanie: And then you comforted him?

Melanie: He was in a lot of pain, Stephanie.

Stephanie: Oh, my God. And you just happened to be there for him?

Melanie: No, Stephanie, I--

Stephanie: You and that great big heart of yours?

Melanie: I can not tell you how many times I told him no, but he made it very clear that you guys weren't together anymore. Come on. I didn't know your breakup had an expiration date.

Stephanie: Oh, you think this is funny?

Melanie: No. The last thing I'm trying to do is be funny right now.

Stephanie: I had no idea you hated me this much.

Melanie: Stephanie, come on. I don't hate you.

Stephanie: Okay, then why did you make a sex video with my ex-fiancÚ and post it on the web for everyone to see?

Hotel Manager: Uh-oh.

Brady: Uh-oh? What do you mean? What happened?

Hotel Manager: Not working. It should be overriding the, uh, what do you call it? Brady: Original configuration. But no go. Seems to be a glitch in the program.

Brady: There's a glitch? What are you talking about?

Hotel Manager: I can't take the video offline, okay? Whoa. It's looking pretty popular. Already getting a boatload of hits.

Brady: Hey, do something else. Try harder, okay?

Hotel Manager: There's no call for you to yell, okay?

Brady: Okay. How about I break your neck, huh? Get the damn thing off the web. Now!

Hotel Manager: Yeah.

Chad: Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. Don't--don't--don't--don't call the police. Please, I'm a friend of Mia's.

Maggie: Your name again?

Chad: I'm Chad. Mia and I used to go to the same school together. We, uh, we work together now at Java.

Maggie: I go to the Java all the time. I don't ever remember seeing you.

Chad: No? Are you sure?

Maggie: Positive.

Chad: Well, I mean, I've--I've seen you there all the time, and I mean, I just didn't happen to wait on you.

Maggie: So here you are using Mia's key, standing in my kitchen. Gee, if you have this kind of close relationship with Mia, how come she's never mentioned you to me?

Chad: I couldn't tell you that. I guess Mia is, uh, a little shy.

Maggie: Shy?

Chad: Yeah, you know. I mean, not the type of person who, uh, who shares a whole lot.

Maggie: Well, Chad, even if you are telling me the truth about what you're doing in my home... I don't like it. Perhaps if Mia had told me she was meeting you here...

Chad: I totally agree, okay? And--and I can't believe she didn't say anything to you. I mean, I'm--I'm a little embarrassed. All right? And, uh, you know, she probably forgot.

Maggie: What are you doing with that? Mia told you you could look at her mail too? In addition to using her key?

Chad: No. I saw it, and I was just passing the time, and, uh, I just saw the envelope, and...

Maggie: A bit ill mannered, don't you think? An invasion of Mia's privacy?

Chad: Well--well, yeah. It would be if I was trying to see who the letter was from or whatever, but I wasn't. I was, uh, gonna give it to her when she, uh, got home.

Maggie: I'll see that she gets it. You know, Chad, you take a lot of liberties for someone I've never heard Mia utter a single peep about.

[Door opens]

Mia: Chad.

Chad: Hey, Mia, what's up?

Maggie: You know this young man, I hope? He said he's a friend of yours.

Mia: From high school. Yeah.

Maggie: Right. Okay. Well, he said he came here to meet you. Is that true?

Rafe: I'm not up to anything, Nicole.

Nicole: No? Okay. So then why are you here, huh? You just came to see if there's something good in the fridge?

Rafe: Well, seeing as though this is Sami's place and it's her fridge, I-- I don't see why it's any of your business why I'm here, actually.

Nicole: Oh, okay, but you seem to think it's your business why I'm here.

Rafe: Actually here for my mail.

Nicole: Your mail?

Rafe: Yeah, my mail. See, some of us, Nicole, actually have bills to pay. Don't want to get behind.

Nicole: I don't get it. You didn't leave a forwarding address?

Rafe: Well, I did. Doesn't mean everything gets there.

Nicole: Whoa. I've never seen someone so eager to leaf through their bills.

Sami: Hey, Nicole, I-- what is going on?

Nicole: Ugh. This is not good. Did it just get super hot in here?

Sami: Are you okay?

Nicole: Oh. I don't--I don't think Caroline's clam chowder agreed with me. Would you--would you excuse me? Oh.

Melanie: You think I put the video online?

Stephanie: What else am I supposed to think?

Melanie: Stephanie, I would never do that. Please, please. You've got to believe me.

Stephanie: No, I don't believe a word you say, premiere party girl.

Melanie: Okay, you did not just call me that.

Stephanie: That's who you are, right? Always looking for a thrill no matter who it hurts?

Melanie: No.

Stephanie: Face it, Melanie, okay? You're a magnet for this stuff. You said it yourself. Everywhere you go, heartbreak and trouble follow.

Philip: What's going on here?

Arianna: Are you sure you've tried everything?

Hotel Manager: Everything I can think of and then some. Look, I swear to you, I'm telling the truth. The system froze. Like I said, I'm no computer expert. I had to get my partner to put the thing up on the web in the first place.

Brady: Move.

Hotel Manager: Why?

Brady: Move because it's my turn. Move it.


Victor: I want a full background investigation. Soup to nuts. That's right. Arianna Hernandez. And I want it within the hour. I want to know how long she's been in Salem, if she's got a prison record, party affiliation, anything you can dig up. She's gotten her claws into my grandson, and I want to know why.

Mia: Yeah. I told Chad to meet me here.

Maggie: I see. Well, will you tell me the next time you make this kind of arrangement?

Mia: Yeah. Yeah, no, definitely. I am--I am so sorry, Mrs. Horton.

Maggie: Well, you know, it's fine. I mean, I don't mind you having your friends over to the house, Mia, and I don't want to discourage you from doing that, but, um, giving them your keys...

Mia: Yeah. Wow, yeah, that was...totally irresponsible of me. It--it won't happen again.

Maggie: Well, I'll let you two have some privacy, then.

Mia: Oh, no, you don't have to. See, uh, Chad isn't staying.

Sami: What's wrong with Nicole? Was she sick before I got here?

Rafe: Seems to have just come over her.

Sami: Huh. What about you? Um, what are you doing here?

Rafe: Um, I was just, uh, in the neighborhood. I thought I'd come by and get my mail.

Sami: You could have called and asked.

Rafe: Yeah, and I should have. Uh, like I said, I was just around the corner, so I thought I'd stop by, and I didn't think you were here. I came in. Nicole was sitting... excuse me one second.

[Knock at door]

Rafe: Nicole.

[Knocking continues]

Rafe: Nicole. Damn it. Unlock the door.

[Knocking continues]

[Toilet flushing]

Nicole: Okay, okay. Gosh. You can't wait? How rude. Know what? Maybe you shouldn't drink so much coffee, huh? If your bladder's that out of control.

Rafe: Ha ha.

Nicole: Ha. Excuse me.

Rafe: Yeah.

Nicole: Have fun.

Rafe: What is she up to?

Philip: Somebody say something. What's going on?

Melanie: Philip, just know I didn't do it. Please, you got to believe me.

Philip: Didn't do what? What is she talking about?

Stephanie: Melanie, just go.

Melanie: Philip has to know.

Stephanie: Just go!

Melanie: I'm so sorry.

Philip: Steph. Hey. What is going on?

Stephanie: Well, why don't I just show you?

Philip: Um...

Arianna: Any luck?

Brady: No, not yet. I got one more thing to try, though.

Arianna: All right.

Brady: [Typing] Did it. That was it.

Arianna: Oh, my God.

Brady: Done.

Arianna: Brady, you're a genius.

Brady: Not a genius, just not an idiot.

Hotel Manager: Good. Good for you. Now you can take off and get out of here. I need to rent out this room.

Brady: Why? You got more people to exploit today?

Hotel Manager: You heard what I said. Go.

Brady: No, not yet.

Hotel Manager: What's your problem?

Brady: Actually, you got the problem right now.

Hotel Manager: Look, you got what you wanted, haven't you?

Brady: No, not what I...want. You and I have some unfinished business, pal.

Mia: Okay, what are you doing here, how did find out where I live, and how did you get my keys?

Chad: The address was on your paycheck, and the keys, well, you saw for yourself you left them on the table.

Mia: You're lying.

Chad: And so were you.

Mia: How?

Chad: You told that woman you gave me the keys so that we could meet here.

Mia: That woman's name is Mrs. Horton, and I told her that because I don't want to make a big deal out of this with her. Last thing I need is her thinking that I have shady friends.

Chad: Ah, another lie.

Mia: What?

Chad: That's not why you told her we had plans to meet here, okay? You told her to protect me.

Mia: You're delusional.

Chad: Because you still love me.

Sami: Oh, come on, Sydney, don't be sad. Your mom is gonna be right back, okay?

[Toy squeaking]

Sami: I have your little toy for you. Is this your friend? Your little friend the giraffe?

Nicole: A sick woman can't have a moment's privacy?

Sami: What's going on?

Nicole: Well, Rafe here tried to open the door while I was still in the bathroom.

Sami: What? Why would you do that?

Rafe: Oh, I don't know. Maybe because your friend, Nicole, only got sick after she figured out why I was looking at the mail.

Nicole: Why would I care if you were going through Sami's mail?

Rafe: Oh, I think you can answer that one, Nicole.

Sami: Would you stop being so cryptic? What is the deal? If you have a problem with Nicole, let's hear it.

Philip: I don't know what to say.

Stephanie: Well, that pretty much says it all.

Philip: Stephanie, it-- I'm sorry. Look, it happened after you and I had broken up. After you ended it.

Stephanie: What, two or three days later?

Philip: I--I wasn't thinking straight. I was lost. Depressed.

Stephanie: I thought you loved me. I thought you--oh, my God. I'm so sick of saying I thought you changed. I'm sick of thinking it, because it's all just fake and empty and meaningless.

Philip: No, it is not. I'm--I did mean it. I do mean it. I love you. I--

Stephanie: I feel so stupid. All those promises you made to be a better man? They were just manipulations, weren't they?

Philip: Look, I made a stupid mistake. It'll never happen again.

Stephanie: Oh, it was more than just a mistake. You slept with another girl, and you lied to me about it to my face. And for that I'll never forgive you.

Philip: [Sighs]

Brady: You are scum, you know that?

Hotel Manager: Oh, come on, man.

Brady: You are dirt, man.

Hotel Manager: It's not my fault that I couldn't kill the video, that the clip went viral.

Brady: Not your fault? You must think I'm as dumb as you are.

Hotel Manager: Just go, okay? I don't want any trouble.

Brady: Well, trouble's kind of part of the business, isn't it? Being an amateur pornographer? I mean, it just comes with the territory, doesn't it?

Hotel Manager: I--I didn't mean to hurt anyone.

Brady: That's exactly what you meant to do, man! Because you ruin people's lives. You humiliate people. You put 'em out there and you make fools out of 'em.

Hotel Manager: No, no, I swear. I'm a family man. I got a family to support, okay?

Brady: God. You're--

Hotel Manager: It's all about the money.

Brady: Shut up. That makes it even worse! You ruin people's lives, and you turn a profit doing it. You are a twisted son of a bitch, my friend.

[Knock at door]

Hotel Manager: You--you--you called the cops on me?

Brady: Yeah, yeah, I called the cops on you. And I hope they lock your ass up and lose the damn key, man.

Hotel Manager: I want to call my lawyer.

Officer: You'll have that opportunity downtown, sir.

Chad: All right, then you have no feelings for me whatsoever?

Mia: Oh, no, no, no. I have feelings. I'm angry and disgusted. Those are my feelings. That you would find out where I live and break in to my house?

Chad: Whoa. Shh.

Mia: It's like you're stalking me, Chad.

Chad: Stalking you? Oh, come on. You know damn well that's not what's going on here.

Mia: All right, then what is--what is going on? Uh, what were you hoping to accomplish by breaking in to this house?

Chad: I--I don't know. I was desperate.

Mia: Desperate for what?

Chad: You make me crazy. You know that?

Mia: How? What does that even mean?

Chad: I can't stop thinking about you.

Mia: I have to go inside.

Chad: So you're having the same problem, aren't you?

Mia: What problem?

Chad: You claim to be with Will. Just admit it. You can't stop thinking about me, either.

Sami: Okay, so I get that you two don't like each other, but this seems bigger than a personality conflict.

Nicole: He's jealous.

Rafe: What?

Nicole: Of our friendship. Come on, Sami. He's never approved of us burying the hatchet and becoming pals. Totally cynical about it too. Oh, and not to mention, he's a control freak, and it's driving him crazy that you're not under his thumb anymore. So whatever Rafe says about me is a lie. You have to believe that, Sami. He is just out to hurt me.

Rafe: You know what? Nicole's right. Can't stand her. Never could. And to be honest with you, I do find the idea of the two of you becoming tight very troubling.

Sami: You know what? I'm sick of this. You have no right to interfere in my relationship with Nicole. I trust her, okay? I trust her completely, and you can keep your unsolicited opinions to yourself.

Nicole: Look, uh, Sydney and I should hit the road, okay? Come on, little angel.

Sami: Yes. I'm really sorry about that. I hope you're feeling okay.

Nicole: Uh, yeah, I--I am. Thank you.

Sami: And if you need anything, just, um, just call me, okay? Sorry, Sydney. Sorry I got upset. And, um, it was really fun hanging out with you before.

Nicole: Thank you for your hospitality, Sami. Can't say it was a pleasure.

Sami: I apologize for, um--for Rafe's behavior. I'm really sorry.

Nicole: It's okay. Thanks.

Sami: Are you proud of yourself?

Rafe: No, not really. In fact, I feel like a real jerk. Offending your new best friend. Am I beyond forgiveness?

Sami: Okay, stop it, all right? Obviously there's something going on with you. Why are you acting so strange?

Stephanie: I knew something happened between you and Melanie.

Philip: Stephanie, can we not do this here please?

Stephanie: When you were gone overnight and I tried to reach you to tell you about Ciara and it turned out that you were with Melanie, I gave you every opportunity to tell me the truth. And all you said was that Melanie was a shoulder to cry on because you were so upset about me. How did I believe that?

Philip: I was a coward. 'Cause I thought if I didn't tell you...I thought that everything would be fine, you know? And if I did, I thought that you would never forgive me. Was I right?

Sami: Oh, maybe you want to just keep it a secret. Like we haven't had enough of those.

Rafe: Sami, it is not what you think. Now you're reading way too much into this.

Sami: Oh, give me a break. I saw the tension between you and Nicole. Something is going on.

Rafe: I was surprised to see her here. That's all, okay? Alone. I can't trust her. Maybe now you can, but I can't.

Sami: Well, that's it, then.

Rafe: That's what?

Sami: I never thought I would say this, but I think you're the one I shouldn't trust.

Rafe: What?

Sami: I'm sick of the lies. Just--just give me my keys back.

Rafe: Sami?

Sami: Good-bye, Rafe.

Mia: Did you not hear me? I said go.

Chad: Mia, just relax, okay?

Mia: Chad, seriously, you need to get out of here. Can you please do that before I lose it?

Chad: Just admit, Mia, okay? That's all I'm asking.

Mia: There's nothing to admit.

Nicole: Good thing we have a key that Lucas gave us way back when... oh, well. We don't want to talk about that, okay? That wasn't a happy time for mommy.

Mia: Chad, please. I want you to leave me alone.

Chad: This is so not you, Mia.

Nicole: That doesn't sound promising.

Chad: Why are you doing this?

Mia: Me? You're the one who's acting crazy.

Nicole: Eureka, huh? Look at that. Look at that. Yes, yes, yes. Wow.

Mia: Nicole, what are you doing?

Philip: Well? If I had told you then that I'd been with Melanie, slept with her, would you have forgiven me?

Stephanie: I might have. If you'd been honest with me from the beginning.

Philip: Really? Now who's lying?

Stephanie: Okay, you know what? We're done here.

Philip: I let you have your say. Now let me have mine.

Stephanie: Oh, you're gonna come clean? Cop to having an actual collection featuring you and Melanie?

Philip: Now, you see, I know you, Stephanie, and there's no way you would have forgiven me for what I'd done. That's why I didn't tell you. Besides the fact that what happened between Melanie was never gonna happen again.

Stephanie: Right. It was just a one-time slip up.

Philip: Yeah. Yes, that's what it was.

Stephanie: Mm-hmm. [Sighs]

Philip: Look, okay, I'll admit to being stupid, okay? I'll admit to being 50 shades of wrong for not telling you about what happened, but all that said, nothing has changed.

Stephanie: Wow, you really are delusional.

Philip: I still love you. With all of my heart. And the good news is I nailed that interview in Chicago. I'm gonna get that job, we can move there, move out of Salem. We can start a new life together. We can have our second chance. Ste--

Brady: Hey. It's all taken care of. The video is officially off the web.

Melanie: Uh, it's too late. It's too late, Brady.

Brady: What?

Melanie: Stephanie already saw. Philip saw too. It's all over. I ruined everything.

Brady: Shh.

Rafe: Hey.

Arianna: Hi. Not doing so well, are you?

Rafe: Been better.

Arianna: So, uh, there's still no proof with this whole Dr. Baker, Nicole thing?

Rafe: Thought I had it. Turns out Baker sent a letter to Sami, but looks like Nicole got the letter first and destroyed it.

Arianna: So why don't you tell Sami that?

Rafe: Because I'm not sure. I don't know. I might be wrong. I don't know if Nicole got the letter or if it's even arrived yet. I can't go to Sami and say, "Hey, I think Nicole and Dr. Baker had something to do with Grace's death, but I don't have any proof."

Arianna: 'Cause you would be putting her in more pain, right? Than she's already in?

Rafe: Right. And Sami would never trust me again.

Arianna: So what are you gonna do?

Rafe: I don't know. Maybe I'll just forget about trying to find a connection between Dr. Baker and Grace and Nicole. Just let Sami live in peace.

Mia: What is that?

Nicole: Um...

Mia: That's for me.

Nicole: Yes. I can explain.

Mia: Nicole, it's from a lawyer. What is going on?

Nicole: My lawyer... that's why I called you earlier, what I wanted to see you about.

Mia: Okay, you're--you're scaring me.

Nicole: All right. Uh... I guess I'm just gonna have to admit it. Mia, I--I did a terrible thing.

Mia: Go on.

Nicole: I was really upset when you were still in town, still running into us, so I went to my lawyer, and I had him file a restraining order against you.

Mia: What?

Nicole: Yeah. I--I know. It's just that I was--I was stressed out, and I made a rash decision, okay?

Mia: But I never told anybody that Sydney was my baby.

Nicole: Shh, shh, shh, shh. Please.

Mia: I never said anything, though. I kept up my end of the deal.

Nicole: I know.

Mia: I didn't even tell my ex-boyfriend. Matter of fact, I just kicked him out of my house a few seconds ago.

Nicole: I know, I know. Okay, you've been--you've been great, which is why I came to regret my decision, and--and, look, I'm gonna make the restraining order go away. I'm gonna hand that letter to my lawyer and have him rip it up. So we can just be done with this whole thing. So...just give me the letter, Mia. Please? Give it to me?

Victor: Yes. Yes, this is very helpful. I know exactly what I need to do. You'll let me know when the more comprehensive background check comes in on Miss Hernandez? Excellent. We'll be in touch.

Arianna: Oh, Mr. Kiriakis. What can I get you?

Victor: You and I need to have a talk, Arianna. Alone. One on one.

Sami: Well, Sydney, you're gonna want this back, aren't you, sweetheart? I hope your mom...appreciates how lucky she is to have you.

Nicole: Would you just give me back the letter? Look, the last thing I want to cause you is any more pain. You've--you've suffered enough. So can we just put this behind us? Thank you. Look, you deserve to be happy. You are a good person with a good heart. What?

Mia: I know that Sydney doesn't belong to me anymore, but I still want her to be happy. And I know that she is with you and EJ. I--I know that you guys love her so much.

Nicole: More than you can ever imagine.

Mia: Yeah.

Nicole: Look, you--you made the right decision, Mia. Don't ever doubt that.

Mia: I won't.

Nicole: You take care of yourself, okay?

Mia: You too.

Nicole: Bye. Say bye. Bye-bye. It's over. It's finally over.

Rafe: Hello?

Sister Teresa: Rafe, it's Sister Theresa. I'm back from my retreat. I understand you wanted to talk to me?

Rafe: I do.

Stephanie: I need to give you back this.

Victor: Lie to me once more, and by God, I'll have you arrested here and now.

Rafe: Do you know her?

Sister Teresa: I do.

Sami: What is going on between you and Rafe?

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