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Days of Our Lives Transcript Monday 8/24/09 - Canada; Tuesday 8/25/09 - U.S.A.


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Sami: Yeah, so Johnny and Allie have their swim class tomorrow. I'll pick them up at 10. And, um, listen, Nicole, I... I just wanted to say...thanks. You know, Nicole, you've really been there for me and I really appreciate it. And--and that's it. Anyway, uh, I'll talk to you later.

Rafe: Hey.

Sami: Hey.

Rafe: You talking to Nicole?

Sami: Uh, uh, yeah.

Rafe: So you're, like, best buddies all of a sudden, huh?

Sami: What, I'm not allowed to have friends now?

Rafe: Sami, you've hated Nicole for how long? And according to you, for good reasons, now all of a sudden you guys are friends?

Sami: What? You have a problem with Nicole now? Suspicious of her or something?

Nicole: Oh, why do you keep calling? Just leave a damn message.

Dr. Baker: This is the last message I'm gonna leave, Nicole. So you take notes. Either wire me that money, or I tell Sami the truth. Not to mention that dear husband of yours. You think he'll like hearing that his daughter Sydney isn't even vaguely related to you?

Nicole: No, no, no, Dr. Baker. You are out of luck and out of money, I'm gonna let Stefano deal with you.

E.J.: Hey.

Nicole: Oh.

E.J.: There you are.

Nicole: Hey, there are my two sweethearts. So did, uh, Sydney get her footprint taken?

E.J.: Oh, Maxine said she'd do it, so I'm sure she has. That's it. They're done. DNA tests for me, Sydney... and of you.

Nicole: Yes, uh, I heard.

E.J.: So why didn't you tell me the truth, Nicole?

Hope: What we should have done already is paid the ransom. But no, my husband has to go on television and turn this into a war, us against them, with our little girl in the middle. If anything should happen to her, if she... the blood will be on both of our hands. And I will never forgive you. Never.

Bo: I absolutely believe if we pay that ransom... Ciara will die. I need you with me on this, Fancy Face. I can't have you giving up. 'Cause if we're not a team, if we're not together... well, there's no way home for our little girl.

Dean: You don't like that, huh? We all have things that we don't like. [Laughs] Now I know that you can't hear a word that I'm saying, but I'm gonna say it anyway just for fun. This is all gonna come to an end for you very soon.

Will: Hey.

Mia: Will, hey. I thought you couldn't come.

Will: I can't stay.

Mia: Your little cousin.

Will: Right. So I'm kind of trying to stay close to my grandma, you know? Running errands for her and stuff.

Mia: I'm really sorry. I mean, is there anything I can do to help?

Will: Thanks, but, I mean, there's not even much I can do.

Mia: Could you stay long enough to dance with me, once?

Will: Sure.

Nicole: I don't know what you mean. What are you talking about?

E.J.: That you, young lady, are in excellent health and are apparently gonna live a very long life.

Nicole: [Laughs nervously] Oh.

E.J.: It's good news for all of us. I hope now that you're grateful I did this test. It'll at least help me know that there's not any chance that Sydney could be taken away from us.

Rafe: All I'm saying is maybe you should be more cautious.

Sami: And I'm asking why. Why do you distrust her all of a sudden? Is there something I should know?

Rafe: All I'm saying is that you used to hate Nicole's guts. In fact, you would call her evil and distrustful, and just a horrible person. Now suddenly, you two are friends. I don't get it, that's all.

Sami: That's an easy explanation.

Rafe: Okay.

Sami: It's because of Grace. Because losing Grace changed everything for me.

Rafe: Yeah. It's definitely starting to look like that's true.

Sami: If you have something to say about Nicole, just say it.

Rafe: It just, uh, seems a little fishy that you two are suddenly best friends.

Sami: She's turning out to be a better friend than you were.

Rafe: [Scoffs] Okay. You're right. I have no right to interfere in your life, whether it's about Nicole or anything, and I'm sorry you got upset.

Sami: You're not in my life. You're not my friend, you're not my lover, you're not my hero. You, um, made it very clear that you didn't want to have anything to do with me, so... stay out of my life, if you don't mind.

Rafe: Wait--

Roman: Okay, I'll tell you what, Julie. Uh, I gotta go, but I will tell Bo and Hope that you and Doug are sending along your best thoughts. Okay, bye.

Abe: Anything new?

Roman: Not yet, no. Hey, champ. How are you doing?

Theo: Angel.

Lexie: Angel. He won't stop saying it.

Roman: I remember. And I have been trying to think what he means by that. That he saw Ciara with an angel before she disappeared. But I'm not having much luck.

Lexie: Yeah, neither are we.

Roman: Theo, listen to me, okay? This is very, very important, you listening to me? Ciara needs your help. What do you mean that you saw Ciara with an angel?

Hope: I don't want to spend any more time arguing. We should get back to the station.

Bo: I agree with you, but... we're gonna have a rough time of it if we're not united here.

Hope: You mean if I don't back up everything you've already decided.

Bo: I am terrified for Ciara. And I am scared to death of losing you. I know I've already lost your trust, but what I have done is for our daughter.

Hope: In the middle of the exchange with the ransom money, you decided that you knew best.

Bo: I did that to save our daughter.

Hope: Without asking anyone. Including Ciara's mother. Now the ransom money is a $5 million reward. The kidnappers have no reason to talk to us. Or to keep our daughter alive.

Bo: Hope. I know you're scared out of your mind. I am too. But like I said, I did what I thought was best for our child. And now all we've got to do is hang on a little longer. Things will fall into place, I know they will. So can you find it in your heart to stick with me on this?

Hope: No.

Brenda: What are you doing?

Tad: Who played this song?

Chad: I did.

Tad: Dude, that song wasn't on the play list I made for tonight.

Chad: What do you want me to say, T? It is now.

Rafe: Hey.

Arianna: Okay. What's happened? You look horrible.

Rafe: Oh, I just ran into Sami. Being the genius that I am, I asked her to think twice about being friends with Nicole.

Arianna: Let me guess. She said, "Thanks but no thanks?"

Rafe: Yeah, more like "Stay the hell out of my life."

Arianna: Rafe, I'm sorry.

Rafe: Yeah, well...I am the one that walked out on her. She's hurting and angry. Who could blame her?

Arianna: Yeah, but this whole Nicole business, I mean, she does have a right to know, doesn't she?


Rafe: If I could only figure out what the hell it is.

Arianna: Well, it's too bad you can't find this doctor, I mean...

Rafe: Yeah, that's for sure. It's too bad he's gone.

Arianna: What are those?

Rafe: Yeah, I just found these in an old desk at the clinic there.

Arianna: Are you thinking maybe he took off to the Caribbean?

Rafe: That is a good place to go get lost, isn't it? And there's lots of gambling. Hell--tsk! Who knows what island he'd be on. Or who the hell even knows where he is, right?

Nicole: Sydney fell asleep before I finished one nursery rhyme.

E.J.: I'm sure she did. She's probably exhausted after that day in the hospital.

Nicole: You know... we could go to bed early too.

E.J.: Really?

Nicole: Mm-hmm.

E.J.: Is that a proposition?

Nicole: No. Just a suggestion.

E.J.: Oh.

Nicole: Mm-hmm. A little suggestion.

E.J.: Well, that sounds like a lovely suggestion. But before...

[Both giggle]

Nicole: That's a proposition. And that. And that. [Giggles]

E.J.: Well, before we go to bed... I have a little surprise for you.

Nicole: I hope it's a good one.

E.J.: Of course it's a good surprise. All surprises are good surprises.

Nicole: Okay, well, then hit me.

E.J.: Well...[Exhales] I was thinking. Now that Sydney's healthy, and that we' my father's health back on track, and that you and I are doing great...

Nicole: Yes, and there's no war with the Kiriakises.

E.J.: That as well. I thought it was about time that you and I went on that long overdue honeymoon.

Nicole: Oh! That's a great surprise. Where are we going?

E.J.: How do you like the sound of...the Caribbean?

Nicole: No.

Roman: Okay, Theo, did you see an angel? Okay, good. Where was the angel?

Theo: Angel, angel.

Lexie: I'm sorry, Roman. I think he wants to go home.

Roman: Okay. No problem. Hey, thanks for trying to help us out, okay, Theo?

Abe: All right, son, we can go now.

Theo: No! Angel, angel!

Lexie: Honey, honey, we're trying to understand, but we-- where was the angel?

Theo: Angel, angel.

Abe: On me?

Lexie: On daddy's arm?

Roman: Wait a minute, whoa. It's not on Abe's arm. It's on the kidnapper's arm. Is that right? The guy who took Ciara, right, Theo? The perp has a tattoo.

Brenda: What are you doing?

Dean: Just making sure everything's secure.

Kyle: I tied her up real good.

Dean: Didn't expect you guys back so soon. Where's the food?

Brenda: There were checkpoints everywhere.

Kyle: Dude, the cops were checking all the cars. Some of the trunks too. I mean, nobody was getting waved through.

Brenda: Mmm. As soon as we realized what was happening, we did a u-ey and got the hell out.

Kyle: Yeah, I mean, nobody can tie us to the little girl, but... you know, why take chances?

Brenda: Look, I'm--I'm really nervous, baby. I mean, one mistake and we could all be caught.

Dean: Just relax, okay? We'll be fine.

Kyle: $5 million buys a lot of eyes looking for us, man.

Dean: Yeah.

Brenda: I think we should just call it quits and get the hell out. Now.

Sami: [Exhales] And I hope you know how much we love you.

[Monitor beeping]

Sami: 'Cause we love you more than anything. More than anything in the whole world.

[Monitor flat lines]

Rafe: You want to get the doctor?

Sami: No, no, no. I--no, I just want it to be us. I just want it to be us, okay?

Rafe: Okay.

E.J.: Hey, what's the matter?

Nicole: Nothing, nothing, I-- I just don't want to go to the Caribbean, that's all.

E.J.: Okay. Uh...why?

Nicole: It's just--it's becoming kind of a cliché, don't you think?

E.J.: It's becoming a cliché. The Caribbean is becoming a cliché. All those awful turquoise lagoons and those soft white coral sandy beaches. It's such a cliché, isn't it?

Nicole: Well, everyone goes there for their honeymoon. It's like...Niagara falls.

E.J.: No, it isn't. It is an exclusive resort. It has a private beach. In fact, it has private beaches. There are people who will wait on you hand and foot. Doesn't that sound nice?

Nicole: It's hurricane season.

E.J.: Okay, look, I'm not gonna get into the geography of this, but basically a hurricane is something that takes a very long time to form, and we will have plenty of warning to pack up our bags and get on a plane.

Nicole: Oh, so imagine how chaotic the airport will be. I mean, what if--what if there's not enough airplanes?

E.J.: Sweetheart, we don't fly commercial. We have our own plane. What's the real reason that you don't want to go to the Caribbean?

[Cell phone dialing]

Dr. Baker: Come on, Nicole, damn it. Pick up the phone. Or so help me, I will bring you down.

Lexie: So how about that one? No?

Abe: Well, we're almost through the whole book.

Theo: Angel.

Abe: Yeah, I know, son. That's what we're looking for--

Theo: Angel, angel!

Dean: Okay, thanks. I'll be on the lookout. When you took the kid... somebody saw your angel tattoo.

Kyle: Oh, man.

Brenda: Oh, that's just what we need. Oh--

Dean: They're digging into it right now, and if they somehow tie that tattoo-- [Exhales] [Slaps table] Okay, that's it. Everything's off. Time to split. Brenda, where's your stuff?

Kyle's motel room. I can be packed and out of there in 15 minutes.

Dean: No. No, I'll get your stuff, and your brother's too. It's too dangerous for you two to travel. I'll use my lights and badge and pretend I'm looking for the kid. I'll be back in less than an hour.

Brenda: Okay, and then what?

Kyle: We--we all go to different cities like we planned, right? How we gonna pay for it now?

Dean: Just relax. I think I know how to still make this all happen. Sit tight.

Brenda: Dean. What about the kid?

Dean: Well, we don't have much choice. Especially now since we're not getting the money. That Hope Brady is gonna be sorry that she didn't make that ransom drop when she had the chance.

Nicole: Honey...I just--I want to take our daughter somewhere where I can protect her. I guess it's just become kind of a basic instinct thing for me.

E.J.: Okay. Okay. Ahem. So where can we go? Malibu would be nice.

Nicole: [Chuckles]

E.J.: Earthquakes. Hawaii. Volcanoes.

Nicole: No. And we are certainly not going skiing, because I don't want to get trapped in an avalanche.

E.J.: Well, it's the summer, so we should be okay there for the most part.

Nicole: Hmm.

E.J.: I don't know where we can go there's not some kind of natural disaster zone nearby.

Nicole: There's always Paris.

E.J.: Yeah, the Seine could flood, though.

Nicole: [Chuckles] So we'll climb to the top of the Eiffel Tower.

E.J.: Paris.

Nicole: Mm-hmm. No avalanches, no hurricanes, no earthquakes. Just a lot of romance.

E.J.: Did you just talk me into moving our honeymoon to Paris?

Nicole: Mm-hmm.

E.J.: Did you just do that?

Nicole: [English accent] Yes, I know it's dreadfully boring, darling.

E.J.: Oh, I'm sure it'll be terribly rough.

Nicole: Yes, but I think we could handle it for a week or two, don't you think?

E.J.: Paris. It's very romantic there.

Nicole: Yes.

E.J.: I think I could just about deal with it.

[Sydney crying]

Nicole: [Exhales] Hmm.

E.J.: Bop bop bop bop bop bop.

Nicole: You know, is she ever gonna sleep through the night?

E.J.: If she's anything like her brother, it's gonna take her at least another year.

Nicole: [Chuckles] Well, it's a good thing she's cute, huh? It's hard to get mad at her.

E.J.: Listen, let me take her out for a walk in her stroller. That always puts her to sleep.

Nicole: Okay, well, I will, uh, I will start the shopping list then. Mm! Thank you. [Breathes deeply] Paris in the fall. Oh! Lots of shoes!

Arianna: All right, Rafe. Let's say you do find out that Nicole did something to Sami's baby, or tried to, whatever.

Rafe: Then she's gonna answer to me.

Arianna: Okay, fine. But then what about Sami? You get proof that her new best friend did something to Grace the night she was born. You tell Sami, and then what?

Rafe: Then what what?

Arianna: It's one more loss, Rafe. Grace, now you. She's not exactly gonna thank you for it.

Rafe: Are you telling me that's a reason not to tell her the truth?

Arianna: No, Rafe, don't get me wrong. I'm not looking forward to seeing you leave town. It's just, why not drop it? Why not let it go now and save you and Sami a lot more pain?

Kinsey: Wait, wasn't this your song? Yours and Mia?

Chad: Shut up.

Kinsey: Oh! Hey, did you see that? The way that she pulled away from Will?

Chad: Have you been drinking?

Kinsey: [Giggles]

Chad: I'm sorry, uh, correction-- how much have you been drinking?

Kinsey: Okay, well, you know, there is only one reason why she'd do that.

Chad: Hmm.

Kinsey: "A"--she knows you're watching. She doesn't want to make you feel bad. And "B"--she doesn't want any PDAs with him.

Chad: One reason, huh?

Kinsey: But never fear. Kinsey is here! And I have something that'll make you feel better. Chad: Okay, this stuff is, like, 150 proof. I don't--just here, take a swing and you won't mind watching your girlfriend dancing with Will Horton.

Chad: Look, I got a better idea. How about you lose it, huh? Smelling like a bar's not gonna help anyone.

Kinsey: Okay. More for me.

Mia: Will, I'm sorry.

Will: No, look, it's fine.

Mia: It's just--

Will: It's okay. I get it, okay. Too many people. It's cool.

Mia: Right.

Will: I should probably get back to the pub, anyway. Call you if anything happens.

Mia: Great. My phone's on.

Will: See ya.

Mia: I'm really glad you came, even if it was just once dance.

Will: Me too.

Sami: [Sniffling] Sami, that's enough. Stop it! You're stronger than this.

[Sydney cooing]

Sami: She having trouble sleeping?

E.J.: Yeah, a little bit, but we'll get there. You all right? You seem a little...

Sami: I'm fine. Well, good night.

E.J.: Samantha, wait, please. Listen, I, uh... I heard that Rafe moved out. Is that right?

Sami: It's none of your business.

E.J.: My concern is for Johnny. So I need to know if he's upset with Rafe leaving.

Sami: You don't care how Johnny feels about it. You only care how you feel. And let me guess. You're thrilled.

Rafe: I've come this far. I'm not gonna stop now.

Arianna: Man, the bureau was stupid to let you go.

Rafe: Nicole DiMera is dangerous. Now I've known that since the moment I first laid eyes on her. Know the real problem? She's smart. I can't track a single thing that she did that night.

Arianna: It's too bad that there isn't someone else you could ask.

Rafe: Supposedly E.J. was there that night.

Arianna: Oh, yeah. E.J. would love to sit down and answer all your questions.

Rafe: Baker's gone.

Arianna: The nurse didn't mention anyone else? Not--maybe an aide? Or receptionist?

Rafe: Wait a second. There was someone else there that night. Someone who might have the answers I need.

Chad: You, uh... cut me pretty deep... dancing with Will while our song was playing.

Mia: Chad... we're not together anymore.

Chad: Yeah, but so what? I mean, hearing that song. Old memories die hard. We had some good times, Mia.

Mia: Some.

Chad: Yeah, and then my stupid parents shipped me off to boarding school. Poor me, right? Look, listen. Be honest, okay? If I hadn't had to leave... I guess what I'm asking is, is it my fault we broke up? I mean, did I do something wrong? Because if I did, Mia... I'd do anything to make it up to you. Anything.

Dean: Like I never existed.

Bo: Nothing?

Roman: No, not yet. But I still got a couple tattoo artists to call. But like Hope said, could be a long shot. Anything on your end?

Bo: We've gone through the FBI database. Now we're working on the state.

Hope: Oh, my God.

Bo: What?

Roman: You find something?

Hope: Oh, my God.

E.J.: Look, Samantha, I realize you're a little bit upset right now, but let's not make this personal, shall we?

Sami: Oh, go ahead and say what you're thinking. It's fine. Gloat.

E.J.: Samantha, I'm not gloating.

Sami: You never thought Rafe was a good choice. You always called him that-- what, a poor choice? So now you can say "I told you so."

E.J.: He was a poor choice, Samantha. He was a pathetic choice. This is a man who broke into my house. He spied on my family. And he kept the truth from me about Grace. So don't expect me to be upset that he's not gonna be a part of my son's life.

Sami: Well, you get your wish, 'cause he's not. Wouldn't be surprised if you planned it.

E.J.: Hardly.

Sami: You're just a DiMera then. You want something and--presto! Comes true like magic.

E.J.: I didn't have anything to do with Rafe leaving you.

Sami: Wouldn't surprise me if you had.

E.J.: Oh! That's ridiculous.

Sami: Really? Really? You were so furious with me. And you hated Rafe. You hated the fact that we were together and happy. And now we're not. Right?

E.J.: Samantha, you don't need any help from me when it comes to alienating men.

Sami: Well, you've had your revenge. For lying to you about Grace. And the kicker is you have it all. The beautiful family, perfect little girl, perfect wife, big house on the hill.

E.J.: Samantha, I'd appreciate it if you didn't blame your personal shortcomings on my family. Why don't you take responsibility for your own life?

Sami: And why don't you admit it? You're glad Rafe's gone. You're glad I'm free.

Rafe: No, no, no, thank you anyway, sister. I appreciate the help. Bye.

Arianna: So?

Rafe: Eh, struck out. I was trying to reach sister Theresa. She was there the night that grace was born. But, uh, evidentially she's away on some sort of retreat. Not gonna be back for at least two weeks.

Arianna: So what now? Are you just gonna wait till she gets back?

Rafe: No, I'm gonna keep digging till I find what I need.

Arianna: Well, Rafe, you talked to the nurse, Sami's out, the sister's unavailable, and E.J.'s out.

Rafe: Well, that leaves Nicole and Baker then, doesn't it?

Arianna: Oh, she sure as hell isn't gonna help you. Why can't you use your contacts at the bureau to help locate Baker?

Rafe: No. Wait a second. Just thought of someone who knows exactly where he is.

Mia: Chad, how about we don't talk about old stuff, okay?

Chad: How about we do everything you want to do?

Mia: All right, in fact, how about we don't talk at all?

Chad: You make me crazy, you know that?

Mia: Chad--

Chad: I still love you. God knows why. I mean, you're such a pain in the ass. But you know me, Mia. I don't chase. But you...I don't know. We kind of have this thing, right?

Mia: Chad, I--

[Cell phone rings]

Chad: Wait. Mom's checking up on me. I'll be right back.

Tad: Hey, you. Where's will?

Mia: He left. And you know what? I'm--I'm gonna have to go too. I'm sorry. I'll see you later.

Tad: Okay.

Kinsey: Hey, Mia, you leaving?

Mia: Yeah.

Kinsey: Yeah, I'm out of here myself. Uh, do you want a ride?

Mia: Yeah, sure.

Kinsey: All right.

Chad: Yeah, it's cool. Later, mom. Hey, what up, t? Uh, where'd Mia go?

Tad: Uh, she left. She actually left with Kinsey.

Chad: Kinsey?

Tad: Yeah.

Chad: What, are you serious?

Tad: Yeah, why?

Chad: Mia! Don't do this, all right? Don't go.

Hope: We've got a hit right here in Salem. Kyle Simmons, staying at the Crestview motel.

Roman: Is there anything else that tells us he might be our guy?

Hope: He's a registered sex offender.

Bo: Hang in there.

[Door opens and closes]

Brenda: Little squirt's getting cold. It is kind of chilly.

Kyle: Where's Dean?

Brenda: Look. He has the same roadblocks that we were dealing with.

Kyle: Come on. The motel's only two miles away. He can roll through all the checkpoints just by showing 'em his badge.

Brenda: Stop worrying everything to death, Kyle. You're worse than when we were kids. You know what? I'm sick of looking at you. There.

Kyle: You know, if he got called back to the station or something, we could be here a long time.

Brenda: got a date?

Kyle: Wh-what if somebody comes sniffing around?

Brenda: Kyle, take a pill.

Kyle: I'm just saying. Maybe you should wait here, and I'll take her somewhere into the woods, you know? Somewhere nobodly'll find her.

Brenda: Huh.

E.J.: I'm glad that you're free? Why would I think that? I'm very happy with my life. I have a wonderful wife, a great family. Nicole and I are, I think, more connected than we've ever been. We're going off to Paris in a couple weeks for that honeymoon that we missed. It's gonna be glorious.

Sami: Hmph! Wonderful, connected, glorious. Who are you trying to convince? Me or you?

E.J.: I'm not trying to convince anybody, Samantha. It's a fact. Good night.

[Cell phone ringing]

Sami: Hello?

Dr. Baker: Hello, colleen. Or should I say Sami?

Sami: Who is this?

Dr. Baker: This is Dr. Baker. You do remember me, don't you?

[Doorbell rings]

Nicole: Well, what in the world are you doing here?

Rafe: Well, actually, I came to see you.

Nicole: Well, you should've called, because I'm on my way out, and I don't have time to chat.

Rafe: Well, if you know what's good for you, you'll make some time. This is important.

Hope: Woman's definitely in on this.

Roman: If he's our guy.

Hope: What do you mean if?

Roman: Well, it's pretty damn likely. I just don't want us to close off our thinking.

Bo: Hope, have you seen anything that belongs to Ciara?

Hope: No, nothing so far.

Roman: Wait a minute. Whoa, whoa, whoa.

Hope: What is it?

Roman: Here we go. Well, I think we can close it off now. He is definitely our guy.

Bo: Hold on, hold on. Found something, a map.

Hope: What kind of map is that?

Roman: That's the kind of map forest rangers use. He's across that highway. Right across that highway and all those woods.

Hope: Those woods go on for miles.

Bo: Yeah, but we got these three areas that are circled right here.

Hope: Ciara's gotta be in one of these, she's gotta be. Oh, my God. She's right across the highway.

Bo: Yeah.

Brenda: Where are you gonna take her?

Kyle: I don't know. Somewhere deep in the woods. You know, somewhere... well-protected where nobody can sneak up on us. And then I'll call you.

Brenda: Well, why don't you go do that first and then I'll bring the kid?

Kyle: Took you long enough. Where's our stuff?

Dean: Heh! What am I, you butler? [Chuckles] I left it in the car.

Brenda: So we're all gonna go in your car. And then what happens to the kid?

Dean: Grab your stuff. It's time to go.

Kyle: Oh, man.

Brenda: Dean, she's just a little kid.

Kyle: Come on, man. You don't really have to do that.

Dean: I'm sorry, Kyle. It's gotta be done.

Brenda: Dean, no!

Mia: Oh, my God! You think if I got with you-- no, never again. Not after what happened the first time.

Lucas: Nicole is your friend?

Sami: Yeah.

Lucas: Sami, what are you thinking?

Nicole: Sami trusted you. And what did you do to her? You abandoned her.

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