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Days of Our Lives Transcript Tuesday 8/18/09 - Canada; Wednesday 8/19/09 - U.S.A.


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Philip: Hey.

Melanie: Hey. Um... you surprised that I'm here?

Philip: Yeah.

Melanie: Oh.

Philip: Only because it took us so long to get here.

Maxine: Is everything okay, honey?

Stephanie: Yeah. No. Actually, can you check and see if Philip Kiriakis was admitted last night? I don't think anything's wrong. I just...wanna make sure.

Maxine: No. No Philip Kiriakis. Sorry.

Lucas: What's going on? What's the matter?

Stephanie: Hey, have you seen Philip?

Lucas: No, I haven't, not lately. Why, what's up?

Stephanie: Well, I've been trying to reach him, but he's not answering his phone. I wanted to at least tell him about Ciara, but he's disappeared. I don't even know.

Lucas: Wait a minute--what's this about Ciara?

Stephanie: You didn't hear? She was kidnapped.

Lucas: No, I didn't hear. I had no idea. I've been out of touch, and I've been busy with Chloe and everything.

Stephanie: Bo and Hope are going crazy.

Lucas: Does Victor know? Does my mom know?

Stephanie: I think so. I mean, Victor definitely knows.

Lucas: What about Chelsea and Shawn? Everybody knows but me? Is that what you're telling me?

Stephanie: Maggie is making sure everyone overseas knows. I can't believe this--first Chloe, now Ciara. And where's Philip?

Lucas: Don't worry about him, all right? He's probably just not answering his phone.'re gonna be okay. I'll try to call him. I'll call around. How 'bout that?

Stephanie: Yeah, yeah, everything should be fine. Let's just pray for Ciara.

Lucas: All right.

Daniel: Hey, Brady, it's Daniel. I know you're probably tied up right now trying to help find Ciara and, uh, that's a priority, and it should be. But you said you were gonna call me this morning about Chloe, that you may have some way for me to get into that hospital. I, uh, I need you on this, Brady. Thanks.

Kate: Hard to believe that you slithered out of jail after what you did to poor Chloe.

Daniel: No, Kate. After what you did... and believe me, now that I'm out, everyone is going to know about it.

Bo: When the call came in, a voice synthesizer was used.

Roman: Right.

Bo: And all they said was that they have Ciara and they want the money and... that was all set up in the ransom note.

Roman: You're gonna pay it?

Bo: I know, uh... it's against procedure, but... we feel we have to, you know. Assuming Victor can get it to us in time.

Hope: It's my fault.

Roman: What did you say, hope?

Hope: If Ciara dies... the kidnapper said it would be my fault. Oh, dear God, what have I done?

Kyle: Come on, kiddo. Come on, eat up. Hey! Come on. You gotta get all your vitamins, right? [Sighs] She doesn't like this stuff. Do we have anything else?

Woman: Okay. You wanna starve to death, little girl? Fine by me. But when you're dead as a doornail, you're never gonna see your mommy and daddy again. Is that what you want? Huh? Is that what you want?

Philip: Hey, don't pretend like there hasn't always been this thing between us.

Melanie: No, there has. Even when we, uh, hated each other.

Philip: Even then.

Melanie: [Giggles] But there is kind of always, um...

Philip: Stephanie. Right. But that--that's over. That part of my life is gone for good.

So what now?

Justin: Here it is. 50s and lower, non-consecutive numbers.

Bo: Thanks, man, I appreciate it.

Hope: Justin, I-- I--please tell Victor.

Justin: He knows, he knows. And he said if there's anything else you need, just ask.

Bo: This is it, Fancy Face. This'll bring her home. This money is her lifeline. Okay?

Woman: You don't wanna die, do you, squirt? 'Cause that's what's gonna happen unless everyone does exactly what I say. Clear? Okay. Now, eat.

Kyle: Here you go.

Woman: [Cell phone rings] Talk to me.

Dean: The money just arrived.

Woman: Score another one for our side.

Dean: Ready for the next step?

Woman: Yes.

Dean: Now, you know what you have to do, right... with that little kid? We can't take any chances.

Woman: Don't worry. When I'm done with her, she won't be a problem for anybody.

Dean: Good.

[Crunching sounds]

Kate: What are you gonna do, Daniel? Are you going to wage a vicious propaganda campaign against me? Get me implicated? Is that the brilliant strategy that Justin has in mind?

Daniel: We're gonna do more than implicate. We will prove that you poisoned Chloe and made it look like I did it. Why? Because you...can't stand the idea of Chloe being with me.

Kate: This is so pathetic.

Daniel: Is it?

Kate: Mm. It is, because even if something that absurd could be accepted as truth, which it won't, and even if you had the most brilliant lawyer in the world, which you absolutely do not... you are still...going to jail. Because you, Daniel, are your very own worst enemy.

Lucas: Morning.

Guard: Morning, Mr. Horton.

Lucas: Hey, Nate, uh...

Nathan: Hey.

Lucas: Any news about Ciara? You hear anything?

Nathan: Just that, uh, they have contact with the kidnappers, but...police aren't saying much. I do keep up with Maggie every hour, so...

Lucas: It's a real nightmare, isn't it?

Nathan: Tell me about it.

Stephanie: Any news?

Nathan: No. Uh, not yet anyway.

Lucas: Tell you what. Keep me posted, okay? I wanna go see Chloe.

Nathan: Yeah, course. Have you heard from Philip?

Stephanie: No. Still his voice mail. I don't care what anyone says. It's not like him to stay out of touch like this. He was such a mess last night, I just hope nothing happened.

Philip: I gotta be honest, Mel. I don't know what comes next.

Melanie: Right. So...then last night...

Philip: Was great. I don't regret a thing at all. Do you?

Melanie: No. But, um...I'm probably gonna need some more time to think about it.

Philip: You take all the time you need.

[Rattling, thudding]

Justin: Nothing since the call demanding the money?

Bo: No. No instructions about a drop.

Hope: Who would do this? God, why haven't they called?

Woman: [Whispering] She can't see or hear a thing.

Dean: [Whispering] Good. [Normal voice] We don't want her to know that good old Officer Dean is the one that's making mommy and daddy so upset... now, do we?

Woman: Mommy sounded like a basket case on the phone.

Dean: Oh, she is. And it is so sweet to watch.

Woman: I'll bet.

Dean: She deserves every minute of it. If it weren't for that bitch, I would have made detective years ago.

Justin: They called you on your cell phone. How could they even get that number?

Bo: Who knows?

Roman: No chance you traced it, huh?

Hope: It was blocked when I hit redial.

Bo: The phone company said it was sent from one of those disposable cells. They were able to trace it to one tower, but then it jumped to another, so they weren't able to pinpoint a location.

Roman: Sophisticated setup.

Bo: Yeah.

Bo: It's all right. We'll get it next time.

Hope: If there is one.

Bo: Oh, there will be. And we'll be all set to trap and trace--cell phone, home phones, whatever.

Roman: All right, good. Right now I'm gonna check with the team back at the house, see if they've got anything that connects to Hope or Ciara. After that, I've got a couple other things I'm gonna check into.

Bo: Thanks, bro. Appreciate what you're doing.

Roman: Wish I could do more. You do know if the media gets a hold of this it's gonna turn into a circus.

Justin: Well, hopefully by then... Ciara will be home, safe and sound.

Bo: Yeah.

Dean: That bitch has had everything handed to her. Why? Hmm? Because she has money.

Woman: Well, little miss Hope's gonna be a lot poorer in a couple of hours.

Dean: You know, I had to stand there and watch her get promoted...wave, smile. "Way to go, Hope!" I did the work. I had the experience, and she got the job.

Woman: She was married to that showboat cop--everybody's favorite.

Dean: Always paling around with the commish...who's now the mayor. And you know what really chaps my ass? She's not even gonna miss that money.

Woman: Never had to earn it.

Dean: I worked my butt off all these years, racking up citations, doing scut work, and making her look good... and she gets the promotion? Well, is payback, baby.

Woman: [Laughs] And pay day.

Dean: You're damn right. Okay. Show time.

Nathan: Hey, Steph, look, I know you're upset, but I'm pretty sure we're gonna hear from Philip any second, okay? I mean, when he finds out about his niece, he's gonna step up and bring all the help he can get.

Stephanie: You're right. I'm just overreacting.

Nathan: It's okay. We're all on edge.

Stephanie: Except for you. You're all steady and strong. Always making sure everyone else is okay.

Nathan: [Laughs] You talk as though I have some type of Zen presence or something. I'm nothing, if not normal...

Stephanie: I'm entitled to my own opinion.

Nathan: Yes. Well, thanks. Hey, so, uh... last night you found out that Philip walked away from his family and left everything behind for you.

Stephanie: Yeah, I still can't believe he did that.

Nathan: Where does it go from here? I mean, what are you--what are you gonna do about it?

Stephanie: Well, I mean, I could hardly sleep last night... mainly because of Ciara, but...

Nathan: were doing some thinking about Philip.

Stephanie: Yeah.

Nathan: And?

Stephanie: And I decided there's only one thing I can do.

Desk Clerk: Hey. Sorry about the noise, man. I wanted to get an early start fixing one of my air conditioners. Gets too hot later on, you know?

Philip: Right. Just try and keep it down, okay?

Desk Clerk: You guys looking to have a hot date too, huh? You and that chick you brought in for the night... I gotta say she's pretty tasty merchandise. When you're done, pass me her number, will ya? I'm always on the lookout for getting tasty girls to help fill the rooms, you know?

Bo: That's all I can tell you, Abe. We're still waiting for them to make contact. Thanks, man. We're all praying. All right, bye-bye.

Roman: All right, okay. We finally got a list of prison releases over the last six months. I found four that hope helped put away, so I sent Jenkins and Barro to check 'em out. But I gotta tell you, Bo, it just doesn't smell like the work of a pissed off ex-con. But...of course, you never know.

Bo: Yeah. Someone sure as hell has it in for Hope. Hey, Dean.

Dean: Uh, yes, sir?

Bo: Any word from the field?

Dean: Nothing so far, sir. My last check, everybody was in their sectors and moving forward, but nothing to report.

Bo: Right. Thanks.

Dean: Uh, commissioner.

Bo: Yeah.

Dean: Look, I know this is probably out of line, but... this all seemed to get under way when showed up.

Bo: Yeah, well, that's just a coincidence. He's here working the Jonas case. He's my cousin.

Dean: Oh. Sorry. Just trying to... cover all the angles, you know? Think of another way to help.

Bo: Yeah. Th-that's no problem. Thanks for the hard work.

Dean: Look, everyone on this force wants nothing more than--

[Cell phone rings]

Hope: Bo!

Bo: Yeah.

Hope: Roman?

Roman: We're on.

Bo: Okay, you know the drill. Keep him talking for at least 30 seconds.

Hope: Yeah.

Bo: You okay?

Hope: I can do this.

Bo: You bet you can.

Roman: Trace is ready to roll.

Bo: Let's do this.

Hope: Let's do this.


Hope: Hello?

Woman: Hello, mommy. You got the money?

Hope: Yes. 50s and lower, no consecutive numbers.

Woman: Good for you. [Sighs] Now... if you ever wanna see your little girl alive again, you'll do exactly what I say. Understood?

Hope: [Exhales]

Stephanie: As soon as I get in touch with Philip...well, first of all, I'm gonna have to tell him about Ciara. And I'm not gonna tell him about what Victor told us. That would be callous and stupid, considering this awful thing that's going on. But as soon as they find Ciara, God willing... I'm going to suggest to Philip that he and I talk. What, you don't think communication is important?

Nathan: Very important. Just...[Laughs] I'm just wondering...when you're sitting there with Philip and then you guys are communicating... what are you gonna say?

Stephanie: I don't know yet. I mean... I do know that being with you last night made me feel a whole lot better. I mean, you picked me up and put me back together again.

Nathan: No. You did that yourself. Look, you are as strong as they come. No one needs to pick you up or...or put you back together again.

Stephanie: I've got some stuff to do.

Nathan: Yeah. Me too.

Philip: You say one more thing about the woman I'm with, I will rip your throat out! You hear me?

Clerk: Yeah. I didn't mean nothing.

Philip: All right, get outta here. Sorry about that.

Melanie: [Laughs] No, um... it's kind of nice to see a man defend your honor. Uh... you're like my hero.

Philip: I don't feel much like a hero.

Melanie: Well, you're mine. Um... so what are we gonna do again now?

Philip: I told you, I don't have a clue.

Melanie: Right.

Philip: But I'd like to...find out, explore things, see where that leads us. You feel like doing that with me?

Melanie: I can be persuaded.

Philip: Ha. Right now, let's get out of this motel, though, huh?

Melanie: Yeah, I better...text Maggie and let her know I didn't fall off the edge of the earth.

Philip: Oh, my cell's dead. I gotta remember to get my charger.

Melanie: You probably have like a million messages.

Philip: Oh...whatever. It can wait till I get charged. I gotta get some stuff done.

Melanie: Yeah. I, uh, have some errands to run too. Blah, blah, blah. So, um... we'll meet...later at...the house?

Philip: Sounds like a plan.

Hope: W-where do I go with the money? And when can I see my baby? When can I see my baby? When? Bo--

Bo: Hey, you listen to me. You are not gonna see a dime of that ransom until I know that Ciara's okay. Do you hear me?

Woman: [Distorted voice] Don't get your knickers in a twist, commissioner.

Woman: [Normal voice] Check your wife's email.

Bo: What the hell are you talking about, the email? What am I gonna fi-- hello? Roman.

Roman: Trace, what'd you get? Nothing...nothing!

Hope: I'm sorry, I'm sorry! I thought I was all right, and--

Bo: They said they're gonna send something in the email.

Hope: All of a sudden it was like I could see her little face.

Bo: It's all right, it's okay. Here we go.

Hope: Oh, my God! Oh, my God, Bo. My baby! Oh...[Sobbing]

Daniel: My own worst enemy. I guess I haven't heard that before.

Kate: Ha! What's the first thing you did when you got out of jail? You just rushed over to the hospital and tried to see Chloe, right?

Daniel: Yeah, I wanted to assess her condition, yeah.

Kate: Yeah, well, you know, I think they should have revoked your bail right then and there for being so stupid.

Daniel: You know, I will find a way to help Chloe.

Kate: Well, of course you will. Because you're absolutely brilliant in the medical world, aren't you?

Daniel: No, no, but the situation--

Kate: You know, the situation is that you just can't help yourself, can you? I mean, you barge right in, even though you know it's gonna make things worse.

Daniel: No, listen--

Kate: Actually, that's not true. I shouldn't call you stupid. The fact is, you just can't control your urges, now can you? No. No, you're kind of like an animal running around in the field after the doe-eyed slut. And then when you find out that she doesn't want to be with you anymore, what do you do? You decide to kill her. All I can say. I'm just so glad she has a guard by her door. 'Cause at least now she's safe.

Daniel: Yes, she is... from you. But I gotta tell you, Kate... you...are one sick lady.

Melanie: Hey, Maxine, have you seen my blue sweater?

Maxine: No, I don't think so. Oh, my goodness. You're here bright and early, aren't you? Raring to go, huh?

Melanie: [Laughs] Yeah, right. No, actually, I won't be doing afternoon bedpan duty today.

Maxine: What? Y-you're not gonna show for your shift?

Melanie: No. I'm gonna take a personal day.

Maxine: But you won't be cutting classes.

Melanie: Uh, no, I will be cutting class.

Maxine: You wanna get kicked out of nursing school?

Melanie: I'd like to see 'em try. Make my day.

Nathan: Hey, Mel... what's going on?

Maxine: Little Miss Attitude here thinks she's got better things to do than become a nursing student.

Nathan: Mel, you're not backing out of medicine because of me, are you?

Melanie: [Laughs]

Philip: Henderson? Anybody here? Hmph. Weird.

Stephanie: Oh, thank God you're all right. I've been waiting for you.

Philip: Some reason I wouldn't be?

Stephanie: Well, I tried calling you a zillion times. I just kept getting your voicemail.

Philip: Oh, my phone is dead. Anyway, why would you be leaving me messages? I thought I was the last person you'd wanna talk to...ever again.

Hope: She's alive.

Bo: Yeah.

Hope: Oh, God, look at her. She's so scared.

Roman: It's this morning.

Bo: Ch-Chicago daily dispatch. What the hell? They've got her tied up!

Hope: Oh, my God, she's so terrified. We're gonna find you, baby. We're gonna bring you home.

Bo: Okay, okay, let's go. Here. Roman, um... I want you to enhance this pixel-by-pixel if you need to. Um...there's gotta be something in that picture that tells us where they're holding her.

Roman: All right, I'll take it to Larson downstairs. If anybody can work miracles on a computer...

Bo: Okay. And tell the Chicago PD that she may be in their area.

Roman: Fine, you got it. Hang in there, bo. Hang in.

Bo: Jenkins, um, I know we didn't get the location, but, uh... did we get anything?

Jenkins: No, no, no, they said it's the same as the last time-- they're using different cell towers to bounce the signals.

Bo: These sons of bitches! They know what they're doing. Okay, and this email that sent the picture... I'm sure it's bogus, but see what you can find on that, all right?

Jenkins: Yes, sir, I'm on it.

Bo: Thanks.

Hope: Brady, they didn't tell us where to bring the money.

Bo: I know, I know--which means they'll call back.

Hope: What if they don't call?

Bo: They will call--this scum, all they want is the money.

[Cell phone rings]

Bo: Can you hold it together? Are you ready?

Hope: Let's go.

Bo: All right, let's do this. Go.

Hope: Hello?

Woman: Okay, Mommy, I'm only gonna say this once, so write it down. This is where you make the drop. On the west side of the river off Centerline Road.

Hope: I got it--wait, wait! You're bringing my daughter, right? You're bringing my baby?

Woman: Be there in one hour. Come alone. No wires, no backup, no snipers in trees. No weapon, nothing. Just you.... [Distorted voice] And the money. Got it?

Hope: I got it.

Woman: [Distorted] And remember... you're the reason your daughter's in this mess. [Normal voice] Now only you can get her out of here.

Bo: It's okay, it's okay. It's all right, it's all right. We're gonna get her back. Don't worry, we're gonna get her back.

Hope: [Sobbing]

Kate: I think that you have me confused with someone else. You see, I'm not sick. [Lightly] But Chloe is. And when she dies... you're probably going to get the death penalty for causing it. And I'll be in the visitor's room, watching. Watching, smiling.

Daniel: This hatred--it consumes you, doesn't it?

Kate: Did you just notice that?

Daniel: Kate...she gave you life. She saved your life!

Kate: Oh, come on. She didn't pull me out of a burning building. She donated a little bone marrow, and frankly, I think she did it for attention.

Daniel: For attention?

Kate: Yeah!

Daniel: No, she did it because she wanted to help you. She could have walked away and let you die, but she didnít. No, because she is brave...

Kate: Good lord!

Daniel: And generous, and she put you first. She risked her health and gave you life!

Kate: Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. This is getting so tiresome, Daniel.

Daniel: You know what, the reason I fell in love with her is because she is a generous, sensitive human being. Not whatever evil life form you turned in to be.

Kate: You son of a--

Lucas: It's so weird. There's as much noise here in this hospital room as there is at our house. I mean, when Allie's not there, that place is like a tomb. And we said we were gonna fill that place with a bunch of kids. Remember that? Well, that's not gonna happen. You know, I, uh... started clearing out some of those boxes... that were in the spare bedrooms, and I found this.

Melanie: Wow, Nathan, really, get over yourself--not about you.

Nathan: Look, I didn't say it was--

Melanie: I mean, yeah, it was a bummer when you switched over halfway through our date to Stephanie Johnson--

Nathan: That's not how it happened--

Melanie: That does not mean the world revolves around you!

Nathan: When has the world ever--

Melanie: Frankly, you can have Stephanie and all the beautiful baggage that she comes with. Unless your date didn't go well.

Nathan: Will you let me get a word in edgewise, please? Look, I'm trying to let you know that I'm sincerely sorry. I just don't want this to affect our friendship.

Melanie: Fine, no, it's cool. It wonít. I mean, I'm not gonna lie and say it wasn't a bummer when you chose Stephanie over me. I may have gotten bent out of shape over it a little bit.

Nathan: Well...I never meant to hurt you.

Melanie: Hey, no, it's cool. You're a good guy. You're just not that into me. I get it. You don't have to poke me in the eye with anything. I'm great--I'm better than great. So get over yourself, because I have.

Nathan: Okay, sassy gal. Well, that's good to hear.

Melanie: Actually, you two-timing me with Stephanie is like maybe the best thing that's ever happened to me.

Philip: What the hell? Somebody kidnapped Ciara?

Stephanie: Yeah. It happened last night at the carnival. She got separated from some of the kids that she was with.

Philip: Do these people realize that they have the police commissioner's daughter?

Stephanie: I don't know. Maybe.

Philip: Bo and Hope must be out of their minds.

Stephanie: Yeah, they are.

Philip: Does my dad know?

Stephanie: He's the one who told me.

Philip: You talked to him--when?

Stephanie: Last night at the park. He also told me that you... quit your job and renounced your family? Did you change your mind?

Philip: No. I just...came by to pick up a few things, that's all.

Stephanie: I'm really proud of you... for making a clean break like that.

Philip: We'll see how it goes.

Stephanie: When I first heard, I thought...that's really, really brave of him. And...

Philip: What?

Stephanie: I was thinking that this is something we should talk about.

Bo: I want a perimeter lock on section nine. Tell the squad that they're--

Hope: Wait, stop, stop. Wait, I'm going in alone.

Bo: The hell you are! You're gonna be covered from every angle.

Hope: No, they said no weapons, no backup, no nothing!

Bo: I don't give a damn what they said, hope. This is about keeping you and our daughter safe. I'm not gonna let you walk into a trap.

Hope: I don't give a damn if it's a trap or not--I'm going in alone. Our daughter's life depends on it.

Bo: Yeah, and that's exactly why you're gonna have backup. You and Ciara are gonna come out of that alive.

Hope: What's the problem--you don't trust I can handle this myself? Is that it?

Bo: I never said that.

Hope: But that's what you're thinking she shot Kayla. She couldn't hold it together on the phone--oh, she'll blow this too! Not to mention the fact it's her fault it happened in the first place--right? Right?

[Breathing heavily]

Daniel: I guess we've said all there is to say.

Kate: Just remember. I'll be in the visitor's room... and I'll be smiling.

Nathan: Hey. Mind if I take a look at, uh, Chloeís chart?

Lucas: No, no, it's fine, you know? You're the doctor. What about the tests that you've already run on her? Has she regressed, is she improving at all? I don't wanna have to track down Lexie and ask her all this. I mean, I did find this. I was going through some stuff last night.

Nathan: It's a living will.

Lucas: Right.

Nathan: She wants no extraordinary measures taken to save her life or keep her alive unless there's a good chance that she'll survive.

Lucas: What does that translate to?

Nathan: Well, if the prognosis is eventual death or chronic vegetative state, then doctors are legally instructed to do nothing. But if this isn't registered with an attorney or, um, the hospital, then...

Lucas: Then what, what? They're not gonna honor it?

Nathan: Well, they canít. Which means that the power to decide treatment still resides with you, her husband.

Lucas: So her life is in my hands.

Hope: Admit it. That's what you're thinking.

Bo: No, Hope, that's not what I'm thinking.

Hope: Then give me that damn money! And don't you dare send in anyone behind me.

Bo: We have to follow procedure.

Hope: Ciara's life is in danger, damn it! And all you can think about is procedure?

Justin: Hey, look guys...let's just take a step back, okay? Bo has a valid point. I mean, the safest way to play this is to follow procedure. But I just have to say this. If this were my child... I'd go with Hope's instincts. Just play it their way. Give 'em the damn money and get Ciara back safe.

Bo: That's all I want is my-- I don't give a man about the money, procedure, or anything else. I just don't want to expose our child to that kind of danger. Roman, tell them, would you?

Roman: Bo, listen to me. You've had many years of experience in all kinds of situations. You and I have both learned if you go by the book, the odds are on our side. [Cell phone ringing] Damn it, I got to talk to this reporter before he blabs the news everywhere.

Bo: All right, go.

Hope: Beauregard... we can't lose our baby. We can't lose her.

Bo: And we wonít... 'cause we're not gonna take any chances here.

Hope: That's why we have to do exactly what they say. Otherwise, we are taking chances... chances with our baby.

Bo: Hope...focus here. If this were any other case, any other parents' child--

Hope: I know. But it isnít. She's ours. The kidnapper said that I made this happen. I'm the only one who can make it right. Please, please...let me do what I know is right. Please!

Bo: You come back to me, you hear? And you... you bring our daughter home!

[Both sniffling]

Hope: We're gonna do this.

Bo: Go.

Hope: Okay.

Philip: What do we have to talk about? You've already moved on. I connected with him last night, remember?

Stephanie: I haven't moved on. Nathan and I are just friends. And what happened at the carnival...

Philip: Was stupid. I apologize. But still, you broke things off with me. What do we have to talk about?

Stephanie: The fact that you disowned your family.

Philip: It was my call.

Stephanie: I know it was. But I like to think that I have... or that I had something to do with it.

Philip: Yeah, I guess thatís... possible.

Stephanie: Philip, the fact that you would do that for me...

Philip: Look... I-I-I don't know what to say here, so--

Stephanie: Neither do I! I mean, we've been down this road a million times. Look... I don't want to rush anything with you, especially after you've just made this decision.

Philip: What are you--what are you saying? Do you want to get back together with me?

Stephanie: Sounds like something you don't want. What's the matter, did something happen?


Woman: Got a text. Okay, it's time. Here. All right. Okay, squirt, come on. Mommy's gonna show us the money.

Hope: Ciara!

Ciara: Mommy!


Hope: Ciara! No! No, no! Oh, my God, Ciara! Oh, baby! Oh, baby, no. No, no, baby, no! Oh, God, no, baby! Ciara!

Bo: [Panting] [Whispering] God, no.

Nicole: You listen to me, you son of a bitch--you are not gonna harass me anymore.

Woman: You were the one who was asking about dr. Baker?

Rafe: You have some information about dr. Baker to tell me?

Victor: How's he ever gonna forgive himself if he screws this up?

Stephanie: I need to know what happened between you and Melanie last night.

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