Days Transcript Monday 8/17/09

Days of Our Lives Transcript Monday 8/17/09 - Canada; Tuesday 8/18/09 - U.S.A.


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Melanie: I thought you were going home.

Philip: I did.

Melanie: Um...Philip, I can't do this.

Philip: Tell me you don't want this.

Melanie: No!

Philip: Ow!

Stephanie: Hey, can I get two margaritas and a glass of ice, please?

Bartender: You got it.

Stephanie: Thank you.

Nathan: That's a whole lot of rocks.

Stephanie: I didn't expect I'd be the one performing first aid, hanging out with a doctor and all.

Nathan: Stephanie, I do not need first aid, thank you. I kind of like the pain.

Stephanie: I am so sorry.

Nathan: Ow! Ow! Why are you sorry? Huh? It's not your fault that Philip’s such a crazy bastard.

Bartender: Here you go.

Nathan: Thank you.'s no big deal.

Stephanie: Thanks. All right, tough guy, this is gonna be cold.

Nathan: Uh-oh.

Stephanie: Better?

Nathan: Better.

Arianna: What is that?

Brady: It's cocaine.

Arianna: My God, where did that come from?

Brady: Why don't you tell me?

Woman: About damn time.

Kyle: What, am I keeping you from something?

Woman: The kid's a pain in the butt, you know. Never stops whining.

Kyle: She's quiet now.

Woman: Yeah, finally. She cried herself to sleep.

Kyle: Maybe I went overboard, you know? Telling her that she'd never see her parents again if she didn't behave.

Woman: Why is that overboard? It's true. Where's the chocolate?

Kyle: Did Dean call?

Woman: Not yet.

Bo: Dean.

Dean: Yes, sir?

Bo: Have a dozen men check out that area north of town between 218 and the river, north of where the car was abandoned.

Dean: Yes, sir.

Bo: And find out if Brookville’s turned up any leads. Thanks.

Hope: Okay, it's done. All calls from our land line at home are being forwarded here.

Bo: Okay, now we wait.

Hope: Brady, Brady, Brady, I've been thinking. We both assume that Ciara was targeted because of me, because of the contribution I made.

Bo: Right. And?

Hope: And she went to the carnival with friends-- with Tracy and Ellen, not with us. So how would the kidnappers know who she was?

Bo: They did their research.

Hope: Brady, 75% of children are abducted by someone they know.

Bo: You're thinking someone we know took Ciara?

Hope: I'm almost positive. Just think about it. Unless someone was stalking her, how would they know who she is, what she looked like? How did they know she'd be there?

Bo: Then why the hell haven't they called? That ransom note said that within the hour, they would get in touch with us. Ellen.

Hope: Ellen.

Ellen: Tracy.

Hope: Ellen, what is it? Tell us.

Ellen: Tracy remembered something. Something important about Ciara.

Arianna: I don't get it. I've been here pretty much the entire day.

Brady: Well, did you see who was sitting over here?

Arianna: I didn't work the bar tonight.

Brady: Yeah, but you were around. I mean, what, was it the usual crowd? Did anybody stick out?

Arianna: You mean the guy with all the piercings and the tattoos? Come on, Brady. Addicts come from all walks of life. It's not like whoever dropped this had a sign.

Brady: Yeah, I get that. I know. But you better than anyone would be able to pick up on the signs, Ari.

Arianna: Why would you say that?

Nathan: Mm, thank you.

Stephanie: What are you doing?

Nathan: What? It's too cold.

Stephanie: It's supposed to be cold.

Nathan: Yes, I know that. But the swelling's down. I don't need it anymore.

Stephanie: It's true what they say about doctors. They are the worst patients.

Nathan: And you working overtime just to not talk about the real damage that was done tonight.

Stephanie: No damage. Except for... well, it was...

Nathan: It was...

Stephanie: Embarrassing. Infuriating. Philip pouncing on you like that, like an animal. It was inexcusable.

Nathan: Yet you are still in love with him.

Melanie: Oh, my God, that's where-- that's where Nathan hit you.

Philip: Why did you do that?

Melanie: I don't know why I did that.

Philip: I thought you wanted to kiss me.

Melanie: I do. I do. Um...Philip, it's just, look, I've been working on being a stronger person-- self-respect. And that means I've got to stop going around and kissing boys because...I think they're cute, and not think about what I mean to them. Or, rather, what I don't mean to them. I'm not someone's rebound girl, Philip.

Philip: And I'm not a boy. And that's not what you are to me.

Melanie: What am I?

Philip: You...are maybe the only person who accepts me for who I am. Which is why you're the one I want to be with. Only you.

Ellen: I know it's not much to go on.

Bo: Hey, no. It's a help.

Hope: Every piece of information is a help.

Ellen: Hope, Bo, I can't tell you how sorry I am, and--

Hope: Ellen, it's not your fault. It's not your--it's okay. It's not your fault. You were watching a lot of kids and, Ellen, please don't blame yourself. Nothing can be gained by doing so. Nothing at all.

Ellen: That's very kind of you.

Hope: It was very sweet of you to come by. Very kind of you.

Tracy: I miss Ciara.

Hope: She misses you too.

Ellen: I just pray-- we're all praying that you'll find Ciara very soon.

Hope: Oh, thank you. Thank you. Thanks for coming by, sweetheart.

Bo: Tracy said she gave Ciara her bear.

Hope: And that Ciara told her that a man gave her candy at the birthday party. The lollipop. She had that lollipop. Remember?

Bo: Yeah, she said a friend gave it to her.

Hope: But it was him. He was there at the park-- the man who took her. She must-- oh, my God! How many times have we talked to her about strangers?

Bo: Hope, come on.

Hope: But it wasn't enough, Brady. We didn't tell her enough. We didn't make it clear enough to her. My God, we should have said something to her then. We should have-- why didn't we say something to her then?

Bo: I think we did.

Hope: You think we did? You think we did? Thinking isn't good enough, Brady. You should know that we did, damn it! You should know that we told her. Why--

Bo: Hey...

Hope: Why didn't we tell her every single day?

Bo: Shh, shh...

Hope: We should have told her.

Bo: Don't blame yourself.

Hope: I blame both of us. I blame... [Crying]

Brady: Your, uh--your ex. Your ex was an addict, right? Isn't that what you told me?

Arianna: My--my ex? Yeah. But I never--I--

Brady: You never what?

Arianna: I just didn't really see the signs with him until it was too late. Look, could we just not talk about it? It was a long time ago, and I'd rather just forget it.

Brady: Ari, Ari, unfortunately, this is not something we can just forget, all right. We need to figure out what to do about it.

Arianna: What do you mean we, Brady? You're not gonna do anything about it because...your past.

Victor: God, who would do such a thing?

Justin: There are no words. Taking an innocent little girl.

Victor: I'm calling Philip. He'll liquidate the cash we need.

[Cell phone rings]

Melanie: You should take that.

Philip: I'm sorry.

Melanie: It's okay.

Philip: It's my dad.

Melanie: Take it.

Philip: No. The hell with that.

Melanie: Oh, did something happen with you and your dad?

Philip: I did something I should have done ages ago. I quit my job.

Melanie: Just like that, you just quit your job?

Philip: No, not just like that. I gave it some thought.

Melanie: Yeah?

Philip: A lot of thought.

Melanie: And how'd your dad take it? Uh, don't answer that.

Philip: No, I don't give a damn.

Melanie: Right.

Philip: I'm done trying to measure up to his expectations.

Melanie: Absolutely. I mean, this is--this is good. I'm impressed. This is a big step.

Philip: One I should have taken ages ago.

Melanie: Okay, look, um... it's hard, you know? 'Cause, like, we all think our dads hung the moon, right? So even when we're-- even when they're not... who we think they are, we still wish that-- it's--it's hard... trying to break away and become your own person.

Philip: Yeah. I mean, what I've been through with my dad doesn't even measure up to what your dad put you through.

Melanie: Yeah, it was hard. It was hard, but look at me now. I'm becoming stronger every day. Getting that old self-esteem going.

Philip: You should have self-esteem. You're beautiful, you're smart. You're funny. Actually, that's one of the things I like most about you.

Melanie: You think I'm funny?

Philip: You make me laugh.

Melanie: [Giggles]

Philip: Sometimes I laugh at some of the things you said...after the fact.

Melanie: That's, um-- well, um-- I don't want to make you laugh all the time. I mean, sometimes I want you to take me seriously.

Philip: I do. Of course I do.

Melanie: Um, I'm glad you quit Titan. I see that it makes you happy.

Philip: I feel liberated. I feel like myself. I feel-- I feel like I should for the first time in my life.

Melanie: Well, then Stephanie was right.

Philip: Stephanie? No, she didn't make me feel this way. It was you. You saved my life.

Stephanie: How much do you know about the Kiriakises?

Nathan: Besides...

Stephanie: I mean, well, yeah. Okay. You got a glimpse of what Philip is like tonight. Um, do you know about their family and their business and how it operates?

Nathan: I know enough.

Stephanie: So you're probably wondering how I could fall in love with someone like him.

Nathan: No, I'm not wondering that, actually.

Stephanie: Yeah, right.

Nathan: Seriously. I mean, if it worked so well for the two of you, then who am I to judge, right? I mean, we can't exactly help who we fall in love with. And it's not all the time that we fall in love with somebody who's actually good for us. Right?

Stephanie: Right. That has never been the pattern for me.

Nathan: So... what are we gonna do?

Stephanie: About?

Nathan: About Philip.

Stephanie: Well, I am going to stop talking about him, for starters. And then I am going to do whatever it takes to forget about him, and to shut off my feelings for him.

Nathan: I'm sorry, Steph.

Stephanie: After tonight, I'm not.

Victor: It's imperative the money be in my Salem account by 9:00 A.M. Tomorrow. That's my time, of course. And no slip ups, Heinrich.

Verstehen? Okay. You're on the clock.

Justin: Did you get in touch with Philip?

Victor: He's unavailable. At least to me, he is. Anyway, that's neither here nor there. I've talked to the Zurich bank. The money's going to be transferred out of our secure account.

Justin: Don't worry. We'll get Ciara back.

Victor: If those bastards hurt her...

Justin: They won’t.

Victor: You don't know that for sure. That's the problem.

Justin: How about I fix us a drink?

Victor: Yeah, I could use one.

Justin: I keep thinking how I'd feel if... one of my kids--

Victor: Yeah. Imagine how Bo and Hope must feel.

Justin: It's a nightmare.

Victor: Already lost one child. Your little Zack. Now this.

Justin: I remember talking with Bo right after Zack was born.

Victor: Yeah, I never saw him happier. God bless him, he does love his family. As only a Kiriakis can. You're the same way, Justin.

Justin: Well, family is first. Everything else is... everything else.

Victor: You know, I haven't told anyone this, but, uh, I've been making some plans for all of us.

Justin: Plans?

Victor: You remember that stand of olive trees behind the Kiriakis villa on Crete?

Justin: The terraces cut into the mountains?

Victor: Yeah. They seem to come right out of the sea and go--soar up to the sky.

Justin: [Laughs] Yeah, I think my father tried to persuade the owner to sell.

Victor: The more he asked him, the more obstinate the old bird became. Then poor Alex died before he got to realize his dream.

Justin: The Kiriakis complex.

Victor: Well, as luck would have it, maybe it was the Olympian gods smiling down on us, the old coot had an accident and his property came on the market.

Justin: You bought it.

Victor: Every centimeter.

Justin: [Laughs] And you are gonna build the--the complex.

Victor: It's going to be magnificent. Four or five more villas-- enough to accommodate the entire Kiriakis clan from the youngest, Ciara...

[Phone rings]

Victor: It's Zurich. Talk to me, Heinrich. You're done? Excellent. I won't forget this.

Wiedersehen. Well, he's been transferred. Let's go.

Hope: [Crying]

Bo: Hope, come--look at me. We're not gonna do this. We're not gonna blame ourselves. Do you understand me?

Hope: I do. I'm sorry.

Bo: Okay.

Hope: I'm sorry.

Bo: It's okay.

Hope: Brady, the more I've been thinking, the more--[Exhales] I think it's strange that Ciara was targeted because of me-- because of that one damn donation I made. Now if these bastards who-- if they did their homework, they'd realize that the contribution nearly wiped out most of the money I had.

Bo: Okay, so what are you saying?

Hope: Who do we look to when something goes wrong with our family? The DiMeras. And who do the DiMeras hate more than anyone? The Bradys. And now the Kiriakises as well.

Bo: Hope, you're rambling. What's your point?

Hope: Brady, you're both. Think about it. You're a Brady and a Kiriakis. You're both, don't you see?

Bo: So Ciara was taken not because of your money... but because of me.

Kyle: Go easy, would you? Those are for the kid.

Woman: Oh, just what she needs. All this sugar. She'll be bouncing off the walls.

Kyle: Keep your voice down, all right? You'll wake her.

Woman: You really think you're going to bribe her with candy while she's crying her eyes out screaming for mommy and daddy?

Kyle: I hate to see her so upset. She's a nice little girl.

Woman: Yeah, well, don't get too attached, because the nice little girl is gonna be leaving us one way or the other.

Bo: But the ransom demand with the newspaper article, that's not DiMera’s style.

Hope: What, you don't think he's capable of changing his style to throw us off? Maybe the feud with the DiMeras isn't over, Bo.

Dean: Commissioner, Officer Brady, think I may have a lead.

Stephanie: I am so sorry I got you in the middle of all this.

Nathan: Are you kidding me? Don't be sorry. I mean, now I can say I was jumped by a maniacal Kiriakis. Something to tell the grandkids about, right?

Stephanie: You are being a really good sport. I can't believe he went after you like that. I mean, he had no reason to.

Nathan: No reason?

Stephanie: Yeah, we were just talking.

Nathan: Yeah, but he obviously saw...

Stephanie: What?

Nathan: Well, he could probably tell that we were...

Stephanie: Connecting?

Nathan: Yes. Yes. I guess so. Philip saw that we were connecting and got jealous.

Stephanie: I suppose.

Nathan: He has feelings for you. Just like you have for him.

Stephanie: Right. That's why I can't be with him. I mean, that horrible temper, it's bred into him. I guess if you're that violent, working for Victor Kiriakis is the right way to go. What?

Nathan: Nothing. Just, I mean, and you thought we had to worry about Melanie tonight.

Stephanie: Yeah. Crazy me.

Melanie: Phil, hmm, you know what?

Philip: What?

Melanie: Mm. All those times when we hated each other and I convinced myself over and over again to stop thinking about you and to move on and find the right guy... this whole time, it was you. I was waiting for you.

Brady: What are you talking about? You don't think I can handle even being around this stuff?

Arianna: Brady...

Brady: Ari, you know what, maybe you think it's mine, hmm?

Arianna: No, that's not what I was--

Brady: If this stuff were mine, would I really, really show it to you?

Arianna: I don't think it's yours, Brady, okay? You misunderstood me. Look, I know you're clean, okay?

Brady: Then why do you want me to back off?

Arianna: Because it's my responsibility, all right? It was found in the pub. I'm the manager. I'd like for you to have a little faith in me that I can handle it. I mean, do you not think I'm capable?

Brady: Okay, sure, then, uh, why don't you handle it?

Arianna: What?

Brady: Call the cops.

Bo: What? What's the lead?

Dean: A tip from amber alert. Somebody saw a little girl close to where the getaway car was abandoned.

Hope: Oh, God.

Dean: I'll follow up on it right away.

Hope: I'm coming with you.

Bo: No, no, no. Dean can take care of this. You're a lot more useful here in case they call. Let us know as soon as you hear anything.

Dean: Yes, sir.

Bo: Thanks, man.

Victor: Hope, well, we'll bring the ransom together. We'll have it by morning.

Hope: Thank you. But we're going to find her before that.

Victor: I'm sure you will.

Bo: Victor, I need to talk to you.

Victor: All right.

Bo: The Kiriakises have a lot of enemies. You want to help, you let me know who they are. Write down every name of anyone who has a grudge against the family. Now.

Dean: Hey, it's me. How's the kid?

Woman: Asleep. Dead to the world. What's the latest?

Dean: Ready to execute phase two.

Philip: You were waiting for me? Let's take this someplace else. Somewhere we can be alone. Just the two of us.

Melanie: Okay.

Philip: You're sure.

Melanie: Yes.

Philip: Good.

Brady: Well, come on. Call the police.

Arianna: No. Not--not yet.

Brady: Not yet? Why--why the hell would you wait on something like this?

Arianna: Think about it for a second, okay? Aren't you a little worried you might be a suspect?

Brady: A su--no, Ari. I'm worried about if some kid, I don't know, got his hands on this stuff in here.

Arianna: I know. I know. This is--this is a family place. But the thing is if word got out there were drugs found here, that's it. The pub would go under, right? I can find another job, Brady. Caroline, this is her livelihood. It's her life, really. To have that tarnished or ruined... you know what, forget it. Never mind. You know, you're right. We--we should--we need to do the right thing. We should call.

Dean: You remember what to do?

Woman: What, am I demented? We've been over this a dozen times. Of course I remember.

Dean: Good. Because I can't wait to see that bitch's face when that call comes in.

Bo: Victor, I need names.

Victor: Bo, we'll have a much better chance of success if we acquiesce. Pay the ransom.

Bo: That is not true. Statistics pro-- we're doing this by the book.

Victor: Really? Even if that means you never see your daughter again?

Bo: I don't want a repeat of what happened when Stephanie was taken.

Victor: Oh, for God sakes.

Bo: I told you to stay out of that and you didn’t. You ignored my warnings and people got hurt. This is my daughter we're talking about. I call the shots.

Hope: So if Amanda remembers anything at all aft-- sure, I can wait. Again.

Bo: You okay?

Hope: Just thinking about Zack.

Bo: Me too.

Hope: It's hard to believe, isn't it? He'd be nine today.

Bo: Yes. And now we have our beautiful little girl. We've been given another chance.

Hope: You're going to make such a good mommy, honey.

Ciara: Like you.

Hope: Why thank you. May I have some tea? [Crying]

Justin: Come here.

Hope: [Crying]

Justin: [Whispering] It's gonna be all right. It's gonna be all right.

Hope: [Crying]

Hope: [Crying] I can't do this. I can't fall apart.

Justin: You know, I think maybe what we all need is just a little break. Do you some good.

Hope: I don't need a break. What I need is I need to find my daughter. I need my daughter back. That's what I need.

Justin: Hope, you and Bo will bring Ciara back. I have faith in you. So just have a little faith in yourself. Can you try to do that?

Bo: I want you word, victor. You won't do anything unless I approve.

Victor: I'll be in touch as soon as I have the ransom.

Bo: Victor.

Justin: All right, Uncle Vic, let's-- uh, let's get to work, all right? Bo, we'll talk tomorrow. Bo: Yeah, and remember what I said.

Victor: Yeah.

Bo: Okay.

Hope: What's going on with Victor?

Bo: I swear, if he pulls another stunt like he--

Dean: I'm really sorry, lead turned out to be a dead end. The witness saw somebody else. It wasn't your daughter.

Bo: Okay, we keep moving forward.

Hope: Need to get back to my calls.

Bo: Hope, Hope, before you do, come with me.

Hope: I need to make my calls.

Bo: This will only take a second. Come on.

Hope: [Crying] What is it?

Bo: Come here. Come here.

Hope: [Crying]

Bo: I love you.

Hope: I love you too, so much. [Crying]

Brady: Look, look, I don't-- I don't want to cause the pub any problems--damage its reputation or anything--but Ari, I mean, if we don't know where this coke came from, we don't have much of a choice here.

Arianna: Oh, my God. Wait a minute. Wait--I just remembered.

Brady: What?

Arianna: There were these guys, these businessmen from out of town. They came in earlier celebrating some big deal they just closed. You know, toasting to their success.

Brady: You--you think that they might have--

Arianna: Yeah, it was strange, right? They kept going back and forth to the bathroom. I remember thinking, "what was that about?"

Brady: Oh, my God. Did you wait-- did you wait on these guys?

Arianna: There was four of 'em, I think.

Brady: They use a credit card by any chance?

Arianna: Mm-mm. All cash. That's the thing, I mean, we couldn't track them down. Not unless they came back in, which is possible, but...

Brady: Damn it, damn it.

Arianna: What do you think?

Brady: I don't--I don't see any reason to call the police. I mean, there's no point. I mean, for Caroline’s sake, I just--I just don't think we should at this point.

Arianna: So... what about the coke? Brady?

Stephanie: Aww! I just got an email from my mom. She said that everyone is fine. They're just a little homesick. Look at the picture of my little brother--only he's not so little anymore.

Nathan: Aww, Joe, right?

Stephanie: Good memory, doll.

Victor: Moving on already, I see.

Stephanie: What?

Victor: Well, let me put it more clearly. You little tramp.

Man: [Sighs] [Exhales] You were lucky I had a cancellation. Entire city's booked 'cause of that, um, comic book convention. [Chuckles] Sure brings out all the weirdos.

Philip: Thanks, man.

Man: Hey, do I know you?

Philip: Nah. Good night.

Man: [Murmurs] You have a nice evening.

Philip: [Exhales] I'm sorry. We could go someplace else...

Melanie: No, that's--

Philip: If you wanted to.

Philip: That's okay. This is fine. Hey, look, you know--free cable. So that's great.

Philip: I could call the towers hotel and pull some strings if you wanted me to.

Philip: No, no, it's okay. I mean, if we go someplace fancy you might get recognized, and then it'll get back to Stephanie and--

Philip: So what if it did? We don't have anything to hide.

Philip: Really? I mean, don't you think you should wait until you and Stephanie at least sort things out?

Philip: Hey. Stephanie and I are over. We're over. I only want to live in this moment.

Philip: [Giggles]

Arianna: Brady.

Brady: It's hard to believe that something so small can screw your life up in such a big way. I used this stuff to numb my pain. But it did exactly the opposite. It screwed up my marriage, my job, my friendships. I want you to know... that I'm never going back to that place again. I hope you can believe me when I say that to you.

Arianna: Of course I do. I think you've been incredibly strong and brave. You've been a good friend to me, Brady. Now I'm going to be a good friend to you. I'll get rid of it.

Brady: No. No, I need to do this myself.

Nathan: Whoa. What the hell is your problem, man?

Stephanie: This is Victor Kiriakis, Philip’s father.

Nathan: I don't give a damn who he is. Look at me--you do not talk to her like--

Stephanie: Nathan, it's fine.

Nathan: Do you understand me?

Victor: After the way she treated my son, I'll speak to this little slut any way I want.

Stephanie: Philip and I tried to work it out, Victor.

Victor: Philip renounced his family tonight thanks to you. And you mark the occasion by seducing another man.

Stephanie: Philip did what?

Philip: Are you sure?

Melanie: Yeah. [Sighs]

Victor: Philip turned his back on his family. For good this time. Or so he says. But I'm sure you know that. So now he has nothing. No job, no family... no Stephanie.

Stephanie: Victor, Nathan and I are just friends.

Victor: I don't want to hear it. If you do happen to talk to Philip for some reason, tell him Ciara's been kidnapped.

Stephanie: What?

Victor: Since he won't take my calls.

Nathan: What did you just say?

Stephanie: Victor, wait a second. What happened? Oh, my God.

Hope: Okay. We need to get back out there.

Bo: In a second. When we lost Zack, we let grief and blame come between us. I don't want that to happen again.

[Cell phone ringing]

Dean: Unknown caller.

Bo: I know, I know. Let's trace it.

Dean: [Mutters indistinctly] Okay.

Bo: Okay.

Hope: Hello. Hello, is someone there?

Nathan: All right. Um... I should get home. I gotta make sure Maggie knows what's going on. Come with me.

Stephanie: No, you go. I'm gonna see if I can find Philip.

Nathan: But it's late.

Stephanie: I'll be fine.

Nathan: Look--no, Steph, I'm not gonna leave you here in the park, not at this hour, okay?

Stephanie: Look, there is a family over there having a picnic. It's not deserted here. All right? Go.

Nathan: All right. Look at me. But if anything happens, you call me, all right?

Stephanie: I will. I will.

Nathan: Anything at all.

Stephanie: I will. Go. [Sighs] Damn it, Philip, where are you?

Arianna: Okay, I'm gonna be stuck doing inventory for another hour at least, but you're more than welcome to stay.

[Cell phone chirping]

Brady: Oh.

Arianna: What's the matter?

Brady: Uh, my grandfather says there's a family emergency.

Arianna: Did he say what?

Brady: No, but I should go.

Arianna: Okay. Brady, listen. I'm sorry about what happened tonight.

Brady: No, Ari, don't be. It's fine.

Arianna: And I also want to thank you for opening up the way you did. I know it couldn't have been easy.

Brady: Well... you've been honest with me about your past. And you deserve the same from me. Call me if there's any kind of trouble, all right?

Arianna: All right. I will.

Brady: Lock the door too.

Arianna: Okay. Got it. Yeah, you got an E.T.A. on the next shipment? I'm gonna need as much as you can get.

Victor: That's great. Thank you. We got it. The bank's going to release $5 million. We should have it first thing tomorrow. Now we have to find out who's behind all this.

Justin: Someone with ties to the family?

Victor: No, that's doubtful. One thing is certain, though-- if I find the bastard who took my granddaughter before the police do, he's as good as dead.

Hope: Hello? Hello, is somebody there?

[Distorted voice]: Hello, Hope.

Hope: Who are you?

Voice: We have your daughter.

Hope: We? Who is we? Damn it, say something. Is she okay? Let me speak to my daughter. Please!

Voice: Not until we get our money.

Hope: You'll get your money. I promise you. You'll get every cent. Please... please just promise me you won't hurt her.

Voice: As long as you cooperate, your daughter's safe. Unlike poor Zack. You let your son down. And he died. We wouldn't want that to happen to your sweet little girl, now, would we? You don't want her to die too. Do you?

Hope: No, please. Please!

Voice: And if she does--if anything happens to your daughter-- it's on your head.

Hope: Oh, God. No, please. Dear God, no! No! [Sobbing] No.

Daniel: You are one sick lady.

Philip: Stephanie, right. But that part of my life is gone for good.

Woman: If you ever want to see your little girl alive again, you'll do exactly what I say.

Hope: Oh, my God, Bo. [Sobbing] Oh, my baby!

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