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Daniel: Kate? What are you doing here?

Kate: I wanted to watch you suffer for what you did to me.

Daniel: What I did to you.

Kate: You told me you loved me. Do you remember that?

Daniel: No.

Kate: I had cancer. I thought I was dying. I thought it was the worst thing that had ever happened to me, and you proved me wrong. You saved my life, and then you ruined my sonís. You ruined Ė you ruined his life in the worst possible way. You humiliated him and me. And you turned me into a fool.

[Daniel and Kate kiss]

Stephanie: Are you okay?

Philip: Iím just so glad that I ran into you tonight. Thereís something that I need to talk to you about, and itís really important.

Stephanie: What is it?

Philip: Um, it took me until tonight to realize that leaving me was the best decision you ever made.

Stephanie: Philip.

Philip: No, listen to me. You walk away, and donít you ever look back, okay?

Bob: This is for you. Do you have something for me? Nothing prettier in the world, is there?

Brady: Oh, you are still open.

Arianna: Yes.

Brady: Whoís he?

Arianna: Uh, this is Bob, our beverage supplier. Bob, Brady Black.

Brady: How are you doing?

Bob: Hey.

Arianna: Bob just came in to bring a wine delivery. He was lucky I was here, since it wasnít scheduled to be delivered until tomorrow.

Bob: My bad.

Arianna: I thought you were going home.

Brady: Yeah, I was. I thought about it, then I thought about it, and Iím like, ďWhat am I going to do? Go home and just watch the Sox lose again?  I should have offered to help you with the inventory. I mean, I once owned a club. I know how to count. Itís all good.

Arianna: Thatís sweet, Ray, but you donít have to. Itís boring.

Brady: I know I donít have to, but I want to.  I wasnít ready for our date to end.

Arianna: Neither was I.

Brady: Cool. Where do I start?

Arianna: Ah, follow me.

Brady: Okay.

Arianna: Okay.

Nicole: Here we go, Sydney. Huh? Here you go. Six candles for each month that youíve been with us. Do you know what you do?  Ok, well, while youíre blowing out the candles, you make wish. Iíll help you. Scoot up. One, two, three. [Blows out the candles] Wow, now you hold that wish close to your heart, and you donít tell a single soul, or it wonít come true. I only wish I had some idea where your daddy is. Huh? Whereís your daddy.

E.J.: Hey, Grace. Itís me, your father. I brought you some roses. Sorry that I havenít been here before, but itís hard.

Daniel: What the hell are you doing? How did you get in here?

Kate: You should know by now. I always have my ways.

Daniel: Aha. Well, if you came here to gloat, Iíll save you the effort, Ďcause I know what you did to Chloe. And you might think that your plan worked perfectly, but you didnít factor in one little detail. I am not going to let Chloe die.

Kate: Mmm, well, I just came from visiting her at the hospital, and I know you are a virtual miracle worker, but unless you can raise people from the dead, youíre too late.

[Chloe's machine rings while Lucas stands there]

Philip: Well, I mean it. Go.

Stephanie: No. You donít get to tell me what to do. Plus, Iím here for the concert anyways.

Philip: You know what? Iíll go.

Stephanie: No, wait a second. What happened?

Philip: You donít want to know.

Stephanie: I do.

Philip: No, you donít. Look, letís just say you made a good decision when you said you never wanted to speak to me again.

Stephanie: No, that was not a good decision. I never should have said that. Just talk to me. Let me help.

Lucas: Chloe, you promised to love me Ďtil death do us part, and I promised you the same thing, and now.

Nathan: Now, I can say Hi. I havenít seen you to tell you that Iím sorry about whatís going on with Chloe.

Lucas: Well, what just happened?

Nathan: Oh, her pulse ox monitor came loose, set off the alarms. That happens.

Lucas: So, nothingís wrong? I mean, other than the fact that sheís in a coma and probably wonít come out of it? I mean, how long is she going to be like this?

Nathan: If I had any idea, Lucas Ė

Lucas: What, forever?

Nathan: Maybe.

Lucas: She wouldnít want it this way, all right? She would hate it that sheís like this. I mean, if her heart stops, you guys would shock her, right? You try to bring her back to life even though sheís in a coma, even though sheís like this?

Daniel: Chloe couldnít have died. Someone would have called me.

Kate: Yes, okay. No, sheís not dead, Dan, but she is brain dead, which come to think of it, has been her state of being since forever.

Daniel: Oh, shut up!

Kate: You know, youíre stuck here, so youíre going to have to hear me out. You know, some people might think that Chloeís actually suffering because of all the pain she caused. Not that it would ever make up for what she did, but I have to think that whoever did want to get rid of her, wow! They must be feeling worlds better even as we speak.

Nicole: E.J., Sydney and I, we waited to blow out the candles, but we didnít know where you were. Sydneyís fading fast here.

E.J.: Sorry, I just lost track of time.

Nicole: Whatís wrong?

E.J.: I went to see Grace. Itís her half birthday, too.

Nicole: Oh, E.J.

E.J.: I just wanted to spend some time alone with her, thatís all. Do you know what it says on her gravestone?

Nicole: What does it say?

E.J.: It says Grace Rafaella Brady.

Nicole: Yeah, thatís her legal name.

E.J.: True, thatís her legal name. Thatís not who she was. Sheís Grace DiMera. Iím not going to forget that. Iím going to make sure nobody forgets that.

Philip: Iím protecting you here. Donít you see that?

Stephanie: Youíre not telling me what youíre protecting me from.

Philip: My world. Look, thereís someone who worked for us, for me. He died tonight.

Stephanie: Iím sorry.

Philip: Yeah, he had a wife, two kids. I had to break the news to his widow.

Stephanie: Iím sure you told them that youíd take good care of their family.

Philip: Of course, I did, and I will.

Stephanie: I know you will, because you know what? Youíre one of the good guys, whether you like it or not.

Philip: Hmmm.

Arianna: So I better go sign for that delivery.

Brady: Yeah, I have to make a quick work call. Is that okay, boss?

Arianna: Sure, Iíll just dock the time from your pay.

Brady: All right. Excuse me.

Arianna: Thanks for your quick delivery.

Brady: I aim to please. So, ah, is that your new guy?

Arianna: First day.

Brady: Why do I get the feeling heís going to be trouble?

Arianna: Donít worry about Brady. Iíll handle him.

Nicole: Letís see here, huh? I think Sydney maybe wants her daddy to hold her, huh? What do you think, honey? You want to go to Daddy? Want to go Daddy?

E.J.: Ooh.

[Sydney cries]

Nicole: No? Thatís okay. Sheís a mamaís girl. What are you going to do, huh? But you know what, honey? We havenít opened presents yet, so you want to come over here and help me? I think that Sydney is going to love this one. Will you open that? Is that for you? Is that for you? Yeah! What is it? What is it? Ah, itís Mother Goose. Yes, it is. Thatís your daddyís favorite when he was a little boy.

E.J.: How did you remember that?

Nicole: Yep, and you know what? We want a storybook life for you, Sydney. Look, you even get bedtime stories with a real live British accent. Yes, you do. I will go anywhere to listen to your daddy read.

E.J.: Iím looking forward to it more than she is.

Nicole: [Chuckles] Are you feeling better now?

E.J.: Yeah, with my wife and my daughter. You mean the world to me, you know that?

Nicole: I know itís heartbreaking what happened to Grace, but sheís gone, and thereís nothing more you can do for her.

Philip: One of the good guys, huh?

Stephanie: Yeah, I've always thought that about you, and I always will.

Philip: So you just broke our engagement for the hell of it?

Stephanie: Philip, I told you I love who you are. I just can't live with what you do. And I know that you thought you could, but now that you're actually doing it, you're starting to think that you can't either, aren't you? Philip, you can still walk away. It may be too late for us, but it's not for you, so do it now before it is.

Daniel: Whoever did this to Chloe is feeling worlds better as we speak. Hmm! Well, are you, Kate? I mean, I'm sure you've got better things to do with your life than come to a jail cell to torment me.

Kate: Do you realize how much I cared for you at one time? More than that brain-dead slut ever did or ever will.

Daniel: Hmm, you know, you're an intelligent woman, Kate -- a wordsmith of sorts. I'm sure you can find a better way to describe the woman who saved your life. Or may I remind you, was a faithful wife to your son. Oh, and just for the record, Chloe is not brain dead. She's in a coma.

Kate: Ahh! Semantics.

Daniel: Science.

Kate: Ha ha! You know what the only thing you need to know about her medical condition is? Those blue eyes, they'll never open again. And that mouth will never speak, never kiss. And the only thing she's ever going to do in that bed is vegetate. She's going to stay in that hospital room, and you are going to stay in this jail cell. End of story.

Daniel: Ok, Kate. Ok, it's just you and me here. You want to gloat, you go ahead. Admit it, you did this to us. Look at you. You're proud, aren't you? You're proud that you did this.

Nathan: Yes, Lucas, you have to understand that we're going to do everything we can in our power to keep Chloe alive. Now, in time, if her condition doesn't improve, we might re-evaluate the extent to which extreme measures are appropriate.

Lucas: English, Nathan, please.

Nathan: In other words, you are her legal next of kin.

Lucas: So it's up to me? It's up to me to decide what to do?

Nathan: Yes, but she's only been in a coma for a few days. I mean, it's premature to make any decisions other than to wait and see what happens.

Lucas: So what you're saying is she might get better, right? She might improve. Is that what you're telling me?

Nathan: Look, I'm just an intern. I don't know. Nobody knows. Is it likely? No, but medical miracles happen every day.

Lucas: I'm not sure I believe in miracles any more.

E.J.: I'm well aware of what hour it is. Yes, thank you. This is an emergency. Yes, it's a headstone emergency, all right? I want my daughter's proper marker on her grave. Do you understand? Tonight. I don't care what it costs. Do it immediately. Thank you.

Nicole: [Clears her throat]

E.J.: Is Syd -- Is Sydney down?

Nicole: No, not yet. I asked Mary to take her. Honey, the last thing you said to me before I left to visit Chloe tonight was that you -- you wanted to concentrate on us, on our family. What -- what brought that up?

E.J.: I told you.

Nicole: No, this is more than just Sydney's half birthday. Why did you go to the cemetery tonight?

E.J.: I just felt that I needed to remind myself of what Samantha took from me.

Nicole: Why would you do that to yourself?

E.J.: I had -- I had a dream.

Nicole: About?

E.J.: About Samantha.

Nicole: Hmm! [Shakes head]

Kate: No, no, no. I am not proud. I am heartbroken. Lucas is heartbroken. Do you seriously think that I wanted any of this to happen?

Daniel: I think you wanted Chloe dead, and you wanted me to take the fall for it.

Kate: Oh, God, don't do that. Don't do that. Don't make yourself into the victim. No one made you do this. This was your choice. You chose to prey on your patients. You chose to lie and to cheat. It all could have been different. Chloe is in a coma because of you.

Daniel: Oh, prey on my patients? That's your rationalization for what you've done? Does putting all that on me allow you to sleep better at night?

Kate: Ah, gee, you could put it all on me if it would allow you to sleep better at night.

Daniel: Hmm.

Kate: You were my hero. I don't know how I could have ever been so delusional.

Daniel: It's funny. I was just asking myself the same question.

Kate: Really.

Daniel: Mmh, hmm.

Kate: Well, since you're in the mood for confession, why don't you tell me the real truth? When I was on my deathbed, when you were urging me to fight to live for our future together, you were bedding her even then, weren't you?

Daniel: I think you know in your heart I would never do that to you, Kate.

Kate: [Chuckles]

Daniel: You look into my eyes -- do it! Look into my eyes, and you will know the truth.

Lucas: Thanks for answering all my questions.

Nathan: Of course.

Lucas: I know you probably have a million things you've got to do.

Nathan: Yeah but if you need anything at any time, you call me, all right? Or have me paged. I practically live here.

Lucas: Ok. Do you think she can hear me?

Nathan: The medical answer, maybe. Personally, I think she can, yeah.

Lucas: All right, thanks!

Nathan: Yeah, take care.

Lucas: Yeah, I'll see you. I was looking at our wedding pictures before I came here. We looked so happy. I mean, I know I was happy, but I don't know how you could be happy when you were sleeping with somebody else. Daniel told me that you guys were going to run away together. You were going to run away together before you were sick. Is that true? Were you really going to do that to me? You were going to do that to me and my kids? Because if it's true, Chloe, you deserve to die. You deserve to rot in hell.

Nicole: So what are you saying, hmm? You're having sexual dreams about Sami?

E.J.: I'm not having sexual dreams about Samantha. I'm just saying that the idea that this is haunting my subconscious, my dreams, it drives me insane. Okay? I want to exorcize her from my mind, from my life.

Nicole: Oh, my God!

E.J.: What?

Nicole: But this never ends. You are obsessed with Sami again. You let her occupy your thoughts, your dreams --

E.J.: I know.

Nicole: This is ridiculous.

E.J.: I'm not obsessed with Samantha. All right? I went to the cemetery because I needed to remind myself of the terrible things that that girl did to me. And now I'm going to do the only thing that I can do for my daughter.

Nicole: Are you sure, E.J.? Are you sure this is about Grace?

Stephanie: I know you're not the type of guy that lets anyone tell you what to do.

Philip: You're right about that.

Stephanie: So what about your father? I mean, you were raised to think that everything you do is supposed to be done a certain way, and how about for the first time in your life, when it comes to him, you do what your heart tells you to do?

Philip: I --

Nathan: Hey.

Stephanie: Hi.

Nathan: Sorry that took so long. Hey. Ah, did you get my message?

Stephanie: My phone must be on silent. I'm sorry.

Nathan: So the second half of the concert start yet?

Stephanie: I think it's still intermission. Perfect timing. Ah, I'm sorry. Philip Kiriakis, this is Nathan Horton.

Philip: Maggie's grandson.

Nathan: That's right. Ah, I've heard a lot about you.

Philip: None of it good, I'm sure.

Nathan: I wouldn't say that. I'm interrupting something.

Philip: No, no, no, no. I'm the one who's interrupting. You guys enjoy your date. Nice meeting you.

Nathan: Likewise.

Philip: Good night.

Stephanie: Good night.

Nathan: Yeah, my timing is impeccable.

Stephanie: It is. Now let's get to the concert.

[Brady whistles]

Arianna: How's it going?

Brady: How's it going? Pantry's done.

Arianna: Wow, you're fast. Care for a milk shake? Extra banana.

Brady: [Laughs] Are you kidding? How did you know that I would want a milk shake?

Arianna: Come on, you order one every time you come in here. It's kind of a no-brainer.

Brady: Oh, yeah. That's right. Well, cheers!

Arianna: Salute. I figured you deserved a reward. You earned it. I'm sorry, we missed the second half of the concert.

Brady: It's okay. I don't mind.

Arianna: Okay.

Brady: Excuse me.

Arianna: It's all right.

Brady: You see, I've never actually been to one of those concerts in the park before. It was fine. I had a good time, but I didn't care for the music, actually.

Arianna: Not your style?

Brady: No, I like all styles. It's just I prefer more depth and passion in my music.

Arianna: Really? You sound deeply passionate about that.

Brady: Well, it took me getting out of that business to really feel that way again.

Arianna: You still work in the music biz?

Brady: Yeah. Well, behind the scenes not into glamorous, trust me.

Arianna: Well, it couldn't be any less glamorous than my time in dinner theatre. That's where I learned my true talent for

Brady: Wait, wait, wait. You sing?

Arianna: Oh, no. I play, bass.

Brady: You play bass? That is really cool.

Arianna: Thank you. I don't suppose you've ever heard of Cristovo Vizcaino.

Brady: Are you kidding me? I own everything that guy's ever recorded, all right.

Arianna: I knew you had good taste. You know, I've been wanting to update the tunes in this place. Okay, I get it. It's an Irish pub, so Cuban music may be pushing it a little, so I haven't downloaded it yet, but there is a band. I want to get your opinion. Do you mind? Do you want to hear some?

Brady: Crank it up. Yeah, let me hear it.

Arianna: All right, okay.

[Music starts]

Brady: Are you kidding me? I swear to God, I just -- I just bought this one yesterday. I did --

Arianna: Oh, come on. You're kidding me. It's kind of obscure, right?

Brady: Yeah, but I'm into obscure. I like the groove. I like it.

Arianna: I really like it.

Brady: It makes you, I don't know, kind of dance.

Arianna: Are you asking?

Brady: Come here. Here's a spin.

[Arianna laughs]

[Brady laughs]

Arianna: I'm really glad you came tonight, Brady.

Brady: [Sighs] So am I.

[Brady and Arianna kiss]

Nicole: You're going right now?

E.J.: Why would I wait?

Nicole: You don't trust the caretaker to replace Grace's headstone?

E.J.: I thought -- I thought I just explained. This is the only thing that I get to do for my daughter.

Nicole: But you're not -- you're not doing it for her.

E.J.: Refrain from analyzing my motives. Thank you.

Nicole: E.J., I only --

E.J.: Come on.

Nicole: Look, I'm just wondering why you didn't answer my question earlier when I asked you if this was really about Grace. What, you need to replace Grace's headstone. It seems that you're just doing this for yourself.

E.J.: Don't concern yourself with my now. Thank you. I'll be back later.

Nicole: Yeah, great. We'll be waiting.

Caretaker: Mr. DiMera, you don't have to.

E.J.: Yes, I do. Actually, I'll finish this myself. Excuse me.

Caretaker: Yeah, let me know if there's anything you need.

E.J.: Thank you.

[E.J. continues digging as Nicole approaches]

[Music stops]

Brady: Oh, I guess I'm not too good at this inventory thing, am I?

Arianna: Was I complaining?

Brady: Mmm, well, back to work, huh?

Arianna: [Laughs]

Brady: Ah, hmm, that looks heavy. I will unload that for you.

Arianna: You know what? Don't open that.

Nathan: More wine?

Stephanie: Yes. [Laughs]

Nathan: There you go.

Stephanie: Thank you.

Nathan: So, to a night out!

Stephanie: We've already toasted to that.

Nathan: To a simple night out.

Stephanie: [Laughs]

Nathan: And to excellent company.

Stephanie: Amen!

Nathan: Oh, and to Dr. Carver for being brilliant enough to hire you just in time to save my job.

Stephanie: Come on, I did not save your job, and you don't have to keep thanking me.

Nathan: I know. I just figured if we keep choosing then we'll not realize that we're drinking cheap wine.

Stephanie: [Laughs]

Nathan: So, how do you like the job so far, honestly?

Stephanie: I'm loving it. I mean, I feel comfortable in a hospital. I practically grew up in one, and I work with great people, and I feel comfortable tonight here, too. Thank you for that.

Nathan: Of course.

[Doorbell rings]

Stephanie's voice. Philip, you can still walk away.

Henderson: Excuse me again, there is someone here to see you. She says it's urgent.

Philip: Joyce.

Lucas: Father Matt, I'm sorry, I didn't realize you were here.

Fr. Matt: Really?

Lucas: Yeah, listen. If you came to pray with Chloe, she can't do that.

Fr. Matt: I came here to administer the sacrament of anointing of the sick.

Lucas: Do you think she'd want that? I mean, she wasn't very religious.

Fr. Matt: Chloe believed in God and tried to do his will. That's all that really matters.

Lucas: You talked to her about marrying me, didn't you? I mean, her promise to God to give up Daniel, because God was so gracious to let me live. You convinced her to marry me, right?

Fr. Matt: I can't tell you what we discussed, but I can tell you the decision was entirely Chloe's. I bet you feel really confused right now, don't you?

Lucas: Yeah, yeah, I do. That's an understatement.

Fr. Matt: You wouldn't be human if you didn't. If there's anything I can do.

Lucas: Maybe you can answer one question for me. I mean, why the hell would -- I'm sorry. Why would God want Chloe to marry somebody she didn't love.

Fr. Matt: Chloe told me many times how much she loves you. I just wanted you to know that.

Lucas: Well, thank you. Thank you, Father.

Kate: Well, if I believe that, I guess I also have to believe that Chloe made a vow to God that she would stay away from you.

Daniel: She did?

Kate: And then if it's also true that the two of you decided to run away together before she collapsed, that means that the two of you broke that vow. I mean, did you ever consider that perhaps all of this is punishment for that. I mean, because it seems to me that if you cross someone as all powerful as God, you're going to pay a heavy price.

Brady: Oh, back away from the box, huh?

Arianna: Sorry, I didn't mean to -- Look, I just realized when you were in the kitchen, that Bob's the wrong delivery so in order for it to be sent back, it has to be unopened.

Brady: All right. Got it. Anything else you need me to do?

Arianna: Ahh, if the pantry's done, that just leaves stuff I've got to do myself.

Brady: All right, then I'll get out of your hair.

Arianna: I wouldn't put it that way.

Brady: All right, then I'll reluctantly, very reluctantly, say goodnight to you.

Arianna: If you want to come by in the morning for a coffee, doughnuts, whatever.

Brady: Hasta maŮana.

[Arianna and Brady kiss]

Arianna: Good night.

Brady: Night.

Arianna: [Laughs]

Joyce: Thank you for seeing me, Mr. Kiriakis. I wanted to apologize for earlier

Philip: The slap.

Joyce: And the things I said. It was the grief talking. I know you always treated Carlo great. He always said so.

Philip: Thanks for letting me know.

Joyce: I also wanted you to know that, of course, I don't place any blame for my husband's death, except for on the bastard who shot him. And when the police questioned me, I didn't say a word about him working for you.

Philip: Of course, you didn't.

Joyce: I hope you can find it in your heart to forgive me. I just lost it. I -- I was angry.

Philip: All right, that'll be all. Henderson will show you out.

[Philip shakes Joyce's hand]

Joyce: Thank you, Mr. Kiriakis.

Philip: I'm very sorry. [Sighs]

Fr. Matt: I'll pray for you, Lucas. And for Chloe.

Lucas: Thank you.

Fr. Matt: It's important for you to know that the only way you're going to find peace in your heart and move forward is to forgive.

Lucas: I hope I can. I wish I knew how.

Daniel: Mmm, interesting!

Kate: What?

Daniel: Well, if you're right about God's punishment, then, well, you're looking at eternity in hell. I mean, you poisoned Chloe, set me up, took your own vengeance against both of us. Tsk, tsk, tsk. Let's be honest. This isn't just about Lucas, is it? Because it sure as hell would have been a lot simpler just to tell him the truth.

Kate: Oh, yeah? Let him drink himself to death. That would be simple.

Daniel: Well, you know what would make you feel better if you were just a little honest with yourself, 'cause you wanted to get back at me for hurting you. Because you loved me.

Kate: Actually, I didn't. I was using you for sex. That's all it was.

Daniel: Mmm, come on. You can dig a little deeper than that. And what fun is gloating when you can't take credit for what you've done to destroy my life.

Kate: Do you want a confession here? Because that's really what you want from me, isn't it? Is that why you're wearing a wire?

Daniel: You think I'm wearing a wire?

Kate: Hmm-hmm.

Daniel: No, I'm not. I'm not. Hey, woman, come on, frisk me. Come on!

Kate: Stop it! Don't you touch me! The only comfort I'm getting from any of this is that you are never going to touch anyone ever again. Guard, get me out of here! Guard! Guard?

E.J.: If only I'd known that you were mine, I would have done everything to save you. I would have flown in the best doctors from all the world to save you. Damn your mother! Damn your mother! Damn you, Samantha! Damn you!

[E.J. smashes the headstone with the name Brady while Nicole watches]

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Meredith: I made sure that Samantha Brady will find out everything that Rafe ever did to Emily.

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