Days Transcript Monday 8/3/09

Days of Our Lives Transcript Monday 8/3/09 - Canada; Tuesday 8/4/09 - U.S.A.


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Philip: Carlo, my man. Didn't expect to hear from you this soon. How did it go?

Carlo: Look, Philip, there's been a complication.

Philip: A complication? What happened?

Carlo: Send--send Brennan.

Philip: You need the doctor?

Carlo: Not on the phone.

Philip: Carlo, what happened?

Carlo: [Grunting] I couldn't reach him.

Philip: Are you still at the pier?

Carlo: Not on the phone. [Grunting]

Philip: Come on, Brennan, you're on call; pick up the phone, you son of a bitch.

Brady: Hey, hey. What the hell's going on, man?

Lucas: No, no, Chloe doesn't love you. She doesn't love you. We could tell--we could tell by the way she looked at you. She wanted you out of her sight. Everybody knows it. Everybody could pick up on the tension between you two.

Daniel: No, we were tense because we couldn't be together. It's called agony.

Lucas: Really? Maggie told me you guys were arguing, that Chloe was actually afraid of you, Daniel.

Daniel: Chloe was--is--in love with me. Now, we talked about it and we decided that we were gonna start a new life together, Lucas. Together.

Lucas: Really?

Daniel: Really, and the minute Chloe wakes up, she will corroborate that. She plans to leave you, Lucas, so that she and I can be together, finally. Now, those are her words, Lucas. Her words.

Lucas: I'm telling you right now, you better shut up with that, man, just shut up with that!

Daniel: Oh, yeah? Easier than that. Why don't you turn and just walk away? Huh, you think I'm sick, you think I'm lying? Then leave. Just leave! But part of you, part of you knows that I am telling the truth, Lucas. That Chloe and I love each other.

Lucas: You don't love each other.

Daniel: No, we were gonna leave together. So I've got no reason, no reason at all to hurt her. So who does, Lucas? Huh? Just who is it that would want your wife dead?

Kate: You know, I would be the last one to deny that Daniel has his charms. But I wasn't promised to anyone. At that tawdry wedding in Las Vegas, were you thinking of Daniel? On your wedding night, in bed with your husband, was it Daniel that you were thinking of?

[Heart monitor beeping]

Kate: If you wanted Daniel, why did you marry my son? You made me do it. You made me do what I did.

Hope: What exactly did you do, Kate?

Man: Know what the best part about you is?

Arianna: What's that? I'm buying your product?

Man: Only someone with a really suspicious nature would ever make you for a dealer.

Arianna: Okay, let's just stick to business.

Man: The worst part about you is that you attract those do-gooder types. That dude with the left hook, I do not want to deal with him again.

Arianna: Okay, you won't. We'll run everything through the pub in the form of a shipment, and then, thank God, we won't have to deal with each other directly.

Man: Really? 'Cause I like girls who, uh, look sweet and act nasty.

Arianna: Just shut up and listen, all right? Here's the money. And here's the sample, all right? And if the shipment isn't the same quality or better, let's just say you'll be incapacitated. Comprende?

Man: You drive me crazy when you threaten me like that.

Arianna: Get out of here. Now, go.

Man: Hey...this one's on me. Just to show that I'm, uh, really not that bad of a guy. Arianna: [Snorts] Creep.

Bo: Arianna.

Arianna: Hey.

Bo: Hey, how's it going?

Daniel: Look, man, I really feel for you, Lucas.

Lucas: I'll bet you do, you smug son of a--

Daniel: No, because I think you know that I'm telling the truth, the only one who will tell you the truth about Chloe, about Kate.

Lucas: She didn't poison Chloe, all right, you did! You know you did!

Daniel: Really? Why? That doesn't even make sense. And you know it. And you know what your mother's like, you know how she is with her sons.

Lucas: Oh, you're gonna start with that too now?

Daniel: I'm the one who pushed Chloe. Me--I told her, I said, "Tell him. Don't be like Kate. Give Lucas a chance to grow up, be a man."

Lucas: Oh, really? I'll show you what kind of man I am--I'll kill you!

Daniel: Your mother poisoned your wife because she decided Chloe wasn't good enough for you.

Lucas: You know what, man? You're sick. You are sick in the head, you know it? Guard, get me out of this cell right now!

Daniel: I am right, Lucas, and you know it. It is Kate--she did this. She is the one who did this to me.

Lucas: You know what? You deserve it.

Daniel: You know what, maybe I do. But Chloe doesn't deserve to die. And if I don't get the hell out of here, man, she will die.

Lucas: Why, 'cause you're the only one who could save her? Is that it? You make me sick.

Daniel: No, are the one who can save her. So let's find out. Shall we? Do you really love her? Or are you willing to just let her die?

Lucas: 'Bout time.

[Heart monitor beeping]

Kate: Is that one of your favorite parts of your job--sneaking up on people and listening to their private conversations?

Hope: It sounded like a confession to me.

Kate: A confession?

Hope: "You made me do it, Chloe." One more time. Do what?

Kate: Lie to my son. Betray my son.

Hope: Really?

Kate: Yeah. I watched my son devote his life to a woman who was sleeping with another man. And I did nothing. And I covered for her. Over and over again.

Hope: And she...made you do that?

Kate: I ended up condoning something that I should never have condoned.

Hope: You must have really hated live like that. Hating her more and more with each passing day.

Kate: Is that another favorite part of your job--putting words in people's mouths? Because I never said that. The thing that I hated was the possibility that she would break my son's heart.

Hope: I owe you an apology. You're right. I shouldn't listen in on private conversations, and I most certainly should not put words in other people's mouths. So what do you say I pull out my trusty...recorder so the conversation will be public, and you can tell me in detail your side of the story.

Kate: My side? I didn't think there were sides to this story.

Hope: And if you should feel the need for an attorney, for any reason whatsoever, I'd be happy to provide one.

Kate: Why would I need an attorney?

Hope: I don't know. You tell me, Kate.

Nathan: [Yawns]

Melanie: "The efficacy and safety of your common, activ--" you know what? I'm, uh--I'm gonna wait for the movie.

Nathan: [Laughs] Just reading everything I can on comas.

Melanie: Could we not talk about comas? They're kind of creepy.

Nathan: Yeah, tell me about it. Scary. Sad. Mmm, this is good. How'd you know I want this?

Melanie: You're an intern, so you're sleep-deprived and addicted to caffeine.

Nathan: Now you're being so stereotypical.

Melanie: [Laughs] Um, I'm also sort of buttering you up.

Nathan: No date tonight, huh?

Melanie: They switched our schedule. I just started this shift.

Nathan: Ah, that's cool. Maybe sometime in the next decade, we'll actually get to hang out, but--ah, rats. I totally had tickets to the concert in the park tonight too.

Melanie: Well, you know what? It's okay, 'cause the truth is, on beautiful summer nights, I much prefer bedpans and authoritarian nurses than music and, you know, moonlight.

Nathan: Oh, yeah, I know. Thank God you're spared that.

Melanie: Speaking of bedpans, I better... do it.

Nathan: Hey, um, before you go, I just want to tell you that I really appreciate what you did for Maggie. Whatever you said or did, it made a big difference.

Melanie: Like she hasn't made a big difference in my life?

Nathan: Yeah, well, I owe you.

Melanie: Nah, you don't owe me. Have fun tonight. Try and get some sleep.

Nathan: Hmm.

Melanie: Unless you've forgotten how. [Laughs]

Arianna: Oh, nothing much, just, uh-- I was just getting some air.

Bo: Yeah, nice night, huh?

Arianna: It's lovely. Just except for this pollen and--

Bo: Oh, sorry.

Arianna: Uh, it's okay.

Bo: How are things going over at the pub? Is ma treating you all right?

Arianna: She's awesome.

Bo: Yeah. I knew from the beginning, she'd like you.

Arianna: Well, the feeling's mutual.

[Phone ringing]

Bo: Excuse me. I've got to take this. Brady. By the Kiriakis warehouse? Yeah, yeah, I'm on my way. I'm out of here. Nice running into you.

Arianna: Is something wrong?

Bo: Yeah, always. See you.

Arianna: See you.

Brady: Hey, Bo, what's up? The guy's in a hurry.

Arianna: Yeah, he got a call. I think it was some kind of emergency.

Brady: [Sighs] You look nice. Hey, hey, don't go anywhere, okay? I've got to make one quick call. Stay here. [Sighs] Damn it, Philip, pick up the phone.

[Phone ringing]

Philip: Carlo. Carlo! [Carlo groaning] Carlo.

Carlo: Oh, Philip. Get out of here. The cops are on their way. You've got to go.

Philip: God damn it, Brennan, you're on call.

Carlo: Your father, he's--

Philip: Be quiet.

Carlo: He's gonna kill me.

Philip: Be quiet.

Carlo: Don't call him.

Philip: Be quiet. I'm not, I'm not. 911, this is an emergency. We're at the docks behind water street, behind the Kiriakis warehouse. A man has been shot and he's bleeding.

Carlo: Hang up. You've got to get out of here.

Philip: No. No, my name is Philip Kiriakis.

Nathan: Please tell me those are not all for me.

Stephanie: They're not all for you.

Nathan: [Exhales] Thank you. I love how when your shift ends, you waste two more hours writing down what you did when you were too busy to write it down. Whoa. Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. These are--these are 12 West. These are for me.

Stephanie: You told me not to tell you.

Nathan: [Groans and laughs]

Stephanie: Nathan, it's not a big deal. All you have to do is initial the meds tally.

Nathan: No, I have to tally the meds tally, and then I have to initial the meds tally. And then--

Stephanie: They're tallied. I had some free time.

Nathan: Oh, my God, I love you. I'm not gonna kiss you. Can I buy you a car or something?

Stephanie: Bad idea. Better idea, you can get out of here and have a good time. Or sleep. Or both.

Nathan: You are seriously, seriously amazing.

Stephanie: Well, that's all right. I just remember my mom complaining about paperwork all the time, so I just tried to help out. All right, have a good night.

Nathan: Thank you. Hey, Steph, what time do you get off? I have two tickets to the concert in the park. The least I could do.

Stephanie: Thank you, Nathan, but I still think it's kind of too soon.

Nathan: Oh, you mean--

Stephanie: Yeah.

Nathan: Oh, well, um, you can totally go out with a friend, right? Come on, concert, maybe pizza, early night.

Stephanie: That sounds nice.

Nathan: Good. Now let's get out of here before something bad happens and we're stuck here for another hour.

Carlo: [Groaning]

Philip: Just keep applying pressure, buddy. He's still bleeding.


Philip: Wait, the EMTs are here. Yeah, thank you. The EMTs are here. Just hang in there, buddy.

Carlo: Your father--Philip, you've got to look after my wife, our kids, Joyce.

Philip: No, no, no, no, no. You're gonna look after Joyce and the kids. Hey, and we've got that Cubs game, all right?

Carlo: Your father's gonna be furious I dragged you into this.

Philip: Don't worry about it, man. Don't worry.

Carlo: [Groans]

Philip: Look, look, look, look, look. You have given so many years to this family, okay? What, you think I'm just gonna walk away from you? Forget about it. Come on. Hey, over here! Over here. Come on. Uh, hi. I'm Philip Kiriakis. I called this in. I presume you want to talk to me?

Officer: Not me, him.

Kate: So I don't know. I mean, the only thing that really makes any kind of sense to me is that Daniel was driven to do this because he couldn't accept the fact that Chloe decided to go back to Lucas and to--to make it work.

Hope: Does that seem in character?

Kate: Excuse me?

Hope: Well, you just recently broke off the relationship with him. Did he seem--well, was he obsessive then? Were you concerned about his mental condition then, Kate?

Kate: No.

Hope: Okay, so let me understand this. So he didn't react as strongly to losing you as he did to Chloe, correct? I just realized how that must have sounded. Sorry.

Kate: Hmm, I'm sure you are.

Hope: Let's take this back a bit, okay? You knew about Daniel and Chloe's affair. Relationship.

Kate: Yes, I knew about their affair.

Hope: And you never said anything to Lucas. You never told him.

Kate: No.

Hope: Why not?

Kate: He couldn't bear the news. And--and that's why, frankly, once again, I'm worried about how he's gonna react.

Hope: You know, I find all of this very interesting, but I still don't see how it shores up Daniel's motive. If anything, I think it gives--

Kate: I think it proves that I was right to keep quiet. Because it gave Chloe the strength and the resolve to recommit to her marriage. Not that it really matters anymore, now that she's, um, almost--

Hope: Almost, she's what?

Kate: Well, she's almost gone.

Hope: You--you don't think she's going to come out of this?

Kate: No, I--I have a really, really bad feeling that, uh, that Chloe's not gonna come back to us.

Brady: You know, I'm really glad that you said yes to this.

Arianna: I am too, Brady. It's delicious.

Brady: Well, it's a family recipe.

Arianna: Really?

Brady: Yeah, in other words, I went to the store and I bought it.


Brady: You want some wine?

Arianna: Uh, water's great, thanks.

Brady: Water's good. Water goes with everything. But if you want some wine, it wouldn't bother me at all.

Arianna: You, uh...

Brady: Look, we can talk about this, seriously. It's okay.

Arianna: I was just gonna say you seem to have a very easygoing attitude about it.

Brady: Well, I compartmentalize. You know, at meetings and dealing with family issues, it's always very intense, but, you know, being out here, having a picnic under the moonlight with a beautiful woman like you is very relaxing. It makes me almost lighthearted in a way.

Arianna: Hmm. You're also pretty smooth.

Brady: I try. It doesn't always work, though. You know? I mean, if I was really smooth, I wouldn't just try to... you know.

Philip: Carlo, I'm gonna have your wife meet you at the hospital. We'll call Joyce, okay? Okay? Can he hear me? Carlo, you hang in there, buddy. [Exhales]

Bo: You're on a first-name basis with these folks.

Philip: Yeah.

Bo: They have kids?

Philip: [Sighs] Two. A boy and a girl.

Bo: Family business. How nice. Who could have a problem with that?

Philip: [Sighs]

Melanie: [Whistling a tune]

Stephanie: Hey, where's Nathan?

Melanie: He left. He said he'd call you.

Stephanie: Uh, it's all my fault.

Melanie: Okay.

Stephanie: I got him to initial his meds, but he forgot to sign out. Look.

Melanie: Oh, no. Call 911. No, call Homeland Security. Nathan forgot to sign out!

Stephanie: He could get in trouble.

Melanie: Sign out for him. It's not like it's a prescription.

Stephanie: I don't know.

Melanie: How moral are you? It's not like you're saying he's here when he's not. You're saying he's not here when he's not here. You'd be telling the truth.

Stephanie: If you'd let me finish, his signature is weird, and I don't think I can pull it off.

Melanie: Oh.

Stephanie: Can you?

Melanie: Can I? I am all-state in forging.

Stephanie: Go for it. Oh, sign this one.

Melanie: Voila.

Stephanie: Wow.

Melanie: I know, right? Thank God I use my powers for good.

Kate: Are we done?

Hope: For now.

Kate: I'll tell Lucas that you dropped by and, uh, forgive me if I tell him that it was out of concern that you did have some human compassion.

Hope: I'm not leaving. I don't think it's right that you get to spend all this time alone with Chloe. Let me share your burden, Kate.

Kate: Thanks.

[Phone rings]

Kate: Hello.

Lucas: I need to see you now.

Kate: All right, darling. I'm with Chloe.

Lucas: No, somewhere private. You see, I know what you did.

Lexie: It is very important that you write down everything.

Nathan: I messed up. I totally forgot to sign out.

Stephanie: I know.

Lexie: So while paperwork isn't fun, it is critically important. Stephanie, would you hand me the in vitae file?

Nathan: Wh--hmm.

Lexie: Oh, dr. Horton, you're back.

Nathan: Yes. Look, I--I forgot--

Stephanie: That he was going to give me a ride home.

Lexie: Oh. Well, why don't we take a look at dr. Horton's sheet. You will see that, as always with him, everything is in perfect order.

Stephanie: That's right.

Nathan: It is?

Stephanie: Just shut up.

Nathan: It is. [Clears throat]

Lexie: We've always been very impressed with dr. Horton's meticulous paperwork. Here at university, we do believe that God is in the details.

Nathan: How?

Stephanie: Let's just say, you've got friends.

Brady: See, I just totally tipped my hand. I'm nuts about you, and now you know it.

Arianna: Yeah, like you don't know you're a really good kisser?

Brady: You're a really good-looking girl, you know that? I like tonight. I'm having a good night.

Arianna: Yeah. It's a really nice night.

Brady: It's gonna get better. It's gonna get better. You should see what I got for dessert.

Arianna: It's crazy. Oh, sorry.

Brady: No, I'll--you know, I'll get it. Just--don't, I got it.

Bo: You okay?

Philip: Great, Bo, never better.

Bo: Yeah, I can tell.

Philip: You better find out who did this.

Bo: Yeah. Right after I find out who popped you, who kidnapped Stefano, who kidnapped Stephanie.

Philip: Hey, but you got him.

Bo: Yeah.

Philip: You got him.

Bo: Right. Who we got was a stooge. A stooge put a bullet in you, and another one kidnapped Stefano. The thing is, I'll never find out who's behind it, because we've got two old men who always have airtight alibis and their sons say they're doing what they're doing because they're loyal to their family, and anyone who says that family's nothing but criminals, well, they can't see the whole picture. So you see, bro, I can't help you, 'cause like I said, heh! Anytime the cops try to do anything, it's just an exercise in futility. And we get paid crap to do it. But there's a good side. I get to go home to my wife and baby, and I sleep well at night. What about you, Philip Kiriakis? Are you gonna be able to sleep tonight?

Kate: Lucas, no.

Lucas: What, are you afraid I'm not strong enough to stay sober? Is that it?

Kate: Don't talk like that.

Lucas: I'm not strong enough, am I, Mom? I'm not even strong enough to lead my own life, right?

Kate: [Sighs] You know, this is getting tired. When your life doesn't work out the way you want it to, then it's all my fault. When you go ahead and marry a woman that I told you would cause you nothing but heartbreak, it's all my fault.

Lucas: You didn't tell me they were having an affair. You didn't tell me that, did you? All three, you all knew it. Boy, I bet there were times when you could barely keep a straight face.

Kate: [Sighs] You don't know the hell that I went through, trying to protect you. You just don't know, and obviously, you couldn't.

Lucas: What? What? I couldn't what? I couldn't handle the truth? Is that what you were gonna say?

Kate: [Sighs]

Lucas: You know what? You're probably right, because when I found out about Chloe and Daniel, that's when I went on my bender, that's when I started drinking again, and that's when the whole thing blew up. Literally.

Kate: How do you know that? You--you forgot about all that.

Lucas: I had a nice talk with Daniel, a nice long talk, Mom.

Kate: You talked to Daniel?

Lucas: Yeah, yeah, I talked to Daniel, all right. His opinion of me is pretty low, but it's nothing compared to how he feels about you.

Kate: Well, he's a crazy man, so he'll say anything.

Lucas: He told me the truth. He told me to my face. He told me that Chloe wanted him. He told me they were gonna be together. He told me they were gonna run away together, and the only reason why they didn't is because she had a damn pact with God. And you, you knew about the whole thing, didn't you?

Kate: It's ridiculous. It's so ridiculous.

Lucas: Is it?

Kate: I'm not listening to this.

Lucas: You knew they were having an affair, but yet you paired them up on the show together. You purposely did that. You purposely put them together. And you were obsessed. You were obsessed with the damn food on the show. Why? Why did you try to knock that deviled egg out of my hand and throw it in the sink? Why, Mom? Were you trying to protect me? Were you? Is that why you do everything? Is that why you poisoned my wife, you poisoned Chloe?

Bo: Kim, hi. Any word on the vic with the GSW?

Kim: He died en route. Sorry. Excuse me.

Bo: Sorry, man.

Philip: [Sighs] He, uh...

Bo: Hey, off the record.

Philip: He wouldn't call for help.

Bo: Had to wait for the family doctor.

Philip: I should have called the EMTs as soon as I got the call. He bled to death because he was loyal to the family.

Bo: Hmm. I wonder how the wife and kids will feel about that.

Philip: Yeah, but Bo, you know my father will take care of them and his family.

Bo: Mm-hmm. They'll get money. And you said he had a boy. Uh, maybe they'll enroll him in the Kiriakis apprentice program. He'll follow in his father's footsteps.

Philip: All right, look, back on the record, okay? You interrogate me, you arrest me, whatever, but let's forget about the big brother routine, okay?

Bo: Wouldn't it be great if it was me you were angry at?

Philip: Wouldn't it be great if you didn't have all the answers?

Bo: I'm gonna go talk to the medical examiner. I'll have more questions for you later. Apparently, you tried to do the right thing tonight. The problem is, with this family, it'll always be a losing proposition.

Philip: [Sighs] [Sighs]

Melanie: Hey, you okay?

Brady: Look, I'm sorry. I'm a klutz.

Arianna: Oh, I'm such a girl. Back away. Purse.

Brady: Oh, okay.

Arianna: Sorry. Not too territorial, am I?

Brady: No, not at all, but now I'm curious. I mean, what is in there? I mean, you packing heat or something?

Arianna: Uh, shh!

Brady: What have you got in there?

Arianna: The music's starting.

[Music playing]

Brady: Right, music. Okay, I'll carefully bring the dessert over to you, okay?

Arianna: Okay.

[Phone buzzes]

Brady: Is it something important?

Arianna: Uh, no. No, nothing at all. But you know what? I think I'll take that glass of wine.

Daniel: Any word on Chloe?

Hope: No change. Kate said the prognosis isn't good.

Daniel: Kate said? Where was she? How would she know?

Hope: She was in the room with Chloe.

Daniel: No. No, tell me there was a guard there. Tell me.

Hope: No guard. But Daniel, with a suspect in--

Daniel: All right, I will get a private guard. I will pay for it. Get a guard.

Hope: Daniel, that isn't going to happen.

Daniel: Damn it, listen to me. If I am in here, she is out there, and Chloe is going to die.

Kate: What have I done to deserve this?

Lucas: You tried to kill my wife, that's what you did.

Kate: I--I can't believe--I can't believe that you would take the word of a man who slept with your wife that I'm a murderer.

Lucas: It makes perfect sense to me.

Kate: Really? Even though there are mountains of evidence against him?

Lucas: What are you trying to do, kill two bird with one stone? Is that it, Mom? Is that what you were trying to do? Because Daniel dumped you and moved on with Chloe?

Kate: I dumped him!

Lucas: Well, you know, apparently his lust for her turned him into an idiot, right? And he left all that evidence around, all that evidence to be found on the set of our show, all that evidence at his apartment? He would do that, huh? He was just dying to get caught, Mom. You're right, you've got it all figured out.

Kate: What do you care? What do you care if it's true? Look what they did to you.

Lucas: Look what you did to me. You turned me into your damn lap dog and you ran my life by remote control. And you watched me marry a woman who was in love with somebody else.

Kate: I wanted you to be happy.

Lucas: Don't you tell me that. Don't ever tell me that again. You know what? You don't do anything if it doesn't benefit you. You got Chloe and Daniel back because you wanted to. Everything you do is because of you. Everything.

Kate: [Crying] God. Lucas, wait, wait, wait. [Sighs]

Lucas: You know what? There's nothing more to talk about. I'm serious.

Kate: You will take that back.

Lucas: I'm not taking anything back, Mom. I said a lot of things, all right?

Kate: You accused me. I loved Chloe. Despite what she did to you, I loved her for making you happy for as long as she did. And yes, I knew that she was cheating on you. And it tormented me, it did, as it would any mother whose child was betrayed. But for you to suggest that I would hurt her... tell me that you don't mean it.

Lucas: You know what? I'm not thinking too clearly right now.

Kate: [Sighs] Oh, God. [Crying]

Joyce: My name is Joyce Metz. I was told my husband's been brought here.

Philip: Joyce.

Joyce: Philip, what happened? How is he? Tell me. Tell me how he is.

Brady: Well, it's a modest little wine, but I think you'll be amused by its presumption.

Arianna: Thank you. I'm sure--

Brady: Whoa. Oh, my God.

Arianna: Oh, my God. Uh...

Brady: Do you believe us? We are the klutziest people in the world. Are you all right? I mean, did I do that?

Arianna: No, that was all me. Okay, I'm sorry. I think I'm gonna have to go get changed.

Brady: Yeah, I--yeah, I guess so.

Arianna: I'm soaked, and I've got inventory tonight. So I should go. Thank you. I had a great time.

Brady: Yeah, hey, who knows? Maybe next time we'll stay out till 9:00 or something. [Sighs] Cheers, Brady.

Arianna: I'm on my way.

Hope: Daniel, Kate knows what you're saying about her, so she can't make a move against Chloe. Don't you see? It'll undo everything she's put together.

Daniel: See, you talk like you believe me.

Hope: [Sighs] What I believe means nothing. It's what the D.A. Believes, and then the jury.

Daniel: Well, it means something to me.

[Phone rings]

Hope: Excuse me. Brady. I'll be right there. Got it. Thanks. Hey, I've got to take this. It's on another case. Hang in there.

Daniel: Yeah, what choice do I have?

Nurse: Melanie, move it.

Melanie: Philip needs me.

Nurse: Well, if you need this job, you will go now.

Philip: I'm sorry, Joyce. He, uh, he--ooh!

Joyce: You son of a bitch!

Philip: Let's sit down.

Joyce: Stop it!

Philip: I want you to know, we are gonna take care of you and your family.

Joyce: Is that why you're here? To pay me off? To make sure I keep quiet?

Philip: No. Carlo was like fam--

Joyce: That's right. Carlo was, and because of you and your family, he's dead. How do you live with yourself? You know what? Get away from me. Just get away from me. Get the hell out of here! [Crying]

Philip: I'm sorry. I'm sorry, Joyce.

Joyce: [Crying]

Bo: Are you gonna be able to sleep tonight?

[Overlapping voices]

Joyce: How do you live with yourself?

Philip: I don't know.


Philip: Hey.

Melanie: Hi, uh, I'm here to see Philip. He just took off.

Henderson: I'm sorry, Miss, he's not here. Did you try him on his cell phone?

Melanie: I did, but he didn't answer. So where is he?

Stephanie: Are you okay?

Philip: [Sighs] I'm so glad I ran into you. There's something I have to say, and it's really important.

Man: Hey.

Arianna: Hey.

Man: [Sighs] This is, uh, for you, and, uh, you have something for me? Nothing prettier in the world, is there?

Brady: Oh, you are still open. Who's he?

[Monitor beeping]

Lucas: Why? Why, Chloe, why?

On the next "Days of Our Lives" --

Nicole: This never ends. You are obsessed with Sami again.

Stephanie: You're one of the good guys, whether you like it or not.

Arianna: I'm really glad you came tonight, Brady.

Brady: So am I.

Daniel: I am not gonna let Chloe die.

Kate: You're too late.

Lucas: You deserve to die. You deserve to rot in hell.

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