Days Transcript Monday 7/27/09

Days of Our Lives Transcript Monday 7/27/09 - Canada; Tuesday 7/28/09 - U.S.A.


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Rafe: Yeah, well, Sami's not here right now. Is there anything I can help you with?

Roman: Eh, not really. I think I'll just, uh, try to catch up with her, although that's never easy.

Rafe: No. Hey, uh, you know, Sami got a call a little while ago right before she headed out. Was that you?

Roman: Yeah.

Rafe: Oh.

Roman: What?

Rafe: She said it was a wrong number.

Roman: She did?

Rafe: Yeah. Is there any reason that she'd have to cover up a call from her own dad?

Roman: None that I can think of.

Rafe: Really? 'Cause you called her, and now you're here. You got that look on your face like you're worried about her.

Roman: [Laughs] Rafe, I think you are jumping to conclusions.

Rafe: And I think that you're hiding something from me. Do you want to tell me what it is?

Sami: Meredith.

Meredith: You.

Sami: Yeah, oh, sorry, I didn't mean to startle you.

Meredith: Uh, well, you did.

Sami: I keep doing that. Remember, we ran into each other in the woods?

Meredith: Yes, I remember.

Sami: Uh, wow, I am so glad to run into you again.

Meredith: Why? Just what is it you want with me?

Daniel: Would you just listen to me?

Bo: Settle down, man.

Daniel: I did not poison Chloe.

Bo: You're making things worse.

Daniel: Listen--listen to me, I need to get back to the hospital. That's all I need to do, 'cause Kate is gonna poison her.

Bo: I am very close to having to charge you with assault. So it would be a good thing if you calm down.

Hope: Take him to the interrogation room.

Daniel: No, I am not gonna calm down. Kate is gonna kill her. Do you understand? You're doing nothing to stop her! Just stop! Get me back to the hospital!

Kate: Sorry, sleeping beauty. Can't wake up? I didn't do all this just to have Daniel charged with attempted murder. You really do have to die.

Sami: Like I said, I just want to talk to you.

Meredith: So you tracked me down. You followed me.

Sami: No. No, I didn't.

Meredith: So this is just a coincidence?

Sami: Well, maybe. I mean, I think that you and I, we connected.

Meredith: Look, this just feels a little weird, so I'm--I'm gonna keep walking.

Sami: No, Meredith, please, look, I am not trying to hurt you, okay? I just really need to talk to you... about your sister, about Emily.

Bo: Sit him over there. Go on.

Daniel: Kate set me up. She--you're doing exactly what she wants you to.

Bo: You got to focus, Doc. Chloe is in ICU. Nothing is gonna happen to her there. And you are here with me until you talk to me. So you keep this up, I'm putting you in a holding cell. So it's up to you. I talk to you now or in 12 to 14 hours.

Daniel: Okay. Okay, I'll tell you whatever you want to know.

Kate: So Dr. Danny boy came up with an antidote. Well, I think we've had quite enough of that.

Lexie: What are you doing?

Kate: Uh, I think there's a bubble in the I.V.

Lexie: Then call a nurse. There's nothing wrong with this I.V.

Kate: I'm so sorry. I'm just feeling so helpless.

Lexie: I need to examine Chloe. Would you excuse me?

Kate: Okay, but just--please tell me there's a chance that--that there's hope, there's something to hope for.

Lexie: There is hope. Now, please, go.

Kate: Okay. Apparently, she also has a license to be rude. [Sighs] What are you doing here?

Victor: Philip called me. He said there was an emergency. You needed me.

Kate: Wrong on both counts.

Victor: What's going on? What was he talking about?

Kate: Oh, Chloe's in a coma. Do you have an antacid? This hospital coffee is just bilge.

Victor: You want to go over to the java?

Kate: Uh, no. I should probably stay here.

Victor: Why?

Kate: Well, because of Chloe.

Victor: What about her?

Kate: She's in a coma.

Victor: Oh, yes, you mentioned that. Well, couldn't happen to a nicer girl. That still doesn't explain why you have to stay here. Oh, wait, is she slipping away? You don't want to miss the grand finale?

Kate: I need to be here when Lucas arrives. Make it look like I care.

Victor: Oh, right. So this coma, huh, what happened--accident or something?

Kate: Or something.

Victor: Why do I get the feeling that you're not telling me the whole story?

Meredith: Let me try to make this clear. I don't want to talk about my sister. I was really emotional before--

Sami: Yeah, you were. You were crying because you were in your sister's favorite place. You miss her.

Meredith: I was really emotional, and I'd really rather pretend it didn't happen.

Sami: We have something in common. We both know about loss, about grief.

Meredith: Do you know that some people think it's private?

Sami: I understand that this is hard, okay? But I really need to talk to you about it. I'm not--I'm--I'm not a stalker. I promise.

Meredith: No, I don't think you are. And I think I know the reason you're really here.

Rafe: Well, you are keeping something from me, aren't you?

Roman: I didn't say that.

Rafe: Look, I know that you want to keep Sami's confidence, but I'm not the enemy here. I'm on her side.

Roman: And that gives you full access to all aspects of her life.

Rafe: [Scoffs] Sami is still reeling from Grace's death. You know, she's dealing with this jerk DiMera and a custody battle. She's not in the best place right now.

Roman: I know that, Rafe.

Rafe: And she's emotional. And I'm sure this will come as no surprise to you, but... you know, when she's emotional, she tends to, uh--she makes impulsive decisions.

Roman: Like asking her bodyguard to move in with her.

Rafe: Yeah, maybe. But rest assured, all I'm trying to do right now is help her. I'm on her side.

Roman: And so am I, Rafe. And whether I trust you or not is beside the point. If you want to know what Sami's up to, you ask her, not me.

Rafe: Yeah, but she's, uh...

Roman: She doesn't want to tell you, does she? Look, she doesn't want to tell you, that's her business. That is between the two of you.

Rafe: Why don't you just tell me?

Roman: You deal with it.

Hope: Anything?

Bo: He's sticking to his story.

Hope: You don't believe him?

Bo: [Sighs] There's a lot he's not telling us. Wish I could sit in on the interrogation.

Hope: Yeah, well, you can't. You're management now. So, commissioner, what do you think about his theory about Kate? Think she's crazy enough to poison her own daughter-in-law?

Bo: You know what she did to Sami. Listen, don't let the Doc go until you know everything he knows about what happened to Chloe and why he thinks Kate did it.

Hope: Okay.

Kate: This is so like you. We get good news for a change, and you start interrogating me.

Victor: I'm just trying to find out what happened.

Kate: [Sighs deeply] Chloe was on the set of Hearth and Home, and she collapsed.

Victor: Did you get it on tape?

Kate: [Scoffs] You know, don't try to be funny. It was very upsetting to me, very disturbing. It ruined the entire schedule. Then we had to call 911. And it was just drama, drama, drama.

Victor: Yes, I can see that you're shaken by the whole thing. So she never woke up?

Kate: No. And, Victor, there's a chance she never will.

Victor: Well, is there anything we can do to help along those lines?

Kate: Shh! [Whispers] Keep your voice down.

Victor: So, uh, tell me, Kate, is, uh, this some of your handiwork?

Kate: Why would you say something like that?

Victor: You hate her. You hate that she married your son. You hate that she cheated on him. And bad things happen to people who you hate.

Kate: You know, why don't you just go on the P.A. And tell the entire hospital about it?

Victor: I think the entire hospital's probably thinking the same thing.

Kate: No. No, they're not, because I've been very careful. I hate you too, you know.

Victor: So how'd you do it? And why is she still alive?

Kate: Oh, God. Doctor, I'm so sorry, I-I don't know your name.

Nathan: Horton. Yeah, small world, isn't it?

Kate: Nathan?

Nathan: That's right. And you're Kate Roberts and Mr. Kiriakis, I presume.

Victor: Melissa's son.

Nathan: Yeah.

Victor: You look just like her.

Nathan: Oh.

Kate: Dr. Carver is in with my daughter-in-law. She's examining her, and I just wondered if there were any updates.

Nathan: Um, I-I'll check. I was actually just down in the lab following up on the tox screen.

Victor: Tox screen?

Nathan: Yeah. It seems, uh, as though Dr. Jonas has come up with an antidote. But we need to be sure that it'll be effective with this type of poison. But I-I'll check with Dr. Carver, and then I'll get back to you.

Kate: Thank you.

Nathan: Okay.

Victor: She was poisoned.

Kate: [Sighs] I think he was using the term very loosely.

Victor: Did you give Chloe a big, shiny red apple with arsenic in the center?

Kate: [Sighs] Why the hell did Philip call you? Would you just go home and leave me alone?

Victor: I'm not gonna leave now. We're just getting to the good part.

Kate: [Sighs]

Sami: You know why I want to talk to you?

Meredith: It's about family, isn't it? People you're close to.

Sami: What do you mean?

Meredith: After we lost Emily, it was so hard for me to be around people who knew her. It just--it hurt too much. And here I am, a stranger familiar with grief, and I think it's easier for you to talk to me than to people who knew and loved your little girl.

Sami: [Scoffs] Maybe you're right.

Meredith: I'm sorry if I was rude to you before. It's just that Emily and how I feel about her, it's... it's so personal.

Sami: No, I understand. I'm sorry if I pushed too hard.

Meredith: It's not--it--it's, like... it's all still so painful. Not just that she died, but she died because of something that never should have happened.

Sami: Whatever it was, it must've been... horrible.

Meredith: You have no idea.

Hope: Don't do anything stupid. This is detective Hope Brady with Dr. Daniel Jonas, July 27, 2009. Time: 9:17 P.M. Dr. Jonas, have you consented to this interview, and have you been informed of your right to have an attorney present?

Daniel: Yes.

Hope: And in doing so, you do realize that anything you say here will be a matter of public record and can and will be used against you in a court of law?

Daniel: I haven't done anything legally wrong.

Hope: But you do understand what I just told you, is that correct?

Daniel: I understand.

Hope: Good. So you say you haven't done anything legally wrong. But...

Daniel: But at the very least, I'll admit that I have made some... some very big mistakes.

Hope: You think your affair with Chloe Horton was a mistake?

Daniel: Oh, I think that...

Hope: Yes?

Daniel: Was inevitable.

Hope: And when she ended the affair, were you angry?

Daniel: At the situation, not her.

Hope: So your theory is that Kate Roberts found out about the affair and took revenge upon Chloe?

Daniel: Look, I know you find it hard to believe that Kate did what I said.

Hope: You know, it just seems a bit after the fact, don't you think, Daniel?

Daniel: I'm sure it does. But I have missed a few things here. And after thinking about it... it is a lot more complicated than that.

Hope: Is that why you think Kate poisoned Chloe?

Daniel: What I--what I'm saying here is that Kate not only resented that Chloe and I--

Hope: Are lovers?

Daniel: Were lovers... but worse than that, and certainly from Kate's point of view... is I still love her. I don't love Kate. Chloe doesn't love Lucas. Chloe and I... love each other.

Lexie: Mm, pulse ox is at 96. She's tachy at 120.

Nathan: [Sighs] Do you think we should intubate?

Lexie: Uh, I think she's holding steady. Let's wait and see. I may want to try a new medication.

Nathan: What, you think there's a problem with Dr. Jonas' antidote?

Lexie: It's not working.

Nathan: Not working? It saved her life.

Lexie: Uh, it may have just prolonged the inevitable.

Nathan: I mean, do you really think it could've been Dr. Jonas who poisoned her?

Lexie: [Sighs] It is not our job to play cop. It's our job to save this woman's life... if it's not too late.

Kate: Well, you're gonna find out about everything anyway, so, um... apparently, they think that Chloe was poisoned slowly over a period of time.

Victor: Over a period of time?

Kate: Mm-hmm.

Victor: Why, Kate, that makes it sound like it was intentional.

Kate: Hmm. Well, I hate to really say this, but she probably does have a long list of enemies.

Victor: Yeah? And who would you put at the top of that list?

Kate: Oh, I would put you, because you hate her even more than I do.

Victor: But I know I didn't poison her.

Kate: I think you're jumping to conclusions, Victor.

Victor: You know who else is going to jump to conclusions? Lucas.

Kate: Don't be silly.

Victor: So where is he, by the way?

Kate: He's on a business trip. He had to be called back.

Victor: So he goes away and leaves you two alone, and Chloe ends up at death's door. [Laughs] You shouldn't be worried about what I think, Kate. You should be worried about what he's going to think. He loves that girl. He's not gonna like it that you killed her.

Kate: [Breathes deeply] You don't think I have that covered?

Bo: Come on, man, I told you this was a priority. I want that report on my desk three hours ago. Yeah, right.

Abe: That didn't sound good.

Bo: Oh, forensics is jerking me around. I think they're stumped and don't want me to know it.

Abe: You pulled Jonas in?

Bo: Yeah, Hope's questioning him right now, but I don't think we're gonna get anything we don't already have.

Abe: How about a confession?

Bo: [Scoffs] Don't hold your breath, Abe. He didn't do it.

Abe: Hmm. And you know that how?

Bo: Well, he's freaking out that Chloe's still in danger. He's scared to death she's going to die.

Abe: Well, then let him go, because no suspect has ever, ever pretended concern about the victim.

Bo: Jeez, Abe, what crawled up your--

Abe: Listen, Commissioner, I've already had three calls-- two from reporters, one from the state's attorney general. And they're all wondering if the police commissioner is going to coddle this suspect like he did his half brother.

Bo: I am not coddling anyone. I'm trying to find out what actually happened.

Abe: You have hard evidence against him. Don't screw this up. As the attorney general so delicately put it... your ass is on the line.

Hope: So you're saying that Kate's been obsessing about you and Chloe for a very long time.

Daniel: Well, the phone call you say that Maggie heard, think about that. Do you know how long she must've been planning this?

Hope: You think that was Kate's work?

Daniel: I think she taped my voice, maybe spliced it together, something.

Hope: Pretty elaborate plan, wouldn't you say?

Daniel: Because she didn't want to just hurt Chloe. She wanted to hurt me as well. You know what? A lot of this-- a lot of this has to do with Lucas.

Hope: Lucas?

Daniel: Oh, yeah.

Hope: You think he's involved in this?

Daniel: I--you know what? I don't know. But she is weird about her son, like she has to run his life constantly, protect him.

Hope: So the drug that was found in your apartment, the one in the brownie that Chloe ate, you think that Kate planted that to incriminate you because of Lucas?

Daniel: I don't know. I don't know. Look, that sou--I know it sounds crazy, but I would never hurt Chloe. I love her.

Hope: Even if I believe that, how do I know she felt the same about you, Daniel? I certainly can't ask her.

Daniel: [Sighs]

Kate: No change.

Victor: Hmm. Maybe you'd like to slip down to the chapel and pray for a quick demise.

Kate: Okay, seriously, now you need to go home.

Victor: I thought we were having a nice little chat, enjoying our little deathwatch.

Kate: Just stop. I mean it. Go away.

Victor: Before Lucas gets here, right?

Kate: Yes, actually, that's true. I need to tell him what happened. He's gonna be here soon.

Victor: You mean he doesn't know?

Kate: No, he doesn't know. He was on a plane. It wasn't voicemail information. I told him to meet me here.

Victor: So what does he expect, a surprise party at the hospital?

Kate: Okay, that attitude--that's why you need to go. He's gonna be grief-stricken. He doesn't need your sick humor. He knows you hate Chloe.

Victor: You don't want me here to watch your performance as the distraught mother-in-law. You're afraid I'll make you laugh.

Kate: It's not funny. He's gonna be grief-stricken, heartbroken.

Victor: That's what you're worried about, isn't it? That Lucas might be sad.

Kate: Yes. Temporarily. But it's for the best.

Victor: And that's your call.

Kate: No. Now it's in God's hands.

Meredith: After we talked in the woods... I don't do that--open up like that.

Sami: Well, we have this strong, horrible thing in common. You're still grieving for her, aren't you?

Meredith: If people tell you it gets better, they're either lying, or they don't know what they're talking about. It changes, sure. The pain isn't as sharp. But it's always there.

Sami: You two were close, huh?

Meredith: [Laughs] Emily could drive me crazy. Nobody made me mad like she could.

Sami: She wasn't a pushover.

Meredith: Oh, and she was sure she had all the answers. See, that's something you can't say to somebody who knew her. They think it's speaking ill of the dead.

Sami: But it's not. It's remembering her for who she really was and that that's why you loved her.

Meredith: [Chuckles] She would make me furious, just furious. Then she'd say something that would make me burst out laughing. That would only make me more mad.

Sami: She sounds great. It must be really hard moving on without her.

Meredith: Still something will happen, and... and I'll think, "God, I-I have to tell Emily about it."

Sami: You told each other everything.

Meredith: We did... for a long time.

Sami: Something happened?

Meredith: Everything changed because of him.

Sami: Him?

Meredith: Emily's fiancÚ... Rafe Hernandez.

Rafe: Mrs. Brady, hi, it's Rafe. Yeah, I was just checking to see if Sami was still there. She didn't. No, no, no, I'm sure she's fine. We must've just gotten our signals crossed. Uh, thanks.

Rafe: Damn it, Sami. You said you were gonna drop it about Emily. You better have.

Abe: Bo, this case is turning into a nightmare. One of the reporters talked about the fact that Jonas is your father's godson.

Bo: And you think I'd let that sway me.

Abe: I'm saying it could look like it. You know, you've already had a run-in with Internal Affairs, and those guys are known to hold grudges.

Bo: Screw them! Look, you want me to arrest a man I don't think is guilty.

Abe: I want you to take that mountain of evidence you have against him as seriously as you take your gut!

Bo: You know what, Abe? I got a solution to this. Fire me.

Hope: You're spinning what attorneys call an alternative theory of the crime. The problem with that... you have nothing to back it up. You haven't given me any concrete evidence whatsoever that Kate has anything to do with this.

Daniel: But you think the evidence against me is concrete. She manufactured this. And you don't believe me.

Hope: It's a theory. I don't believe or disbelieve theories. I consider them. Like for instance, I could... consider another theory. You told me how much you loved Chloe.

Daniel: I still do.

Hope: And she broke off the affair and chose Lucas over you. Then look what happened. You resigned from the hospital. You were gonna leave Salem, correct?

Daniel: Look, things changed after all that. We talked. We were gonna be together.

Hope: So you say. evidence that was true. And aside from that, it's kind of contradicted by Maggie overhearing the phone call.

Daniel: No, I know Kate did that--

Hope: Daniel, the phone call, the resignation. That looks like a very angry, rejected man, as in "If I can't have her, no one will," kind of man.

Daniel: Not true. That is just not true!

Hope: I didn't say it was. It's a theory. And here's the big problem. The one person who can tell us which theory to choose can't talk. Which brings me to another theory. What if Chloe knew something... that someone didn't want her to share?

Victor: You are incorrigible, Kate. You're marvelous!

Kate: You're still here.

Victor: I'm going, I'm going.

Kate: Victor... all joking aside, our conversation tonight was private, personal.

Victor: What you're asking is will I keep your secret?

Kate: [Laughs] What secret?

Victor: Don't worry, Kate. I won't tell anyone what you did to the...soon-to-be-departed Chloe. Matter of fact, I'll say, "good girl, nice work." See ya at the funeral.

Kate: Always nice seeing you too, Victor.

Victor: How?

Kate: Excuse me?

Victor: I must be losing my touch. When I asked you how you were gonna keep Lucas from suspecting you, you said you had that covered. And I didn't ask the next logical question-- how? How are you gonna keep him and the police from suspecting you?

Sami: So you, didn't like Emily's fiancÚ?

Meredith: No, I did at the beginning.

Sami: Yeah?

Meredith: Oh, yeah. He was great--like something out of a movie. He was good-looking and funny, and Emily seemed so happy.

Sami: Seemed?

Meredith: In the beginning. Emily believed he'd do anything for her. We all believed that.

Sami: A real hero type, huh?

Meredith: Yeah. I thought he would die for Emily, and she's the one who died.

Sami: What happened?

Meredith: I can't talk about this.

Sami: No, Meredith, come on--

Meredith: No, sorry, I can't. I can't, I just--I'm sorry.

Sami: Meredith, just-- [Sigh]

Abe: I didn't say anything about firing you.

Bo: It would clear up this problem we're having. You'd look objective, decisive, like a politician.

Abe: Would you listen to me? Now, I am not trying to influence this case. I'm trying to warn you... that you're under a lot of scrutiny and whether you like it or not...appearances matter.

Bo: All right.

Gene: Commissioner, this just came in from the lab.

Bo: About time. Thanks, Gene.

Abe: That doesn't look like good news.

Bo: Not for Jonas, it isn't.

Daniel: I didn't do anything to Chloe. I wish she could talk, and then she could back up everything that I'm telling you.

Hope: Was the affair over?

Daniel: I told you it was.

Hope: But you were still in love with her.

Daniel: Yes.

Hope: And Kate found out about the affair and was upset.

Daniel: Yes, she was.

Hope: Okay. Could you just explain to me why she would ask you to do the television show with Chloe and why the heck you would ever accept?

Daniel: Yeah. She bribed me. And this is something you can verify. She offered to match my salary with a donation toward breast cancer research in honor of my late wife. It's just another setup. She's pushing me with Chloe, and I'm telling you, she is setting me up with this scenario.

Hope: And you accepted that? Believed that this woman who hated what you had done needed you? Oh, and only a guest star.

Daniel: Yes. She said that after I took care of Philip...

Hope: You mean saved his life, right?

Daniel: Yes, yes. She had forgiven me. And you know what? Yes, I accepted it. I didn't say, "Wow, maybe Kate is planning to kill Chloe and hang it on me!"

Hope: But you were still in love with her. Did it really seem like a good idea to work with her?

Daniel: No, as a matter of fact, it wasn't a good idea. It has been painful, and it threatened to get out of hand, and that is why I resigned. That is why I was planning to leave Salem.

Hope: So you say. Again, we can't ask Chloe for confirmation.

Daniel: No.

Hope: Except there was something she said. Last time she was admitted to the hospital, she told Lexie she didn't want you anywhere near her, she didn't want you to treat her. Now, why would she say that?

[Knock on door]

Bo: Excuse me.

Hope: Thank you.

Daniel: What's that?

Hope: I'm asking the questions here, Doctor. Why would she say that? Why would she not want you to treat her?

Daniel: I think... I think she was afraid.

Hope: Afraid of you?

Sami: Hey. Everything okay? Kids go to sleep okay?

Rafe: Everything's fine. How 'bout you?

Sami: Yeah. Yeah, I'm fine.

Rafe: Did you get the painting smock that Allie left at your grandma's?

Sami: No, wasn't there after all.

Rafe: Oh. But you had a good visit.

Sami: We always do.

Rafe: Yeah? Ha. Seemed like you were gone for quite a while.

Victor: So how are you gonna wiggle out of this, Kate? I mean, she was killed on your set, you hate her, and no one is going to suspect you?

Kate: [Sighs] No one knows I hate her.

Victor: Oh, please, Kate.

Kate: You know, I'm not discussing this with you anymore except to make it perfectly clear that I did not poison her and I do not know what you're talking about.

Victor: Wheels within wheels always was your modus operandi. Queen of the complex conspiracy.

Kate: I thought you were going home.

Victor: And always an exit strategy. Always a loophole.

Kate: Okay. Okay. I'm gonna go check on Lucas's flight now, 'cause he's supposed to be here and you're supposed to be gone.

[Cell phone rings]

Victor: Yeah, Bo, what is it?

Bo: I need the name of a good criminal lawyer.

Victor: And why would you need that?

Bo: We're about to arrest Jonas for attempted murder.

Victor: What a surprise. They're arresting Daniel for this. And how did you come to that conclusion?

Sami: Working on your interrogation techniques?

Rafe: Sorry. Just seemed like you were gone for a rather long time.

Sami: Yeah, well, um... when it wasn't at the pub, I decided to go see if it was at Lucas's and, uh, turns out there was no one home.

Rafe: Ah. Wasted trip, huh?

Sami: Yeah. Yeah, tell me about it. So, um... you put the kids to bed? You get some time to yourself?

Rafe: Matter of fact, no. I had an interesting conversation...with your father.

Lexie: [Exhales] She's gone from a Glasgow 8 to 4.

Nathan: Damn it.

Lexie: She might never come out of this.

Hope: Why would Chloe be afraid of you, Daniel?

Daniel: I didn't say that. You did. I think Chloe was afraid because... given as sick as she was... with the pain medication... if I was in the room, she might say something that would indicate... how she felt about me.

Hope: Again, we only have your word for it.

Daniel: You know what? I'm not sure that's true.

Hope: You think Chloe confided in someone?

Daniel: Maybe Nicole, but that's not what I'm talking about. I think Kate confided in someone. Victor Kiriakis.

Victor: I don't care what time it is. The big fat retainer I pay you says I don't have to. Just get down there. Stop the questioning. Bail him out if you have to. Keep me posted. So what's your plan "b"?

Kate: I don't know what you mean.

Victor: How do you get out of this mess without pinning it on Daniel? He's family, Kate. I don't give a damn what you do to Chloe... but you are not going to pin this on Daniel.

Kate: [Scoffs] Don't be absurd. You know, go ahead and tell Bo your fantasy that I'm involved with all this. I don't care. He's not gonna believe you.

Victor: No, but Lucas will.

Sami: My dad was here? Why?

Rafe: Said he called you earlier. Wanted to make sure everything was all right.

Sami: He's...just always worried about me. I'm gonna go check on the twins. Maybe we can watch TV or something.

Rafe: Sami. Why are you lying to me?

Daniel: Are we done?

Hope: No.

Daniel: Can I get to the hospital, please?

Hope: Not quite yet. No, Daniel. This, uh...theory of yours... makes Kate out to be a really formidable opponent... not only driven, obsessed with wanting to hurt you and Chloe. And also capable of spicing audio recordings. Planting evidence. Placing your fingerprints on it. Oh, and finding someone to impersonate you to pick up the prescription. She's not only good...she's had a real streak of luck, hasn't she? I mean, everything's gone her way, hasn't it?

Daniel: Yeah, well, because nobody knew what she was doing. Now you know. Now you can stop her.

Hope: But you know what? This is the part that really stumps me. How did she know what poison to use? Where'd she get it? I thought you had to be a doctor to do that.

Daniel: You do. Look... the only thing I want you to believe is that Chloe is in danger. For God's sake, you can do whatever you want to me, but you keep Kate away from her!

Abe: Well, here it is in black and white. Second time around. Daniel's prints and only Daniel's prints are on that bottle.

Bo: Yeah. And the prescription was in his handwriting and the pharmacist said a man fitting Jonas's description picked it up.

Abe: You still think he's innocent.

Bo: Yeah. I do.

Abe: Well, that doesn't change what you have to do. We both know that.

Kate: Don't threaten me, Victor. I won't have it.

Victor: This is no time for bravado, Kate. You're not doing this to my godson.

Kate: Godson. What does that mean?

Victor: It means I'm looking after him. And you've got a lot of work to do in a very short period of time.

Kate: There is an overwhelming amount of evidence against him.

Victor: Yes, thanks to you!

Kate: Why don't you just think about what he's done, what he's done to me, what he's done to Lucas.

Victor: I've been thinking about what you've done, Kate, and for once I think you've gone too far. So what are you gonna do to make this right?

Lucas: Mom. What is it, what's going on?

Victor: Well, are you gonna tell him, Kate...or should I?

Bo: I care about finding out who poisoned Chloe, and it sure as hell wasn't the doc.

Daniel: Watch her. You watch Kate very carefully, and then you can prove that it was her.

Sami: Come on, just tell me what happened--all of it!

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