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E.J.: Sweetheart, you're not telling me the truth, and I'd like to know why.

Nicole: E.J., why would you say that? I'm not lying to you about anything.

E.J.: Okay, look, you've been absolutely frantic about protecting Sydney. Mary left her alone for two minutes and you wanted to have the woman fired.

Nicole: Okay, well, sometimes a mother gets a little panicked, okay--I'm sorry.

E.J.: I called you on this, and you distract me by bring me up here. Which was lovely. It was--it was lovely.

Nicole: Thank you.

E.J.: But you're still on the edge. I mean, you're scared, and I know that it has something to do with our daughter.

Nicole: Oh, come on, E.J.

E.J.: Nicole, look at me, please. You're not Sydney’s mother.

Rafe: Are Johnny and Allie finally asleep?

Sami: Yeah, yeah. Took, like, eight stories, but they're out.

Rafe: Well, that's good, actually. Gave me time to work on my surprise.

Sami: Your...

Rafe: Oh, yes.

Sami: What did you do? This is fantastic!

Rafe: Well, I figured if we couldn't have a picnic today, then we might as well have one tonight.

Meredith: [Crying] Emily!

Sami: Hey, I'm really sorry about this afternoon. Um, you know, cutting our picnic short.

Rafe: Hey, whatever. Time got away from us, that's all. But hey...surprise.

Sami: I don't need surprises. I just need you.

Rafe: Well, I'm right here. You got me.

Philip: Hey.

Stephanie: Hi.

Philip: Come in.

Stephanie: Are you okay?

Philip: Not really.

Stephanie: What's wrong?

Philip: I just came from the hospital. Chloe may be dying.

Bo: Anything?

Hope: No. Okay, get back to me.

Bo: Let me try.

Daniel: You.

Bo: Excuse me?

Daniel: I didn't poison Chloe... but I know who did.

Daniel: Kate came to see me.

Daniel: Bo: When?

Daniel: A few days ago. She begged me to stay and do one more show like her life depended on it. Now, I didn't watch her every second she was there...

Hope: think...

Daniel: If the drug that poisoned Chloe was found at my apartment, she planted it. She wanted leukocystine found in my apartment.

Bo: Okay, so she had opportunity.

Hope: Can you think of a motive?

Daniel: Chloe and I hurt her son. We were having an affair while Chloe was engaged. And ever since Kate and I were together... she has had this strange jealous streak. More than strange.

Bo: And you being with Chloe...

Daniel: Didn't just hurt Lucas. We hurt Kate. And she decided to make us pay.

Nicole: Not Sydney’s mother? E.J., how could you say something like that?

E.J.: What I mean is... Sydney’s mother is somebody who is calm and who is rational and who is...confident. You used to be all these things. But now you're just-- you seem to be looking for danger around every single corner.

Nicole: No, I'm not, E.J. It's just that... okay, so maybe I do get a little worried, but--

E.J.: Why do you keep looking at your phone constantly?

Nicole: I'm not!

E.J.: Who are you expecting to call? Is this something to do with Sydney?

Nicole: You're making something out of nothing here, E.J., I'm not--

E.J.: I'm not making something out of nothing. Look, when Sydney’s playing, you're looking around like you're waiting for somebody to come out of the corner and snatch her.

Nicole: I told you. I saw that TV movie and it made me paranoid, okay? But I admitted-- I admitted that I overreacted. I'm sorry.

E.J.: Look, I can tell that you're frightened, and I know that it's about Sydney.

Nicole: Well, look, she's gonna be walking soon. And we'll have other things to worry about with her. There's the stairs and cabinets she can open.

E.J.: Sweetheart, we'll deal with the stairs and the cabinets and all of those things. But we'll deal with it like calm parents. The way you're going about this, it's almost like you seem to be obsessed with it.

Nicole: Nice. Now I'm obsessed.

E.J.: I don't mean it like that-- look, I spoke to my father about this.

Nicole: Your father?

E.J.: And he made things quite clear.

Nicole: What did he say?

E.J.: He says the problem, it's not just to do with Sydney. It's also about Grace.

Sami: I wish we could have picnics like this every day.

Rafe: Me too. It'd be fun. And I'm sorry today didn't work out. But tonight is shaping up just fine, isn't it?

Sami: Very fine.

Rafe: Yeah.

Sami: Well, I'm glad we're doing it here at home. It's better than the spot I picked.

Rafe: Sami... something wrong?

Kate: Daniel told you that I poisoned Chloe?

Bo: We'd like to talk to you.

Kate: [Sighs] I can't believe this.

Daniel: What? You thought no one would suspect you?

Kate: No. I can't believe that you're the man that I cared so much for. I can't believe you are the man that I trusted completely. You saved my life. You saved Philip’s life. I was defending you to anybody who would listen to me. [Sighs] Never mind the motive. Never mind the evidence. I know him. And I know he's a good man. And I know he has a kind heart. And you are blaming me for everything.

Daniel: I didn't do this, Kate. And you are the first person I think of who would delight in hurting Chloe.

Kate: Really?

Daniel: Really.

Kate: Not the man that she wanted out of her life? Not the man that she begged to leave her alone!

Daniel: No, not true.

Kate: You point the finger at me, even though I wouldn't even be here if it wasn't for Chloe-- for her donating her bone marrow. I wouldn't be alive. And even though when I found out about the two of you, I made the decision-- I made the decision because of her sacrifice, and because you saved my life... just to let it pass.

Hope: Really? You just let it go.

Kate: Yes. I let it go. I let it go because I knew the truth would hurt Lucas.

Hope: So you held no grudge against Chloe at all?

Kate: Hope, Chloe vowed to me that she was going to dedicate her life to Lucas and to Allie. And she was doing that. And Daniel promised that he would leave her alone. And I was stupid enough to believe it. I hate that she's in there fighting for her life. Still, I'm thinking about Lucas, and how this is going to affect him. I have to think about that. Do you understand me? There is no way-- no way I wanted to see this happen. .

Stephanie: No way. Daniel would never do something like that. He's a doctor. He's a great doctor.

Philip: Doesn't mean he's a saint.

Stephanie: But to poison Chloe? I mean, why?

Philip: You know, the more I talk about it, think about it, the worse I feel. So I've told you what I know. Let's drop it.

Stephanie: Sorry.

Philip: What are you doing here? Don't answer that. I'm a real son of a bitch tonight. Can I get you a drink or something?

Stephanie: Uh, look, Philip, I came here to make sure you got the right story, in case you haven't already heard. Something about Melanie and me.

Philip: I haven't heard a thing. You sure you want me to?

Stephanie: Yes. Um, Melanie and I got into a heated discussion earlier.

Philip: A fight.

Stephanie: Yeah, I was mad at her for standing up Nathan Horton to go off with you, and I accused her of sleeping with you.

Philip: That didn't happen.

Stephanie: I know that now. I...came here to tell you that I'm sorry, and that I made a huge mistake.

Maggie: Melanie.

Melanie: Maggie, I'm so sorry about Chloe.

Maggie: Honey, I was telling Nathan earlier. When--when you go home, you mustn't eat anything that's in the kitchen. Because that poison is what put Chloe in the coma.

Melanie: Yeah. No, I heard. I won't--I won't eat anything in the kitchen. And--and when I get home, I'll clean it from top to bottom for you.

Maggie: Well, that'd be helpful. Oh--oh, dear, you know, I need to tell Mia. She probably has no idea. Is everything all right with you two?

Melanie: Yeah. Absolutely.

Nathan: Why would there be a problem?

Maggie: Uh-huh. Okay. I have to make the phone call to Mia right away. Excuse me.

[Door shuts]

Kate: Lucas has to call me back. Can you imagine if he finds out about this from someone else?

Hope: Kate, the news is going to be devastating no matter how he hears about it.

Kate: You're right. Finding out that your wife is in a coma, poisoned by the man she was having an affair with--

Daniel: No, no, no. I did not poison her! And we were not having an affair. We were keeping our distance. Which is pure hell for the both of us. But she was faithful, and I respected that! That's one thing I respected!

Bo: Whoa, whoa, let's take it down a notch.

Maggie: We have to be very careful about this. We can't make the mistake that I made when I told Lucas about Daniel and Chloe.

Hope: What? What!

Kate: Maggie...

Hope: When did this happen?

Kate: You told him?

Maggie: Well, Chloe had broken the engagement, and Lucas had started drinking. So I went to the Cheatin' Heart to try to talk some sense into him. It didn't work, of course. So I thought I would try some tough love.

Kate: My God.

Maggie: I know it was a terrible idea, and I'm-- it was a terrible mistake. But then he went to Daniel’s, and he was gonna have it out with him.

Hope: Yeah, but instead there was a gas explosion.

Maggie: Right. And he was so drunk, and he was so traumatized by the explosion that when he came to in the hospital, he didn't remember a thing.

Bo: How do you know that?

Maggie: Because...he didn’t. I mean, well, he did say one time that he was beginning to remember bits and pieces, but he never brought it up again. Oh, excuse me.

Bo: Okay, so Lucas acted like he didn't know. He never said anything. But he's the producer of the show, so he had access to the tainted food.

Kate: Wait a minute.

Hope: And he left town.

Bo: Providing a perfect alibi.

Kate: That's ridiculous! Lucas loves Chloe.

Bo: As does the doc.

Kate: Hope, Lucas is your cousin.

Bo: And he's got a history of taking things into his own hands. Ask E.J. DiMera.

Kate: All right, you are not gonna blame this on Lucas. I know for a fact he didn't do it.

Bo: Meaning you know who did.

Sami: Nothing's wrong.

Rafe: Well, something just got to you.

Sami: I was just thinking about how nice it is that we're here. You know, at home we can pretend like the rest of the world doesn't exist, and that... [Chuckles] nothing from the outside can hurt us. Nothing from the past.

Rafe: And it's gonna stay that way. That's a promise.

Sami: Really? You don't think anything can...

Rafe: Hey, I'm the guy that keeps a promise, remember? Remember?

Nicole: I don't understand, E.J. Sydney and Grace-- what did your father tell you about me?

E.J.: Listen, he-- he just pointed out the logic of it, that's all. I mean, look, these are two girls. They're born on the same day. They're half-sisters. I think it's natural that you would be upset by Grace's death and feel that you wanted to be more protective of Sydney.

Nicole: Right. Good. Good, I'm glad your father helped you understand that. Losing a child is a parent's worst nightmare.

E.J.: It is. But it was-- it was me who lost a child that day, not you. I mourned Grace. I still mourn Grace. But it hasn't affected my behavior the way that it seems to have affected yours.

Nicole: I don't know about that, E.J. You've had some pretty dark days.

E.J.: Sure. I'll admit that. I've had a lot on my plate of late. My brother died. I had that feud with the Kiriakis family, and then... I discovered a daughter and lost her all in the same day. But I am pulling myself back together, and I think that I'm more focused now.

Nicole: On me?

E.J.: Yes, on you. And I can see that my wife is in a lot of pain, and I want to know why.

Philip: You made a mistake about what?

Stephanie: When I gave you your ring back and said all those things. This is really hard for me.

Philip: It's okay. We've got all night.

Stephanie: It's just I feel differently now. I told you that I wanted you out of my life. But the thought of not seeing you again or talking to you or being your friend-- I don't want that.

Philip: I don't want that either.

Stephanie: I mean, I'm always on you about who you are and... angry and... stuffing your feelings. But right now, all I see is a guy who’s...hurting because the first love of his life is in the hospital.

Philip: If you know how bad I feel about Chloe, how bad do you think I feel about losing the woman I proposed to? The woman I thought I was gonna spend the rest of my life with.

Kate: No, I can't tell you who poisoned Chloe. But I can tell you that Lucas didn’t.

Bo: Yeah. Well, we'll want to talk to him when he gets back.

Kate: This is unbelievable. Your prime suspect is standing right over there. The rejected ex-lover with access to any kind of drugs he wants, and you're just ignoring him.

Brady: This is the third time she was sick. Tell me what to do. I mean, what can I do, Maggie?

Maggie: I wish it were that easy, Brady. I mean, God knows I would do anything myself. But it happened in my home. This terrible, unspeakable tragedy. That's where it all started. [Sobs]

Brady: Okay. All right.

[Pager beeping]

Daniel: What's the latest?

Lexie: She's not responding as well as she was earlier.

Kate: Oh, my God, no.

Lexie: It's a long shot, but I think it would be good for a family member to go in and be with her. Talk to her, hold her hand. Any kind of stimulus might help. Would you excuse me? I have an emergency.

Kate: Okay, well, I'm the only family that she has here right now, so--

Daniel: No! No way.

Hope: Daniel--

Daniel: Do not let her go in there. She is the one who did this.

Bo: Sorry, all the evidence points to--

Daniel: I just saved Chloe’s life. I'm the one who administered the drug that counteracted this poison.

Kate: And Lexie said she's getting worse, Daniel.

Daniel: Oh, shut up! Listen to me. Do not let this woman go near Chloe.

Hope: Daniel, we have a guard on the door. He'll keep an eye on things. It'll be okay.

Kate: I don't know why Daniel thinks I'm such a monster.

Bo: Come on, then. Easy. Take a breath.

Melanie: Hi. Hey, I, um... I wanted to apologize for doing my disappearing act when we were supposed to be on our date.

Nathan: Well, I disappeared first, so...

Melanie: Yeah, I know, I just-- I said I'd wait for you, and I didn’t. Then Philip showed up and he was drinking, and I didn't want him to drive, so I took his keys. And then I tried to text you, but I didn't have any bars, and I, um... coming up with a lot of excuses. Can I-- can I just apologize?

Nathan: Apology accepted, even though it's not necessary. So? We gonna reschedule?

Melanie: Are you kidding?

Nathan: No. You think I'm gonna let you get out of buying me dinner?

Melanie: No.

Nathan: So we're on? Second try?

Melanie: Yeah, okay.

Nathan: Good.

Stephanie: Philip, I wish...

Philip: What?

Stephanie: That I could take back some of those things I said. I mean, how can I live in the same town as you and not see you or speak to you or care when you're hurting?

Philip: So that's--that's it? You only care when I'm miserable?

Stephanie: No. I care about you all the time. That's the problem. I'm still in love with you.

Philip: So... what do you want to do about that?

Brady: Hey.

Hope: Hey, Brady.

Brady: I didn't--I didn't hear till, well, a little while ago.

Bo: Yeah. Bad news, huh?

Brady: I just got off the phone with Craig and Nancy, and they're in shock.

Hope: What? Kate didn't notify her parents that she was in the hospital?

Brady: Apparently not, no.

Daniel: Hey, Brady, can I speak with you for a minute, please?

Brady: Yeah, yeah.

Daniel: Great. Great. Hey, listen, man, I am so glad you're here. I need you to go in there and talk to Chloe, okay? She may be able to hear you. Now, you tell her that we're all with her, that we all love her, and that we just want her to wake up. And then you get that bitch Kate away from her.

[Monitor beeping]

Kate: Chloe, sweetheart, you have to fight. You have everything to live for. [Whispering] Actually, that's not true. Not anymore. Nobody gives a damn. Nobody loves you. You have no friends. So do yourself a favor... just let go.

Sami: Wow. This was the best picnic ever. Want a grape?

Rafe: Mm-hmm. Oh, I almost forgot.

Sami: What?

Rafe: There's more. I will be right back.

Sami: Really?

Rafe: Oh, yes. Don't be shocked.

[Phone rings]

Sami: Okay. Oh, I'll get that. Hello?

Roman: Yeah, this is your dad. I thought I would call you with the little information I have so far on Meredith Hudson.

Sami: Wow, that was fast.

Roman: Yeah, well, like I said, it's not much. But I did find out she's staying at the Salem Inn.

Sami: Okay, um, did you get an address for her in Florida?

Roman: I don't have that yet, and I'm not gonna dig any further till you tell me what's going on here. Why are you so worried about this woman?

Sami: I'm not worried. If I were worried I would tell you.

Roman: Sami, there has got to be a good reason for you to ask--

Sami: I'll call you back.

[Phone beeps off]

Rafe: No picnic is complete without some nice, gooey s'mores.

Sami: Oh, my God. Wow.

Rafe: Yeah. Who was that on the phone?

Sami: Just a wrong number.

Rafe: Oh.

Sami: Wow, these look good.

Nicole: You know, sweetheart... when you're constantly told that you're lying or you're covering something up, it-- it gets old. Especially when it's obvious what's really going on here.

E.J.: Excuse me?

Nicole: I think it's called projection, isn't it? When you accuse other people of doing what you're doing.

E.J.: Hmm. What are you talking-- I'm sorry, what are you talking about?

Nicole: Well, you say that I'm obsessed. But I'm not. You are.

E.J.: What am I obsessed about?

Nicole: You really have to ask? Why does everything always come back to Sami? This time it was Sami and Grace. Next time it'll be Sami and something else. When are you finally gonna let go?

Henderson: Ahem!

Philip: Henderson, yes?

Henderson: Excuse me, sir, you wanted to know when your brother might be arriving.

Philip: Right. Any luck with that?

Henderson: His plane touches down in about two hours, sir.

Philip: Great. Thank you. Wow, Henderson has some good timing, huh? But you should probably thank him because he saved you from doing something you'd regret.

Bo: Brady, you knew that the doc and Chloe were involved?

Brady: Yeah. Yeah, I found out recently. But I mean, it's none of my business, so I stayed out.

Daniel: Look, could you just go in there, please, and talk to Chloe? They're not gonna let me near her. Tell her that I love her. And tell her that there are all kinds of people out here who want her to just wake up. All right, she needs you. Please.

Brady: I'll do what I can.

Kate: We all love you, sweetie. And Lucas is going to be here soon. So hang in there.

[Whispering] Or not. Because no one cares.

Brady: [Sighs] Hey, beautiful. We need you to be strong. Okay? You need to come out of this. Please, Chloe.

E.J.: Okay, very clever. I'm not stupid. You don't want to answer my question, so the first thing you do is you seduce me, and the next thing you do is you bring up Samantha.

Nicole: No, I'm not just bringing up Saman-- E.J., look, I didn't bring this up earlier because I wanted you to have a chance to mourn Grace. And even though you-- you never got to know her... losing a child is--

E.J.: Okay, but you let me do that. All right? Would you just please answer my question? Stop avoiding it.

Nicole: I'm not avoiding anything. This is really difficult to talk about.

E.J.: Okay. Sorry.

Nicole: When you proposed, I had no illusions. It was because I was pregnant.

E.J.: I was in love with you. You know that.

Nicole: And then... you found out about Grace. Then it hit me. I mean, you slept with Sami, what, the same day? The day after, the day before? And if you had found out that Sami was pregnant earlier, what would have happened?

E.J.: Nothing different would have happened. I would still have been in love with you. I would still have wanted to marry you.

Nicole: You wouldn't want to marry me.

E.J.: Is that what this whole thing is about? Samantha has Grace. I'm obviously devastated when I find out that I've lost a daughter. So you think that I still have feelings for Samantha.

Nicole: I just think you-- you would have wished you had married her. But--

E.J.: No. I love my wife very, very much. I wouldn't trade you for anyone else. Don't forget that.

Sami: [Giggling] Mmm.

Rafe: Wow. Yeah, I know, they're not as good as the real thing.

Sami: It's okay with me. Gooey is gooey.

Rafe: And sticky is sticky. How'd you keep your hands clean? What?

Sami: I'm a lady. What are you talking about?

Rafe: Yeah, right. Guess I learn something new about you every day.

Sami: I'm just filled with surprises.

Rafe: Mm-hmm.

Sami: Hey, Rafe.

Rafe: Hmm?

Sami: I am-- I have to go to the pub. I, uh-- I left Allie's painting smock there.

Rafe: The what?

Sami: Yeah. Well, you know, she needs it for preschool. And grandma has it, and I have to catch her before she goes to sleep. So I have to go get it. Thank you so much for the picnic, though, okay?

Rafe: Yeah, no problem. I-- hurry back.

Sami: Yeah. Yeah, I will.

Stephanie: I wouldn't have regretted kissing you, Philip. You know exactly how I feel.

Philip: And you know how I feel. But here's a little piece of truth for you. Something we both need to face. I didn't sleep with Melanie. And I don't love her.

Stephanie: I know you don’t.

Stephanie: I know. But I could have slept with her. And there's nothing you could have said about it. I wouldn't have had to apologize about anything. Because you said you didn't want to be with me. You said you didn't want to be with a guy who couldn't change. Well, I'm still that same guy. I'm not gonna change. And if you can't deal with that, then there's nowhere we can go. Is there?

Brady: You've always needed someone to lean on. I was actually hoping Lucas would finally be the guy. I know that I wasn’t. But this whole business with Daniel, Chloe, my God... I would have helped if I could have. I still love you. There are a lot of people out there that do. So you-- you need to fight. I know you can, so you fight, please.

[Monitor beeping]

Daniel: So what happens now?

Hope: Look, Chloe’s the only one who can corroborate your side of the story. Everything else is circumstantial.

Bo: There won't be an arrest yet, so don't leave.

Daniel: No problem. I'm staying right here.

Where's Lexie? She squeezed my hand. Chloe squeezed my hand! She's waking up.

Stephanie: So this is all we, um...

Philip: Yeah. Gotta--

Stephanie: Okay, well, I don't want this to be good-bye...all right? I still want to be able to talk to you and be able to look each other in the eyes without getting upset and, you know...

Philip: So...we're friends?

Stephanie: Friends.

Philip: No matter how we feel.

Stephanie: I should go.

Philip: Good night.

[Knock on door]

Rafe: Hey, Commander. How you doing?

Roman: Good. You?

Rafe: Good. Come on in.

Roman: Okay. Thanks. Is Sami around?

Rafe: Actually, she just went to run an errand. Anything I can do for you?

Roman: Well, not really. I need Sami. I got some questions that need some answers.

Sami: Meredith.

Meredith: Oh. You scared me.

Sami: Sorry. I'm glad I ran into you.

Nicole: Oh, there. Oh, hey, sugar pop. Huh? You are the sweetest thing in the whole wide world. Yes, you are. Yes, you are. Mwah. Yeah.

Sami: She's the sweetest baby in the whole wide world, isn't she?

Nicole: Honey? Something wrong?

E.J.: No. No, everything's okay.

Nicole: Good. I love you.

E.J.: I love you.

Lexie: I wish I could say there's improvement, but there isn’t. Sometimes patients in a coma have involuntary movements that are misinterpreted.

Brady: So squeezing my hand, it meant nothing?

[Pager beeping]

Lexie: It's good that she had clear movement. Look, all I can say is keep trying to reach her. Okay? Excuse me. Excuse me.

Daniel: No, no, I can do that. I can reach her. Okay, I love Chloe. Chloe loves me. Just let me sit with her. Let me talk with her, please. Come on, guys, just let me see her.

Officer: Commissioner...

Daniel: Please!

Officer: Forensic sent over the report.

Bo: Thanks, man.

Hope: What's the word?

Bo: The drug vial found in your apartment had your fingerprints on it.

Daniel: No, it didn’t. No, no, that is not true. That's not true at all. That's not even possible. I did not know it was there. It's impossible.

Bo: Listen to me, doc. Do me a favor and call a lawyer. Have them meet us at the station.

Daniel: What? Am I under arrest?

Bo: I need to take you to the station and ask you some questions on the record.

Daniel: No. No, you don’t. Because I am not leaving Chloe here unprotected.

Hope: Daniel, we have a guard on her door.

Daniel: No, no, she will go back in there, and she will hurt her again. Not gonna happen.

Bo: Come on, man.

Daniel: No, no.

Officer: You have to come with me, sir.

Daniel: No, I don’t. I am not leaving. Don't touch me. All right? Listen, I love her. Why would I hurt her? Think about that. Why would I hurt her?

Hope: Daniel, don't make this any more difficult than it already is.

Daniel: I'm not trying, but can you hear me? Are you listening? Chloe needs help, all right. And I am not leaving here until I help her. I'm-- Bo, Bo, no, listen to me!

Bo: Come on, let's go.

Daniel: She loves me, I love her.

Bo: I understand.

Daniel: We love each other! Would you please-- I promised her I would be here! Come on, we love each other! I will be here when she wakes up.

Rafe: Damn it, Sami, you said you were gonna drop it about Emily.

Meredith: Everything changed because of him.

Sami: Him?

Meredith: Rafe Hernandez.

Daniel: Okay, okay, I'll tell you whatever you want to know.

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