Days Transcript Tuesday 7/21/09

Days of Our Lives Transcript Tuesday 7/21/09 - Canada; Wednesday 7/22/09 - U.S.A.


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Philip: Come on. Just got a new car, top's down, read to roll. Let's go for a spin.

Melanie: [Giggles]

[Cell phone rings]

Philip: Why are you reading when you could be riding? Come on. You know you want to.

Melanie: Yeah, I do.

Nicole: I wonder if there's a world record of how many shoes were bought in one day. Oh! Uh... Will. My goodness. Hi. Uh... Johnnyís not here.

Will: Um, I actually, uh, didn't come to see Johnny. I came to see you.

Chad: Can't believe Evan let you come back to work after you cut your hand.

Mia: Band-Aid. What?

Chad: Just trying to figure something out.

Mia: Like what?

Chad: Like when and how did you become such a liar.

Daniel: What are you saying?

Chloe: What I'm saying is that I'm leaving him, okay? I love you, Daniel, and I want to be with you forever.

Daniel: Forever? Come here.

Chris: Hello! Hi, we gotta get started, people.


Daniel: Fine, all right. Just give me a minute. Give me a minute. You better mean every word you said, that you love me, that you want to be with me now and forever. Because I will never, never let anything come between us again. You hear me? Never.

Chloe: Wait, Daniel, I can't talk to you. I can't do this anymore.

Daniel: If I can't have you, no one will.

Maggie: Chloe! Chloe. Are you there?


Kate: [Laughs smugly] All righty.

Maggie: Chloe. Chloe, talk to me. Hello? Hello?

Hope: Maggie, what is it? What's wrong?

Maggie: Oh, I-I don't know. Um, I was, uh--I got a call from Chloe and she-- Hope...

Hope: It's okay.

Maggie: I really think that something terrible has happened.

Hope: I don't understand.

Maggie: It sounded awful, and now I can't reach her.

Hope: Whoa, whoa, whoa, slow down. One step at a time. What do you think happened to Chloe?

Maggie: [Crying] I don't know. But when she called me, it was-- it was what she said, that she sounded afraid. And I don't understand it. I've never heard him talk like that before.

Bo: Who? Talk like what?

Maggie: Daniel.

Chloe: I meant every word, okay? I want you. I want to be with you. And I've tried to stay away this whole time and give you up, but I just canít.

Daniel: I can't either. So we're actually--I mean, we're actually gonna be together. I mean, there's nothing in our way anymore. So let's go. Let's get out of here. We'll leave right now.

Chloe: No, no, we can't do that now, okay, we can't tell anyone until Lucas knows.

Daniel: You mean you want to just--

Chloe: Just please until Lucas gets back. I just--I owe him that much. I have to tell him.

Daniel: Anything. Anything you want.

Chris: Okay, hello! Your minute us up, all right? We got a show to do. Can I at least come in?

Daniel: Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah. [Exhales]

Chris: Well, my goodness. Whatever we were talking about must have been Łber-important.

Daniel: Yeah, sorry about the--you know, any time you want to shoot, you just, uh, you call it and we're here.

Chris: All right, okay. All right, people, listen up! Come on, cameras in place. We're gonna be rolling in five minutes. Listen up, people, listen up! Camera right here... lights. There will be lights, people.

Daniel: Hey, you okay? Chloe? My God, you're on fire. Your temperature is up again.

Philip: What's the matter, are you afraid of having a little fun with me?

Melanie: Ha! No, I would love to... uh, ride in your car. I have a thing.

Philip: Cancel it.

Melanie: It's, um, it's a date, kind of...

Philip: Break it.

Melanie: I--no, I don't think so. You can go.

Philip: All right. Driving solo, no problemo.

Melanie: Okay. All...right.

Hope: Hey, whatever it is, we're gonna get to the bottom of it, okay? Don't worry.

Maggie: I'm probably upset over nothing. But honestly, Hope, you should have heard the tone in Danielís voice.

Nathan: Something wrong?

Hope: Hey, Nathan, it's okay. Maggie just got a strange phone call, but we're checking it out.

Maggie: Yeah, y-you just go home, honey. You've been here all day.

Nathan: [Sighs] Actually, I left once and they called me back.

[Pager chirping]

Nathan: What? Again.

Hope: Welcome to the life of an intern.

Nathan: Mm. Lucky me.

Hope: Don't worry, it's gonna be okay.

Bo: Hey.

Hope: Hey. Any luck?

Bo: No. Chloe's cell keeps going to voice mail. But if she's over at your place, I should be able to reach her there, right?

Maggie: Yeah.


Chris: Hello, Hortons'. Make it fast.

Bo: Hey, I'd like to speak to Chloe Horton.

Chris: Yeah, you and half the world, buddy. I'm sorry. Miss Horton can't be disturbed.

Bo: Hello?

Chris: I need it to be quiet in here!

Bo: Excuse me--

Chris: Yeah, I'm sorry, I gave you your answer. We have to tape.

Bo: This is the Salem police department. I need to speak--

Chris: Oh, my God, you are one sicko fan, aren't you? Listen, buddy, that is a tired, useless line to use on a professional like me. All right? Bye.

Bo: Uh... [Chuckles]

Hope: What?

Bo: Some crazy woman answered the phone and hung up on me. Said they're about ready to start taping.

Maggie: Oh, um, that's--that's Kateís assistant, Chris. He can be a little difficult. But if they're taping--

Hope: Then Chloe must be all right.

Maggie: Oh! Then I misunderstood. Oh, my gosh, this is good news.

Bo: Yeah.

Maggie: But Daniel. He sounded so angry.

Hope: Hey, why don't we check out this Chloe thing? Make sure there's nothing wrong.

Bo: Right.

Chloe: Daniel, I'm fine, really. And you know what? I've figured out why I've gotten sick these past two times, you know, with the fever and--

Daniel: I know, I know, I just wish someone would have clued me in the second time that it happened.

Chloe: That was my fault. But anyway, it doesn't matter, okay? Because I know that it was just stress.

Daniel: Oh, do you? What, are you a doctor now?

Chloe: Oh, but seriously, just the last few days have been so draining, and having to hide my feelings and lie to everybody--

Daniel: Okay, wait a second, wait a second--an elevated temperature could be caused by an infection. This could be serious, all right?

Chloe: No, I'm fine, okay? And now that I know that we're gonna go off together...

Kate: Chloe, Daniel? Why aren't you doing the medical segment? We have a whole show to do before we break.

Chris: Miss Roberts, I am so glad you're back. These people, they're like herding cats. All right, places. It's showtime. Jed, could you just even pretend to do your job for me? Thank you!

Jed: Chloe, if you'll take your mark. Daniel, right here.

Daniel: All right.

Jed: Okay, we're rolling. 5, 4, 3...

Chloe: Uh, hi, welcome back. So one of the... the good parts about doing my job is is being able to talk to my good friend, Dr...

Daniel: Chloe? Chloe! Hey! Chloe! Chloe. Hey, hey, hey, Chloe. Chloe. All right, call 911. We need an ambulance. Chloe. Now! Chloe, hey...Chloe.

Will: And so I talked to my mom, and then I ran into EJ. And I think I get it now. You made it so my mom could be with Johnny again.

Nicole: No. Actually, that was EJ's decision.

Will: But you helped, right?

Nicole: Well, I-I did what I could.

Will: That's the thing. I mean, you never did stuff like that before.

Nicole: When I was with Lucas. Right. I, uh... I wasn't the person I should have been when your father and I were together.

Will: Right. Well, I mean, I just--I thought what you did was... it was great.

Nicole: You're welcome. I know Johnny means a lot to you.

Will: My mom too.

Nicole: Of course. So, uh, are you and Sami okay now?

Will: Yeah, I mean, pretty much. I mean, I know it's been hard on her...because of Grace. Sometimes I hear her crying when she thinks no one's around.

Nicole: [Whispers] Yeah. That pain's gonna be there for a long time. A mother can't forget that kind of memory. Not when she... carries a child and... she dreams about what that child will become when she's born... and then to have her taken away... it--it... it can make a mother do strange things.

Will: Like lie?

Nicole: Anything.

Will: Right, well, I-I just wanted to say...thanks.

Nicole: I appreciate the gesture.

Will: You know, you did a really great thing. I mean, you didn't have to, but... you did.

Nicole: [Sobs]

Chad: How 'bout you tell me the name of the rehab center you went to.

Mia: Chad...

Chad: Then maybe you could give me the number of your best buddy. A working number, I mean.

Mia: I'm busy. Move.

Chad: Or you can maybe give me the name of the kid at school who got you started. Or your dealer, maybe. That'd be cool.

Mia: Leave me alone.

Chad: See, what I'm looking for is something real, you know. Specific.

Mia: All right, how 'bout this? The best part of rehab was that you weren't there.

Chad: Talk to me, babe. You've never touched drugs. I know, 'cause I tried to get you going, like, a thousand times. So what's with this lame story about you starting to use after I left town? I'm never gonna buy it.

Mia: That's your problem, not mine.

Chad: Okay, babe. You don't want to tell me... I'll have to find out on my own.

Arianna: Uh, these aren't free, you know.

Philip: Well, I'm guessing that means two is twice as much. What, not cool, taking drinks off a tray?

Melanie: Put that back.

Philip: Hang on a sec. [Clears throat] One for the road.

Melanie: Hold on there, big guy. How many drinks have you had?

Philip: I don't know. There was, uh, Chez Rouge, there was a board meeting, there was here...makes it easier for all that ego pumping, you know?

Melanie: You're just gonna hop in your little car and drive off?

Philip: Yeah. I'm just gonna take a little spin out by the lake. Unfortunately, by myself.

Melanie: No, you're not going anywhere.

Philip: You're coming with me?

Melanie: How could you be this irresponsible, drinking and driving?

Philip: What? When did you become the voice of moral responsibility?

Melanie: Okay, Philip, this is about Stephanie. You and I both know that--

Philip: Ah!

Melanie: Or I could call the cops if you get in that car alone.

Philip: You wouldn't do that.

Melanie: I could make it personal. I could call Bo, tell him his little brother's out drinking and driving.

Philip: You definitely wouldn't do that.

Melanie: Try me.

Philip: Okay. I will.

Melanie: Yeah?

Philip: Yeah.

Melanie: Uh-huh.

Philip: What--hey, hey, what are you doing?

Melanie: Arianna, uh... okay, let's go, Philip. Philip, come on.

Philip: I'm comin', I'm comin'.

Daniel: Hey, Chloe, Chloe, help is on the way. Can you hear me? Hey, hey, hey.

Chris: I called an ambulance. They'll be here in ten minutes.

Daniel: Ten minutes?

Kate: Daniel, why--what happened?

Daniel: She collapsed. Same thing as before--high temperature and just loss of consciousness. Chloe!

Kate: Oh, my God. Why does this keep happening?

Daniel: Did you know about the second episode like this?

Kate: Well, yes, but the doctor--

Daniel: Well, why didn't you tell me?

Kate: Because it happened at your hospital. I assumed you knew.

Daniel: Don't assume from now on. Come on, open the door.

Chris: No, you have to wait. I called the ambulance!

Daniel: Open it!

Chris: Okay!

Daniel: Let's go, come on. I got you, Chloe, come on.

Nicole: Hey, kiddo. You still workin'?

Mia: Just finished my shift.

Nicole: Uh, something wrong? Come on, what is it?

Mia: [Exhales] Can I ask you a question?

Nicole: Yeah, of course.

Mia: If your husband found out the truth--you know, he's loved Sydney for so long now-- and he'd be mad, I know, but... he'd be okay with it, right?

Nicole: Mia, what--what have you done? Have you told will?

Mia: No. It's not will.

Nicole: Then what are you talking about?

Mia: The father of my-- of Sydney.

Daniel: All right, which room's set up?

Maxine: 402. Dr. Carver's on her way down.

Daniel: You're gonna be all right, Chloe. Everything's gonna be just fine. Right this way. Okay, here we go. I want it on three. Ready? One, two, three. Okay, I need blood for an A.M.S. Workup.

Maxine: I'm on it, Doctor.

Daniel: Tell x-ray I want them up here for an abdominal ultrasound, stat.

Jennifer: I'll call right away.

Daniel: All right, thank you. All right, come on, Chloe. It's all right. This makes no sense. No sense at all.

[Chloe groans]

Maxine: Her chart says she was here two times before for the same condition.

Daniel: Yeah, so I've heard. All right, bolus her with a liter of saline and then hook up the monitors--now.

Maxine: Done.

Daniel: Pulse is irregular. Chloe...Chloe, can you hear me? Can you open your eyes? There you go. Hey. It's all right. You're in the hospital... and I'm gonna fix this, I promise you. Just hang on.

Chloe: Please don't leave me.

Daniel: Never. Never. I am right here. I will never leave you. Never. Chloe? Chloe?

Kate: I don't understand it. I mean, I don't understand it, but Chloe has gotten sick like this before.

Maggie: Yeah, well, she's been taken to the hospital twice that I know of, and it was extremely serious.

Kate: Yeah, but Daniel told me privately that it wasn't anything to worry about.

Bo: Then why didn't he wait for the ambulance?

Kate: [Exhales] I don't know. I don't know, I mean, he always has been a little strange when it came to Chloe, you know. But, I mean, he's such a great doctor.

Hope: Any reason Daniel would be angry at Chloe?

Kate: Yeah, I can't think of anything. [Stammering] I mean--well, the two of them are very high-strung, you know, and there's that kind of chemistry between them, but... ch-- don't say anything, Maggie.

Bo: About what?

Hope: Maggie?

Bo: You do realize this is turning into a police investigation.

Maggie: Kate, we have to.

Hope: Have to what?

Maggie: You should know... that Daniel and Chloe had an affair.

Philip: All right, it's gotta be here somewhere.

Melanie: Yeah, right.

Philip: What? It's a $4,000 watch. Am I not supposed to care?

Melanie: I think you just tried to drag me up here to the cabin.

Philip: Well, yeah, to help me find my watch. But since we're here and alone...

Melanie: Of course. There are no bars here.

Philip: Why do you care?

Melanie: My date might be trying to call.

Philip: Oh, he'll keep trying. Look, we're here, where it's a beautiful day. Come on.

Melanie: You're drunk. Come on, let me take you home.

Philip: I don't wanna go home. I wanna stay here with you.

Melanie: Philip, this is about Stephanie, and you know that.

Philip: Well... maybe it is.

Melanie: There's no maybe about it, Philip.

Philip: Look, there's something you need to know... about me, about Stephanie... and you. Especially you.

Mia: His name's Chad.

Nicole: Mm-hmm. I remember his picture. You said he was gone.

Mia: He's just back for the summer.

Nicole: You didn't tell him the truth, right?

Mia: No. But...that won't matter.

Nicole: Of course it will matter!

Mia: You don't understand. He's not like Will. He's not just gonna back off because I want him to. He gets what he wants. Doesn't stop till he does. And nothing...will keep him quiet. Oh, God, something is always going wrong.

Nicole: Just stop that, all right? Listen to me. I want to know everything about this boy... his full name, his parents' name, his address... the drugs he used-- everything.

Mia: Well, I can tell you all of that but, Nicole, what's the point? What can you do?

Nicole: I can fix this.

Kate: I really wish you hadn't said anything.

Hope: Then it's true.

Kate: [Sighs] Yes. It's true. It's true, but Chloe insisted that she ended it before she married Lucas. And she also said that she was gonna stop it--it didn't matter how Daniel felt. Why did you feel like you had to say something?

Maggie: Because I got a phone call from Chloe, and she sounded scared. And I heard Daniel threatening her.

Kate: What?

Maggie: Yes!

Kate: I mean, I know that he has a temper, but there is no way that he would do something like this. He wouldn't hurt her.

Chris: 'Scuse me. Commissioner? Um...Dr. Daniel, uh, made everybody wait today while he supposedly talked to Chloe.

Bo: About what?

Chris: Oh, I don't know. But when I got back in there, she looked awful.

Hope: Awful? How?

Chris: Like her clothes were all messed up and her hair was all crazy.

Bo: And a few minutes after that, she collapsed.

Chris: Yeah.

Kate: Oh! Come on. We're not gonna blame Chloeís illness on Daniel. I mean, that's ridiculous! He's a doctor. I mean, my God, he wouldn't even have the time to hurt her. It would--

Bo: Sure about that?

Daniel: Hey. Hey, how you feeling?

Chloe: Hey, um... better. But everything's blurry like... my head is spinning.

Daniel: Well, that still might be from the fever. But we are gonna keep a close eye on you. Okay? I'm right here. Okay, now listen. Hey, hey, listen, do you remember eating anything before this happened, drinking anything?

Chloe: Um... no, I don't eat or drink before we tape, but... um...oh, yeah. I ate some of those brownies on set, the ones we were gonna talk about on the show.

Kate: Frankly, I'm... not sure about anything anymore.

Bo: Well, take it easy. Let's--let's back up. We need to know everything that Chloe did today.

Kate: Well, um, she was hosting the show. That was pretty much her focus during the day.

Hope: What did that entail?

Chris: She was shooting the food segment.

Kate: Daniel would be talking about how to make snacks healthy. We had some brownies. She was gonna sample them and then tell everyone how delicious they were.

Bo: Okay, well, we'll bag the brownies, get 'em down to the lab.

Hope: What else did Chloe do today?

Kate: Well, I mean, that was pretty much it. Nothing really out of the ordinary. Um, except for the last part.

Bo: The last part?

Kate: Daniel quit the show. He's going to be leaving town.

Daniel: Jennifer, call Commissioner Brady. Tell him we're considering the possibility of a ingested substance. Have him go to the set, pick up all the food for testing ASAP.

Jennifer: Right away.

Daniel: Right. Thank you.

Maxine: Dr. Jonas! She's seizing.

Daniel: Hey, hey, it's okay! It's okay! Hey, hey, you're all right. Chloe, I'm right here. Hey, hey, you're all right. Hang on. Just hang on...hang on.

Philip: Stephanie and I... look, this is a woman I thought I'd spend the rest of my life with, a woman who... I thought would love me forever.

Melanie: Philip...

Philip: No, but she canít. She can't deal with who I am. She never will be able to. You wanna know who told me that first?

Melanie: Me.

Philip: Damn right. 'Cause you know her. And God knows you know me.

Melanie: But you still love her, Philip.

Philip: A part of me always will. But it's just not gonna work, not with Stephanie. So I'm alone.

Melanie: Are you?

Philip: You tell me.

Daniel: Here you go. There it goes. There you go. That's it. Thank you. All right. How are you feeling there, huh?

Chloe: Uh... oh, not so cold anymore.

Daniel: That's good. That's good.

Chloe: I must have fallen asleep.

Daniel: You had a seizure, but you're okay now. You're okay. You're gonna get some sleep, all right? Go to sleep.

Chloe: I'm tired.

Daniel: I know you are. And I will be right here...

[Monitor beeping]

Maxine: Doctor, her blood pressure's dropping.

Daniel: Damn it.

Maxine: 96...over 58.

Daniel: Jennifer, I need a dopamine drip.

Maxine: 88 over 50 and falling.

Daniel: All right. Give her a bolus. Hey, Chloe, Chloe.

Maxine: 82 over 48.

Daniel: Come on, fight.

Maxine: Tachycardic, 140.

Daniel: It's okay. Chloe. Chloe, I'm right here.

Maxine: 78 over 46. She's gonna code!

Daniel: No, she's not. She will not code. I will not lose her. I will not. Chloe.

Bo: When did Daniel say he was leaving town?

Kate: Um, I think that he announced it yesterday.

Hope: What else did Chloe do today? Do either of you know?

Kate: Well, I don't know about today, but I know that yesterday, uh, Lucas and Chloe went over to Danielís apartment to pick up some wardrobe for him to wear on the show, and that was right before Lucas left for Hong Kong.

Bo: Do you think something could have happened to Chloe while she was at the apartment?

Kate: I don't know. I mean, she didn't say anything. But she--she was acting a little strangely afterwards.

Bo: Okay. I'm gonna need to talk to all of you later. Come here, please. I'm gonna go over to the apartment, get CSI there. Uh, can you handle things here?

Hope: Sure.

Bo: All right. Later.

Hope: See you later. Okay, if you don't mind, I'd like to go over everything again, make sure I didn't miss anything, okay?

Kate: Sure.

Hope: As Bo was saying, so far there's nothing that indicates there's even been a crime. Excuse me. Yeah, what's up? What? Okay. Thanks. We need to get to the hospital.

Maggie: Is it Chloe?

Hope: Yeah. Uh, she's in trouble and it doesn't look good. I'm gonna meet you there, okay?

Kate: Oh, my God.

Maggie: No...

Daniel: And if the dopamine doesn't do it, norepinephrine ready?

Jennifer: It's ready if we need it.

Daniel: This is our last resort. Don't you dare leave me.

Maxine: 78 over 44, still dropping.

Daniel: She's hardly got a pulse.

[Monitor beeping]

Daniel: Come on, Chloe. Come on, Chloe.

Maxine: 76 over 42, dropping.

Daniel: Chloe. Let's start the norepinephrine. Chloe. Chloe, you stay with me. Come on, you come back to me. Chloe.

Maxine: 68 over 40, still dropping.

Daniel: Chloe.

Mia: "This day has been the worst. Chad knows I'm lying. He's gonna keep digging till he finds out about my baby. Our baby. Chad's so mean, he'll tell everyone, including Will. And then he'll hate me."

Will: So intense, wow. What's going on?

Nicole: Chad Peterson.

Chad: Hey. What's up? I'm sorry, who are you?

Nicole: Well, just think of me as your worst nightmare come to life.

Nathan: Hey.

Arianna: Hey, Nathan, I, uh--

Nathan: Where's Mel?

Arianna: I was in the back. Um, but I think she maybe left with--

Nathan: With? Who?

Arianna: There was this guy, Philip. Think she maybe left with him.

Nathan: Okay.

Melanie: I'm gonna take you home.

Philip: What are you talking about? It's a beautiful day, we're at the lake.

Melanie: Or I can leave you here. Alone. What'll it be?

Philip: What are you being like this for?

Melanie: Why are you being a jerk, Philip? You love Stephanie, and I'm sure as hell not gonna sit around here and be your rebound.

Philip: Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey. Ever since we met, there's been this connection, okay? Don't deny that there's not a thing between us.

Melanie: Wrong, you're wrong.

Philip: And as much as I hated you or as much as you hated me, there's always been a connection.

Melanie: Not anymore.

Philip: Oh, yeah? Come here. Prove it.

Maxine: 78 over 46 and rising.

Daniel: Yes.

Maxine: 84 over 48 and rising.

Daniel: That's it.

Maxine: 84 over 50. Tachycardia diminishing.

Daniel: There you go, there you go.

Lexie: Jennifer, there's a call for you. How's she doing?

Daniel: Well, she's not out of the woods yet. But I think she's gonna make it.

Lexie: Oh, get ready. I've got news that changes everything.

[Monitor beeping]

Bo: I want that warrant in my hand. Yeah, I don't want this coming back and biting me. Okay. What do you got?

Officer: The only thing weird we could find was this and, uh, it's like--he's a doctor, right?

Bo: Yeah. Leukocystine.

Nicole: [Clears throat] Now it's my job to make sure that Mia McCormick continues to overcome her addiction.

Chad: Oh, yeah? Well, I've been--

Nicole: Shut up and listen. I'm only gonna say this once. Now you, Chad, you are the reason Mia started doing drugs and has since had to fight her way through recovery.

Chad: Yeah, well, that may be--

Nicole: I said, shut up. Didn't I? Now Mia's a very private person, and I think you know that. But you just had to come back to town and start digging in her life again, didn't you? She could easily lose her sobriety and start spiraling down if that happens. Do you think your parents would want to hear that? You think your mom would get that appointment to the federal bench if it came out what you did?

Chad: How do you--how do you know about that?

Nicole: Now, Chad, I really think you want to do the right thing.

Chad: I do.

Nicole: Great. Now this is what's gonna happen. You're gonna stop bothering Mia. You're gonna shut up about her and about her life. Because if you don't, Bill and Marsha, well, they won't be sending you to St. Benedict's this time. They'll be sending you to that so-called military academy at the bottom of Alabama. We clear?

Chad: Yeah.

Nicole: Good. Because the last thing Mia needs right now is to relive her past.

Will: So what were you writing about?

Mia: Nothing.

Will: No, wait. Come on, Mia. You look upset. Mia.

Mia: I am upset.

Will: About?

Mia: Will, you've been so good to me, always. You deserve to know everything.

Melanie: Okay, um, look, you--you being drunk doesn't give you the right to be rude, so I should just leave you here alone right now.

Philip: I'm sorry.

Melanie: You're sorry?

Philip: I am.

Melanie: Really?

Philip: You know I'm not.

Bo: Yeah, yeah, I got the warrant. How's Chloe doing?

Hope: I just got here. I'll let you know as soon as I hear. Did you find anything?

Bo: Well, we, uh, found this near-empty bottle of something. It's called leukocystine. Could you do me a favor and see if you can find out what it is?

Hope: You got it. Maggie?

Maggie: Yeah.

Hope: Ever hear of a drug called leukocystine?

Maggie: Uh, no. But, uh, maybe you could ask Jennifer over there.

Hope: All right, thanks.

Maggie: Okay.

Kate: Well, apparently Chloe has come through whatever the crisis was.

Maggie: Well. Well, thank God.

Kate: I know, I know. I feel exactly the same way. I just am so baffled by this.

Maggie: I know. Especially why Daniel would-- I mean, why would he hurt Chloe? I mean, that's just not like him.

Kate: No, I agree. I do. But when a person gets really angry, you never know what they'll do.

Lexie: I had the lab run more tests on Chloeís blood. They found elevated levels of the drug leukocystine.

Daniel: Leuko? Are you sure?

Lexie: Positive.

Daniel: You're-- how the hell does l-- I mean, she could develop multiple system--organ failure.

Lexie: Yeah, we need to counteract it fast. Steroids?

Daniel: No. No, Maxine, I need cortifandialytrate-- 50 milligrams, stat.

Maxine: Right away, doctor.

Lexie: Daniel, you should know, uh, there's a rumor that police are involved in this.

Daniel: Police? Well, they damn well should be. 'Cause I don't know how in the hell leukocystine got in her system. It sure as hell didn't just drop out of the sky. All right, just hang on. That's it, I can't--I'm not gonna wait. I can't wait anymore.

Lexie: But--

Daniel: Here, I'll handle it.

Hope: The police may have found some very damning evidence in Danielís apartment.

Kate: What?

Maggie: What kind of evidence?

Hope: Well, yeah, I can't discuss it.

Maggie: Oh.

Hope: But as of now, he's going to have to be treated as a suspect.

[Monitor beeping]

Daniel: Come on. Come on. Come on.

[Beeping continues]

Stephanie: So you're saying Melanie stood you up for Philip.

Mia: There's something else about me.

Daniel: What the hell is going on here?

Bo: Why don't you tell me?

Kate: This is completely my fault. I'm responsible.

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