Days Transcript Wednesday 7/15/09

Days of Our Lives Transcript Wednesday 7/15/09 - Canada; Thursday 7/16/09 - U.S.A.


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Bo: Go, go.

Hope: What'd you get there? [Gasps] Oh, my goodness. Look at how beautiful, honey!

Caroline: You are going to be the best, prettiest princess in this whole town.

Bo: You sure are.

Nathan: Is this where the big birthday bash is?

Hope: I'm glad you could make it.

Nathan: Of course. Are you kidding me? Sorry I'm late.

Hope: Oh, it's okay.

Bo: Don't worry about it. Look who came to your party.

Nathan: Hey, beautiful girl, happy birthday. How are you? Hey, is that big bouncy house over there yours? That is so cool. You want to show me how high you can jump? Yeah? All right, come on. I'll race you.

Hope: Hey, be careful. Careful, don't jump too high.

Caroline: Wait for me. [Laughing]

Hope: You know, mom was right. This really was a great idea.

Bo: Yeah. Maybe you and I can head on over there later and see if we can have some action in the bouncy house.

Hope: Hmm, if you're lucky.

Bo: Oh, whoa, whoa, yeah. Oh, what is this?

Hope: Look at the little crown.

Philip: Look, I realize I never got a chance to say a proper good-bye, but... [Sighs] I just want you to know I'm really sorry. I just wanted to make you as happy as you make me, you know?

Stephanie: You did.

Philip: I'll always love you.

Stephanie: Me too. you too.

Melanie: [Chuckles] Damn, I'm good. Okay, go on, Philip. Kiss her. Kiss her, kiss her, kiss her, kiss her.

Brady: What are you up to now?

Melanie: Ooh. [Exhales deeply]

Philip: If you love me, how can you say it's over? You can't, can you?

Chris: Kate, Kate, I'm so sorry I'm late. There was an accident on University. By the time I got around, it was, like--

Kate: Chris, sit.

Chris: Yes.

Kate: Look.

Chris: What?

Kate: Look. This is a disaster.

Chris: Oh, Chloe's dress. Yeah, I told you we should've put her in the black number.

Kate: No, no, no, no, no, no, not the dress. It's the talent. My God, it's just--it's-- it's making me cringe. No wonder Daniel wants to quit.

Chris: I don't really see it. I'm s--

Kate: Chris, look at them. They're--they're tense. They're forced. Chloe--I mean, she's--she's obviously acting, and Daniel looks as stiff as a board.

Chris: Oh, okay. All right, I-I see it, sort of.

Kate: You know, I-I just can't believe it. I mean, I cannot believe that I thought these two would light up the screen. Can't believe it.

Chris: [Gasps] You don't think Chloe's the reason Daniel's leaving the show.

Kate: Well, actually, sadly to say, I do think that Daniel has a thing for her.

Chris: A thing? [Stammers] Well, what do you think went down between them?

Kate: Well, I think a whole lot more went down between them than just healthy treats. [Sighs]

Daniel: Would you make sure Dr. Carver gets that, please?

Maxine: She's on duty. You can talk to her.

Daniel: No, that's not how it works. That's my letter of resignation.

Maxine: What? Oh, come on, we can't be losing you.

Daniel: W-will you just--just give it to her, please? Maxine, just--

Maxine: Sorry, doctor. You have to do that for yourself. Maybe she can talk you out of doing it--leaving. She's working right over there in that room... right over there. Over there.

[Monitor beeping]

Lexie: Did something happen between you and Daniel?

Chloe: Keep him away from me. I can't see him. I can't...

Lexie: Even if he's the best diagnostician we have, the only person who can help figure out what's wrong with you?

Chloe: Even then.

Melanie: Whoo! Isn't it hot outside right now? The weatherman said it might hit triple digits.

Brady: What are you doing here, Melanie?

Melanie: What are you doing here, Brady?

Brady: I forgot my watch yesterday when we were cleaning. I was gonna go pick it up.

Melanie: Oh.

Brady; And you're here because?

Melanie; I'M... working on my sunburn. [Chuckles]

Melanie: Wait.

Brady: Oh, look at that-- incidentally trying to get those two back together, right?

Melanie: The--back to--no. Me--I wouldn't-- yes, that's--that's what I'm doing. [Whispering] But wa--but watch, it's working.

Philip: If you love me, don't give up on us. We can start over.

Stephanie: No, Philip, we can't, okay? There are so many reasons why we can't.

Philip: And I don't want to hear any one of them.

Abe: Hey, uh, where's our birthday girl?

Caroline: Yeah, hey, you two. Wow, look at you. That's a pretty cool piece of headwear you got there, Theo.

Abe: Yeah, we just got it, didn't we, big guy, huh?

Hope: Hey, there they are! Abe, hi!

Both: Mwah.

Hope: Theo, how are you, sweetheart? Ciara's been waiting for you. And guess what. You're right on time for cupcakes. Chocolate, vanilla--what do you say? We got plenty of both. Which would you like?

Abe: That one.

Hope: Ooh, the green one. I would've chosen that one as well. Abe, how about you?

Abe: Um, later maybe.

Hope: Okay, well, there's soda, lemonade, punch, whatever you'd like on the table.

Abe: Oh, great, thanks.

Hope: I'm gonna finish passing these out.

Abe: Oh, hope.

Hope: Yeah.

Abe: I-I never got to thank you.

Hope: For what?

Abe: For that more-than-generous check you wrote to our autism charity.

Hope: It was supposed to be anonymous.

Caroline: But why? I keep telling her, she should be proud of what she's done.

Bo: Abe, hey, there's my man. Theo, how you doing? Whoa! [Laughter]

Caroline: It's too bad Lexie couldn't be here.

Abe: Uh, she's on duty, unfortunately. We're gonna have to bring her a cupcake, won't we, buddy?

Bo: Oh, yeah.

Caroline: Yes, why don't we go say hi to Ciara?

Hope: Come on.

Caroline: And bring her a present.

Hope: She'll be so happy to see you. Let's go. Follow the leader. [Laughing]

Bo: Ciara refers to your boy there as her "best boyfriend."

Theo: Yeah, he talks about her all the time.

Bo: Mm-hmm.

Abe: Took us a half hour to pick out a present. It had to be perfect.

Bo: Oh, I'm sure it will be, as long as it came from her best boyfriend. Let me take that.

Abe: So, um... how are things going?

Bo: Ah, well, the new job is keeping me busy, but I don't have to tell you that.

Abe: No, I was talking about you and hope.

Bo: Hope and I? We're fine.

Abe: Oh, nothing happened? That vision you had of her--

Bo: Oh, right. Um, false alarm.

Abe: Well, I'm glad to hear that. So, uh... things are... not happening, then-- the--the visions?

Bo: [Inhales deeply] Actually, um... still having them.

Kate: So as much as I hate to see him go, if he's making my daughter-in-law uncomfortable, I mean, it's a no-brainer, right?

Chris: Are you sure? 'Cause I mean, look at Regis and Kelly. They have their moments. And Regis doesn't have that adorable little chin dimple, huh? Am I right?

Kate: Ah, oh, enough with the chin dimple. Please, Chris, you know our audience. They're smart. They're gonna know if there's a problem.

Chris: I suppose so, yeah.

Kate: The way I look at it, I mean, I'm just--I'm lucky he's quitting. This way I don't have to fire him.

Chris: Oh, and I can't picture you firing anybody with that soft, soft heart of yours.

Kate: All right, look, this is my daughter-in-law, you know? I-I care about her. It's my responsibility to make sure she's safe and she's happy. She's family. Daniel is replaceable.

Chris: Wow. You aren't the typical mother-in-law at all, are you?

Kate: If by that you mean that I have tremendous respect and I love her with all my heart, then I guess, no, I am not the typical mother-in-law.

Chris: Our girl Chloe is one lucky girl--to have a guardian angel like you.

Kate: Thank you. [Chuckles]

Lexie: This is just a little something to relax you.

Chloe: Thank you.

Lexie: [Sighs] Your test results should be in soon. Chloe... if this is somehow related to the cancer, Daniel should be involved.

Chloe: I don't care what it is. If I don't want Daniel treating me, that's my right.

Lexie: Look, but as I said before, he's more qualified to diagnose you.

Chloe: It's not about that. My problem with Daniel is not about the doctor. It's about the man.

Daniel: Okay.

Lexie: [Gasps] You can't go in there, Daniel.

Daniel: What?

Lexie: Here, uh, the patient... she's off-limits to you.

[Monitor beeping]

Melanie: Wow, that, uh--that is some kiss.

Brady: [Chuckling] I guess your matchmaking skills are still going strong.

Melanie: Well, just call me cupid. I am two for two.

Brady: What do you mean you're two for two?

Melanie: Steph and Phil, you and Ari.

Brady: Ah, yeah. I don't mean to burst your bubble on that, but Ari and I-- uh, big flop.

Melanie: I thought you two were going out.

Brady: Well, you thought wrong, Mel.

Melanie: Didn't you ask her out?

Brady: Yeah, she turned me down.

Melanie: Wow. I'm sorry. Well, uh, you can't give up.

Brady: Oh, I already have. I'm done.

Melanie: Well, I'm not going to.

Brady: Don't--don't you say that.

Melanie: Just like I'm not gonna give up on them. What?

Brady: Melanie, look... I think it's great--it's great what you're trying to do for Philip and Stephanie, but I got to ask you this, and don't take this the wrong way, but what is in it for you?

Philip: What's wrong?

Stephanie: Philip, this isn't about not loving you. It's because--

Philip: Oh, [Scoffs]. You know what? Never mind. I've heard it all before. We're two different people with different values from two different worlds. And I'll never change, and you'll never change and blah, blah--

Stephanie; Okay, you're mocking me now?

Philip: No, I'm just--you know, this really hurts.

Stephanie: Oh, poor you, Philip.

Philip: [Sighs] I'm--I'M... I know you're hurting too. I'm sorry. I didn't mean to make this about me. It's just... oh, since you're the one who decided to make the choice--

Philip: I can not let you.

Maggie: Okay. Hi, Kate.

Kate: Hi, Maggie.

Maggie: Come on in. Hi.

Chris: Hi, I love your earrings.

Crew guy: Kate, okay, here's the rundown for the next show.

[Cell phone ringing]

Kate: Okay, so the book review, then out to commercial. Oh, sorry, I have to take this. Kate's here.

Chris: [Sighs] The ratings are about to take a dive over the cliff, my Jedi knight, down, down, down, down.

Crew guy: What?

Chris: Oh, Kate didn't tell you? Oh, oops. [Chuckles] Well, you're bound to find out sooner or later. The hunky doctor--he quit the show. Mm-hmm.

Maggie: Daniel... quit? Since when?

Chris: Since he started turning our charming hostess into madam sourpuss. So Dr. Dan--taking a hike.

Daniel: Why are you trying to keep me away from a patient?

Lexie: Um... I have it under control, okay? Look, I'm sure you've put in a lot of hours. So why don't you go home?

Daniel: Lexie, um... I need to give you something... my letter of resignation.

Lexie: Your what?

Daniel: I'm leaving.

Lexie: You're leaving?

Daniel: I am.

Lexie: Why? I mean... surely you know how appreciated you are.

Daniel: No, this has nothing to do with feeling appreciated. I have tried to make it work, but I... I just--I need a change, professionally, personally. And the only way I can make that happen is if I just make a clean break.

Chloe: Keep him away from me. I can't see him. Can't...

Lexie: Um, Daniel... does your wanting to leave have anything to do with one of your patients? [Sighs]

[Monitor beeping]

Chloe: Can't keep doing this. Lucas... you love Lucas. But Daniel... no, n-- you promised. Got to give him up. Make promise. Have to keep it.

Melanie: So you think I'm doing this for myself. That's cool.

Brady: Melanie, all I'm saying is you used to have a thing for Philip, so...

Melanie: Yeah, keyword--"used to," as in "the past," as in I'm "over him." Besides, I thought you knew me better than that. All the saving Stephanie at the morgue--you think I did this stuff for fun.

Brady: All right, all right. I'm sorry.

Melanie; Thank you. Besides, maybe I feel a little guilty. Maybe I feel kind of bad about all the bad stuff I did to Philip and Stephanie. Maybe I just want to see them happy. Is that so hard to believe?

Brady: No.

Melanie: They love each other. They just--they just need a push, you know? I just hope this works. [Sighs]

Stephanie: Let go of me.

Philip: Look, just hear me out. Look... remember that argument we had... when you accused me of being a macho guy who wouldn't share his emotions? Well, this is me... right here, right now. Look, all I'm asking is for another chance, Steph. Please, just give me that.

Stephanie: Philip, it doesn't matter how many times we p--we pick up the pieces. It's just not gonna work, okay? I have to go.

Philip: Stephanie. Stephanie. Stephanie.

Stephanie: You... I can't believe you did this.

Bo: Good luck, man.

[Overlapping shouting]

Bo: Okay.

Abe: All right.

Abe: Hey, uh... this latest vision...

Bo: Oh, uh... it was Zack.

Abe: Again?

Bo: Yeah.

Abe: And what was it this time?

Bo: He warned me that if Ciara lost her teddy bear...

Abe: Something bad would happen.

Bo: Yeah. So we packed old Tommy bear away in a closet, no chance of losing him.

Abe: Bo, maybe this is one of those visions that--

Bo: No, no, no. I'm not gonna take any chances, not if my daughter could be in danger.

Hope: Hey.

Bo: Whoa, hey.

Hope: Looks serious. What are you two talking about?

Bo: Oh, we're talking about the birthday girl.

Hope: Oh, who else would you be talking about at a birthday party, huh? [Chuckles]

Nathan: What are you doing to me?

Tracy: Let's draw a heart.

Nathan: A heart? Boys don't like hearts.

Tracy: That's good.

Ciara: That's not a heart.

Nathan: Am I disappearing yet? Can you see me still?

Ellen: Uh...yeah. It's gonna be a nice surprise.

Nathan: Oh, that's my nose.

Melanie: Stephanie, I'm sorry. I guess I just thought if I could get you guys--

Stephanie: It's okay. I'm not mad at you, all right? I just have to go.

Philip: Stephanie.

Brady: Come on, let them talk. Let them talk. Come on.

Philip: I can't get through to her.

Brady: Take it easy. It's all right.

Philip: Everything, everything!

Brady: She needs her space, man.

Philip: She won't listen.

Brady: Philip, Philip, no woman likes to be pressured like that. Come on, you know that better than anybody.

Stephanie: Do you know when the next ferry leaves?

Melanie: Come on, Steph, stay just a little longer. Let's work on our tans like we--

Stephanie: That's not why you asked me to come here, Melanie.

Melanie: No. No, it's not, but I'm not gonna apologize for it, because you and Philip love each other.

Stephanie: Yeah, it's just not enough.

Maggie: What are you talking about, Chris? What happened between Daniel and Chloe?

Kate: Nothing. Nothing happened, really. Daniel just asked to be let out of his contract, and we obliged, end of story, period.

Maggie: Oh.

Kate: Anyway, I hate to cut this short, but I really have to deal with this phone call, so...

Maggie: Oh, all right.

Chris: Are we gonna hit the road?

Kate: Um... you know, I need to go over some details with Jed. So could you give me a lift?

Jed: No problem.

Kate: We could discuss things on the road. Thanks again.

Maggie: Okay, bye, Kate.

Chris: [Chuckles] I wish all our meetings were this brief. [Laughs]

Maggie: Well, now that Kate is gone, how about spilling the beans? So what went down between Daniel and Chloe?

Chris: Did I tell you I love those earrings?

Maggie: You did. Chloe is family. Now, I-I need to know if something is going on there. What is it? [Sighs]

Daniel: Why would you think my resignation has anything to do with a patient?

Lexie: Daniel, if there's something going on, some sort of situation where the hospital could be held liable--

Daniel: Wh--what are you accusing me of exactly?

Lexie: No, I'm not accusing of anything, okay?

Daniel: No, look, my decision has been made, and it is mine alone--no extenuating circumstances here. Now, when I came here to treat Bo, I never intended to stay. Yes, I am gonna miss the patients. I'm gonna miss the staff. This place has been very good to me, but it is time. It is time for me to move on.

Lexie: [Sighs] Well, maybe I'm being selfish here, but, uh, you are a tremendous asset to this hospital, Daniel. I mean, it's--it's difficult for me to give you my blessing on this. Can I talk you out of it?

Daniel: You can't. Sorry.

[Door opens]

Lexie: This has something to do with you, Chloe. But what?

Stephanie: My mom and I had this tradition growing up. We'd go to the movies every Sunday, and I'd get to pick whatever movie I wanted to see. And naturally, I'd pick a romantic comedy every time.

Melanie: [Chuckles] Naturally.

Stephanie: Guy gets girl, drive off into the sunset, everyone's happy.

Melanie: Wouldn't it be nice if it was always like that?

Stephanie: Yeah. But what those movies don't tell you is that even if you're madly in love with someone, if you don't share the same values or believe in the same things, it's just not gonna work. [Sighs deeply]

Brady: You know what insanity is, Philip? It's when you keep doing the same things over and over again, and you--you expect different results. Don't do it.

Philip: I can't lose her. I can't.

Melanie: I feel like an idiot. I should've just let this go.

Stephanie: No, it's okay. Your heart was in the right place. [Chuckles] I'll see you around, okay?

Melanie: Yeah, see you. [Sniffles]

[Door opens, closes]

Brady: How'd it go with, uh, Stephanie?

Melanie: How do you think? Philip?

Brady: Same. Look, I'm gonna get out of here. I'm gonna catch the ferry. Are you--are you coming?

Melanie: I'm gonna take the next one.

Brady: [Sighs] Take it easy, okay?

Melanie: Bye.

[Exhales deeply]

Nathan: Daniel... what's up, man?

Daniel: Double shift, huh?

Nathan: Every day this week.

Daniel: What, are you moonlighting as a circus clown?

Nathan: [Chuckles] I thought I got all that off.

Nathan: [Chuckles] No wonder the nurses were laughing at me when I was walking by.

Daniel: It's a good look for you.

Nathan: Yeah. I was at a kid's birthday party, man.

Daniel: Ah, okay.

Nathan: So, uh... word is that you turned in your resignation.

Daniel: Word must travel fast.

Nathan: Can I ask why?

Daniel: Just time for a change, simple as that.

Nathan: Well, uh, I'm sorry I didn't get to know you a lot better.

Daniel: Well, likewise.

Nathan: Good luck to you, Dr. Jonas.

Daniel: Thank you. You too. [Sighs]

Chloe: Daniel, there's nothing to discuss. [Sighs]

[Monitor beeping]

Chloe: You're not supposed to be here. I told Lexie.

Daniel: Hey, shh. Shh, do you really think I'm gonna let anyone keep me away from you?

Chloe: We can't be together. I told you, what we did was a mistake.

Daniel: No. We fell in love. And there's nothing wrong with that.

Chloe: It's too late, Daniel. You can't be a part of my life, not now... not ever. No.

Daniel: Shh.

Chloe: No. No, Daniel. No.

Lexie: What did you do to her, Daniel?

Melanie: [Sighs] You must hate me for what I did, so go ahead, yell at me, cuss me out, whatever. I deserve it.

Philip: I don't hate you.

Melanie: You don't?

Philip: You meant well. I know that. And Steph and I--we tried, you know? It just--I guess it wasn't meant to be.

Melanie: Well, if it's any consolation, she's making a huge mistake.

Philip: Thanks, but... there's nothing I can do to change her mind, so... I know that now.

Melanie: You'll think of something.

Philip: No... no, this time it's finally over.

Chris: I-I really shouldn't. You know, Kate is snarky enough with me as it is. If she found out that I was gossiping--

Maggie: Chloe is my nephew's wife.

Maggie: [Cell phone ringing] It is very important that I know what's going on between them.

Chris: Oh, excuse me one second. Oh, I have to get this. Hello? Oh. Hello? [Whispering] Thank God it's you. Hi.

Kate: Why are you whispering? Are you still at Maggie's?

Chris: Yes, I am, but nosy Nellie wants to know all the backstage drama about Chloe and Daniel.

Kate: Did you tell her anything?

Chris: No, no, of course not. No, but she won't let up.

Kate: Well, I suppose Maggie is family, so, um, if you can be discreet, we should go ahead and tell her.

Chris: Really?

Kate: Yeah. I mean, she does have a right to know. Just keep my name out of it, okay?

Chris: Oh, oh, yeah. Yes, ma'am. No problem.

Kate: You are the perfect accomplice, Chris. [Chuckles]

Maggie: So...

Chris: I'm sorry about that. Where were we?

Maggie: You were gonna tell me about Daniel and Chloe, I hope.

Chris: Well, if you twist my arm... [Chuckles]

Lexie: [Sighs] Went diagnostic again.

Maxine: Third set of tests.

Lexie: Let's run another.

Maxine: Yes, doctor.

[Monitor beeping]

Lexie: This is it. Whatever is causing your illness is deliberately eluding us... [Sighs] Invisible.

Daniel: [Sighs] What's that doing here?

Hope: Okay.

Bo: I think these kids had enough sugar to last a week.

Hope: Yeah. I'm gonna pass out the rest of these favors. Could you pick up some garbage?

Bo: Yeah, yeah, I'll help you.

Hope: Oh, Ellen, uh, could you watch the girls for a second?

Ellen: Oh, sure.

Hope: I'll be right back.

Ellen: Yeah, no problem.

Ciara: Thanks for letting me have your bear.

Tracy: I like the giraffe better anyway.

Ellen: Oh, Tracy. Tracy... Ciara, come with me, sweetie, okay? Tracy, wait for mommy. Come on, Ciara.

Man: Hi. Is it your birthday today? Yeah? [Chuckles] You know what? It's my birthday too. [Chuckles] How about that?

Ciara: I'm not supposed to talk to strangers.

Man: Oh. We're not strangers. We're birthday buddies--you and me. You know what? I have a little surprise for you. [Chuckles] It's okay. Take it.

Daniel: [Sighs] Hope you found something to wear.

Chloe: How's this?

Daniel: That works for me.

Chloe: Mm.

[Monitor beeping]

[Door closes]

Chloe: What are you doing here? You're not supposed to be here.

Kate: Shh. I'm here. I'm here. I came as soon as I heard you were sick. Oh... you poor baby.

Melanie: You just got to ride this thing out. So Stephanie's upset. She'll get over it. Oh! Oh, I know. Write her a letter and not an email, on paper. I'll help you. We'll show your softer side. Girls love that.

Philip: No. No, she'll see that as pressure. It'll turn her off even more.

Melanie: So what, you're just gonna give up? [Sighs]

Stephanie: Hey, I'm sorry. Uh, where's orientation again? I should've written it down.

Maxine: Third-floor conference room, honey.

Stephanie: Okay, thank you.

Maxine: You're welcome.

[Cell phone ringing]

Stephanie: Hello?

Brady: Hey, it's Brady.

Stephanie: Hey.

Brady: Look, I just wanted to make sure you were okay. You hardly said a word on the trip back.

Stephanie: I just--I've got a lot on my mind.

Brady: You know, Stephanie, he still loves you.

Stephanie: Look, Brady, I don't want to talk about Philip ever again, okay?

Brady: Right.

Stephanie: [Voice breaking] Anyway, um, thank you for calling in to check on me.

Brady: Okay. You take care, all right?

Stephanie: All right, thanks. Bye.

Brady: Stephanie, why don't I believe you?

Man: It's okay. Take it. [Chuckles] There you go. I've got a lot more of those too. I have purple ones, green ones, every color of the rainbow. In fact, I have enough of those that it could be your birthday every day. Would you like that?

Man: You have fun at your party, okay? Bye-bye.

Ellen: Ciara, honey, I thought you were right behind me.

Bo: Hey, hey, we got your party favors all ready. They're right on over there.

Ellen: Let's go, Tracy.

Bo: Got one for you too, little one.

Hope: Hey, sweetie, where'd you get that lollipop?

Ciara: My friend gave it to me.

Hope: You friend gave it--do you want me to open it for you? That was very sweet, wasn't it?

Philip: I don't know. Maybe Brady's right. Maybe I am too controlling.

Melanie: Ugh, I hate that word.

Philip: Yeah, but it's true. You know, I just need to learn how to step back and just chill. And if Stephanie isn't willing to meet me halfway, then maybe we shouldn't be together.

Melanie: Well, I don't agree, but it's your life, so...

Philip: I don't think I ever got a chance to say thank you.

Melanie: [Scoffs] For what? For making everybody's life more miserable than it was before?

Philip: Ah, you tried. You tried.

Melanie: [Chuckles] Well, maybe I need to learn how to just chill too, right?

Philip: Yeah. Why don't we just chill together and blow this joint?

Melanie: Ferries don't leave for another hour.

Philip: Well, who needs a ferry when you got a speedboat?

Melanie: Really?

Philip: Yeah. I'll call the captain right now. Why don't you--you got a cell phone? You dropped mine in the water, remember?

Melanie: [Laughing] Well, tell him I say hi.

Philip: [Laughing] I'll do that.

Stephanie: [Sobbing]

Nathan: You okay?

Stephanie: I'm sorry. I didn't know anyone was in here.

Nathan: No, it's fine. I was just changing.

Stephanie: I, uh, just dropped into the first-- I should go.

Nathan: Are you sure you're okay?

Stephanie: [Sobs] [Crying] No, I'm not.

Nathan: Hey. Shh, shh. Shh, shh, shh. [Sobs]

Chris: So there's been this horrible palpable tension between them, right? Don't tell me you haven't noticed.

Maggie: Well, I mean, I suppose I have.

Chris: Mm-hmm, mm-hmm, and not just onscreen either. On the breaks, they don't even look at each other, I swear.

Maggie: [Sighs] Well, I mean, I knew Daniel resisted doing the show at first, but I--

Chris: Uh, yes, yes, yes, yes, but why was that? That's the burning question. I mean, come on, it's a great gig. And look what, uh, Oprah did for Dr. Phil.

Maggie: I don't follow.

Chris: Maggie, he should just be happy to have the job, right? I mean, and not just for the fame or the fortune, but working with that diva Horton, with the eyes that won't quit and that killer smile. I mean, what's not to love?

Chloe: Who told you I was here?

Kate: Lexie told me, because Lucas is out of town, so they called me.

Chloe: Oh. I don't know what happened. I was on the pier, and... I guess I fainted.

Kate: How do you feel now?

Chloe: I'd be better if they knew what was wrong with me.

Kate: I know. I'm sure they're doing everything they possibly can to--to find out what it is. So Lexie told me that you don't want Daniel treating you.

Chloe: No. I don't think it'd be wise.

Kate: No. I agree. Having your ex-lover treat you-- that's not appropriate. I have to say that I'm sorry that I forced the two of you to work together. That had to have been very, very difficult for you.

Chloe: Yeah. I can't do it anymore.

Kate: Oh, honey, don't worry. That's not going to be a problem.

Daniel: [Sighs] Go--oh. Oh. [Sighs] [Scoffs] [Sighs] Oh. You can do this... as long as Chloe's happy... as long as she's all right.

Kate: There. Looks like you're getting your color back in your cheeks.

Chloe: I'm starting to feel a little better.

Kate: Good. Then this is going to be icing on the cake. Daniel has quit the show... which means, after the next taping, you will never have to see him again... never.

Nathan: If you don't have that same passion, then I suggest you find another career.

Arianna: I don't have to be with someone to be happy, okay?

Victor: The woman is a damn fool. To hell with her.

Sami: There's something going on with you.

Nicole: No, Sami--

Sami: You're lying, okay? And I know why.

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