Days Transcript Thursday 7/9/09

Days of Our Lives Transcript Thursday 7/9/09 - Canada; Friday 7/10/09 - U.S.A.


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Melanie: Boy, what do you say, Arianna, it's getting a little stuffy in here, huh?

Arianna: It is, it is. I think I might have overdressed.

Melanie: The boys here look awfully cool.

Brady: You guys are hysterical.

Melanie: And you are almost naked. What do you say, double or nothing?

Arianna: Uh, yeah. Except, Melanie, I don't think they have two things left.

Melanie: I do declare you are correct. One more hand, then?

Nathan: Oh, and I was having so much fun.

Melanie: Yeah? We're gonna play seven card stud. Nothing wild. Jacks or better to begin.

Arianna: Think we should maybe just let one of them win so they're not completely and utterly humiliated?

Melanie: No. Remember when they laughed at the prospect of girls beating them in poker?

Arianna: You're right. They were totally arrogant.

Brady: Hey, Mel, now many jacks are out?

Melanie: Two. Jack of spades, jack of--

Brady: Yeah... you're counting cards, aren't you? You're counting cards. You said you didn't know anything about poker, huh? And you're counting the cards?!

Nathan: I am so surprised at your dishonesty. That's all right, I understand.

Melanie: You understand?

Nathan: Mm-hmm. I mean, it's not the first time that this body has driven women to desperate measures.

Melanie: Ugh.

Philip: You don't make this easy.

Bo: Hey, I'm not telling you anything you don't already know. You've been doing this juggling act for quite some time.

Philip: What, so I knew from the beginning that Stephanie was, what, the anti-Kiriakis?

Bo: And you went and fell in love with her.

Philip: So I just walk away from my father?

Bo: And Titan.

Philip: It's not about the money, Bo.

Bo: I know that. You can make your own damn money. But there's no way in hell you'll ever get this much power.

Philip: I know I'm supposed to pretend that doesn't matter, but--

Bo: You shouldn't pretend anything. Stephanie deserves honesty.

Philip: Honestly, Bo, I love her. And I don't want to lose her.

Stephanie: I can't even talk to Nicole DiMera without you thinking I'm hatching some sort of plot with her?

Victor: Stephanie, you're about to become a Kiriakis.

Stephanie: Uh, no, no, no, no, no.

Victor: No?

Stephanie: I guess you haven't heard the news. I'm...not about to become a Kiriakis at all.

Victor: What are you talking about?

Stephanie: Philip and I are over.

Victor: Stephanie--

Stephanie: Okay, look, you-- you may have Philip under your thumb, but not me. I'm walking away from Philip and your family, and there's nothing you can do to stop me.

Nicole: EJ, we have to talk about this Sami thing. Everything's changed.

E.J.: What do you mean? What are you talking about?

Nicole: Well, I ran into Stephanie. She and Philip broke up. She's gonna be at the hearing tomorrow and she's gonna testify that you were behind her kidnapping.

Bo: So you've made a decision.

Philip: No. What? You said I should be honest.

Bo: Let me get this straight. You do know that you can't have it both ways-- that Stephanie was right to walk?

Philip: I know she feels that way.

Bo: She-- you're still holding onto the idea that you can have Stephanie

and the power and money?

Philip: It's a pretty appealing idea.

Bo: To you, maybe. Come on, man. She stuck by you through two assassination attempts... through an all-expense-paid vacation in the morgue. And when is it she decided to walk away? When she finally realized that no matter how hard she fought it--this place, this family, you-- she was changing. And not in a good way. She woke up and realized she wasn't the person she wanted to be. Is that what you want to do to the woman you love?

Philip: No, no, no, no. I do not.

Bo: Hey, you've gotta make a decision here, man.

Philip: Look, Bo, I'm not like you, okay. You walked away from all of this, and you still got to be a cop. You got the family, and you got the job you love. But for me there is no job out there that I could love any more than I love Titan. You have it all, man. But I only have Stephanie.

Victor: Stephanie, you've made it abundantly clear that no one is gonna force you to do anything you don't think is right.

Stephanie: You noticed.

Victor: My response just now-- my concern for the people in my family, for the people that I loved... sometimes it comes out... unfortunately. I'm just sad to see you and Philip breaking up. I mean, I've never seen anyone who makes him as happy as you do.

Stephanie: My grandmother warned me about Greek blarney.

Victor: It's not blarney, and you know it. Philip is deeply in love with you, just as much as you are with him.

Stephanie: It's not about love, Mr. Kiriakis. It's about survival.

Victor: May I presume to ask you one small favor?

Stephanie: No.

Victor: You've been through so much in such a short period of time. May I just ask that you consider what you're doing... very carefully?

E.J.: You're sure she's gonna testify?

Nicole: Yes. And she's gonna do anything to help Sami get back custody of Johnny, and...

E.J.: And what?

Nicole: Well, you can't be surprised that she wants to get back at you.

E.J.: This is unfortunate.

Nicole: My question is, what are you gonna do?

Melanie: Really? Can you believe the arrogance in this room? He's just some lowly intern. Can you imagine what he's gonna be like when he's some hotshot resident?

Brady: Let me get this straight. Arrogance, bad. Cheating, scheming at poker, good idea.

Arianna: Oh, come on. She took your shirt, not your life savings. Men, they can't take a joke.

Melanie: Tell me about it. Excuse me.

Nathan: Careful, Layton! You almost spilled cranberry juice on my Xenia!

Brady: Dude, I can't believe you just said "Xenia."

Melanie: What-- okay...[Clears throat] One thing you should know about me-- never, ever try and fool me with a knockoff. This is not a Xenia.

Nathan: You're right. I should have known you're one of those totally shallow people who are only into labels.

Melanie: You're the one who brought Xenia into the conversation.

Arianna: What are they talking about?

Nathan: Well, this conversation is over.

Melanie: Is it?

Nathan: Yes, it is. Give me my clothes.

Melanie: My clothes.

Nathan: You crazy? What are you gonna do with these?

Melanie: I'll sell 'em back to you.

Hope: I know you want to play with Tommy bear, honey, but... well, he's sleeping. Remember how I told you that bears sleep for a very long time? Okay, we both know that usually it's in the winter, but every bear's different. But you know what-- look what Mommy has for you, 'cause you're such a special girl. I have a new friend for you. This is Mr. Giraffe, and he would love to be your new friend. So what do you say?

Ciara: Okay.

Hope: Okay? And remember, where Mommy can see you. Where Mommy can see you, please.

Stephanie: Remember the end of Wizard of Oz? I've seen you behind the curtains working those levers and dials. And I'm not afraid of you, nor will I ever believe you.

Victor: If you testify against EJ, people could get killed. People that you love.

Stephanie: Yeah, uh, yeah. I've seen how-- how you tossed and turned over the innocent bystanders before you kidnapped Stefano. You know that Kiriakis/DiMera war? I think it would've been really great if you and Stefano had just blown yourselves to hell.

Nicole: EJ...

E.J.: It is--it's fine, all right? Samantha is not getting joint custody of Johnny.

Nicole: Even if she goes in that courtroom and testifies--

E.J.: Look, Stephanie is hysterical. Do you understand that? I mean, she's suffering from some kind of posttraumatic stress syndrome, that is all. Philip is putting her up to it. She's lying!

Nicole: That is not true.

E.J.: It is true, thank you. And I'll tell you why it's true. It is true because Judge Fitzpatrick says that it's true. Johnny belongs with me.

Nicole: 'Cause she's such a great friend of the family.

E.J.: She is a great friend of this family.

Nicole: Who threw me in jail when I was innocent. It must be really fun to be a judge. You know, you can make up the truth as you go along.

E.J.: You know, I could do with a little bit of support right now and not your attitude. Thank you!

Nicole: You know, one might think I'd be used to this by now. But I'm not! You know what, anyone-- anyone--especially me-- who says something against the DiMeras automatically has attitude or a lack of support.

E.J.: Look, sweetheart, there is nothing to worry about. Stephanie is not a threat.

Nicole: Stephanie is beautiful and sweet. And she has never told a lie in her life. She has been through hell, and now she is stepping forward. She is going against a very, very powerful man to help her cousin. Now you might think that Stephanie is not a threat, and that you have the judge in your pocket. But I still think she is one hell of a witness. Oh, yeah, and I forgot to mention she's telling the truth!

Melanie: So what do you say, like, 30 bucks for the whole pile?

Nathan: Yeah, or I can just take them from you.

Melanie: Or I could practice my hand at tie-dyeing.

Brady: It's not that cool a shirt anyway. Let it go.

Melanie: It's not the shirt he's worried about. It's the jeans. He loves these jeans. He wants to have a relationship with his jeans.

Nathan: You're very observant, aren't you?

Melanie: I had to live on my wits. You learn to... notice everything.

Brady: Excuse me, you're not going along with this, right? Do you know how far you've fallen in my estimation by doing this?

Arianna: I'll comfort myself imagining the two of you getting back to Salem in your boxers. [Giggles]

Melanie: Ooh, while you do that, you can talk to each other about how you outsmarted two dippy girls. I forgot how much I loved poker.

Hope: You're sure it isn't a problem?

Ellen: Problem? Are you kidding? Look at them. They're great together.

Hope: Well--

Ellen: Besides, it's easier dealing with both of them than Tracy on her own.

Hope: I owe you one.

Ellen: Oh, yeah, like you haven't done the same thing for me a million times. Please. Hey, everything okay?

Hope: Yeah, it's fine. Oh, my gosh, except I'm always running late. Ellen, thanks a million. I won't be late, I promise you.

Ellen: Don't worry about it, okay? Look, the girls are gonna be fine. And I have a million phone calls to make anyway.

Hope: Okay.

Ellen: Oh, you know, if you wanted to show your appreciation, you could bring me back an iced mochaccino.

Hope: Always a price tag with you. Always. Ciara, be a good girl, honey. I love you.

Ellen: Hey, don't worry. Hey, give Bo my love.

Hope: I will. Thank you.

Ellen: Oh, you're welcome. Hmm. Something is bothering her.

Victor: There's so much of your grandmother in you. It's wonderful.

Stephanie: I should have listened to her in the first place. She had it pegged from the beginning.

Victor: Well, I love Caroline, but I have to disagree. I mean, she tried to simplify something that's not simple. Fact of the matter is you and Philip are deeply in love. It's one thing to say it's over. Doesn't mean you're gonna be able to stay away from each other.

Stephanie: You know what, I want to make a bet with you. I bet that after I testify against EJ tomorrow you're gonna change your tune about me. You're never gonna want to see me again, especially with Philip.

Victor: I know you think you have everything figured out. But you'd be wise to stop and consider what you're doing.

Philip: Hey!

Victor: Philip. I was just--

Philip: Leaving. Stephanie and I are going to work this out ourselves. Okay? With no interference from you.

E.J.: You're beginning to sound like you're on Stephanie’s side.

Nicole: I am not on her side, EJ. For God's sake, I am not disloyal; I am worried. And you act like what you have in your head is foreordained, and that nothing can go wrong.

E.J.: Because I'm not afraid of Stephanie. I'm not afraid of anything that Stephanie can say.

Nicole: Oh, because you trust that this judge is gonna do exactly what you want her to. Are you absolutely sure that this judge hasn't thought about what this could do to her career by siding with a criminal family guy.

E.J.: Hey, don't say that. Thank you.

Nicole: No, it's true. That's what the press is gonna say, okay? So-- so Stephanie is gonna testify in open court. You don't think that the press is gonna pick up on this, or that the D.A. Is gonna let this slip by? EJ, please... for my sake, and more for Sydney’s, will you please just think about what you're planning to do?

Nathan: Bro, can I borrow 30 bucks until Friday?

Melanie and Arianna: [Stifled laughter]

Brady: You're totally caving, aren't you?

Nathan: It's the jeans, man. They're family.

Brady: I actually have a t-shirt I feel that way about.

Nathan: Thank you.

Brady: Here you go.

Nathan: Here, you cheating, hostage-taking, can't really speak French...person.

Melanie: Thanks. Wanna go out to dinner? My treat.

Nathan: Oh, you think just because after that affront I'm gonna go out to eat with you because you're paying?

Melanie: Yeah.

Nathan: You're right. Where'd you learn to count cards? You ever see Rain Man? We should totally hit up Vegas.

Brady: How 'bout we make the same kind of bargain? You give me my clothes, I take you to dinner. How 'bout it?

Arianna: I'd have to listen to those two all night?

Brady: No, I was thinking just the two of us, actually.

Arianna: You know what... I think you have a good idea.

Hope: You're a good man.

Bo: Unh!

Hope: Philip needed you.

Bo: You know, I just wanted to smack him upside the head. Tell him to get away from all that crap. Go be with Stephanie.

Hope: Hmm. I know how well you respond to people telling you what to do.

Bo: I-- it's the truth. And I am...kinda proud of Stephanie.

Hope: So am I.

Bo: She's been through hell. Victor can be very persuasive.

Hope: Oh, yeah.

Bo: She finally came around.

Hope: Mm. I think toeing the Kiriakis line, watching EJ walk away from what he did, that must have really eaten away at her.

Bo: Yeah. She found out what it would be like to be part of that family.

Hope: Do you think Philip can... walk away from that family?

Bo: I don't know. He should. It'd be tough. But he'd be happy with Stephanie. Happy like I am.

Hope: You trying to sweet talk me? Works every time.

Caroline: Don't you have someplace else to be?

Victor: I was just giving Philip and Stephanie some privacy.

Caroline: Oh, right. Always driven by concern for others.

Victor: You're upset with me.

Caroline: No, not upset. I'm livid. My granddaughter's not a pawn in your war with the DiMeras. Leave her alone.

Stephanie: I have to get going. I have a job interview at university hospital.

Philip: You don't have to leave Titan.

Stephanie: That's exactly what I have to do.

Philip: Can't we at least talk?

Stephanie: Philip, it's too dangerous for me, okay? I know what I'm doing is right. I just have to make sure I stick to it.

Philip: Hey, Stephanie, just wait. What if-- I don't know, what if we--

Stephanie: What if what?

E.J.: Hauling in the big guns, are you?

Nicole: Yeah. I had to. I want you to see what we have and what you're risking.

E.J.: Do you really think that I haven't?

Nicole: Look, I know it's heresy to even hint that a DiMera man may be something less than coldly clinical. Look, EJ, you almost lost your father. And Sami...betrayed you in a terrible way. And you lost a child. But right now might not be a good time to make a decision.

E.J.: You knew exactly what I was going to do. And you told me-- you told me that you supported me.

Nicole: I know, but I knew I had no chance at stopping you. And I had no idea that Stephanie was gonna testify against you.

E.J.: You're very loyal. And I know you only want what's best for me and Sydney.

Nicole: And you going to jail is not what's best for me and Sydney.

E.J.: Okay, sweetheart, but I have another child.

Nicole: Yes, you do. Johnny. And you have to do what's best for Johnny. This is all about Johnny.

Nathan: Hmm. So when you wanna go out?

Melanie: Now?

Nathan: We can’t. Well, one, you have to study.

Melanie: Oh, no, no, no, no. I've seen you in your boxers. You can't pull that hall monitor thing on me.

Nathan: Oh, yeah? Well, I've seen you in the shower, so you can't pull that card with me.

Melanie: All right, fine. I can put off studying. What do you have that's so important?

Nathan: I have to go see patients in the hospital.

Melanie: You like saying that, don't you?

Nathan: Yeah. I just have to go to work, but it's not as cool as saying I have to go see patients in the hospital.

Melanie: Or as pretentious.

Nathan: Mm. So why don't you go and study and then make a list of questions, and I'll help you out with them. Wait, no, I can't do that.

Melanie: Darn, that just sounded like so much fun.

Nathan: It's a conflict of interests or favoritism or something. I don't--

Melanie: What are you talking about?

Nathan: Hmm, I can't give you any special help because I'm your teacher's assistant.

Bo: Where's Ciara?

Hope: Oh, sh--

Bo: I thought you guys were gonna be at the park.

Hope: Ellen's watching her. She's playing with Tracy.

Bo: Oh.

Hope: I wanted some time alone to talk to you.

Bo: You worried about the visions?

Hope: Of course I am. How could I not be worried?

Bo: Yeah, I know, you should be. But I just don't want you to obsess about 'em, that's all.

Hope: You do realize that just because we put Tommy bear away doesn't mean-- if you're seeing something happening to her... the bear doesn't seem to be the central issue.

Bo: My visions, they don't always come true.

Hope: Yeah, but some of them have. You can't just expect me to ig-- after everything we've been through--losing Zack-- I have to take this seriously.

Bo: Of course you do. So do I. I don't want it to run your life.

Hope: I couldn't go through it again. I couldn't do it, Brady.

Ciara: Tommy bear!

Tracy: Wanna trade?

Ciara: I want to trade.

E.J.: The only thing-- the only thing that I'm thinking of is what is best for Johnny. And what is best for Johnny is not being raised by that lying, vengeful woman.

Nicole: Johnny loves her.

E.J.: That doesn't--

Nicole: It doesn't what? It doesn't matter? You can't even say it because you know it's not true.

E.J.: She doesn't deserve him.

Nicole: No...EJ. You just want to pay her back like you paid. Well, what do you think that's gonna do to Johnny? Not just today but for tomorrow and for the rest of his life. And what's gonna happen when Johnny finds out why he never got to see his mother?

E.J.: He'll be fine.

Nicole: He'll be fine? He won't be fine, and you know it. You're just furious that Sami played God. And what's Johnny gonna think when he finds out? The same thing, I think.

E.J.: It is not the same thing at all.

Nicole: Oh-- what about what we talked about? You going to prison and never seeing Johnny and Sydney grow up.

E.J.: That's not going to happen, thank you.

Nicole: I know you, EJ. And you're right. That won't be as painful as your son hating you. You really think that Johnny will never find out that you took him away from his mother, from his twin, from his older brother? And may I remind you, EJ, that he is your son. He's is Stefano’s grandson. So he will hate you with a cold, white hate that will kill you. EJ, is that what you want? Is that what you want for your son?

Arianna: Hey, ferry's coming, finally. Let's get going.

Brady: Okay.

Melanie: Come on. She likes you, she's gorgeous. I still think you owe me for messing with your life because, frankly, it's better now.

Brady: I mean it. Don't do it again.

Melanie: Well, you're welcome.

Victor: You think this is history repeating itself, don't you? I couldn't change, so you don't think Philip can change either.

Caroline: He was shot. Stephanie was kidnapped. He's still living in your home, and he's still working for you. I don't see a whole lot of change going on.

Victor: Maybe Philip is smarter than I was. You know, losing you was and always will be the biggest regret of my life.

Caroline: Victor, you're a sentimental fool. I am not going to let sentimentality put my granddaughter through what I went through. So back off. Just leave them alone.

Philip: Look, I had a long talk with Bo. Steph, he's been there. He's walked away from the family, and I can do it too. I would do that for you.

Stephanie: And what would that do to you?

Philip: I don't care. I--I don't care.

Stephanie: I do, Philip, okay? Look...this is what we're up against. We love each other, but when we're together we stop being us. That's what they call a no-win situation.

E.J.: You're not talking about Johnny.

Nicole: What?

E.J.: You're not talking about how Johnny will feel about me. You're talking about how you will feel about me.

Nicole: No.

E.J.: Yes. You hate what I'm doing, and you think you're going to hate me.

Nicole: No, EJ, listen to me. Oh, God, I can-- I can never hate you. I never knew what love was until I met you. You and Sydney are my world. And you always will be. I--I know what you're doing. I know about loss, and that you would do everything you could to keep what you have. God knows I know that. I'm just worried that things won't turn out the way you think. Sometimes we don't see what's coming.

E.J.: I'm so sorry. I'm so--I'm sorry.

Nicole: I just--I want you to see what we have and-- and what you're risking.

E.J.: You're really scared, aren't you?

Nicole: Please, EJ, please... please just trust me.

Nathan: It was very sweet of you to walk me to work.

Melanie: Ha! I did not walk you to work. I had to pick up books. I have a test today, and the teacher's assistant is a real jerk.

Nathan: You mean you're actually gonna study.

Melanie: Yes. Nursing school is important to me.

Nathan: But if nursing school is important to you, I think you would have been studying all day instead of luring innocent men into games of strip poker.

Melanie: You know, having you as my teacher's assistant and also kind of a mentor really brings out the pukiness in you.

Nathan: That's just in comparison to your stunning maturity.

Melanie: Well, you know what they say. When someone's acting all high and mighty, just picture them in their underwear. Kinda like this afternoon.

Nathan: Okay, well, I'm gonna be here saving lives. Why don't you go home and learn which one's the tibia and which one's the scapula, and then get back to me. And don't forget you owe me dinner.

Melanie: Oh...

Nathan: Go study.

Melanie: Will do. Or I'll probably just picture you in your boxers.

Brady: So what kind of food do you like?

Arianna: Any food I'm not serving.

Brady: Does that rule out cafeterias? 'Cause I know a great one down the street.

Arianna: Oh, you're a big spender, huh? What? Do I have something in my teeth?

Brady: No, you have a really great smile. I mean, you should wear it more often, you know?

Arianna: Well, I'm in a good mood... after seeing you and Nathan strip down to just the basics.

Brady: I feel so cheap when you mention that.

Arianna: Well, it's a good thing we played for clothes and not beers then.

Brady: Yeah, you're right.

Arianna: Can I ask you something?

Brady: Mm-hmm.

Arianna: What was that look between you and Melanie when Nathan mentioned playing for beers? Just, I don't know, it seemed a little intense.

Brady: You caught that, huh? Well, since you ask, Melanie kinda knows that alcohol isn't my best friend. That's not my main problem. I actually had a little issue with cocaine. So I, uh-- I try to stay clean. Completely clean. Because I used to be an addict, Ari.

Philip: You really think that?

Stephanie: You do too.

Philip: I just can't believe that it's, uh, really over.

Stephanie: Believe it. And just, um... [Sniff] Help me deal with it.

Philip: How am I supposed to do that?

Stephanie: Just let me go. It's already hard enough. Just don't make it any harder, okay? Just say good-bye.

Philip: Uh... good-bye.

E.J.: I do trust you. I know that you just want to help me.

Nicole: I want us to be together. All three of us.

E.J.: I'm really glad you still do.

Nicole: Of course I do. How could you say that?

E.J.: I don't think there's any... "of course" about it. I mean, I've put you through quite a lot.

Nicole: Yeah, well... I mean, being an unemotional, low-maintenance broad like me... [Both laugh] has to put up a lot with you. [Sighs] Oh, God, it's nice to see that smile.

E.J.: Yeah.

Nicole: You can be such a pain.

E.J.: [Chuckles]

Nicole: Flying off the handle and-- you take protecting your family to mind-boggling extremes, EJ. But I guess it's-- it's both of us. We're just out there. It's who we are.

E.J.: Yeah.

Nicole: And I wouldn't have it any other way. But I do worry about you. And I worry about what will happen to us. But I am on your side. So if you want to go through with the custody suit, like I said, I'm--I'm on your side. I've said what I have to say, so now it's up to you to do what you think is right. But just be you, EJ. Be the man that I love.

Hope: Hey, we're back.

Bo: Hey, there's my little one. Hey, Tracy.

Hope: Mochaccino.

Ellen: Oh, thank you.

Hope: Everything okay?

Ellen: Yeah, she's great like always.

Hope: Hey, did you girls have fun?

Ciara: Yep.

Hope: Yeah?

Bo: Time to get you home for a bath, huh? See you later, Tracy. Thanks, Ellen.

Ellen: Oh, you're welcome.

Hope: Her stuffed animal?

Ellen: In her backpack.

Hope: Okay, thank you so much for everything. Bye. Bye, honey. Did you have fun?

Brady: You know, I've been through this before, and I know it's awkward, and you don't have to say anything, really. Trust me, I'm actually glad that you brought it up, because I was feeling like it was time that you should probably know this about me, you know?

Arianna: You're okay though?

Brady: Yeah, I'm working on it. I go to the meetings. I've done the rehab thing. You know, I just try to be honest with myself about it every day.

Arianna: I'm sorry, I shouldn't--

Brady: All right, all right, really. It's completely fine. Like I said, I'm glad you brought it up. I wanted to tell you. But hey, now that that's covered, can we start talking about food? Thai food, I know a great place. It doesn't look like much, but it's awesome. The food is great.

Arianna: Um, look, I'm sorry, but I don't think this is gonna work.

Brady: You got something else to do tonight or--

Arianna: No. Um, I mean, I don't think we're ever gonna have that dinner.

Melanie: Hey! I tell you what, I am so sick of this. I don't understand why you have to go to school to learn how to put a thermometer in someone's mouth.

Philip: Huh?

Melanie: What are you, like a million miles away?

Philip: I'm sorry.

Melanie: Uh, I just came here 'cause I was studying, and then I got hungry. But I probably wasn't hungry 'cause I was studying. I eat when I'm excited.

Philip: Okay, what's up? What happened?

Melanie: Can't make fun of me, okay? I just had, like, the best afternoon. I met this guy, and he's so cute. But not just that, he's, like-- he's funny. He makes me laugh.

Philip: Great.

Melanie: So what are you having?

Philip: Just coffee.

Melanie: Just coffee? Can't you have that at home, served to you by a man in a tux, you know, by the pool in little china cups?

Philip: I just didn't feel like going home.

Melanie: What's going on with you? I'm gonna bug you until you tell me.

Philip: Stephanie broke off the engagement.

Melanie: Oh. So you wanna split some cheesecake?

Philip: Don't get all bent out of shape about it.

Melanie: Okay, I won't get all bent out of shape about it. Look, Stephanie broke off the engagement. She'll unbreak it. She always does. Trust me, you're the only person in the world meant for her.

Maxine: Well, if I were a gambling woman, I'd bet you just nailed that interview.

Stephanie: Really? You don't think they're just being nice to me because of my mom?

Maxine: She can't afford to be nice. The woman needs a great assistant who's not only organized but who gets along with people, and that would be you.

Stephanie: Well, I did decide not to tell them how my mom likes to complain about the hospital administrative.

Maxine: Shrewd move. [Both chuckle] Okay, honey, I'll see you around. I'm sure of that.

Stephanie: Thank you.

Maxine: Bye-bye.

Stephanie: Oh!

Nathan: Sorry. Sorry, my fault.

Stephanie: Yeah. Kind of.

E.J.: Do you know what DiMeras hate more than anything else in the world? Admitting their wrong.

Nicole: Well, I wouldn't know. I don't know one of those.

E.J.: Yeah. You and Sydney changed everything. I mean, suddenly my actions have consequences. Consequences that are more important than my pride.

Nicole: Are you saying...

E.J.: I'm saying that I don't want to put my little girl through the trauma of a custody trial.

Nicole: Wow.

E.J.: Wow. You got through to me.

Nicole: EJ, this has to be your decision. You have to do what you think is right.

E.J.: I don't know if this is right, but I know it's safer. So I will--I will come to some arrangement with Samantha.

Nicole: I am so proud of you.

E.J.: Let me be clear on one thing. I will never forget what she did to me. And if anybody, anybody ever betrays me like that again, they will be punished.

On the next "Days of Our Lives" --

Brady: What are you doing?

Melanie: Damage control.

Brady: No, no, I will handle my own life.

Melanie: No, this is not about you. I'm working for Philip right now.

Stephanie: You need a clean break, okay? Don't call me again.

Philip: [Sighs]

Rafe: You need to call someone up to do your dirty work for you. You afraid to break a nail or something?

E.J.: No, I'm not.

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