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Henderson: Miss Johnson, please come in. I'll get Mr. Philip.

Stephanie: No, actually I--

Philip: Stephanie. You must've been reading my mind. I was just coming to see you.

Stephanie: Philip, I--

Philip: I hate the way we left things, okay? And I'm hoping you do, too, because you're here. Peace offering.

Melanie: Ah! What!

Melanie: What are you doing?!

Brady: What?

Will: He's your...boyfriend?

Mia: No.

Chad: Sorry, babe. Old habits. Can't seem to break 'em.

Mia: [Sighs]

Nicole: Sami, it's Nicole. We need to talk about Johnny. [Laughs] I thought you were checking on Johnny.

E.J.: Oh, I did. I just went upstairs and, uh, I bumped into Mary. She said that his Curious George is missing but she found him under the bed.

Nicole: Ah, okay. So Maryís with him.

E.J.: Yeah, she is.

Nicole: So I guess that means we're all alone again.

E.J.: So, uh... why were you on the phone... to Samantha?

Melanie: You turn around, you pervert! Stop looking!

Brady: What are you doing?

Nathan: What the hell?

Melanie: Brady, Brady, Brady!

Brady: Did this punk hurt you?

Melanie: Brady, Brady! Come on, he's my roommate.

Brady: He's your...roommate? Wait a minute. You're the guy?

Melanie: What guy?

Brady: You want to tell him or do you want me to tell him?

Victor: Well, hello, Bo.

Bo: Victor, you seem chipper this afternoon. Something you want to tell me?

Victor: Oh, just that things have all settled down. Everything's under control.

Bo: You're referring to that feud between you and the DiMeras.

Victor: There is no feud, Bo. Not anymore.

Bo: Right, ever since you put Stephanie on a short leash.

Philip: Open it. Look at this. It's the Greek symbol for eternity.

Stephanie: I'm sorry. I can't accept it.

Philip: Why not? I thought you came by so we--

Stephanie: I came by to return this.

Philip: What, the car? That was a gift.

Stephanie: I can't keep it.

E.J.: Answer my question.

Nicole: Not when you speak to me that way.

E.J.: Answer my question, Nicole.

Nicole: You're treating me like a--a naughty child. Do you understand how that makes me feel?

E.J.: We had a conversation not five minutes ago about how you and I were never going to mention Samanthaís name again. Never gonna mention it.

Nicole: There's no--

E.J.: And now I come downstairs and I find you on the phone with her.

Nicole: Do you even hear yourself?

E.J.: Oh, don't you give me this victim nonsense. Please. What possible reason could you have for talking to her? What reason for anything, let alone my son? You keeping something from me? Are you? I'm gonna find out what it is.

Philip: Look, I don't want the car back. I don't want anything back. I only want you.

Stephanie: It's over, Philip. I told you that.

Philip: I know what you told me. It all sounded very logical and sensible, and that's why I didn't call you. That's why I stayed away, but... being without you, I cannot... I cannot have another night like that. I cannot sleep. I cannot eat. I cannot even think straight. Look me in the eye and tell me you don't feel that way.

Stephanie: I do. I canít... I can't sleep. I can't think straight.

Philip: Then what are we doing here? If we both feel this way, why are we doing this to ourselves? Why are we putting ourselves through this hell? Why can't we be with each other?

Stephanie: [Sighs]

Melanie: Okay, show is over. Let's, uh, let the girl get dressed, huh?

Brady: Hey, I'm sorry about that. Brady Black.

Nathan: No worries, man. I get it. Hi, Nathan Horton.

Brady: Yeah, I think I've seen you at the hospital. This is--this is Arianna.

Nathan: Hey, nice to meet you.

Melanie: Now that the introductions are over with, could we--could I--

Brady: You're Maggieís grandson. Is that right?

Nathan: Yeah.

Arianna: Maggie Horton?

Nathan: Yeah, you know her?

Arianna: Yeah, she comes to the pub all the time. Nice woman, really sweet.

Melanie: Hello?

Nathan: I'm actually--I'm living with her now. Her and my grandpa Mickey.

Melanie: You guys think we could have this conversation at another time?

Brady: How's that going?

Nathan: It's great. Melanie's kind of taken me under her wing.

Melanie: Why are you ignoring me? I am a very shy person.

Arianna: Um, okay, guys. Let's--let's come inside. Give her some privacy.

Nathan: Right.

Brady: Yeah.

Nathan: All right, so what was Brady talking about, "I'm the guy?" What guy?

Melanie: Uh, the guy who's really annoying and super egotistical and can't take a hint.

Nathan: Oh. You know, this reminds me of the day that I moved in, only I was the one that was half-dressed.

Melanie: Yeah, I don't remember that. Stop.

Nathan: We have really got to stop meeting this way, Mel.

Melanie: Yeah?

Nathan: Lavender. My favorite.

E.J.: She's been calling you?

Nicole: Isn't that what I just said?

E.J.: Why?

Nicole: Why do you think? She wants me to convince you to drop the custody suit. I told her that I couldn't help her. So hopefully she'll back the hell off at some point.

E.J.: Okay. I'm sorry.

Nicole: No, I'm... I'm sorry. I...I should've told you earlier. But like I said, I didn't want you to get upset.

E.J.: It's okay. I don't understand why Samantha would call you though. Of all people, why would she think that you would help her?

Nicole: Who knows? I mean, maybe because we're both mothers and she just lost a baby and thought that maybe I would be sympathetic.

E.J.: Okay, Nicole. I know that you were a little bit sympathetic to Samanthaís position initially, but I hope that's changed. Nicole. Has that changed?

Nicole: Okay, look. Sami is a hateful person and she has been awful to me since the day I laid eyes on her.

E.J.: But?

Nicole: But if someone tried to take Sydney away from me, I would do everything I could to stop that from happening.

E.J.: Oh, I see, so you're on her side now, are you?

Nicole: No, no, no, I'm not. I'm not on her side, EJ. But being a mother, I understand where she's coming from. Am I not allowed to understand?

E.J.: You understand? You understand, do you? You understand why she kept my daughter from me. You understand why she didn't tell me about Grace until after she was dead. You understand, do you?!

Mia: I can't talk right now. The manager's already warned me once.

Chad: Oh, so you can't talk to me but you can talk to the dork here?

Mia: Don't call him that.

Will: Hey, why don't you just leave her the hell alone, jerk?

Chad: Catch you later, babe.

Mia: I'm--I'm sorry, Will.

Will: I don't get it. Why didn't you ever tell me about this guy?

Victor: I have no idea what you're talking about.

Bo: Like hell you donít. You threatened Stephanie so she wouldn't point the finger at EJ.

Victor: My son and Stephanie are engaged to be married. I don't go around threatening women my son intends to marry. I was comforting her, that's all. She was obviously very traumatized by what happened.

Bo: All the more reason she shouldn't protect the person who's responsible for what happened to her. Are none of you Kiriakises interested in justice?

Victor: What we're interested in, Bo, is living in peace. So just drop it. Let Philip and Stephanie enjoy the happiness they deserve. Leave it alone.

Bo: Yeah, right.

Philip: You are the only woman who's ever made me feel this way. And I know...that you feel the same way. So if that's true, why would you give up on me?

Stephanie: I told you why.

Philip: [Sighs] Is that really what you want?

Stephanie: It's the way it has to be, Philip.

Philip: That's not what I asked.

Stephanie: Look, I don't want to live without you, but... I don't know of any other way.

Philip: I do. I do. Come away with me.

Stephanie: What?

Philip: Remember when you wanted to go to Greece after I got shot, and I said I wasn't ready then 'cause I got work, I got Salem and everything. Well, I'm ready now. Let's do it. Let's start a new life together.

Nicole: What exactly are you accusing me of, EJ?

E.J.: No, no--don't you answer a question with a question.

Nicole: I am not Sami! I would never keep your child from you. God, how could you even think that?

E.J.: Nicole. Nic--would you look at me, please? I'm not saying that you're Samantha. That's not what I'm saying. I understand that you're honest. I understand that you're loyal. Always.

Nicole: Well, not always. But EJ, I always try to put you and Sydney first. To make sure that you're both happy. You're my priority. You should know that.

E.J.: I know that. And you'll forgive me, but I have a lot of things on my mind right now.

Nicole: Well, you're entitled. You've been through a terrible nightmare.

E.J.: Yeah. There's no excuse, really. I mean...I shouldn't be taking it out on you. You're the victim. Samantha's harassing you too now.

Nicole: Well, I--I wouldn't call it harassment.

E.J.: Damn her! Why can't I have any peace of mind? Why can't anybody in my family have any peace of mind?

Nicole: EJ, stop, please.

E.J.: No. Should I just take this in my stride? Is that what you'd like me to do? Should I just ignore the fact that she just comes in and causes turmoil for everybody in my life, in my family?

Nicole: You can't just take this in stride, and I understand that. But you know what? By yelling and screaming, it's only gonna make you more upset.

E.J.: [Sighs] You're right. You put up with a great deal from me, don't you? Me and my father.

Nicole: Well, I'm a pretty tolerant person.

E.J.: Yes, you are. You're also very patient and you're very kind. Well, you got Sydney. No moodiness there, right?

Nicole: No. Not at all.

E.J.: I've been impossible lately. I'm so sorry.

Nicole: Oh, could you not be impossible? I mean, losing a child that you never even got to meet. It's--it's a terrible trauma, and I know that.

E.J.: Still.

Nicole: What?

E.J.: I just--I don't see why it had to be such A... torturous ordeal.

Nicole: What do you mean? Why...why wouldn't it?

E.J.: Because I have you. I have Sydney. I've got my beautiful daughter. And I have my wonderful son. I just thought I could handle this with a little bit more dignity.

Nicole: But you're angry too, EJ. This isn't just about Grace dying. It's about deception.

E.J.: Yes, it is. You know, contrary to what most people think, I don't like to be this angry. Especially not when it's directed at somebody with whom I will always, like it or not, share a connection.

Nicole: Once you have a child with someone, EJ, it's never really over.

E.J.: No. Could we not talk about Samantha? I'm sorry that I ever thought that you could perpetrate or do something like this. I'm sorry. I'm so sorry.

E.J.: Okay.

Stefano: I cannot agree with you more, my son. Not the mother of our Sydney.

Mia: Look, I'm sorry about earlier. My manager has these weird rules about--

Will: Socializing, right?

Mia: Yeah. But he just went on break. You're upset.

Will: Mia, did--did you ever go out with that guy?

Mia: A couple of times. But it was forever ago. No big deal.

Will: Yeah, well it seems like it was to him.

Mia: He's a total psycho. I want to forget about him, okay?

Will: Yeah. Sure.

Nathan: Here you go.

Arianna: Thank you. So we've got ourselves a doctor in the house.

Nathan: A lonely intern, actually.

Brady: Crazy hours I'll bet, huh?

Nathan: Oh, they're not that bad. I've gotten used to it.

Arianna: Yeah? I'm surprised you wanted to spend your day off here, Doc.

Brady: Wait a second. How did you get here? I thought you said the ferries aren't running again until tonight.

Nathan: Actually I took the Horton motorboat. It wasn't until halfway that I realized I was almost out of motor, so I almost didn't make it. Could've drowned.

Melanie: See? So we're just, uh, we're just gonna be stuck here together the whole day. Isn't that just--isn't that just a dream come true?

Stephanie: But when I suggested that we move away before, you didn't even consider it. You hated the idea.

Philip: Yeah, we should've done it, okay? Because everything would've been different if we had.

Stephanie: You're right.

Philip: The most important difference is we wouldn't be having this conversation. Look, I'm gonna go book the jet right now, okay?

Stephanie: Philip--

Philip: Look, all we have to do is pack our bags, get on a jet, and we'll be on the beach tomorrow.

Stephanie: Okay, you want to move to Greece where your father was born, where you still have family, and you consider that getting away from it all?

Philip: [Stammers] We'll go see your family. Yeah, how about that? We--we'll fly there and we'll help them out with what they're doing. What?

Stephanie: I'm just trying to picture you living in a hut and doing aid work.

Philip: Hey, hey, I was a Marine. I can do grunt work. Besides, don't you know I would do anything for you? I would do anything. I love you.

Stefano: Ah, I see Elvis gave you the locket. Lovely.

[Cell phone rings]

E.J.: Excuse me for a second. Sorry.

Nicole: Sure.

Stefano: And, uh, hopefully one day you'll pass it on to Sydney, huh?

E.J.: I'm--I'm sorry. This is about the custody case. Excuse me.

Stefano: Fine. [Sighs] [Grunts]

Nicole: Do you enjoy torturing me?

Stefano: Eh, it has its moments. I also get a kick out of, uh, trying to figure out what is up your sleeve on any given day. I mean, the latest of your devilish little exploits.

[Laughs] Oh, it is always something, isn't it?

Nicole: Why are you laughing?

Stefano: A scarf and sunglasses for a disguise? I am disappointed. Nicole, very amateurish, you know?

Nicole: I still don't know what you're talking about.

Stefano: Oh, of course you do. I'm talking about the pitiful little disguise that you came up with so that you could set up that clandestine little meeting between Giovanni and his sainted mother. [Chuckles] Ah, the lady doesn't even try to deny it.

Nicole: How did you find out?

Stefano: Nicole, when are you going to learn that I know everything about you, huh? You are slipping under all this pressure, you see?

Nicole: I am not slipping. I'm handling it, okay? Everything is under control.

Stefano: Oh, goodness, I certainly hope so. I really do, because I have seen my son's rage with Samantha because of what she has done. Ah ha ha. I cannot imagine what he will do when he finds out about your little appalling secrets, all right. I shudder to think.

Philip: Let me make love to you. Come on. Let's go upstairs.

Stephanie: Philip, look, I don't blame you for not believing me and for thinking that you can change my mind and just kiss me and make love to me and it'll all be okay.

Philip: But it can be.

Stephanie: No, it canít. It can't, okay? But you think it can because I've jerked you around so many times, broken up with you, gotten back together. It's no wonder you're having trouble accepting it this time.

Philip: So, what's changed?

Stephanie: Nothing. We just keep trying to change for each other, and we canít. It's not who we are.

Philip: I swear to God I will never let anyone hurt you again, ever again. I'd sooner die rather than--

Stephanie: Philip, I can't-- the only way I can be safe is if I'm not with you. As long as I'm not a Kiriakis, I don't have to be afraid. I don't have to be scared of the stupid DiMeras or your father.

Philip: Stephanie, just wait. Stephanie. Steph.

Stephanie: [Sighs]

Melanie: You can't be serious.

Nathan: What's the matter?

Melanie: The TV doesn't work. Do you think maybe the generator's broken? What are we supposed to do for the next five hours? What?

Nathan: Maybe it's the batteries. Let me see.

Brady: You want more to drink?

Arianna: Yeah, thanks.

Nathan: Remove these...

Melanie: What's that, Nathan? You like bird watching?

Nathan: What?

Melanie: That's such a funny coincidence because so do I. So we should go--oh. We should go bird watching. You think maybe they have emus on the island?

Nathan: I don't know. Maybe we should check.

Melanie: Bye, guys.

Nathan: Yeah.

Arianna: Thanks.

Brady: You're welcome.

Arianna: Now what? We have all this time to kill.

Brady: Yeah, um... you play poker?

Arianna: Mm, little. Not very good though.

Brady: It's all right. Not a problem. Have a seat. You know what? We won't play for a lot of money or anything. We'll just play for enough to keep it interesting. How about that?

Arianna: All right. Let's do it.

Brady: [Taps cards on table] Whoa, what happened to the bird watching?

Melanie: You guys have the whole cabin to yourself and you're gonna play go fish?

Arianna: Poker, actually.

Brady: Hey, you guys are free to join us if you want.

Nathan: Nice. No, deal me in.

Brady: All right. Melanie?

Melanie: Yeah, whatever.

Brady: What are we playing for?

Nathan: How about nickel, dime?

Brady: Okay.

Nathan: Or beers.

Melanie: I don't drink, so... besides, Maggie doesn't keep beer here or anywhere else.

Nathan: Right. Um, I wasn't thinking.

Melanie: And beer and money, that's boring.

Brady: That's boring, huh? You got any better suggestions, Melanie?

Melanie: Yeah, I do. How about strip poker? You guys interested?

Mia: I'm officially off duty.

Will: Oh, well do you want to go do something?

Mia: Sure. Like?

Will: Uh, I don't know. We could rent a movie or, oh, the new Goofy Golf place opened.

Mia: Oh, you sure about that? I'm, like, the Tiger Woods of Goofy Golf.

Will: Well, if your golf game's anything like your bowling.

Mia: That is so mean.

Will: What was the score? 172 to 49, I think.

Mia: 59, actually, and that wasn't my fault.

Will: Uh-huh?

Mia: The ball you made me use weighed a ton.

Will: Right. Excuses.

Mia: Ten bucks says I run you off the course.

Will: Ten bucks? You're on, Tiger. Oh, and maybe afterwards we could go to Buddyís.

Mia: Whatever. I'm gonna go home and change.

Will: Uh, okay. Do you want me to pick you up?

Mia: Uh, call me in an hour. We'll figure it out then.

Will: I don't think so.

Nicole: You may think that you've one-upped me, Stefano. But if you use your brain, you will realize that by not telling EJ that Sydney is Sami and his baby, well, that's like a weapon of mass destruction for me.

Stefano: Actually, hmm... it's more of a mutual assured destruction, which makes us allies, no?

Nicole: Well, if we're supposed to be allies, then why are you always threatening me?

Stefano: Because I am trying to remind you, Nicole, that your husband is a DiMera. And a DiMera will always choose his own blood if he is forced to make a choice.

Nicole: I don't have to listen to this. I need some air.

Stefano: Aye, aye, aye. You need some air, all right. This woman will not deprive me of my progeny. Hmm.

E.J.: You talking about Nicole?

Bo: Drinking on the job?

Philip: What do you want?

Bo: Called titan. They said you were working from home today.

Philip: You here to check up on me?

Bo: Ran into victor. He tried to convince me to back off so you and Stephanie could be happy. What's funny?

Philip: Two words that could never be used in the same sentence-- Kiriakis and happy.

Stefano: I was talking about Samantha, of course. Who else?

E.J.: You know, Father, I've been a little bit disconcerted by your reaction, or lack of reaction, actually, to your granddaughter's death. You seem unfazed.

Stefano: My goodness, I mean, no, it's--I'm mean-- I don't know--how can you say a thing like that? I mean, you know more than anybody that family is everything to me. You know that.

E.J.: I'm sorry. I'm probably just... paranoid, I suppose.

Stefano: Yeah, I mean, it could be paranoid. That could--yeah, that could be it, yes.

E.J.: I think what's going on is I'm just projecting onto you what I sense from Nicole.

Stefano: I don't follow.

E.J.: Well, I mean, she hasn't said it in so many words, but she's made it pretty clear that she thinks I'm being too hard on Samantha.

Stefano: Oh, yeah. It's strange, you know? Because I would assume that Nicole would want to see Samantha punished.

E.J.: But that's just the--I'm not punishing--you don't understand. I'm not punishing Samantha. It's not about doing that. But I don't want a woman who denied her child's birthright to raise my son. And I'm gonna make sure she doesnít.

Stephanie: Hmm.

Nicole: Stephanie, hi.

Stephanie: Nicole?

Nicole: You haven't seen Brady, have you? He's not at the mansion?

Stephanie: I wouldn't know.

Nicole: You do live there, don't you? He's about, hmm, yea tall, light-brown hair.

Stephanie: [Sighs]

Nicole: Okay, what did I say? What's wrong?

Stephanie: Philip and I are over. I, um, called off the engagement.

Nicole: What? Why would you do that? I'm sorry. I mean, that's awful. What happened?

Stephanie: Do you have to ask?

Nicole: Did you get in a fight?

Stephanie: I'm not a Kiriakis, and I can't live like one.

Nicole: Because of what happened to you?

Stephanie: I was expected to help your husband, who had me kidnapped and put in a morgue drawer over my cousin Sami, whose daughter died, and now she's losing her son to EJ.

Nicole: Wait a minute, so does this mean that you're gonna testify against EJ at Johnnyís custody hearing tomorrow?

Stephanie: I'm gonna do what's right.

Will: Stay away from Mia.

Chad: Wow, you're scaring me, man.

Will: I'm serious. Stay the hell away from her.

Chad: Like you have, you mean?

Will: What?

Chad: Like all the guys at West left her alone?

Will: Dude, what are you talking about?

Chad: Oh, why would they? Or you? Leave her alone, I mean. She's seriously hot.

Will: Hey, shut up.

Chad: Hey, you've got good taste in women. So be proud of that. Come on, high five. No? All right.

Will: Mia's right. You are a psycho.

Chad: No, she wouldn't say that about me. Not my girl Mia. And you know, I'm surprised she didn't tell you about us.

Will: Oh, no, she did. Yeah. She said, what was it? Oh, yeah, you guys were no big deal.

Chad: [Scoffs] That's what she told you, huh?

Will: Yeah.

Chad: No mention of how into me she was? Always calling, texting, dying to see me. "Chad, I miss you. Chad, where are you? Chad, did you get my message?"

Will: Look, I don't give a damn about your lies, Chad. You and Mia are finished. So get over it.

Mia: [Sighs] This can't be happening. Why did he have to come back?

Mia: Hey, Elise.

Elise: Check your email. I just sent you some pics.

Mia: Oh, from the dance? Did you get any of Paco break dancing? That was so cool.

Elise: Well, well. What's this? Your fifth period art project?

Mia: Elise.

Elise: "Mrs. Chad Peterson"? [Chuckles]

Mia: Okay, give it back to me.

Elise: Bet you want to be his baby mama too, right?

Mia: Would you stop? I donít. Not yet. Not ever. Okay, okay. Maybe someday. [Sighs] Mia: How can I forget... when our baby's right here in Salem?

Brady: Strip poker?

Melanie: Yeah, I am super awesome at poker. One time I got a royal blush.

Nathan: Oh, is that higher or lower than a royal flush?

Melanie: Uh, the one with all the same color, right? Or the one where you have two of one kind and three of another?

Brady: That's a full house, Mel.

Melanie: No, no, that's the show with the twins in it, right?

Arianna: Maybe this isn't such a good idea, 'cause Iím not that good at poker at all.

Melanie: No, no, no, it'll be great. We'll have teams. We'll have the boys against the girls.

Brady: Yeah, I'm down.

Nathan: Deal me in. So maybe you should get that beach towel handy, Mel. You're gonna need it.

Melanie: Yeah?

Brady: This is gonna be awesome.

Bo: So what happened?

Philip: It's over. Stephanie called off the engagement.

Bo: I'm sorry.

Philip: What, you're surprised?

Bo: What happened?

Philip: Our father happened.

Nicole: What do you mean you're gonna do what's right?

Stephanie: I guess you're gonna have to wait till tomorrow to find out. Now if you'll excuse me--

Nicole: You can't testify against EJ. Do you understand me?

Stephanie: Are you really trying to talk me out of this after what he did to me?

Nicole: You have no proof that EJ had anything to do with that nutcase who held you prisoner.

Stephanie: Okay. Nicole, I understand that you want to be loyal to your husband, but there has to be a conscience in there somewhere. You're a mother now. Do you not have empathy for Sami at all?

Nicole: Yes, of course I do.

Stephanie: Then why are you doing this? And how the hell can you be married to someone like that?

Nicole: [Sighs] I love my husband, and he is Sydneyís father. And I will do anything to protect my family.

Victor: I see you were talking to Nicole. No treaties were signed, I trust.

Arianna: I'm out.

Melanie: You're out? Gosh, all I have is, um... a pair of 5s and three aces. Oh, did-- didn't we call that a full house? Is that what that was? This a full house, ladies?

Arianna: Come on, cough it up, guys. Let's go.

Melanie: Off. Pants off. Off.

Nathan: I do not believe this.

Melanie: Yeah? That's what it was called, right, a full house? All the way. There we go. All right. Yep, right there in the center. Oh, there we go. That's--that's fine. It is, uh--it's nitty-gritty time, babies. Dealing again.

Bo: So what did Victor do? Did he say something to Stephanie?

Philip: Hmm, he didn't have to. He just is, which would make any good woman run. I mean, look at us. Look at us Kiriakis men-- Brady, me, my dad. I don't know, man. You got out. You're lucky.

Bo: I'm not lucky. I was raised a Brady. It's different for you. You were groomed to take over for the old man. I did give it a try, you know, when I first found out that he was my father. Hope and I moved into this drafty old place.

Philip: Yeah, but you're not living here anymore.

Bo: Nah, couldn't make it work.

Philip: Any regrets?

Bo: Never. You're gonna have to figure out what's important to you, man. Money, power, or Stephanie. A woman like that--you can't have both. You're gonna have to make a choice.

Stephanie: I can't even talk to Nicole DiMera without you thinking we're hatching some sort of plot?

Victor: Stephanie, you are about to become a Kiriakis, and when you do--

Stephanie: No, no, no, no, no.

Victor: No?

Stephanie: I guess you haven't heard the news. Um...Iím not about to become a Kiriakis at all.

Victor: What are you talking about?

Stephanie: Philip and I are over.

Victor: Like hell you are.

Nicole: Hey, honey, what are you doing?

E.J.: I'm just going over some papers for the custody hearing. Where were you? You didn't tell me you were leaving.

Nicole: EJ, we have to talk about this Sami thing, because everything's changed.

Hope: I couldn't do it, Brady. I couldn't go through it again.

Arianna: I'm sorry, but I don't think this is gonna work.

Stephanie: Just let me go. Just say good-bye.

Nicole: EJ, is that what you want? Is that what you want for your son?

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