Days Transcript Tuesday 6/30/09

Days of Our Lives Transcript Tuesday 6/30/09 - Canada; Wednesday 7/1/09 - U.S.A.


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Kate: What... is something wrong, Chloe?

Chloe: Yeah, this apple tastes funny.

Kate: What are you doing?

Chloe: Throwing it out.

Maggie: Towels. Oh, many towels. Yes, many, many towels.

Melanie: Hi, Maggie.

Maggie: Hey. Well, it looks like somebody's been shopping.

Melanie: There may have been a swimsuit sale at Barron's.

Maggie: Aha.

Melanie: What's going on?

Maggie: Oh, I'm getting my cleaning supplies ready for the cabin. Oh, paper towels, please.

Melanie: Oh, yeah, sure.

Maggie: Do you think 7:00 is too early? I'd like to try and get that first ferry out in the morning.

Melanie: Uh, Maggie. I know you wanted me and Nathan to help you, uh, clean the cabin-

Maggie: Melanie, you're not backing out, are you?

Melanie: No! No, no. No. No. I'm excited to, uh, scrub the floors and change the screens on the window. I was just thinking, why are you going? You know, you, um--you have to, um...take care of the restaurant. And water your plants.

Maggie: Mm-hmm. Okay. Cut to the chase.

Melanie: Yeah, um, can you not go?

Maggie: Me? Can I-- okay. Just what are you up to, Melanie Layton?

Arianna: Ooh!

Brady: Ooh!

Arianna: Hey.

Rafe: Sami. Sami, you just told me, not even 15 minutes ago, that you weren't gonna ask any more questions about Emily.

Sami: Okay, okay. I'm sorry, I just--

Rafe: Okay, you need to promise me that you'll not bring her name up or ask anything else about her ever again. Do you understand? Never.

Sami: What I understand is that it doesn't make sense for you to be so upset about me asking a question about this woman. Do you realize that that's just making me more curious? Curious isn't even the right word. Rafe, I love you. Okay? And that just makes me want to know everything about you. And obviously this Emily woman is--is important to you. She was a part of your past, and... I don't understand why you won't talk to me about her.

Kate: You just gonna throw it away?

Chloe: Yeah, it tastes weird.

Kate: Honey, it's a granny smith. It's supposed to be sour.

Chloe: I didn't say sour. I said it tastes weird.

Kate: Oh, Daniel, it looks like your housewarming gift was a bust, 'cause she doesn't like your apples.

Chloe: I didn't say I don't like-- you know what? Fine. I'll just eat the damn thing.

Kate: No, don't do that just because I suggested it. I mean, if you think it's rotten, then--

Chloe: It's probably fine, okay? I'm probably overreacting. Great. Mmm, see? It's fine.

Brady: You all right?

Arianna: Sorry.

Brady: Sorry, no. I'm sorry.

Arianna: Sorry, I'm fine.

Brady: You all right?

Arianna: Yeah, I just--I got to go. I'll see you.

Brady: Okay, yeah. See you around.

Arianna: Brady.

Brady: Yeah?

Arianna: Look, I know I shouldn't be asking you this. But is there any way you can talk to Sami? Convince her to stop seeing my brother?

Rafe: My not talking to you about this is not the point.

Sami: Then what is the point?

Rafe: Well, what bothers me is that you agreed not to ask me any more questions about Emily, and then I come here, and you are asking my sister about her.

Sami: Okay, I was wrong. I shouldn't have done it. I'm sorry.

Rafe: Yeah, well, you broke your promise.

Sami: My promise?

Rafe: Yeah.

Sami: I didn't come here to ask Arianna about this Emily person. It just happened, okay? It wasn't premeditated. I only did it because I care... about you. I just want to know about your life, your past.

Rafe: Well, fine. You will know about my life and my past when I choose to tell you about them. And if you're gonna revert to your old habits like you were in the safe house, lying and sneaking around and invading people's privacy, then this isn't gonna work, okay? We're done.

Chloe: Yeah, I guess it tastes fine. It's just a little more sour than I'm used to. Want a bite?

Daniel: Uh, no. Thanks.

Kate: No, thank you. So if the two of you aren't doing anything, what do you say we head over to the java cafe? We could discuss the show. And we can get Allie a treat.

Chloe: Yeah, I-I don't think that'd be too much fun for Allie.

Kate: Oh, come on. She has her toys. Oh, there she is now!

Allie: [Squeals]

Chloe: Hi.

Kate: Oh, sweetie. Sweetie, how would you like to take Chloe and Daniel for a treat? That'd be fun, wouldn't it? Of course it would. Yeah, I mean, actually, we haven't discussed the show at all. The only segment we have is the one on hair ornaments, and I don't think the audience is gonna watch an hour about scrunchies and headbands, do you?

Daniel: Yeah. You know, as much as I'd like to help, I have a, uh, a meeting at the hospital.

Chloe: Oh, and I told Lucas I'd be home early.

Daniel: Yeah, then why don't we just get together tomorrow, and we could, um--

Chloe: Yeah.

Daniel: Give us some time to come up with some ideas.

Chloe: Right.

Kate: [Scoffs] Wow.

Daniel: What?

Kate: I'm just disappointed, that's all.

Chloe: Uh, disappointed? Why?

Kate: Thought your little friendship was over.

Chloe: It is! Of course it is.

Kate: Okay, well, then there's no reason that we can't get together, right? We're professionals. We can do our job. That's reasonable. Right?

Maggie: So let me take a wild guess. You want to be alone with Nathan, and my being there will cramp your style.

Melanie: Actually, I don't want Nathan there either.

Maggie: You don't?

Melanie: No. See, I have these two friends. [Laughs] I have two friends.

Maggie: Yes, you do.

Melanie: [Giggling] Aunt Maggie, I have two friends.

Maggie: Aw.

Melanie: Um, I-I have these two friends that, um, are perfect for each other, and they just don't know it. Or they do know it, and they just don't want to admit it. I don't--that's even more annoying. I don't know.

Maggie: So you want to play matchmaker.

Melanie: Right. I was thinking if they accidentally got stranded together on that deserted island in the heat of the summer, one thing might lead to another, you know what I'm saying?

Maggie: Yes, I do, I do. And I keep wondering. What is in it for you?

Brady: Well, that's a pretty strange request. I mean, that's downright bizarre, actually.

Arianna: Why?

Brady: Wh--you want me to go tell Sami to break up with Rafe?

Arianna: Not tell her, exactly. I just thought maybe you could point it out, why it might be a good idea.

Brady: Arianna, why are you asking me to do something like this?

Arianna: Look, I'm protective of my brother, okay? And I think Sami's all wrong for him.

Brady: That's not your call, is it? I mean, it's not mine either. If they're happy with each other, then I'm happy for them. I mean, you should be too.

Arianna: Fine. I get it. You're a wonderful, generous person. I'm just some big downer. Take it easy.

Brady: Wait-- what is her deal?

Sami: So you're threatening to break up with me because I asked a question?

Rafe: Because you did exactly what I asked you not to do.

Sami: You know, I-I can't believe after everything we have been through, that this is--[Sighs] This is what pushes you over the edge? And--and how come you get to have secrets from me, anyway?

Rafe: Emily is not a secret. There are just certain things in my life that I need to keep private.

Sami: Really? Okay. So you get to keep things private, but you get to know everything about me? How is that fair?

Chloe: All right. Soy vanilla latte, extra shot for the lady.

Kate: Fabulous. Where's our Allie-cat?

Chloe: Oh, uh, we just saw one of her friends from camp. She's right over there.

Kate: Oh. Okay. Anyway, I have a brilliant idea for an episode.

Daniel: Yeah?

Kate: Yeah. We're gonna do a segment about Chloe and Daniel.

Chloe: What?

Kate: Well, you share so much airtime together, I think the audience should know the truth about you.

Lucas: What truth about them?

Melanie: What's in it for me? What, am I too selfish to do something nice for somebody else just because? Yeah, you're right. That sounds a little shocking. [Laughs] But I don't know what I got to do to prove to you that I'm gonna be a better person. I haven't gotten in a fight in, like, three months. And--and I let a woman cut in front of me in line today to use the restroom.

Maggie: Oh, that is certainly progress.

Melanie: I still haven't sold you, have I? Look, I-I know I'm not a saint, but I'm really trying.

Maggie: I grant you that.

Melanie: And I think people are starting to notice, like Philip and Stephanie. I don't want to brag, but had I not helped find Stephanie at the morgue, I don't even want to know what might've happened.

Maggie: Yeah, that was very brave what you did, Melanie. It was.

Melanie: You say that, but your eyes say, "I can't trust her as far as I can throw her."

Maggie: Now, I don't think that. I do trust you. And I believe you've changed. You're very young. You're--you're a work in progress.

Melanie: I like that.

Maggie: Mm.

Melanie: I am a work in progress.

Maggie: And I have every faith in you that you can be a very generous soul when you want to be.

[Both chuckle]

Melanie: Maggie.

Maggie: What?

Melanie: I just figured that since you're being so nice, I should tell you the truth.

Maggie: Okay.

Melanie: Okay, while most of me is doing this to help my friends out, um, a-a little part of me is doing this because I think it might be good for me.

Maggie: what way?

Melanie: I was just thinking that if I set my friends up and it works, it'll be good karma, and then I'll find somebody, like... someone who loves me for who I am. Do you think that would ever happen?

Maggie: Oh.

Arianna: Are you following me?

Brady: Well, hey. Last time I checked, this was a public place, so...

Arianna: Okay. This is, uh... this is weird.

Brady: Listen, um... I am worried about you.

Sami: We spent all those months together in that safe house. And I trusted you with my life, with my daughter's life. And I fell in love with you, and--and that means I wanted to share everything with you, because that's what people do when they love each other... at least that's what I thought.

Rafe: Look, it's just that--

Sami: No, it's fine. It's fine, okay?

Rafe: No.

Sami: If I crossed a line, I'm sorry.

Rafe: Sami, you just didn't--

Sami: No--you know, you're the one who said I'm reverting back to my old ways. What about you? Do you know how it makes me feel, shutting me out like that, keeping me in the dark? Like it doesn't matter what I-- that is you reverting back to

your old ways. And here's the thing, I-- I'm not gonna live like that.

Rafe: Okay.

Sami: I can't. I just can't.

Kate: Lucas, I thought you were going to the office.

Chloe: Well, I called him and told him to come here to pick up Allie. But, uh, hey, she's over there playing with her friend Caden. Um, I-I can go get her.

Lucas: No, I'll do it. It's fine. What's this about you and Daniel?

Kate: Well, do you want to tell him, or should I?

Chloe: Oh, it's--it's not important.

Kate: What do you mean it's not important? Don't be so modest. We're going to do a segment on these two.

Lucas: Oh, nice. What's the angle?

Kate: Well, I think the angle is leukemia, really, I mean, Chloe surviving leukemia against all odds. She goes into remission, and then she turns around, and she donates her bone marrow to me. She saves me. What a story. And here's the man who did it all--the maestro.

Lucas: I like it. I like it. It puts a face on cancer. Maybe some of our viewers will, uh, consider getting screened.

Chloe: We haven't agreed to anything yet.

Daniel: No.

Lucas: Well, why not? It's a great idea. You should do it. Come on.

Chloe: Well, I didn't do anything. Daniel's the one who saved Kate's life.

Daniel: No, well, you had the courage to be a donor, especially being a cancer survivor yourself. You risked your life to save Kate. That's a pretty big deal.

Lucas: Yeah, yeah, come on. Daniel's right.

Daniel: You are the one who deserves it.

Chloe: [Sighs] Would you stop say--oh.

Daniel: What is it?

Lucas: Chloe, are you okay?

Chloe: Yeah.

Arianna: I'm the one that should be worried. Seems like I've got a stalker.

Brady: Okay, look, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to follow you. That wasn't right. It's just that, uh...

Arianna: It's just that what?

Brady: [Sighs] Never mind. I'll see you around.

Arianna: Okay. [Laughs] You can't do that, Brady. You can't just say something like that and then walk away.

Brady: I thought that's what you wanted me to do was walk away.

Arianna: What I want is to know why you followed me. Why are you so worried about me?

Brady: I'm concerned because you seem a little... it's...

Arianna: Go on.

Brady: Tense, all right? You seem wired and high-strung.

Arianna: Wow. Sorry we can't all be as laid-back and chill as you, Brady.

Brady: See, that's why I shouldn't have said anything, right there.

Arianna: Yeah, next time you insult someone, make sure you know them first.

Brady: Okay, Ari, here's what I'm trying to say. If you would just relax a little bit and let things roll off your back a little bit more, every once in a while I see a glimpse of who you really are. And I like her. I do. I think she's fun. I think she's really cool. And I think she's really interesting.

Arianna: Okay. Look, Brady. I really appreciate what you're trying to do. And aside from the creepy stalker thing...

[Both chuckle]

Arianna: I-I think you're a really nice guy. Um, I'm just... but I'm just not--

Brady: You know what? Me neither.

Rafe: Sami.

Sami: Will? Hey.

Rafe: Sami.

Sami: Will, are you home?

Rafe: Would you slow down here for a second, please? Sami. Where are you going now?

Sami: I'm going to get the mail.

Rafe: Would you stop? Can we just talk, please?

Sami: There's nothing to talk about.

Rafe: Look, I don't want to fight with you. I don't.

Sami: There's nothing to fight about either, right? Because we're done.

Rafe: Okay, look, I was angry, and I overreacted. Okay?

Sami: You think?

Rafe: I'm sorry if I hurt your feelings. Sami--

Sami: [Scoffs]

Rafe: You're right, okay? We have some trust issues. But I'm hoping we can work through them, because I love you.

Sami: You don't even know me.

Rafe: What?

Sami: You don't even know me. You were surprised that I talked to your sister about this--this Emily person, whoever she is? Are you kidding me? That's who I am. That's what I do. That's the kind of person I am. And I didn't mean to do it. It just sort of happened, because I'm impulsive. That's also the kind of person I am. Is it really possible that you have known me this long and you don't know anything about me?

Rafe: No, I just thought that it would be different, okay?

Sami: Yeah, well, I thought that too. But obviously it's not.

Rafe: No.

Sami: I mean, I-I thought... that you were good for me. I thought we were-- so just go. Okay? I'm not reverting back to anything. This is who I am. This... it's just me. And if you can't--if you can't handle that... then we don't have a future.

Daniel: Here, why don't I go get you some aspirin?

Lucas: Honey, you do look a little pale.

Kate: Oh, honey. Your hands are clammy.

Chloe: Ugh, it's just a headache, people. That's all.

Lucas: Look, why don't you come home with, uh, Allie and me, okay?

Kate: Oh, Lucas, come on. We're in the middle of a meeting.

Lucas: Mom, if she's not feeling well, she shouldn't be here.

Chloe: I'm fine, okay? I just need some caffeine. Look.

Daniel: All right. And some aspirin. So here you go.

Lucas: You know what? I'm gonna get you some water too.

Chloe: Okay, what I need is for you people to stop hovering, okay? I'm--it's just a headache. I'm not dying here.

Arianna: You neither?

Brady: Right.

Arianna: You neither what?

Brady: Oh, whatever you were about to say, uh, the exact same thing goes for me too.

Arianna: Hmm. I was about to say that, uh, not ready to get into a relationship right now with anyone.

Brady: Right. And--and that would mean that you thought I was hitting on you, right?

Arianna: No, no, I--I didn't say that.

Brady: Let me--let me--let me clarify for you. I wasn't hitting on you, okay? And I'm sorry--you know what? There's this awkward thing going on between us right now. And I-I'm not sure why. But I have a theory. See, this town--the good people of this town--whenever there are two people who aren't spoken for and they're in the same room together, you know what they do, they pounce on them.

Arianna: Mm-hmm.

Brady: Couple alert. Like, you know, they got to be together. You know, and it's--it's silly. God forbid anybody's single in this town, right? I mean, you got to have a significant other, or--or it's just wrong.

Arianna: Exactly.

Brady: You know, it's just crazy.

Arianna: Exactly. That is how people seem to think here, you know? And I-I actually resent it. See, I've been on my own for a while, and I happen to prefer it. I'm an independent person, and I enjoy my own company.

Brady: Uh, I--so do I.

Arianna: Okay.

Brady: I mean, I enjoy my own company. I don't enjoy your company. Not that--wait, wait. Not that I don't enjoy your company, but that's not what I meant. I'm rambling. Right? Yeah.

Arianna: It's okay. I got what you meant.

Brady: Yeah.

Arianna: And--and this whole friends thing, I mean--

Brady: Oh, come on.

Arianna: It's--it's forced, right, at this point? We hardly know each other. So, you know, next time we run into each other at the pub or... wherever, we can just be friendly, polite, say our hellos.

Brady: Totally. That's what we'll do, we'll--

Arianna: Don't have to put it out there that we're friends.

Brady: We'll say hellos. That's what we'll do. It sounds reasonable to me.

Arianna: Okay, great.

Brady: Yeah, it's good.

Arianna: I should, uh, get going.

Brady: I got to--I got to go. I got stuff to do.

Arianna: Okay. See you around?

Brady: Yeah. I'll, uh, see you around.

Rafe: I'm not leaving, Sami. Okay? I just... just because things get tough between us... you always revert back to this thing where you say that you're protecting me, like, you know, you don't want me to feel obligated to stay here.

Sami: Yeah, well, I'm not protecting you. I'm protecting me.

Rafe: From what?

Sami: From being hurt by you.

Rafe: Really? Okay. Is that what you want? You want me to walk out that door right now and never come back? We're gonna fight, Sami. It just happens. It's part of life. Maybe we're even going to say some things that we regret. It just... it does not mean that we give up on each other, though. Would you look at me, please? I love you. I do, I-- I even love all the impulsive stuff you do, and... I just don't like the lying. I'm sorry you feel shut out. I don't mean to make you feel that way. It's just... [Sighs] I can't...I can't.

Sami: I love you too. I love you so much.

Lucas: Chloe, why don't you relax? We're just trying to help you.

Chloe: I'm sorry. I didn't mean to be rude. I'm just not some delicate little flower, okay? I'm fine. Really.

Lucas: All right. Hey, look. There she is.

Chloe: Hi.

Lucas: Come here--you got a big hug for your daddy? Do you? Oh, someone has had some ice cream, I see, and this close to dinner.

Kate: I'm sorry. That was me. I thought she deserved a little treat.

Chloe: And yet before, you said that she shouldn't have an apple before dinner.

Kate: Really, did I say that? Well, this is ice cream. It's more fun. More difficult to resist.

Lucas: Yeah, yeah, that makes a lot of sense, mom. Thanks. Are you gonna eat dinner? Are you gonna eat a hot dog and macaroni too? Or are you full of all this ice cream?

Chloe: I'll see you later at home, okay, honey?

Lucas: You know, Chloe, I really think you should come home with us.

Chloe: Lucas.

Lucas: All right. All right. I'll--I'll back off. At least you got a doctor here with you. And, mom, don't you let her wear herself down, okay?

Kate: Oh, I'm gonna take very good care of her.

Lucas: Well, I love you.

Chloe: Love you too. Love you.

Lucas: Say, "bye-bye."

Chloe: Bye-bye, sweetheart. See you later.

Lucas: We're out of here. Say, "see ya!"

Kate: Okay, back to business. So we were talking about the doctor-patient relationship, right?

[Cell phone rings]

Kate: Damn it, I have to take this. Chris, what is it? No, a color copy. I need color copy, not black and white. Okay, get them to comp it. Chris, do it. Make it work.

Chloe: What happened?

Kate: Oh, never mind. But I have to go. We still don't have enough ideas for the shows, though, so work it out.

Chloe: Um, how about obnoxious and demanding bosses? How's that for an idea?

Daniel: [Laughs] Yeah. Now, why don't I, uh, give you a ride home?

Chloe: I told you, I'm fine.

Daniel: No, let me, please.

Chloe: I can drive myself home.

Daniel: You look a little pale. I just want to keep an eye on you.

Brady: Melanie.

Melanie: Hey, Brady. I'm, uh, just trying to look important.

Brady: Yeah, I got your call. What did you want?

Melanie: I got you some coffee.

Brady: Thank you. What do you want?

Melanie: Uh...I volunteered to help Maggie get the Horton cabin ready for the summer.

Brady: Oh, that's very, very nice of you.

Melanie: I know. The thing is, Maggie can't go anymore, and I can't do it by myself. So I was thinking maybe we could clean it together?

Brady: Wow, that sounds like a blast, Mel.

Melanie: It will be. Plus, you know, it'll be good for your biceps. Wax on, wax off.

Brady: Why do I feel like you're Tom Sawyer trying to get me to paint the fence?

Melanie: Who?

Brady: Don't worry about it. You want me to do all the work, right?

Melanie: No! No, I'll be working, too, on my tan. [Laughs] I'm just kidding. Seriously, though, I'll bring pizza, music. It'll be fun. Please?

Brady: When did you--when did you say this was?

Melanie: Tomorrow.

Brady: Tomorrow?

Melanie: Yeah, but it won't take all day if we work together. Be a sport.

Brady: Be a sport. All right, okay. I will help you.

Melanie: Whoo-hoo!

Brady: I could use the distraction.

Chloe: Oh.

Daniel: What is it? All right, Chloe, come on.

Chloe: No, I'm fine.

Daniel: No, you're not fine. No more excuses. I am taking you home. Come on.

Kate: [Exhales deeply]

Daniel: Come here. Chloe, please. You risked your life for her.

[Audio rewinding]

Chloe: Daniel, don't say that.

[Audio rewinding]

Daniel: Chloe, please.

Chloe: Daniel, don't--

Maggie: Call the distributor. Yeah, ask for Jason. If there are any problems, have them call me on my cell. Okay, thanks, Patrice. Bye. Sorry. Minor crisis at chez rouge.

Brady: All right. If you need to skip out on the meeting tonight, I understand.

Maggie: Oh, absolutely not. Uh, just have to get my things. Um, my purse, cell phone. Where did--cell phone. Hold on. Nathan! I'm leaving. Okay. Do you want me to drive? Brady?

Brady: Huh?

Maggie: Hello.

Brady: Yeah--oh. Sorry--sorry, Maggie. I just--I have a lot on my mind.

Maggie: Uh, is, um, everything all right?

Brady: Oh, yeah. No, no. I-I see what you're thinking. No, it's nothing like that. I'm not in any trouble. I'm fine, it's just, uh...

Maggie: Okay, phew.

Brady: It's just, uh... it's this woman. A woman--I met a woman.

Maggie: Oh, okay.

Brady: And I can't, uh, stop thinking about her.

Melanie: Ari. Hey.

Arianna: Got your text. What's up?

Melanie: Um, are you working tomorrow?

Arianna: No, I finally have a day off. Why?

Melanie: Yay! Uh, my landlady, she's this total slave driver. She wants me to help get her cabin ready for the summer, and I'm like, "Girl, if you have enough money to have a cabin, you have enough money to hire someone to clean your junk," you know what I mean?

Arianna: Just tell her you're busy.

Melanie: Uh, the thing is, I kind of feel obligated, 'cause she gives me such a good deal on rent.

Arianna: Well, looks like you're stuck.

Melanie: Yeah, but I was thinking it would go a lot faster if I had someone to help me clean.

Arianna: Mm. Gee. You, uh, wouldn't mean someone like me, would you? [Both sigh]

Sami: Hey, Rafe, listen. I, um...

Rafe: Sami... just know that I would never do anything to hurt you. I love you.

Kate: [Sighs]

Lucas: All right, I should have everything we need right here.

Kate: You have the color copies?

Lucas: Yeah, Chris said we got comped.

Kate: Great. Honey, I'm sorry that you have to work tonight. I know you wanted to spend the evening with Allie.

Lucas: That's all right. I told roman I'd pick her up in about an hour. It's not gonna take that long, right?

Kate: You expecting a phone call?

Lucas: Oh, I just--I called Chloe to make sure she was feeling better, and I guess her phone's been turned off.

Kate: Honey, why are you worried so much? Hasn't she ever had a headache before?

Lucas: You know what, Mom? She has a history of medical problems. Don't you think I have a right to be overprotective about it?

Kate: Look, I'm--

Lucas: What, I can't be concerned about my own wife, is that it?

Kate: Sweetie, believe me, I am proud of you for being such a loving husband.

Lucas: No, you're not.

Kate: What?

Lucas: Don't give me that. You think I'm whipped. Just go ahead and say it.

Kate: That is absolutely not true. I think you're a really wonderful husband. I just hope she is smart enough to know that she's lucky.

Lucas: No, Mom. I am the lucky one, thank you.

Kate: Now why are you saying it like that? Why are you frowning?

Forget it, all right? I don't want to do this.

Kate: No, Lucas, what?

Lucas: Well, it's just lately, Mom, every time Chloe opens her mouth, you seem to be disgusted or disappointed in some way.

Kate: Really?

Lucas: Yeah.

Kate: Really? Aren't I the one who gave her a job?

Lucas: Mm-hmm, yeah, a job she didn't want.

Kate: Oh, of course, because being a TV celebrity is so terrible.

Lucas: No, Mom, she's a singer, okay?

Kate: Uh-huh, a singer without a career.

Lucas: You see that? Right there. That's nasty. Not only is it nasty, it's not true. She was offered the lead in that opera that was gonna take place in Vancouver.

Kate: Really? Are you sure it wasn't an audition?

Lucas: Oh, what, now you're--you're calling her a liar? Is that what you're saying?

Kate: No, no. I just think it's a little odd that she would get a lead in an opera without an audition. I mean, she's not exactly Maria Callas.

Lucas: You know what, this conversation is over.

Kate: Lucas, come on.

Lucas: Mom, I want to get to work.

Kate: Lucas, please. Lucas, look at me. Look at me.

Lucas: What?

Kate: I have respect for Chloe, for her talent, for her beauty, and most of all the fact that she makes you very happy. That is all I need from her, really. That's it. Now, are we okay?

Lucas: Yeah, I'm just gonna see if she picks up the phone this time.

Kate: Yeah, absolutely. I think you should.

Lucas: Yeah, right, now you're concerned.

Kate: Well, yes, I'm concerned. I thought she had a headache, but she didn't call you back, and that worries me. I'm just as protective about her as you are. Her health is very precious to me.

Daniel: Steady. You got your keys?

Chloe: Yeah, it's, um--it's in here somewhere. [Sighs]

Daniel: You know what? Here, just let me. Take--take--just take a breath, all right?

Chloe: Oh, God.

Daniel: What is it? Come here. Come here, come here. Here.

Chloe: No, I'm--I'm fine, okay? I just need...

Daniel: Oh, my God, you're burning up. Chl--whoa, whoa. Chloe? Chloe?

Maggie: Um, so is--is she, um, this woman you can't keep your mind off, anyone I know?

Brady: Uh, you know, I'd rather not say, just not yet.

Maggie: Not even a hint?

Brady: Well, I keep bumping into her. I mean, I literally keep bumping into her everywhere, and we couldn't be more different. We're completely opposites. You know, but like I said, I mean, I can't stop thinking about her. It's crazy, and I'm telling you this. Why am I telling you this? I'm embarrassed that-- I'm sorry.

Maggie: No, no, no, don't be sorry. You know I love romantic stuff like this.

Brady: Maggie, it's hardly romantic. No. I hardly even know her.

Maggie: Okay. Well, do you think that she can also not keep her mind off you?

Brady: I don't know. I mean, I think she likes me, but she'd never admit it. I mean, she will never admit it.

Maggie: And why do you say that?

Brady: 'Cause she's said something to me about not wanting to be in a relationship at this time.

Maggie: Ooh. So what did you say?

Brady: I told her exactly the same thing, actually.

Maggie: Hmm.

Brady: And all of a sudden, I'm in junior high all over again.

Maggie: Well, you know what I think?

Brady: Please tell me.

Maggie: I think you should take your time with this woman. You haven't been in recovery all that long, and, um, you know, maybe it's just a little too soon to dive into a relationship.

Brady: You know, you're right. Maggie, you're right. I'm gonna make a point to keep my distance.

Melanie: What a great idea. I never even thought to ask you.

Arianna: Exactly how I want to spend my day off.

Melanie: Probably not, but it'll go by really fast, and then we can play and lay by the pool and get a tan and talk about guys.

Arianna: No, no guys. I'm done with them.

Melanie: Huh. Okay, well, then, if I promise not to talk about guys, will you help me?

Arianna: Sure. Why not?

Sami: Oh, God. [Clears throat]

Rafe: Well, I don't know about you, but I'm hungry.

Sami: [Laughs] Is that, um, your subtle way of asking for dinner?

Rafe: That depends. You cooking?

Sami: [Scoffs]

Rafe: I'm just saying, I don't think my stomach could handle another one of those burned grilled cheese.

Sami: All right, aged gourmet chef. It was Cajun style.

Rafe: Right. Cajun. It wasn't real Cajun.

Sami: Okay, fine. Okay, fine. We'll order out. Um, Chinese? Thai? My treat.

Rafe: Your treat? All right, well, let's get some lobster, then. Or, uh, Chinese is good. I like it.

Sami: [Sniffs] Okay. Um, the usual?

Rafe: Yeah. Get me some of the, uh, wonton soup too, please.

Sami: Okay, I'll--I'll call.

Rafe: All right. I'm gonna go, uh, grab a shower.

Sami: You're treat, Sami? You better... [Chuckles] Have more than $2. Sorry, Rafe. Guess we're...

[Ominous music]

Sami: "Emily Hudson. September 15, 1978... March 28, 2007."

Next Week on Days:

Arianna: No more digging about Emily?

Rafe: We agreed to leave the past in the past.

Sami: Emily...Hudson.

Sami: Is there a chance I could lose custody of Johnny because of one of your secrets?

E.J.: You understand why she didn't tell me about Grace till after she was dead? You understand, do you?!

Nicole: You're gonna testify against E.J. at Johnny's custody hearing tomorrow?

Bo: Stephanie deserves honesty.

Philip: I love her, and I don't want to lose her.

Stephanie: Just let me go. Just say good-bye.

Kate: A mother's work is never done.

Daniel: Chloe! Chloe, hang on to me. Chloe?!

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