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Days of Our Lives Transcript Tuesday 6/16/09 - Canada; Wednesday 6/17/09 - U.S.A.


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Melanie: LondonÖsick people.

Maxine: Melanie.

Melanie: Ooh, yeah.

Maxine: Standing around reading brochures isn't your job here. Go deliver those to the patients.

Melanie: Uh, I have a better idea.

Maxine: Oh, you do, huh?

Melanie: Yeah, I've decided that taking care of sick people is boring, so... um, I quit. [Giggles] Oh, my--I'm s-- hi.

Kate: Angela needs to let everyone know this is H & H TV's first taping, so most likely we'll be going late.

Chris: Absolutely. We also have to find another doctor for the medical segment since the intense Dr. Jonas turned us down. I took the liberty of asking several other young doctors who might be interested. I also took their pictures and printed it out for you.

Kate: What are you talking about? I gave you instructions. I need Daniel.

Daniel: Oh...

Chloe: Good morning. I've been waiting for you.

Stephanie: [Voice breaking] Phil, I'm so sorry.

Philip: Forget about it.

Stephanie: "The new car for Miss Stephanie has been delivered and is parked in the driveway."

Philip: Hey, hey, you graduated from college. I figured a little gift was in order.

Stephanie: I'm so embarrassed.

Philip: Don't be.

Stephanie: I've ruined everything.

Philip: No, no, you didnít. You didnít.

Stephanie: Yes, I did! I'm so paranoid lately.

Philip: Hey, listen, listen. Come here. You have been through a lot. Okay? You just need to learn how to trust again, that's all.

Stephanie: I'm sorry I ruined your surprise.

Philip: You didnít. The whole surprise thing was an ego trip for me anyway. [Chuckles]

Stephanie: Well...can we go see the new car?

Philip: Oh, you're gonna love it! You're gonna love it! [Chuckles]

Melanie: Uh, I guess I just wasn't watching where I was going.

Nathan: I guess not. You okay?

Melanie: Yeah, I'm good.

Nathan: Good. Hey, um, maybe you know where the administrative offices are. I--I gotta turn in some stuff.

Melanie: Yeah, it's--it's not on this--if you, uh... it's on the first floor.

Nathan: First floor.

Melanie: Yeah.

Nathan: Okay. Uh, thanks. Nice running into you.

Melanie: Yeah. Okay.

Nathan: I'll see--

Melanie: I'm--

Nathan: I'm--I'm gonna...

Melanie: Oh.

Brady: Wow, I think somebody just fell...pretty hard.

Melanie: Oh...what?

Kate: Did I ask you to waste valuable time looking for another doctor?

Chris: No, but--

Kate: I said I wanted Daniel, and it will be Daniel.

Chris: Okay, I get that. But since he said no, should I cancel the medical segment in the first show?

Kate: What the hell is wrong with you? What is wrong with you? I told you I wanted Daniel. It will be Daniel today.

Chris: Yes, okay, you said that. And so what if he doesn't want to do this in the least, right? We'll just use strong-arm tactics. Or--or not. I don't know. But there's gotta be a way to get him to do the show.

Kate: There is, and strong-arm tactics will not be necessary.

Chris: No?

Kate: No. Not if you accomplished your mission.

Chris: Oh, that.

Kate: Oh, yeah, that. I asked you to dig up certain dirt on the good doctor. And for your sake, I hope you did it.

Chloe: Daniel...

Chloe: Um, so, uh... I--I heard that you're not doing the medical segment on my show anymore?

Daniel: I'm not.

Chloe: Because of me?

Daniel: Yeah. Hell yeah, because of you. Especially after our little... you know, talk the other day.

Chloe: Ah. You mean when I made a complete fool of myself.

Daniel: No. No, you were just being honest.

Chloe: So were you. In fact, you made it very clear that I chose Lucas over you, and that you didn't want to hear that... maybe I was starting to doubt myself.

Daniel: Right.

Chloe: Well, um, I wanted to meet you here to tell you that I've-- I've pulled myself together, and I have no more second thoughts. I know what I want.

Philip: That little baby does zero to sixty in eight seconds.

Stephanie: Phil, when you said "new car," I never thought--

Philip: You think I'm gonna give you a used car?

Stephanie: No, it's just... look, that was really sweet of you, but I can't accept it.

Philip: What?! Come on.

Stephanie: I've never been given something so expensive. I just--I don't know. It makes me feel--

Philip: Like a material girl?

Stephanie: Yes. And you know I'm not.

Philip: I know that. So what, this mansion, my money... that's not why you love me?

Stephanie: Those are things. I love you.

Philip: I know that. That's why I just love getting you stuff.

Stephanie: I mean it. All I need is you.

Philip: Well, you've got me. You've got me. Just one thing.

Stephanie: What?

Philip: Accept the car. Seriously. Seriously, you'll be doing the environment a favor.

Stephanie: The environment?

Philip: Yeah. I mean, what you're driving now, it's, like-- it's horrible for the environment. But the car that I got you is energy-efficient. You'll be doing the environment a favor. [Chuckles]

Stephanie: Philip...

Philip: Come on. Please? Please.

Stephanie: Yes. Thank you.

Philip: You got it.

Stephanie: First thing, though-- the more important thing is that I calm down, stop grabbing notes out of your pocket, and stop being so manic.

Philip: That's okay. You know, you've been through a lot. And I've got news that may turn things around.

Stephanie: What?

Philip: The DiMeras. We did a deal, brokered our truce.

Stephanie: Really?

Philip: Mm-hmm. Yeah. Big seat change too. My father let me do the bargaining. I did it all on my own, and Titan's gonna be run my way.

Stephanie: Wow.

Philip: It feels good being my own man. You're gonna be marrying into a very different Kiriakis family. I won't let anything ever happen to you ever again. Wait here.

Stephanie: Well, where you--

Philip: Just wait here.

Stephanie: [Sighs] One more won't hurt.

Psychiatrist: I'll give you something to relieve the anxiety.

Stephanie: You mean, like, pills?

Psychiatrist: They'll also help you sleep.

Stephanie: I don't want them. I don't like pills.

Psychiatrist: You can take them or not. It's your decision. I'll also give you a prescription.

Melanie: What, a girl has a smile on her face and automatically it's about a guy? It can't because I'm happy? Excited for my new life?

Brady: What new life?

Melanie: I am getting out of Salem, Brady.

Brady: What?

Melanie: Yep, I'm moving to London.

Brady: You're kidding me.

Melanie: Uh-uh, no. Max is going there to be with Chelsea, and I'm going with him because, you know, he's the only reason I was here in the first place.

Brady: Oh, my God, Melanie... Melanie, you have a very, very good reason to stay here.

Chloe: You were right, Daniel. Um, I can't keep wondering if I should have done things differently.

Daniel: Right.

Chloe: So I just wanted to tell you that after we talked, Lucas and I made up. Things are fine between us now.

Daniel: Hmm. That's good. No, I'm glad for you. Both of you.

Chloe: Yeah, well, you know, it was because of you. You made me face facts and get my priorities straight. I was feeling... I don't know, lost, I guess. Weak.

Daniel: Well, you know what, you weren't seeing the big picture, that's all.

Chloe: The big picture, right. Um...but you saved me.

Daniel: I don't know if I'd call it that--

Chloe: No, you really did. You've always been there for me when I needed you most. And you're really an amazing guy, Daniel. I'm sorry. I didn't want to make things-- I'm sorry.

Daniel: Don't worry about it.

Chloe: I just wanted you to know that... even though we can't be together, I will always... admire you.

Chris: Actually, Miss Roberts, I haven't been able to get that information on Doctor Jonas just yet, but my source says soon--

Kate: Soon? Soon? We are taping today. I need the information now. What about "now" don't you understand?

Chris: Oh, my God!

Kate: What? What is wrong with you?!

Chris: When you get like this you can be really scary. [Sighs]

Kate: Okay, Christopher, I need that information on Daniel in the next ten minutes. And if I don't get it, you're going to discover a whole new definition of scary.

Kate: Okay, so this email is from your source?

Chris: Yeah, but last time he wrote, he said he still didn't have the information.

Kate: Then this is your time to start praying.

Chris: Oh, there it is. Oh, thank the Lord! It's there! See? It's there!

Kate: Move over! Okay. Excellent. This means the camera-shy doctor is right where I need him. Hmm.

Daniel: Well, um, I'm glad to know that I'm admired.

Chloe: Yes, you are.

Daniel: Well... well, it's, you know-- it's good to hear that you and Lucas are working things out.

Chloe: So, um, I've gotta go get ready for my show.

Daniel: Yeah, right, big premiere. Don't forget me when you're famous, though.

Chloe: [Chuckles] I don't know who Kate got to replace you for the medical segment.

Daniel: Oh, I'm sure it's somebody qualified.

Chloe: Yeah, well, whoever he is, he won't be able to match you. I guess they'll just have to settle for second best.

Daniel: Yeah.

Chloe: So, um, thanks for being a good friend.

[Cell phone rings]

Daniel: Kate. Morning.

Kate: Good morning. Um, I need to talk to you right away. I'm at Java Cafe.

Daniel: Uh, no, you know what? There's some stuff I need to take care of.

Kate: I think you might want to make time for this because what we have to talk about is going to change everything... for both of us.

Melanie: Brady, you're such a buzz kill. I tell you I'm going to London, see the queen, party capital of the world. Now you get up in my face and tell me that I have a very good reason to stay.

Brady: You do.

Melanie: Yeah? What's that?

Brady: You forget I know you. I know your history, okay? The minute your life doesn't seem perfect, you-- [Snaps fingers] You run.

Melanie: I'm not running, I'm moving.

Brady: It's time for you to break the habit. You were just starting to develop your life here in Salem, you know?

Melanie: Yeah? Well, whoopee.

Brady: Come on. Come on. You're starting nursing school. You know plenty of people around here. You're making new friends.

Melanie: I'm sorry, friends?

Brady: Yeah. Maggie. Maggie's your friend, right? Philip and Stephanie, they're friends, right?

Melanie: Yeah, they're nice to me 'cause I saved her life.

Brady: What about me, huh?

Melanie: Well, you and I get along 'cause we almost died together.

Brady: Will you stop making false reasons why people consider you a friend? And as far as not being able to make it without your brother, then fine, I'll-- I'll stand in for Max. I'll be your bro. How 'bout that?

Melanie: I don't know what to say. Yes, I do. Um, Salem doesn't compare to London, so unless you can give me a really tiny reason to stay--

Brady: [Snaps fingers] How 'bout that guy that you were just talking to?

Melanie: [Chuckles]

Owen: Just smile and look beautiful for the camera. Which should be easy for you because even after everything you've been through, you still look so beautiful right now.

Stephanie: What are you doing?

Owen: Wait. Hold still. Let me just fix this hair. These hairs are...

Stephanie: [Crying]

Owen: No, no, no. Shh, shh. Don't be scared, don't be scared, don't be scared, don't be scared.

Philip: I'm sorry. Ah, man, that was stupid of me.

Stephanie: [Sharp exhale]

Philip: [Sighs] You okay?

Stephanie: Mm-hmm. It's fine. I, um-- what's--what's all this?

Philip: Well, didn't somebody graduate from college?

Stephanie: Yeah, finally.

Philip: Yeah, plus I'm really psyched about this new setup I have with my father. And the truce with the DiMeras.

Stephanie: Well, um, how 'bout later?

Philip: What am I thinking? You're traumatized beyond belief, and I'm saying, "Let's celebrate."

Stephanie: It's not that. I just-- I'm happy knowing that we're here together, safe. That's all I need.

Philip: That's one of the things I love about you. That you're always able to fight. Whatever it takes.

Stephanie: I'm not that strong.

Philip: Yes, you are. Trust me, I know. But hey, you know, if you don't feel like celebrating, I don't--

Stephanie: You know what... actually I think it's a really good idea. Why not? Let's do it. Philip: Yeah.

Stephanie: To us, and our love.

Stephanie: Excellent.

Philip: You want some more?

Stephanie: What I want has nothing to do with champagne.

Philip: Wow. If I'd have known the bubbly would do this to you, I'd have ordered up cases a long time ago.

Stephanie: We're celebrating, remember? You're supposed to let go. Let it fly. Come on, now, we're celebrating our love. It's a new day. The sun is shining.

Philip: The birds are singing.

Stephanie: Mm-hmm. I got a hot new car, a hot fiancť. I'm a lucky girl.

Philip: Mmm.

Stephanie: Sit down.

Philip: [Chuckles] Come here.

Melanie: Oh, Brady, I hate to break it to you, but I have no idea who that guy was.

Brady: Mm-hmm.

[Cell phone rings]

Brady: Okay, well, my guess is you are gonna take some time out of your busy schedule to go find out.

Melanie: Mm. He was pretty cute, right?

Brady: Uh, I gotta go. I have to, uh, stand in for Granddad at the hospital board meeting.

Melanie: That sounds awful.

Brady: No, I just have to drop off a check and I'm out of there. But listen to me. This is important. Don't you leave town without talking to me, you hear me?

Melanie: Yes, Officer. And I'll make sure to keep my ankle bracelet on too. Just in case. Melanie: [Laughter] Oh, hey, Maxine. Uh, do you know who that guy was?

Maxine: What guy?

Melanie: The one I ran into earlier. I'd never seen him before. Have you? I'm sorry, you don't know anything about him or who he is?

Maxine: Honey, if you want to know about that young man, why don't you ask him?

Melanie: Whoa.

Chloe: And thank you for showing me the way, and giving me strength when I was with Daniel. I know with your help that I can build a good marriage with Lucas. [Sighs]

Kate: You're late, Daniel. [Sighs]

Kate: I've waited a long time for this. Guess what, Chloe? Lying whores don't rest in peace.

Daniel: What's got you so happy?

Kate: Daniel.

Daniel: You're looking awfully pleased about something.

Kate: Yes, actually I am, because I'm about to make you an offer you can't possibly refuse.


Chloe: Lord, I want to do right, and I want to be a good wife to Lucas.

Chloe: Thanks for being a good friend. [Sighs]

Daniel: I never want to let you go.

Chloe: Then donít.

Chloe: No. No! [Sighs]

Father Matt: Chloe.

Chloe: Father. Oh, I'm sorry.

Father Matt: That's quite all right, dear. My goodness, what's wrong?

Chloe: I'm cheating on my husband.

Daniel: So I assume this offer is about the TV show.

Kate: Yes, because I think you and Chloe are going to make the show a hit right out of the box.

Daniel: Kate, I already refused to do the show.

Kate: Yes, but you haven't heard my offer yet.

Daniel: No, I'm not gonna do it.

Kate: So you're not gonna give me a chance to tell you what I'm prepared to do?

Daniel: Mm, are you gonna blackmail me?

Kate: Daniel, really.

Daniel: All right, all right. You say what you gotta say. But I'm running late for a meeting.

Kate: Okay. You know Victor is on the board, so he is privy to your rather handsome salary.

Daniel: The hospital has been very generous with me, yeah.

Kate: Yes. Well, Hearth & Home is-- is willing to match that salary and donate it to a breast cancer charity of your choice in memory of your late wife.

Melanie: I'm sorry for being nosy. Hi, I'm Melanie.

Nathan: Nathan.

Melanie: Um, I've never seen you here before.

Nathan: Yeah, it's probably because I just got here...from Nashville. I'm hoping University Hospital will give me the break that I need.

Melanie: Good luck with that. It's a-- it's a great place to work.

Nathan: Thanks.

Melanie: Uh...uh, you probably don't know many people, so I would totally show you around if you want.

[Cell phone rings]

Nathan: Hold that thought. Hello. Hey, what's up? Sure. Brady pub? No, no, no. Yeah, I know where it is. Let's do it. All right. Sorry. Uh, Melanie, it was great to meet you. Uh, maybe I'll take you up on that tour. I'm sorry, I gotta go.

Melanie: Yeah, thatí

Brady: Whoa.

Stephanie: Brady.

Brady: Hey, sorry.

Philip: Hey, no.

Brady: Didn't mean to interrupt you guys. I was looking for Granddad. I thought he was out here.

Stephanie: It's okay.

Philip: I need to get you up to speed anyway on what happened this morning.

Brady: Why, what happened?

Philip: We did a deal with the DiMeras. The war's over. Back to the old boundaries, the old rules.

Brady: Really?

Philip: Yeah. Dad stepped back. What, you don't think it's a good deal?

Brady: No, no, no, no, I think it's great. As long as it's real.

Maggie: Hi, Melanie.

Melanie: Maggie, hi.

Maggie: You left your wallet on the kitchen counter.

Melanie: My wallet. Why do I always do that?

Maggie: Oh, it's 'cause you're always running late and rushing around like a madwoman.

Melanie: Probably help if I stopped hitting the snooze button so much.

Maggie: Mm-hmm, that might help.

Melanie: Well, thank you. That was very sweet of you.

Maggie: It is not a problem. So did you turn in your application?

Melanie: My what?

Maggie: Nursing school.

Melanie: Oh, uh, yes.

Maggie: Great. And I also wanted to talk to you about the living arrangements at the house. I mean, I know I caught you off guard about Mia, but you know what--

Melanie: Don't even-- don't even worry about it. It's fine if Mia lives there. I'm late, so I gotta go. Bye. I will--I will see you at home.

Brady: Look, man, if you think the truce is gonna stick, then--

Philip: No, you didn't see it up close. It's a good deal. It'll hold.

[Cell phone rings]

Philip: Ah, Louis Marley. Must be about the subsidiary in Antigua.

Brady: You want me to handle that guy?

Philip: Oh, no, his ego needs stroking, that's all. I got it. Steph, I'll be right back.

Stephanie: Okay.

Philip: Philip Kiriakis.

Brady: So, champagne with breakfast, huh?

Stephanie: Champagne for breakfast.

Brady: Oh.

Stephanie: Come on, don't be so serious. I'm fine. But I have a question for you.

Brady: All right, what?

Stephanie: When Philip told you about the truce, you didn't seem so impressed. Don't you think it'll work?

Brady: Philip seems to think it will. And the DiMeras always live by their little code of honor, so that means their word is probably pretty good. But who knows. I mean, everybody is focused on other things right now anyway.

Stephanie: Like what?

Brady: Sami's baby.

Stephanie: Oh...yeah. It's really sad. We're supposed to go to that funeral today.

Brady: Yeah, well, it's-- it's worse. Stephanie...

Stephanie: What?

Brady: The baby wasn't actually adopted. It was actually Samiís baby.

Stephanie: Oh, my God. What--

Brady: Yeah. Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Stephanie: Why would she say that Grace was adopted?

Brady: Because the father was E.J. DiMera.

Kate: Daniel, look. I know how deeply you loved Rebecca. And I know how much pain her passing put you through. But with this breast cancer donation--

Daniel: You know what, though? I never told you that she had breast cancer. How did you find that out?

Kate: Well, you must have told me. How else would I know?

Daniel: Huh. Yeah, right.

Kate: I just want you to think about it. An entire year's salary donated to the cancer charity of your choice in her memory.

Daniel: You know, you're going all out on this, aren't you? No matter what, you want me to do that show with Chloe, even though you know that I was involved with her, almost wrecked your son's chances of marrying her. You want me right next to her making nice on TV.

Kate: I know you're still upset, but I thought I told you how I feel.

Daniel: Right, you want to get past your anger.

Kate: Yes, I do. I don't want anger destroying my life. I don't want to live like that. Just overwhelmed by the-- [Sighs] By the bitterness. All right? And besides, I mean, a donation like this in her memory, I mean, I think it's a wonderful thing to do.

Daniel: Put it right over the top for you, huh?

Kate: Yes, it would. It would. But I don't want it to be all about me. I want it to be about Rebecca. And I want it to be about all of the women that will be helped by this donation.

Daniel: Well, if donating that money means that much to you, Kate, you go for it. But you get some other doctor.

[Chloe crying]

Father Matt: Chloe, Chloe.

Chloe: Oh, God.

Father Matt: Chloe, you have to stay calm. Can you do that for me, dear?

Chloe: Yeah. I--I was just praying. And then I couldn't stop thinking about... it's not that I've slept with another man, Father. That's not what I meant.

Father Matt: You haven't done anything physically?

Chloe: No.

Father Matt: But in your mind?

Chloe: I can't stop thinking about him. It's terrible, father. I love him. I love Daniel so much and I still want him so much. What am I gonna do?

Kate: I'm sorry, I guess I'm just not making myself clear. It's not just about the donation. If you do the show, you'll be doing medical segments about breast cancer. You'll be advising women about their choices, about... [Sighs] Let me just say this. I think Rebecca would be very proud. Okay, I need to get going. The show's gonna tape in a few hours. But do me a favor. Think about it. A whole year's salary donated to breast cancer research. All you have to do is show up.

Maggie: Are you seriously considering doing Kateís TV show with Chloe?

Daniel: I don't know. She's got me in a box. She will match my salary for an entire year and donate it to breast cancer research.

Maggie: Yeah, well, I heard. How did that go? All you have to do is show up and work side by side with Chloe. Of course.

Daniel: I'm not sure I can do that, Maggie. 'Cause keeping my feelings buried is not my strong suit.

Brady: Hey, hey, you okay?

Stephanie: Yeah, yeah, I'm fine. I think I'll just pass on more champagne, though.

Brady: Probably a good idea.

Stephanie: Uh, how's Sami doing? Do you know?

Brady: Not well. I mean, on top of everything, she has to deal with E.J., and he is--he's furious at her.

Stephanie: I'd do the same thing.

Brady: You'd do what?

Stephanie: If E.J. was the father of my baby, I would keep it from him too.

Brady: Well, you might have a load of company. I bet you E.J. will probably show up at the funeral.

Stephanie: E.J.?

Brady: I'm sorry. God, you haven't even seen him, have you, since Owen dragged you away and all that crazy stuff?

Stephanie: Owen was hired by E.J. DiMera.

Kate: So, is the medical segment ready to tape?

Chris: Yeah, yeah, I've got it all set. Does that mean you actually convinced Dr. Jonas to join us?

Kate: Oh, I think he's going to do the right thing.

Father Matt: Chloe, we can't always see God's plans, much less understand them. Yes, we're told to follow our own hearts, but we're also told to consider the hearts of others.

Chloe: Like Daniel. Trust me, I know. Just the other day, we met face to face.

Father Matt: And?

Chloe: Well, I just had a fight with my husband, and Daniel, he was so strong. He made me realize that I can't keep wondering if I made the right decision, that I just had to be strong, I had to do what was right.

Father Matt: And did you?

Chloe: Yeah. Because I realized what I was doing was hurting him. Daniel, I mean. Father Matt: Because he still cares.

Chloe: Well, it sounds like you two settled things.

Father Matt: Yeah, I thought so too, and then today--

Chloe: You started having second thoughts.

Father Matt: I'm still not over him, father. I never will be. I'm more in love with him than ever.

Brady: You know, Steph, maybe you shouldn't go to the funeral. I mean, if E.J. is there, things could get nerve-racking for you.

Stephanie: No, Brady, I'm definitely going.

Philip: Louis Marley is a total idiot. If you don't tell him how to spell it, he can't sign his own name.

Brady: I know. Oh, shoot.

[Cell phone rings]

Brady: It's Brady.

Philip: Take care. I don't think I can go to the funeral. I may have to go to Chicago 'cause of this idiot.

Stephanie: It's okay.

Philip: You know, maybe you should stick around too.

Stephanie: No, I am--I'm going. Nothing's gonna stop me.

Melanie: Hmm. Hey, Mia. Look, I know we gotta--whoa! You're not--you're not Mia. Nathan? Hospital Nathan?

Nathan: In the flesh. How's it going?

Melanie: How's it--what--what are you doing in my house?

Maggie: Oh, Daniel, I can't tell you what to do. But as far as I'm concerned, you fought for a very long time to keep things under control.

Daniel: Yeah.

Maggie: I admire you, I really do.

Daniel: Well, I never thought I'd hear you say that.

Maggie: Kate, um--Kate can be a real handful sometimes, a tough cookie, to say the least.

Daniel: Yeah.

Maggie: But she may have underestimated you.

Daniel: Or not.

Maggie: Hmm. Daniel, I know you're in a bind. But maybe you should concentrate on what good can come out of it. That is an awful lot of money for cancer research. And you, uh--well, you may be stronger than you think. [Laughs]

Father Matt: Chloe, fantasies are not reality. In fact, they're not often what we really wish for. They are what they are. In time, they drift away.

Chloe: [Sighs] Dear God, I hope so. Because if Daniel hadn't been strong the other day, I was just too tempted.

Father Matt: Did you stay strong?

Chloe: Yeah, thanks to him. Oh! All I have to say is, thank God that he turned down working with me on my mother-in-law's TV show, because I don't know what I'd do if I had to be around him for a long period of time. [Sighs]

[Cell phone rings]

Kate: Hello, Daniel. I was hoping you'd call.

Daniel: I'll take the offer.

Kate: Excellent. So we're all going to meet here at the Kiriakis terrace in a little while. Is that okay?

Daniel: Why at Victor's?

Kate: Because that's the plan. So we'll see you soon. And, um, Daniel, I can't tell you how much this means to me. Bye.

Kate: Hmm. Deadly poison. Absolutely untraceable. Good-bye, Chloe. Good-bye, Daniel. It'll all be over soon.

Nathan: You're pretty, but you're a real idiot.

Mia: She needs you right now.

Will: Okay, look, Mia, you don't know her. You don't know my mom at all.

Nicole: Sami's life is gonna be a living hell.

Sami: I'm scared about what he's gonna do.

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