Days Transcript Monday 6/15/09

Days of Our Lives Transcript Monday 6/15/09 - Canada; Tuesday 6/16/09 - U.S.A.


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Brady: Hello.

Nicole: I'll let you get your coffee.

Brady: Yeah. Hold on, hold on.

Nicole: Mm.

Brady: I assume you, uh, you know.

Nicole: What?

Brady: That you weren't the only one lying about having E.J.'s baby. [Scoffs]

Philip: So the mayor's people were checking out the area, huh?

Henchman: Guess they want you to wait.

Philip: Yeah, you know what? I don't want you waiting. We're covered here. Why don't you go finish that deal we were working on earlier.

Henchman: Sure thing, boss. We'll be in touch.

Victor: Are we early?

Philip: No, they're late.

Victor: Hmm. If they're gonna start playing hard to get, this is gonna be a short meeting.

Philip: Yeah, I hope they're not that stupid. If there's one thing I want, it's for this war to be over.

E.J.: Good. Couldn't agree more.

Stephanie: "Stephanie, I've got a meeting this morning, but I won't be long. Henderson will have Cook make you anything you want. See you soon. Love, Philip."

Owen: Shall I pour you some coffee?

Melanie: Oh, look at that. A man at work. And they say there's high unemployment.

Max: Hi, sis. Well, I don't think I've ever seen you up this early before.

Melanie: I need coffee.

Max: Oh, okay. First one's on me.

Melanie: Thank you.

Max: Mm-hmm. So... is there any reason why you're up this early in the morning?

Melanie: [Yawning] It's not that early. Besides, I got a message from my brother last night saying he's going to London. When are you leaving?

Max: Uh, as soon as I get some things squared away.

Melanie: Sweet. How long are you gonna be gone? Couple weeks?

Max: That's one of the things I wanted to give you a heads-up about. I, uh, I don't--I don't think I'm coming back to Salem.

Melanie: What? No. Absolutely not. No. You--no, you can't leave.

Maggie: So, there you have it. You know where the towels are and the clean sheets and all the fixings. And the kitchen is yours, of course.

Mia: Your home is really beautiful.

Maggie: I'm glad. I hope you'll be comfortable staying here.

Mia: Yeah, well, I would be, but, uh...

Maggie: You would be? What do you mean? [Chuckles] I thought this was all settled.

Mia: Yeah, well, it--it was until I saw how great everything was here and... [Sighs] Mrs. Horton, you can't treat me like this. I'm not a good person. [Sighs]

E.J.: There is nothing that the DiMera family would like more than see the slate wiped clean, a fresh start, if you will, for all of us.

Victor: Do you speak for the DiMera family, E.J.?

E.J.: You can rest assured--

Philip: I don't care who speaks for the family. I care about Owen. You hired him. He went out on his own, and Stephanie almost died.

E.J.: Well, she didn't die.

Philip: No thanks to you.

Victor: We want Owen, E.J.. Stefano had him spying on me for years. I want to see he gets what he deserves.

E.J.: Oh, I'm sure you do.

Philip: Yeah, so if this little get-together is gonna solve anything at all, you have to tell us where he is.

E.J.: Well... I'm sorry, Philip, but I can't do that.

Owen: How are you, Stephanie? My God, look at you. Your skin, it's absolutely flawless. But of course you knew that already. Are you shivering?

Stephanie: I'm gonna scream.

Owen: Oh, I doubt that. See, if you open your mouth, no sound will come out. Even if you do scream, no one will hear you. So let's not even talk about that anymore, okay? [Sniffs] [Sighs] I love your perfume, Stephanie. Flowers, they can have such an absolutely delicious air about them. But there's something about a light dab of a wonderful perfume on a woman's soft skin.

Stephanie: Please, Owen, leave me alone.

Owen: Leave you alone? Oh, I'm never gonna leave you, Stephanie, not now... not after all the trouble I've gone through to be with you again. We're gonna go away together and be happy. Remember?

Maggie: Mia, I want you to listen to me. A person your age has all sorts of strange mood swings sometimes. Believe me, I know. And once in a while, you get a little down on yourself.

Mia: No. No, that's--that's not it. It's just... [Sighs] I can't stay here. I'm sorry.

Maggie: Well, don't be sorry. Just tell me why.

Mia: I feel bad all the time. I mean, everything is so nice here. And I can't--I can't pay rent, not yet anyway.

Maggie: Well, that's not something you should worry about. I mean, the quickest way for you to relapse is to start thinking about how tremendous your problems are instead of taking it one day at a time.

Mia: I'm--I'm not going to relapse. [Sighs] Oh, this is terrible.

Maggie: What is?

Mia: Mrs. Horton, I'm not who you think I am. I've done some things--things I'm... [Exhales deeply] I'm not proud of. And... if you knew about them, you wouldn't want me around.

Melanie: No, you can't go. Absolutely not! You can't.

Max: I didn't ask for permission, Mel.

Melanie: I mean, you can, but you can't, Max. Who's gonna stand up for me when things start to go sour? Which they do for me sometimes here.

Max: Yeah, I've noticed that, okay? But you've--you've made some friends lately. Right? Brady seems to be nice to you. [Sniffles] Yeah, I guess so. I never really understood why.

Melanie: [Giggles] Can I have a doughnut?

Max: Yeah.

Melanie: And Philip and Stephanie are nice to me, but they kind of have to be after what happened.

Max: What happened with Philip and Stephanie?

Melanie: You don't know?

Max: Mm-mm.

Melanie: Oh, my gosh, it was insane. This guy took Stephanie and locked her up in a morgue and a bunch of us almost got shot, but we didn't. And then we tried to find Stephanie because we couldn't, but then we did find her. It was--it was really scary.

Max: Uh...

Melanie: Can you hand me the doughnut with the--with the frosting on it?

Max: Melanie, is Stephanie okay, though?

Owen: Oh, come on. I wish you would just once smile that magical smile for me. I don't know what it is, Stephanie. Animals, when they show their teeth, it's a warning sign. But with humans, it's a sign of happiness. Are you happy to see me, Steph?

Stephanie: You have to leave me alone, Owen.

Owen: We've already talked about that now, haven't we? I went through a lot of trouble, Stephanie, to escape from the police in order to be here with you today, in order to take you away from all of this. That is what you want, isn't it?

Stephanie: No. No, I love Philip.

Owen: Oh, I know you think you do... which is unfortunate, because you know in your heart, he's only gonna let you down.

Stephanie: No.

Owen: You know what kind of family he's from. You know where he gets his money. And you also know if you look closely enough, you can see the darkness in everything he does.

Stephanie: No.

Owen: That's why I'm here to rescue you. That's why I'm here to take you away from all this. But we won't go back to the morgue, not this time. This time I'll take you someplace special... where I can wait on you hand and foot. And you'll love it, and you'll love me.

Stephanie: [Whimpers]

Henderson: Would you like coffee, Miss? Miss Johnson? Are you all right?

Stephanie: I'm sorry, I'm fine. Um...

Henderson: Coffee?

Stephanie: Joe, you can just leave it right there.

Henderson: Would you like something from the kitchen, an omelet, perhaps?

Stephanie: Uh, maybe later.

Henderson: Very good, ma'am.

Stephanie: Thank you. [Sighs] Got to get out of here.

Philip: Are you seriously gonna tell me that Owen didn't have any help getting away from the cops?

E.J.: Philip, the point is not whether or not he had help getting away from the police. The point is that--

Philip: He almost killed Stephanie. I want that son of a bitch.

E.J.: You can rest assured that when we get him, we will treat him harshly.

Victor: Where the hell's your father? Nothing means a damn until Stefano gets here. We all know that.

E.J.: He's coming. If you're in a hurry, you can deal with me personally. Know that I speak for my family.

Victor: Look, you may've called this meeting, E.J., and you may have the best intentions. But if you think Stefano's going to agree to an all-out truce, you don't know your father.

Stefano: Whoa. But he does, Victor. As a matter of fact... he knows me pretty well.

Melanie: Mm. And then Bo popped the door open, and Brady and I escaped.

Max: So what about Stephanie?

Melanie: Mm. That was the most insane part. Brady and I were trying to go and help her, but Philip had already escaped and was saving her and beating the hell out of this Owen guy.

Max: Wow. Man.

Melanie: Yeah, it was cool. It was like something out of a Rocky movie.

Max: She could've died.

Melanie: Well, yeah. Philip could've died. Brady could've died. I could've died. In fact, I was kind of like the hero. See, Brady wouldn't have survived if it weren't for me. I'm the one that snuck into the morgue to help Stephanie by pretending-- I pretended that I had to find a place to bury my grandma.

Max: You could've been killed, Melanie.

Melanie: I wasn't.

Max: You know what? Sometimes I think all you do is take chances.

Melanie: Why not? It's fun. Keeps my adrenaline going.

Max: You know what? I'm just gonna say this, okay? And you can think about it whenever you want.

Melanie: What?

Max: I...I don't think that I should leave you here alone all by yourself, which is why I think you should move with me to London.

Melanie: [Stifles laugh] Yeah, Chelsea would love that. "Oh, Max, you brought you and your annoying little sister. That's great. Now you can both go home."

Max: I will deal with Chelsea, okay? But if she's down with it, why don't you just seriously think about coming to London?

Melanie: All right, I'll think about it. I have very important things to do before work, so thank you for my coffee and my doughnut.

Max: I'll call you later.

Melanie: Good, you better. Hey, Stephanie.

Stephanie: Hey.

Melanie: How you doing?

Stephanie: I'm okay.

Melanie: All right. Um...I'll talk to you later.

Max: So I just heard what happened. Are you okay?

Stephanie: Yeah, I'm fine.

Max: [Scoffs] Nice try.

Stefano: See, Victor, unlike you, I trust my son to make some decisions for my family.

Victor: As long as you tell him what they are. Look, if he's gonna pretend to let E.J. make decisions, this is all a sham. Let's go.

E.J.: Please, wait. Yesterday I lost somebody who was very important to me. After that happened, I vowed that I would end this quagmire. Any more arguing over Tony's death is just gonna end in more violence. Consequently, I--or... we... have decided not to pursue any further countermoves..

Victor: What does that mean exactly?

E.J.: It means that I'm here today to broker a truce.

Victor: Interesting.

E.J.: Not with you, Victor... with Philip.

Brady: Yes, absolutely. Yes, grandfather and I will definitely be at the fundraiser. All righty, thank you. Bye-bye.

Nicole: What is wrong with you? How dare you drop a bomb on me like this and then answer a phone call?

Brady: It was a top aide to Congressman Delaney. It was about a million-dollar deal. I hope you understand.

Nicole: Oh, yay, that's nice. Now just say what you have to say, and then I'm leaving.

Brady: Why are you--I didn't mean to set you off like this. What's wrong?

Nicole: Oh, really? So that little crack about me lying to E.J., that wasn't just a little pick-me-up to go with my morning latte?

Brady: I heard about what happened with Sami... losing her baby and having lied to E.J. about it for months. And, yeah, I thought of you, okay?

Nicole: So what, are you gonna tell on me now?

Brady: I'm just--I'm just wondering. I mean, if E.J. got that upset that Sami lied to him, what's he gonna do when--

Nicole: But he's not gonna--he's not gonna find out. Unbelievable. [Scoffs] Brady, E.J. and I are closer than ever. And, yes, it is sad and horrible what happened to Sami losing Grace. But what she tried to pull... E.J. not only hates her now, but he despises her. So my marriage is solid.

Brady: Is it solid? It's a house of lies. And one wrong move, one wrong step-- hell, Nicole, one simple blood test, you will be the next Sami.

Maggie: Here you go.

Mia: Thank you.

Maggie: Sweetheart, I had a 12-step meeting here the other night. Remember? Well, we're in the same club. I have demons to deal with the same as you.

Mia: Yeah, but see, I'm not really a... it's--it's not that.

Maggie: Well, one thing I am sure of, you have to leave your past behind you where it belongs. You can't keep dragging it along with you wherever you go. I was alone when I came to Salem. I didn't know a soul. I was scared of my own shadow. But people reached out to me. [Sighs] And it can really be surprising sometimes how many folks will do that. So it's my turn now. I'm reaching out. So grab on. You stay here with me, even if it's just for a little while.

Mia: Like I said, as soon as I get a job, I'll pay you back.

Maggie: Well, whatever it is you can do, that's fine. So do I have a new young lady living in my home?

Mia: [Laughs] [Sniffles] You are so nice.

Maggie: Oh.

Mia: You're the nicest person I've ever known.

Maggie: Thank you.

Max: I knew this was gonna happen. I mean, I just didn't think it was gonna happen so soon.

Stephanie: Max, don't start.

Max: No, look, you got caught in the middle of a war between the DiMeras and the Kiriakises.

Stephanie: Just give it a rest, please.

Max: Not until I say what I have to say. You and Philip--Steph, you're never gonna be a good fit for each other.

Stephanie: Why is that your call?

Max: It's not. I--I just worry about you.

Stephanie: Then stop. I'm fine.

Max: Well, it sounds to me like you got lucky this time. Mel and Brady and Philip managed to hunt you down before that nut job could do any damage. I mean, what about next time?

Stephanie: There's not gonna be a next time.

Max: With Philip, there always is a next time. He's gonna swear on a stack of bibles and say, "I'm gonna change my ways," but then he goes back to those old games again.

Stephanie: No, this time it's really over.

Victor: You're in no position to make demands, E.J.. You called this meeting. We're here. But you want to negotiate with the Kiriakis family, you negotiate with me.

Philip: Dad. Come on.

Victor: Excuse me.

Stefano: Elvis... [Clears throat] Are you sure about this?

E.J.: Very. I'm very sure about this, Father. This is not about your history with Victor. This is about my family and its future.

Stefano: All right.

E.J.: This thing with Samantha--

Stefano: I'm sorry that you had to go through that.

E.J.: I know. Look, we'll talk about that at home. But right now what you need to know is that I'm not letting anybody else control my life... ever again.

Philip: Dad, I think we're seeing a real changing of the guard here. E.J.'s assuming control. He wants to deal with me. I think you should step back.

Victor: I disagree.

Philip: What, you think I'm gonna screw this up? How many times have you fired me?

Victor: Too many.

Philip: Then do it again. Right here, right now, and I'm out, for good. Either that or you step back and let me handle it.

Victor: I hate that sniveling little Brit.

Philip: So do I. But he's right. This is about the future of my family, his family. You and Stefano need to step back.

Nicole: How about you answer something for me, Brady?

Brady: Sure.

Nicole: So even though you told me to give up a long time ago and that I was doomed for failure, have I or have I not made this work?

Brady: So far.

Nicole: Great. So can you try to remember that, okay? Because I've covered all my bases. E.J. is not going to find out about Sydney. And I am gonna live a happy life.

Brady: Unless Dr. Baker comes back.

Nicole: Oh... Dr. Baker is out of the picture. He's not a problem.

Brady: There will always be others, Nicole.

Nicole: Right. And I'm sure you're going to give me your list of people.

Brady: No, just one, for starters.

Nicole: Okay.

Brady: She's coming through the door right now.

Melanie: Maggie Horton's home for wayward girls.

Maggie: Well, Melanie, I tried to call you. I left a message that she would be staying here, but you never returned my call.

Melanie: Well, I don't check my voice mails. You should've texted me.

Maggie: Mm-mm, I don't like texting. And besides, my phone doesn't have one of those little keyboards on it.

Melanie: You're right. I should've called back. I'm sorry.

Maggie: Mm-hmm. Well, at least it wouldn't have caught you so by surprise.

Melanie: Okay, I'm just saying. But how much do you really know this girl? I mean, what if she's a serial killer?

Maggie: A serial killer? Someone with that sweet little face?

Melanie: I'm just saying.

Maggie: She is not a serial killer, Melanie. She is a lovely young woman who was a little lost and a little more afraid. And you know what? She's not so different from you, I might add. And you are turning out just fine.

Melanie: I am?

Maggie: Yes, you are.

[Both laugh]

Maggie: I'm very proud of you.

Melanie: All right, still, though... sharing a bathroom?

Maggie: Melanie.

Melanie: Oh, I have a good idea. How about I move in across the hall into that new bedroom with the private bath?

Maggie: No. I use that bedroom as my office. And you know what? You are going to stop acting like a spoiled brat.

Melanie: You don't have to be mad at me.

Maggie: Well, how do you expect me to react when you keep saying, "I'm not gonna share that bathroom"? What's this all about?

Melanie: Okay, I'm sorry, I'm sorry. That was disrespectful.

Maggie: Yes, it was. Melanie, I adore you. But I want you to learn to be more grateful for what you have.

Melanie: I am. I'm so grateful for you because you're so sweet and generous, and I'm... sorry that I was mean to the new girl. I'm just jealous. I don't want to share you with anyone.

Maggie: Come here. Nobody can take your place in my heart, Melanie. You should know that.

Melanie: Good. I feel better.

Maggie: Well, I'm glad. [Laughs] All right, then. Did you turn in your application for nursing school?

Melanie: Uh, not yet.

Maggie: Well, the deadline is tomorrow. Now, I thought this was something that you really wanted.

Melanie: Oh, it is.

Maggie: Well, don't let it pass, okay?

Melanie: Okay.

Maggie: All right. [Taps table] I'm gonna go call Mickey.

Melanie: Okay.

Maggie: So, um, oh, I bought some of that crunchy granola that you like so much.

Melanie: Oh, thank you. Yay.

Maggie: Please help yourself.

Melanie: [Sighs] Maybe London wouldn't be so bad.

Stephanie: Max, what you're trying to do, I appreciate it. I really do. But no matter what, I--I love Philip.

Max: But I still don't think that he's right for you, Steph.

Stephanie: People being right for each other--what does that even mean? How many people have we known that seemed right for each other, and then all of a sudden, it went bad? It's about feelings. I need to be with Philip. When I'm not, I'm unhappy. I miss him. That's--that's the only way I can put it.

Max: Hmm.

Stephanie: You can relate, can't you?

Max: Yeah, I can.

Stephanie: That's why you're moving to London.

Max: Chelsea told you.

Stephanie: She emailed me this morning.

Max: Hmm.

Stephanie: I'm really happy for you two.

Max: Thank you.

Stephanie: Even though I'm gonna miss her.

Max: Yeah.

Stephanie: And I'm gonna miss you.

Max: I'll miss you too, Steph. I just--I want you to be careful, okay? I mean it. Be careful.

Philip: All right, you called the meeting. You first.

E.J.: Simple--we go back to exactly the way things were.

Philip: Meaning?

E.J.: Meaning everything downtown is open.

Philip: Only if it's legitimate.

E.J.: Everything north of the water is ours.

Philip: And everything south is ours.

E.J.: Agreed.

Philip: What about the corporations?

E.J.: The corporations operate as normal corporations. We compete against each other, other corporations. We can...follow those federal laws.

Philip: No more surprises, no more strikes.

E.J.: No, no more surprises, no more strikes.

Philip: Okay. Okay, so I have your word on that, speaking for your family.

E.J.: You do. Do I have your word, speaking for your family?

Philip: You have my word.

Philip: Hey, pretty lady.

Stephanie: Hey.

Philip: Did you get some breakfast?

Stephanie: I was waiting for you.

Philip: Mm. Love that perfume. You okay?

Stephanie: Yeah, I'm fine.

Philip: All right.

Stephanie: Um... what kind of business got you up so early?

Philip: Oh, just something I had to do with my dad. Hey, good news.

Stephanie: Really? Did you find Owen?

Nicole: Oh, Brady, Mia is not going to be a problem.

Brady: Why, because she told you so?

Nicole: I let Mia hold Sydney, and you want to know what happened? Nothing. Zero. No rapport, no connection whatsoever.

Brady: Until the next time.

Nicole: [Scoffs] Mia just wants to be a teenager--you know, boys, music, texting, whatever.

Brady: You know, every time I see her, she's hanging out with Will Horton. You know, Sami's son.

Nicole: Yeah, I know who he is, thank you.

Brady: Excuse me just a sec.

Nicole: Oh, yeah, sure. Of course.

Mia: Hi.

Nicole: Hey.

Mia: Um, I just--I wanted to thank you for...when Grace was so sick, getting me in to hold her. It meant a lot to me.

Nicole: Don't mention it... literally.

Mia: Right. I'm just... [Sighs] I'm gonna miss her so much. You know, it's--it's weird. When I held Sydney, I didn't feel--

Nicole: Uh, yeah.

Mia: But with Grace, it was different.

Nicole: You know, Mia, sometimes things are a mystery, and we should just leave them alone.

Brady: Mia, how you doing?

Mia: Fine. How are you?

Brady: I'm great, thank you.

Nicole: Yes, we're all just great.

Mia: All right, well, I'm going to go talk to the manager about getting a job here maybe. So see ya.

Nicole: Okay, good luck.

Brady: Bye. So... anything?

Nicole: Like I said, Mia is not a problem, not yesterday, not tomorrow, okay?

Brady: God, you sound so confident about it.

Nicole: I told you. I pulled this off, and I'm gonna keep pulling this off. E.J. and I love each other, and we are happy raising Sydney. The end.

Brady: Love is not gonna be much on E.J.'s mind if he finds out.

Stefano: I know that this business with Samantha has hurt you deeply.

E.J.: It's my own fault.

Stefano: What? That she lied?

E.J.: No. Look, when she came up with that stupid story about this--this adoption-- I mean, for God's sake, why--why didn't some alarm bells go off?

Stefano: Because you had other things on your mind, that's--

E.J.: Five months! Five months she had my child. I never touched her. I never held her. For five months!

Stefano: Okay, all right, all right. Look, calm down for a minute, okay? There's one thing that you can be glad about, all right? And that is that you have selected Nicole over Samantha, because Nicole always has your best interests at heart.

E.J.: Yes, I know. [Sighs]

Nurse: You're late.

Melanie: Um, actually, I was down in the administration office turning in my nursing school application. So I was in the building on time, and that's what counts, right?

Nurse: You turned in your application?

Melanie: Yes.

Nurse: Why do you want to be a nurse?

Melanie: 'Cause I like helping people?

Nurse: Melanie, as far as I can tell, the only person you want to help in this life is yourself. Nursing school is rough, believe me. So before you plunk down a lot of money on tuition, you better think again, 'cause you won't make it, honey.

Melanie: Well, thank you, Mrs. Supportive.

Nurse: Just telling it like it is. Okay, there's your cart. Start passing out those books.

Philip: No. No, I'm sorry. We haven't found him. My guess is he's long gone.

Stephanie: Right.

Philip: Salem's just not a good place, too many people looking for him. But believe me, the guards around the property are on high alert.

Stephanie: If they saw him, would you tell me? Be honest.

Philip: I wouldn't want to worry you. It's okay--

Henderson: Mr. Kiriakis.

Philip: I'll take care of this later.

Henderson: Very good, sir.

Stephanie: What's that about?

Philip: Oh, it's just business, no big deal.

Stephanie: I don't believe you.

Nicole: You must hate me.

Brady: How could you say that?

Nicole: Are you my friend?

Brady: Am I your friend? How can you ask me that?

Nicole: Okay. Then as my friend, do you think that I should deal with this by telling E.J. the truth?

Brady: You are lying to yourself, and I feel sorry for you.

Nicole: Why? Because I built a life that I wanted with a man that I love with my heart and soul? And, yes, Brady, maybe--maybe I did lie. But I was so afraid of losing the thing that meant most to me. And if I had to do it all over again--

Brady: You would do the same thing?

Nicole: Yes. [Sighs]

E.J.: Uh...yes. No, I made a--a great choice with Nicole. She's wonderful. She's very loyal to this family. She's a--she's a good mother to Sydney.

Stefano: True.

E.J.: Samantha, on the other hand, is just so... selfish. I mean, I don't even think that girl knows what love is. What kind of person keeps a child from its father, huh? I mean, doesn't say a word about the child until the child is dead!

Stefano: Well, she did a terrible thing, all right? Very despicable.

E.J.: Despicable? What she did was not even human. And to think that I let her treat Nicole the way she did, I should be ashamed of myself.

Stefano: All right, but, you know, you were in a difficult position.

E.J.: Well, let me tell you something. No more. No more! She's gonna treat my wife with respect from now on. My wife, who is loving and caring and good, who doesn't lie about children.

Melanie: Partying in London... taking care of sick people.

Nurse: Melanie.

Melanie: London--what?

Nurse: It is not your job to stand around reading here. Give those out to the patient.

Melanie: Uh, you know what? I have a better idea.

Nurse: Oh, you do, huh?

Melanie: Yes, I have decided that taking care of sick people is boring. So... I quit. [Laughs]

Philip: Stephanie, try and take a breath, okay? You need to calm down.

Stephanie: I just want to see it--it's about the DiMeras, isn't it?

Philip: No, it's not about the DiMeras.

Stephanie: You just admitted you wouldn't tell me if you thought it would scare me. It's no way to live, Philip.

Philip: It's a business thing.

Stephanie: It's about Owen.

Philip: No, it's not.

Stephanie: Then just let me see it.

Philip: You're making something out of nothing. Just calm down.

Stephanie: No! No more lies, Philip!

Philip: Stephanie.

[Paper rustling]

Philip: [Sighs]

Brady: Look, Nicole, I know you think I'm just the guy that keeps nagging and nagging and nagging.

Nicole: Actually, Brady, let me put it to you this way. Maybe if you stopped nagging and calling me a liar, you'd be a lot more fun to hang out with. Look... I know that you mean well. I do. But you're not me. And you didn't lose a baby. And suddenly your dreams weren't just hanging by a thread, or you didn't have to face the fact that maybe your life could be over if you didn't have a baby to give E.J..

Brady: You just--you just don't get it. If your life is built on all these lies, who the hell are you gonna turn to--

Nicole: Just stop it, please. Let me tell you something, Brady. I love my husband, and he loves me. I love my child, and E.J. adores Sydney. And that--that is the reality. I have a happy life, a perfect life. I am loved by E.J. and my daughter. I made this happen. And I'm gonna keep making it happen. Do you understand that?

Brady: Love has nothing to do... with what you're going through. And deep down, you know it. You know it.

Stefano: I've never seen you this angry, Elvis, especially not towards Samantha.

E.J.: You have no idea.

Stefano: I assume that you've got a way to pay her back for all this pain.

E.J.: Yes. I have a plan.

Stefano: All right. Aha. All right. Very good. Ha. Brilliant.

E.J.: She's never gonna know what hit her.

>> On the next "Days of Our Lives" --

Kate: What we have to talk about is going to change everything.

Philip: I've got news that may turn things around.

Melanie: Unless you can give me a really tiny reason to stay...

Brady: How about that guy that you were just talking to?

Father Matt: My goodness, what's wrong?

Chloe: I'm cheating on my husband.

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