Days Transcript Wednesday 5/27/09

Days of Our Lives Transcript Wednesday 5/27/09 - Canada; Thursday 5/28/09 - U.S.A.


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Rafe: Shh. Yeah, I know.

Sami: [Laughs] Don't listen to him. You're supposed to like carrots and -- and veggies and fruit.

Rafe: We'll talk later, okay?

Sami: [Laughs]

Rafe: Where's Allie?

Sami: Oh, I couldn't unwrap her from my grandmother. They're having so much fun together, and I guess Lucas is coming in a couple hours anyway, so...

Rafe: Didn't go that bad, did it? With your grandma, the whole adoption thing.

Sami: No, I guess not.

Rafe: Well, you know what? We're gonna win her over eventually.

Sami: I can't help it. There's something else my grandmother said that makes me really worried that maybe this adoption isn't such a good idea.

So, what happened to your girlfriend?

Will: What?

The girl you were with -- where'd she go?

Will: Oh, she's not my -- yeah, I don't know where she went.

Mia: So, what, you think you're the only one who loves her kid? Will's mother loves grace so much that she's letting that guy, the one who protected her, adopt grace.

Nicole: What?

Mia: She wants to make sure her daughter is always taken care of, and I think that makes her a really, really nice person.

Nicole: So Rafe's going to adopt Sami's baby?

Mia: That's what will said. All right, look, I can tell you don't think it's a great idea, but I think it's wonderful. She'll have a mother and a father.

Nicole: No, Mia, I think it's a great idea.

Brady: Melanie, I'm not kidding. Give me a call. Uh, excuse me. Can you tell me if Melanie Layton is supposed to be working today?

Maxine: "Supposed to" being the operative word. She's late. She hasn't called in.

Brady: Is she usually this late?

Maxine: She's always late... but never this late. Is something wrong?

Brady: Yeah, yeah, I think there is.

Philip: Does she know who you are?

Melanie: I'm supposed to be here. I'm worried she knows who you are.

Philip: Yeah, well, she didn't look like she knew me.

Melanie: Or she's just trained not to have facial expressions. I just hope she's not at a phone right now calling the cops, asking for reward money.

Philip: There's no reward.

Melanie: You don't think E.J. DiMera would pay pretty handsomely to have you arrested?

Philip: Focus. Let's go.

Melanie: Right, no chitchatting when you're trying to crime-solve.

Philip: So...what are we doing in here?

Melanie: Uh, finding out a way to make you dead.

[Door rattling]

Stephanie: What are you gonna do? Melanie doesn't know that I'm here.

Owen: Then why did she lie to my father to get in here, huh? She had to have some reason to think she could find you here, and now I have to make sure she doesn't.

Stephanie: How can she, Owen? She's gone.

Owen: But I don't know that. She could be lurking out there waiting for me.

Stephanie: If she's there, don't hurt her.

Owen: You have to understand, Stephanie, you haven't left me with a lot of options. You know that?

[Gun cocks]

Announcer: Like sands through the hourglass, so are the days of our lives.

Owen: I have to do this now because of what you did before.

Stephanie: Owen, she's gone.

Owen: My father's upstairs. I don't want him to know about you.

Stephanie: Doesn't that tell you that this is wrong? That all this is wrong, Owen?

Owen: I can't change it. Don't you get that? I can't stop this. I can't undo what I've done.

Stephanie: You know you can.

Owen: Stop talking. Just stop talking.

Stephanie: Yeah, because you know that I'm right.

Owen: You never listen.

Stephanie: No, wait, wait, wait. Owen, Owen, just wait. There's something I need to tell you about Melanie.

[Door closes]

Philip: [Sighs] That was close.

Melanie: Yeah, that's -- that's the thing about this place, though. Folks don't hang around long. Alive -- alive folks don't.

Philip: Yeah, I get that. I get that. He -- he?

Melanie: Uh...he. Yeah, he.

Philip: He seems to be about my height.

Melanie: Well, the thing about body bags is they're kind of a one-size-fits-all thing, so...

Philip: Well, then, we're all set.

Melanie: Not quite. Um, they bag the bodies and then they send some of them to funeral homes.

Philip: Like heritage park.

Melanie: Exactly, but they send some of them downstairs to the morgues and they have autopsies on them.

Philip: So we need to make sure that the paperwork is in order.

Melanie: Right.

Philip: Now, tell me again when you were at the funeral home this morning, when the body was delivered, did they check it? Did they open the bag? Anything like that?

Melanie: Owen's father left right away and then the guys that delivered the body left like two minutes after that. So they didn't have time to do anything besides maybe put a body in a drawer.

Philip: So I'm gonna be in a bag in a drawer in a morgue?

Melanie: Are you having second thoughts?

Philip: No. It's the only way back into that morgue.

Melanie: Okay, well, I hope it's worth it.

Philip: If it gets us Stephanie back, it's worth it.

Mia: You're not happy for will's mother or grace. You don't think that it's great that she'll have a father.

Nicole: Of course I do.

Mia: No, you don't. You just think that it'll keep miss Brady away from your husband.

Nicole: So two good things come out of this. Is that so bad?

Mia: I get so tired of this, Nicole.

Nicole: What?

Mia: You and dr. Baker. You're always playing these games, all these secrets and lies.

Nicole: Well, if you stay away from will, you wouldn't have to keep secrets and tell lies.

Mia: I am not staying away from him. You have my baby. That does not mean you run my life.

Nicole: Okay, I didn't say --

Mia: You know what? I have lived up to my end of the bargain. I have not told anyone the truth, and you still don't trust me. I don't think you've ever trusted anyone.

Nicole: Mia, I could help you.

Mia: I don't need your help. I need to live my life, and I do not need you breathing down my neck and bossing me around.

Nicole: Okay, calm down.

Mia: No, you know what, Nicole? You're gonna stay away from me, or you're gonna be sorry.

Rafe: What else did your grandmother say?

Sami: It's gonna be even harder to tell my mom and dad about you adopting grace than it was her and your sister. I mean, my mom -- she can see right through me, even over the phone, and my dad...he's nobody's fool.

Rafe: We're not fooling anyone. I want to be grace's father legally.

Sami: But why do I want that? You know, and if we're so wanting you to be the father, then why don't we get married?

Rafe: Is that what you want?

Sami: I'm just explaining what my dad is gonna say, you know? And he's not gonna let it go.

Rafe: Yeah, well, he will when he understands. Listen, we do not have to keep this a secret, you know.

Sami: I wish...

Rafe: What?

Sami: I wish you really were grace's father.

Rafe: I am. And soon, I will be legally. You know, one day you're not gonna have anything to worry about, and you are totally not even gonna know what to do with yourself.

Sami: [Laughs] You know what? I'll think of something.

Stephanie: I don't think Melanie was lying about her grandmother. She told me that she was really sick and didn't have much time.

Owen: And it's just a coincidence that she came here?

Stephanie: The way she shops, she'll show up at every funeral home in Salem before she decides. Look, I really don't think there's anything to worry about with her.

Owen: It doesn't make any difference. She was here, and she could come back with Philip.

Stephanie: No, no, no, Owen. Please, please just don't hurt her.

Owen: You want to know how we can make that happen? Hmm?

Stephanie: How?

Owen: We leave for Canada right now.

Stephanie: Obviously I don't have much say in the matter.

Owen: I don't want you to feel that way.

Stephanie: I know. Look...I know you're just trying to protect me and you're being really cautious. I appreciate that, but this time I don't think there's anything to worry about, especially with Melanie.

Owen: Why not?

Stephanie: If I had stepped out and she had shaken my hand, she wouldn't have told Philip that she saw me. She's in love with Philip and more than anything in the world, she wants me out of the way.

Philip: Hey. Did anybody see you?

Melanie: Uh, yeah, but nobody asks questions when you look like you know what you're doing. Did you two have a nice talk?

Philip: Yes, we did. What are we gonna do with him?

Melanie: Okay, well, um, after we make the switch, I'm gonna take the body and put it in a drawer in the morgue downstairs.

Philip: Okay. So...

Melanie: Don't worry. I can do it on my own because I'm pretty good at getting guys to help me at what I want. So, um, take your clothes off.

Philip: What?

Melanie: The body is naked, ergo you must be naked.

Philip: Look, it's not gonna make any difference once I'm in the bag, and I can't scout out that funeral home naked, okay?

Melanie: Okay, fine. At least take your shirt off. In case somebody opens the bag. Just to be safe. Just do it. Stop giving me a hard time. Wow, I can't believe that he did that to you.

Philip: Melanie, focus. We have to get Stephanie back.

Melanie: Right, sorry. Um, Stephanie -- so she -- she saw you get shot?

Philip: Yeah.

Melanie: And she still wants to marry you?

Philip: She does.

Melanie: She's stronger than I thought. Okay, get in here, stud.

Philip: I always thought this would be a once-in-a-lifetime kind of thing.

Melanie: You and me both.

Philip: All right. Let's get the feet in there.

Stefano: [Sighs] When the hell can I get out of here?

Lexie: And a cheery good morning to you, too.

Stefano: I'm sorry. I just -- I don't feel particularly cheery right now.

Lexie: Well, you should be. And the way you snarled at me when I came in only confirms your test results. You're doing much better. Your blood-sugar level has stabilized, and there doesn't appear to be any permanent damage from the insulin deprivation.

Stefano: Yeah, well, there's gonna be a lot of permanent damage to victor and Philip Kiriakis.

Lexie: Okay, don't, or I will turn and walk out right now. You got that?

Stefano: Yes, yes, yes.

Lexie: Good. It's amazing. You know, you've been given another chance, father. And yet you still just go on as always, threatening. Has it occurred to you that if, when you were diagnosed, you'd focus on getting well instead of exacting revenge, E.J. Might not be in jail right now?

Stefano: By the way, you have to get him out because I have to talk to him.

Lexie: You nearly died last night. Why doesn't that sink in with you?

Stefano: All right, look, I know when you use this shrill tone, it is your way of showing love and concern, all right? I promise you, okay, Alexandra? Once everything is settled, I will follow your orders to the "t," all right? But right now, I need a telephone.

Lexie: No, right now, I'm in charge, and you are not getting any damn phone.

Stefano: [Sighs]

Maxine: Okay, thanks, Carly. I'm sorry. No one's seen Melanie anywhere.

Melanie Layton? I just saw her about 10 minutes ago.

Brady: Where was she?

She was moving a gurney up on the seventh floor.

Maxine: Now, what would she be doing up there?

Melanie: Mission accomplished.

Philip: Thank you for everything.

Melanie: No problem. This is way more fun than bedpans and lunch trays. So, have you thought about what you're gonna do when you get in the funeral home?

Philip: I'm just gonna have to play it by ear, see if Stephanie's in there. If she's not, find something that tells me where Owen took her.

Melanie: Okay, and have you checked to make sure you can get yourself out of the body bag?

Philip: I was gonna leave it a little open.

Melanie: Good call. Okay, I'm going to wait in the cemetery, so when you get into the funeral home, will you blink the lights once so I know you're safe?

Philip: That's not gonna work.

Melanie: Why not?

Philip: Because you're not gonna be there.

Stephanie: And that's just some of the ways that Melanie tried keeping me away from Philip.

Owen: It doesn't sound like he did much to get rid of her. I mean, my God, if I had someone like you in my life --

Stephanie: [Coughing] Water. Please.

Owen: All right.

Stephanie: Please.

Owen: All right, just don't try anything this time, okay?

Stephanie: Thank you.

Owen: Are you all right?

Stephanie: Oh. Do you have a handkerchief?

Owen: Here.

Stephanie: I'm sorry. I don't mean to break down. It's just...knowing that I may never see my mom or dad or my brother again. Just...

Owen: Stephanie, listen to me. When we get to Canada, maybe after we've been there for a little while, you can call your folks.

Stephanie: You'd do that for me?

Owen: I want you to be happy.

Stephanie: Owen, I don't have anyone but you. I need you.

Owen: Everything's gonna be all right. I promise.

Stephanie: Thank you for taking care of me.

Lexie: Stop it.

Stefano: [Sighs] I need a phone.

Lexie: No, you need to stay in bed.

Stefano: Then you bring me one.

Lexie: I can't, all right? Police orders.

Stefano: Police?

Lexie: Yes. You're a murder suspect. You tried to kill someone.

Stefano: [Speaks Italian] I am the victim here.

Lexie: I told the police officer that he didn't need to handcuff you to the bed. You keep this up, I'm gonna tell him I was wrong.

Stefano: You're enjoying this, huh?

Lexie: Believe me, I haven't enjoyed much about this family in a very long time.

Stefano: Well, then, bring me my lawyer.

Abe: No problem. But before that, how about you and I have a little talk?

Philip: Do you understand this is it for you? I'm gonna get in this thing and you're gonna forget it all ever happened.

Melanie: Come on, you're pretending to be dead in a body bag.

Philip: Melanie, please! Look what happened to Stephanie. I cannot let that happen to you. I wouldn't be able to live with myself.

Melanie: Nothing's gonna happen to me. Come on, Philip, you need backup. Who's gonna look after you when you go in there?

Philip: Why are you doing this?

Melanie: Huh?

Philip: Well, this. Why are you doing this? This could be dangerous. What's in it for you?

Melanie: I told you, I owe you.

Philip: If you owe me, I think the debt's been paid.

Melanie: Ah, look, we don't have time to talk about this right now. If somebody came in and saw the dead body talking, I think our plan would go up in smoke, so sit down and shut up. 'Cause I'm gonna help you whether you like it or not.

Brady: What in the hell are you two doing?

Philip: Um...

Owen: Get this off here. You're welcome, Steph.

Stephanie: Oh, thank you. Listen, I-I know you're taking care of me.

Owen: He -- Philip, he's such a fool. I...

Stephanie: What, Owen?

Owen: I'd never fight with you, Stephanie. I think he -- I think he has so much, he doesn't even see how great you are.

Stephanie: You really believe that?

Owen: You're so beautiful and yet you're so genuine and real talk to me and to everyone.

Stephanie: Of course, Owen. I talk to you because I told you that I liked you.

Owen: You did.

Stephanie: Mm-hmm. My mom was always telling me about Philip and how he treats girls. She told me that I needed to find a nice guy. I think she'd really like you, Owen.

Owen: Really?

Stephanie: You know, sometimes -- this is stupid.

Owen: No, what? Tell me.

Stephanie: If only I had met you first.

Owen: Oh, Stephanie, that doesn't matter, not anymore.

Announcer: We will return for the second half of "days of our lives" in just a moment.

Stefano: [Sighs] I am not going to say a word until my lawyer is here.

Abe: Off the record for Lexie's sake.

Stefano: One -- you are no longer a cop. You are an ineffective mayor of this town. Two -- I am not going to allow you to use my daughter to coerce me.

Abe: Do you have any idea what she has been through because of you? You are smug, you are arrogant, and you are stupid.

Stefano: Thank you.

Abe: You've screwed up big-time. And as happy as it would make me to see you spend the rest of your life in prison, maybe... maybe, for Lexie's sake, I can broker something.

Stefano: Get him out of here.

Abe: So Lexie means nothing? Philip's life means nothing? That poor girl you kidnapped means nothing?

Stefano: I said get him out!

Lexie: Okay, Abe, leave. Leave, leave. Please leave, honey.

Abe: Don't you let him die until we find Stephanie. And after that...I don't give a damn.

[Door slams]

Rafe: See, you know what is so great? That you and grace -- look, you guys have the same smile.

Sami: Stop it. Shh! No, we can't.

Rafe: Sorry.

Sami: I know from experience that these walls have ears.

Rafe: It's really nice getting to know your family.

Sami: [Laughs] Yeah, 'cause my grandma was so sweet and nice to you?

Rafe: I totally understand where she's coming from. As long as she keeps feeding me, I'm fine.

Sami: You're gonna win her over. She's gonna be crazy about you. Just like I am. And grace is. Right, grace? Grandma is gonna love your daddy.

Nicole: Wow. You look up "domestic bliss" in the dictionary and there's a picture of all three of you.

Mia: Hey.

Will: What's up?

Mia: Thanks for waiting around. I'm really sorry I took off like that.

Will: No, that's fine. Is your cousin okay?

Mia: Yeah, I finally told her to back off.

Will: Really?

Mia: Yeah, so it'll probably work for like an hour or two.

[Both chuckle]

Will: That -- that's the cousin you're living with?

Mia: Huh? Oh, no, yeah.

Will: That's who you were talking about, right?

Mia: Yeah. No, I know. Yeah, I live with my cousin, and her boyfriend lives there, too.

Will: It's just the three of you?

Mia: Right.

Will: Big place?

Mia: Tiny. It's one bedroom, so I sleep on the couch in the living room. I pretty much hate it, but it's a place to live, you know?

Will: Why do you hate it?

Mia: My cousin's mean, and her boyfriend's got this attitude like he owns the place. I mean, he treats me like a boarder.

Will: Well, can somewhere else?

Mia: Sure, on the streets.

Will: Well, what about your parents?

Mia: Let's not talk about this anymore, okay?

Will: Okay. So, you want to hang out right now?

Mia: Sure.

Will: You want some coffee?

Mia: All right, look, Horton, I got to tell you, I think we have done this coffee thing to death. I think it's time we expand our horizons.

Will: M-meaning...what?

Mia: Meaning...follow me.

Will: Uh, okay.

Brady: I repeat -- what the hell are you two doing? What is this?

Philip: This has nothing to do with you, okay?

Brady: So, Philip, if I go, I go straight to hospital security. Will you tell me what's going on?

Philip: We think we know who has Stephanie.

Brady: Great, then let's go tell Bo. What are you doing here playing dead?

Philip: The guy who worked for us, Stefano got to him somehow, okay? He took Stephanie, and his father works for the funeral home.

Melanie: Right, and I went to the morgue and I found Stephanie's earring on the floor.

Brady: Oh, God, let me guess. And you're -- what, you're gonna be their next client? Did you ever stop to think they might see you breathing or you're gonna start screaming when they embalm you?

Philip: Listen to me -- this guy has gone south. They have Stefano back. We don't have Stephanie yet, okay? They still have her.

Brady: Then what are you doing playing games? Why don't we go to Bo, hmm?

Philip: It's a way to get in there without seeing me. Brady, if the cops confront the guy, he'll clam up. Kidnapping -- that's a capital offense. I've got to get her back.

Owen: How could you do that to me? How?

Sami: What do you want?

Nicole: Nothing. I just thought that you looked so cute right now, like this perfect little family.

Sami: Yeah, and your approval means so much to me.

Rafe: We are a family.

Nicole: Oh! Did you get married?

Rafe: No, I meant I'm adopting grace.

Nicole: Really?

Sami: But that's none of your business.

Rafe: Yeah, you're right. It isn't any of her business. It's none of her husband's business, either, but you might as well go ahead and tell him. You see, Sami has backup now and grace has a dad.

Nicole: Okay, I-I'm sorry if you feel the need to be hostile about such lovely news. I really am happy for both of you.

Sami: Oh, shut up. Seriously? You don't care about anything unless there's something in it for you.

Nicole: Sami, I just --

Sami: And you're up to something, and I'm gonna find out what it is.

Will: Can I please take this off now?

Mia: [Chuckles] No, see, the bet was three hours, and, you know, that's what you get for questioning my superiority at skee-ball.

Will: You know, let's go to a batting cage, have a bet about that.

Mia: Uh, that's not fair.

Will: Yeah, you're right. Here, I know. How about no bet? I'll just teach you how to play.

Mia: Yeah, 'cause that's good, 'cause, you know, I need to learn some practical skills.

Will: [Chuckles] All right, okay, so here's the bet -- give me 20 minutes, see if you don't like it. I promise you, first time you hit it on the sweet spot, you'll be a baseball junkie. Oh, I'm sorry. I didn't mean -- if I hurt your feelings.

Mia: Horton, I don't think you could hurt my feelings if you tried. Now, come on. Take me out to the ballgame.

Owen: I can't believe you did that.

Stephanie: Owen, Owen, it's not what you think. The gun, it scares me. I thought it could go off.

Owen: Are you telling me the truth?

Stephanie: Oh, God. Look, after -- after they shot Philip, guns -- they terrify me. I'm -- I'm sorry.

Owen: I am, too, but I have to keep it, but I'm not gonna hurt you. You have to understand that, and I'm not gonna let anyone else hurt you, either. That's why I have to go out there and see who or what is outside.

Stephanie: Owen, please don't hurt Melanie.

Owen: After what she did? After the way she was with your boyfriend?

Stephanie: I'm just tired of people getting hurt.

Owen: Me too. That's why it's gonna stop soon.

Stephanie: What are you doing?

Owen: I'm making sure you stay safe, Stephanie. Now, listen, it tastes a bit bitter, but I want you to drink this.

Stephanie: I don't know what that is. I'm not drinking that.

Owen: Well, then, maybe you shouldn't have let me know how scared you are of this. Now, listen, this won't hurt you, all right? But if you don't drink it, I might. You see, you're not on my good side right now. Drink it. All of it.

Stephanie: What's it gonna do?

Owen: You're gonna go to sleep now. I'm gonna put you in the drawer, but don't worry. I drilled holes in there so you won't have any trouble breathing. In fact, you might actually have a nice rest.

Stephanie: I just -- no, I...

Owen: It's all right. Sleep well.

Brady: You're not changing your mind about this, are you?

Philip: No. Don't tell anyone, Brady, please.

Brady: Oh, God. All right, all right. One condition, though. I'm helping you out here.

Philip: Thank you. You don't have to go. I have backup.

Melanie: But, Philip, come on. You need somebody who knows what Owen and his dad look like. In fact, if you don't let me help you, I'll go to Bo.

Philip: [Sighs] You'll take care of her?

Brady: Yeah, I'll take care of her.

Melanie: Lovely. Now that that's taken care of, can we get you going, please? Because I think we've wasted enough time.

Philip: Keep your phone on so I can text you.

Brady: Come on, let's move. Let's do this.

Abe: There is no spin on this. Just tell them we have both DiMeras in custody and we have an APB out on Philip Kiriakis. Just do it. Sorry.

Lexie: No, you're not.

Abe: Is he all right?

Lexie: Medically, he's stabilized. I don't think I'll ever again be able to describe it as all right.

Abe: Lex, look...I lose my temper because he puts you through all of this.

Lexie: Um, you -- you wanted to talk to him. What do you want to find out?

Abe: Well, if Philip's still alive, what went down on that pier, where...where all this is going.

Lexie: Hmm. I wonder if he was able to talk to someone if it would put an end to all of this.

Abe: What are you saying?

Lexie: More than anything, he wants to talk to E.J. I think you should let him.

Nicole: I guess all that time in witness protection made you a little paranoid, huh?

Sami: Oh, give me a break. This little happy routine -- not working. No one's buying it.

Nicole: I really am happy for both of you, okay, but I don't want to ruin your good mood, so, Rafe, congratulations. You have a beautiful daughter.

Sami: Are you gonna update your Facebook status now? Are you serious? I can't believe you just told her.

Rafe: She was gonna find out eventually. Like I said, we cannot keep this a secret.

Sami: You just wanted E.J. To find out.

Rafe: Yeah, I did, actually. But there's another reason and when you think about it, I know that you're gonna agree with me.

Will: You weren't terrible. I mean, you're just a rookie, so...

Mia: So it's normal for rookies to jump away screaming when the ball comes at them?

Will: Well, I mean, the ball does come at you pretty fast, so once you work on your coordination --

Mia: My coordination? [Laughs] My coordination? I am poetry in motion. I can move better than you ever could.

Will: Right, right.

Mia: Okay, okay. Watch. Now you try.

Will: Me?

Mia: Yeah, you. Go ahead.

Will: Well...there's really nothing to it. I mean, you just, uh... oh.

Owen. Are you here? [Sighs]

This should be our last drop. All set. This dude's going to Heritage Park.

I like that place. It's serenelike.

You like the corn dog place on the way out, so let's move him.


Abe: I can't do that.

Lexie: Abe, come on. I know you want to know what's going on. Tap the phone.

Abe: I'm the mayor. I can't do that.

Lexie: Okay, okay, then I'll listen in. I'll tell you what he says.

Abe: He asked for a lawyer. I should be getting him one, not conspiring to violate his civil rights.

Lexie: What is going on? What's happening here?

Mayor carver, is it true that Philip Kiriakis was involved in the incident on the pier?

Care to comment on the theory that it was a drug deal gone bad?

Abe: I don't wish to speculate.

E.J. DiMera was arrested, but not Philip Kiriakis.

Why is that?

Does this have anything to do what's been termed "the DiMera/Kiriakis war"?

Lexie: This is a hospital. This is highly inappropriate.

Is it appropriate that the mayor is married to a DiMera?

Abe: Hey, that's enough.

Lexie: Okay, Maxine, call security.

Maxine: Already done.

Do you really think you should be dodging our questions right now?

Abe: You call my office, schedule an interview, but not here.

All right, let's go.

If you're compromising city hall, I'll find out if it's the last thing I do.

Lexie: What have they done?

Abe: Well, don't even worry about them.

Lexie: Not them. My -- what has my family done?

Rafe: You see, I think that this adoption thing is gonna help on a lot of levels. Now, first of all, you don't want Nicole poking around your life, right?

Sami: Definitely not.

Rafe: Right, and I think that she does that mainly because of you.

Sami: W--

Rafe: What you had with E.J., And now -- and the reason that she seemed happy about the adoption thing is because, well, she can clearly see that you are not focused on E.J. She likes that. It's good. Makes her happy.

Sami: You're right. I mean, that makes sense.

Rafe: But?

Sami: I've known Nicole a long time, and I know how she operates, and this wasn't just about me. She's up to something. Something is happening, and I just don't know what it is.

Nicole: Oh, I don't know. I mean, he seems smart enough. Hmm? But the poor sap went and fell for Sami anyway. But that's good. That's good for both of us. Yeah, because she's neutralized. And now she can focus on her baby -- well, Mia's baby -- and I am gonna make sure that daddy's little girl has the best life ever. Yes, I am. Yeah, so to that end, first on the to-do list -- getting daddy out of jail.

Well, I'm sorry, but if we don't get that shipment this afternoon as promised, we'll start looking for another supplier. I think that is a very good idea. I'll see you this afternoon.

Okay. There you go.

I didn't expect you guys today. The paperwork looks in order, but I have no indication that I'm expecting a delivery this morning.

Say what?

He's not on the list. You got to take him back.

Melanie: We'll just wait. Oh, my God. Oh, my God, Brady?

Philip: [Thinking] I've got to get out of here before Owen gets back. Got to find Stephanie.

Owen: If you and Brady are here, where's Philip?

Kate: You just need to find Stephanie, you need to find Philip, and you need to clean this mess up.

Maggie: I have nothing to hide, Lucas.

Lucas: You know something. There's something you're not telling me.

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