Days Transcript Thursday 5/14/09

Days of Our Lives Transcript Thursday 5/14/09 - Canada; Friday 5/15/09 - U.S.A.


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Sami: Yeah, Princess, Mommy is so happy, but I know you can tell, huh? Yeah, you're happy, too. Rafe is gonna take care of Dr. Baker for us. He's gonna make sure that he doesn't tell anybody that I gave birth to you. Huh? And that way, E.J. will never find out the truth.

Harold: Excuse me, sir. Master Johnny.

E.J.: Hey, there, tiger. Come to Daddy. Oh! Wow! Big hug! [Chuckles] Big hug. You ready to go to bed? Had a bath? Brush your teeth? You did? Okay. Now, listen. Nicole's upstairs, and she's gonna read you a story. But if you go up to her and you press right here -- see that? Kkh! If you tickle her, I bet she'll tell you two.

Harold: Sir, what happened?

E.J.: Uh, don't worry. Nothing important.

Harold: But when Mr. DiMera sees it, won't he be furious?

E.J.: When dr. DiMera sees it... he'll be just fine.

Owen: Getting chilly, isn't it?

Stephanie: [Gasps] [Chuckles] Owen. No. No. It's -- it's actually quite nice out here.

Owen: Did I startle you?

Stephanie: Yeah. I thought you had gone home already.

Owen: Oh, well, just a few loose ends to tie up before I go.

Stephanie: It's dark outside. You can't garden now, can you?

Owen: You'd be surprised, miss, what a man can do if he has to.

Sami: Yeah.

[Toy bear rattling]

Sami: Let's find out what is keeping your big brother, grace. Where is he?

E.J.: So, Nicole got you some movies. You know what I think you got? I think she got you some monkey movies. Mm-hmm. Yeah. A big... [Imitates monkey sound]

[Cellphone ringing]

E.J.: Wait a second. [Sighs] Hey. One second. Hey. Samantha, I was just about to call you.

Sami: I'm sure you were. So, uh, what's the deal? You running late?

E.J.: Uh, no. I decided not to bring Johnny over this evening.

Sami: Excuse me?

E.J.: Look. Okay. I'm sorry, and I understand I should have called you earlier, but I was just --

Sami: Wait a minute. Wait a minute. Tonight is my night with Johnny. That's the plan.

E.J.: Okay. Well...plans change, and, uh, he's not coming over this evening.

Maggie: Hey, there!

Melanie: Hi.

Maggie: Oh, you home for the night?

Melanie: I think so.

Maggie: Uh-huh.

Melanie: You fixing to watch a really long movie, or...

Maggie: [Chuckling] No. We're having our meeting here tonight.

Melanie: Oh, that's right. The 12-step thing.

Maggie: Uh-huh. Normally, I'd be taking things down to St. Luke's, but the church is remodeling their basement. And since it's my turn to host, we're meeting here instead.

Melanie: Delicious.

Maggie: Mm-hmm. Well, you know, tonight's what you call an open meeting, so you're welcome to join us if you like.

Melanie: Um, I would. I have to go to the library, do some studying. Thank you, though, for the invite.

Maggie: Okay. Well, you know what? I better check things. Have fun.

[Footsteps depart]

Melanie: I will have more fun than you will.

Brady: Melanie. Hey.

Melanie: Brady. Hi.

Brady: You look good.

Melanie: Thank you, kind sir. [Chuckles] This is good timing, actually, but we can't hang out here 'cause Maggie's doing her 12-step thing. Um, do you want to go to the java café or something?

Brady: Uh, uh, no. No, I can't. Actually, I'm here for the meeting.

Will: Mia. Did you get my messages?

Mia: Yeah.

Will: Well, why -- why didn't you call me back? What's up? We're not -- we're not friends anymore?

Stephanie: I don't understand, Owen.

Owen: I don't think you could understand, miss, but perhaps if I tried to explain it you.

Philip: Owen. What the hell do you think you're doing? will never change.

Mia: Will...we are friends. It's just...

Will: What? Come on. What? Look, I'm sorry. That -- that was dumb. I didn't mean to do that.

Mia: It's okay.

Will: L-look, I'm laying it right out there, okay? When I came back to Salem... I wasn't -- I wasn't sure if I was gonna stay. But then you -- you came and we could -- we could talk and stuff. So that's why I stayed. It's be-- because of you.

Mia: Oh.

Will: Now I call you, you don't call me back?

Mia: I'm sorry. I thought...

Will: What?

Mia: ...You were mad at me.

Will: Uh, what? For the rehab stuff? Look, so what. You got a little messed up last year. That was all before, okay? It's not -- it's not who you are now.

Mia: Okay, so, if I'm around your baby sister, you're not...

Will: Are you kidding? Grace lights up when you hold her. I've seen it. So why wouldn't I want you hanging around her whenever you want?

Mia: Really?

Will: Yeah. So, we're cool?

Mia: Yeah.

Will: Sweet.

Mia: And thanks for... not judging me.

Will: I don't. I mean it.

Mia: What are you thinking?

Will: I don't know if you'll tell me or not, but, uh --

Mia: Tell you what?

Will: Well, what were you hooked on?

Mia: Drugs. You know, booze and stuff.

Will: My -- my dad was -- is -- an alcoholic. He's been sober for years now, but one day he just took a drink. And, uh -- I mean, he's okay now, but... he, uh, he almost died.

Mia: It's scary.

Will: Yeah. He says it's a battle every day. But you -- you don't seem to be battling anything.

Mia: That's because I go to a meeting every night.

Will: Really?

Mia: Uh-huh.

Will: Uh, could I go with you tonight?

Sami: Listen, E.J., You don't get to make the rules.

E.J.: Look, I'm sorry, Samantha, but something has just come up.

Sami: Oh, really? Like what?

E.J.: Look, I'm not really at liberty to discuss that, okay? But I need Johnny to stay with me this evening and possibly for the next few days.

Sami: What?!

E.J.: It's just -- it's for the best.

Sami: Like hell it is.

E.J.: Samantha, please, just -- just don't fuss, all right? I understand this is difficult, and I promise you I will explain. But for right now, I just need him to stay with me. Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm waiting for a very important phone call and I need to put Johnny to bed. Samantha --

Sami: No. No, no. You're not hanging up on me.

[Grace crying]

Sami: Grace, no, it's okay, sweetheart. Great. Grace has a fever, and now you are pulling this crap on me.

E.J.: Grace has a fever, okay? Samantha, that's all the more reason for Johnny to stay here, if she's not feeling very well. Now, goodbye. I'll talk to you later.

Brady: So by the time I was clean and sober... I had blown away years of my life, I had ruined my marriage and nearly killed myself about a dozen times. Yeah, so every day I kind of remind myself that I'm an addict -- not "used to be," but that I am. These little meetings -- they keep me centered.

Melanie: Do you go to one every single day?

Brady: No. No. No. Maybe -- maybe a couple a week, but I go especially when I'm feeling a lot of stress and pressure from work and family.

Melanie: Like what's going on with Philip -- that -- that stuff.

Brady: Yeah. Yeah.

Melanie: It's all right, though. Philip's gonna be okay. You don't think Philip's gonna be okay.

Brady: No, I didn't say that.

Melanie: You were thinking it.

Brady: You know, I bet Maggie needs some help with the chairs and stuff.

Melanie: Finally somebody who thinks the same way I do.

Brady: About what?

Melanie: Uh, Philip and Stephanie getting engaged. I mean, that's enough to -- you know, to turn me into an addict.

Philip: What are you still doing here, Owen? You were supposed to go home a long time ago.

Owen: Oh, well, sir, I just needed to make sure all my tools were where they should be for in the morning. I didn't want to wake anyone up in the house.

Philip: Oh, well, just get your stuff and get the hell out of here. Get a life, man. You can't work 24-7.

Owen: You're right, of course, sir.

Philip: Let's go back inside.

Stephanie: Okay. Good night, Owen.

Owen: Good night, miss. Good night, Mr. Kiriakis. Damn it. That drug should have kicked in hours ago. How can he still be awake?

Stephanie: Why'd you come back down here? Are you okay?

Philip: Yes. No. I couldn't sleep.

Stephanie: Philip, you're exhausted. You're not gonna drink more coffee, are you?

Philip: Yeah... 'cause it seems to help.

Stephanie: But you can't sleep. I don't think you need any more caffeine.

Philip: I can't sleep because of you.

Stephanie: Me?

Philip: 'Cause of how you feel.

Stephanie: How I feel about what?

Philip: I thought you were happy to be marrying me.

Stephanie: I am.

Philip: I don't believe you.

[Cellphone ringing]

Owen: Hello?

E.J.: For God's sake, Owen, why is this taking so long? When is it going to happen?

Owen: It's happening now.

Mia: Well, no. I mean, I go to meetings by myself all the time. You don't have to go with me.

Will: What? No, no. I-I want to... unless you don't want me to go or whatever.

Mia: No, no, no. It's -- it's not that. [Sighs] Okay. You can go.

Will: Great.

Mia: And it's really nice of you... to want to be there with me.

Will: I do. Look, I'm -- I just got to drop some stuff off at home, and then we can go.

Mia: Okay.

Will: All right.

Mia: [Sighs]

Melanie: I mean, Philip's the kind of guy who's gonna need his wife to walk on the wild side and love every second of it, you know? You didn't know they got engaged, did you?

Brady: No. It -- is this something they've just talked about, or did they actually get engaged?

Melanie: Uh, no. Today. It's a, um, ring the size of a planet, so...

Brady: I'll be damned.

Melanie: I know. It's pretty much the worst idea in the world. If you didn't know they got engaged...why don't you think Philip's gonna be okay?

Brady: Did I say that?

Melanie: Well, no. It's not about what you said, though. Are you worried about him? You're worried about him 'cause of the whole DiMera thing? I-I don't know. You're a part of the family, so shouldn't you be able --

Brady: Mel, Mel, you know what? You really -- you really got to let it go. I mean, just -- I mean, let go.

Melanie: Let what go?

Brady: Philip.

Melanie: Well, I mean, the guy's almost gotten himself killed like twice. Shouldn't I be a little bit worried about him?

Brady: Mel -- Mel, let it go.

Melanie: Oh, you think I'm jealous of the whole Stephanie thing, so --

Brady: Yeah, that's actually exactly what I think.

Melanie: Well, I'm not... jealous of that. I mean... [Exhales deeply] I just -- um, sure, I am -- a little bit -- but who wouldn't be? I mean, the guy's unbelievably attractive and rich, you know, and Stephanie won and I lost, but there are other reasons. But it's not about me and how I feel.

Brady: If you say so.

Melanie: Yeah, well, I do say so, okay? I mean... e-even if I do have some very small feelings left for Philip, it's -- it's not why I think him and Stephanie getting married is about the worst idea in the world.

Brady: He obviously loves her.

Melanie: Yeah, of course he does, and she just -- she just loves him to death, so...

Brady: Well, what's the problem, then?

Melanie: Stephanie's not gonna be happy, and then it's only a matter of time before Philip's not happy.

Brady: And you know this be--

Melanie: Because Stephanie doesn't accept what Philip does or who he is or how he acts, and she never will.

Philip: I should have said something before I went to bed, but I didn't, so I'm saying it now.

Stephanie: Philip, I want to marry you. The idea that I don't is ridiculous.

Philip: Hey, let me say it. I want to say it. Don't put words in my mouth. I heard what you said to Melanie. I know how you really feel.

Stephanie: Whatever Melanie said isn't --

Philip: You shut up. This isn't about Melanie. It's about you.

Stephanie: Philip, you're scaring me.

Philip: Oh, am I? Yeah, well, that's part of it, right -- why you're having a hard time dealing with this?

Stephanie: Why are you picking a fight with me?

Philip: You said yes. You said you wanted to marry me. I put a ring on your finger. I was so happy. I thought you were, too.

Stephanie: I'm happy. Philip, I love you.

Philip: Yeah, but when I'm not around, you say, "maybe it won't work. Maybe I should get out while I'm still young."

Stephanie: I never said those things. Melanie's the one who was saying that.

Philip: Well, I sure as hell didn't see you calling her out on it! Why didn't you have my back?

Stephanie: I think you need to go get some rest.

Philip: Don't tell me what to do. Tell me everything's gonna be okay. Tell me that! Tell me you can live like this.

Stephanie: You know I can't.

Sami: Yep, we are --

Will: I'm gonna drop this stuff off, and we can, uh -- oh. Hey, mom.

Sami: Hey, yourself. Um, you know what? You are just in time, actually. Hi, Mia.

Mia: Hi.

Will: Uh, just in time for what?

Sami: Well, I have to go deal with a -- an errand, and it would be great for me if you could watch grace for just a little while.

Will: Uh, no. I'm sorry. We can't. We've -- we've got something to do. We can't be late.

Sami: Oh. Okay. Okay. No big deal.

Mia: No. Actually, uh, it's okay. We don't have to go.

Will: Uh, yeah, we do. It's kind of important.

Mia: Yeah, but your mom needs help.

Will: Yeah, okay, but, look. This is an everyday thing for you. I can't let you skip it.

Sami: You guys, it's okay. Don't worry about it. I've got her all rocking, ready to go. We're out of here, so, um, don't worry about it. Thank you, though.

Will: Sweet. See you later. I'm just gonna drop this stuff off and we can go.

Mia: Okay.

Sami: I have my phone, my keys, my wallet...

Mia: Hi.

Sami: ...Diaper bag. Oh. Yeah, she's, uh, doing her angel impression right now, but she was cranky earlier.

Mia: Oh, well, e-even when she's cranky, she's the sweetest baby in the world.

Sami: Yeah, well, I think so. She definitely has her moments.

Mia: You know, I don't know why grace -- I mean, I've been around other babies lately, and they're all so wonderful, but grace -- she's just so special.

Sami: Well, thank you, Mia. I definitely feel the same way. It's nice to hear you say that. All right. Would you mind getting the door for me?

Mia: Sure.

Sami: Come on, sweetheart. Let's get out of here.

Mia: Bye, grace.

Sami: Bye, Mia. I will see you later. Have fun.

Mia: Bye. Okay. "A.A. Meeting. Salem. Tonight."

Melanie: So we're back to the jealousy thing again. I swear to God, Brady, sometimes you think you're my psychiatrist or something.

Brady: No, I don't think --

Melanie: You think that I can't figure out what's going on with Stephanie and Philip without like some hidden agenda?

Brady: I think that you are way too smart to ask a question like that.

Melanie: [Scoffs] Is that -- is that a put-down or a compliment? I don't know why you think I'm such a bad girl all the time. I-I mean, deep down, I really do mean well -- uh-oh.

Brady: Uh-oh? What?

Melanie: My bracelet. I don't -- oh. Oh! I forgot it at the pub. It must have fallen off when I was talking to my brother.

Brady: Oh. Was it expensive?

Melanie: Well, uh, it was for the dumb guy that bought it for me... who was also sweet...

Maggie: Hi, Brady.

Brady: Hey. Hey.

Maggie: Oh, am I interrupting?

Melanie: No.

Maggie: No?

Melanie: Um, you guys -- I'm gonna -- okay.

Maggie: Okay.

Melanie: Bye.

Maggie: Bye.

[Door opens, closes]

Stephanie: Philip, we can talk about this tomorrow. You need to get some rest.

Philip: Stop trying to put this on me. I want an answer -- yes or no?

Stephanie: You're not thinking clearly.

Philip: I want an answer!

Stephanie: Would you listen to yourself? You want an answer to a hypothetical question -- how am I gonna feel about our marriage 10 to 20 years from now?

Philip: Yes, yes, that is what I'm asking.

Stephanie: Philip, listen to me. Just go upstairs and get some rest, please. I'm gonna go outside and sit on the terrace. I'll come up a little later, okay?

Philip: This is not over. It's a yes, or it's a no. I want an answer.

Stephanie: Damn it, Philip, I love you! I want to marry you! Why isn't that enough?! Do you want me to lie and pretend like everything you do is perfect, like I am happy about everything that's going on right now?! Why would I do that when you know it's not true?

Philip: Well, then maybe you shouldn't marry me.

Stephanie: You're right. Maybe I shouldn't. Good night.

Philip: Stephanie. Stephanie. Stephanie. Oh!

[Exhales deeply]

Stephanie: It'll be okay. Everything will look better in the morning.

[Muffled screaming]

Owen: Shh! Shh! Shh!

Will: Okay. All set. Are you checking your e-mail or something?

Mia: Yeah. Nothing.

Will: So, you ready?

Mia: Sure.

Will: Let's bounce.

[Persistent knocking on door]

Sami: It's about time.

Marco: I'm sorry, Mr. DiMera. I knew she'd been here before, and she had this kid, so...

E.J.: It's no problem. Come in.

Sami: So, E.J., What's with all the, uh, hired muscle?

E.J.: So, what are you doing here, Samantha?

Sami: It's my night to be with Johnny. You wouldn't bring him by, so I'm here to pick him up.

E.J.: I already told you -- that's not going to happen.

Sami: I want my son. Do I have to call the sheriff?

E.J.: No. That won't be necessary. This whole situation is gonna sort itself out in a few days.

Sami: No, we're gonna sort it out -- now.

E.J.: Look, Samantha, it's important that you understand --

Sami: It's important to me to be with my children, so please go get Johnny -- now.

E.J.: No.

Maggie: I'm so proud of you. I hope you know that.

Brady: Thanks.

Maggie: It's never easy. Everyone has their own battles and their own path, but it's a whole lot better than the alternative.

Brady: You know... when I was in rehab and I was having a long night or a long day or whatever... I always thought about you. I thought, "Maggie made it, so can you."

Maggie: Wow. [Exhales sharply] Thank you, Brady. You just made my day.

Brady: Oh...

Maggie: No. You know, you made my week. [Laughs]

[Doorbell rings]

Maggie: Uh-oh.

Brady: There they are.

Maggie: [Laughing] Here they come.

Brady: Uh, the tray goes on the long table outside the door, right?

Maggie: Please.

Brady: All right.

Maggie: Thank you.

[Knock on door]

Maggie: Oh. [Gasps] Oh, my goodness. Hello. Come in.

Mia: Hi.

Maggie: Come in. Um... my -- oh, my gosh. Um, this is a strange time. I-I know I said that we could talk --

Mia: Oh, no, no. I-I got this address off the internet, actually. I had no idea this was your house.

Maggie: Oh. So you're not here to see me. You're here for the meeting.

Mia: Yeah. And look -- I-I've got this friend coming, okay? He's just -- he's just parking the car right now, but he's not --

Maggie: You know what? It's okay. It's an open meeting. He doesn't have to be one of us.

Mia: Right. Um, anyway, I mean, you were so good to me when we met at the java café, and...

Maggie: What?

Mia: Could you just not say anything about that when he comes in?

Maggie: Of course not. We are all here anonymously.

Mia: Thank you. Oh, you are just so nice.

Melanie: I know, max, but the girl said that she couldn't find the bracelet here, so you think maybe you took it home or -- are you sure? Because the bracelet's really expensive, and I -- okay. All right. That's cool. Thank you. Bye, max. Oh, no. Philip's house. [Sighs]

Stephanie: [Muffled screaming]

Owen: Shh! Shh! Shh!

Henderson: Mr. Kiriakis? Sir?

Philip: Hmm? What?

Henderson: Sir, you don't seem well. Shall I call a doctor?

Philip: No. No, I'm fine. No. You -- you go, and you do what you do. I'm fine. It's okay.

Henderson: I'll be in my room if you need me, sir.

Philip: Okay. [Clears throat]

[Cellphone ringing]

Philip: [Sighs] Hello.

Melanie: Hey, Philip, uh, it's Melanie. Don't hang up on me, please. Okay. All right. Um, I-I was wearing this really expensive bracelet when I came over, and, um, I think it fell off, maybe, at your house somewhere. It's probably just on the carpet. Could you check for me?

Philip: It's, uh, that's out-- outside on the -- on the terrace.

Melanie: It's on -- what is it doing on the terrace? Look, can you -- can you just do me a favor? Can you go check for me, please?

[Knock on door]

Will: Hey, I didn't know if we were supposed to use the front or the back.

Maggie: It's -- it's fine. Come on in.

Mia: You said it was okay, right, about my friend? I mean, there's not a problem?

Maggie: Uh, yeah, there's no problem. How you doing, will?

Will: I'm good. You?

Maggie: I'm fine, thanks.

Mia: Well, wait. Y-you two know each other?

Will: Yeah. She's my aunt Maggie.

Mia: Oh, my God.

Maggie: Sweetheart, listen. Everything is gonna be all right. If you want to talk to me later, we can. I mean, these meetings are about support and working out your problems. We are all here anonymously.

Mia: Right. Yeah. Yeah. No, I know that.

Maggie: Okay. So who we are and what -- what is said stays within these walls, and that goes for you, too, will.

[Doorbell rings]

Will: Okay.

Maggie: Oh, listen. They're coming in the front. I really should get in there. Um, do the two of you want a few minutes alone?

Mia: Actually, could I just get a minute by myself -- just me?

Will: Yeah. Sure.

Maggie: Will, then, help me with these plates, and, uh -- and you can -- I have some things out there you can help me with, too, I'm sure. Okay, come right here. Here we go. Here we go. I got the door.

Mia: [Sighs] Oh, my God. Could this get any worse? [Exhales deeply] Okay. Okay. I can just -- I can whisper in will's ear, and then we'll leave. Yeah. This -- it's gonna work.

Brady: Mia. What are you doing here?

Philip: Why the hell would I go get your damn bracelet?

Melanie: Okay. Can I come pick up my bracelet?

Philip: Oh, you know where it is?

Melanie: Y-you just said it was on the terrace.

Philip: Yeah, it's in an ashtray -- where it belongs. That's where I put it. That's where you belong.

Melanie: Oh, uh, thank you. Th-- there's --

Philip: And the next time that Stephanie comes to talk to you, you -- you're a lying bitch.

Melanie: Oh, um, are you -- are you okay? You kind of sound a little weird.

Philip: She loves me.

Melanie: Uh, yes. I heard that. That's -- um, but you sound a little weird, Philip.

Philip: She loves me!

Melanie: Okay. That's great. And you love her, and -- and the ring is beautiful, and congratulations and best wishes and all of that. Can I, um, can I just come get my bracelet?

Philip: Go to hell.

[Thud] Oh!

Melanie: Are you kidding me? He's such a jerk.

Philip: [Coughing]

Mia: You're Nicole's friend.

Brady: Yeah, that's right. The last time I saw you, you were pregnant.

Mia: [Scoffs] Does everyone in Salem go to A.A. Meetings?

Brady: Yeah, let's talk about that. Actually, I would normally never ask someone why they were at a meeting like this or offer any kind of judgment, but tonight's a little different, isn't it?

Mia: Why?

Brady: Because Nicole thinks she has a perfectly healthy baby, Mia.

Mia: Yeah.

Brady: And she needs to know -- you know what? She deserves to know what you were using and abusing during your pregnancy.

Mia: Wait. What? No, no, no. I-I would never do anything like that. I mean, I would never hurt my baby.

Brady: Mia, you're at a 12-step meeting right now, which means one of two things. You were either abusing alcohol or drugs or both.

Mia: No. I -- [Sighs] I-I don't even have to talk to you right now, actually, so I'm gonna go.

Brady: No. No. You know what? No. Sorry. No. I owe this to Nicole, and so do you. You're not gonna leave until you tell me what's going on. I want to know what kind of addiction you're fighting and how it affected the baby.

Sami: Aren't you just turning into the spitting image of your father?

E.J.: I'm flattered.

Sami: The courts gave us joint custody, E.J. Tonight is my night with Johnny. I want my son.

E.J.: Look, you told me yourself -- grace is feverish, okay? I think it's best that Johnny stay here for a couple of days.

Sami: Well, you don't get to decide what's best on my night.

E.J.: So, what is it that's wrong with grace?

Sami: Hey, hey, no. Don't touch her.

E.J.: Why, is she contagious?

Sami: Hardly. I told you already -- she's teething.

E.J.: She's teething. I think I can look at a teething child.

Sami: Yeah, I don't want you anywhere near my daughter.

E.J.: For pity's sake, Samantha, what exactly is wrong with you at the moment?

Sami: E.J., I don't want you anywhere in my daughter's life. You're already ruining Johnny's.

E.J.: I'm ruining Johnny's life? That's nonsense, Samantha. I'm a very good father to Johnny. You know how I know that? You told me. Look, one of the reasons that I need him to be here for the next few because I want to make sure that he's safe.

Sami: Look, I don't know what you think is wrong with my parenting, or you think his sister is gonna give him some sort of horrible disease, but you're wrong.

E.J.: Look, I just don't want his life to be in danger.

Sami: Wait. You mean -- you mean real danger?

E.J.: Okay. I've said enough. Go, please.

Sami: What are you talking about, E.J.? This -- this is serious. If you think our son's life is in danger, then I'm not going anywhere. We are talking about this. Is that why you have all these bodyguards? [Exhales sharply]

E.J.: Samantha...

Sami: Oh, my God.

E.J.: Don't make this into something bigger than it is.

Sami: E.J., What the hell is going on here?

Owen: [Exhales deeply]

Owen: Oh, hello, miss. [Chuckles] As you can see, a gardener's work is never done, especially in the springtime. I think Mr. Kiriakis is inside the house, and now I'm gonna go and empty these clippings so I can start fresh tomorrow on the north side of the estate.

Melanie: Yeah, that's cool. Whatever. Look, my bracelet's on the terrace.

Yeah, you told me that 10 times.

Mia: I want out of here.

Brady: Look, Mia. Mia, listen. Listen. I like you, okay? I think you're a good kid, but if Nicole's baby needs to be checked out by doctors because of something you were doing while you were pregnant, you...

Mia: Okay, I already told you -- I would never do something like that. I would never hurt my baby.

Brady: Tell me what you were using while you were pregnant.

Mia: I wasn't using anything. I have never done drugs in my life.

Brady: What about alcohol?

Mia: I don't drink. It all tastes bitter to me. I honestly hate it. [Sighs] Okay, look, I'm here because I told this friend of mine that I went to rehab.

Brady: Why would you do something like that?

Mia: [Sighs] Because... I didn't want him to find out the truth.

Brady: You didn't want him to know the truth about what?

Sami: What happened here? E.J., What is happening?

E.J.: Nothing, Samantha. Look, father and I had a little bit of an argument. Things got a bit heated, all right? Now, can you please go?

Sami: Okay, look, I appreciate the British tendency to understate things, but it's not gonna cut it.

E.J.: Okay, well, that's all I have to say.

Sami: So, where's Stefano? He's not here? He's gone, and now you're worried about Johnny's safety.

E.J.: Samantha, can you do me a favor, please, and not jump to conclusions?

Sami: E.J., Something is going on, and I'm entitled to know what it is, so tell me what's happening.

Philip: [Groans] Stephanie. Where did she go? I'm so sorry. Stephanie. Oh, God.

[Exhales deeply] Stephanie.

Melanie: Wow. I didn't know it took a college degree. You are -- you are really not helpful with this.

I don't know why you can't do this yourself.

Melanie: Hey, the one that makes it fall off is the one that puts it back on.

My fingers are too thick.

Melanie: And I think after this, you owe me an apology, if you ever do get the bracelet back on.

There. Fine.

Melanie: Thank you.

Now let's go. This way.

Melanie: Believe me, I don't want to be here any more than you -- what's this doing here?

Mia: I lied, will -- to Brady and to you.

Will: About what?

Arianna: She's just gonna break your heart, Rafe.

E.J.: I'm gonna get your free from those Kiriakises, father. Just hold on a little longer.

Daniel: I need an ambulance at 13201 glen oaks drive. A man has passed out. Philip!

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