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Days of Our Lives Transcript Friday 5/8/09 - Canada; Monday 5/11/09 - U.S.A.


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Chloe: You look worse than i feel.

Daniel: Hey.

Chloe: Hey, yourself.

Daniel: Look, I'm -- I'm sorry I didn't call you back. I've just been working nonstop.

Chloe: Hey, it's okay. I know. I called the nurses' station, and they said that you might have some time tonight. I should have waited to hear from you, but I just -- i couldn't wait. I was too nervous.

Daniel: Kate?

Chloe: Yeah. She was like a cat with a mouse. She wouldn't tell me what she knew about us. I practically had to beg her.

Daniel: I am so sorry.

Chloe: Hey, I guess I had it coming, right?

[Exhales deeply] So, she said that she wouldn't tell lucas.

Daniel: She told me the same thing.

Chloe: Do you think we can believe her?

Daniel: [Exhales deeply] Well, we are in the enviable position of having to trust kate's word.

Kate: [Exhales deeply]

Lucas: Hey.

Kate: Hey.

Lucas: Henderson's out there. He's got all your luggage in the car.

Kate: Yep.

Lucas: Where are you going?

Kate: I'm going to london. Billie has had a little setback, so I'm gonna go be with her.

Lucas: Is it bad?

Kate: It's a secondary infection, whatever that means. I don't know.

Lucas: Is chelsea all right?

Kate: She's upset. She really is. And, uh, I'm just hoping that it's exhaustion or -- or jet lag or that she's overreacting, 'cause, frankly, I'm really -- I'm just scared, lucas. I'm scared.

Lucas: I'm sorry, okay? I really am.

Kate: Thanks, sweetie. Thank you. At least I know I'm leaving things in your capable hands, right?

Lucas: Yeah, yeah. I'll take care of everything, whatever you need. Were you gonna tell me that you're going somewhere?

Kate: Of course I was gonna tell you.

Lucas: Of course you were gonna tell me? Don't give me that, mom. You've been avoiding me for two days now.

Kate: Lucas, I haven't been avoiding you.

Lucas: Yes, you have, and i want to know why.

Dr. Baker: [Exhales deeply] Where am I?

Nicole: You're in the hospital. You had an accident.

Dr. Baker: "Accident"? You tried to kill me, you bitch.

Nicole: No, that is not true.

Dr. Baker: It's not true? Did you just push me down a flight of stairs for my health?

Nicole: It was an accident. You were very upset, and -- and I guess you must have tripped.

Dr. Baker: "Tripped"? I made the totally idiotic mistake of turning my back on you. You don't turn your back on a cobra. You hit me with all you had.

Nicole: [Scoffs] Cobras don't have arms.

Dr. Baker: I don't joke, nicole, with somebody who tried to kill me... someone who still wants me dead.

Nicole: No. No. No.

E.J.: Father. Oh, father.

Announcer: Like sands through the hourglass, so are the days of our lives.

E.J.: Come on. Okay.

Victor: Oh, he's alive.

E.J.: [Exhales sharply] Oh, thank God.

Victor: The question is, for how long?

E.J.: You're a son of a bitch. You know that?

Victor: Now, elvis.

E.J.: You don't get to call me "elvis."

Victor: This is not the time to let emotions cloud our judgment. We have important decisions to make -- life and --

E.J.: Uhh!


Victor: So, now it seems as if we're ready to begin negotiations.

Hope: Right. Right. Well, it's worth a shot. Okay. Thanks. Yeah, I'll swing by in the morning.

Bo: What?

Hope: That nurse that went after philip -- they're putting her in a cell with an informant.

Bo: Man, that was way too close. I do not want to have to tell victor that philip was killed, least of all on my watch.

Hope: God only knows what victor's gonna do, now that he knows that stefano tried again.

Bo: It goes on and on and on.

Max: Hey.

Hope: Hey, max. Wow.

Max: You guys look like you've had a long day.

Bo: The man's psychic.

Hope: He is. Thank you.

Max: Yeah, well, maybe I'm just trying to get on your good side.

Bo: Uh-oh.

Max: You guys talk to chelsea at all?

Bo: Not since she arrived at heathrow, no.

Max: Great. Yeah, me neither. I'm just beginning to worry. That's all.

Bo: Join the club.

Kate: Okay. Can we not be ridiculous? Billie is in the hospital. I am packing for london, okay? I have not been avoiding you.

Lucas: That's just avoidance right there once again. You know what? I can't believe you, ever since I saw you and chloe going at it at the pier. Mom, you really attacked her.

Hope: Really? Really? We have to do this now?

Lucas: Yeah, we do have to do this now. You got so mad that you fired her. I want to know why.

Kate: Well, you know, lucas, chloe never wanted to host that tv show, so frankly she was relieved.

Lucas: You know, if you weren't going off to london right now, maybe I'd have time for your games. But since you're leaving, I want you to be honest with me. Tell me -- what went down between you and chloe?

Daniel: I think we just need to remember that nobody knows better than kate that lucas is -- is fragile.

Chloe: Daniel --

Daniel: No, I'm sorry. But the whole time I'm talking to her, it just kept hitting me that maybe somewhere along the line, if mommy didn't just protect him and cut his meat for him, he might have actually grown up.

Chloe: Stop it.

Daniel: No. Chloe, life happens. People can be engaged and then fall in love with someone else. Love doesn't always come in a pretty, little package. And I don't think the reason that we're not together is because you don't want me. It's because of lucas. You fear that he is gonna self-destruct if he knows.

Chloe: That's not fair.

Daniel: But it's true. And kate did it. She can hunt bears with a switch, but she raised this -- this... I'm sorry. I am really sorry. I'm --

Chloe: Lucas didn't do anything wrong, okay?

I did. I feel like people are staring at me.

Daniel: Just me. Look, it's a hospital. People are sad all the time.

Nicole: Don't be stupid, okay?

Dr. Baker: You walked in here, I was alive. You leave here and I'm dead, they'll figure it out.

Nicole: [Sighs] I am not going to kill you.

Dr. Baker: Okay, then. I'll just take your word for it.

Nicole: I could have left you at the bottom of the stairs.

Dr. Baker: No, you couldn't, because there were too many people there. Ow! My head.

Nicole: What happened on the staircase was an accident. You are just as responsible for this as I am.

Dr. Baker: No, crazy woman. No. You pushed me down a flight of stairs, I end up in the hospital -- that is your fault. You're responsible. The next thing you know, you'll be blaming gravity.

Nicole: [Chuckles] Okay, dick. A little life lesson. You threatened to destroy a person's life. You threatened to take away everything that -- that meant anything to that person and blow it up. Maybe you should avoid staircases. Maybe that person might have a -- an unpremeditated, involuntary --

Dr. Baker: See? See? You admit it. You tried to kill me.

Nicole: No, no. That's our relationship, dick. No, I wanted to "kill you" the second you showed up on my doorstep after sydney was born. And since you're the one who made me want to kill you, I'd say it's up to you to not give me the opportunity.

Dr. Baker: This conversation is over.

Nicole: No, no, no, no. We still need to talk.

Dr. Baker: Honey, if I'm gonna talk, it's gonna be to the police.

E.J.: [Gagging] Oh!

[Coughing] What did you do to my father?

Victor: Nothing. He has diabetes. I'm just letting nature take its course.

E.J.: He needs insulin.

Victor: Oh. Now you're doing my job for me. That was going to be my opening salvo in the negotiations. Your father needs insulin. If he doesn't get it, he could lose a limb. He could go blind. He could lose his life.

E.J.: Damn you.

Victor: Oh, not to worry, though, elvis. You see, the good news is I have insulin. So all we have to do is negotiate a price.

Kate: Now, you know I have never been fond of chloe, especially after what she put philip through, and, no, I did not want you to get involved with her.

Lucas: She gave you her bone marrow, but she can't have your son.

Kate: [Sighs] Okay. You're forcing me to say these things, all right? Just because a narcissistic, backstabbing, little bitch does something nice, does that really change anything? No. It -- it changed one thing, because it changed my perception of her, very briefly. But you know that bone marrow transplant? I think I was just blinded by science, because she is still the same person she's always been.

Lucas: Oh, really?

Kate: Yeah.

Lucas: Well, forget that she's my wife, forget that i love her, right?

Kate: You know what that tells me? Once again, you have made a terrible mistake.

Chloe: You can't talk to me like that, daniel, okay? I love lucas, and I want to be married to him -- faithful to him.

Daniel: [Grunts] Look. All right. I'm -- I'm tired, and I've been dealing with kate. I-I'm not trying to upset you here.

Chloe: Don't you know how important this is to me? I made a promise to God.

Daniel: Mm.

Chloe: That makes you mad, doesn't it?

Daniel: You have no idea -- no idea. So -- so you sacrificed, all right? You made a sacrifice to save lucas' life?

Chloe: Yes.

Daniel: Yeah, well, marriage isn't supposed to be a sacrifice.

Chloe: That's not what i meant.

Daniel: No, but that's how it's turned out, isn't it? Tell me. Tell me. Does your marriage make you happy? Not lucas. You. Look at me. Does it?

Nicole: You can't go to the cops. You're gonna tell them that i pushed you down the staircases, and then I'm gonna tell them what you've been up to, and then it's "bye-bye, medical license," and "hello, bubba in the orange jumpsuit."

Dr. Baker: I'll cut a deal with the D.A. I'll give them you, and they flip you to get to the dimeras.

Nicole: Let's say you do go public with this. And how do you think E.J. And stefano are gonna respond when they find out how you've played them?

Dr. Baker: I didn't play them. It was you. I just helped.

Nicole: No. That's too fine of a distinction for them. You go to the cops, and you're gonna wish you didn't wake up right now.

Victor: You know what i think, elvis? I think somehow you and I got off on the wrong foot.

E.J.: If he dies, you die.

Victor: Ah, you see there? I was right. I did sense hostility. You know what I'm gonna do? I am going to extend to you a gesture of goodwill -- an olive branch, if you will. If your father becomes sick, I'll call in a nurse. Come in, please. You remember your orders?

Yes, mr. Kiriakis.

E.J.: Wait a second. Wait a second. What's she doing?

Victor: I'm glad you're gonna be here for this.

E.J.: What's she doing? What's in that syringe? Hey.

Victor: Are you concerned, elvis? I sense fear in you. I mean, why would you be afraid of a nurse? Go ahead, nurse.

E.J.: Wait! No!

Victor: Yes. He got his insulin. He got what he needed to live.

Stefano: [Groans]

Victor: Look at that. That's encouraging, isn't it?

I told you before. That's not a sufficient dosage.

Victor: It'll do for now. That'll be all, nurse. Why don't you just make yourself a cup of tea? Put your feet up. Relax for a bit. I think it's important to keep the staff happy.

E.J.: You're enjoying this, aren't you?

Victor: Were you paying attention, elvis? Your father got his insulin, but not as much as he needed. But I did reach out. I mean, I did take the first step.

E.J.: Okay. All right. I'm listening. What exactly is it that you want?

Victor: Well... everything, elvis. Everything.

Bo: Okay, "mr. Going to med school guy," answer me something. What exactly does "secondary infection" mean?

Max: Uh, pretty much like it sounds. It's -- it's not that good. And the really bad part about it is --

Bo: Oh, nice. There's a really bad part?

Max: Yeah. It can screw up the immune system.

Bo: [Sighs]

Max: Not only that. It makes her more susceptible to infections and also slows down the recuperation process, which is great.

Bo: Well, yeah. I'm glad I asked. I got to head back to the station.

Hope: No. Sit down. You're gonna have something to eat. We're gonna wait for ciara, and then we're going home, and you, my dear, are gonna get some sleep.

Bo: I'm too tired to fight.

Hope: Good.

Max: I should have gone with her, though. I mean, chelsea shouldn't be going through this alone.

Hope: What are you thinking?

Bo: Well, in the past, when, uh, we didn't hear from her... it meant that there was bad news.

Max: Great.

Lucas: You know what? I can't believe this. I can'T. She saved your life.

Kate: And she wormed her way into our family. That was a very shrewd move, wasn't it?

Lucas: She didn't worm her way into this family. She would have been part of this family regardless of what you thought.

Kate: Oh, that's true. I almost forgot. Philip was very fond of her, wasn't he?

Lucas: You know what, mom? This has nothing to do with philip or the past. This has to do with the present and what just happened, and you're not answering my question. You've been avoiding me ever since I saw you guys arguing at the pier, and I want to know why. I want to know what happened. Did she say something? Did she say anything to make you mad?

Kate: Something did happen, but it wasn't between chloe and me.

Lucas: No?

Kate: No. It happened between the two of you.

Chloe: I'm not gonna tell you that I'm happy, because you're just gonna say that I'm lying, all right? Now, you can see things the way that you see them, and that's fine, but my life is not your concern anymore.

Daniel: No, you're right. It's not.

Chloe: I just want to talk about kate, okay? Not lucas. Just kate.

Daniel: Okay. All right. Well, then, let me just say something about her.

Chloe: Fine.

Daniel: Like I said, I don't think she can afford to tell lucas, but that doesn't mean she is gonna let this go.

Chloe: I don't care what she does as long as she doesn't tell lucas.

Daniel: What? Are you gonna go all martyr on me? You struck a deal with God, so now everything in the world is

your responsibility,

your fault?

Chloe: I didn't say that.

Daniel: No, she is gonna come after you. She already has. And she will not play fair. She's like a -- a bloodhound. She can sniff out insecurity like that, and she will prey on your seemingly boundless guilt. She will try to undermine you every chance she gets, and don't you dare tell me you deserve this.

Chloe: It's just that --

Daniel: Stop! If what we had was a sin, you have atoned. It is not her position or her responsibility to judge you, and God sure as hell didn't appoint her to be your judge and executioner. I want you to fight like you fight with me. Fight. Do not let her get away with this, and don't let her do to you what she has done to...

Chloe: Who?

Daniel: [Groans]

Dr. Baker: You have a rotten bedside manner.

Nicole: I'm just trying to help you focus. You can't go to the cops -- not just for my sake, but for yours.

Dr. Baker: I think... maybe you're right.

Nicole: Finally. Look, I'm gonna talk to your doctor and see when you can be transferred, and then we'll find you a lovely, remote place where you can recuperate.

Dr. Baker: Really?

Nicole: Mm-hmm. Yeah. I was thinking somewhere warm, secluded.

Dr. Baker: Where no one will be too alarmed if, uh, some tourist shows up dead.

Nicole: Right. No!

Dr. Baker: See? See? Nicole, the one thing I know about you is you're never gonna stop trying. You trying to kill me then was just the tip of the iceberg. It's the truth. You're not gonna stop trying until I-I get some insurance. Yeah. I need to get some insurance.

Nicole: And what would that be?

Dr. Baker: I tell E.J. Everything.

Victor: Well, he's looking better already, don't you think? With the correct dosage, he might even wake up.

E.J.: What do you mean -- "everything"?

Victor: Well, before we get into crunching numbers, I'd like to make clear what the kiriakis overview is. Ultimately, what we'd like to do is end the war between our two families. Now, since we're dealing with the dimeras and we know their history and their mind-set... the only way to make sure we can maintain peace is to be sure that they're completely disarmed. This... is a contract. Once you sign this... your father will get his insulin... and dimera enterprises... will all belong to me.

Hope: This is what I so love about the ir-r-ish. Their optimism. Chelsea doesn't call. "Got to be bad news." Now, it couldn't possibly be that she's just arrived, completely exhausted, jet-lagged.

Bo: The irish are not like that.

Hope: You call surgery "going under the knife." You're like that. You need to wind down. You have way too much on your plate, brady.

Max: Speaking of which, I'll go get you guys something to eat.

Hope: Thank you. Something delicious.

Max: Yeah, and, hope, you're probably right. I mean, you know, she did just get there and everything, so --

[Cellphone ringing] Oh. Hey, chelse. How you doing? That's good. How's your mom? That's -- that's great. No, bo's here with me right now, actually.

You tell him, all right? He wants to hear your voice. Hold on.

Bo: Hey, kid. How you doing? So billie's doing much better? Good. Good. Glad to hear it.

Lucas: So, what made you mad with chloe has something to do with the two of us, right? Her and me?

Kate: That's right.

Lucas: Really? Well, you don't know what you're talking about. How about that? You don't know what it's like between us, so stay out of it. It's private, all right? Just butt out. I want you to butt out of all of our lives. Stop haunting chloe. Stay out of philip's way. Really, mom, it's time to butt out.

Kate: You know, I'm so glad that we had this chance to say goodbye, because I am really gonna miss you, lucas.

Lucas: You know what, mom? I don't even want to talk to you right now. Tell billie I hope she feels better.

Kate: Lucas, don't, please. Let's not be like this. Please.

Lucas: You don't want it like this, really? Then start treating chloe -- start treating her with love and respect... or don't expect any from me.

Daniel: I'm -- I'm not supposed to talk about lucas. Oh, my God. She is not without sin, so don't let kate cast any stones. And if she gives you any static -- any at all -- I'll --

[Exhales raggedly] All right. You just tell her... that you'll tell lucas yourself.

Dr. Baker: Hey, don't touch me.

Nicole: Well, I was just trying to see if you had a fever or were delirious, because even you can't be stupid enough to suggest telling E.J.

Dr. Baker: Oh, really? Well, surprise, nicole, but I'm not thinking about what's good for you. I'm thinking about what's good for me. And if you come near me again, i swear, I'm using this thing.

Nicole: Ohh! Scare me to death. Calling a nurse practically guarantees you 45 minutes of complete privacy.

Dr. Baker: I tell E.J. The truth, you have no more motivation to kill me.

Nicole: Oh... I have motivation, all right. Pure, unadulterated hatred is motivation. I would love to kill you. But that's not gonna happen, because you're not gonna tell E.J., And I'm not gonna kill you, because we are gonna work this out.

Dr. Baker: We're past that. We can't work this out.

Nicole: [Chuckles] Oh, yes, we can.

E.J.: I'm not gonna sign that.

Victor: Then you're signing your father's death warrant.

E.J.: Hey -- ohh! Ohh!

Victor: I thought we already talked about controlling our emotions.

E.J.: [Inhales sharply]

Victor: Now, to show you that I'm negotiating in good faith, there is a check for $5 million attached to this document. We wouldn't want people to think I'm stealing your company, after all. I mean, that wouldn't be right, would it?

E.J.: [Chuckles] You think a check's gonna make it legal? It's extortion. That agreement can't be held to be legally binding just because...

Victor: Yeah, yeah, yeah. We all know you went to law school. But you know what? Paid assassination is not legal, either, and that didn't seem to bother you at all. So, to the terms. You have 72 hours to get the dimera affairs in order for me, during which time your father will continue to receive his insulin -- enough to keep him alive. After 72 hours, if you don't deliver, your father dies. Your choice.

Lucas: Hey. How you doing? How was your checkup? Is everything okay?

Chloe: Yeah, I'm fine. What about you? You don't look so happy.

Lucas: I just had it out with my mom.

Chloe: Really?

Lucas: Yeah. I mean, the good news is she's going to london to be with billie and chelsea, so we'll have time, you know -- a little peace and quiet out here for once.

Chloe: Yeah, that would be nice, wouldn't it? So, no bad news?

Lucas: Well, you know, i tried to get her to tell me what happened between you two. She wouldn't say anything.

Chloe: Lucas, just let it go.

Lucas: No, I'm not gonna let it go. It's too late for that. I mean, I really let her have it. I mean, she can't keep treating you the way she's been treating you. It's not right.

Chloe: It's all right.

Lucas: No, it's not, and now she knows for sure, believe me.

Chloe: You know what? Don't push her. She's been under a lot of strain lately.

Lucas: It doesn't matter. It's no excuse. She gave me some song and dance about what happened, but she didn't tell me. She wasn't honest. So I want you to tell me -- please. What's going on?

Nicole: Look. I know we've had our issues. I admit that. But we've worked through them.

Dr. Baker: I'm not gonna work through you trying to kill me.

Nicole: It was an accident. You slipped and fell, you clumsy idiot!

Daniel: What the hell is going on in here?

Nicole: Uh, I, uh, I was --

Daniel: Screaming at a patient.

Nicole: No. It's just that -- that he needed help. He -- he wanted to make a phone call, and I-I said he was too weak.

Daniel: Well, he's not too weak to make a phone call, and you're not a nurse. Look, I'll check him out. Why don't you just, uh, be someplace else?

Nicole: But I-I was trying to --

Daniel: Now, or I will call security.

Dr. Baker: [Sighs]

Daniel: You want to tell me what that was all about?

Dr. Baker: She's a very excitable woman.

Daniel: Well, she's able to spread it around, so don't let it get your blood pressure up.

Dr. Baker: Well, I'll take care of that if you could just pass me that phone.

Nicole: [Sighs] Damn it, E.J. Where the hell are you?

E.J.: You said this feud must end. This is not the way to do it.

Victor: No, I think it is.

E.J.: He'll never accept this. My father will retaliate.

Victor: With what? As far as I know, he only uses mercenaries. He won't be able to afford them.

E.J.: He'll come back, victor. He always does.

Victor: Not this time. He's a sick old man, elvis, and it's the end of an era.

Chloe: Lucas, I-I know that you're just trying to take care of me, but I just had a checkup and I'm pretty tired, so can we please talk about something else?

Lucas: All right. You sure you're okay? You sure my mom didn't hurt you?

Chloe: No, I'm fine. If she's worried about philip and billie and she wants to take it out on me, I'm okay. Besides, she's leaving, so it's not even an issue anymore.

Lucas: All right. Fine. Case closed. Be right back. I'm just gonna have a word with daniel really quick.

Chloe: Uh, no.

Dr. Baker: I'll call security.

Nicole: Okay. Look. I'll just stay right here. You didn't reach E.J., Did you?

Dr. Baker: You tried to get through first?

Nicole: His phone's on voice mail. He has other important things to deal with.

Dr. Baker: Oh, yeah? Saving my life -- it's kind of important to me.

Nicole: Well, you better figure out what you're gonna do. [Sighs] I have this friend of mine. Well, actually, he's an acquaintance -- philip kiriakis. And he got in an argument with my brother-in-law tony. Now, they were both fighting. No treachery of any kind, but... tony was accidentally killed. Now, I saw the whole thing, and I went to E.J. And stefano, and I told them it was an accident. But it didn't matter. So philip... is off with his girlfriend. No one -- no one knows where they were. No one could possibly find them. And yet -- and yet -- someone broke into their room and shot him at point-blank range. I don't know how, but he survived. It was a miracle, but it wasn't over. So when philip was in his hospital room, under armed guards, someone who was working for stefano came into the room, drugged him, and nearly suffocated him. Now philip's on the run... and he's gonna keep running... but only to prolong the inevitable... because even philip knows that eventually they will find him and they will kill him. That's his life now -- waiting to be eliminated.

[Sighs] So you can go ahead and tell E.J. What you know. But that will be your life. And we both know I'm telling the truth. It's sinking in. And you finally accept that i wasn't trying to kill you. And you won't tell E.J. About sydney.

Dr. Baker: As long as you

stay as far away from me as possible. I don't want you back in this room. I don't want you back in my life.

Nicole: And you won't contact E.J. Under any circumstances. Deal?

Dr. Baker: Deal.

Nicole: You get well, you hear?

E.J.: What?

Victor: Well, it is the end of an era. And I hate to have to tell you this, elvis, but you're not near the adversary your father was.

E.J.: "Is."

Victor: Yes, well, you need to think that he's still powerful, because you realize that you're not even in his league.

E.J.: Someday I'm gonna remind you you said that -- someday when your girlfriend is not here to back you up.

Victor: Be aware that if you try to hide any assets, I will know. I want every bit of stock, every bit of land. And if you try to double-cross me, your father dies. So I think that concludes our negotiations. Always a pleasure, elvis.

[Door closes]

Hope: Did you have a good time with grandma, honey?

Ciara: We went to the park.

Hope: You did?

Max: Yeah. Ma said they fed the ducks.

Bo: Oh, yeah? Did tommy bear go with you? He kind of looks and smells like he had a fun time out there.

Hope: Don't you try taking him away from her.

Bo: I know better than that.

Hope: I'll wash him when she's asleep. Oh, speaking of that, let's get going. I think that possibly all three of us should go to bed early tonight.

Bo: Yeah.

Hope: Say "thank you" to uncle max.

Ciara: Thank you, uncle max.

Max: You're very welcome.

Hope: Max, we'll see you tomorrow.

Max: All right. Mwah!

Hope: Bye, sweetie. Okay, let's go, honey. Thank goodness.

Max: You know, I have some free time, too. I mean, you want to go to the zoo sometime? Yeah? We can go there and see all the animals and stuff.

Hope: Yeah.

Max: What's your favorite animal?

Bo: Ciara? Ci-- oh, my God. Ciara?

Lucas: Would you relax? What's your problem? I was just gonna tell him my mom's going to london.

Chloe: I'm sorry. It's just that, well, he has a patient that's not doing very well, and he's in a really bad mood. Trust me, we should just leave him alone.

Lucas: He didn't give you any grief, did he?

Chloe: No, no, no. He just -- you know what? It's not a good time to talk to him. Come on. Let's go home. Please?

Lucas: All right. Anything you want. Let's do it.

Nicole: Don't you walk away from me.

Nicole: Maybe you should have died, baker, because alive you're one big liability.

Dr. Baker: [Thinking] "If you're reading this, it means that I'm dead. You should know that nicole walker dimera was responsible for the following reasons."

E.J.: Oh! [Exhales deeply] This isn't over, father. I promise you. This isn't over.

Victor: It means that very soon stefano and all the dimeras will be neutralized, powerless.

Stephanie: Philip isn't like victor. I swear, he isn'T.

Nicole: Well, they just made a huge mistake, and you will find a way to stop him. I know you will.

Rafe: Leave? I'm not going anywhere, sami.

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