Days Transcript Monday 5/4/09

Days of Our Lives Transcript Monday 5/4/09 - Canada; Tuesday 5/5/09 - U.S.A.


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Hope: Melanie. Have you seen Mr. Barrows?

Melanie: Who?

Hope: Ralph barrows, head of security.

Melanie: Uh, I don't know who that is, but I don't care.

Hope: Is something wrong?

Melanie: Oh, it's just I don't get paid to sit around here and wait, you know?

Hope: Okay, fair enough.

Melanie: Well, I was supposed to give Philip this pillow, like, an hour ago, but the new nurse stopped me --

Hope: What do you mean, new nurse? How new?

Philip: What is that?

A stronger antibiotic, make sure there's no infection.

Philip: Wait -- wait a minute. Dr. Jonas said that... [Sighs] Doctor... [Mumbles]

Good night, sweet prince.

[Breathing heavily]

Kate: So, I had an interesting talk with Daniel.

Chloe: Did you?

Kate: Yes, I told him that I owed him for everything he's done for my family. But you... you I don't owe a damn thing.

Chloe: Uh, um, I'm sorry. I don't understand.

Kate: Don't you?

Chloe: Are you angry with me? Kate...

Kate: You took a big gamble when you donated your bone marrow. You literally risked your life to save mine.

Chloe: Well, the main thing was for you to get well.

Kate: Yeah, I remember. I remember when you did it. I thought, "this is the most selfless, generous woman I have ever met."

Chloe: I didn't do it to impress anyone.

Kate: And then you showed yourself to be the selfish bitch you've always been. You have no feelings for anyone except yourself. You have no morals. You have no values.

Chloe: I don't understand. What -- what did I do? I've never seen you like this.

Kate: Oh, honey, I'm just getting started.

E.J.: Yes, and check every internet gambling site you can pull up, will you? I want to know if Dr. Baker's lost any more money recently. Oh, and be quick, all right? I've got a feeling this could be useful.

Nicole: E.J., why are you investigating Dr. Baker?

Hope: Today? How'd she get clearance to be in Philip's room on her first day?

Melanie: I don't know. What am I, security?

Hope: Let's go. We're on the move.

Melanie: Oh, my God.

Hope: Police. Put your hands on your head and move away from the bed.

E.J.: Don't you mind about baker, darling. It's just business. Why don't you forget what you heard?

Nicole: Wait. But Dr. Baker delivered Sydney, and he took care of her.

E.J.: I said this is business. It's not any of your concern.

Nicole: He was in my life for several months. Why is he someone you're investigating all of a sudden?

E.J.: Darling, it's business. Please.

Nicole: Well, what kind of business? Oh, my God.

Stephanie: Chelse, please tell me you're home. Hey. What's wrong?

Hope: This is your only warning. Move!

I'm just treating my patient.

Hope: Yeah, right.

Melanie: Philip?

Hope: Cuff her.

Melanie: Philip, wake up. Philip. Hope, he's not breathing.

Hope: What kind of drug did you give him? Answer me!

I want a lawyer.

Melanie: Hope, he's not breathing! Philip.

Chloe: Kate, if you're upset about something, we can go have some coffee and talk about it.

Kate: Oh, my God. You are good. That is a world-class sugar-and-honey routine. It really is. I mean, with the big eyes, the super sincerity.

Chloe: Look, could you please tell me what I did wrong?

Kate: Okay, are you going to insist that you really don't know?

Chloe: I have no idea. What happened?

Kate: I want you to think. I want you to think really, really hard about your life, and then you tell me.

Stephanie: What happened? Is it your mom? Did the hospital call?

Chelsea: No, she's fine. I mean, she's not fine, obviously. She's still a mess. But she's gonna recover.

Stephanie: Then what's wrong?

Chelsea: Nothing.

Stephanie: Come on.

Chelsea: I just had a breakdown.

Stephanie: About what?

Chelsea: I've just been so busy, I mean, booking my ticket for London and getting rid of stuff and saying goodbye to people. And then I went to go make a sandwich...

Stephanie: Yeah?

Chelsea: It just hit me. Like, in one second, one tiny, little second, my mom was just driving along, thinking about, I don't know, what she's gonna have for dinner or something. And then the next second, she could have been dead. And I never would have been able to see her again or hear her laugh.

Stephanie: Yeah, but, Chelsea, she's gonna be fine.

Chelsea: I know. She's really hurt, and it's gonna be a really, really long recovery.

Stephanie: Okay, soon you're gonna be in London, and you'll be able to help her, and you'll feel a lot better then.

Chelsea: Yeah, I will. But I'll also feel a lot worse.

Hope: We need help in here! We need help! He's not breathing! We need help!

Philip: You enjoying yourself? Any excuse to kiss me, right?

Hope: He's been drugged. He's not breathing.

Dr. Baker: Maxine! You bag him. I'll check his heart. Excuse me.

Melanie: He's --

Dr. Baker: Wait a minute. Maxine, hold it. He's conscious.

Melanie: I wasn't kissing you. I was giving you the breath of life.

Philip: Mm-hmm. Is that what you call it?

E.J.: Put that down, please.

Nicole: These are all of Dr. Baker's debts? E.J., I had no idea that he --

E.J.: Nicole.

Nicole: Okay, fine, fine. It's just I-I don't understand. Why would you even want this information?

E.J.: Darling, I asked you to forget what you heard. Now, can you please forget what you've seen? Thank you.

Nicole: I am not a computer, E.J. You can't just delete me and the files will disappear.

E.J.: You know what? Look outside. It's a beautiful day, okay? Why don't you take Sydney for a walk?

Nicole: No. She's still sleeping. And, clearly, this is not just about business. This is personal, so will you please tell me why you're investigating Dr. Baker?

E.J.: I'm not investigating Dr. Baker.

Father is investigating Dr. Baker.

Nicole: Stefano?

E.J.: The report came in a couple of days ago. I'm just following through.

Nicole: Well, why would Stefano give a damn about Dr. Baker?

E.J.: No idea. I'm sure father had his reasons.

Nicole: Well, someone had to say something, do something.

E.J.: Maybe, maybe not. I don't know. It could just be father being father.

Nicole: [Scoffs] Well, I mean, this is just silly. It's pointless, really. I mean, he's not even Sydney's doctor anymore. I fired him, remember?

E.J.: Mm-hmm. Why did you do that?

Nicole: Excuse me?

E.J.: Why did you fire him? I mean, did it have something to do with his gambling problems, or is there something else I don't know about?

Nicole: Honey, I just found out he was a gambler.

E.J.: Okay, so, you fired him for another reason?

Nicole: Well, yeah. I-I told you, remember? Because I knew you didn't like him.

E.J.: Right.

Nicole: Yeah. I mean, he's hardly the only pediatrician in town. And who wants a doctor who's addicted to gambling?

E.J.: [Chuckles] Who indeed?

Nicole: You know, so now that he's out of our lives, why bother?

E.J.: Why indeed?

Nicole: I mean, uh, why do some big investigation into a nobody? Who cares? It's history, right? I mean, why not forget all about him?

E.J.: Are you, uh, suggesting I cancel the investigation? Why would I want to do that?

Chelsea: I don't know. This leaving thing is just really getting to me.

Stephanie: Of course. It's huge, Chelse.

Chelsea: I know that I have to go, and I want to, but every time I think about leaving my friends and wonder if I'll ever see them again...

Stephanie: Chelse, it's not gonna be forever.

Chelsea: Yeah, but still, what -- three weeks, six months, a year? It's a really long time, and a lot can happen.

Stephanie: It's gonna be really lonely here without you.

Chelsea: Yeah, well, you know, once Philip gets out of the hospital, you guys will have the whole place to yourselves.

Stephanie: Yeah, but he's not gonna wake up with me at 2:00 in the morning to get on the internet and pick out dresses.

Chelsea: He probably really won't be good at discussing shoe options, either.

Stephanie: Or makeup.

Chelsea: Oh, God. How are we gonna survive?

Stephanie: Webcams. See? There's an answer for everything.

[Cellphone ringing] Ugh. It's probably Philip. Hold on one second. Hello.

Melanie: Uh, hey, Stephanie. It's Melanie. Um, you need to know they tried to kill Philip again.

Stephanie: What?

Melanie: Yeah, with some crazy nurse this time.

Stephanie: I'll be right there. They tried to kill Philip.

Chelsea: Again?!

Stephanie: I have to get to the hospital.

Chelsea: I'll come with.

Hope: How are you feeling?

Philip: Like somebody tried to do me in. What happened?

Hope: Well, all we know so far is that the woman stole an I.D. From a nurse here at university sometime this morning. That's how she was able to gain access into your room. We still don't know her true identity, though.

Philip: Who cares.

Hope: Who cares? Aren't you curious to know who tried to kill you?

Philip: I know who it was. The DiMeras.

Chloe: Look, Kate, I don't know why you're acting like this or what it is that you think I've done.

Kate: Not even a clue? I mean, it really amazes me that you haven't even thought for a minute that I might find out.

Chloe: About what? What -- is this about the scheduling problems, taping the TV shows here and flying to and from Vancouver for the rehearsals? 'Cause, listen, I got to be honest --

Kate: You couldn't be honest to save your life, Chloe! You know your best quality? Your best quality is lying convincingly.

Chloe: Oh, my God. Seriously? Either you tell me what you're talking about, or I'm out of here.

Kate: I am talking about your affair with Daniel!

Hope: Look, I know you believe the DiMeras sent that woman in, posing as a nurse.

Philip: And don't forget it was their guy who shot me at the hotel.

Hope: Right, I know you and your father both have a very strong opinion about that.

Philip: Mm-hmm.

Hope: But I have to go with the facts and proof. And right now, we don't have a heck of a lot of that.

Philip: [Scoffs] That's no problem.

Hope: No problem? Don't give me that. Philip, I don't want to be the one arresting you because you decide to go for revenge.

Philip: Relax. Relax, I'm cool.

Hope: Okay, listen. Just so you know, as long as you're here, there's gonna be a new protocol for people entering your room. There are gonna be 12 people on a list, and I personally know every one of them. Even still, they're gonna have their photo IDs checked at the door. No more surprises.

Philip: I feel safer already.

Hope: Just get some rest.

Philip: I'll do that.

Melanie: Philip, what are you doing?

Philip: Walking.

Melanie: You're not strong enough to walk. Get back in bed. Oh, my God. Philip. Ugh. Hey.

Nicole: Well, I mean, if you want to keep paying people to dig into Dr. Baker's life, I mean, that's not my problem. Look, it was probably just some idea Stefano had early on, you know, before I had Sydney, when I was still going to the clinic. Whatever. You know.

E.J.: He was going to investigate the clinic at one point, but, uh, that idea died.

Nicole: [Chuckles] Yeah, that would have been a waste of money, huh, since Dr. Baker closed the clinic?

E.J.: Right.

Nicole: And, um, you know, since he's not Sydney's doctor anymore and the clinic is closed, he's not really important, right?

E.J.: No. I'm hoping not.

Nicole: So, then, E.J., honey, why keep investigating?

E.J.: [Sighs] All right. You're probably right. I'll cancel the investigation into Dr. Baker for now, okay?

Nicole: Yeah, sure. Whatever.

E.J.: Of course, if my father wants to reinstate it when he comes home, that's his decision.

Nicole: Any idea when that will be?

E.J.: Uh, no. Haven't heard from him in a little while, but, uh, I'm sure he'll be in touch soon.

[Sydney crying]

Nicole: Uh-oh. That little girl's tummy -- I tell you what.

E.J.: It sounds like she needs her mommy. Come on. You give her a kiss for me?

Nicole: I'll give her two.

E.J.: Why are you so determined to stop this investigation into baker? He could be very useful to us.

Kate: I hope you're not gonna deny this, because I already confronted Daniel, and he confirmed it.

Chloe: I... I didn't think you knew.

Kate: You didn't? You didn't? Because you never think, do you? You were in Daniel's apartment when that explosion happened. I saw you in the park, kissing -- kissing in public. So not only are you selfish, you're stupid and you're careless. And for as far as you know, all of Salem knows that you were cheating on Lucas, now, don't they?

Chloe: Oh, God. This is so...

Kate: And then you run off and you marry him. You married Lucas as if you had loved him all along.

Chloe: I did.

Kate: Oh, sure, you did. Oh, I'm sure you did. So, when you were in Daniel's bed, were you moaning, "Lucas, Lucas"?

Chloe: Please, stop it, okay?

Kate: Oh, am I offending your sensibilities now?

Chloe: Please, you can't tell him about Daniel.

Kate: Oh, I won't.

Chloe: Thank you.

Kate: Oh, I'm not doing it because my slut of a daughter-in-law asked me. I'm doing it because it would hurt Lucas so much, I'm sure he'd fall off the wagon again.

Chloe: Just as long as he doesn't know.

Kate: He won't because I love him. You, on the other hand... God, I-I can't believe it's your marrow that saved my life, that something of you is actually still flowing through my bloodstream.

Chloe: Okay. Listen, I know that I'm gonna have to prove myself --

Kate: No! No. No, you don't have to prove a thing to me, 'cause, frankly, I don't want to see any more of you than I have to. Is that understood?

Chloe: Yes, of course.

Kate: You are no longer host of the TV show. Consider yourself fired.

Lucas: Whoa, wait a minute here. What are you doing? What the hell's going on?

Nicole: Okay, honey. We're gonna go for a little walk. How about that, huh?

[Cellphone ringing]

Dr. Baker: Dr. Baker.

Nicole: It's Nicole. Meet me at the java café, 10 minutes.

Dr. Baker: Excuse me, but I'm on duty here, Nicole.

Nicole: Take a break. 10 minutes. Marco, I'm leaving!

[Door opens]

Melanie: I know this looks funny, but there wasn't anything weird going on.

Stephanie: I didn't think there was.

Melanie: He was on top of me, but that's only because I was trying to get him back in bed because he's too weak to be walking.

Philip: I wasn't weak. Whatever that nurse gave me made me dizzy.

Melanie: Oh, that's right. The nurse that tried to kill him drugged him before smothering him. I didn't tell you that part on the phone, did I?

Philip: Oh, for God's sake.

Melanie: Yeah, I called Stephanie. How else was she supposed to know?

Philip: I didn't want you to know about this, Steph.

Stephanie: Why?

Philip: Because that's not important.

Stephanie: You don't think it'd be important to me if you died?

Philip: But I didn't die.

Stephanie: Philip, I'm the one who got you to the hospital after you were shot. I don't think you need to protect me from any more bad news.

Melanie: I'm gonna get the nurse to put the I.V. Back in your arm. Will you make sure he doesn't go anywhere?

Stephanie: Yes, I will. Thank you for everything.

Melanie: You're welcome.

Stephanie: How are you feeling?

Philip: I'm fine. I'm fine. You -- you know what? I'm not. I feel helpless just lying here, day and night. It's driving me crazy. I hate it.

Stephanie: I'm sure.

Philip: And that nurse just walks in here, puts something in my I.V., And I'm out -- not a damn thing I can do about it. That's why I'm trying to get out of this bed and walk away. I feel like a sitting duck.

Stephanie: This shouldn't have happened to you. It's my fault.

Philip: What?

Stephanie: I should have been here to protect you.

Chelsea: Hey.

Hope: Hey, Chelse. Hi, sweetheart. How are you? How's your mom? Any word?

Chelsea: Uh, she's still the same, but she's gonna make a slow recovery. I heard that you saved Philip's life. Everybody's talking about it. He's gonna be okay, right?

Hope: He seems to be, thank God.

Chelsea: So, do we know who the killer nurse is?

Hope: No idea. All she keeps saying is that she got paid, got instructions, and did her job.

Chelsea: Oh, that's real helpful.

Hope: Your father did get a great lead on an envelope the cash was in. Actually, he's on his way to Chicago right now.

Chelsea: No.

Hope: What's the matter?

Chelsea: No, I -- what if I don't get a chance to say goodbye?

Lucas: Mom, you can't fire Chloe.

Kate: Of course I can. I just did.

Lucas: Why? Why would you even do that? We got it all lined up. We have guests for next week's show. We're gonna tape at chez rouge. Maggie said it was cool. What the hell happened? What's going on?

Kate: Do you want to tell him, or should I?

E.J.: What do you mean, in Philip's hospital room? What do I mean? What do you mean?! You're damn right I'm angry! No! You wait until I find you, Masi! You're gonna deal with me! Aah!

Philip: Hey. Come here. Come here. You okay?

Stephanie: I'm fine.

Philip: You know what? This is a hospital. You're supposed to be here to cheer me up.

Stephanie: Yeah, sorry.

Philip: Listen to me. The fact that the DiMeras tried to put a hit out on me again -- that is not your fault.

Stephanie: If I had been here, I could have stopped it.

Philip: Stephanie, there was a cop right outside. He didn't even see it coming. Now, I'm giving you an order. No more guilt.

Stephanie: Okay.

Philip: Mmm. If I get enough of those on a daily basis, the healing process will speed up. Did you know that?


Stephanie: I can't believe we just sit around here and wait for the next shoe to drop.

Philip: Relax. It's gonna be okay.

Stephanie: No, it won't. Not unless...

Philip: Unless what?

Stephanie: Stay in bed. Don't do anything crazy. I'll see you later.

Philip: Where are you going? Steph! Ste--

[Door closes]

Hope: Chelse, what is it, sweetheart? What's the matter? Why won't you have a chance to say goodbye to your dad?

Chelsea: Well, if he's in Chicago...

Hope: Honey, he's gonna be back soon.

Chelsea: Yeah, but it might be too late. Look, I-I didn't want to have to spring this on you like this, but I have to leave for London today.

Hope: Today? What? No, you said you were leaving this weekend.

Chelsea: No, I wanted to, but I couldn't find tickets cheap enough, so now I have to go tonight, and now I'm gonna miss dad.

Hope: You know what? No worries. We're gonna call, and we're gonna tell him to hurry back and that you have to leave sooner than he thought. It's gonna be okay. Your dad was just saying last night how glad he was that your therapy training is gonna be such a big help to your mom.

Chelsea: He was?

Hope: Mm-hmm.

Chelsea: Yeah. It'll be nice to finally be able to get back.

Hope: Absolutely.

Chelsea: Well, I'm glad I got a chance to say goodbye to you. And thank you.

Hope: For what?

Chelsea: For everything you've done for me, even after everything I've done to you.

Chloe: Well, and the thing is, I just -- I just -- I never wanted to take on that job in the first place.

Lucas: Because of the Vancouver gig? Is that why?

Chloe: Well, yeah. And I just -- I didn't ever think I was the right choice. And then Kate ran a few on-camera tests, and we both found out that I wasn't very good at it anyway.

Lucas: I didn't see any tests.

Kate: Because I erased them. She was as stiff as a board, constantly posing. Every word that came out of her mouth sounded insincere.

Lucas: Thank you, mom. Very sweet of you. A little more harsh next time?

Chloe: No, no, no. Kate is right. I would have been a disaster.

Lucas: Something's not right. You would have been great. You're great with people. You get them to open up about themselves. And you know what, mom? You wanted this. You wanted her to be the host.

Kate: Yeah, well, I changed my mind. I mean, she made it clear that she has other priorities.

Chloe: Yeah. And now I'm gonna have the time that I need to make sure that my husband is happy and be a good stepmom to Allie. And I'll be able to focus on my singing career.

Kate: Yes, and your singing career will always be your top priority, won't it? 'Cause you always put yourself first, right?

Lucas: Oh, man, wait a minute here. You've never been negative about her career before. I want to know what's happening. I want you to be honest with me. What the hell changed?

Nicole: Oh! Hi, doctor.

Dr. Baker: Look, if this is about the call --

Nicole: Hey, Dr. Baker, this is a crazy surprise. Look at that.

Dr. Baker: What are you talking about?

Nicole: So, you know, Sydney and I -- we were just hanging out a little bit, getting away from the house. Just sit down and act natural. [Clears throat]

Dr. Baker: [Clears throat] Since when did you become a ventriloquist?

Nicole: All right, don't look now, but there's a man sitting over there a few tables away in a sport coat. And concealed in that sport coat is a gun he carries to protect me because I can't go anywhere nowadays because of this little feud between the Kiriakis and DiMera family, okay? You get that now? You understand?

Dr. Baker: Why am I here?

Nicole: Because I asked you to be here. But he can't know that, or he will report it to my husband. This has to be an accidental run-into.

Dr. Baker: Okay, great. I repeat the question. Why am I here? Because if you're gonna bring up that same idiotic notion of me quitting the hospital, leaving town, you know where to put it, Mrs. DiMera.

Nicole: Well, I'm sorry to hear that, Dr. Baker. But I suggest you change your mind -- that is, if you want to live.

Kate: What changed? Well, aside from her obvious lack of talent, I realized that she really wasn't interested in the job. I mean, she was showing up late. She wasn't prepared. She was never focused.

Lucas: That's bull. She worked her tail off.

Kate: No. No, I worked my tail off. She just phoned it in.

Chloe: Kate is right, okay? I didn't want the job in the first place, and she needs somebody committed, and I wasn't.

Kate: You see? Chloe and I agree. So why are you so upset, huh? Anyway, now I need to find a replacement A.S.A.P., So, uh, talk to you later.

Lucas: You know what? This still doesn't make any sense to me.

Chloe: Lucas, let her go.

Chelsea: I've done so many things to hurt you, and you've always forgiven me.

Hope: Because I love you. And I knew you were going through a difficult time yourself.

Chelsea: I would never be the person that I am today if it hadn't been for you and all your help.

Hope: Well, no one makes it through without someone giving them help -- just a little bit. I've seen you do it, Chelse, and now you're doing it for your mom.

Chelsea: Thank you for saying that.

Hope: I am so proud of you. I'm so proud of the person that you have grown to be. Come here.

Chelsea: Saying goodbye to you is the hardest thing I've ever had to do.

Dr. Baker: I think you'd better explain that.

Nicole: [Clears throat] Stefano knows that you're a gambler, and I saw the printout of all your debt.

Dr. Baker: I'm being investigated by Stefano DiMera?

Nicole: Put it on your résumé.

Dr. Baker: Did he find out --

Nicole: What, that you were a baby broker? No, not yet. And you know what? Maybe he never will. Now, listen to me. Stefano is away, and he is ill, okay? He's got health issues. And lucky for you, I convinced E.J. to kill this investigation at least until Stefano gets back, so that means you have a few days, maybe a week -- and who knows? Who knows with that old man? But I'll tell you something. You definitely have a chance to make a clean, Graceful exit.

Dr. Baker: I can't leave town. I can't, not now. I need this job.

Nicole: Have you listened to anything that I have said? Stefano knows that you're a gambler, and when he comes back, he will start this investigation up again, which means he will find out that you were a baby broker. And when Stefano hangs that hammer over your head, he will get you to do or say anything.

Dr. Baker: Well, then, I guess I'll just do or say anything.

Nicole: And tell him about Sami's baby? And ruin everything that I worked so hard for?

Dr. Baker: [Laughs] I'm shocked, really. I thought you were worried about me. You're worried about you.

[Doorbell ringing]

Stephanie: It stops now. Do you hear me? It stops now!

Chloe: I'm serious, Lucas. Your mom was right to fire me.

Lucas: You know what? I'm not buying it. Something is going on. And the way she did it -- she was so nasty. Where did all that come from?

Chloe: I think she was just uncomfortable with the whole situation -- all right? -- Especially when you showed up. She just wasn't choosing the right words.

Lucas: Don't tell me it didn't hurt your feelings.

Chloe: Well, of course it felt bad. I mean, who likes being fired? But, seriously, I'm so glad it happened. I'm more than glad. I can get my life back with you and Allie. That's what I wanted.

Lucas: I guess when you put it that way, it's not the worst thing in the world, is it? It means we can spend more time together. It'll be nice.

Chloe: Exactly. And we can do whatever we want.

Lucas: Okay. All right. I like your attitude. It sounds good. You know what? Just give me a second. I'm gonna make some calls, wrap up some business, and I'll just meet you at the pub -- get some hot chocolate and go home to Allie.

Chloe: Sounds good. But be quick, all right?

Lucas: I will. Two minutes. That's it. Mom, it's me. You call me as soon as you get this, and you tell me the real reason why you fired Chloe.

Hope: I'm so sorry. I'm really sorry about your mom's accident. And I know how thrilled she's going to be when she sees you walk through that door. But... you're really gonna be missed much.

Chelsea: Thank you.

Hope: I've watched you grow into such a beautiful, caring person. You inherited your father's goodness. You realize that?

Chelsea: [Laughs] No. But I'm glad you think so.

Hope: My sweet Chelsea. I'm gonna miss you so much. You are my daughter. You know that.

Chelsea: I love you, hope.

Melanie: How you feeling?

Philip: Okay. Apparently, whatever that woman did to me, I'm no worse off than before, although that's not saying much.

Melanie: You still in pain?

Philip: No, I'm fine. Right now, I only have one goal, and that's getting the hell out of here, doing what needs to be done.

E.J.: You seem very upset, so why don't you tell me --

Stephanie: Don't play games, E.J. We both know what I'm talking about.

E.J.: Humor me.

Stephanie: Look, I know you and your father blame Philip for Tony's death. But he fell. For God sakes, your wife even testified it was an accident.

E.J.: What's your point?

Stephanie: Stop sending people after Philip! Everybody knows you sent that man to the hotel to shoot him, just like you sent that woman there today to kill him.

E.J.: There was another attempt on Philip's life?

Stephanie: Don't play stupid, E.J. You paid her to do it!

E.J.: No, I didn't.

Stephanie: Just listen to me. Revenge doesn't make anything better. It just causes more revenge. Leave Philip alone.

E.J.: Stephanie, I, uh, appreciate you coming here today and defending Philip, but you don't come into my house and accuse me of attempted murder.

Stephanie: Just stop! That's all I'm asking you to do. Just stop.

E.J.: You stop... and leave before I call security. That's my final warning.

Stephanie: [Exhales deeply]

E.J.: Out. [Exhales sharply] [Sighs deeply] Father. Will you answer your phone, please? You need to start returning some of my calls. Look, the, uh -- they tried to deliver the package again, and they failed. So you call me, all right? [Sighs]

Nicole: Of course I am worried about myself, but if you stop and think about it for a minute --

Dr. Baker: I get it. I get it, Nicole. I'm in danger, too.

Nicole: You don't have a lot of time, then. Stefano could come home tomorrow.

Dr. Baker: So, my only option is to run like hell and never look back?

Nicole: Well, yeah. Just at least get the hell out of town. Go to L.A. or New York. Lose yourself in some other hospital.

Dr. Baker: What century do you live in? Nicole, between social security and the internet, there is no disappearing anymore. You know, if I move to L.A. and Stefano wants to find me, he'll find me.

Nicole: Well, at least you won't run into Sami.

Dr. Baker: There's always Sami.

Nicole: All it will take is for her to see you.

Dr. Baker: And what? "Hey, you're the guy from the clinic, right?" I go, "yes." She says, "keep quiet about the baby." I say, "okay, fine, no problem," and that's it.

Nicole: That's not it. Eventually, Sami will put two and two together. And what happens if E.J. just casually brings up to her that you delivered my baby?

Dr. Baker: You mean her baby?

Nicole: Shut up.

Dr. Baker: You know, it's really great talking to you. Between "shut up" and "get the hell out of town," I don't know what to say sometimes.

Nicole: I'm pleading with you. Do not decide to chance it with Stefano DiMera.

Dr. Baker: I'm not leaving town. You got that? You want to keep a lid on things, you keep E.J. away from the truth. Remember, he finds out about me, he finds out about you. You have a nice day.

Bo: You're my daughter. You're part of my heart. I love you.

Chelsea: I love you.

Brady: Killing more people's not the answer here.

Victor: Shut up and stay out of it!

Nicole: I don't want you within a mile of my daughter. Do you understand me?

Arianna: You cannot be with that woman. Are you out of your mind?

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