Days Transcript Friday 4/3/09

Days of Our Lives Transcript Friday 4/3/09 - Canada; Monday 4/6/09 - U.S.A.


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Nicole: What the hell are you doing here?

Dr. Baker: You're not glad to see me?

Nicole: You said you were leaving town.

Dr. Baker: I, uh, closed the clinic, and -- but that job offer that I had in Detroit just fell through, so... and then an opening here, University Hospital. So I'm now staff pediatrician. Ready to help in every way.

Nicole: Oh, you bastard.

Dr. Baker: Nicole, I don't understand this hostility. I would think you'd be tickled pink that I was here.

Nicole: Now, why would you think that?

Dr. Baker: sweet, little Sydney has a doctor that knows everything about her.

Will: Here. Take her. It's no big deal.

Mia: The baby --

Nicole: Is perfect. An angel. Do you want to see her?

Mia: No.

Will: Come on. She won't break. Here. Take her.

Mia: I can't.

Stephanie: I thought I might find you here.

Philip: Hey.

Stephanie: How are you?

Philip: I'm okay.

[Door closes]

Stefano: [Thinking] Just what I needed. I go for a walk and come face-to-face with that bastard who murdered my son.

[Doorbell rings]

Sami: Hey, E.J. I, um, I just heard about Tony. I'm really sorry.

Nicole: Oh, my God. This is my worst nightmare.

Dr. Baker: No, your worst nightmare would be Sami Brady finding out that you switched the baby with Mia's.

Nicole: Be quiet!

Dr. Baker: How's that going for you?

Nicole: Fine, actually. Look, Dr. Baker... I really appreciate everything that you did for me, okay? You were great, invaluable.

Dr. Baker: You might say that.

Nicole: And now it's time for you to leave, okay? We are done.

Dr. Baker: Done? We were such a team.

Nicole: I don't know why you think this is so damn funny. You need to leave town, as promised.

Dr. Baker: Can't do that. Great job. Need the income.

Nicole: This is just a game to you. You came back here to blackmail me.

Dr. Baker: Nicole, that's a terrible thing to say. Have I asked you for anything? Of -- of course I do realize that if I were ever in need, I'd have a wonderful friend who would help out an old pal.

E.J.: Um, thank you for coming. Sorry. A bit of a mess right now. I'm touched -- really touched.

Sami: I mean, I know you and Tony didn't always get along, but he was your brother, and to have him go so suddenly...

E.J.: Yeah. The suddenness... I only wish that maybe he could have had some kind of warning... something.

Sami: [Sighs] E.J...

E.J.: [Sighs] You know, I wasn't very... I wasn't very kind to Tony the last few weeks. He felt very threatened by my relationship with father, and... I don't know. I certainly didn't do anything to dissuade him of that.

Sami: Well, did he have a reason to...feel threatened?

E.J.: [Sighs] Well, I mean, my father had made me head of DiMera enterprises, you know. It just -- it troubles me greatly to think that when he died, he died believing that neither my father nor myself had any real respect for him.

Sami: Come on. Tony knew that you loved him.

E.J.: I'm not so sure.

Sami: E.J., you can't be so hard on yourself. I mean, you thought you had time to -- to make things right.

E.J.: Know what's funny? I was sitting here just before you -- [Clears throat] just before you arrived... and I was thinking of how... quiet the house is. It's like an utter stillness.

Sami: Because he's gone.

E.J.: Even when he was here, let's be honest -- there wasn't always laughter. But to just... know that he's never coming back makes these rooms just... seem empty.

Sami: The paper said that there was a memorial service this morning?

E.J.: [Sniffles] [Clears throat] Uh, yes. Yes, there was. Very quick service.

Sami: How did your father handle it?

E.J.: He managed -- barely.

Sami:'s always hard to say goodbye.

E.J.: Yes. Yeah. [Sniffles]

Sami: Well...

E.J.: Yes, it is.

Sami: ...You know what? I have something I think that might make you feel better.

Will: What do you mean you can't hold her? What, you think my mom will get mad or something?

Mia: It's just that, once you hold a baby, you -- you start getting all these feelings that you never knew were there.

Will: Well, the way you're looking at her -- you've been around babies before, huh?

Mia: Yeah. Yeah, I, uh -- well... sort of.

Nicole: You are not getting a dime from me.

Dr. Baker: You always did think small.

Nicole: You know, you think you can just come back here and start demanding money from me? I don't think --

Dr. Baker: [Sighs]

Nicole: Oh, great. You're here because you're gambling again.

Dr. Baker: No, no, actually, I'm fine with that now. Really. I go to gamblers anonymous meetings every couple of weeks or so, and--

Nicole: Aren't you supposed to go once a week?

Dr. Baker: Well, I don't. I've got it under control.

Nicole: Uh-huh. For now.

Dr. Baker: But thanks for asking. And as for money, I'm fine. Nice job. Nice salary.

Nicole: Right. That'll last about a week, maybe a month, and then you'll start sniffing around, looking for a way to torture me somehow so I start handing it over.

Dr. Baker: What is that quote from the Bible -- "all things are possible."

Nicole: Let me tell you something. If you start blackmailing me again, I will drag your sorry ass in front of the hospital board, and I will have your license and your job in a blink of an eye. Are you hearing me?

Dr. Baker: You know, Ms. Walker, sometimes you are so smart and so sly, you scare the hell out of me. But other times, you know, you are just an idiot.

E.J.: [Grunts] Samantha, what have you been feeding him? He feels like he's gained a pound or two at least since I last saw him.

Johnny: I have a little itch.

Sami: You do? You better itch it then.

E.J.: Make sure you itch it.

Sami: I just wanted to make sure that, um, you know, it was okay to bring him over, so Grandma Caroline brought him for me.

E.J.: Would you thank her? I really appreciate that.

Sami: Of course.

E.J.: I missed him a lot.

Sami: I knew it would cheer you up to see him.

Johnny: So, how was your work?

E.J.: My work is good. We were very busy today doing things in Italy. Oh, come here. I love you. [Sighs] You sleepy?

Stephanie: Mr. DiMera, I was really sorry to hear about your son.

Stefano: My son did not deserve to die like that.

Stephanie: I know. It was a terrible accident. I read about it in the newspaper. It said that Philip wasn't responsible.

Stefano: I don't always believe what I read in the newspaper. Do you?

Philip: Look, Stefano... nobody's saying you shouldn't be pissed about what happened -- wanting to break heads, whatever, dying to blame someone, but --

Stefano: Not someone. You, you little bastard.

Philip: But you don't get it. I'm not to blame for Tony's death. The person to blame is his father. It's you.

Will: You've "sort of" been around babies? What, you have, like, brothers or sisters or something?

Mia: No. No, it's not that.

Will: Then what?

Mia: Grace is so lucky. She's adopted, and adopted babies -- they're really wanted, and they get all kinds of extra love.

Will: Were you adopted?

Mia: What?

Will: Were you... n-never mind. It's none of my business, I guess.

Mia: No, it's okay. And, no, I wasn't. But I had a really good friend who was, and her adoptive parents -- they were really good to her, but she always wondered who her real parents were.

Will: So, it wasn't one of those open adoptions where everyone knows each other?

Mia: No. It wasn't like that. [Sighs] And, you know, that's why she was so sad and so lonely all the time -- 'cause even though she didn't know her real mom, she still missed her.

Will: Well, that's tough -- I mean, being sad all the time, wanting something you can't have.

Mia: Worst feeling in the world, right? But what your mom did -- it's really awesome.

Will: You know, I'm starting to think so, too. And because of what you've been saying...[Sighs] I realize I was being kind of a jerk. Here, why don't -- why don't you try and hold her?

Mia: Maybe I will.

Will: Hey, hey.

Grace: [Coos]

Will: [Laughs] It's okay.

Nicole: I'm glad you find this so amusing.

Dr. Baker: I find you a lot of things, Nicole. Amusing isn't one of them.

Nicole: Then why the constant smirk?

Dr. Baker: [Sighs] Let's think about this, should we? Before you had no husband, no baby, you were willing to take huge risks to get what you wanted. When you threatened me, I had to listen to you, 'cause you were scary. You had nothing to lose.

Nicole: Your point?

Dr. Baker: Now you've got what you wanted.

Nicole: And I'm gonna keep it that way.

Dr. Baker: But since I know now that you'll go down if I lose, your threats are nothing but hot air. You tell them that I traded babies, I'll tell them you lost yours. You tell them that I tried to blackmail you, I'll tell them you switched babies.

Nicole: Oh, you just keep your voice down.

Dr. Baker: I'm sure your fiancé would love to know what a duplicitous little bitch he's about to hook up with.

Nicole: Be quiet.

Dr. Baker: And that newspaper with the wedding announcement, that's gonna have to be retra--

Nicole: I said shut up.

Dr. Baker: [Sighs] Sure. No problem. I can be quiet as a mouse. Or not. Depending on the understanding we have.

Nicole: [Sighs]

Dr. Baker: Such a sweet, little baby -- really beautiful. Looks exactly like her mother.

Nicole: You bastard.

Dr. Baker: Yeah, I can be. Or I can also be your friend. So... no more threats?

Nicole: Fine. But I don't want you as my daughter's doctor. You're fired.

E.J.: My son -- so happy to see me -- goes into his room, and he falls asleep after one minute.

Sami: Oh, come on. You can't take it personally. He, um, was up extremely early this morning.

E.J.: You don't mind if he takes a nap, do you?

Sami: Mnh-mnh. No, of course not. In fact, he can, um -- he can spend the night tonight if you want him to.

E.J.: Really? Thank you for that. I've really missed him. That would mean a lot.

Sami: It would mean a lot to him, too. He -- he misses you. He talks about you nonstop. It's always "daddy this, daddy that."

E.J.: Really?

Sami: Are you kidding? He even does the accent.

E.J.: No. Really?

Sami: Yeah, you've heard him. He's always saying he needs [British accent] Tomato sauce [Normal voice] On everything. Can't call it "ketchup." It's [British accent] "Tomato sauce."

E.J.: Should I be flattered? I'm not quite sure.

Sami: [Laughs] [Normal voice] Hey, it made you smile, right?

E.J.: Yeah. Look, tonight, I just... I want people I love around me.

Sami: I know how you feel. When times are tough, family is more important than ever.

E.J.: Actually, um... going through this has helped me understand why you want to adopt your baby.

Stefano: You killed my son. And now you're trying to blame me for it?

Stephanie: Mr. DiMera, I think you should go. This isn't the best place to talk about this.

Stefano: Listen, cutie, keep your mouth shut.

Philip: You ever talk to her like that again, I will cut your tongue out of your --

Stephanie: Hey, don't say that.

Philip: You want to test me on that? Hmm? Go for it.

Stefano: Test you?

Philip: Yeah.

Stefano: [Chuckles] I don't test anyone. Oh. You underestimate me.

Stephanie: I do feel what you're going through, Mr. DiMera, and, like I said, I cannot imagine losing a son. I will pray for you and Tony. I mean that.

Stefano: That's very nice.

Philip: Stefano, despite what you might think, I do feel really bad about what happened to Tony.

Stefano: You have no idea how I feel. And you should pray to God that you never do.

Stephanie: I really think you should try to eat something.

Philip: Oh. Yeah. Thank you. [Sighs] I'm fine. I'm fine. What -- how are you?

Stephanie: I'd be fine if I wasn't worried about you.

Philip: I just keep thinking about that look in Stefano's eyes. I mean, he's scum of the earth. I hate the guy's guts, but to lose a son because he was trying to prove himself. He just wanted Stefano's love, you know?

Stephanie: I doubt he'll ever see it that way.

Philip: Because he's the father, not the son.

Stephanie: Philip, yes, your dad is hard on you and judges you way too harshly, but I do know him well enough to know that he loves you unconditionally.

Philip: But I was never good enough to run Titan. In his eyes, I was never a success -- never would be, never could be.

Stephanie: Yeah, because he wanted you to be just like him -- a clone. But you're not. You're your own man. That's a good thing.

Philip: I'm my own man, all right -- without a job. He fired me. That's called failure.

Stephanie: You really see it as failure? Hmm, that's funny, 'cause the way I see it -- he just set you free.

Dr. Baker: You, um, might want to reconsider not using me as your pediatrician.

Nicole: Like hell. I don't want you in my life or my daughter's life.

Dr. Baker: Okay, what would happen if Sydney got sick, all right, and the hospital needed a blood sample from the mother?

Nicole: I'd handle it.

Dr. Baker: Okay, I'm not being clear here. Blood sample from the mother. That would be Sami. Even you can't fake that.

Nicole: I did it before, and I will do it again without you.

Dr. Baker: Your call.

Nicole: Yes, it is my call. Goodbye. Oh, you know what? One more thing -- when I come to this hospital, I want you to make yourself scarce. I don't want you anywhere near me.

Grace: [Coos]

Will: [Chuckles]

Mia: [Chuckles]

Will: See? She likes you.

Grace: [Coos]

Mia: She's staring at me. [Laughs]

Will: What, like she knows you from somewhere?

Mia: You know why babies are all so beautiful?

Will: Hmm?

Mia: I read it somewhere. It's so you'll do anything you can to help them. Oh, my God.

Will: What?

Mia: Nothing. It's just -- it's just holding her. You know, it feels so good, like I never want to let her go.

Sami: I thought you didn't think I should adopt Grace.

E.J.: No, I didn't.

Sami: So, what happened?

E.J.: Tony. You know, I've just...I've been feeling this extraordinary sense of just emptiness.

Sami: Okay, but I don't understand what that has to do with Grace.

E.J.: Well, I -- I mean, I occurred to me that you must have felt something very similar when you were in the witness protection program.

Sami: Yeah. [Sighs]

E.J.: So, then, this -- this baby comes to an orphanage, and she needs you, you know, as much as you need her. Samantha, you are...a loving and caring person, and you are the most wonderful mother I've ever met.

Sami: You're a really great dad, E.J. And the proof is in Johnny. The whole time I was gone, you obviously took really good care of him, and, um... because you're such a good dad, um... there's something I want to tell you...about Grace.

Dr. Baker: You know, Mia's back in town. You probably already know that. Yeah, of course you do. You know everything.

Nicole: How did you find out?

Dr. Baker: Why is that important, Nicole? You need to focus on what's important.

Nicole: Excuse me?

Dr. Baker: On what's important. Now, listen -- what happens if Mia finds out that you switched her baby with Sami's?

Nicole: That's enough.

Dr. Baker: How do you think that poor girl's gonna feel when she finds out that you didn't really want her baby? You wanted Sami's, so you just tossed hers aside.

Nicole: That is not what happened, and you know it.

Dr. Baker: That's exactly what happened. You played God with Mia's life, you played God with Sami's life, just to get your way.

Nicole: No. No, that is not true. And Mia is not gonna find out anything.

Dr. Baker: I hope not, for her sake... and for yours. [Sighs] Because if Mia finds out you're raising Sami's baby, Sami's raising hers, [Chuckling] I don't know, man. But she's gonna be a little bit upset. Have a nice day.

Stephanie: From what you told me, your dad doesn't blame you for trying to get the blueprints back from Tony. He blames himself.

Philip: Dad practically fell over when he apologized.

Stephanie: Yeah, for putting so much pressure on you.

Philip: I mean, can you believe it -- the great Victor Kiriakis saying he was sorry?

Stephanie: Actually, yes, I can believe it.

Philip: I'm still a loser in his eyes.

Stephanie: Don't you get it? Yes, he may have been trying to make you feel bad or punish you or whatever, but what he actually did was give you your freedom.

Philip: You're right. I don't have to prove anything to anyone.

Stephanie: You're in control of your whole life.

Philip: Yeah.

Stephanie: So, what are you gonna do?

Philip: Come on. I'll show you.

Mia: [Chuckles] She's so amazing.

Will: Hey, you know what else is amazing?

Mia: What?

Will: She needs a new diaper.

Mia: Okay. Okay, I'll change it.

Will: Are you -- you sure?

Mia: Yeah. Yeah, just get me a diaper, and I'll -- I don't know. I'll figure it out. I mean, come on. How hard can it be?

Will: Oh, what, you've never changed a diaper before? It's a piece of cake. It's all about the tape.

[Cellphone rings]

Mia: Oh, well, I'm glad it's so easy...'cause you're gonna have to do it.

Will: You know, you've got that phone rigged to ring whenever you want, don't you?

Mia: Hello?

Nicole: Mia, it's Nicole. I need you to meet me by the pier, near the second warehouse.

Mia: I'm kind of busy.

Nicole: Well, get unbusy. Meet me. It's urgent.

Will: Who was that?

Mia: I've got to go.

Will: What? Now?

Mia: Yeah. Uh, sorry.

Will: No, it's no problem.

Mia: All right, well, then I'll see you at school, okay?

Will: Right.

Mia: And, uh... thanks for letting me hold her.

Will: [Chuckles]

Mia: It's something I'll never forget. Bye.

[Door opens]

Philip: Don't worry. Nobody's home. Mom, Dad -- gone. Henderson's got the day off.

Stephanie: Okay, but what are we doing here? I mean, this mansion doesn't exactly scream freedom.

Philip: Exactly. That's what I came to show you. Come on.

Stephanie: Where are we going? What are we doing? Philip! Hey!

E.J.: Something I should know about Grace?

Sami: I just, um -- I don't want this to change, you know? Your ability to talk to me, have this nice, open, honest conversation about feelings, and I'm just hoping...that you're not a resentful person. [Clears throat]

E.J.: Well, I certainly hope not.

Sami: Right. [Chuckles] 'Cause, see, it's just that... well, I...

Stefano: Guess who I just saw. Philip Kiriakis. All right? How free as a bird with his bimbo there, living his life, when he should be dead. Do you hear me? Dead!

Philip: I've got to get the hell out of this house.

Stephanie: Sure you don't want to sleep on it?

Philip: What are you, Little Miss Cautious now? You were the one who helped me see the light, remember? You saw me through the worst part of it these past few months. How'd I get so lucky?

Stephanie: Just don't forget who really loves you.

Philip: I've got a memory like an elephant. [Both laugh] Come on.

Stephanie: You're so stupid. You know, for someone who's making a clean break, you sure are taking a lot of stuff.

Philip: Well... this is my stuff. Give me that.

Nicole: Oh, Mia. Over here.

Mia: Oh, hi. Okay, what's up? Did Tony DiMera say something? Do you want me to practice what I'm supposed to tell --

Nicole: Tony DiMera is dead.

Mia: Oh, my God. H-he's...

Nicole: Yeah, it was -- it was a horrible accident. Everyone is shocked. It's awful. And I am having a really hard time even... look, Mia, he is out of the picture, okay?

Mia: Yeah, yeah. And I-I'm sorry he' know. But, I mean, now he's not a problem for you anymore.

Nicole: No. Now we have another problem.

Mia: Oh, my God. Somebody else knows about Sydney.

Nicole: Dr. Baker is in Salem. He's working at the hospital.

Mia: Dr. Baker?

Nicole: Did you tell him you were here?

Mia: No, no. I haven't even talked to him since, you know, right after I had the baby.

Nicole: Well, he knows you're here. How? I have no idea. But what I do know is that man is not to be trusted, so we have to keep everything a secret. So, you need to do exactly what I say. Understood?

Stephanie: What are you doing?

Philip: Hmm?

Stephanie: We just got home, and you're already on the phone again? What happened to the guy who said he's not gonna be part of the rat race anymore?

Philip: I'm still here.

Stephanie: Then...what are you doing?

Philip: I've got to look for an apartment.

Stephanie: No, you don't. I thought it went without saying.

Philip: What?

Stephanie: You can stay here as long as you like.

Philip: Stephanie, I don't know if that's such a good idea.

E.J.: Father, we have a guest. Perhaps you could leave this conversation about Philip until later.

Sami: Leave the conversation? What, of how you plan on killing Philip?

E.J.: That's not what he meant.

Sami: The police cleared him. Okay? It wasn't murder. It was an accident.

Stefano: It was murder.

E.J.: Father, not now.

Stefano: No, no, no.

E.J.: No.

Stefano: Hey. And when it comes to the police, who are they, really? Your father, your uncle? I mean, they're all Bradys for goodness sake.

Sami: What does that have to do with it? They knew what they were doing.

Stefano: Look... if the Bradys want to stick up for the Kiriakis family, fine. We DiMeras will look after our own.

Sami: You know, speaking of the DiMeras, isn't E.J.'s fiancée a future DiMera who cleared Philip? She was a witness.

E.J.: Samantha, please. We're not gonna discuss Nicole's role in this.

Sami: Look, I'm just saying it's wrong to accuse someone of murder when they didn't do it. Believe me. I know. It happened to me.

E.J.: I remember, and duly noted. Thank you.

Stefano: Okay, look, I'm sorry I interrupted. I'll leave you two alone.

E.J.: Where are you going?

Stefano: I have some things to take care of. Excuse me.

E.J.: [Sighs] What do you want me to tell you? He's my father, okay? Please, can we just forget about this? Look, you were gonna tell me something about Grace.

Nicole: Mia, let's first get some things out in the open here, okay? You came back to Salem for the baby.

Mia: No, no. It's just that in Japan --

Nicole: I carried my baby for five months, and then she wasn't a part of me anymore. And you carried your baby for nine months, and the same thing happened to you. You came back to Salem for the baby. Can you at least say yes?

Mia: Well, kind of. I mean, yes, but I already promised you I'd stay away from Sydney.

Nicole: Yeah, I don't -- I don't think you can keep that promise. I mean, we already had that little conversation with Tony, and you told the truth in the first five minutes.

Mia: Yeah, and, Nicole, I'm so sorry. I --

Nicole: Look, Mia, don't be sorry, okay? Tony is history now. I am a good mother. And I'm not gonna risk a repeat performance with someone else. Now, look, I'm gonna lay down some rules for you to follow, but, Mia, if you break them, you will be hurting Sydney. Are you ready for that?

Philip: This room just got a little bit colder.

Stephanie: Aren't you the guy who told me he was lucky to have me on his side?

Philip: Yeah, that was me.

Stephanie: So, when it comes to moving in, it's thanks, but no thanks?

Philip: Well, I mean, I thought I was the guy who always went to the dark side every time something went wrong.

Stephanie: How come you don't want to move in with me?

Philip: Don't think I'm not tempted.

Stephanie: But?

Philip: But you live with Chelsea.

Stephanie: And?

Philip: And she's hooked up with Max.

Stephanie: So?

Philip: So, what if I run into him at the fridge in the middle of the night?

Stephanie: Who cares?

Philip: You don't think that would be a little bit awkward?

Stephanie: You can handle it.

Philip: Chelsea might not be able to, though.

Stephanie: So, what, she can have a house guest, and I can't?

Philip: No. No, of course not. You can do whatever you want.

Stephanie: Damn right. Which is why, if I want you to stay, you're gonna stay.

Philip: [Moans]

Stephanie: And that stuff you left over there?

Philip: Mm-hmm?

Stephanie: ...Is now gonna be moved into my bedroom.

Nicole: Okay, first, stay away from Dr. Baker, all right? If he calls, don't answer. Don't return any of his messages. And if he sees you and tries to talk to you, just keep walking.

Mia: Okay. Okay, no problem.

Nicole: Okay, and second, you can't ever come to the house. It will destroy Sydney, and you don't want to ruin that little girl's life, do you?

Mia: No.

Nicole: Okay, and third, you have to do something for me, okay? You've got to stand up for me. Whatever. But you have to do it. All right? No questions, no hesitations. Clear?

Mia: Well, yeah. Yeah, I guess.

Nicole: And last... you can't ever come near me or anyone who's connected to me.

Mia: [Scoffs]

Nicole: What?

Mia: That's a lot of rules.

Nicole: Well, Mia, if you don't like those rules, then you can just leave Salem.

Sami: Um... Grace. Yeah. I, uh, guess I just wanted to say I'm glad you appreciate why I adopted her.

E.J.: Really? That was all you wanted to say?

Sami: No. I'm a Brady, which makes Grace a Brady.

E.J.: Of course.

Sami: And your father has yet another reason to hate my family.

E.J.: Whoa. Wait a second.

Sami: No, let's not sugarcoat it, okay? The bottom line is -- I want to make it clear that our families need to start keeping their distance.

E.J.: Look, what my father said was a little bit harsh.

Sami: I mean it, E.J.

E.J.: Samantha, you cannot just cut all ties, especially not the ties that you and I have, because we have a history together. When it comes to Grace --

Sami: No, you have nothing to do with Grace.

Philip: You know, inviting me into your bedroom... you know what you're getting yourself into?

Stephanie: Mm-hmm. I know exactly.

Philip: You positive?

Stephanie: Mm-hmm. I wouldn't have asked if I wasn't sure. Now the question is -- do you know what you're getting yourself into?

Mia: Okay. I'll stick to your rules.

Nicole: No exceptions. No one-time mistakes. No "sorry, I forgot."

Mia: I'll do everything you said.

Nicole: Don't think this isn't gonna be difficult, because it is. Why would you want to put yourself through that?

Mia: Well, because I want Sydney to be raised by you because I want her to have, you know, everything she ever needs.

Nicole: But you know you can't be a part of that.

Mia: No.

Nicole: So why stay? I gave you more than enough money to live for at least a year in Japan.

Mia: I know that, but, you know, in Japan, I mean, I was just some foreigner. Nobody thought I could -- it just would never work.

Nicole: Well, then why don't you go to New York? Huh? I mean, you can study dance there. You can study acting. Get into theater. You're young, beautiful, talented. I'm sure something really wonderful will happen for you.

Mia: Yeah, but, you know, I'm in school here now, and I've got to finish high school, and I'm better off in Salem.

Will: You know what, Grace? You're not half bad. Not half bad at all.

Stefano: [Sighs] [Sniffles] [Sobs] Antony. Antony.

E.J.: Look, Samantha, I don't know what just happened, but you suddenly stopped making any sense. Now, listen, you and I have very close ties because of Johnny.

Sami: Right. That's right. Johnny and nothing else.

E.J.: Johnny has a sister -- Allie. There's another tie. Grace is gonna be Johnny's sister.

Sami: Grace is out of this.

E.J.: No, it's just ties that he has.

Sami: Grace has nothing to do with this. I have to go.

E.J.: Why do you have to leave?

Sami: This was the biggest mistake.

E.J.: The biggest mistake? Samantha, you're speaking in tongues.

Sami: Johnny isn't staying here, okay? He's coming home with me right now.

E.J.: Why? Why? Can you give me an answer? Why is he going? No answer. [Sighs] Women.

Melanie: [Sarcastically] I just love catering to old men that have so much ear hair you could braid it!

Kate: He left you, and you can't take it.

Victor: He spilled your blood, Antony. Now I'm going to spill his.

Philip: She was trying to warn you against me. Maybe she was right.

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