Days Transcript Thursday 3/26/09

Days of Our Lives Transcript Thursday 3/26/09 - Canada; Friday 3/20/09 - U.S.A.


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Rafe: Ready to go?

Sami: [Exhales deeply] You know, I-I know it sounds crazy, but I'm really gonna miss this place. Just a lot of special things happened here.

Daniel: Anyway, uh, you know, congratulations on the wedding. Um, I'm glad it all went smoothly.

Chloe: Yeah, for the most part. [Exhales deeply] Well, I've got to get my appointment.

Daniel: Yeah. Okay. Um, Chloe, before you go, um, I just want to say I'm sorry for all the pain I've caused you. I acted, uh, well, selfishly. I hope you can forgive me.

Chloe: There's nothing to forgive.

Stefano: I don't care if I ever see that ungrateful son of a bitch again. He's dead to me -- dead -- forever. What? What are you thinking?

E.J.: There's more to this. Something -- something you and I don't understand.

Stefano: What is to understand? Your brother has had a chip on his shoulder ever since he came out of the womb -- the self-serving fool. No, the hell with him.

E.J.: No.

Stefano: "No"? Are you defending that traitor, that Judas?

E.J.: He's keeping something from us. I'm -- I'm concerned that it... involves Nicole somehow.

Tony: What the hell is the matter with you? I'll have you thrown in prison for that.

Philip: Are you gonna give me my project back? Huh? Huh? Answer me, damn it.

Tony: You ain't getting a thing from me.

Philip: No?

Tony: Mnh-mnh.

Philip: You sure about that?

Bo: Yeah, well, you tell Bennett he's chained to his desk for the next couple of months. He's lucky I don't fire his ass. You d-- yeah. Okay. Thanks, Lopez.

Hope: Hey.

Bo: Hey.

Hope: You must have gotten up pretty early this morning, huh? I didn't even hear you leave.

Bo: Yeah. I had a few things to take care of on the way to work. What?

Hope: You had nothing to take care of. You just didn't want to talk to me. Didn't want to have to explain why you canceled our date last night. And, wow, talk about abrupt. I mean, one minute you were here. The next minute, you were out the door.

Bo: Hope, I explained --

Hope: Yeah, you mean "lied."

Bo: The work is piling up. I have to take care of it.

Hope: Like hell, Brady. It wasn't about the work. It was about me. You didn't want to be with me. Oh, don't deny it. For God's sake, Brady. At least be a man and be honest. [Sighs] All this talk about trusting in our love, trusting in me -- you didn't mean a word of it. You were just humoring me, placating me. Well, you know what? No more. I need for you to be truthful with me. I need the truth.

Philip: DiMera, you never made a deal you wouldn't lie, cheat, or steal your way into.

Tony: You know, you're a pathetic fraud. You're a loser.

Philip: [Laughs] You're calling me a fraud?

Tony: You know it. Everyone knows it. You've brought nothing but shame to the Kiriakis family.

Philip: You disgusting sack of --

Chloe: Lucas, hey.

Lucas: Hey, hey. How's it going, Daniel?

Daniel: Fine, fine. I guess that congratulations are in order.

Lucas: Well, yeah. I mean, I'm the lucky one, aren't I? It's the most beautiful girl on the planet. Look at her.

Chloe: I was just talking to Daniel and thanking him for everything that he's done for all of us.

Lucas: Oh, cool.

Chloe: What are you doing here, anyway? I thought you were hanging out with will.

Lucas: Uh, he'd rather hang with his homies, play a little

Lucas: I guess so. I guess so.

Daniel: Yeah.

Chloe: Uh, well, you know what? I'm gonna be late for my appointment. Are you gonna be here when I'm done?

Lucas: Yeah, yeah. I'll wait for you.

Chloe: Okay.

Lucas: All right. Uh, Daniel, could I talk to you for a second?

Daniel: Yeah. Yeah, sure.

Lucas: It's about Chloe.

Daniel: What about her?

Lucas: Well, it's about the talk we had when you convinced me that I should elope with her. You know, that I should go along with what she wanted to do. You know, "whatever makes you happy" kind of thing. And I really appreciate it, you know? I'm very grateful to you.

Daniel: Well, you just needed a little perspective. That's all.

Lucas: I needed someone to talk some sense into me, and that's what you did. I appreciate it.

Daniel: Yeah.

Lucas: In fact, if you hadn't done that, I don't think we'd be married right now. I don't think we'd be married at all.

Rafe: A special time in your life, huh? Hiding out from a guy who wanted to kill you? Being away from your friends and family?

Sami: Yeah. It wasn't just about that. Grace was born. I mean, that was a happy memory -- bringing my beautiful daughter into the world.

Rafe: Yes. Definitely.

Sami: And what about everything else, you know? Taking care of her, holding her in the middle of the night while she cried, rocking her back to sleep. You learned to change a diaper here.

Rafe: Oh, yeah. I'm an expert at that now.

Sami: More than just that. You're an expert at making her feel loved and cared for. I've seen the way you hold her, the way you look at her. You have done so much for me. You saved my life.

Rafe: That was my job.

Sami: Yeah, but you didn't have to keep my secret about Grace. Thank you. I'll never be able to repay you for that.

Stefano: Are you saying -- I mean, do you -- do you think for a mo-- I mean, between Anthony and Nicole?

E.J.: Oh, father, come on! No! That's an appalling idea. Why did you have to say that?

Stefano: Well, because you seemed so suspicious.

E.J.: Not of Nicole. I'm suspicious of tony. Look, this guy... he wants us all to get together for a family gathering. He says he has some information -- important information -- something that's gonna humiliate me.

Stefano: And what has this got to do with Nicole?

E.J.: Maybe what he has to say, in some way, has some -- I don't know -- has effect on her or involves her.

Stefano: So then it has something to do with Nicole?

E.J.: I didn't say that.

Stefano: Well, then, why does he insist on having her there?

E.J.: I don't know! I don't know. Maybe -- maybe because he likes her.

Stefano: Did you ever see the way he looks at her? As a matter of fact, he does not look at her. He sneers.

E.J.: No, that would be you.

Stefano: I'm the bad guy, okay? Hey [Chuckles] I'm always the bad guy.

E.J.: Okay, there we go -- playing the victim again. Look, can we just keep this conversation on why tony has decided that he is going to turn against us?

Stefano: Because your brother has a very fragile ego, Elvis, and a profound jealousy when it comes to you. This is simply tony being tony, all right? When he is shunned... he -- he has to have attention. He's like a child.

E.J.: Okay. But we have to deal with this, because this "child" is gonna become quite a powerful man if he can bring this alternative fuels project to capacity.

[Hand slams table]

Stefano: Good-for-nothing traitor.

E.J.: Exactly. You see? It's not just tony being tony.

Stefano: All right! Fine! Okay?! I take it back! This is tony being a traitorous son of a bitch. If he thinks that he can stab his father in the back and gloat about it, I assure you, Elvis, as long as there is a breath in my body, it will not happen! I will not allow it!

Philip: You bastard.

Tony: You're just a clumsy clod.

Philip: You think I'm the one with family issues? Look at you! You black sheep! You washed-up has-been sabotaging your own flesh and blood.

Tony: [Groans]

[Breathing heavily]

Bo: These visions that I've been having -- they --

Hope: So you are still having them?

Bo: Yeah. I would have told you if they had stopped.

Hope: How recently? Did you have one yesterday? Today? Just now?

Bo: Yeah. Yesterday, today, all the freaking time.

Hope: Still me with another man? Oh, my God. You saw who it was, didn't you?

Rafe: You really want to repay me? Try and stay out of trouble. Oh, wait. For a second there, I almost forgot who I was talking to.

Sami: Ha ha. No wonder no one laughs at your jokes.

[Cellphone ringing]

Rafe: That's funny. Oh. This might be one of the jobs I interviewed for.

Sami: Good luck. Get it.

Rafe: Hello? Yeah.

Sami: Hey, Grace. Are you excited to go home? I'll bet you are. We're gonna have so much fun. I can't wait to introduce you to your family. I promise, Grace, I'm never gonna leave you again. We're gonna be together forever.

[Exhales deeply]

Sr. Agnes: A beautiful baby.

Sami: Hi.

Sr. Agnes: Hi. You must be Samantha.

Sami: Yeah. Um, how did you know my name?

Sr. Agnes: Well, I-I'm sister Agnes. Uh, I was assigned here when it was an orphanage.

Sami: You are the sister -- you, um, you knew Rafe when he was little?

Sr. Agnes: Yes. Oh, well, when he was a teenager, I-I looked after him for several years.

[Grace coos]

Sami: You must know a lot about him.

Sr. Agnes: Well, uh, yes, yes. We were quite close in our way.

Sami: Sister, I wonder if I can ask you about his past. I'd like to know more about Rafe.

Stefano: The ingratitude! The utter selfishness! But I should have expected it, of course. From the day that your brother was born -- all right? -- He was weak and fragile! But did I go away from him? No, no, no, no. I stood right by him, all right? I gave him whatever he --

E.J.: Father!

Stefano: Never mind "father"! I gave him whatever he needed! Do you understand that?! I didn't do anything but to help him! Do you get it?! "Help him"!

E.J.: Father, no!

Stefano: And that's the thanks I get! Well, all right. It is time now for me to get thanks from him, all right? And you know what it is? He is going to pay. He is going to pay dearly. Oh, how he is going to pay -- until he comes crawling back to me on his weak knees and asking and begging for forgiveness.

E.J.: Father, you need to step back and think about what you have done.

Stefano: What?! What the hell are you talking about?!

E.J.: You created this monster. You caused him to do this.

Philip: Tony! Tony. Come on, man. Come on. Stay alive.

Nicole: Oh, my God. Does he have a pulse?

Philip: We need an ambulance. Where's my phone? Call 911.

Nicole: You're gonna tell E.J. That you think you know about Mia?

Tony: I know what I know, and the truth always comes out.

Nicole: No matter who gets hurt.

Philip: Damn it, Nicole! What are you waiting for?! Call 911! Tony -- tony, stay with us, man.

Daniel: You know, I-I just think you're overanalyzing it, 'cause Chloe -- she really loves you. She couldn't wait to start her life with you.

Lucas: Well, yeah, yeah, I know that now, because, you know, you helped me -- helped me get over my doubts about it. You helped me see that the important thing was getting married, not having that big wedding. That wasn't important -- or isn't important.

Daniel: No. Right.

Lucas: However, it was important to my mother.

Daniel: Mm. Yeah, she was looking forward to a big affair -- event.

Lucas: In fact, she showed up. Can you believe that?

Daniel: Yeah. No, I-I heard that.

Lucas: Did you?

Daniel: Yeah.

Lucas: She showed up at the justice of the peace. I couldn't believe it, man. I opened the door, and there she is.

Daniel: Wow.

Lucas: It took everything I had -- everything -- not to say, "mom, stay out of my life!" You know what I mean?

Daniel: Yeah. Yeah. Oh, I-I know what you mean.

Lucas: And I was tempted to. I really was. But she's got such a great heart, and I know she means well, and everything that she's been through, you know? I know she only does it out of love.

Daniel: Mm-hmm.

Lucas: It still made me feel like a 10-year-old idiot, you know, having my mom there, sucking the romance out of everything.

Daniel: Well, I hope that's not true.

Lucas: It is true, except for the "sucking the romance out of everything." I mean, don't get me wrong. It would have been nice not to have her there at all, but, you know, Chloe and I managed to have our fun anyway.

Daniel: Yeah. Yeah, I'm -- I'm -- I'm sure.

Lucas: It was all about us being alone together. It was -- it was peaceful. Actually -- wait. What am I saying? I don't know if "peaceful" is the right word for it.

[Cellphone ringing]

Daniel: Yeah. Oh. You know what? I, uh, I got an emergency. Excuse me.

Lucas: Yeah. Yeah. All right. Thanks again.

Daniel: Yeah.

Bo: Hope, you accuse me of not trusting you, and now you're basically saying that you don't believe what I'm saying. How's that supposed to make me feel? Your turn to answer me. How should I feel?

Hope: I'm sorry.

Bo: No. No, I'm sorry. I-I bailed on our date night. I-I was very abrupt. Just -- I was a bit crazy. Took off without even apologizing.

Hope: See, you just walked out of the pub -- no date. Just "see ya."

Bo: I said more than that.

Hope: No. Not much more.

Bo: Sorry. Got other things on my mind, too, besides work and these visions.

Hope: What's going on?

Bo: Let's sit down. Chelsea is looking for an apartment. She wants to move in with Stephanie.

Hope: Yeah, I know. I talked to her this morning. She said you were fine with it.

Bo: Yeah.

Hope: You're not.

Bo: I'm trying to be.

Hope: What are you so worried about? She's gonna be with Max, no matter where she lives.

Bo: Oh, thanks.

Hope: And, by the way, um, what happened to the guy in the leather jacket I used to know? Hmm? The one who wasn't judgmental and puritanical.

Bo: He grew up, became a father.

Hope: She asked about us.

Bo: And?

Hope: She senses that something's going on. And since you seem to be more distracted and upset lately than even before, I can only assume that... something is different. You saw... who it was, didn't you? The man I'm -- you know.

Sr. Agnes: You're exactly how Rafe described you.

Sami: Really?

Sr. Agnes: Yes.

Sami: What did he, um, say about me?

Sr. Agnes: Well, he's, uh, he's very fond of you. He cares about you a lot, Samantha.

Sami: Well, I care about him, too. He's an amazing guy. He -- he saved my life. I don't know if he told you that. No, of course not, 'cause he's too humble to talk about himself.

Sr. Agnes: No, no, no, no. It's the strong, silent type.

[Both chuckle]

Sami: But, you know, I guess I want to ask you more about him. I mean, what was he like as a kid? Was he -- was he shy, or was he funny, you know? I mean, I, um, I just have always wondered that. Was he girl crazy? Or I guess maybe he wouldn't tell you about that stuff.

Sr. Agnes: Well, now, let's see. Um, he was somewhat shy and definitely funny.

[Chuckles] And he also was opinionated, you know? Perhaps a bit stubborn. And, uh, he had a rebellious streak.

Sami: What about his family? I mean, why was he here? His parents, you know? I guess maybe it's because he doesn't talk about himself that makes me worry that maybe something happened to him -- something bad happened to him -- in his past.

Sr. Agnes: Well...

Sami: I'm right, aren't I?

Sr. Agnes: Yes. There has been a tragedy in Rafe's life.

Sami: A tragedy?

Sr. Agnes: Mm-hmm.

Sami: What was it?

Philip: Well, call 911, for God's sakes! If you don't, he's gonna die. Come on!

Tony: [Breathing heavily]

Philip: Tony, it's okay, man.

Stefano: You dare blame me for your brother's treachery, his disloyalty? Who the hell's side are you on?!

E.J.: Whoa. Wait a second, all right? In no way do I condone what Tony's done. But in the interest of being a little bit real here, you should remember you pushed him out of the family, you pushed him out of the company. Of course he's going to retaliate.

Stefano: Holy mother! You do blame me for all of this, huh?

E.J.: No, I'm saying you could see things a little bit from his perspective.

[Hand knocks on table]

Stefano: I am not in the business of catering to my son's bruised ego, and, damn it, Elvis, I gave him every opportunity. I told him that I loved him. You were there. You heard it yourself. And what does he do, huh? Not only does he try to forget about it, but he goes and makes a mockery of me!

E.J.: What do you have planned for him?

Stefano: Oh, keep quiet! I don't want to hear about it!

E.J.: No, I'd like you show a little bit of compassion for my brother, please!

Stefano: "Compassion"?! "Compassion"?! Empathy?! What the hell are you talking about?! I'll show you your compassion. Anthony has crossed the line. He has betrayed me. Do you understand what that means? He is no longer a son of mine. He is dead to me.

E.J.: Yeah. So you keep saying.

[Cellphone ringing] Hey, sweetheart.

Nicole: Honey, there's been an accident. It's tony.

E.J.: What do you mean? What kind of accident? Are you all right?

Nicole: He's been hurt. It's bad. He's on his way to the hospital.

E.J.: I'm on my way.

Nicole: Okay. I'll meet you there.

E.J.: Yeah. Listen, sweetheart. Nicole?

Philip: [Sighs] The paramedics say he's lost a lot of blood, but he's gonna be all right. He has to be.

Nicole: You should go to the hospital, too.

Philip: [Exhales raggedly] How much of that fight did you see?

Nicole: Pretty much everything.

Philip: So you know it was an accident, right?

Nicole: Take care of that hand.

Philip: Nicole? Nicole, wait!

Bo: You're the one who told me that I needed to suppress these thoughts. You call them "thoughts" because "visions" gave them too much -- what -- legitimacy?

Hope: You're right. I did say that.

Bo: Yeah. And now you're the one pressing me to talk about these thoughts I'm trying to suppress.

Hope: Brady, I'm sorry. I didn't realize that your being distant with me was your way of fighting this thing. And you're right -- just this once. You were able to point that I did -- it was me who urged you to do that.

Bo: And about our date night last night -- I really, really am sorry, and I'll make it up to you. I promise.

Hope: I know you will.

Bo: [Chuckles]

[Cellphone ringing]

Hope: Oh. Oh, it's domestic down at Riverdale. I got to go.

Bo: Yeah, you better, and, uh, be careful.

Hope: I will. I love you.

Bo: I love you, too.

Hope: Okay, I'll see you later.

Bo: Mm-hmm.

Hope: Oh, um, I was going to pick up Ciara's prescription from the pharmacy hospital. I don't suppose --

Bo: Yeah, I got it covered. I'm gonna go say goodbye to mom.

Hope: Okay.

Sr. Agnes: I'm -- I'm sorry, dear, but if Rafe has not, uh, told you about his past, I --

Sami: Oh, um, no. Of course. I realize it's not your place to -- to tell me, but -- but maybe if you could just give me some kind of hint.

Sr. Agnes: All right. I can tell you this. He's a good man with a good heart, and I can only hope that he will find someone who can respect him for who he is and accept who he is and not try to change him. Oh.

Rafe: What's going on? You two talking about me?

E.J.: Hey, Nicole. How is he?

Nicole: Oh, uh, I don't know. There's no update yet.

E.J.: How did this happen?

Nicole: Well, I-I was at the pier, and all I remember was --

E.J.: What were you doing at the pier?

Nicole: It doesn't matter, okay? There was a fight.

Stefano: A fight? A fight? Who was Anthony fighting?

Philip: It was me.

Lucas: So, Dr. Van Allen retired?

Chloe: Yeah, last week.

Lucas: How old was he?

Chloe: Who cares? The point is I don't have a doctor now.

Lucas: I can't believe they did that to you. They should have called you and let you know.

Chloe: Yeah, they did. I just forgot to check my voice mail.

Lucas: Mm-hmm. And why am I not surprised?

Chloe: Ha. I just -- I hate this. Now it means I have to reschedule and find a new doctor.

Lucas: Ask Daniel. I'm sure he could help.

Chloe: [Exhales deeply] Yeah. Maybe. Um, but, still, I just -- I don't like the idea of having to get used to someone new.

Lucas: Come on. Eat. Eat. I'm the only one eating. You're the one who wanted a Brady burger. What? What is it?

Chloe: I don't feel very well.

Sr. Agnes: It was very nice to meet you, Samantha.

Sami: Oh, oh, you don't have to go.

Sr. Agnes: Well, yes. I-I have some business to attend to while sister Theresa is away.

Sami: Oh, she's not here? I-I wanted to say goodbye to her.

Sr. Agnes: Well, she said that you should stop by at any time. She'd like to keep in touch.

Sami: Of course. Of course I will. And please tell her I'll bring Grace by as soon as I can.

Sr. Agnes: All right. And, you, sir, don't be a stranger.

Rafe: I won't. Don't yell.

Sr. Agnes: [Exhales deeply] You were right about this woman. [Clicks tongue]

Rafe: Bye, sister A.

[Door closes]

Sami: [Clears throat] Well, what does that mean, that you were right about me?

Rafe: What?

Sami: I heard what she said. You were talking about me. What did you say?

Rafe: Well, it means, uh, you're a handful... for sticking your little nose in where it doesn't belong.

Sami: I do not.

Rafe: Mm.

Sami: Well, maybe I do. It's only 'cause you don't tell me anything. Like I have to ask you all the time, like -- like about your phone call. How did it go? Did you get the job?

Rafe: No, it -- it didn't really work out. I don't think it's gonna be a good fit, anyway, so...

Sami: I'm sorry.

Rafe: It's okay. Ready to go?

Sami: Almost. There's, um, there's something I have to do first.

E.J.: So, what were you and my brother fighting about?

Philip: Like you can't guess.

E.J.: Just answer the question.

Philip: Well, I thought you DiMeras never kept secrets from each other.

Stefano: You're a smug little bastard, aren't you? If you so much as laid a finger on my son --

Philip: What happened to your son was his own damn fault.

Bo: Hey, take it easy!

Nicole: E.J., Stop it!

Sami: Rafe, how would you feel about attending -- oh, come here, sweetheart -- a christening?

Rafe: For Grace?

Sami: Before we take her home.

Rafe: Well, sure, that would be great, but wouldn't it have to be arranged in advance?

Sami: I actually already spoke to father matt about it, and he said he could do it this afternoon.

Rafe: Oh, wow. All right. Well, let's do it, then.

Sami: Great. Um, there's just one more thing. It's a favor.

Rafe: A favor? This doesn't involve laughing penguins, does it?

Sami: [Sighs] No. Luckily for you, there's no penguins involved. It's, um -- I was wondering if you would -- if you would be Grace's Godfather. I mean, I-I know it's a lot to ask. It's just that I have been thinking a lot about it, and I want Grace to have someone like you in her life -- someone she can look up to. And -- and you've done so much for her, and you've been there for her. She wouldn't be alive if it weren't for you, and -- and I want her to know that, and -- and I want her to have you there if she ever needs someone to protect her.

Rafe: I would be honored to be Grace's Godfather.

Lucas: What, do you feel nauseous or something?

Chloe: A little.

Lucas: [Sighs] Maybe we should go to the hospital, then.

Chloe: No, I'm fine, okay? It's already passing. I'm better.

Lucas: Chloe, come on, now.

Chloe: I am just exhausted from the trip. That's all.

Lucas: That's my fault. I didn't let you get any sleep, did I?

[Cellphone ringing]

Lucas: Let me see who it is. Ohh. It's work. I got to take it. Give me a second. Hey. Lucas. No, no, I said 25, not 250 of them. No, man. I don't care what the paperwork said. All right. Uh, listen, man. I'll be there in 15 minutes, all right? Just -- just don't do anything without me. All right. It's like working with a chimp sometimes, I'll tell you. I will be back as soon as I can, though, okay?

Chloe: Don't worry about it.

Lucas: I just hate leaving you when you're not feeling well like this.

Chloe: It's okay. I'm fine.

Lucas: Are you sure?

Chloe: Yes. I promise.

Lucas: All right. I'll call you. I'll call you as soon as I can.

Chloe: All right. Go.

Lucas: I love you.

Chloe: [Exhales deeply]

E.J.: Come here!

Bo: I said "back off"!

Stefano: I guess there's no doubt which side you fall on, is there?

Philip: Shut the hell up.

Bo: If you push me, DiMera, I'll slap the cuffs on you. Philip. What the hell is going on, man? I got a call about tony. Were you involved?

Philip: [Sighs]

Bo: Philip.

Philip: We got into a fight.

Bo: Aw, hell.

Philip: It wasn't my fault. I swear.

Bo: We're gonna need a statement.

Philip: Ask me anything.

Bo: I can't do it. I'm your brother. I'm gonna have to call an officer down here. Son -- I have covered your ass too many times, but no more.

Philip: There's nothing to cover. I didn't do anything!

Daniel: Excuse me. Gentlemen.

Stefano: How is my son?

Daniel: Well, I am afraid I have some, uh, some bad news.

Sami: Hey, Grace. You seem so serious. You know something really important is happening today, don't you? Yes, you do. You know it's gonna be so special. Rafe? What are you thinking about? You're so quiet.

Rafe: It's, uh -- I, uh --

Sami: Are you nervous?

Rafe: [Scoffs] What? No? What -- what do I have to be nervous about? I just -- I've never been a Godfather before, so I don't exactly know what to do.

Sami: Come on, Rafe. You just have to pray for her. You have to be there for her and protect her if she ever needs you.

Rafe: Is that all?

Sami: I think you're gonna nail it.

Fr. Matt: Samantha, welcome.

Sami: Hi, father matt. Thank you so much for doing this on such short notice. I really appreciate it.

Fr. Matt: No problem.

Sami: Say hi, Grace.

Fr. Matt: [Chuckles] Welcome, little one. Oh, she's beautiful.

Sami: Yeah. This is Grace.

Fr. Matt: And this must be the proud father.

Sami: Oh, um, he's the proud Godfather. This is Rafe -- Rafael Hernandez. This is father matt.

Rafe: Pleased to meet you, father.

Fr. Matt: You too. Well, Samantha, I must ask you, will the child's father be here?

Sami: Um, oh, uh, uh, no. He's not in the picture. That's not a problem, is it?

Fr. Matt: No. No problem.

Sami: Good.

Fr. Matt: God welcomes all his children into his church.

Sami: Of course he does.

Fr. Matt: Well, are -- are we waiting for anyone else?

Sami: No, uh, just the three of us.

Fr. Matt: No family or friends?

Sami: Well, actually, uh, I would love to have my family and friends here, but they just can't. Rafe is all I need -- all Grace needs.

Stefano: What? Speak, damn it! How is my son?

Daniel: We did everything we could to stop the bleeding, but --

E.J.: Are you saying he's gone?

Daniel: No, he's still alive.

Stefano: Oh, thank God.

Daniel: But he has lost a tremendous amount of blood. We have been transfusing him, but I-I just don't --

E.J.: What do you mean? How -- what's going on with him?

Daniel: I'm sorry, but it just doesn't look good.

Chloe: Okay. So today is Friday. Wait. One day? How could I forget? Oh, my God.

Fr. Matt: And what do you ask of God's church for your child?

Sami: A christening.

Fr. Matt: You have asked to have your child christened. In doing so, you are accepting the responsibility of training her in the practice of the faith. It will be your duty as Grace's mother to raise her in keeping with God's commandments, as Christ taught us. Do you accept this responsibility?

Sami: I do.

Fr. Matt: And now I'd like to speak with the Godfather. Godfather, are you prepared to help Samantha in her duty as a Christian mother?

Rafe: Yes, I am.

Philip: He can't die.

Bo: Hey, take it easy.

Philip: If he dies --

Bo: You're gonna have to start talking to me. How did this fight start?

Philip: [Exhales raggedly] We were at the pier. We got into a shoving match, but it was over. He was leaving. He was walking up the stairs. He stumbled. He fell. It was an accident. I didn't touch him.

Bo: Mm-hmm. That's exactly how it went down?

Philip: What, you don't believe me?

Bo: It's gonna be a matter of whether the D.A. Believes you.

Philip: You can't be serious. I didn't do anything at all.

Bo: Is there anyone who can testify to that? Any witnesses?

Philip: Nicole. Nicole saw it all.

[Cellphone ringing]

Sami: I have terrific news. I want to introduce you to your new sister.

Bo: You're keeping something from me. Want to tell me what that is?

Stefano: The person who made it happen is gonna pay dearly.

Nicole: I'm gonna make sure that you never say a word.

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