Days Transcript Thursday 3/12/09

Days of Our Lives Transcript Thursday 3/12/09 - Canada; Friday 3/13/09 - U.S.A.


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Chloe: So, did you check with the pilot? Is everything on schedule?

Lucas: Oh, yeah. We got an on-time departure. It's "Vegas, here we come, baby."

Chloe: Look at you all gung ho about eloping.

Lucas: Yeah, I know. I was a jerk before. I should have been gung ho right from the beginning.

Chloe: No, you didn't have to be. It's not like you have to go along with my every desire.

Lucas: Well, I beg to differ. You know, it's become clear to me that when you love someone as much as I love you and when that someone has done as much for my family as you have, well, the only thing left to say to you is, "whatever you want, honey."

Chloe: Really? It became clear just like that, huh?

Lucas: Yeah, just like that. Oh! Well, it wasn't just like that. I had some help getting there.

Chloe: Oh, yeah? Help? From who?

Lucas: Daniel.

[Can opens, beverage fizzes]

Kate: So, are you now or have you ever been involved with Chloe?

Daniel: Good night, Kate.

Kate: You leave, I make a scene, and I don't think you would like that, would you? No, I didn't think so. So, stay. Sit and tell me all about your latest lady love -- the passion, the sorrow. Please, pour out your heart.

Max: Chelsea.

Chelsea: Hey.

Max: I was, uh, about to call you...again. I assume you got my messages?

Chelsea: I did.

Max: Were you ever gonna call me back?

Chelsea: Max, I told you that it was over. I explained to you.

Max: Yeah, I-I know. It was something about you not wanting to deprive me of what I needed, like you know better than I do what I need.

Chelsea: No, I don't. It's just I-I know that...

Max: What? Chelsea, talk to me, please. Why don't you think that we have a future together?

Max: It must be really great to see your little brother and sister, hmm?

Will: Yeah, totally. I mean, it's unreal how much they've changed.

Max: Oh, man. Kids, man -- I tell you, they're a trip, aren't they? I can't wait to be a father someday, man.

Max: What happened?

Melanie: No, no, no, no. No freakin' way. Shoot.

Brady: Bad news?

Melanie: I don't know. You tell me, Brady. Is my project really D.O.A.?

[Cellphone vibrating]

Nicole: Oh. What the hell do you want?

Philip: I thought you were going to keep an eye on E.J. For me.

Nicole: Look, we'll talk about this later.

Philip: We'll talk about it now. Your fiancÚ screwed me over, and now it's payback time.

Melanie: I thought you were going to Titan.

Brady: Oh, I did.

Melanie: I'm not a psychic, Brady. Is the computer system up and running? Did they fix it? Is my project -- do you have it?

Brady: No, no, and no. It's a total disaster, Melanie.

Melanie: Great. Great.

Nicole: This is not a good time.

Philip: I don't give a damn. You made me a promise.

Nicole: All right, if this is about this stupid fuels project, I had nothing to do with it.

Philip: Every single file was erased, Nicole.

Nicole: Well, I'm sorry. That's not my fault.

Philip: The only hard copy we had -- destroyed.

Nicole: All right, how does E.J. Have anything to do -- why do you think E.J. Has anything to do with this?

Philip: Are you kidding me? This wasn't some two-bit hacker. This was industrial espionage at its finest, which only means one thing -- DiMera.

Nicole: E.J. Certainly didn't have anything to do with this.

Philip: All bets are off, Nicole, so say "ta-ta" to your eurotrash lover boy, 'cause I'm gonna tell him everything I know about your sleazy affair with Brady.

Nicole: It's not tr--

Kate: Oh, dear. I think I've made you uncomfortable.

Daniel: Wouldn't you be uncomfortable if somebody was accusing you unfairly?

Kate: How is it unfairly? I have a reliable source.

Daniel: Well, whoever your source is, why would they tell you about this alleged affair? Why wouldn't they go to Chloe or Lucas?

Kate: Probably because they don't want to spread gossip.

Daniel: Which is exactly what

you're doing.

Kate: Oh, no, you see, because I trust you.

Daniel: Then you should trust me enough to tell me who's spreading all these rumors.

Kate: I can't do that. You see, I promised them. I wouldn't want to get anyone in trouble. Besides, what if what they heard was really out of context?

Daniel: Huh. And what if it wasn't?

Kate: So, you're admitting that you're having an affair with Chloe?

Daniel: I'm not admitting a damn thing. But whatever anyone thinks they saw between me and Chloe, um...

Kate: "Um" what?

Daniel: I was her doctor. Someone could have seen us at the hospital talking together and completely misconstrued what was actually going on.

Kate: Yeah, that's true. They could have.

Daniel: Yeah.

Kate: Except for the fact that my source said that they saw Chloe and her man somewhere else. You see, Daniel, my son got drunk and nearly killed himself. And all he had found out was that Chloe was breaking up with him. So, if he found out that she was having sex with another man... I'm afraid to think of what he might do... because I'm afraid not just for his happiness -- I'm afraid for his life.

Chloe: When did you talk to Daniel?

Lucas: I ran into him at the Cheatin' Heart. Can't forget this camera, honey. We need this, okay?

Chloe: Yeah, so, what'd you guys talk about?

Lucas: Well, you, mostly -- Vegas, eloping, how I wasn't too down with it.

Chloe: Oh, and, what, he encouraged you to do it?

Lucas: Well, yeah, kind of -- said, you know, it doesn't matter where you get married. As long as you love each other, that's the only thing that matters.

Chloe: He really said that?

Lucas: Yes, he really said that. Why does that surprise you?

Chloe: Oh, no, it doesn't. I just, uh...

Lucas: What, you think it's weird that Daniel's happy for us?

Chelsea: I don't -- I don't want either one of us to get hurt, Max, and that's what's gonna happen if --

Max: If what?

Chelsea: I'm not ready to talk about this, but I'll call you when I am, okay?

Max: Now, hold on a second. How would you react if I just walked out on you, hmm -- I told you it was over and that I refused to talk about it until I was ready? That wouldn't go over very well with you, would it? I didn't think so. If I did something to upset you or if you want your freedom to be with somebody else, then that's fine. Just tell me.

Chelsea: You didn't do anything, and I don't want to be with anyone else.

Max: Then what?

Chelsea: I, um -- I heard you talking to will.

Max: To will? How did you --

Chelsea: I was -- I was there earlier. You didn't see me. I left, and then I came back.

Max: Okay. What did you hear?

Chelsea: You couldn't wait to be a dad someday.

Max: Yeah, so?

Chelsea: I can never give you that, Max. Not that I'm assuming we would end up together, but if we did... I mean, I could just picture you now wanting to coach your kids in baseball and soccer and being so kind and sweet with them, and it's just something that you're gonna have to do, and... I can't give it to you.

Max: No. You don't get to tell me what I want or what's important to me now or in the future, okay? So, stop picturing me doing anything and listen up, okay? This is not your decision, Chelsea. This is my decision. I'm gonna tell you what I want and what matters to me the most, okay, and you're gonna have to listen up.

Philip: Ugh.

Stephanie: I brought caffeine. Still nothing?

Philip: [Sighs] Thank you.

Stephanie: Don't we have a hard copy of the fuels project somewhere?

Philip: If I had a hard copy, why the hell would I be sitting in front of my computer? You think I'm a complete idiot?

Stephanie: Sorry. That was lame.

Philip: Someone burned the one and only hard copy we had.

Stephanie: What did Bo say?

Philip: You think I'd tell my brother about this?

Stephanie: Maybe he can help, try to figure out what happened, figure out who did it.

Philip: Yeah. Yeah, then the whole world will know, including my father. He can call me on the carpet and humiliate me before he bounces me out of here on my butt. Sounds like a plan, Steph.

E.J.: Sweetheart.

Nicole: Shh, honey. It's okay. Go back to sleep.

E.J.: Where are you going?

Nicole: I'm out of formula, and I want to get to the store before Sydney wakes up.

E.J.: Have Mary get some formula, darling.

Nicole: No, E.J.

E.J.: Listen -- nothing. Sydney's asleep. Come on, she doesn't need it urgently. And what I need urgently -- yeah, a little bit of something. Mobile phone - does it even make financial sense to even have a land line?

Melanie: Oh, it's a disaster? So, it's worse than we thought?

Brady: Why are you so concerned, Mel? Let me guess. Is it your undying loyalty to Titan?

Melanie: What's with the attitude? I thought we were friends.

Brady: Well, you know what? That was before our fuels project vanished from our mainframe.

Melanie: Oh, I'm sorry. You think I sabotaged the files?

Brady: You? No, no. Come on. You're honest as the day is long, the most trustworthy woman on the planet. No, why would anybody suspect you?

Nicole: Okay. Wait here, okay? Honey, look, I'm sorry. I just -- I really need to get to the store before Sydney wakes up. Where are you going?

E.J.: I'm going to get Mary and tell her to go to the store.

Nicole: No, E.J. Every time I ask her to get formula, I swear she always gets it wrong.

E.J.: Darling, I promise you she's not gonna get it wrong this time.

[Sydney cries]

Nicole: Ha, see? You hear that? That is definitely a hunger cry. Yes, it is. Okay, mommy will be back soon.

E.J.: Listen, darling, I'm gonna go. I'll go. You stay.

Nicole: No, no, I'm dressed. Shh. Quiet. All right? I'll be back soon.

E.J.: Okay. Be quick.

Nicole: I will be quick. Take care of our child.

E.J.: [Laughing] I will.

Chloe: Well, it's not like I think Daniel wouldn't want us to be happy. It's just kind of bizarre that he'd take such an interest in our wedding -- the specifics of it.

Lucas: Yeah, I know. He seems to care quite a bit. He thinks you're the bee's knees.

Chloe: [Chuckles] Well, I doubt that.

Lucas: No, no, he does. He told me to do whatever it takes to keep you, whatever it takes to make you happy. You think Daniel was talking about himself?

Chloe: What?

Lucas: Or do you think he was talking about my mom? He might have regrets about her.

Chloe: Oh. Uh, I-I guess. Maybe. You know what? Enough talk about Daniel. Do you think I should pack my dress, or would that be more appropriate for a church wedding?

Lucas: No, pack the dress. It'll be fine. Just 'cause we're going to Vegas doesn't mean it has to be tacky, right? This is for us. We are going to be committed to each other. This is really gonna happen. It's gonna be you and me for the rest of our lives.

Daniel: Kate, I know you want to protect Lucas, but it's obvious that he and Chloe love each other.

Kate: Well, I would say that Lucas loves Chloe, but, um, I think the look on her face is a little less than love and a little bit more she's tolerating him. Do you know what I mean?

Daniel: No, I don't.

Kate: Well, the fact is she broke up with him less than a month ago, and I don't think it had anything to do with the pre-wedding jitters.

Daniel: Hmm.

Kate: But you can unfurrow your brow because you'll be relieved to hear I believe you now. I do! I really do. You know, the truth is, I can't even picture the two of you together. I can't. You know, Lucas would probably kill me for saying something like this, but she really is quite common. You know, the makeup and the hair and the clothes -- I mean, the whole package. I mean, not in her heart, of course. Did you ever meet her mother? You know, if that's any indication, I really fear for Lucas' future. I really do.

[Sighs] Well, I feel much better now. Do you? And the thing is, we don't ever have to worry about Chloe being jealous if we get back together again.

Daniel: Kate, I'm not sure where you're going with this.

Kate: Well, since I've been in remission, I feel like a new woman. I really do. I mean, I -- so many things that I want to see and I want to do, and there's a lot of time I want to make up for. I want to have you back in my life. I think we were good together.

Max: Are you listening? Do I have your attention? Okay. It doesn't make one bit of difference to me that you can't have your own kids.

Chelsea: But --

Max: Hold on. I'm not finished. Yes, someday I want a family -- a wife, kids. And especially since I was adopted, and so were you -- I'm really grateful and lucky to have been adopted. And I don't need -- I don't need my kids to be own, as you put it. I mean, I'd be -- I'd be perfectly fine raising a child whose birth parents couldn't raise them or take care of them or didn't want them and give them a wonderful life.

Chelsea: I would be, too. I mean... you just reminded me of that. And, yeah, I would be.

Max: I'm not saying that we're definitely gonna end up together.

Chelsea: No, I know. It's too soon to tell.

Max: I am sure of one thing, though. I don't -- I don't want you to tell me... what I need or what I want... ever again...because I know. I know.

Stephanie: You really think you can keep this from your father forever, huh?

Philip: I'm sure as hell gonna try.

[Sighs] Who am I kidding? I might as well clear out my office now.

Stephanie: Philip, look at me. None of this was your fault. Isn't there the slightest chance that victor will understand?

Philip: [Scoffs] Are you joking? He nearly fired me for my tie being crooked. Think he's gonna understand my losing the company billions of dollars?

Stephanie: Guess not.

Philip: And he'd be right to fire me. I let him down. I let you down.

Stephanie: Me? Why would you say that?

Philip: Well, you thought I was this confident, can-do guy, and I'm not. I'm sorry, Steph.

Stephanie: I'm not.

Nicole: Ugh. Answer, damn it. Great. Voicemail. Don't you ever answer your phone? I need to see you now. I'm in major trouble with Philip.

Kate: Oh, dear. Am I being too forward? Does that put you on the spot?

Daniel: No, I just don't think you've given this much thought, Kate.

Kate: Oh, no. I have. I think about you night and day, mostly night... when I'm lying in bed and I can't fall asleep. I picture you lying next to me, and then I'm up for hours... fantasizing. Do you fantasize about me?

Daniel: Well, I don't know exactly what this is about, but what I do know is that you and I... it's not gonna happen.

Lucas: I wonder if it's gonna be hot enough in Vegas to go swimming. What do you think? I mean, it's Vegas. It's got to be hot enough. But I don't think we're gonna leave the room.

Chloe: You know what I was thinking? After we get married, maybe we can go on a real honeymoon, like New York or Paris.

Lucas: Come on. We don't have to leave Vegas to go to New York or Paris. It's all right there.

Chloe: Ha. Funny. Lucas, I'm serious. It would be nice to get away for a few weeks, someplace romantic, without slot machines.

Lucas: Yeah, but what about the kids? You know, will just got home. I barely spent any time with him. Come on, we can go to Paris or New York any time we want.

Chloe: True.

Lucas: Good. And we don't need an exotic honeymoon to prove our love, do we?

Chloe: Mm.

Lucas: No.

[Door opens]

Melanie: Why in the world would I destroy those files?

Brady: I don't know. Let me take a guess. You're in bed with the DiMeras?

Melanie: That's insane.

Brady: Save it. Save it.

Travis: Hey, Brady.

Brady: Hey, Travis. How you doing? What are you doing here?

Travis: Just grabbing some takeout.

Brady: Listen, thank you for coming into work early. I know it's been crazy.

Travis: Yeah, I still can't believe I lost all those files.

Brady: I know. Obviously, somebody doesn't want Titan to be developing that fuels project. See you later.

Travis: All right, man.

Philip: You're not sorry that I've been a complete fool, that I've probably blown my entire career?

Stephanie: Look, I do hate to see you like this -- really upset with yourself. But on the other hand, it does my heart good to know that you don't have to be this macho guy with all the answers all the time. You can stumble, be vulnerable. Look, this right now -- this is the Philip that I'm comfortable with.

Philip: Then we've got a problem... and I think we have to end this now.

Will: Uh, this isn't weird or anything.

Lucas: Hey. Hey, yo. You ever hear of knocking?

Will: I didn't think I had to in my own house.

Lucas: Well, good. Are you staying?

Will: No, I just came to get my phone -- finally remembered where it was.

Lucas: The phone-in-the-fridge routine. Listen, um, if you want to crash here, you're more than welcome to if you need some peace and quiet. I know the twins can be a handful.

Will: What's with the suitcases?

[Scoffs] Vegas?

Lucas: Yeah. Uh, yeah, Vegas. We're going to Vegas tonight. We're gonna get married.

Will: [Scoffs]

Lucas: What? Is something wrong with that? I mean, you should say you're happy, right? "I'm happy for you, dad" -- I'd like to hear that now.

Will: Guess you got what you wanted, huh?

Lucas: Well, wait a minute. I wanted this, too.

Will: Right.

Lucas: What's going on here? What's gotten into you?

Chloe: Hey, it's okay. Listen, will, I know that you were hoping your parents would get back together, but your dad and I -- we love each other.

Lucas: Oh, wait, is this what this is about? You're mad 'cause I'm moving on from your mom?

Will: I got to go.

Lucas: Whoa, don't go now. Come on. Wait a second. Why don't you come to Vegas with us? You know, you can be my best man.

Philip: What? What are you laughing at?

Stephanie: I'm laughing at you. I think you're funny. One minute you're all sad and vulnerable -- "woe is me" -- and the minute I call you on it, you turn into robo-philip.

Philip: Look, the side of me that you like -- that's a side of me I don't. It means that --

Stephanie: What?

Philip: It means that you want me to be something I'm not.

Stephanie: Human, fallible, scared, even, sometimes?

Philip: I don't want to be like that, Stephanie. Fear is weak.

Stephanie: Who taught you that -- your father? That it's weak to be scared, to not know all the answers, to screw up here and there?

Philip: Yeah. He did teach me that.

Stephanie: Well, he was wrong. It's not weak. It's human. And I have to admit, there's a lot of bravery involved to admit to your mistakes -- at least in my book.

Philip: Okay. I'll admit to you that... I'm scared out of my wits.

Stephanie: There's no need to be, 'cause I'm gonna help you. We're in this together.

Philip: Does that mean...

Stephanie: Yes, it does. I want to give us another shot -- you and me.

Philip: Okay, but... keep this to yourself. I don't want anybody knowing that I'm fallible or whatever, okay? I have a reputation to uphold.

Stephanie: And I'm not gonna say a word. You'll figure something out. You always do.

Philip: Here's hoping.

[Sighs] What are you doing?

Stephanie: You need to relax.

Philip: Relax? I'm going nuts over here. What are you doing?

Stephanie: Hmm. What do you think?

Philip: Mm-hmm.

Stephanie: [Giggles]

Melanie: You are so on my list, DiMera.

E.J.: Come in.

Melanie: Did you -- did you really think you were gonna get away with this?

E.J.: If you've come here for more money, I suggest you turn around and get on your merry little way. My company is no longer involved in the fuels project.

Melanie: You are such a two-faced bastard.

E.J.: The main reason, miss Melanie, is you. You are a right royal pain in my ass.

Melanie: Okay, so that's how we're gonna play it? It's my fault that you've decided to no longer go through with this multibillion-dollar venture?

E.J.: It's one of the reasons, yes.

Melanie: Cut the bull, E.J.! You never intended to develop this project in the first place, did you?

Lucas: Listen to me. It'll be fun, all right? Chloe and I will do our thing, and then we can hang out -- take in some shows or hit some roller coasters, whatever you want to do.

Will: Dad, look, I just started school. I don't think cutting class would be such a good idea.

Lucas: Don't worry about it. It's not gonna be that long -- really.

Will: Thanks anyway.

Lucas: You're passing up Vegas just to stay in school? Look at you, huh? Did I raise a good kid or what?

[Cellphone ringing] Let me grab that real quick. Yeah, Lucas Horton. You got to be kidding me. No, I know there's nothing you can do, but if there's any way... right. No, no. I appreciate it. Thank you. Thanks for calling.

Chloe: Oh, don't tell me.

Lucas: Well, you'd think one thing would go right for us, just this once, but...

Chloe: What'd they say?

Lucas: Mechanical difficulties on the plane. We can't leave till tomorrow.

Chloe: Tomorrow?

Lucas: I'm sorry, honey. We can't leave till tomorrow. Trip's postponed.

Kate: Well, that wasn't the reaction I was expecting.

Daniel: I'm sorry to hear that, Kate.

Kate: And I thought we were so good together.

Daniel: We're not the same people we were six months ago.

Kate: Oh, I know that. But if we were good then, I wonder why we're not good now. Unless, of course, you think our relationship was a mistake.

Daniel: No. No, the way I handled it was. I realize that now.

Kate: Tell me something, Daniel. Do you believe in true love, the kind that Lucas and Chloe have? Do you think that's the real deal?

Daniel: You know what I think? I want them to lead an enjoyable life.

Kate: So do I.

Daniel: Well, you take care, Kate. This one's one me.

Kate: [Scoffs] Phony creep.

[Sighs] This wedding needs to be stopped. And if Danny boy isn't up to doing it, then I'm gonna have to do it myself.

Stephanie: Still wish you were staring at a computer?

Philip: [Chuckles] What computer? Is there a computer around?

Stephanie: Mnh-mnh.

Philip: And I highly recommend that we forget about all of that stuff.

Stephanie: Viruses.

Philip: Yeah, worms -- stuff like that.

Stephanie: Definitely all that.

Philip: You know what? Let's get the hell out of here.

Stephanie: Let's do it. Let's go, son. Let me get my purse.

Philip: Uh, I'll be right out.

E.J.: I have no idea what you're talking about.

Melanie: I did my homework, E.J. I find it interesting that nobody's heard about your connections with these big oil companies.

E.J.: [Laughs] Really? I find it interesting that you care.

Melanie: You played me, E.J. You made me jump through all these hoops to steal that formula for you, but really, you didn't want my father's project --

E.J.: Finished whining? Because you, young lady, got paid.

Melanie: Like a bazillionth of what I would have made had this gone through.

E.J.: You forgot the formula, didn't you?

[Laughs] You forgot it. Why don't you go and talk to your friend, nick, you know? I'm sure he'd be happy to give it to you. Oh, I forgot. He's a little bit busy right now, isn't he, doing some kind of rehabilitation program? Well... that's terribly unfortunate.

Melanie: This is not over, E.J. No, no, no, no. Not by a long shot. Understand?

Nicole: [Sighs]

[Footsteps approach] Oh, finally.

Brady: Hey, what is going on? Your voicemail sounded frantic.

Nicole: Brady, I am in way over my head.

Brady: You are just figuring this out?

Nicole: No, look, it's that stupid fuels project. Philip thinks that E.J. Deleted the files, which means I didn't hold up my end of the bargain, which means he's gonna tell E.J. That --

Brady: He's gonna tell E.J. about the affair that, uh, we're not having, right?

Nicole: It won't matter if it's not true. I know E.J. He'll be suspicious, and he won't stop digging and digging and digging until he finds out I lied about the pregnancy and Sydney. My life will be over. I will lose E.J., My daughter, everything.

Brady: No. I'm not gonna let that happen. I promise you that.

Stephanie: Thank you.

Philip: [Sighs]

Stephanie: So, I was talking to Chelsea this morning.

Philip: Yeah?

Stephanie: Yeah. And I was telling her that... sometimes when I'm with you, I imagine -- forget it.

Philip: Steph, you can't do that -- come on.

Stephanie: No, I shouldn't have brought it up.

Philip: But you did. So... when you're with me, you sometimes think what?

Philip: I think about what it would be like if we were together for a really long time.

Philip: And what would that be like, in your imagination?

Stephanie: Sorry. That's all your getting.

Philip: You know, I sometimes think about that, too... you, me... the future. And then I end up thinking that, um...

Stephanie: What?

Philip: [Sighs] I just end up thinking that y-- you deserve better.

Stephanie: Philip.

Philip: It's true.

Stephanie: No, it's not. Look at me. Do you realize how good of a person you are?

Philip: I don't think anybody's ever posed that question before.

Stephanie: Yeah, because they all think you're arrogant, selfish, and narcissistic.

Philip: All of the above.

Stephanie: But you're not. I know better. And I think the reason you're so hard on yourself is 'cause your dad expects a lot out of you.

Philip: Yeah. He wants me to succeed, so...

Stephanie: He wants you to be just like him, but you're not. You're caring, sensitive, sweet.

Philip: Stop.

Stephanie: Hey, it doesn't mean that you're weak or anything. It just means that you have a good heart. I'll never doubt that again.

Chelsea: What's all that?

Max: Um, it's blueprints for the fuels project.

Chelsea: Oh, the ones that nick gave you?

Max: Yeah, it's a good thing, too, 'cause I've been hearing all these rumors about Titan having a security breach, and they're missing a lot of their files.

Chelsea: That's not good.

Max: Yeah. Well, at least this one's safe. What's that?

Chelsea: Oh, I, uh -- I signed for a delivery in the back.

Max: Oh. Is that a receipt?

Chelsea: No. It's a phone number, actually -- the delivery guy.

Max: You asked for the guy's phone number?

Chelsea: No, I did not ask for it. He just gave it to me.

Max: So, you took it? That's -- yeah.

Chelsea: I didn't want to hurt his feelings.

Max: Okay, well, I'll take it, then.

Chelsea: Oh, Max, are you jealous?

Max: Of steroid Stan? Please.

Chelsea: You're so insecure.

Max: No, I'm -- no, I'm not. Give -- I'll -- give me. I want to...

Chelsea: Better?

Max: Not yet.

Chelsea: Come here.

Nicole: Brady, when E.J. Puts his mind to something --

Brady: Nicole, listen to me. I said I'd help you. I will help you. Now, you need to go home to your daughter and leave the rest to me, okay?

Nicole: You are such an amazing friend... the best.

E.J.: I want you to get out.

Melanie: You are so gonna regret this.

E.J.: Get out -- now!

Melanie: E-- damn it, E.J.!

E.J.: Kids.

Tony: Melanie. Are you all right?

Melanie: I'm sorry. I was just going.

Tony: No. No, no. It's a shame. I was hoping we would be of some benefit to each other.

Kate: Chloe?!

Will: It's just me, Grandma.

Kate: Hey, sweetie. Um, where's your dad and Chloe?

Will: I don't know. I'm guessing they're probably on the plane by now.

Kate: What plane?

Will: Dad didn't tell you?

Kate: What plane?!

Will: He and Chloe are taking a plane to Las Vegas. They're getting married tonight.

Kate: [Sighs]

Tony: Nothing would make me happier than to watch my father and my pompous-ass brother eat crow.

Chloe: Lucas, what are we doing?

Kate: Lucas and Chloe have decided to elope, and I'm going to stop them.

Rafe: Everything okay?

Sami: No, it's not, and I'm really glad you're here, 'cause I need to ask you a favor.

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